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Smile: Episode 25
by | January 30, 2010 | 47 Comments

Hello to all continuing Smile-lovers and the now less enthused followers! I know it’s been awhile (all my doing) and we’re a full 10 episodes behind on the recaps, but there’s good (or bad, depending on how you see it) news. There’s still 11 more episodes left of Smile! That’s a full 6 weeks – enough time for NBC to give Conan The Tonight Show boot, enough time for Toyota to be sent spiraling down by killer floor mats, enough time for a ferret to conceive and give birth, and (possibly) enough time for soyjoy and I to catch up on the recaps.

All kidding aside, the excitement I felt each Saturday and the sparkle that the series brought to my eyes are now a thing of the past. As soyjoy so aptly described in the past recap, Smile has positioned itself as the minivan in the lot of kdramas, kind of cool and fun in the beginning but still a minivan in the end, one that doesn’t turn too many heads when joy-riding on the road. (I don’t mean to take this metaphor too far. I just found it to be fun and clever…)


Jung Kyung Ho (I’m Sorry, I Love You OST) – “소중한 사람” (My Precious Person) [ Download ]

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This is a little random but I’m on still on a MiSa high after recently watching the 1994 drama, which started Jung Kyung Ho on his kdrama success. He demonstrates his acting chops playing a singer and So Ji Sub’s (*sigh*) brother, even lending his voice to the OST.

When we last left off, Hyun-soo was laying a thick one on Jung-in, smack in the middle of his new car presentation.

Hyun-soo: Jung-in, I can’t wait anymore. I think you’ll have to cry from now on. Whatever happens, promise me that you won’t waver and persevere through it.

At that moment, Sang-hoon walks into the hallway to see the two of them kissing. Being a man with some sense, he leaves the two of them alone, and calms himself down.

Hyun-soo returns to the presentation to unveil the new car, while his proud parents look on and applaud with enthusiasm (love it!) and a girl in love looks on with admiration and devotion.

The tears trickle down from his parents eyes as Hyun-soo talks about developing a love for cars while watching his father and grandfather. It looks like Hyun-soo’s future is bright, but in reality, a storms a-brewing.

Jung-in heads back home with Hyun-soo’s parents to prepare a congratulatory feast, trying to delay the ultimate unveil of their relationship for as long as possible. All the while, Sang-hoon looks on with worry as he sees the two continue to exchange lovey-dovey glances at each other.

With Geum-ja happy beyond belief, the two ladies have a ball while putting together dinner for Hyun-soo and his coworkers. And the family is excited to see Hyun-soo’s success with the BEAT project. When the coworkers arrive, they are surprised to see Jung-in and her family living with Hyun-soo’s family, but all take it in stride.

As everyone enjoys their dinner, including a little Sung-joon and Ji-woo (Hyun-soo’s coworker) teasing thrown in for good measure, Han-se shows up with a slew of chefs to recreate the party atmosphere for the night’s festivities. He tries to clear the table and put out the food prepared by professionals, but scary Sang-hoon comes out and kicks out Han-se’s cronies.

After seeing Ji-soo’s reaction to the teasing at the dinner table, Sung-joon comes out to talk to her and find out about her “three stars” (crimes for going to jail). He even tries to put her at ease by sharing the tales of his life of crime.

Sung-joon: I didn’t want to say this, but I was kicked out after getting into a fight at Las Vegas. You’re not the only one with a past. Fine. If you don’t want to say, let’s go one at a time. Me, getting thrown out. You? Me, I had over 100 traffic tickets. You? Me, skirting the army, public urination, singing boisterously, littering, and more…

He tries his darnest to get Ji-soo to talk, but she’s not interested in revealing such details. When Jung-in comes to the backyard, she interrupts their discussion to Sung-joon’s dismay. Finding out that Han-se is ruining the atmosphere indoors, he heads out for (I’m guessing) some libations when the motorcycle gang from Ji-soo’s past shows up to teach Sung-joon a lesson. Ji-soo sees the gang when she leaves the house and runs to find a bloody Sung-joon. She breaks down and clutches Sung-joon, seeing the man she loves in pain.

Once the BEAT team leaves, Hyun-soo is ready to reveal his secret. He calls the whole family out for a meeting, while Jung-in grimaces in the corner, mouthing, “Don’t do it…” (Hee-hee. So cute.) Seeing her agitation, Hyun-soo decides to announce the family trip instead, causing Jung-in to collapse in a sigh of relief.

The adults get excited about the thought of going away together, even to a humble sled resort. The only person not keen on the idea is Sang-hoon, who’s no longer interested in bringing the two families together. He even tries to keep the two apart by volunteering to do the dishes with Geum-ja, when Hyun-soo and Jung-in say that they’ll do the dishes together. Unfortunately, the two lovebirds have become adept at secret dating tactics and he looks on, perplexed, as the two exchange knowing glances.

The two make their way outside for their nightly date. And Jung-in has a nice surprise for her leading man.

