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The Ending Scene to My Love Patzzi: Is This Love, Or Am I Dreaming?
by | January 19, 2010 | 102 Comments

In an effort to get a full analysis of whether My Love Patzzi had an ambiguous ending (as proposed by javabeans) or not, I feel the only possible way to do this is is to go ahead and re-translate from scratch, and then recap, the Final Episode scene where Jang Nara as Yang Song Yi, comes back to Kim Rae Won. I’ve done my best to translate the dialogue verbatim, no tricks or omissions or half-way translations, and I’ve added screen-caps just like a real episode recap. Then you guys can decide whether Jang Nara has actually chosen Kim! Rae! Won!


Jang Nara – “I’ll Be There For You” [ Download ]

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Song Yi has apparently gone with Kim Jae Won to Germany. It’s all over for Kim Rae Won, whose heart is broken. A very sad KRW wanders an empty amusement park, remembering the things he loves about Song Yi. He ends up by the fountain, the site of many a heart-to-heart chat with her.


KRW wades into the fountain as he spots a coin in the water, which looks alot like the coin that Song Yi dropped in there, when she maked aloud her fervent wish (in front of KRW) that she would realize her true love. Here she is, in the past, making that wish, and then tossing the coin.


KRW, at the time, joked around with Song Yi about the efficacy of a fountain wish. And later, he had waded into the water and tossed out the coin because he didn’t want her to be in love any more (and thus be hurt, if the love wasn’t returned) with KJW.  Well, apparently that didn’t work. KRW grabs the coin, laughs ruefully as he says to himself: “Wow, there’s at least another person as half-witted as Yang Song Yi.”

Yang Song Yi‘s voice from off screen.

Song Yi:  “Ya, what do you mean half-witted, where am I lacking that would make you think that!”


KRW slows turns around, not sure what he will see… and he sees Song Yi, alone, standing nearby. Song Yi walks toward KRW.

Song Yi: “Ya! When did you turn out to be sub-human like that? What’s with insulting people when they aren’t around?”


Song Yi walks up to a stunned KRW , taking the coin out of his hand and tossing it back into the water.

Song Yi:  That’s my coin, dummy. In truth, I threw two coins in this fountain. One that I would realize my true love, and one so that I would get caught for the parade car fire. But you know what, any which way I think about it, I think that the coin you fished out of fountain was the SECOND coin… since my FIRST wish already came true… that’s totally amazing, no?


(Samsooki note: Song Yi’s other wish, the second coin wish, was that she wouldn’t get caught for causing the parade car fire. That wish failed to come true, however, as the evil bitch Kongzzi made sure that Song Yi would get caught, and it appears that the scriptwriter wants to emphasize that maybe it’s actually because KRW tossed out THAT coin, thinking it was the true love wish coin.)

KRW: wha-what happened? isn’t today the day you were supposed to leave?


Song Yi (looking MIGHTY CUTE):  I……. didn’t go?

KRW (still confused): Why not?


Song Yi (still looking MIGHTY CUTE):  Just because…


Song Yi (continuing): Ya.  When you look at me, does your heart race and do you get all nervous and stuff?

KRW: ….


Song Yi : But you know, I don’t think that I will get that kind of feeling with respect to you.

KRW (feeling a bit insulted): Ya ima, Yang Song Yi…

(Samsooki note:  the word “ima” is a korean word like the way that Southern ppl in America call each other “chile” or “child”…  as in, “Oh child, you have NO idea…”)

Song YiBut even so, what I want is to be with you now.

KRW:  ….

Song Yi (thinking back to what KJW told her): He told me to choose based on what was most important to me, and so I chose you…whether this is really lurrrve, or whether it is only friendship, or if not both of those, maybe it is some of crazy mix… I really don’t know…


Song Yi: Fighting with you, talking with you, just being with you, those are the things I want more… and that’s what I didn’t leave.

KRW (searching Song Yi’s face): ….

Song Yi (embarrassed): …


KRW sighs and then embraces Song Yi in a patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug. Rocking her back and forth.


Song Yi smiles happily. KRW smiles happily.


Samsooki smiles happily.


Now, you tell me, is that love, or am I still dreaming?

My contention is that the first coin, the true love wish coin, DID come true, because it never got tossed away. It was the second coin, the trying not to get caught causing the fire wish coin, did not come true because KRW tossed it out, thinking it was the true love wish coin.

Song Yi says to KRW that the true love wish coin came true. I think she is talking about him, and the way she feels about him. She may not get the goose-bumps and the heart-racing kind of feeling that some people get, but that doesn’t mean that what she feels toward KRW isn’t real, and isn’t true love. She is just being as honest as she can toward him, and what she is saying is, “My love for you is true, even though I might not get the goose-bumpy kind of feelings.” That’s why she didn’t go to Germany with Kim Jae Won. Boo-ya!


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102 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans

    Heh, I am still convinced that the ending is deliberately ambiguous, because I just watched that scene three times (as well as the airport scene, and the rest) and I did not come to the same conclusion. In fact, I didn’t see any of the ending scenes as decisive or romantic. Perhaps the bit of editorializing in the translation also leans toward a reading I don’t personally see? Plus, there’s more after this scene that isn’t mentioned here.

    To repeat myself from the other comments thread: The ending doesn’t say she’s NOT with him, but it never says that she IS. Hence the frustrating ambiguity, although it leans more to saying nobody is together romantically.

    Note that a year later, her relationship with Kim Rae-won is exactly the same as it has been the whole series, and there are no overt romantic overtones. When she hears Kim Jae-won’s coming back, she’s excited and feeling butterflies which makes Kim Rae-won grumble, “Why does he leave and then come back, making you waffle back and forth?” The words “feeling butterflies” are used exclusively in Korean to mean romantic interest, and she says she doesn’t feel them with Kim Rae-won.

    Also, she jokes that she can’t cut herself in half, so she’ll spend her time alternating between them — this is also not something she’d say unless she were single. You don’t joke about that with your boyfriend present when his rival is there (and if you did, the boyfriend would react strongly, but Kim Rae-won doesn’t). Then the guys both get up and leave jokingly, saying she’s too mean so they’ll let her be single, which again would not make sense if she were actually dating Kim Rae-won.

    The hazy ending of this series has always been a fan complaint, so at best, I think one can argue for a particular point of view, but I think it would be wrong to say there’s a single, definitive reading of the ending.

