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Pasta: Episode 4
by | January 22, 2010 | 136 Comments

I think this is going to be my last Pasta recap. I’m enjoying this series for the chemistry between Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin and I still think that there are solid elements to this drama, but given the landscape at the moment, it’s just not commanding my attention. I’ll explain more below.


Pasta OST – “Lucky Day” by Every Single Day. I’ve been a fan of rock band Every Single Day for a while, and it’s good to see them come out with something new. [ Download ]

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Yoo-kyung is so stunned to be named the winner of the blind audition that she asks Hyun-wook — who’s stunned as well to see who he has picked — to repeat himself. She prods him to reiterate, “Tomorrow, you will…?” Everyone waits with bated breath for his reluctant response: “…work the frying pan.”

Team Korea revels at this development because they know how angry Hyun-wook must be. Everyone goes around tasting Yoo-kyung’s winning dish, and they agree that it’s deserving. Despite the lines that have been drawn between the two kitchen sides, Team Italy is friendly and welcoming; the leader tells Yoo-kyung that it was good enough to go out to a customer.

Team Italy discusses this surprising turn — this is a first time for Hyun-wook. Even in Italy when he’d done blind tastings, he’d never picked a woman. The three guys were also picked this way.

The most junior cook on Team Italy, Eun-soo, wonders who will be the new assistant now that Yoo-kyung has been promoted. He realizes belatedly that this means he’s been demoted. (I don’t feel too bad for him since he was promoted hastily anyway, and he hasn’t been a proper assistant to earn the place of cook in the first place.)

Hyun-wook is frustrated with this development, but there’s really nothing he can do about it. The mood when they meet in the locker room is, unsurprisingly, tense. As he changes his clothes, it’s like he’s challenging her to leave, especially when he deliberately reaches to unbutton his pants and tells Yoo-kyung, “If you’re uncomfortable, leave.”

(And the silly girl actually leaves!)

Still, Hyun-wook is the head chef and he has an eager new cook, so he takes her aside to teach her a few tips. She’s a little slow and unsteady, so he demonstrates how to cook a dish and plate it, then warns her about the lunch rush. Her wrist and arm muscles get a workout from holding the heavy pans, which she’ll have to repeat dozens of times during meal hours.

Yoo-kyung knows that Hyun-wook must be angry to be stuck with her, “But I won’t make you regret it. Please teach me, chef.”

The next staff meeting shakes things up further, because Hyun-wook is making three major changes to their menu. First, no more foie gras. Apparently this drama forgets that foie gras is French and therefore would not reasonably be the best-seller at an Italian restaurant, but let’s go with it. Second, no more spoons. The reason being, they are drowning their pasta in sauce, when really it should just coat the noodles. Third and most importantly, no more pickles.

Each of these decisions is shocking for the staff, but the pickle decree practically gives everyone a fit. No pickles at an Italian restaurant would be like no kimchi at a Korean restaurant! (Supposedly.) Without the free side dish set at every table, patrons wouldn’t have that tang to cut through the rich pasta taste. Hyun-wook argues that pickles are loaded in sugar and affects the way people taste the pasta. Their taste buds will adjust in due time.

President Seol is facing flagging sales and puts his foot down on Hyun-wook’s changes, but Hyun-wook proceeds anyway.

This divides the kitchen further. As the leader of Team Korea, Seok-ho stands up to Hyun-wook to say that he’ll take responsibility and keep sending out those foods. Hyun-wook argues that the chef’s word is law. Yoo-kyung is torn, because while she just won her job after such difficulty, she believes that these changes are wrong. Furthermore, in the three years she was assistant, she was responsible for making the pickles, which were the only food that she made that actually got served. Ultimately she joins her colleagues on Team Korea.

The first day the changes are implemented, the dining hall is loud and clear in their complaints. Skimping on the sauce and withholding pickles? Who do they think they are to lecture the diners on the sugary properties of their side dishes? And if it’s so bad for them today, why was it perfectly fine to serve yesterday?

During the restaurant’s idle time, Yoo-kyung looks up through the glass ceiling to see Hyun-wook brooding by himself on the roof. She joins him, and he asks whether she thinks he’s doing this just to pick a fight. It’s like the staff assumes he’s just being difficult, but he does have a reason for his choices. Yoo-kyung stands around uncertainly, not quite sure what to say. She asks what his dream for his kitchen is, and explains that if he hadn’t helped her with the goldfish, she wouldn’t have had the courage to return.

Hyun-wook: “Is this consolation or flattery?”
Yoo-kyung: “Would flattery work?”
Hyun-wook: “No.”
Yoo-kyung: “Would consolation work?”
Hyun-wook: “No.”
Yoo-kyung: “What would work, then?”
Hyun-wook: “Nothing.”

But at least he smiles when he says it.

It’s a different story, however, when a filming crew descends upon the kitchen of La Sfera. It’s bad enough that the kitchen staff wasn’t notified (arrangements had been made through President Seol), but absolutely infuriating when it turns out to be Se-young’s crew. They promise to be out before dinner service, but that’s hardly a satisfactory answer.

Hyun-wook glares at Se-young, who looks at him with infuriating calmness. It’s like she’s provoking him on purpose by offering to let him taste her pasta, but he won’t bite (literally or figuratively). He storms out of the kitchen.

Hyun-wook goes for an aggressive drive, and now that he’s alone, he can’t contain his rage. Se-young calls him, telling him she’s glad that he’s angry with her. She’s prepared to take his fury — she was most afraid of the opposite, that he would have forgotten her.

When he returns, the film crew is gone, and Se-young has left a plate of pasta for him to taste. Instead, he drops it on the ground: “It’s poisoned. If you eat it, you’ll die.”

Although San has taken efforts not to link himself to the restaurant, now it becomes clear that his family in fact owns it. He knows his sister Kang’s taste in men, and hints that she ought to drop by to check out the new cooks. And sure enough, the moment she sets her eyes on Phillip, she’s smitten.

The customer uproar over the pickles is reaching a deafening pitch, so President Seol makes an executive decision. Since Hyun-wook has thrown out all their pickles and refuses to send them out, he instructs the wait staff to serve them from the dining hall, without Hyun-wook knowing. He orders Yoo-kyung to continue making the pickles, and she protests. But he holds the cards here, because he knows about the egg money and blackmails with her. Yoo-kyung had previously found a deposit in her account from the egg supplier (a sort of bribe for their patronage) and returned it to Chef Totti before he was fired. President Seol says that there’s record that she received the money, but no record of it being returned.

What she doesn’t know is that Totti had in fact returned the money to President Seol — who had pocketed it himself. When Hyun-wook goes out to buy fresh ingredients, he meets the acquaintance of their egg vendor.

Yoo-kyung’s roommates have all packed up and moved out, since they are all unemployed now. Yoo-kyung can’t stay here either, but she has no place to go, so she calls home and urges her brother to move out so she can move in. (Their home doesn’t have room for both of them.) After all, he’s a medical student so he can live in the dorms, right?

Yoo-kyung’s father barks his denial. Her brother will stay put and she’ll have to figure something else out.