Jung-in: Oppa, you were so impressive today, and charming, and made my heart melt. Team Leader Kang, you did a good job on BEAT. You did well. I give you 5 stars.
[Jung-in gives Hyun-soo 5 pecks on his cheek.]
Hyun-soo: That was kinda weak. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to say what I wanted… my lips are a little itchy. Father…
[Jung-in gives Hyun-soo a peck on the lips.]
Hyun-soo: You can do stuff like this anytime you want.

It’s hard to deny that these two are a very cute couple, but can you have too much of a good thing? (More on this later.)

As the two of them enjoy their rendezvous, Ji-soo and Jung-kyung carry a broken down Sung-joon home after his beating. He lies that the injuries are from a fall, even though no one’s buying the fib. When Ji-soo tries to head out, he grabs onto her hand and calls for Hyun-soo. As a dense Hyun-soo comes next to him, Sung-joon slaps his hand away and clings to Ji-soo alone.

Hyun-soo and Jung-in look a little confused but Jung-kyung makes up an excuse to leave Sung-joon and Ji-soo alone downstairs. Jung-in is definitely quicker than Hyun-soo when it comes to matters of love and detects that something is going on between the two of them, but Jung-kyung interrupts their conversation to steer the attention back to Sung-joon’s injury.

With the BEAT project closing down, Hyun-soo and team give their final presentation on the success of their project. Han-se can’t stand to see the couple enjoy a shared moment and butts in at every moment possible. Seeing Han-se put his arm around Jung-in, Hyun-soo pushes it out of the way and moves Jung-in away from Han-se, letting him know that the two of will be having a coming out of their own very soon.

When Han-se calls Hyun-soo to his office for another throw down, he’s seems to be ready this time around, citing the Seo and Kang family has reason enough for the couple’s impending problems. Hyun-soo believes that he’ll be able to provide for Jung-in and her family, while trusting that his family will support his decisions. But Han-se fully knows the problems that families can bring to a marriage and tells Hyun-soo to quickly end his chase so that Jung-in can come back to him.

Overhearing Hyun-soo’s conversation with Han-se, Jung-in decides to encourage her love. She calls Hyun-soo out to introduce him to their new car: Mung-goo. Mung for Hyun-soo’s nickname, mung-chung-yi (idiot) and goo for Jung-in’s nickname, gae-goo-ri (frog). And gives Hyun-soo a big hug before sending him back to work.

She then heads to Han-se’s office to dash any hope that he may about their future.

Jung-in: Once you get [the house] back, keep it for yourself. I told you that I wanted to marry you because I liked being loved. But besides that, I have a lot of good memories while we were together. But those memories and that house are just things in the past that I don’t want to return to.
Han-se: Don’t lie. You said that house was your hope.
Jung-in: I have a bigger hope now. It’s to be part of Hyun-soo oppa’s family. It’ll be ten times, no hundreds times more difficult than getting that house back. But I think I’ll be happy even during the difficulty. I’m sorry for saying this to you. But I need to become a bad person to you in order to attain my hope.

Han-se tries to hold onto Jung-in but she walks off. To find solace, he goes to see Jung-kil at Joon-bae’s restaurant, and converse over a little meat and soju (alcohol) while working. Han-se tries to tell him that Jung-in’s heart is now with Hyun-soo, but Jung-kil won’t hear of it and tells him to focus his energy on getting back the house.

As annoying as the character can be at times, I think Lee Kyu-han continues to do a good job of keeping Han-se as likable as possible. I found his crouched position (in the scene with Jung-kil) to be both pathetic and endearing at the same time.

To feed the sick Sung-joon, Ji-soo brings abalone soup to the Kangs. When Geum-ja says that she’ll save it for grandpa Man-bok only, a well-timed groan from Sung-joon gives Ji-soo an excuse to bring him the soup. He demands to know where the motorcycle gang is so that he can get his revenge, and free Ji-soo from them forever. Just as Sung-joon takes hold of Ji-soo’s hand, Hyun-soo walks in to take them upstairs for a family meeting.

The family sits together to discuss the logistics of the family trip. When Hyun-soo says that he’ll meet the adults at the sled resort, Sang-hoon makes a big stink about the need for everyone to travel together and spoils the plans of a romantic drive for the couple.

As a surprise, grandpa Man-bok pulls out bags filled with new clothes for the Seo family, including Ji-soo. The Seos blithely open up the package (and Geum-ja complains on the side) to reveal red uniforms for the family, completely the green and red colors of Christmas. The Seos grumble about being used as an advertising board for the Seung-ri Car Center and the reminder of the “Be the Reds” failure of the last World Cup, but in the end are satisfied with the gift.

The next morning, Hyun-soo takes special effort to butter up Joo-hee and presents her with a poem for the 1st Annual Paradise Vacation. Hyun-soo’s compliment and poem puts her in a good mood. She comments, “The more I see you, you seem like part of our family. Hyun-soo, you are a romantic.”, before skipping off to put some finishing touches on the poem.