  2. Dahee Fanel

    Woooord to ze JB. Nothing concrete is ever given to us. Because of that sense of betrayal, I remember literally throwing my pillow at the TV screen when I saw this ending.

    I vote that you were too blinded by Jang Nara’s cuteness to ever suppose that she could be so wishy-washy. 😛

  3. hjkomo

    @ JB, Dahee.


    @ Samsooki the Deluded

    What happened to learning and moving on?! o_O
    *shakes head while sighing “ya, ima”*

  4. Molly

    I think it’s ambiguous too, coming from a person who hasn’t seen a single minute of the drama. Thanks for all of your great posts though – I enjoyed reading the commentary. I might have missed this, but how did this debate/discussion get started in the first place? :)

  5. langdon813


    I want a patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug. :-(

  6. momosan

    a) I agree with samsooki (shoot me now) about the coins, the love coin, etc. What he said.

    b) At risk of showing my truly meager Korean – I still say that when they are sitting on the bench, KJW says to JNR “does he treat you well?” and she replies (more or less) that “oh well, you’ve seen us, I’ll cure his bad temper.” Which either would only say if JNR was with KRW. The rest of it is joking around. Including KJW saying “I’m sorry I left you this horrible situation” – meaning JNR…..joking people, joking. She only jumps on KRW and they are all friends.

    >c) Edited to add: “I want a patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug.”
    Don’t we all, honey.

  7. joicy

    OH so I did see the drama years ago and I did think that YR ended up liking KRW’s character more.

  8. angle2mx

    I love this series and i have been fan of both KRW and jang nara since this drama. [BUT i couldn’t watch wedding i hate the lead male actor dont know y never seen him anywhere else anyhow] I dont remember thinking the ending was unambiguous. I think a girl can feel butterflies for a person and find a soulmate, a partner who will be able to share her life with another. I felt that it was perfectly natural for Song yi to feel that way, for a girl like her who didn’t have any serious romantic relationship or any knowledge of it. it would only be weird if she didn’t feel butterflies for the perfect prince that you read or see in romance novels or movies. BUt she sticks to her characteristics as straight forward person when she chooses she gives precedence to what she knows and is comfortable with companionship friendship etc with KRW.
    {i didn’t hve time to re watch it yet. n watched it eons ago..but i remember the happy feelings that the drama gave] Just a quick question: remember your first crush u knw the one that fit all the description of your ideal prince charming, you KNOW U feel as Song yi does. When u see first him again unknowingly u heart skips a beat. Doesn’t it? Don’t lie

  9. ripgal

    So interesting!

    Never thought Samsooki would go to THIS extent to defend the show. *Bows down to your perseverance!*

    That aside, I’m all with you Samsooki. That Song Yi actually chose KRW’s character over KJW’s. Of course it wasn’t a straightforward conclusion of SY’s feelings, but I certainly FELT that she had more feelings for KRW despite the lingering infatuation she had for KJW’s character.

    She may not have ended up WITH KRW’s character, but there’s no denying that she LIKES/LOVES him more. She doesn’t have to end up with him for us to know that she loves him.. you just feel it.

  10. 10 poheijo

    @samsooki….man, you better surrender…you will never win an argument with women…haven’t you learn that from your wife?…LOL…but I agree with you…I think JN ended up with KRW….and I do like the drama despite it’s lightness…what i hate from JN though is her voice…it’s too sharp for my liking…

  11. 11 k john

    You guys are all too much! I really, truly, was going to go to bed, before midnight for once, but, no, I just had to take a peak, and now it’s two hours later. It’s been like watching a train wreak! Sorry, Samsooki, if they had ended it with the fountain, I’d agree with you regarding the ending, but the butterflies, etc. made me think the little brat decided she was getting a “do over” or that it really was more fun to keep stringing both guys along. Maybe it was meant to be a joke, but I didn’t get it — too mean. However, I LOVED the debate and all the comments. So glad I wasn’t eating or drinking!!!

  12. 12 Amg1

    When does ‘Redundant’ comes in to play? When does an argument is won?
    As stated before by JB, the fact that this argument still lingers, and both sides have maintain a very strong position, it lends to the credibility that the ending is if not clear at least vague in the way we consider to be in love.
    Samsooki in your above post for a moment hint at the possibility that may be there is a connection between the 2 characters, but JB has a valid point when she points out that when (she) learns that her former #1 love interest is coming back her reaction is not what I would hope will be from a current “Girlfriend” if you know what I mean!
    So with all due respect I will have to give JB my uttermost reverence and loyalty, I think she is right this time.
    Samsooki best of luck to you next time, one last thing in the realm of JB domain i will cordially advice you to give this issue a rest…Peace out Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 kau

    can we go back to 2010?

  14. 14 belleza

    Ending? There is only true ending for our lovely Patzzi.

    (wait for it . . .wait for it . . . )


  15. 15 bjharm

    in the two guys one girl in K-Drama she normally ends up with the one that needs her the most and more importantly the one she shows her real self to most comfortably. In most as in bright Girl its the rich jerk that needs the girl to get past whatever mind freak he having trouble with and thus grows up and so forth becoming a full adult and better person with his ‘soulmate’

    Actually both bright Girl and MLP had odd endings really, in bright girl she heads off to the army and what not. and in MLP they give the hint of her willing to share herself between then two men rather than pick one over the other. But I always decided she simply wasn’t willing to give up the friendships the three had, to make a romantic choice between the two men. Perhaps she was not ready for ‘love’ or grown up enough..or perhaps thats me just transferring from her chinese Bratty Princess drama lol. As I said in other thread on this because MLP was so short it is was up to the watcher to fill in the gaps The story very much the bare bones. Perhaps why so many have different views on the drama.

    She does do the innocent little girl so well, perhaps too well as she basically only offered like roles, heavily type cast.
    I remember her Sena in Wedding so innocent and I was totally shocked that she had a fling when she was younger when she was oversea, because she played that role so well I couldn’t believe she had had a physical relationship before. Though after watching if a few times I decided it was just a kiss shared..while the guy was very much a playboy he was also one of those that divide girls into two type one he sleeps with and tosses away and those he puts on a pedestal and dates..ie the ones you take home to show mother. As he remembers her after a three day fling and was serious on seeing her again when they got back, I would say Sena was very much of the second kind for him.

  16. 16 cranky

    ditto to Belleza’s PATZZI MUST DIE!
    I really don’t care for more of this wishy-washy k-drama…

  17. 17 thunderbolt

    Since I’m indirectly responsible for this slugfest, being the snoop who alerted you to the post that broke the camel’s back…


    …I have no choice but to drag you, kicking and flailing, from the dead horse that you are now flogging to a pulp. GIVE IT UP, CHINGU.

