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Sohn Ye-jin headlines Personal Taste
by | January 24, 2010 | 131 Comments

OMG wut??? I totally did NOT expect it, but how exciting it this? Sohn Ye-jin is returning to television in the romantic-comedy drama Personal Taste opposite Lee Min-ho!

The drama adaptation (of a novel) has been revived after fizzling in 2008, and recently cast Boys Before Flowers‘s breakout star Lee Min-ho in the lead role as a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to move in with a woman (who wouldn’t room with a straight male).

Sohn Ye-jin, one of the brightest talents among actresses of her age/generation, has focused on her film career with roles in films like My Wife Got Married and, more recently, the dark thriller Into the White Night with Go Soo. Her last drama roles were Spotlight (meh) and 2006’s critically lauded Alone In Love, where she was wonderful. While her recent work has been in more provocative fare, she’ll show a bright innocence in this role, which promises to bring laughs with her plucky and sometimes-quirky character. The title of the drama, Personal Taste [개인의 취향], is also a pun on her character’s name, Kae-in, to mean “Kae-in’s taste.”

Park Kae-in is a late-twenties furniture designer who is the daughter of a famous architecture professor. She is the young founder of her own furniture brand but frequently makes mistakes, and is “frustratingly trusting” in a way that makes her an easy target for betrayal when she trusts people she shouldn’t. Still, she maintains an upbeat demeanor and pure spirit. She’s been hurt a lot and has always wanted to have gay male friends (perhaps due to her numerous betrayals?), and the plot gets going when she gains new roommate Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho), whom she believes to be gay. Of course, he develops feelings for her but by then she has started to trust him, not knowing that their relationship was built on that lie.

Personal Taste will air on MBC in April. I was cautiously optimistic when Lee Min-ho was cast, but now: CAN’T WAIT.

Via Mk.co.kr, BNT News


131 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sl

    ooh exciting!
    she’s really prettyy(:
    how old is she?

  2. Qwenli

    Thanks JB for the news.

    Oh yes, I totally dun expect it too. And she is older than Lee Min Ho right? Seems like its a trend to couple up older woman/younger man (a la the woman who still wants to get married)!

    Yep, will be looking fwd to the show!

  3. su-pah

    OMO I love this woman!
    How cool is this? ^^

    2010 — you are officially THE year of kdrama! Never have I been so spoiled for choice before! *hop, skip, twirl*

  4. :D

    cant wait too !

  5. cheanne

    Im excited….I hope the actual series is really this exciting…….Lets cross our fingers.

  6. dalisay

    i love son ye-jin….! i can’t wait for this drama to start filming…

  7. rainey

    OMG!!! The rumours were true!

    I am in casting heaven. Can’t wait for April. I love them both.

  8. 1critic

    Intriguing premise! I’m already hooked.

  9. byeol

    Can’t wait for this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. 10 langdon813


    This is so great. 2010 is already rocking the must-see dramas, and the announcements just keep getting better and better!

  11. 11 Taohua

    OOoooo…this is awesome! I am a big fan so now I’m really looking forward to this! It’ll be interesting to see LMH opposite of SYJ!

  12. 12 javabeans

    @1 and @2, Sohn Ye-jin just turned 28, Lee Min-ho is 22 and a half.

  13. 13 langdon813

    @ 12 javabeans

    Another reason for me to love her – ICOMYM much?? 😀

    Although the age difference certainly isn’t skeezy; still, a girl after my own heart!

  14. 14 jolee

    ADORE ADORE ADORE the Premise. Adore the two actors!!

    yay!! I can’t wait *fangirl scream*

  15. 15 cg215

    WOW. Just speaking as a gay man myself, I think it’s groundbreaking that mainstream Korean primetime is allowing homosexual themes to be introduced, and through romantic comedies of all places. Coffee Prince was significant in questioning gender roles and to a certain extent human sexuality, hopefully this drama explores this a bit more.

    Sohn ye jin was a delight in the art of seduction, this is definitely a must see.

  16. 16 Anonymous

    SYJ is my favorite K actress!!!!! I’m looking forward to this drama!!!
    Excited!!!! LMH is cool as well.

  17. 17 Snikki

    Fag hag! I am one, too…hihi… 🙂

    Good casting! 2010 certainly looks promising, drama-wise.

  18. 18 Rabgix



  19. 19 ockoala

    OMG, happiness-in-a-handbasket! I would have only been more shocked had Kim Su-nah taken the lead role. Amazing casting coup, and Lee Min-ho, you are one lucky dude, and I can’t wait to see if these two light up the screen~!

  20. 20 le meera

    this might make some fans disappointed because it’s not a young main pairing. 😛

  21. 21 rainey

    @ le meera – they should get over it! Lol.

  22. 22 lsk4020

    Wow, I was mildly interested when I originally read the premise, but now I can’t wait either! LOVED her in Alone in Love, and I was disappointed that LMH was in BBF because I wanted to watch him but couldn’t stand watching it after already seeing Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango. Can’t wait for April! =]

  23. 23 seirrah

    SYJ rulez!!!!!!

    she’s my favorite.. i must see this!

  24. 24 Amy

    Wasn’t expecting this pairing, but I can totally see Lee Minho working it as the convincing and passionate younger male in the relationship. Chung Jung Myung 2.0 (minus the baby face)?

  25. 25 A.

    2010 is spoiling us for sure… Yet ANOTHER drama for me to put on my to-watch list. Goodness.

