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Nam Sang-mi leaves drama over “difference of opinion”
by | January 28, 2010 | 17 Comments

Nam Sang-mi had been cast in “language master” writer Kim Soo-hyun’s upcoming drama series Life Is Beautiful, but has quit at this late date; filming is to begin in two weeks and the drama set to air one to two months hence.

Nam’s role in this drama would have come closely on the heels of her recent KBS series Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang, which ended on December 29. She had already participated in the script reading on January 7 and showed enthusiasm for joining Kim Soo-hyun’s “team” of actors. (The writer has penned hit series after hit series, such as Mom’s Dead Upset and My Man’s Woman, and often uses actors in follow-up projects; therefore, actors usually treat it as something of an honor to be cast in her dramas.) However, a last-minute “difference of opinion” arose between Nam and the producers. Nam’s side said merely, “Because of complicated issues, we had no choice but to make this decision.”

That’s too bad, since I have a soft spot for Nam Sang-mi, who acts with an endearing bubbliness, and was looking forward to seeing her paired with Song Chang-eui. Life Is Beautiful is set in Jeju Island and has also cast Kim Hae-sook, Jang Mi-hee, Kim Sang-joong, Lee Sang-yoon, and Nam Gyu-ri. It airs on SBS in March.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Vico

    That’s indeed too bad, I wanted to see her. At least she pulled out in time, otherwise it could have been another ‘Lee Da Hae / East of Eden’ incident.

  2. zefreak

    I loved her in Bad Family.. was looking forward to seeing her again.

  3. Biru

    So agreed with @Vico. Better have ‘difference of opinion’ before the filming start then during the drama filming.

  4. Jenny

    That’s too bad.
    I think she’s really cute and her acting is good.

    Another set ofd bad news is that Zhang Ziyi will not be working on snow flower and the secret fan nor is Ji-hyun Jun (Gianna Jun) in it anymore.
    They are looking at new actresses already (Tang wei etc)

  5. lidge_fan

    Awww, too bad! I was looking forward to seeing her paired with Song Chang-eui since I like them both.

    @4 Jenny: Reall?! ZZY is no longer in Snow Flower & The Secret Fan. I actually just finished the book (LOL!) because I was curious about the story. I’m not A ZZY fan so this is great news for me. Now I’m really, really excited about the movie.

  6. otk

    I was looking froward to see her in this drama ! Since I wasn’t interested in Invincible….arghhhhh I wish she stayed….we better get another awesome actress in this drama since I’m looking forward to it (SBS = awesome 😀 )

  7. xiaoSxin

    too bad.. I still like her though, I wish I could see her again in a drama like Gourmet and Bad Family

  8. oi

    really really too bad
    though I didn’t like her last drama, I always like to watch her

  9. pabo ceo reom


    I hope she picks up another one soon.

  10. 10 gia

    wish her all the best for next project…

  11. 11 Celest

    Aww that’s such a shame. I was really looking forward to watching Life is Beautiful too. The drama has piqued my interest ever since Nam Sang Mi was cast but now, I don’t know what to make of the news. I hope they cast another well rounded actress for the role or I might just not tune in.

  12. 12 linex

    shoot.. i hope she change her mind this is good oppurtunity to her

  13. 13 Cam

    Whatttt??? That can’t be!!

    How could she decide to quit her incoming drama “Life is Beautiful”, eh? Ooooh….
    …..How terrible. I was so excited to able to watch this incoming drama “Life is Beautiful” because of Nam Sang-Mi!!! So…….oh well….I can’t believe that she had suddenly changed her mind…..aaawwwies! (sad puppy pouts)

    …..Oooo, I hope she will able to get into other incoming drama — HOPE SO! (crossing my fingers)

  14. 14 Kobe

    What a shame. I just hope we get a suitable replacement, and that NSM finds another project soon!

  15. 15 e sonne

    i havent really watched any of her dramas except bad family. but i always been interested to know her projects and all. she’s one good actress who keeps her head low most of the times, thats why i like her.
    anyway, good to know that she quits before the drama start filming.

  16. 16 yen_nguyen

    I’ve watched Times of dog and wolf ( she is good there), sweet spy, Bad Family and a little of gourmet and Invisible LPG… From all above, I like times of dog and wolf most.
    She to leave the drama is not a bad or a good news to me, I’ll wait to see who will take this role instead, that’s when I can tell.

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