    Have not watched MLP, but that exchange between your Jang Nara and her chosen-but-maybe-not Kim Rae-won sure is deep. As deep as that fountain into which two coins were tossed.

    Agree with you that Jang Nara looks “mighty cute,” in a half-witted way. 😆 (hey, you used that word twice; I’m just quoting you!)

  18. 18 bbm

    being sick one day and i missed this whole charade of MLP ending, LOL…
    MLP is the first ever KDrama i watched, which was didn’t shown on my local tv (and i actualy have to rent the vcd), because my friend (who luckily rent a room just above the vcd rental, so she can watched them for free) suggested it…
    it has been years, so i kinda forget the ending, but i remember feeling a little bit confused about who JNR ended with, KJW or KRW…
    i need to watch it again one more time to jog my memory…
    but i do agree about the Pattzi character you mentioned in your earlier post, as loud and (almost) obnoxious as she was, she is never fake… that was the one thing i like about her character…

  19. 19 evelyn

    Why did this Patzzi war start suddenly?

    and like k john, i was just dropping by to get some kdrama news… and instead i sat here reading all of the debates hahaha
    I personally didn’t watch this drama, so i can’t say much.. but it was interesting reading each of your arguments.

  20. 20 beehive

    Erm..when I watched MLP 7/8 yrs ago, I thought JNR ended up with KRW. I’m glad I did not imagine it, heh 😛

  21. 21 LL

    I’m not sure if people will ever agree if this ending was gutsy or gutless…

    I for one think it was gutsy. It reminded me of all of those dramas and movies where the girl ends up with the “best friend” type of guy, who has always stood by her. Except here, it isn’t such an easy decision. It isn’t a cookie cutter ending because she hasn’t been head over heels for him all this time without realizing it, or anything like that.

    She stayed with KRW’s character not because she was in love with him, but because her (platonic) relationship with him was more important to her than her (romantic) relationship to KJW’s character. In the end, she chose friendship over romance.

    I can see how her actions could be viewed as her stringing one or both of the men along (since she knew they loved her), but she was pretty open and straightforward with her feelings (or lack thereof), so I’m not sure that would be totally fair.

  22. 22 okdubu

    lol does kim raewon’s character have a name???

    edit: i guess kim jaewon’s character don’t got a name neither lol.

  23. 23 Asarako

    well…. well…..

    im with Samsooki…. with his “true love coin”, its like what i miss or something we forget the most…. A simple LIFe… A simple Love.. no complication…. no pretenses…

    ahmmmm…. what you feel is Happiness (its like the first time you got your own doll/toys). that feeling we usually forget even if that wish do come true.

    whatever it is…. Jang Nara acts naturally in her character

  24. 24 nea:notoriousnoona

    And the battle continues…LOL

    I’ve never seen the show and if the drama had ended with this scene as stated above, I think that we could hope that they would end up together… Although even her explanation of choosing him was vague to me: “Song Yi (thinking back to what KJW told her): He told me to choose based on what was most important to me, and so I chose you…whether this is really lurrrve, or whether it is only friendship, or if not both of those, maybe it is some of crazy mix… I really don’t know…

    She admits that she isn’t sure its love or what it is. I could buy that he’s the one(coin) and so what about the butterflies and all that bs but this statement smacks of indecision. She hasn’t really made a “love” choice but a comfort choice. What she does know is that he’s important to her, therefore, she’d rather to be with KRW(and shoot, I would too!). But does that mean “they” love each other? No. It means he loves her and she likes him and feels comfortable with him. To me she isn’t even saying she’s choosing him as a partner or that this feeling that she has is better than the butterflies, etc.

    If the writers really wanted us to believe that, wouldn’t they have made that clear? Wouldn’t they have let us know that what she has with him is what she really wants for life, over the standard sweaty palms and giggles? That their relationship is her kind of love?
    If the audience was supposed to take this scene and say “Oooh that’s love!” Wouldn’t Patzzi have said that “I don’t know if this is how everyone else does it but this is how we do it and I wouldn’t trade that”?

    Am I being too optimistic? I just think that if they really wanted the Patzzi to make a definitive choice, and she, being the spunky, honest, tells-what’s-on-her-heart gal then there would be no doubt. But instead what it sounds like to me is a bit of fanservice. The ending gives everyone a bit of what they want which equates to nothing much at all.

    Sorry Samsooki…but you almost had me :)

  25. 25 reenna

    ok i got it now. for those who wants JNR end up with KRW, you can follow samsooki to stop and conclude MLP in that fountain scene above. for those who wants to know JNR’s real feeling and which boy she will choose, i think you need to watch ’till the end, and probably (or definitely) will have the same conclusion with JB and dahee…

    so…as #13-kau said, can we now go back to 2010, please..??

  26. 26 Kender

    One more post and this debate will have taken up the entire front page of JB’s site.

    *crosses fingers and hopes someone feels the need to write another post on the subject*

  27. 27 rainerust

    Man, Samsooki, you are persistent!

    To give you your due, if the drama had ended at exactly what you mentioned above, then I would’ve thought, “Oh yeah, so JNR did choose KRW in the end, cool.”

    ….BUT the “one year later” time jump annoyed me to no end, but it added ambiguity to the ending. There was no specific confirmation in the ending that said JNR DID end up with KRW – nowhere in her behaviour (whether with KRW or not) does she show any sign of specific attachment.

    EVEN IF she’s not the kind to outwardly exhibit affection with a boyfriend, there should have been little hints in the way she acts with him to show that their relationship has moved on to being more than friends – but there ISN’T.

    So yeah, WORD to JB and Dahee – I have to agree with them on this one. (I am not dissing the merits of the drama – it was, still, an enjoyable watch, but not, I think the best that K-drama has to offer.)

  28. 28 ella

    I just want to say I enjoyed this mini-recap. I love Kim Rae Won. He was the first Hallyu wave actor I fell in love with. I didn’t even care about Yon-sama.

  29. 29 Emeldy

    Samsooki I am almost convinced, but can’t get that after 1 year scene from my head when Patzzi had both the men swung in her arms. I still don’t get that. Sorry Samsooki i love reading your defense but i will still stick with Dahee and Javabeans explanation of bizarre MLP ending.