Hyun-soo and Jung-in are touched by each other’s efforts to win over the parents and encourage each other with, “Mung-goo couple UNITE!”, while twirling around in a circle and continuing their kindergarten romance.

Before heading to the resort, Jung-in takes Hyun-soo to her old house for a farewell. Hyun-soo’s taken aback by Jung-in’s initial comments, but listens as she talks about her ability to see her grandfather wherever she lives.

Jung-in: So, I like living at your house the best. As long as I don’t get kicked out, I’ll live there forever with you.
Hyun-soo: Don’t say that. Who’ll kick you out?
Jung-in: You will. You’ll kick me out if I annoy you by crying, grumbling, and sighing. I brought you here to make sure that you won’t kick me out no matter what happens after the vacation.
[Hyun-soo hugs Jung-in.]
Hyun-soo: You’re so bad. You selfish Seo Jung-in, only thinking about yourself. But there’s something you don’t know. I’m a selfish person also. Do you think I’ll kick you out because you cry? I won’t. No, I can’t!
[Hugging her tighter]
Jung-in: It hurts!
Hyun-soo: Just wait even if it hurts! You said you’ll endure anything. You can’t even handle this?

The two of them continue their banter before Jung-in runs out to avoid getting caught by the new owners. But Hyun-soo stays behind and promises Jung-in’s grandfather that he’ll bring her back to this house.

While the adults head out, Jung-kil gets a call from Han-se with news about the owner of the house. And he gets the shock of his life when the owner’s name is revealed: Baek Geum-ja.


As full disclaimer, I’ll say that I’m fully caught up on watching the series, so my comments are probably tainted by the catastrophe of the episodes in the late 20s.

Smile has been on a downhill course for me the past few episodes. Sure the couple’s sweetness is nice and all but I’d really like to see some real growth in the characters and the relationship. After giving us a few episodes of broody faces, they do bounce back to their former cheerful selves in this episode. I just wish that they would have come back with a bit more maturity or development, instead of returning to the same place that they were 5 episodes ago. I can’t disagree that the scenes between Jung-in and Hyun-soo are still cute, but after seeing 20 of such scenes, even they become a little dull and repetitive.

As soyjoy mentioned in her last recap, the 16-episode extension is taking its toll on the lead couple and subsequently on all side plots. As much as I want to love Sung-joon and Ji-soo, they are also quickly loosing my interest with its odd motorcycle gang involvement and the even odder Kyung-soo addition which now seems to be a thing of the past. And what’s happened to Jung-kyung? I know she wasn’t anyone’s favorite, but she was at one point a pivotal member of the story. Besides Hyun-soo and Jung-in, Smile just casts a net and hopes to catch something good when it comes to the side plot. And if it doesn’t work, it just tosses out another net and tries lady luck one more time. Unfortunately, this disjointed approach is disrupting my enjoyment of the series and making me roll my eyes a bit too many times during the course of the viewing.

With the onslaught of new dramas in the new year, Smile is taking a backseat to spiffier and shinier models. But there is a ray of hope as we enter the episodes of mid-30s in the real world – that it might end up as a dependable minivan, no matter how ordinary and boring it might look from the outside. (Sorry for the semi-spoiler but the next 10 or so recaps might not be the most favorable. Just wanted you to brace yourselves.)


47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Grace

    First of all, thank you for the recap!
    This drama has become one of my favorites, I frankly am not so much on same place as you are probably, I think everyone sees or expects korean dramas in different ways. So far what I saw from korean dramas were all those same stories tangled with unrealistic relationships, but Smile was much more close to a real life and very different from the pattern that most kdramas had followed. Not to mention exceptionally well-played chemistry between the main couple!!!
    Well it is just my opinion.. Nice to read your recap and refresh my memory!:)

  2. anonymous

    MiSa was in 2004…. i had to recheck lol cuz i’m like…….no way 1994?!
    Anyhow, it’s a good thing that you are still doing the recaps for Smile, even if you’re not enjoying it anymore. It shows that you guys are the type that always finish something once they start it

  3. Sonam

    I like SY because it’s not shiny and spiffy.

  4. pabo ceo reom

    I really really think you guys should go back to doing the double recaps and whittling them down to be more bite sized. I don’t think you can fault a daily drama to be well…a daily drama. It’s never gonna have the buzz of Chuno. I’m not using that as an excuse for poor quality and I completely agree that the extension killed the anticipation, but I think viewers dig Smile because it’s casual everyday type stuff that brings a………well, smile to your face 🙂

    Now that I think about it, daily dramas aren’t probably the best vehicle (not trying to steal your metaphor lol) to do recaps with because it simply doesn’t have the meat of a prime time drama that gets the excitement level (relatively) up every episode. It’s probably way better enjoying Smile while eating a bowl of ramyun and folding laundry than agonizing over the details of a recap yeah?