When a VIP customer comes in and orders foie gras, Hyun-wook goes out to apologize that they no longer serve it. The table grows upset, and Seok-ho hastens to contradict him, offering to prepare the dish. Hyun-wook says no. Seok-ho says yes. The stand-off continues.

However, now that he’s in the dining room, something else catches his attention — the pickles being served on all the tables. What the…? Realizing that his staff has circumvented his authority, he finds the batch of pickles and charges into the kitchen.

Knowing that Yoo-kyung must be behind it, he grabs her furiously. How dare she directly defy his orders? His anger is so strong that the others are alarmed, and Yoo-kyung falls to her knees pleading for his mercy.

He talks to her one on one in his office, calmer now, asking for the full story. Why did she make the pickles? Yoo-kyung won’t tell him her reasons, so he asks if she will continue to make them. Morosely, she answers yes. Rather than growing angrier, he has to wonder at her contrary responses.

That evening, she sits in front of a tub of cucumbers, debating whether or not to proceed with the pickling. In a comic sequence, Team Italy tries to get inside to stop her, clawing at the door, held back by Team Korea,.

Yoo-kyung is in the backroom for a long while, and when she emerges, both Teams are collapsed on the floor, exhausted from fighting each other. They assume she has proceeded with the pickling, but instead, she presents them with a new idea. She has put together a fruit salad mix that will solve the problem of excessive sugar, since the fruit is naturally sweet. She’s barely into the explanation when an indignant President Seol bursts in — does she know how much money she has just thrown away? Fruit is incredibly expensive compared to pickles — and now she’s suggesting they give it away for free too?

The scene is disrupted by Hyun-wook, who comes in and, surprisingly, goes directly to Yoo-kyung, pulling her in close. Everyone is shocked at his gesture, but as he leans in, he asks, “The eggs — that was you, right?”


I honestly get a ton of enjoyment out of writing recaps (wouldn’t do it otherwise!) but nothing kills that joy faster than passive-aggressive complaints about how I’m so slow. It’s not like I’m sitting here stewing over the comments — I get it, enthusiasm makes people impatient — but it does get kind of exasperating.

That said, like I mentioned, I’ve decided to stop recapping Pasta, although the decision has nothing to do with the complaints or with the show being unsatisfactory. Recapping is fun when there’s something to discuss, something to dissect and analyze or pick apart or squee over. These factors are much more motivating than whether the show is generally entertaining — because even if it’s fun to watch, if I have nothing to say about it, I sorta feel like recapping is an empty activity.

That’s how I feel about Pasta. These recaps are really short compared to my usual length, and while I’m often fighting to cut down and edit recaps to be a readable length, I really don’t have that problem here. Furthermore, although I really like Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin, everything else sorta feels like filler. I don’t think I can make it through an entire drama solely based on the lead couple’s chemistry (which is also why I couldn’t make it through Partner).

Phew, at least there’s one weight off my mind!


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  1. funky

    thanks for the recap. upset u won’t be doing it anymore since I really like the drama but it’s totally understandable.

  2. mzpakipot

    JB, i enjoy reading your recaps than watching the real show. You’re one terrific writer! Thanks a heap!

  3. hanachana8

    thank u for your honesty regarding the recap of this drama. I respect your decision and will continue to enjoy the recaps of the other dramas that you find deserve your commentary….more often than not i find your opinions right on the money on the dramas that you do comment on, thanks again!!!

  4. Elena

    Thanks for this. I can’t imagine anyone pushing a creative writer for results. It’s beyond me.

    I always enjoy your reviews and recaps.

  5. cate

    Thanks for ur reviews+ recaps…always a joy to read them!

  6. estel

    Delurking to say a huge “THANK YOU” for your awesome recapping efforts! I’m sad you won’t be continuing to do Pasta, but I can hardly complain when you’ve got so much else going on. Sadly, I think society – and the people that make it up – is getting worse and worse about demanding things – a little delayed gratification is just the thing. :)

  7. langdon813

    Thanks JB! This is definitely an enjoyable drama, but not one that requires a lot of emotional investment or deep thinking. Fun, but it doesn’t really stay with you for long after each episode ends. The big kick for me in this episode was seeing Dol-soon from Bad Couple with her fabulous short haircut and cougar attitude! Love her.

    We’ll look forward to future recaps of more challenging dramas, whichever ones may catch your fancy and get those recap juices flowing!

  8. more

    Of all dramas to stop recapping why this one?
    Because Boys over flower,My fair Lady where awful compared to Pasta. Yet you continued capping BOF MFL.

    I honestly dont get it

  9. langdon813

    @ 8 more

    Because it’s HER blog and therefore she should do what she enjoys. And she gave her reasons for dropping the drama already, so let’s just accept her decision and move on.

  10. 10 javabeans

    @more — you completely missed the point, didn’t you? Because (1) those dramas are not airing now, and therefore do not compete with my work and sleep schedule against Pasta, (2) I just explained that it’s not so much about the quality of the drama as it is about how much there is to say about it once all is said and done, and (3) your comment suggests to me that you know how I ought to spend my time better than I myself do. Pray tell, continue to tell me how to spend my time to suit your needs.

    • 10.1 Lisa

      How to spend your time? However the hell you want! It would be nice to bar people from perusing all of your hard work if they so rudely…or maybe I’m just a vindictive person. That is probably it.

      I actually can’t believe you can run a site such a this. I barely have time to write a page or two to keep my chops up with work and life so I can’t imagine watching a drama and taking the time to analyze it. Props to you and the other recappers. It makes me want to try my hand at it. Helas…my Korean is nonexistent.

      Here’s to recapping! Cheers! Konbae! Kampai! Cin cin! Sante! Salud!

      • 10.1.1 Lisa

        so rudely complain* (the result of writing a comment after teaching cello all day long…)

  11. 11 okdubu

    i’m starting to not get hyunwook’s character he’s turning very meeehhhhhhhhhh for me. what’s his deal with all the changes?

  12. 12 kaedejun

    hm – you have a point. sorry to hear that this series wasn’t as enjoyable to recap – in terms of discussion. sometimes i feel that way with IRIS – but IRIS always answers my questions by the next episode anyways – hehe…

    @more – similarly as to how bad/good My Love Patzzi was, it was fun to see javabeans, dahee, and samsooki debate about it endlessly, no?

  13. 13 Soluna

    I’m sorry people have been complaining.. subtle comments about how quickly you put up a recap are still complaints and it’s not cool that people don’t understand how much work goes into your recaps. Thanks for the recaps you’ve done thus far, and the ones you’ll do in the future.

    And about what you said about Pasta.. I can see what you’re saying. We’re six episodes in and I’m still unsure of how I feel about Kim San, Alex’s character. There’s not much character development, or plot development for that matter. This drama seems to be ambling along, despite its quick pacing. However, having watched Partner all the way through, I think Pasta’s going to turn out much better than Partner did. I liked the Kim HyunJoo and Lee DongWook pairing, but their relationship didn’t progress much even until the end, and the drama itself only took a few baby steps from beginning to end, leaving us with very little by the time Partner was over. On the other hand, I can kinda see Pasta doing more than Partner ever thought of doing, and the chemistry between Lee SeonKyun and Gong HyoJin is off the charts compared to the lukewarm chemistry of Kim HyunJoo and Lee DongWook. Maybe Pasta will turn out to be like Partner. But I’ll keep watching it ’til the end just to see how great the two leads are together. 😀

  14. 14 Molly

    “Yoo-kyung looks up through the glass ceiling to see Hyun-wook brooding by himself on the roof.”