  30. 30 mookie

    when annoyingly dumb=nice/honest/cute/still MIGHTYCUTE= instead of having one thumbelina in your pocket, u have TWO; and if u did not fall in madlove with him one whole yr after THAT hug…

    all females can automatically kill u off coz nth screams ‘I’m a dumb evil patzzi’ more…. all we’re asking, free up one of those K!X!W!, would ya?! and she won’t and still ‘MIGHTYCUTE’ hence PATZZI!….MUST!….DIE!

  31. 31 sugarpunch

    AW. that’s what i thought too! SYMBOLISM! ok… and a little of hints by Jang Nara as well. heh. i still like this as one of my first dramas cos it wasnt too intense and it doesnt really bring me on a emotional rollercoaster ride… hehe. watched this drama when i was 12.

  32. 32 Alert

    Gosh, it’s like going through time machine all over again..LOL!

    I remember watching the last scene many times as well, trying very hard to read through the lines. I even watched the whole of last ep twice just to make sure of the ending.

    But it didn’t. If only it ends at the fountain scene.. if only it ends at the fountain scene… the sentence bugged me for days (and now I guess for years!)

    If it ended at the fountain scene, then I would totally agree with Samsooki – hey, it’s the Shin Woo rule of the airport right (hope I get it right LOL).. but then the very last scene came in (which I think Samsooki deliberately ignored in his post haha), and not only did it instill the doubts, but it annoyed me to the max! I tried and tried and tried to read between the lines, but there isn’t any.. my conclusion remains the same – Song Yi failed to choose anyone.

    And for causing all this ruckus, quoting the wise Belleza – PATZZI MUST DIE! LOL! (I dont really wish it, but wanted to say that so much for at least once coz it sounded so cool hehehe)

  33. 33 Agent Darwin

    Geee…it seems that you guys are really having a great life as compared to those poor souls in Haiti. What’s the point of discussing something which is so old and outdated. Can’t you all do something more constructive? Wake up guys and gals, don’t waste so much time discussing about k-drama.

    So long friends, this is my last posting in Dramabeans. Am going for a long retreat in the Himalaya….bye bye,,,,,

  34. 34 su-pah

    Eeeek! I’ve missed so much of the action!
    I kind of found both the rebuttals to be completely weightless, sorry JB and DH! *ducks*

    Let’s make it clear, Song Yi totally chose Kim RAE Won!
    You simply had to pay a little attention to the drama to know it was all about him all along too.

    The drama opens up with SY, HW and KRW all as wee kids, SY takes a shining to KRW but HW manages to manipulate him right there and I think that’s where the Patzzi – Kongzzi rivalry ultimately began – over KRW!
    When the three reunite as adults later on, SY is still smitten, but seeing how HW makes a beeline for him, she dejectedly sighs to herself about how handsome he still is.
    Their relationship develops over the length of the drama and you’d have to be blind not to see that he’s the one she’ll end up with. NOT that it’s predictable or anything.

    KJW’s character was in the drama simply as a revenge tool to put some ants in HW’s pants, seeing how anxious she is to lure him into her trap, but he’s probably the only person completely immune to her charms. Haarr haarr!

    The ending was just KJW dropping in to say, hey, ”no hard feelings, we is still tight”. Aka. The end means hardly anything, have to pay attention to the drama as a whole and its dialogue – the dialogue was as blatant as it gets, as per the recap.

    The ending was really funny. ”psssh… never knew she was so big-headed!’

    On another note, what millionaire? Who cares!
    Shrek’s Puss in Boots has nothing on KRW’s wide eyed look, so haunting, especially in MLP. Melt-melt. Gorgeous guy!

    @5 – langdon813
    ”I want a patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug.”

    Me too! Me too!

  35. 35 dee

    it might be an ambiguous ending but go samsooki! go go!

  36. 36 Bonnie

    What happened to the episode recaps of the most recent episodes of Pasta? I don’t care one bit about Jang Nara, just want my pasta fix!

  37. 37 Anonymous

    actually, i’m waiting for ep.4 pasta’s review…

  38. 38 ivy

    i didn’t watch My Love Patzzi, but the screen shots that Samsooki made of Jang Nara more than proved javabeans and dahee’s point about her ridiculous acting. LOL. those facial expressions are just … way too much to take seriously.

  39. 39 cheanne

    I did enjoy my love pratzzi but I was also disappointed with the ending……I watch it because of KRW….hehe…I dont know Jang Na Ra then. Shes cute but her expression can sometimes be really overacting……

    But now I am waiting for the Pasta recap. Lets go forward…..

  40. 40 lilly

    If I was JNR character I would choose KJW character because their couple and the story of their love was more convincing and logic than KRW and JNR. I don’t know but I always think JNR feel pity for KRW character

  41. 41 serendipity

    You three are bonkers. In an adorable way of course! Now there’ll be a huge rush of people trying to watch My Love Patzzi. The statistics will go off the chart. Sites like Viiki and mysoju will be scratching their heads going wth why is everyone suddenly watching this has-been drama? Sudden demand will create an internet buzz and MLP will be touted as a Revival Mania Drama. The network will show reruns. JNR will emerge from obscurity to tour Asia…

    Me, I’m not falling for it. I’m suspicious of any recommendation from someone professionally trained to argue either side of a case. 😉 (Hey! I sympathise! This must be a hundred time more fun than negotiating your 87th syndicated loan agreement (or whatever).) It also seems to me that this show is not bearing up the weight of analysis that’s being heaped on it. And, finally, those screencaps of JNR *animated* would bust my annoyance-meter. Ok, all right, I may take a peek at ep 1, because I’m incurably curious. But no more. No more.

  42. 42 bjharm

    to do with Jang Nara cuteness, it is real, simple as that she the one actress who doesn’t have to act cute simply because she is. Indeed if anything she so oozes the cuteness she has to rein it in if anything.
    Indeed the one role where she really acted cute to achieve mega cuteness had to be her Chinese Bratty Princess and even the the lead actor said she was more cute in person than one could ever show on film.
    Of course I like cute things, I like Ariel Lin and Rainie Jang to as well as kittens so ..lol I am a hopeless case.
    All I can say for a girl that many say has no looks no body shape can not act has a weak singing voice, and doesn’t have a big production company promoting and backing her, why has she done so well and lasted so long in a very mean and cold industry not one but two countries as well as most of Asia?

  43. 43 sallynally

    Oh wow, aside from whether My Love Patzzi was a good drama or not, I never knew that the ending for it was up for much debate like this. I agree w/ you, Samsooki. Jang Nara definitely chooses Kim Rae Won at the end.