  5. Z

    It’s true… as I was reading your comments I was desperately trying to remember what happened int he next 10 eps and I’m drawing a blank. Like, they left no effect on me whatsoever. And I think I remember enjoying them as i watched them but apparently, no enough to retain any of it. I mention in the OT the other day that everything could have been wrapped up nicely by now and we would have had a wonderful little drama. I remember thinking when the show first started that I couldn’t imagine there being enough story for even 30 episodes… but then it was so good that I thought we had a chance. One thing I will say, they show remained fun in the ensuing 10 episodes… I mean, for all the dragginess it was still funny, and they managed to keep the uber-angst to a minimum… which is all I really ask of a drama in its latter third.

  6. jm126

    I totally agree how the show starts slowing down, but after episode 3* I remembered why I enjoy it so much. Trust me, it regains it’s familiar sense of humor again!

  7. anonimous

    This episode may not be as exciting as others but I still enjoyed it !!!
    My week end expection is still here to watch the drama, it’s a long drama, so naturally some parts may drag a bit but the whole drama is awesome, the point is to warm our hearts, and for me it works perfectly !!!
    I think every episode is necesary so that we can see an evolution !!! I don’t agree with the fact that the characters haven’t matured and took a step back, now that I am on episode 36 , the evolution is not made in SY, ( omo they were bad and they wake up on morning to be saints) like in a LOT of dramas !!!
    Not like three boys falling for the same girl, seeing fireworks after a kiss, or a melodrama when they keep on suffering the whole drama as if they were cursed, or some unrealistic stuff !!
    Tastes differ!!!!

  8. marinai

    Some comments are really upsetting (cf pabo…)!!
    Smile you is really a good family drama, my two cents but l like it 🙂 , even if you watch it while eating a bowl of ramyun it’s still more enjoyable than a lot of shows, the “poor quality” of this show makes me expecting for more every week-end , it’s a realistic show and I think the writers did a good job !!!
    My two cents about it it’s a high quality show! but how can I do ? tastes differ as someone said!!!^^

  9. mk

    it gets better. trust me

  10. 10 Quaggy

    Thank you for the recap, dw4p! I’m not surprised that you and Soyjoy fell behind considering how things went downhill. Maybe, if it saves you some pain, instead of individual recaps, you guys can do an episode range recap until you catch up. (Sons of Sol Pharmacy generally does three episodes per recap.) I will admit that sometimes I would sometimes skip whole sections of the upcoming episodes, knowing that you two will fill me in on any details I might still need to know. But that means neither one of you have the luxury of the fast forward button, so again you have my thanks.

    As long as we don’t talk about what happens, I think it helps to know going into the next few episodes that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and things do get interesting again. Looking back the 16 episode probably wasn’t a good thing. I think most of the problem of the 20s (and even early 30s) can be attributed to the fact that they had about four episodes worth of plot that they stretched into four times the length. Now that we entered the mid-thirties, we seem to be back on the pre-extension scripted path.

    But all that has to do with future episodes and we really should be talking about THIS episode. I have to say episode 25 was probably the last episode I enjoyed for a while. (Well, I did enjoy parts of episode 26… guess which parts.) I do see how Jung-in & Han-soo can come off a too sugary sweet, but at this point, they don’t have really big obstacles (though they are both aware that some big ones are on the horizon). They’ve figured out how to deal with Han-soo and Jung-kyung is no longer an issue (or even on set, apparently!) They are preparing to tell their parents and deal with that fall-out, but for the most part they have no reason not to be happy-go-lucky. And now I’m biting my tongue to keep from getting into a later episode rant. Sigh.

  11. 11 dw4p

    haha – yes MiSa was 2004. not sure why I that mistake cuz even I was young back in 1994. well, younger… =)

    Now as for the enjoyability of the drama… Smile does a good job with little scenes that are funny and cute. I can probably name multiple times in a given episode when I chuckle or even laugh out loud because of a funny moment. But (as many of you point out above), there just isn’t enough meat for me to truly appreciate (or even like) the drama as a whole. And even with the 16 episode extension, I had such high hopes when the drama was young and still in its teens…

    Does anyone watch Assorted Gems? I haven’t seen it but it sounds like a 50 episode drama that’s holding up well. And personally, I don’t think 46 episodes is too many episodes to put together a well-written, coherent drama.

  12. 12 ethvren

    yeah the 20++ episodes were not that good. it gets better in the 30+++ episodes though.

  13. 13 dw4p


    Me, me!! I want to play the guessing game!
    I’ll try not to ruin the next recap (sorry soyjoy) but Han-se and Secretary Kim are pretty funny. My favorite might be Han-se’s reaction when Jung-in gets frisky…. Do we have a match??

    And totally agree with all the comments above about things getting better. I think there were about 15 episodes in the middle that I didn’t enjoy, so take out the extension and Smile could have been a winner. So in order to get to the good stuff, soyjoy and I are gonna try and work overtime to try and catch up!