    I like the use of the word “glass ceiling” here – it’s almost a double entendre! Was it intentional?

  15. 15 jo

    oooh. really? hmmm…ok then.
    I like Pasta though…i think it just keeps getting better!

  16. 16 Alert

    Thanks for the recap JB!

    As much as I would love you to recap Pasta, but I totally understand you. I was excited about the drama at first, and totally love the leads’ chemistry, but the rest of casts are so… bland. Plus, there’s hardly anything else interesting to poke on -no drooling second lead, no bitchy ex, no adorable cutie that you want to squeeze from the side casts etc. They should have established that by ep 2-3 i think hehe. I can continue ogling at the Voice and GHJ, but still, it would be bored to discuss that alone for 16 eps ha!

    The drama still grow on me though, and I’ll continue watching Pasta, despite it being late at subbing process.

    Looking forward for other drama recaps from you!

  17. 17 smiley263

    Thanks for the recap JB. I found the first two subbed episodes and still couldn’t get past the first. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cast it’s just that I had more fun reading YOUR recaps than watching the drama itself. I gave Wish Upon A Star a try and really liking that. Again, I appreciate all your hard work.

  18. 18 AuntieMame

    I also agreed that while it is an entertaining show, there isn’t much to discuss or dissect. No surprise. Just look at the size of the portions being served to their customers. Almost minuscule…

    Thank you for the recaps up to this point, anyway.

  19. 19 Molly

    Just finished reading the recap, and I can see why you’re dropping Pasta recaps. Thanks for telling us about your decision, and for all you do for us Dramabeans readers.

  20. 20 Luna

    I like Pasta mainly for Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin, but the drama doesn’t have much depth and intricacies that would require JB’s analysis and review. So yeah, I completely understand your stance on this one. Plus, you already have lots on your plate, so skip the appetizer and dig in for the main dish 😉

  21. 21 bug

    Dont let the selfish readers get you down. I know I comment on the behalf of many silent readers -thank you for all that you do write. I am an avid reader of your engaging and fun posts (daily). I hate it when you don’t write about a drama I am watching because your comments and observations add so much. I never comment on people’s blogs. But I felt that I needed to let you know that there are thankful – quiet – devoted readers out here.

  22. 22 Amg1

    Lots of Luv!!!! Thank you for your hard work….I am just upset at the lack of understanding in some peoples minds,,,This is your Domain to do as you wish, thank you again for let us partake of your gift,,,Mahalo, Thank you, Muchas Gracias.. : O )

  23. 23 Qwenli


    BOF is entertaining albeit sometimes brainless, but it is fun. My Fair lady is also funny and all the cast in these two shows are either already famous/very popular or extremely good looking to watch.

    Conversely, Pasta doesn’t boost a stellar cast. The only person I like in the team is Honey Lee (but I am not a guy so its not enuf a pull factor). Plus I think they should have chosen another title. Just looking at the name put me to sleep and I havent watch a single ep. Its too similar to several past dramas that are center on food competition. I am not into food, so all the more I am not motivated to watch.

    Sorry if I offend all the fans of Pasta, but my point is I understand why JB is stopping the recap.

  24. 24 giddygirl108

    I’m glad you have your limits and boundaries on which dramas you’re choosing to recap. If it’s not fun for you, it won’t be fun for us! I’ll just have to watch this drama on my own then…tehe!

  25. 25 Tacllnv

    I’m very sad that you wont be recapping Pasta; however, I appreciate and thank you that you have let us know. It goes to show that you are very dedicated and respectful of your readers! Thanks JB!

  26. 26 deeta

    I admit to have been a culprit on that passive agressive thing during Return of Iljimae recaps. I really apologize for that, it’s a bratty thing to complain about it.

    You made a really good point with the comparison to Partner. The main couple is compelling but nothing else really is. I wonder how long I can stick with Pasta too if the other characters do not get interesting soon.

  27. 27 yuella

    Giant thank to your recap. Honestly since I transfer to Australia, the amount of money and time I spend to see Kdrama was uncountable; especially I have to use Mobile Broadband. Your blog is my savior. I am enjoy reading Pasta recap and hopefully you could continue when you have more spare time.

  28. 28 ditzychick

    i think your recaps are great, and have enjoyed all of them, i’ll miss the recaps for pasta as i don’t get to watch many of these shows or here about them much at all since i’m in australia, and unfortunately don’t have the time to watch them all either but i think you do a great job and always enjoy the recaps! reading your recaps for me is nearly as good as watching the shows as they are so well done! so thanks!

  29. 29 pasta

    perhaps its because readers have come to think that you would only recap good shows (you’re beautiful, coffee prince) and since you’re not recapping pasta, readers assume you’re probably thinking it ain’t that good.
    well at least thats how i felt when i read the first few lines.
    of course, after reading the rest i found out why you wanted to stop recapping.

    So far I’ve enjoyed the show quite a lot. to me it feels like a grown up version of you’re beautiful. i like the banter between the two leads. In fact, i’m enjoying this very fun combination of lead characters. gong hyojin, dare i say, I didn’t like at the first look. But now i think she’s so honestly cute with her acting that it feels very real. though sometimes i find the voice’s voice very irritating with the excessive shouting, its this thing about his expressions that makes me go aww.. (im not dramabeans so i cant really think of a word to express that!) and it all makes for a very enjoyable drama to watch.

    it’s a pity you won’t be recapping anymore, because very often you are able to put my thoughts into words. it’s pretty much like watching a show with a friend. im not sure what kind of depth you’re looking for in a drama but hey if not for your first few recaps, i wouldn’t have started frantically searching for subbed videos and eventually end up watching chinese subbed ones. so thanks alot for your recaps! and i now know what the korean word for “fired” is! :)

  30. 30 robotmatsuri

    It’s a pity that you’re stopping, but I’m so grateful for what you have done so far. Thanks JB! :)

    President Seol drove me absolutely nuts in this episode! I really wanted to punch something every time he appeared on screen.

  31. 31 honest_will

    thanks for the recaps
    but i can understand what you mean
    now to all those who irritated dramabeans
    just wait for those hard and soft subs to come across dramacrazy.net
    then watch it
    theres no point asking for them if she busy with her own life

    and another thing
    i dont like this couple, their acting is great and chemistry is good but there is too much yelling and takes too long for them to agree on anything
    i didn’t mind the kim sam soon couple, coffee prince, yab, hong gil dong, shining inheritance, on air
    but i REALLY REALLY HATE this couple and their conflicts, it reminds me of…….