  44. 44 rani

    Yeah…Jang Nara chose to stay with KRW… ..I’m with the deluded Samsooki on that part , but I totally agree with the almighty tyrants ,Javabeans and Dahee ,on MLP being a lower than mediocre drama.

  45. 45 Quaggy

    Lord, this is fun! I love that this old drama has created so much passion. Can you guys find another show which you disagree passionately and argue about that next?

    Samsooki, while I admire your perseverance, you can’t just declare that the hug is The End when there’s a whole other “One Year Later” bit that follows. It’s like Phoebe’s mother turning off Old Yeller right before the poor dog gets shot. You’re concentrating on the happy sweet part, rather than the traumatizing (okay, maybe only upsetting) scenes to come.

    It’s my opinion that the drama’s ending is MORE disappointing if you believe that Jang Nara chose KRW during the fountain scene… because we then flash forward a year later and we don’t get any confirmation that they are truly together and happy. We get Jang Nara and KRW bickering (which isn’t all that bad if you pretend that Jang Nara is getting dewy eyed over KJW to make KRW jealous) which then gets interrupted by KJW and that’s the end to Jang Nara/KRW solo interaction. It’s a happy three-some from that point on… and frankly, happy threesome’s are never a satisfying conclusion to romantic love triangles.

    Now, I understand the interpretation that those happy threesome bits are to prove that they are all still friends despite what happened. But stuff like that only works when it’s clear that the couple are… well, a couple. There’s no signs romantic affection between Jand Nara and KJW. No affectionate gestures. No long looks between the two. Nothing, absolutely nothing to demonstrate that these two have been in a year long romance. Trust me, I live for stuff like that in my dramas. A little goes a long way for me and it doesn’t have to be traditional at all. (Otherwise I wouldn’t get such a kick out of Mi-nyeo and Tae-kyung’s romance or Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s courtship.) The end of MLP didn’t even give me a shred of romantic interaction in the flash forward, forever dooming it in my mind as a sub-par drama.

  46. 46 vrosemarie

    I remember being bummed that Song Yi went for the nobody (I wasn’t aware of KRW then, I only realized his heavenly existence in Attic Cat)… Even though most people think it’s a waste of time now, but a LOT of people didn’t think so a few years back. And I was a major Kim Jae Won fan before. I even watched My 19 Year Old Sister-in-law for him but ended liking Yoon Kye Sang instead… XD

  47. 47 Snikki

    She may or may not love him romantically, but I think he’s her security blanket.

  48. 48 serendipity


    Er, did you just change your drama rating for MLP? It rates… 7/7… the same as Hong Gil Dong?! I mean, I’m all for world peace and all that, but does appeasement have to go that far?

  49. 49 Dav

    I think I like the *idea* of this drama. Or several ideas of this drama.

    I like the idea that an evil main character is loveable on her own merits. (Unfortunately, they pretty much shot themselves in the foot on that one.) Most of us have met genuinely good people that just drive us CRAZY. The second lead didn’t need to be a scheming monster – she just needed to be so treacly and limp that we could despise her vicariously through the eyes of the main character.

    I like the idea that there’s a main character out there who is open and honest – but only if that doesn’t is a choice that she’s making, or if it actually has some negative consequences above and beyond having a pair of guys fall in love with her near instantly.

    I like the idea that the main character can see/understand things about the evil character that no one else can, but if this is promptly subverted, all the effect is gone.

    I like the idea of subverting a romance and looking at different kinds of love. And, uh, I gotta say, there’s a scene of male bonding on a bench that might suggest *one* option they could look at . . .

    What I can’t get behind is a main character who is:
    a) so dumb and/or murderous that she doesn’t realize that fooling with large mechanical devices with engines is dangerous
    b) so dumb and/or murderous that she throws *ROCKS* at someone’s *HEAD* – seriously, I know this is a comedy, but couldn’t she have repeatedly tricked him into the garbage chute instead or something?
    c) so dumb and/or masochistic that she continues to hang out with the least charismatic evil character in all k-drama history (seriously, honey, get some new friends and a different roommate, okay?)
    and possibly
    d) so clueless and/or sadistic that she either strings along both her love interests or, only a year later, jokes cruelly about their history, raking open what must be pretty tender wounds
    e) none of this is problematic for pretty much ANYONE in the drama.

    I don’t find the actress totally annoying, but her character makes me insane. Also, negative bonus points for mysterious diseases.

    Can anyone explain to me why the officeworkers in this drama stay in the dorms? I get why one might want some staff on the premises at all times, but the promotions/marketing/engineering (???) team?

  50. 50 estelle

    Thank you Javabeans, Samsooki and Dahee Fanel for such a fun, witty and hilarious debate. You guys are AWESOME!

    Thank you so much for brightening up my gloomy Wednesday! 😀

  51. 51 kcc

    Reading all this posts is actually much more fun than watching MLP, I watched it 5 or 6 years ago, it didn’t leave me any strong feeling, the eye candies definitely a plus to make me finished the drama. Story wise, this is not a good drama that worth to discuss about. The acting is not that impressive either. To me it is just the timing of the Korean Wave swift all over the world and this drama happened to produce at the same time that it became well known and popular at then.

    My idea about the JNR’s love interest is towards KRW, her ending scene with both guys did not change my feeling. She chose to stay and that’s enough say to her decision.

    This is my 2 cents.

  52. 52 Anonymous

    “Lord, this is fun! I love that this old drama has created so much passion. Can you guys find another show which you disagree passionately and argue about that next?”

    WORD TO THAT! This is possibly one of the single most awesome debate I’ve ever read online… Love the passion that comes with the writing!

    I thought it’ll end with the rebuttal… but this is very erm… Samsooki!

    I remember vaguely watching it when it was on TV and oh yes it was un-memorable… I remember Sucessful Story of a Bright Girl better maybe coz of Jang Hyuk? But thanks for the trip down memory lane…

    Thanks for bringing the awesome-ness JB,Dahee, Samsooki and not forgetting Thundie… You guys rock…

  53. 53 dramalover

    the screencaps tell me to anticipate bad acting from Jang Na Ra. Hopefully I will not cringe when I watch the drama.

  54. 54 ockoala

    @ Agent Darwin

    Have a safe and enlightning trip to the Himalayas! Don’t let the DB rotating banners hit you on your way out. Sorry you had to waste your time reading DB posts and comments rather than working to solve the tragedies and problems of our time. Your admonition is greatly appreciated, and if you can find someone to watch my kids, I’ll book a flight to Haiti to help with the relief efforts, but for now, I’ve just sent financial aid, hope that is good enough?