  14. 14 karen

    this is the best drama in 2009 that i enjoyed from KBS/MBC/SBS……

    the right script, the right actors and their level of acting skills….

    i like how the flow of the script went smoothly, especially in the build up of Hyun Soo and Jung In’s liking for each other…. i like how strong their relationship were no matter who comes in between them…

    i hate dramas that makes the female or male lead waver, it’s not worth watching if they do that…..

    there are laughters, sadness, anger, etc in this drama which really makes it the best in 2009…. (though viewership says otherwise, but it is really the viewer’s lose if they do not watch this at all)

    i dont need big names(like IRIS), i don’t need pretty/handsome stars, all i need is a group of competent stars(like in Smile You) who will be able to make me see the charismatic side of them… Even if they are not handsome/pretty, they can make you like them…..

  15. 15 sukispop

    Hi dw4p,

    Thanks for the considerable time and effort that you put in, to provide us with these “Smile, You” recaps. I really appreciate it, especially since you haven’t been enjoying these past few episodes.

    I agree that some of these mid-late 20’s eps have been a bit draggy, especially because of the main conflict coursing through those eps. I won’t spoil it…just remember the word “annoying”. But, still for me, each of these draggy episodes had great moments in them that still left me looking forward to the next one. I also agree that extending the drama has hurt it; I have yet to watch a drama that actually benefited from an episode extension.

    I agree with jm126(comment #6). Hang in there, because once you get to around episode 32 or so, you’ll remember why you fell in love with “S,Y” in the first place. I’m current with the drama, and I’ve loved these past few episodes…and they’re the best episodes I’ve seen in this drama, so far!

    Spiffier and shinier can be inticing, exciting, and even great, too…but don’t always equal better, imho. “S,Y” is neither spiffy nor shiny. It’s more like wearing a beat-up, dated, worn out pair of slippers. The ones you refuse to throw out and replace, because they mold to your feet perfectly, they’re old and familiar, and they’re just plain comfy and cozy. And, that’s why I’ll keep tuning in.

  16. 16 OneOfTheBestsEver

    Here is my Smile,You story:

    little background… when i watch a Kdramas w/ the usual 16eps and i start to LOVE that drama, i want it to be extended to 20.. maybe 24 eps.. but more than that (like 30.. 35… 46?!?!?!?!), i tend to become Skeptical.. i’ve never watched any drama that was more than 25 eps..
    i discovered Dramabeans while You’re beautiful was airing.. Yes, i AM a YAB ADDICT! and so far nothing has caught my attention as YAB, although i am starting to like Pasta, but JB will stop recapping (which is a little sad, but i understand).

    So anywho.. i was very determined NOT to watch Smile, You because of the “46 episodes”.. i would read Dramabeans recaps on this drama once in awhile, and i think the issue with the family members is a little too much for me, but i LOVE the lead couple.. I was just content with reading recaps when i came across these videos on Youtube:


    [credit to: kerryle83] <<< Thanks to her i decided to START WATCHING Smile, You… i am 33 episodes too late.. LOL! finished 19 eps in 2 days ( i already peeked at ep 32 and 33, to prepare myself. LOL).. and even though there are some sad moments in the drama, and the bickering between the family is exhausting.. and when Sung Kil comes in the screen i usually just SKIP HIM. (LOL) i always end up having TONS of SMILES on my face.. most of everyone here already know that the main couple is just PHENOMENAL! its so natural and genuine and i just Love EVERY SINGLE SCENE that they have together. i love how WE all witnessed how their relationship bloomed.. just thinking back to their journey makes me smile so much!

    Anyways, here i am, proclaiming my Love for Smile, You!! im wondering if dw4p is up-to-date with the episodes, cause even though it gets slower on these episodes, it definitely gets soooo much better from 30++.. so those who read the recap, please dont waver at all!! Smile, You fighting!

  17. 17 faridah2201

    Thanks for the recap especially since you are no longer enjoying the show.

    I guess we have different tastes b/c I still love Smile, You. The pace has definitely slowed down but an extension will do that to a drama. Overall I am pleased with the show, especially the more recent episodes. It may not be anything new in the drama world but it doesn’t feel dated to me as i watch it b/c i am now invested in the characters and their growth.

    Well to each their own, thanks for the recaps again.

  18. 18 Alain

    The first 20 episodes were excellent and I looked forward to every show. It was the humor and goofiness that I enjoyed the most. But once I got to the 20+ episodes, it was all downhill for me and I lost interest. I started watching Invincible Lee Pyung Kang instead (which is pretty good by the way). But based on the comments here, maybe I’ll revisit this show again and start watching at episode 30. Thanks for the recaps!

  19. 19 Quaggy


    “Does anyone watch Assorted Gems? I haven’t seen it but it sounds like a 50 episode drama that’s holding up well.”

    I have! I checked it out after I read such glowing opinions in the Year In Review posts. I really loved the first few episodes and then I jumped to the more recent episodes to see how the series held up. They were just as interesting and they made me want to go back to see how all the characters got to where they were thirty episodes later. To be honest, they were one of the things that made me admit how far my beloved Smile, You had fallen. I haven’t continued, but that’s because I found out that DramaFever was going to upload the episodes later this month, so I decided to wait for that.