    (too much male ego and yelling equals distasteful drama)

    i watched QUE SERA SERA and i hated the relationship,
    and ERIC should stay to his shinwha days
    cos all that yelling and lalala and for the girl to continue to like him even though what he did was stupid, its like watching all those stories from the movie, hes not into you

    PS any drama that i needs to be watched at 2x speed is becos 1 its slow to watch and 2 the yelling outweighs the story

    a drama is supposed to make you wind down but this one made me more angry and i am now VENTING THROUGH THIS BLOG


  32. 32 Anonymous

    thank you thank you thank you!

    [for all the recaps and hard work you put into them]


  33. 33 Cartman

    Oh. So that’s why. Oh well.. thanks anyway for the first 4 episodes. I loved it, really. And I agree, your recaps for Pasta are short. hehe. 😀

  34. 34 lovesdramas =)

    JB – I think you’re amazing. I, for one, don’t know how you manage to run your blog so beautifully and you also have a regular life as well!! Kudos to you! I’ve guest blog for a friend before with just one article and it’s hard hard hard to write. I can only guess how long it takes to write a recap — I was thinking just inserting the photos takes a really long time. I, for one, really appreciate your hard work… you keep me in the kdrama world. =)

    I feel the same way about Pasta – there are just way to many dramas out there and in my limited time, I can only watch a few. Since my twdramas are sucking me back in, I am sticking to Will it Snow for Christmas (love your recaps & insights there) and Wish Upon a Star for the time being. Thanks for all your hard work. You rock!

  35. 35 agreed

    JB, thanks for the great job, and it’s completely understandable why you aren’t sticking with Pasta. It’s a fun and breezy show to watch, but there just isn’t much weight and heft to the story. There isn’t much to dissect so much as merely describe what happened.

    I hated BOF and MFL, but I liked reading the recaps because JB had so much to say about each show. JB does her best work (iMHO) when she is strongly passionate about a series, and reading how she works out her attraction to shows like BOF in light of its many flaws is a delight.

  36. 36 all4movies

    No probs, JB.

    I’m just happy to read whatever catches your eyes/heart/attention.

  37. 37 yen_nguyen

    There is something not right at Pasta.
    It’s not because of the cast.
    I think it is because of the writer. I think she/he doesn’t know what or how to do with characters she made.
    I’ve tried to keep till ep 6, waiting for something to happen, but it seems like there is nothing.
    So about your decision, I think it’s ok, it’s good if you save Pasta time for something else better (I always believe it would be better)
    Thank you!

  38. 38 hahafatgirl

    I’ve only watched up to episode two but I got scared every time the Voice starts yelling. I literally jumped out of my seat a few times. I don’t know if my heart can take any more of this. Maybe I need to watch it with the sound turned down?! I do sort of want to continue……

  39. 39 more


    If your going to disagree with me Dont put words in my mouth i never told you how should or should not spend your time.

    If you rather cap dramas similar to BOF then go for it. It dont bother me

  40. 40 agreed

    Just wanted to follow up with a beef(s) that I have with Pasta. The whole hullabaloo around cooking the perfect pasta is not convincing at all. It’s pasta for goodness sake! The more I thought about it, the lamer it comes off. The food here isn’t nearly as complex of technically difficult as it was in Gourmet. Yoo-kyung fell in love with the perfect pasta dish before she started working at La Sfera, which means that the apparently very “high” standards for cooking pasta existed in the LS kitchen before Hyun-wook showed up.

    Another small point – i think La Sfera must be grossly overpriced. Didn’t Yoo-kyung and her friends pay over $2500 for a dinner in a previous episode? I saw the portion size, and the American in me would thrown a tantrum if I was charged more than $30 for a small pile of pasta in olive oil. I would want more food, dammit! Even with a large group of 10 and wine, that’s a large bill.

    One last point (now that I’ve unleashed the floodgates). I don’t ever want to see Yoo-kyung eat another plate of pasta again. She’s kind of disgusting when she spears a large fork full, eats half of it, and then uses her hand to push the rest into her mouth (like in ep 2, and in front of her customers no less!).

    I’ve been watching the show in pieces and according to the availability of subs, so maybe things are as bad as they appear to me. However, I’m still underwhelmed by the food.

  41. 41 ugh

    @more, first you criticize Javabeans for what dramas she chooses to watch and now you bitch at her for pointing out that you were rude? If you find it so difficult to understand why she chooses her shows then leave, you won’t be missed. Don’t challenge someone over WHY she does something that she doesn’t have to do in the first place. How ungrateful.

  42. 42 cat.leafs

    Nonetheless, thank you for the recaps, Javabeans.

    To more:

    Think about it: Four recaps of Pasta, that’s very cool, hands down. It is better than no recap. Don’t hate.

  43. 43 cheonsa

    hi javabeans, as noted by those who left comments above, though we’re disappointed there’ll be no more pasta recaps, we really appreciate you taking the time to explain your decision. And it’s really the reason why I LOVE your recaps. It’s not just about the plain re-telling of the story – that’s just like serving up plain rice – but your recaps are like colorful and flavorful bibimbap with the different layers and textures that make them such a satisfying read. In fact, a lot of times, I have more fun reading your recaps than watching the shows. I believe, for every one disgruntled, demanding, rude guest, you have many many more appreciative, grateful guests patiently awaiting to partake in whatever it is you decide to whip up next, appreciating most of all, our chef’s emphasis on quality over quantity or speed.

  44. 44 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap! I’m sorry that there are people out there giving you smack about which dramas they feet entitled to have recaps from you when you do them out of your own generosity in sharing with us readers your reflections. If they want to know more abt the episodes, they should seek out other forums of discussion about the drama.

    my fave comment in the recap: “(And the silly girl actually leaves!)” (when you referred to the scene where Hyunwook was changing. I agree! YooKyung, you should have stayed and watched and let us know if it was boxers of briefs or boxer briefs.)

    Anyways, regarding Pasta. I really like seeing the chemistry between the two leads, but for the past few episodes (4-6), I’ve been mostly fast-forwarding through parts since, imo, nothing is really progressing in the plot. To me, it’s sort of like the first few episode of Iljimae (Lee Junki version) where, sure a bunch of stuff happened, but nothing has really advanced the plot by ep 6 out of 20.

    My big gripe is this: I agree with the poster who said that there were “apparently very “high” standards for cooking pasta existed in the LS kitchen before Hyun-wook showed up” so I really don’t understand why Hyun-wook treats them like they are all noobs. He’s dissatisfied with everything in this restaurant, which tons of happy customers have lined up to get in, even before he stepped in to throw his weight around and started abruptly changing things to dissatisfy all the loyal customers. Shouldn’t he try to make the customers happy and not ruin business for the owner? Maybe he should open up his own restaurant and put his own mark on it instead of trying to hijack La Sfera.

    Anyways, I do like the breezy tone of the drama and the YooKyung and Hyunwook interactions. This drama maybe in flawed, but at least it’s got a lot of charm.

  45. 45 YH

    Hi, delurking here.