  55. 55 Shima

    This scene told me: Duh, she chose KRW. But the later part where KJW comes back makes me wall: “Buuuuh? I thought–”

    If they hadn’t included that ending bit later on, I would totally agree that this was a decisive ending and that she definitely chose KRW. But because of that dumb-ass addition, I don’t see it.

  56. 56 Midgee

    I enjoyed all the discussions and comment. It’s actually better than MLP. I’ve seen Jang Nara in Bright Girl and I already found her annoying there so to watch MLP was a definite no for me. She definitely gets an A for overacting of the little I’ve seen of her. Kim Rae Won is okay but I’m not into him. I’m glad I passed MLP back in the day but I’m sure glad for this enjoyable discussion everyone is having.

  57. 57 xiaoSxin

    whoa i think i will start to watch My Love Patzzi now.. just because it’s equally entertaining and crazy for our bloggers to be in this deep discussion of a drama that aired ALMOST A DECADE AGO.. I want to be part of the cool crowd. ^^

  58. 58 lovenyc52

    @ samsooki

    you never give up do you? hehe. i love the patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug. Thanks for the visual as well as the translation/recap to the ending. :)

  59. 59 saryKIM

    I remember watching this when it first aired, and I remember being frustrated with Jang Nara’s character (and Kim Rae Won’s hair). As stated in the rebuttals, I couldn’t understand how and why two great guys would fall in love with that girl! And then the ending.. I remember thinking, Okay she ends up with Kim Rae Won.. wait, she didn’t? What? What was the whole point then??
    If I rewatch the drama, I MIGHT have a different feeling about it, but I don’t really have a desire to rewatch it.

    But this whole debate thing, and reading the different angles and opinions.. it was very interesting and entertaining. Thanks to the three writers. You guys should do this again sometime. :)

  60. 60 Fransisco

    Something should be said for the male point of view. Both Dramabeans and the other blogger are female so perhaps what men find cute in a girl may not be so for female audiences. Since such dramas primarily cater to female ajummas and fangirls, it is important that the main character appeals to their sense of what is appropriate / irritating etc. If you can make concessions for a hot mess like Boys Over Flowers simply for its fangirliness, the same standard should apply to Patzzi that somehow works for guys that find cuteness irresistible. How many of your reviews even take such “fan-guy” feeling into account?

  61. 61 myron

    Guys this is fun..more entertaining than watching drama…enlighten me pls.how did this war start?

    one thing i always hear from my dad you will never win an arguement w/ women
    better give up…sorry :(

    I’m watching MLP right now…i think she chose friendship..
    i dont like Jang Nara something wrong w/her mouth?lips or teeth?!……i love both guys :)

  62. 62 Emi

    Regardless of who she ended up with, It’s kinda nice to see a drama where all the characters are still close friends at the end in spite of all the rivalry/drama they went through during the main story. Often the loser is forced to move away to America or something, or go wander off alone to hopefully find some other love interest.

    Personally, I’m all for the Happy Threesome ending, where she gets to end up with BOTH of them (why choose?! lol) and they all live happily ever after together ^_^ But alas, that is not likely to happen :)

  63. 63 Peggy

    I can’t let this go. Here is my very last word…for now.

    She didn’t end up with either guy. She was so wishy washy that they both decided to become buddies and they walked away leaving her smelling the flowers or something. I distinctly remember them both sitting on a bench and she was behind them and they just looked at one another and got up and walked out of the scene.
    Or did I only remember how I wanted it to end.?
    It’s all in the mind…


  64. 64 anna

    From that recap above, I would think she ended up with Kim Rae Won’s character.. then I went down and read JB’s comment ..I’m still so confused. LOL

    Oh well, moving on.

    Does he always hug that way? The patented KRW hug? I never noticed that before.

  65. 65 Angela

    I *would* say you have a valid point, Samsooki . . . however, you misrepresented the drama by only showing the part of the ending that could actually back up your claim. Yes, this scene screams true-love-overpowers-all (hello, romantic fountain); however, this isn’t the REAL ending. IF the drama had ended here, the result of the love-triangle would have been a no-brainer . . . but it didn’t.

    Take Titanic for example. It’s like seeing Rose telling Jack, “Oh, I’ll never let go!” And then promptly turning the tv off, while thinking, “Yay! They lived happily ever after. That’s great!”

    But, ya know . . . if you *keep* watching, she *does* let go. . . and Jack. He DIES.

    So if you *really* want to back-up your claim, you need to address the scene that immediately FOLLOWS this one. Otherwise, I’m forced to walk away with my original understanding: she’s still “waffling” and has yet to make up her mind.

    I’m sorry. But I think you may need to let this argument die, lol. I will lend you a shovel, if you want to dig its grave.

  66. 66 kaedejun

    so, uh, dahee – did you ever do samsooki’s laundry!?

    (this is based off the fact that you dared him to do it in your post’s comments)

    hehe – the thing is, samsooki, the ending that you described in this post only applies to your argument – not the drama as a whole. the last thing people are going to remember is the three of them walking off into the distance. admittedly, i have never seen this drama, but i saw the last ten minutes of it to see what the fuss was all about.

    i think she “ends up” with KRW in the sense that she chooses to stay in korea with someone she’s comfortable with. but i think she sees it as platonic love, while he sees it as a more amorous love. and with that, he’s basically stuck to waiting until JNR comes around.

    perhaps the writers did not want to upset any fans, so they tacked on the one year later ending to satisfy all palates.

    *you guys are all so hilarious!* =)

  67. 67 samsooki

    @65, angela –

    LOL! I never saw Titanic! Now I know that he dies. AND, earlier, I learned that Old Yeller dies too! Spoilers! Sigh! Heh, no worries, I wasn’t going to watch it anyway. I pretty much could have predicted that the boat would sink, having read the comic book before the movie came out.

    Unfortunately, life moves on, and other duties prevents me from disabusing you of your presumption. While I could not disagree more with javabeans as to who Yang Song Yi ends up with, but it is possible in this world to have the utmost of respect for someone you disagree with.

    This debate series was born out of whitterings of k-drama enthusiasts, and I thought it would be fun to share and debate with the immortals, javabeans and dahee. Not surprisingly, both licked their chops at the prospect, like ravenous wolves against a baby lamb. BABY LAMB!