  26. 26 Soluna

    Oh Lord, be still my beating heart. I adore Sohn YeJin and I agree that Lee MinHo was one of the redeeming factors of Boys Before Flowers, so I’m SOOOOOOO excited for this. The plot seems interesting and creative as well, so I’ll be counting the days ’til this airs. Personal Taste hwaiting! 😀

  27. 27 mems

    Ooh, I loved her in The Art of Seduction! I really want to watch this when April rolls around but I’m not a huge fan of noona-dongsaeng pairings…I hope they’ll be able to convince me otherwise.

  28. 28 Changmi

    Oh my gosh…i so want to watch this.hope that the drama would be interesting

  29. 29 yans

    yeash! this is a must see.. I’m not particularly a fan of Lee Min Ho.. 😛 but I’m excited to see him back in a drama to see how he fares after BOF *winks* I am on the other hand a Son Ye Jin since the movie The Classic! I really can’t wait for April now.. >.<

  30. 30 haezi

    I’m excited! I loved Alone In Love and Lee Min Ho was the best part of Boys Before Flowers.

  31. 31 Snikki

    I had to come back here and check….aargh!!! MBC!!! This means, no watching on ViiKii until one month later… 🙁

  32. 32 Quidam

    Very interesting. This is on my future watch list for sure!

    Now we have wait and see who’s Kim Nam Gil’s leading lady in his new drama. Let’s see if he’s just as lucky as LMH…hehe.

  33. 33 linz

    this is sooo exciting 🙂

  34. 34 Kate

    I will watch this….Can’t wait….

  35. 35 michelle

    Oh, yay! I loved her in The Classic and A Moment to Remember. I was expecting them to cast not only someone younger and less experienced but also someone that I really can’t stand (that’s been happening a lot lately). If I have to (once again) be jealous of a girl over Lee Min-Ho, I’m glad it’s going to be her!

    To JB: as a relative newcomer to Kdramas and all things pertaining, I have to tell you that your website has been extremely helpful to me. Thanks for your hard work!

  36. 36 reenna

    i’m not really convinced when read about LMH new drama. but now….since SYJ is added to the cast, i can’ wait to see it. i think they will make an interesting pairing…:)

  37. 37 Grace

    Hmm.. I really like her but isn’t she little tooo old for Lee Min-Ho? Well I am looking forward to it!!!
    Only problem is poor online second language watchers, like me, have to wait more…
    I am also thinking why she chose to come back to television with romantic comedy where she turned IRIS down..

  38. 38 the indian girl

    OH MY GOD!!!!! LIKE OH MY GOOOD!! I really cant wait for this drama….I totally loooove the pairing! Thank God YEH rejected this in 2008! this is Kismat I tell ya! KISMAT!! *fangirl SCREAM!!!!*

  39. 39 onemorepls

    wow…LOVE HER….she’s one of my favorite actress. If I can’t watch it on viikii till later I hope that please please you’re be recaping this drama. And perfect timing cuz Smile will be ending then, Can’t wait till April.

  40. 40 Z

    Reminds me of Dostana (minus that yummy, John Abraham…).

  41. 41 pabo ceo reom

    Give me a ticket and count me in babe! 😀

    This is riiiiiiight up my alley! yay 🙂

  42. 42 the indian girl

    @ 41 Z loool I never thought about it like that….now that you have said it it does sound like Dostana…maybe we can convince them to add another hot fella into the mix..hmmm maybe Gong Yoo or JKS?? loool

  43. 43 Natalie

    I’m so excited! can’t wait until April!! I love Sohn Ye-jin and most of her works are awesome. I love Alone In Love!! I watched that serie like 10X already. that’s how much I love that drama!
    Thanks Javabeans! :)) please update more information asap if there’s any!

  44. 44 Carmie

    OmO! I’m so excited!!!! This is gonna be so good!

  45. 45 cc

    YES! SYJ~ Been waiting for her next drama~ Woot!

  46. 46 wonah

    Woah woah woah woah woah!!! I definitely have to check this drama when it comes out! Ah! This is exciting!

  47. 47 Amg1

    She is the first Korean actress that I ever saw when first I stumble upon Korean movies, Summer Scent was my first Korean drama that I ever saw, I love her acting, and her unmistakable mannerisms, I think I am going to like this, maybe I am bias but I haven’t seen any of her work that I did not like!!!

  48. 48 ripgal

    This is wonderful wonderful news… the best since Chun Jung Myung announced his participation in Cinderalla! Looks like 2010 will fare better than the previous year? I really hope so hehehe.. =P

    LMH in a new drama excited me quite a bit, but Son Ye Jin? Goodness, I really cannot miss this for ANYTHING. I’m almost done with Alone In Love, and I must say, SYJ’s just awesome awesome awesome! She will never disappoint I dare say..

    Can’t wait!

  49. 49 maria

    the first kdrama i EVER watched was summer scent!— okay, NOT the best showcase of the wonderfulness of kdramas there, but 2 great talents nonetheless, and i LOOOOVEEE HEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn, i even had my hair permed coz of her. LOLS 😀 i am such a dork.

    sohn yeh-jin + lee min ho?? <3 …seriously, i propose that we all just skip the months of february and march, what say ya'll?!

  50. 50 Jihwan

    Son Ye Jin is a talented actress, I won’t deny that, but I’m still not satisfied with the casting. Lee Min Ho and SonYe Jin?? it just sounds awkward to me.

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