    I just wanted to say that I love love love your website and your recaps. I’m sorry to hear about the passive-aggressive criticism, and just wanted to say that I’m just very, very happy that you even write them. Sometimes, I’ll watch a show and then read what you wrote, as you have wonderful insight in the drama. :-)

    So just wanted you to know that there’s definitely silent readers who appreciate your writings! :-)

  46. 46 hjkomo

    Anyone who complains about the speed of recaps (or subtitles…or downloads) should spend a year (or two…or several) doing it themselves. SERIOUSLY.

    Thank you, JB for all your hard work and generosity.

    Pasta is delightful and fun. I’m enjoying the HW-YK chemistry immensely, but yeah, there isn’t a whole lot to say about the drama. That doesn’t mean I can’t squee every Monday and Tuesday, though. 😉

  47. 47 pongs

    Hi jb, you have my full support! It’s been really enjoyable being able to read the recaps in such clarity (non – korean speaker here) and reading the comments left by those who had experiences and thoughts to share. Nevertheless, thank you much :)

  48. 48 mumuchan

    I will miss your recaps, but I totally understand your point.Thank you for having provided us with four recaps already^^

  49. 49 Jenny

    Don’t worry, I’m fully enjoying your recaps for the other dramas.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the people who complain put you down ^^

  50. 50 Deborah

    Thanks Javabeans! I have been reading most of your recaps lately (with the intention of never watching the shows), and honestly, I really like them when you have something to criticise, so I understand where you are coming from. I really enjoy reading your comments and thoughts on why something is bad or good, whether it is lacking substance or contains meaning that I myself would never have picked up on (I watched YB but I still loved to re-read your recaps because it offered insight into themes I would have brushed over). Thanks for the hard work, and despite ~some~ rude comments, you must know it is greatly appreciated!

  51. 51 La Fea

    I am sorry to hear that. But ı respect your decision beside this blog you have a life too and if you are less enjoying recapping this show then you shouldn’t do it. Eventhought I was following story with your recaps it is your decission. And yeah being Dramabeans is difficult :) Good luck with others.

  52. 52 greentea

    I totally understand your point. I’m considering whether continue watching or not, besides the leads there aren’t any parts which are worth to watch. Something is just missing in the story, like no spice in the pasta.

  53. 53 the indian girl

    @ JB Even though I am sad that u wont be recapping pasta I understand where you are coming from..no writer should be forced to write anything he or she does not feel passionately about …I would go so far as to say its a sin cos you are killing the writer slowly by doing that whether you know it or not…plus even if the writer does eventually force herself to write it will not be on par with what she wrote about with her heart…and thats just akin to cheating your reader…so RESPECT JB major respect! thanks for all the past present and future recaps looove your work!! :)

  54. 54 raahmose

    Before reading your summary, I would like to say how much I’m loving this drama. Before it started, I was thinking KIM SAM SOON.
    Oh and it is not so kss.
    It is such a refreshing offering among the great dramas that are currently airing. The chemistry between mr voice and ms biscuit teacher works so wonderfully.
    I love the ease and comfort this drama offers. It is like coming home on a rainy day.
    It is like kissing softly on a warm summer evening. It is like reading the newspaper on a sunday afternoon.
    This drama is one of my simple pleasures.
    Thank you for recapping.
    Off to reading your comments.

  55. 55 Artemis

    Totally understandable, JB – I found the first two episodes entertaining, but I haven’t gotten through episode 3. There is something lacking here to keep my interest. The two leads are good, but everything else is just blah now. And there are so many other good kdramas & jdramas this season.

    To those that are complaining. Seriously, I have no idea how JB is doing even half of what she is doing on this blog. Super woman, that is what she is!! :-)

  56. 56 yen_nguyen

    @ Javabeans and everyone: I don’t think More (#8) was that much angry or ungrateful at your decision from the beginning, uhmmmmm… Maybe she just felt it’s unfair because you kept writing on dramas which are worse than Pasta.
    i don’t think she objected what you do with your blog, and actually she didn’t tell you what to do with your time so you answer # 10 was (in my opinion) a bit harsh to her.
    Then now, things seem to be more serious, it’s like everybody rejects More.
    I just want to say that “Let her be”, don’t be so serious, plz.

  57. 57 heejung

    aw, I really love pasta so I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be recapping it, but thank you for all that you’ve done! i really appreciate everything :) i know i definitely would not be able to write one recap, let alone as many as you have. again, thank you~ ^^

  58. 58 Sherry

    I’m a little disheartened because I relied on your recaps for Pasta to watch the episodes. Viikii has a block on Pasta so I can only patiently wait for WITHS2 subs to come out. However, I completely understand your standpoint, Pasta just seems so much a show to sit back and enjoy instead of deliberate, squee, and discuss. Thank you for your hard work for this show so far and I hope you enjoy the show nonetheless.

  59. 59 Shelley

    To: more

    Please show Javabeans your respect and appreciation for her hard work. If you don’t, you are free not to visit her blog. Your comments were upsetting all her fans….

  60. 60 Anonymous

    Thank you for your recaps as always Javabeans. I was really excited about this series, but it is definitely starting to wear me down. Honey Lee and Alex in particular are less than satisfying in their portrayal of the second leads. I do think that the plot is a little thin. How many life or death scenarios can you really make about an Italian restaurant?

    I do have to say one thing in defense about this episode. Pickles are REALLY important to Koreans at Italian restaurants. Every Italian restaurant does indeed have pickles here. Any rich food is served with pickles, including pizza (for delivery), Indian, and Thai food (which isn’t really that rich…). I think I even had pickles with Greek food that I ate the other day. Anyway, Koreans really do say that it cuts the grease, which I can understand up to a point based on the fact that there are traditionally very few if any dishes that include dairy products other than eggs.

    Another point made by one of the other posters was about the serving sizes and prices of food. Typical 분식집 or little hole in the wall Korean restaurants are a dime a dozen and run about $4 per meal. Western or foreign food is ridiculously over priced. If I want a burrito, unless I go to one of the few cheap places or can get on base to the only Taco Bell in the ROK, it’ll set me back 20 bucks. Cheap Italian food is about 12 dollars a plate. The higher-end fare can be 20 dollars and up for a simple marinara. As for serving sizes, if you go to any gourmet restaurant where you are expected to eat in courses, they don’t dish out a ridiculous amount of food. You want big, then you’ll have to settle for Super Sizing it at Mc Donalds.

  61. 61 Lisa

    For the record I didn’t think the leads in Partner had any chemistry whatsoever. But anyway, I’m gonna wait til Pasta finishes before I start it, it’s hardly a must see, but it does look awfully cute!

  62. 62 Sere

    OMG how is that there are still people who don’t GET why other people DO certain things and only bitch and DEMAND? Just…people, respect Sarah. This is her blog. She can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She doesn’t OWE you anything. If you don’t like this blog, do not read it! It’s as simple as that.

    @ JB. I just hope you know most of the people who do come here love you and respect all you do.

    Now as for Pasta…

    Furthermore, although I really like Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin, everything else sorta feels like filler. I don’t think I can make it through an entire drama solely based on the lead couple’s chemistry

    THIS. I agree with it and I’ve felt like this since ep 1. I’m still going to watch it, but whenever the leads are not on screen the story is meh. I just hope it gets better.