  68. 68 Angela

    Whoops! I’m so sorry. I forget there are people out there who *haven’t* seen Titanic. Now I feel guilty… but still, the comparison *is* a legitimate one. And I actually LIKE Jang Nara, so I was trying to do you a favor, lol. Sometimes, baby lambs just need to rest…

    However, I hope you guys disagree about another drama. It’s very entertaining to watch you banter back and forth. ^_^

  69. 69 Samsooki

    @68, i’m kidding! don’t feel bad! Honestly, I’ve not seen Titanic (no intention to see it), but I knew what happened… please take whatever I say with the understanding that i’m generally just playing around… if I’m being serious, it will be extremely obvious. otherwise, i’m fairly harmless. 😀

  70. 70 Angela

    Okay, will do. I guess we’re even anyway, since I didn’t know Old Yeller dies.

    haha, just kidding. 😉

    (my fiance and his friends actually made a pact that they’d never watch Titanic, so I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised, lol)

  71. 71 asianromance

    this is seriously entertaining! Now i really need to finish My Love Patzzi!

  72. 72 Brendel

    Samsooki, you are awesome! But I agree with those who say that the ending is ambiguous. I believe that the reason why Song Yi stayed behind was not because she wants a romantic relationship with KRW but because she is more comfortable with him and working at the park than going to Germany with KJW. :-)

  73. 73 more

    This debate would be a lot more interesting if it was done on a more intelligent DRAMA

  74. 74 goldenlotus

    hahaha… Baby lamb! Samsooki, I highly doubt that!
    lol, like the rest, I’ve been catching up with this debate for days and hours. Very entertaining and refreshing. You guys should do another session in the future!


  75. 75 mymymai

    I’ve never seen My Love Patzzi and may watch it in the future due to this debate. I’m just confused about Jang Nara’s claim that her first coin wish for True Love came true and her comment “whether this is really lurrrve, or whether it is only friendship, or if not both of those, maybe it is some of crazy mix… I really don’t know…”. How can she be make that claim while not really knowing whether it’s True Love or not. That seem like a contradiction to me because if she really don’t know, then she shouldn’t conclude that her wish came true. Or should I throw out common logic when watching this drama?

  76. 76 lovenyc52

    samsooki a baby lamb?!? HA! that’s my laugh for the day 😉

  77. 77 Taohua

    @76 lovenyc52
    LOL! Totally choked on my drink when I read that!

    Samsooki, as others have mentioned your argument is not exactly accurate when you didn’t show/discuss the real final scene of the drama. I would’ve agree with you that she had chosen KRW if only the drama ended at the fountain scene. But good effort! Though, I’m not surprised how adamant you are on protecting JNR and MLP since you have been a vocal advocate regarding both for a long time :)

    I had so much fun reading the discussion b/t you three! And I agree, please do this more often!

  78. 78 reluctantbutaddicted

    @ 54 ockoala

    “@ Agent Darwin

    Have a safe and enlightning trip to the Himalayas! Don’t let the DB rotating banners hit you on your way out. Sorry you had to waste your time reading DB posts and comments rather than working to solve the tragedies and problems of our time. Your admonition is greatly appreciated, and if you can find someone to watch my kids, I’ll book a flight to Haiti to help with the relief efforts, but for now, I’ve just sent financial aid, hope that is good enough?”

    And maybe Agent Darwin could use a patented Kim! Rae! Won! hug, too, on the way out the door.

    Samsooki the baby lamb… ???? Our samsooki? I don’t think so.
    Oh, now I’m thinking about lamb. Lambchops. Mmmm.

  79. 79 bjharm

    More: ‘This debate would be a lot more interesting if it was done on a more intelligent DRAMA’
    I think you just confirmed the point raised by samsooki on the idea of so called elitist dramas.

  80. 80 AuntieMame

    Maybe, the production was trying for something new, at least for K-dramas. So, they gave her both guys. ????

    Your points and counter-points about this drama is so interesting to read. Thank you so much for a K-drama version of the “Hatfield and McCoy’s” Feud. hahaha

  81. 81 ai*

    loved this debate! MLP was one of the first few k-dramas i watched and in fact, it was the very first box set i ever bought! i had rewatched it dozens of times years ago when it came home from the shop and never ONCE did i ever think twice about the ending. for a deluded romantic like me, the “true love” coin was the final say and the drama ended at the fountain and whatever followed after was purely a fan service for KJW followers so that they won’t go protest at the broadcast station! haha!

    i especially loved KRW’s maggie noodle hairstyle – totally charming on him. he got the gal, alright!

  82. 82 pal_ju_no_cho_pa_nam

    I am so happy to see this debate.
    I watched My Love Pazzie more than 5 times. ^__________^
    In 2010, dramas like this are hard to appeal viewers’ passion.
    We are already used to watch stories like MLP, but in 2002, it was enough refreshing for me to be obsessed with it for several weeks.
    I spent my entire life in seoul and I never thought the ending would be confusing international viewers. ^_^;

    ” Then the guys both get up and leave jokingly, saying she’s too mean so they’ll let her be single, which again would not make sense if she were actually dating Kim Rae-won. ” (Javabeans)

    Javabeans’ comment is actually logical enough, but it seems it’s a bit different from typical korean sentiment. ^_^; I think most koreans sometimes casually, jokingly can say like that. Actually, the last line of KRW in korean was less serious and more light-hearted than translation in English., so I could be pretty sure that Songyi would be together with KRW, maintaining friendship with Mr. President.

    As kdramas get more popular, I found that not a few scenes and lines in kdramas would confuse non-korean viewers or koreans who didn’t spend their entire life. For adult koreans who totally understand korean sentiment, I think the ending is never deliberately ambiguous. ^_________^>

  83. 83 moira

    (i posted this in your first post about MLP). 😛

    samsooki, you are so right! i think many of javabeans’ readers are influenced by her taste that when she doesn’t like a drama – they don’t like it either.

    There is a term for that in psychology.

    The researcher’s own subjectivity may influence the objectivity of the data.

    The observer-expectancy effect (also called the experimenter-expectancy effect, observer effect, or experimenter effect) is a form of reactivity, in which a researcher’s cognitive bias causes them to unconsciously influence the participants of an experiment.

    So basically, while everyone has their tastes in dramas – because we’re reading javabeans’s opinion on it, we’re also influenced by her own bias. :)

    Props to you for fighting it!

