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Will It Snow For Christmas: Episode 14
by | January 21, 2010 | 50 Comments

Great episode! I’m so glad I didn’t let yesterday’s episode bum me out too much, because there were a lot of fantastic moments in this episode, which was a particularly nice one for Go Soo. (I know there have been some comments complaining that all he does is glare silently; he moves past that here.)

With this drama, I’ve been satisfied with episodes as long as they have at least one moment that makes me perk up, a beat that makes me think, “Wow.” Episode 13 lacked that, but there were several in Episode 14. Plus, this one made me laugh out loud.


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When Kang-jin opens the door, Chun-hee puts a smile on her face and says, “Long time, no see. Have you been well, son?” Kang-jin’s face hardens, and when she reaches to touch his face (saying, “the older you grow, the more you resemble me” as though to remind him he’s her son), he blocks her hand. When she moves toward the door, he blocks her, grabbing her arm to pull her away.

He doesn’t resume their conversation until they arrive at a hotel, where he checks her in. How did she find out where he lived, anyway?

Now Chun-hee’s temper flares — what’s so wrong about a mother seeking out her son? Frustrated at how his life has ended up, she asks, “You idiot. Why do you live like this?” He has such a promising future, so why would he do this “because of that crazy woman”?

At those words (“crazy woman”), Kang-jin glares at her — and OH MY LORD, it’s frightening enough to give me chills…

Kang-jin calms himself down and asks if she has nowhere to go. Fine, if that’s the case then he’ll find her a place to stay, so she should stay here. The message is clear that she’s not welcome at his home.

But Chun-hee wants to stay with him; this is her attempt to remind him that he’s her son, not Young-sook’s: “Can’t a mother go to her son’s house? I’m your mother! Surely… you haven’t forgotten who your mother was all this while, right? I said I’m your mother!”

Kang-jin’s answer is pretty harsh, not because he delivers it angrily but in fact because he sounds so blasé about it:

Kang-jin: “I don’t really know how the word mother is supposed to be used or in what circumstances, but didn’t you give that up a long time ago when you left? Three years ago when you took the hand of a man with a wife and child and left Sancheong, you told me, ‘Love is everything to me. I don’t need sons or anything else.’ Didn’t you decide that and leave? Three years ago when I put those shoes on your feet and sent you away, and you closed your eyes and ears to morals and conscience and the hurt you caused others, I thought, ‘I’ll have no reason to see her anymore. This is the last time’ when I sent you away like that. In the past three years, when you didn’t call us once and kept yourself hidden away so that Bu-san and I couldn’t find you, I thought, ‘Yeah, we’re no different from the fathers who abandoned us. To you, you are the only one who’s important. We’re no different from our fathers, since you don’t even want to know how your kids are doing. Fine, let’s end things cleanly then.’ I gave up and got over it. Was that wrong?”

Chun-hee starts to tremble throughout this cold speech, hurt by his words. On his way out, Kang-jin tells her that there’s alcohol in the fridge, as though saying she can drink herself to sleep. Ouch.

He leaves the room, the door closing with a loud finality. However, Kang-jin isn’t actually so heartless that he can deliver this speech easily; acting like he didn’t care has taken a lot of effort. Now out of his mother’s sight, he falters and struggles to gain control of his emotions.

Kang-jin drives to the hospital and asks for Ji-wan, and is directed to a stairwell where she regularly slips away to rest. Tonight she’s sitting alone, nodding off. He sits by her, and settles her drooping head against his shoulder.

A short while later, Ji-wan awakes, surprised to find him sitting next to her. He merely says that he’s here because he was in the neighborhood.

Sensing his mood, Ji-wan asks if something’s wrong. He says no, but she’s not convinced. Looking closely at his face, she muses that something must be bothering him. Kang-jin is the first to feel an uncomfortable awareness at their proximity, and he breaks the moment, saying that it’s time to go.

He gets up to leave, and Ji-wan grabs his arm to stop him. She asks, “Do you know that this is the first time? Aside from that time you just left, this is the first time you came to the hospital to meet me, do you know that?”