    @40 agreed

    Hm, pasta dishes can be simple, but they can also be very complex. You can wreck both kinds in the blink of the eye. True, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when the drama focused so much on just Pasta all’olio, but whatever, that’s not the point.

    As for La Sfera being overpriced and offering small portions, well, 1)the restaurant is supposed to be a high profile one and Hyun-wook is trying to improve the food which it’s not so high profile as one would think (and the fact that La Sfera already had customers before doesn’t mean the food was really good in the first place) 2)we’re talking about an Italian restaurant in Korea so of course the price would be higher (the ingredients, for one thing, are not easy to come by IMHO. We’ve only seen eggs, but they are common in Korea. As for the other ingredients that are highly used in Italian dishes? I have yet to see them in Pasta, but that doesn’t mean dishes based on them are not on the La Sfera menu), 3)since when more food > good food? I’d rather have a normal-size portion of awesome food that a ton of meh food, but maybe that’s just me.

  63. 63 Penn

    In regards to Hyun-wook’s menu changes:
    1. No more foie gras. I totally agree. Although I like foie gras, I don’t quite understand why it’s served at an Italian restaurant when it’s a French dish. It doesn’t seem that Pasta is a true Italian restaurant if you asked me.
    2. No more spoon. What!? True, the sauce is to coat the pasta and not to overwhelm the dish. However, I still want my spoon. I need it from my soup, and I need it to twirl my pasta with.
    3. No more pickle. I agree with Hyun-wook. Once again why are pickles served at an Italian restaurant? Then again it is Korea. It’s probably a cultural preference. My mother hates rich food, I can see her asking for the pickles after a meal. Why not serve kalamata olives instead of pickles? Hyun-wook’s complaint for the pickles are the sugar in them. Wait, are pickles in Korea made differently than here in the US because the main ingredient to making pickles is vinegar.

    In any case, I enjoyed watching this drama. I’m sorry to hear that you are no longer recapping this drama, JB. Oh well. Life goes on. Thank you for the Pasta recap thus so far.

  64. 64 jandoe

    ahhh a Partner thing as well. i get it. but JB if you’re still gonna watch this, can you tell us which episode the story actually gets good? if you don’t mind hehe. thanks anyhow for the earlier recaps JB! :)

  65. 65 ILOVEYOU

    OH. you are my last hope for this drama. so i am really sad.
    but thank you for the recaps! it’s really hard to do it.
    i respect your decision.

    .*goes to the corner and cry*

  66. 66 spuf

    Foie gras is a controversial delicacy; but I too was confused about its availability in the menu. It’s definitely not Italian, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for the caps. I think I’m done with this show now. :(

  67. 67 hjkomo

    @ agreed

    $2500 for a group of eight (including 9 bottles wine – which would have cost at least $800) at a gourmet restaurant in the U.S. is not unusual, so the cost of the meal in Korea, where foreign food is ridiculously overpriced, makes sense.

  68. 68 miel102

    hi JB. totally understand your sentiments about this drama of not recapping it. at first i have high hopes but, as of now its not as promising as Stars Falling from the Sky or Wish upon a Star. I still enjoy watching it though and would like to see more of it. But, if its not too much to ask..can you sometimes “comment” on the episodes that you find interesting? your opinions matters most to me..thanks!!

  69. 69 Sammi510

    I LOVE this drama. I wait for it every Monday and Tuesday. The chemistry bet. the two leads are amazing. I like the “fillers” also but there really isn’t much to say except “they’re cute” or “they’re funny.” Thanks for recapping thus far. Your work is always appreciated. ^.^

  70. 70 rainerust

    People need to stop complaining about how slow recaps are, because it’s actually damn difficult (and tiring) to recap dramas – not to mention your blow by blow but succint accounts actually contain INSIGHT as well!

    In any case just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your recaps (as well as those of guest bloggers like Dahee and Samsooki, even if I don’t always agree with the points being made).

    I do like Pasta, but I can totally understand what you mean by “even if it’s fun to watch, if I have nothing to say about it, I sorta feel like recapping is an empty activity. ”

    Thanks for the wonderful recap above by the way; the drama becomes more fun by the week so I’m looking forward to the next episode coming up…

  71. 71 mel.

    i love reading ur recaps bout pasta.. im upset that ur not doing it anymore but im glad i read the 4 recaps u made… they made the drama more exciting imo. =))


  72. 72 more


    Stop being obnoxious your turning this into something it’s not.
    If anyone should leave it should be YOU for being childish and instigating an argument.


    Thank you
    Some people on this blog just love to turn a simple disagreement into something totally different. That is what i would call the Argumentative type.

  73. 73 Soluna

    @ more

    You’re the one who’s being childish and turning this into an argument. You need to realize that Javabeans has all the liberty to choose which dramas to recap and not to recap, and the fact that she went on to recap the whole of BOF and MFL doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with not recapping the rest of Pasta. Like she said, she finished recapping BOF and MFL not because they’re better than Pasta, but because there was more to say about each episode. If you had read her comment more carefully, you would’ve understood that instead of going off like you did. Like many have said above me, if you don’t like the way she runs things, don’t continue reading. It’s your call.

    @ 46 hjkomo

    I’ve been reading Javabeans’ recaps for a while now not because I don’t understand what’s going on while I’m watching the episodes, but because of her great insights that I sometimes fail to see as I’m watching the dramas myself. It’s only now because I’ve begun to work as a fansubber that I realize how. much. work! goes into recapping & fansubbing. Again, Javabeans, I’d like to thank you on behalf of everyone of your devout readers for dedicating so much time to give us a different perspective on the dramas we love so much. Javabeans, hwaiting! 😀

  74. 74 angryparsnip

    Anyone who uses the line… pray tell… in a sentence is Fabulous in my book !

    Thanks for all you do, Makes my day !

    cheers, parsnip

  75. 75 hmmm

    makes you wonder if they’re would of been more complaints if you said you would stop recapping “You’re Beautiful”.

  76. 76 Ara

    Thanks for the recap. I watched this episode RAW and didn’t understand what was happening. This made it all make sense. Thank you, even though I won’t be getting more recaps ;_;

    I love Pasta! wo0o0o0

  77. 77 Asmaa

    Hello there Jbeans,

    I’ll miss your recaps for this drama, but not a lot as long as I can read your other recaps!

    Thanks a lot for the time and effort you put into these 4 episodes. You are right, they do feel empty in the end, like nothing happened and the story isn’t going anywhere (or so it seems).

    All the best to Pasta.

  78. 78 moochi


    i actually like pasta, but i feel like it’s missing something…they focus on the kitchen a lot yet they don’t really focus on the skill of the dishes but hwo they decorate it which is totally absurd to me when the title is PASTA…how can u focus on someone’s cooking skill when u don’t even focus on how well they make it = technical part

    anyways too bad u rn’t re-capping the drama, but it’s fine, life is busy and we can’t devote our time to every drama out there

    i actually didn’t find #8 (more)’s comments that offensive, i mean everyone is biting her butt for asking why she isn’t reviewing dramas like BoF, obviously the problem here is that #8 does not know how to read carefully, but that doesn’t translate to an atittude problem. Anyways Javabeans I’m still 100% supportive of you, but you don’t need to take to heart 100% of the comments that are written on your blog.