  84. 84 pal_ju_no_cho_pa_nam

    sorry, correction..;
    I mean ” not a few scenes and lines in kdramas would confuse non-korean viewers or koreans who didn’t spend their entire life IN KOREA ” ^_^;;

    In conclusion, I am with Samsooki. ^__^
    When it aired in Korea, there was no different insight on the ending between people around me at least. I remember we just agreed that KRW deserved to get heroine because he trusted and supported Songyi even while KJW doubted her honesty.

  85. 85 WINNIE

    Wow!! that drama was long time ago and I can’t even remember the ending. But it’s fun to read Dahee and Java againts Samsooki. Hi Thundie, maybe you should watch MLP and give us your respected opinion. Just a request.

  86. 86 kjohn

    @Agent Darwin — pinky swear?

    @ockoala — totally agree.

  87. 87 Kgrl

    Samsooki Oppa, one of the things I love about you is your loyalty and persistence…but I’m sure Mrs. Samsooki can also say it’s a flaw at times. lols. But I’m sure she still loves you, just like us.

    Again, I haven’t seen the drama in almost 8 years but I remember being sorely upset for weeks over the ending (Unlike Dahee though, I’ll reserve my tombstone engraving for MFL). B/c I obviously concluded it was a purposely ambiguous ending, with only a leaning for KRW, rather than a definite conclusion.

    For what its worth, I really enjoy reading these Drama Wars commentaries. Can we have another one? Or I am being too much of a malicious bystander? Hehehe.

  88. 88 Charlo

    Never seen this drama, but it looks…ick. I’m not a big Jang Nara fan (tried listening to a song, liked it the first time and afterwards it got dull). She’s cute, but she looks much better with black hair (what’s with the early 21st century and dying your hair to look like a runny brown? I know people who would die to have my Korean hair).

    In terms of ending, wishy washy endings are a no. From what I’ve seen this ending seems too ambiguous and it doesn’t help to ultimately conclude things. Yeah, she may be like, “Hey, I like you better.” but that doesn’t mean anything. A weak ending is a sign of a weak story telling (though not always the case admittedly). It looks fun, but at the same time just really really…annoying (sorry).

    I feel like for you your biggest positive for this drama is Jang Nara who is “majorly cute”. It’s not bad to want to see a drama for eye candy (I do it all the time), but to make it one of your big points is kinda eh. Samsooki the Deluded, indeed.

  89. 89 pipit

    The things that still remain my mind about this series are that I like it at first but then hate the ending.

    If I’m asked to make a recommendation my advise would be: “Don’t see it, unless you want to upset yourself for nothing.”

    Even after all these years I still can feel the frustation it cause. It’s not worth it.

  90. 90 pipit

    I remember that I like it at first, but then truly hate the ending. My advice: “Don’t see it unless you want to upset yourself for nothing.”
    After all these years, I still remember the frustation it caused.

  91. 91 baclaranovena

    oh man, I totally LOVED this kdrama back in high school. My very first! I remember rushing home so I could catch it on TV. KJW was uber cute, I remember him everytime I see Onew now. 😀

  92. 92 pabo ceo reom

    so THIS is what fanboylism looks like! 😛

  93. 93 Phyllis

    I just finished watching this drama on DramaFever. I was aware of this discussion before watching it, so I looked carefully at hints throughout the drama.I believe that Kang, Seung- joon KNOWS that Yang, Song-yi loves Kim, Hyun-sung. My feeling from the acting and characterizations is that Seung-joon loves her enough to let her go. He gives her every opportunity to follow her heart, because he knows her heart. He proves this by believing in her from the start, even though others despise her. She is grateful to him for paying attention to her and gets swept away by his caring and love. it is very clear that she enjoys being with Hyun-sung MUCH more than with Seung-joon. The quarreling is what makes their relationship so fun. They are comfortable with each other and have difficulty with serious talk.This is a manifestation of their personalities!!! It is very obvious that she never wants to go to Germany. She is stewing about it at the airport and Seung-joon notes this very profoundly. I think the threesome at the end is there to show us that the “bad little GOOD girl” gets both guys hearts in the end and the “good little BAD girl gets neither. The quarreling continues between Song-yi and Hyun-sung, but they know it is true love. There is no need for jealousy at this point. This is my impression of the well acted series. Kim, Hyun-sung’s heart is fixed, remember? That says more to me than the coins!!!

    • 93.1 herbmom

      I totally agree with you, Phyllis. I realize that I am dependent on the subtitles, but it seemed clear to me that Song-yi loves KRW. It just took her a long while to realize it. KJW also knows that, as you said, and gave her the opportunity to stay behind. Even a year later, Song-yi tells KJW that she had thought about it a lot and she did not regret her decision. The playful exchanges between Song-yi and KRW are in line with their characters, but they obviously had a deep love and care for each other. I think the “year later” scene is just for fun. It doesn’t take away from the fact that she gave up KJW for KRW. She made a choice and was not sorry about it, even a year later.

  94. 94 hbfrack

    i want the Kim! Rae! Won! hug too…… 😀

  95. 95 eugene

    In my opinion, I think she likes Seung Joon but also feels grateful to what Hyun Sung did for her and also she knows that he has heart problem. Even we know that she decides to stay but their relationship is none other than friendship. The ending wants to emphasize the friendship between three of them. Even the ending likes this, but i still prefer Seung Joon to her.

  96. 96 yomiko-san

    i agree with#14lilly…I much rather prefer Song yi end up with KJW character…their love scene is so good and besides I am a KJW fan!!!WOOHOO!!!^_^

  97. 97 oh

    I suddenly thought of this post when i read something related to ‘baby faced beauty’ and ‘can you hear my heart’.

    After reading the comments here and the comments on youtube i realize mot people preferred KRW & JNR.

    I think she didn’t end up with either person as i want her to be with KJW. When i watched this show , i thought KJW is the lead guy and back when i was young i thought the lead girl MUST end up with the lead guy.

    After watching this drama , i become a KJW fan and didn’t really care JNR and KRW.(But i like KRW after watching attic cat)

  98. 98 Saki

    Kim rae won always reminds me of Kimura Takuya. is it just me? Also everytime i see kim rae won im stuck with a distant feeling like nostalgia ._. because of these feelings he gives off it’s intriuging to watch him. these stars have one thing in common other than looking alike, they both act real naturally <3 Kimura takuya is more handsome tho x3

  99. 99 belle

    oh i don’t like ending -___-

  100. 100 Ida

    I vote for polymorphism and she gets to keep both the men. It was a fun ride and almost unbelievable, the young KRW to his current day self.

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