From his reaction, it seems he hadn’t realized that. He forces the gruff tone back into his voice and leaves coolly. Ji-wan calls after him and tries to follow, but Kang-jin speeds up his pace — it’s like he just realized he slipped up and let his inner feelings show inadvertently.

In fact, it’s telling that he hurries outside, as though afraid he doesn’t have as good a grip on his control as he thought. Apparently Ji-wan also clues in to that, because as she thinks back to his reaction, she smiles.

In the morning, Kang-jin walks into the atelier to a festive atmosphere. Jae-hyun is reveling in a rare occurrence: Woo-jung has finally done something right. She managed to regain a project they’d lost in the past. Kang-jin recalls the project — didn’t they drop it because of a problem with the mother…?

He trails off, the word “mother” triggering something in his brain. He hurries out and heads to the hotel, where he finds out that Chun-hee checked out the previous night.

Remembering Bus-an’s blubbering in the hospital, he heads to the cafe to confront his brother: “Did you meet Mom?” Bu-san and Miss Shin are startled at Kang-jin’s sudden intense questioning, and Bu-san answers that he didn’t. Miss Shin met with her, but he still hasn’t forgiven her.

So Kang-jin directs his question to Miss Shin, who fires back in a recriminating tone, “You said you didn’t want to see her, that you don’t even think of her! You didn’t even know your mother was listening and said all sorts of things! Why are you looking for her now?”

This is news to the brothers. Kang-jin demands an explanation — why was she at Ji-wan’s hospital? Is she sick? Miss Shin asks indignantly why he cares — doesn’t have his crazy mom now? Kang-jin repeats fiercely, “I asked, is Madam Cha sick?!” Miss Shin mentions a slipped disc and directs him to ask Ji-wan for the details.

Ji-wan finds Chun-hee at her coffee stand and scolds her for coming back to work in these conditions; she’s risking her health. Chun-hee retorts, “Then why don’t you feed me and support me so I don’t have to work!” So Ji-wan takes her to lunch.

Chun-hee: “Don’t you hate me?”
Ji-wan: “I do. They say you should give the one you hate an extra rice cake.”
Chun-hee: “Are you doing this because of Kang-jin?”
Ji-wan: “Yes. Be thankful to him.”
Chun-hee: “You two can’t be. Even if your mother regains her senses, do you think she’ll consent to you? If she regains her sanity, she’ll go ballistic. Who is Cha Kang-jin? He’s Cha Chun-hee’s son. I’m against you two, too. Aren’t I shameless? You’re thinking, ‘And whose fault is all this?’ If I weren’t an old lady, you’d want to grab my hair, right? But still, you can’t. I’m Kang-jin’s mother, so I’m only going to think of my son and his future, and his happiness. Even if you think it over a hundred, thousand times, you two are ill-fated. If Heaven warns you, heed it. If you can avoid something, avoid it. Does love put food on the table?”

That sours Ji-wan’s mood, and she challenges, “Do you regret it then — loving one man for your whole life? Do you regret only loving my father, Han Jun-su, all your life?” Chun-hee fires back, “Yeah, I do. I regret it, down to my bones, I do! So what?”

But this doesn’t have the intended effect, because Ji-wan answers, “I’ll regret it later, then. Later, in the far future, I’ll regret it down to my bones like you. But I won’t do that now. I’m afraid of regretting it later, so I won’t run now.”

Chun-hee appeals to Ji-wan’s common sense, saying, “You’re the only one who can return my Kang-jin to his rightful place. Go on your way first. Then my Kang-jin will go on his way.”

Chun-hee gets back to work at her coffee stand, enduring the cold weather, unaware that Kang-jin is watching her from a distance. She doesn’t see him following her home at the end of the day, either, as she drags her cart along and winces in pain from her back injury.

Ji-wan belatedly remembers the medicine meant for Chun-hee, and decides to deliver it. When she arrives outside Chun-hee’s basement apartment, she finds Kang-jin sitting outside, dejected. At first she whirls around to leave, but decides against it and approaches.