    “I’ll try not to ruin the next recap (sorry soyjoy) but Han-se and Secretary Kim are pretty funny. My favorite might be Han-se’s reaction when Jung-in gets frisky…. Do we have a match??”

    Why yes, I believe that we do! 😀 I also have a pretty high tolerance for sap, so I liked everything that happened at the resort or on the ride up. I won’t go into details out of respect to Soyjoy (and so I’ll have something positive to talk about after her recap), but let’s just say that a lot of it had less to do with the tooth-decay stuff and everything to do with how wonderfully Lee Min Jung & Lee Kyu Han can deliver a line. And then, of course, there was the snowman. 😛

  20. 20 apdy

    The best episodes were 10 to 20 ish … & then it went downhill for a while, still watchable but no longer had that excitement to wake up every weekend for live streaming. Then it picks up again in mid 30s thanks to much emphasis on Jung In’s father storyline.

    Absolutely agree that there were disjoint in the plot especially with Jung Kyung’s. She was important but got shoved off the show or something cos there were a few episode where she had less than 5 mins screen time.

    It was like the writing team got together brainstorming conflicts for HS & JI and test it out, if it doesn’t work, let’s just discontinue it. However, I do like their pacing style, going from sad to funny scenes in a heartbeat & it works like a charm. I find myself in in tears & laughs in 1 hour of viewing. And that’s what appealing about Smile You. The script pacing is tight, it covers for a less stellar cast.

  21. 21 Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I wasn’t aware of an extension – no wonder the late-20s and early-30s are so draggy. I’m trying to remember what happened, but can only remember one thing – which exasperated me and tested my patience, btw. Which I won’t give away here. 🙂

  22. 22 zo

    need more ji soo/sung joon!

  23. 23 soyjoy

    @ 4, pabo ceo reom — It may sound strange, but I actually find doing single recaps easier than doing them in bulk. It’s more of a time issue: if it takes 1 hour to watch an episode, plus the time to do screencaps, write the analysis and format the recap–so in total, a few hours–trying to do three episodes at once would take a pretty big chunk o’ time. So it’s actually easier to get one episode done, move on to other life things, and then pick up another episode when there’s more time later on.

    It does look like we’ll need to get caught up quick for the sake of these comments! Haha, it seems like everyone’s kind of holding back some of their opinions and spoilers for the sake of future eps, so hopefully we can get caught up so everyone can have their say 😉

    For the most part, just chiming in with a *clap clap* for trudging through, dw4p! 🙂 I’d actually forgotten a lot of what happens in episode 25 (LOL — like someone said, the scenes in these few episodes aren’t too memorable), so it’s good to refresh my memory. Glad you liked the minivan analogy. Let’s hope they spruce up the old van and get it back in working order in episodes 30+!

  24. 24 mimi

    Thanks for the recap : )
    I had so much to say after watching each one but don’t really know what to comment on now (without giving away spoilers in future episodes). I will say that Geum Ja is really getting annoying with her loud voice. Her voice makes me want to mute my speakers.
    Am loving Jung-In’s father and her brother and the comedy relief they bring. Great actors.

  25. 25 Icarusfalls

    Wow.. this seems sooo long ago!! On a random note – my two fav characters are hyun soos… Love and Marriage’s Hyun Soo and this Hyun Soo. Both are so unusual and not the normal types of heros!! Totally loved them both but right now I’m loving this Hyun Soo more!!! ^_^

    Good luck unni’s with the recaps… I know it’s hardwork for you both and we really appreciate this!!!

  26. 26 ausming

    it does get better from 30. This drama is still at the top of my personal favourites coz I have not enjoyed myself this much or looked forward to any kdrama for.. as long as I can remember!

  27. 27 Anonymous

    thank you dw4p for continuing to recap the drama despite the less enthusiasm 🙂 we appreciate you and soyjoy’s devotion to complete this drama.

    i woudn’t say that the story has gone downhill but merely plateaud. fur mom, hanse, and secretary kim characters weren’t enough to threaten the relationship of SooIn couple and the families are still the same, bickering with each other lol. however, character developments and conflicts started happening in the 30s and makes the motor running again lol!

    i’m still enjoying Smile, You more than i can say to other dramas that are only 16 episodes.

    anyway, although i’m caught up with the episodes, i’ll wait for your next recap 🙂

  28. 28 Z

    I will say this for Smile, You, it’s still laugh out loud funny!!! Even through the draggy episodes where I felt like nothing was happening I was cracking up because the things people do and say are genuinely funny and the writers are so good at this that they don’t have to resort to slapstick and toilet humor (not that there’s anything wrong with those things but, too much of it feels lazy to me).

    I finally remember what I thought about episode 25 as well. I was supremely disappointed in Jung-in for chickening out when it came time to tell the parents. I think I actually threw my arms up in victory when when Hyun-soo kissed her and made her promise to go along with him and not waver… then, 35 seconds into the episode she’s totally wavering. When Jung-In interacts with adults I always find myself missing the old Jung-In so much. I know I’m coming from a totally different set of cultural ideals but still, there’s got to be a way to respectfully stand up for yourself in Korea, right?