  79. 79 su-pah

    Javabeans – Your narrative on drama episodes is like no other, it’s champion!

    But it’s your labour of love and your choice! You’re already doing a massive service for us lovers, so I hate to imagine someone’s pressurising you into something. Good you’re drawing boundaries, even though it’s more to do with your personal commitments, and we all understand commitments!
    You go girlfraand!

    I have watched random snippets of Pasta when I was deciding whether or not to watch it, and I loves what I’ve seen so far, like I clicked on a random moment in ep.4 and OMG! It’s when ‘Chep’ attacks Yoo-kyung over the pickle. (Was going to use the cringey pun ‘gets in a pickle over pickle but urgh, right?) What a violent man!? Was hoping she’ll kick his ass back but nope, complete opposite. Waaahh!

    The other random part I clicked on was epidode six and just so happens to be when she’s in the lift with Chep and leans over to kiss him! Her shock and disbelief at her own action followed by her ”BICHIN” was hilarious! And then when he’s almost chasing her down the corrider shouting ”Yah! Yah!” for an explanation and she escapes down the stairwell saying ”othokeh?!” — just brilliant! Was laughing my head off!
    ******Spoiler end*****

    Aaahh! Too bad for Pasta but the general feel of it does seem very easy breezy and what you see is what you get, so that doesn’t leave much room for discussion really.

    No pressure but.. (haha!) hope you continue to recap WUAS, but if not then that’s cool too. 😉

  80. 80 birdscout

    @39 more

    Seriously?!? You’re giving attitude to someone who gives of her time & effort? She’s giving you and me and others a GIFT, and it’s just plain rude of you to question her decision, especially as she has graciously stated her reasons (which she didn’t have to).

  81. 81 momosan

    hey guys, I’ll step up to the plate one more time wearing the Italian jersey. (You can all be singing Nessun Dorma in the background now…..)

    A) pickles – the brine to make pickles varies – a typical one might be 2 qts vinegar, 2 cups sugar, and spices. Personally I like garlic half sours, so we go light on the sugar, light on the pickling spices, heavy on garlic and pickle it in the fridge for quite a while.

    However, I can’t see eating pickled cukes with pasta. Olives, yes. Pickled darned near anything in an antipasto or in the salad, definitely. WITH the pasta course. Not seeing it. Heck, I’ll pickle darned near anything – okra, watermelon, limes. Just not seeing cukes with the pasta.

    B) Foie Gras – personally, I’ve never had foie gras at an Italian retaurant, and the thought of a complete foie gras set menu makes my non-existent gall-bladder cringe, however, I’m fairly sure (without consulting it) that there’s a foie gras ravioli recipe in one of Julia Child’s books. I’d have to yank out my copy of Il Cucchiaio d’Argento (the bible of Italian home cooks) to see if there is any foie gras at ALL in there. I suspect not. Foie gras is pretty high end, far more common in French cuisine, but it’s supposed to be a high end restaurant. Now, TRUFFLE – now we’re talking!
    As for the humane issue – it’s a rare classically trained cook who would forego foie gras – but they do exist.

    C) at least at the end of ep 6 someone is actually MAKING pasta. Looks like someone was trying out a spinach pasta dish. Good on ya!

    D) egg guy who was complaining about the menu changes – if they are putting cream in the carbonara, they need to be taken out and beaten with a frozen veal shank. I know people/restaurants do it, but it’s an abomination.

    E) no more spoon. Well, here’s the thing. Most Italian sauces are not meant to be slopped on top of the pasta, but integrated in. OTOH, we use Italian bread to slop up any extra juices, so six of one, half dozen of the other, as far as I can tell, but I’m a peasant at heart. The whole using the spoon thing to help swirl one’s pasta is also foreign to me, but hey to each his own.
    And there is a whole high end presentation thing where “saucing the plate” artistically is an enormous deal. But realistically, using too much sauce is not a good thing.

    F) as for the small portions. Yeah, well, high end – multi course meals = small portions. US chain restaurants = HUGE portions. Family style = big portions. Gourmet style = smaller, more refined meals. When I order out from our local small chain of Italian restaurants, one “dinner” feeds two people, but then we also have at least a salad course.

    And taking off my Italian jersey….(as the swells of Nessun Dorma fade….) –
    Luv ya jb!!!

  82. 82 pabo ceo reom

    No harm here. I think it’s a good decision. :)

  83. 83 more

    Im not arguing with you people because you turned SIMPLE comment into something totally different.
    Me and Java already had our disagreement and know it’s done. The only two i see who bothered are you two idiots get over it.

    If you want to argue go argue with someone who cares about your opinion because i dont.

  84. 84 ugh

    YOU are the one who started everything by complaining that JB recapped other dramas instead of this one. JB explained her reasons but still you snapped back and said even ruder comments. People pointed it out and then you tried to backtrack and say your words were twisted. As far as I can see, your words were interpreted correctly, you’re just the type of person who cannot criticize without being polite (yes there is a way to do that) and even worse you cannot apologize when you have been rude. I see there’s no point trying to point out your faux pas because you will just huff defensively so I’m through trying.

    @everyone else
    I agree Pasta is pleasant but not really exciting.

  85. 85 mikella

    Hey JB~
    Thanks for your recaps on Pasta. I see your point why you won’t continue recapping. =) Since I don’t speak Korean or English very well, reading your blog has always been help for me.

  86. 86 ticked.

    @83 more
    if you don’t care about others opinions,why bother to come back, read, and post a reply to comments?
    you should know when you tricked up and when to just back off.

    JB. love your recaps~~~

  87. 87 samsooki

    @56 yen_nguyen –

    Let’s assume for the moment that you got More’s argument right.

    “[more] felt it was unfair because [jb] kept writing about dramas which are worse than Pasta.”

    THIS is what’s completely backwards. Saying that something IS or ISN’T unfair is 100% wrong. Fairness indicates that More is entitled to something. What exactly is More entitled to, that it would be unfair?

    What does javabeans owe to More (or to anyone)? I don’t understand this mentality. Is someone forcing More to come to dramabeans? If More doesn’t like it… perhaps More can start a website called “Pasta Recaps” and then pay people to produce Pasta recaps. THEN, OF COURSE, More would be entitled. THEN, it would be completely unfair for More to set up a website called Pasta Recaps and then pay money to read the recaps, and then not have the recaps be finished.

    (btw, More, if that ever happens, if you contract for someone to give you Pasta recaps, and then they fail to deliver, then let me know. And I will sue them on your behalf for unfairness and breach of contract.)


    But, now, let’s assume that you have no idea what More is actually talking about.

    From what I can see, More is merely complaining that JB didn’t do what More wanted to have done. No real basis, but one doesn’t need a reasonable basis to make complaints, right?

    And then people are bashing More because of it. And then More is fighting back, as he/she dislikes receiving criticism, which is little ironic, but that’s neither here nor there.

    All of which is quite amusing, really. 😀

  88. 88 frash

    ;_; id thought you stopped recapping this -b, b, but i had hope! I REALLY DID!

    anways, you know how wonderful you are.


  89. 89 frash

    d’awww, yer gunna stop recapping *teartear*,
    but thanks for all the work youve done till now,
    you recap SOO much -i dont know how ya do it.

  90. 90 Lee

    I’m sad that you won’t be recapping it and I get why but I’m being selfish as I can’t watch it through any of my usual avenues, so I’ve been reading the recaps to compensate, but seeing how little you say there is to comment on makes me wonder if it’s worth watching at all.

  91. 91 ....

    @samsooki Over analysis much?

    We all love Javabeans’ recaps, but come on, this is a blog and there is a comment section for a reason. More’s initial comment was not rude, she was simply stating her disappointment.
    Like most of us, I’m sure she visits this site very often and did not mean to insult JB.

  92. 92 epyc

    Do we have to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR here? This is a PERSONAL blog of Javebean who can write anything she likes. JB does not owe anybody anything if she chooses not to write certain thing.

    We are only the guests – no more, no less, period. (And I myself am a grateful guest, thankful to Javabean for sharing her thoughts and insights on Kdrama with us.)

    I like Pasta and it would be nice if JB could continue the recap. But, I will enjoy the drama no less without JB’s recap if the drama continues to be enjoyable for me. Eps 3 and 4 got me wavered a bit but I’m staying with the ship after Ep 6. It is charming and adorable, and its delightful atmosphone not so common in other kdramas are the main factors for my stay.

    It is interesting that JB brought up the Partner comparison, which I think is similar but also opposite to Pasta. The chemistry between LSK and GYJ is undeniable in Pasta but the second couple of Honey Lee and Alex are simply so bland that you don’t care about them at all. This is a main reason that pulls down Pasta in terms of story development. Partner is the opposite, to me. I find chemistry lacking in the main couple, despite the terrific Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo. But then, Honey Lee (again) and Choi Chul Ho, as the second couple are compelling viewing. They make me care about both of them, and their story would have sufficient meat to be a standalone story….

    Back to Pasta, Gong Hyo Jin is enough reason for me to keep going.

  93. 93 more


    You need to shut up i been trying to be a big person about this but you are getting on last nerves.
    This had absolutely nothing to do with you or anyone else. Me and Java had a small insignificant disagreement that ended 26 hours ago. I REPEAT 26 HRs AGO Why you people are still talking about it is beyond me.
    This is freaking blog you cant expect everyone to agree with everything.
    People have different opinions if you or anyone else dont like my opinion well that is to damn bad.
    I refuse to get get bullied by a bunch of random people OVER SOMETHING THAT ENDED 26 HRS AGO how how dumb can you get seriously.

    Im over It has been 26hrs and im not like you people i know better.

  94. 94 more

    91 ….

    Thank you
    If this was a forum i would not have been nearly as nice i have been so far.
    But thanks
    for taking the time to actually read what i was saying.
    And not putting words in my mouth just for argument sake :)

  95. 95 funkster316

    Thank you JB for all your work and time recapping. I concur that I am saddened but you deserve a live and blog and recap what you desire. I blog and don’t write as much or recap as much as you do. Having a job, studies and life it is hard to juggle all of them and have a blog. I don’t know how you do it! Your great insights, writing and comments have always enhanced my drama watching experiences for the last few years. I just blog of my KPOP faves and my text is very short. ~_^ . So my blog ends up being just for me.

    I for one am not for bashing others. People should be able to express their thoughts and opinions. But I am never for the “group” mentality attacking one person. Probably why I find netizens VERY scary. Never was interested in rocking the boat.

  96. 96 djes

    Thank you for your recap so far.
    I like the casts, so I’ll gonna continue it, and thanks to WITHS2 team who is subbing it. I just have to wait a little longer to enjoy it.

    My complain with this, is why Hyun Wook has to pull Yoo Kyung closer when he wanted to speak to her? Especially when he didn’t want to make the conversation as a secret anyway? that just annoys me.

  97. 97 AGNIA

    JB, thank you very much for your hard work. I know you’re very busy, but if….IF you have some time, we will be happy to hear your thoughts on the next episodes of Pasta. You could do even one recap for three episodes, for example!;) Anyways, thanks!

  98. 98 ockoala

    @ funkster316

    “People should be able to express their thoughts and opinions”

    Even when said opinion is a passive-aggressive criticism of another? I think freedom of expression makes people think they can say whatever the hell they feel like, and not have others be offended by it. You can say it, but then you better be ready to defend your opinion or apologize if you offended others by it.

    For example, what if I said “people who read and comment at Javabeans are a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do.” And when folks get offended, I just say “hey, its my opinion, this is a blog, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.”

    I think its easy to say what we want and expect not to be taken to task for saying something inappropriate (whether consciously or unconsciously), and then cloak it in the almightly shield by calling it an “opinion.”

    Regardless, an opinion need not be the majority to be acceptable, but an opinion shouldn’t given off the impression that it is attacking another, which is what @ more’s first comment implied to most readers, it appears.

    Oh, and the above is just my opinion.

    Thanks for the Pasta recap, JB. I stopped at episode 4 myself, it was very cute, but I’ve been distracted by WUAS so much I can’t get back into Pasta. Still, the lead couple is sizzling, and I love LSK’s shouty chef, he’s so attractive!

  99. 99 estlxlan

    it was fun while it last. =(

  100. 100 sukispop


    I agree with you…in part…that ‘more’ probably didn’t mean to insult JB…
    …but I disagree that ‘more’ was “simply” stating her disappointment. And, I think herein lies the distinction between ‘more”s expression of disappointment, and how many other commenters expressed theirs. Epyc(#92) hit upon it-that she comes in here as a grateful guest. Like many others, here, she would have liked it if JB would continue to recap “Pasta”. But, either way, she remains grateful for what JB provides for all of us. And, I think that’s how the vast majority of us, here, feel. Grateful. Grateful and appreciative. And respectful. For this wonderful gift that JB gives to all of us.

    @94 more,

    You have a right to your opinion, and you expressed it. I don’t have any problem with that. And, what you initially wrote, I don’t have any problem with, either. It’s the feeling that was clearly behind those words you chose, that became the problem. I know that JB didn’t have any problem with your expression of disappointment. It was the feeling of entitlement, along with the absence of any sense of gratitude, that people picked up on, reading your words. That became the problem.

    You’re right that what transpired between you and JB is old and probably should have been left to die. But please understand that many people here have great appreciation for what JB has given to us, freely, over the years. Many people, here, feel like old friends of Dramabeans and JB. And friends support friends…and will come to their defense when need be. That’s what friends do.

    One last comment-you mentioned that, if this was a forum, then you would not have been nearly as nice as you’ve been so far.
    I have served as a moderator for one of the largest international watch enthusiast forums on the internet. If this was a forum, some of your follow-up comments would have been edited and you would have been served a warning about being civil and respectful. Continued inappropriate comments would have been followed up by account suspension, and possible permanent banishment from the forum.

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