  29. 29 reenna

    i actually stop watching at eps.28. no matter how much i looove the chemistry between all the couples, but it’s tiring when up to that eps the story seems to revolve in the same spot….:( but i think i will watch couple of final episodes later, just to know how the ending….:)

  30. 30 LadyIgraine

    I stop watching I think after episode 27-29…I don’t even remember. It just got boring and repetative. The two leads (who were lovable from half of the series) became so boring and cliche, that I got so tired of their constant struggle to reveal their hidden relationship. I don’t even know what’s happening right now.

  31. 31 'dalia

    this is the first drama i am watching that has more than 20+ episodes. i was addicted to the main couple from the get go and am so glad i watched it.

    i will agree that some of the recent past episodes were a bit lackluster, and i did become less enthused about the series. but where it is now, i am happy with it. ^^
    i am interested in where the series will go in these last few weeks and will stick with it to the end for that special Soon-In love that i was/am so addicted to.

  32. 32 lanlan

    I did drop Smile You because the story development was not interesting, quite boring. There is not much of a story, the writer takes advantage of HS and JIs good acting to carry on the drama until now.

    I switched to Assorted Gems, spending 2 straight days watching and dropped it as well. The grannies are unbearable, annoying and find the FWD button quite useful. It’s typical Kdrama style and ratings was quite high because of familiar story line.

    I’m done with Kdrama, it does not do me any good but unrealistic imaginary stories to feed our soul. Sorry, do not buy it. Concentrate on reading Buddha teachings, at least I can learn some thing from Him to better my soul.

  33. 33 GG

    dw4p thanks for doing the recap. I continue to love Smile You but I do need to catch up on watching the episodes. Exams and the impending move to a new home has keept me busy and I hardly have the time to sit down and watch a single episode. Your’s and Soyjoys recaps keep me up to date and I continue to enjoy reading them.

    Please keep writing them till the end so I can follow along till i can go back to marathon watching the series 🙂

  34. 34 lei

    dw4p and soyjoy, your dedication to completing this series is admirable. i can’t imagine spending so much time on something that you have much less enthusiasm for. and it’s not your fault, we all wouldn’t know how much we’d like a drama until we’ve seen all episodes. i admit i am not watching this drama, only because the number of episodes intimidated me 🙂 but i do read your recaps.

    great job and thanks for all the work you put in, helping jb here and feeding everyone’s kdrama addiction 🙂

  35. 35 nabi

    I agree that it’s stopped making the viewers look forward to the next episode, but I think Smile’s doing pretty well for a drama with 16 extended episodes.. I can still watch it without fastforwarding too much.

  36. 36 danni

    I totally understand your feelings. Even though the future episodes do make up for it somewhat, it sometimes feels like the writers throw in random plotlines and are then confused about what to do next to carry it through. I know that Hyun-Soo and Jung-In are the main relationship here, but it would be nice to see that all other relationships (Ji-Soo and Sung-Joon, Jung-Kyung and the Director) are at least given some type of ground to stand on. It’s frustrating, but at this point, I’ve just ignored it and focus on the main relationship. I’m glad that you’re still recapping this drama and I don’t feel the need to make it your main priority I hope you and soyjoy can keep up the good work, no matter how long it takes you to finish.

  37. 37 cheremaman

    I almost feel disrespectful, especially to the two main actors and the initial plot/writing by only spot watching episodes or having the show on as background Korean noise. Jung Kyung Ho has grown to be such an appealing actor and the young actress who plays Jung In is wonderful and I want to honor their work with my interest and attention. However, whether it’s a mini-van metaphor or squeezing blood out of a turnip or throwing everything in but the kitchen sink, I have such disdain for writers/producers who s-t-r-e-t-c-h out a drama because of initial high ratings. I guess that it’s quantity over quality(although there are bits and pieces that redeem this drama in its extended 16 episodes) and I just find it such a turnoff. Smile, You, however, is definitely not awful but less is truly more. (P.S. Lure of Wife/Wife’s Temptation was one of the most awful, scraping-beneath-the-barrel examples of quantity over quality. “gag”)

    I still love Jung Kyung Ho….he is such a cutie : ) .

  38. 38 Amg1

    @dw4p, Thank you much for the recaps, I enjoy this drama very much, I happen to disagree with you just a bit.
    In the past I have try to endure some of the 25+ episodes series, and to be honest this is the only one that keeps me coming for more.
    We cannot judge this type of series the same way we do a 16 epis ones, I can assure a lot of people that if “You are beautiful” would have been made into a 25+ epis series it would not have been the same at the end, having said that I know that Smile You has at some point slow down, but it has never lost its sense of purpose, and for that I keep coming back every weekend to one more episode.
    No other series has made me laugh so hard and cry at the same time, the sequence of events have been tied together in such an organic way that for 90% of the time the flow is seamless, H-S and J-I have become my all time favorite K-Drama romantic Couple, I do not remember any other couple having such realistic chemistry on screen as this two, Thank you any ways again for your hard work…
    : O )

  39. 39 Sonam

    I didn’t meet a drama that didn’t drag. But then I have to confess I have never watched a drama completely. I focus on the male couple and the four parents and grandpas but I have been fast forwarding the brother and his love interest. Also Hansae when he’s not acting the clown around Ji and HS.
    I am enjoying Wish upon a star and the lead couple but I am completely ignoring the second lead and two ugly ladies he seems to hang out with. I love Shin Dong Wook and enjoy his scenes with the leading lady but …..

    MISA is the only melodrama I liked because of the sublime lead couple but I still fast forwarded the parts of SJS pretending to be a playboy. His disguise was ridiculous.

    I guess what I am trying to say is SY is doing great for what it is and is no better or worse than all other so called good dramas. It could even be better because it remains true to it itself.
    I am happy when there are uneventful episodes. I mean that’s how life is, right?
    Too much excitement feels too ……like a typical drama.

  40. 40 poo

    Thank you for continuing to recap this series! 😀

    indeed some episodes got a little draggy and I felt reluctant to watch as the whole don’t-touch-my-hyunsoo obsession got way too out of hand D:
    but this is still a great drama aside from that and I’m sure the eps will get a little more exciting in the future! 😀

  41. 41 Maj

    To all readers of this reca: KEEP HOLDING ON! I’m like thebworst person to watch shows wth cuz I love spoilers and ifni hate the spoil I stop watching it. I easily give up in dramas such as assorted gems and yes even thenlast two eps of you’re beautiful. However, smile you is special. It’s wArm and cozy. Is not perfect but still charmingly comfortable to watch. I agree with commentor, the show isn’t really going downhill but more of plateaud. You have to keep holding o cuz it does get better. the cliches actually work out. It might be an old minivan. But it’s you’re trusty old minivan. It is a show that hits right at home.

    Besides, the show is wonderfully acted on. It’s the only kdrama wherein I Wasnt annoyed with the lead characters or even the secondary villainous ones (Han se).

  42. 42 cecile

    Personally i never find this drama to be draggy at all, coz despite the simple story plot, there’s always a great moment in each episode, whether it was a funny-witty lines, great bond/chemistry between every character, the well-directed scenes, or every lil gesture of the actors that keep me stick to this drama…

    And yup starting from ep 30++ the show is getting better, they really play with ur emotion, it feel like u r in a rollercoaster while watching it, one minute u will laugh like hell and the minute after u cried like a river….. Hehe hope u got what i mean here….

    So my suggestion is: Keep hanging on and be faithfull to this simply great and un-cliche drama…

    Thanks for the recaps….

  43. 43 tachin46

    HAHA i love this ep, the 5 star kiss was beyond adorable….. JI is such a cute and lovely girlfriend while Hsoo is the perfect macho-man for our cute frog….

    And im totall LOL-ed at Hsoo effort to approach his future mother in law…. HAHA u sly boy,… u know ur best weapon dont cha???

    Thanks for recapping this drama, trully enjoy it…. Wait for more… HEHE…

    Ahhhhh i cant wait to see them getting married,have child and live happily with both of Kang and Seo family….


  44. 44 alwaesboo

    thank you so much for the recaps, my internet is crap so i watch selected episodes.d i do check this to read the recaps, and i love the constant and very interesting insights that you share during the recaps. (: thanks so much!

  45. 45 Lambert

    This is my first long drama, and im glad i decided to pick this, Like everyone else The main couple is The BEst ever, the chemistry is genuine and really thrilling…
    JungIn so cute and lovely.. no wonder both HS and Hse fall hard for her…^0*

    Yeah that 5 star kiss is adorable, i would so trying that stuff with my own BF… wkwkwk…..

    Thanks for the recaps…..

  46. 46 Kgrl

    dw4p dear, I don’t think you need to soften the blow – the episodes in the 20s were somewhat draggy and lacking transition. From the very beginning, I focused on Soo-In, and I’m a little disappointed they didn’t make JI more independent and career-developed.

    That said, I still find the drama charming if only for the realism in emotional development between the characters – they may grow slowly, awkwardly, but realistically. There are definitely flashier, spiffier dramas out (I’ve checked out 7 new Kdramas in the past month – some refreshingly great ones, some same-old-same-old), but the focus on realistic, subtle, emotional transitioning of many of the new dramas can’t compare to SY’s candid protrayal. And the natural chemistry? I’ve found only 2 out of the 7 new drama lead pairings that can even compare to Jung-Ho’s amazing, right-off-the-bat, acting chemistry. Unfortunately, I’ve always been bigger on acting and character development than anything – reading too many novels as a kid, and watching too many dramas/movies growing up really reduces how impressed you are at plotlines. I can only focus on the actors.

  47. 47 eve

    where is the rest of the recaps for this drama??

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