Ji-wan squats in front of him and takes his cold hands in her gloved ones, warming them up with her breath.


That evening, Ji-wan comes upon Kang-jin as he works, bringing him a beer. Putting the pieces together, Ji-wan understands that he came to see her at the hospital in response to seeing his mother:

Ji-wan: “After meeting your mother, how painful must it have been? It was painful for me, so how much would it have been for you? But when you were feeling heartache, that means the person you thought of was me. In that moment, you had nowhere else to go but me. You wanted to rest with me. Cha Kang-jin! You’ve been discovered. You’ve been caught.”

Emboldened by these hints that he still cares for her, Ji-wan presents Kang-jin with a quiz — she’ll ask a question that he has to answer with an O (yes) or an X (no).

When he said he could keep living like this, he was lying, right? She guesses O, tracing a circle on Kang-jin’s back with her finger. He doesn’t answer, but he doesn’t deny it, either. So she asks a second question: When he said he could endure all this, he was lying, right?

Guessing that the answer is another O, she writes more letters on his back: “Fool… you… love… me… right?” She doesn’t say the words aloud, but Kang-jin can feel them on his back. Ji-wan prods him to answer but Kang-jin remains silent, face turned away from her. It’s no surprise that he ends the game by ignoring her question and going up to bed.

Disappointed, Ji-wan mutters, “Coward.” But her frown transforms into a big smile when she looks down on his drafting table — where he’s drawn a big O. She goes to sleep smiling that night, and remains in a wonderful mood the next day.

Despite everything he told Chun-hee, Kang-jin hasn’t really cut her out of his heart, and the next day he brings a load of groceries and household supplies to his mother’s apartment. He doesn’t make contact with her, and just leaves them outside the door to find later.

At work, Kang-jin finds an oddity in the accounting and asks for an explanation of the 10 million won ($8,000) expense. Jae-hyun and Woo-jung mumble a bit, saying vague things like work-related necessity and investment capital, but Kang-jin catches on. These were used to regain the lost project, right? Did Woo-jung lobby the company?

He chews her out for being no better than Bumseo and orders her to return the money and cancel the project.

Tae-joon has arrived to catch most of this scene, and finds Woo-jung outside, crying over Kang-jin’s scolding. Although she’s feeling low, Tae-joon smiles a bit, because it’s nice to finally see her as a real person. Who’d have thought they’d see the day when the great Woo-jung would cry to be reprimanded by her boss? He confesses that it did make him a little angry to see her so upset, though.

During a brainstorming session for the joint project, Woo-jung tosses out the suggestion for recreational facilities to complement their center’s educational and cultural buildings. Jae-hyun starts to shoot down her idea, exaggerating his comments by acting like a pompous boss. He’s joking, but Tae-joon speaks up for Woo-jung and coldly says that Jae-hyun is being too hard on her.

After the meeting, Woo-jung follows Tae-joon out to comment that he really overreacted today. Tae-joon admits, “I know. Why do you suppose that was?”

Now for one of my favorite parts! Ji-wan and Jin-kyung sit together in the cafeteria, practically gagging at the excessive, lovey-dovey display of a young couple. The girl is a patient who has injured her arm, and her boyfriend dotes on her, feeding her lunch and blowing on her hot water before holding it up for her to drink. Ji-wan notes that she hurt only one arm, meaning she could surely pick up her own fork and feed herself. Jin-kyung sighs that this is the girl whose arm injury led her boyfriend to CARRY her into the hospital.

But this gives Ji-wan an idea, and she texts Kang-jin at lunchtime. He’s at school, and she says she’s starving, so she’ll meet him in the cafeteria. Only, now she’s sporting a cast on her right arm.

Ji-wan smiles in anticipation, ready for Kang-jin to treat her like a loving boyfriend would (since by now she knows he loves her). She makes a show of being unable to pick up food with the chopsticks in her left hand, making gestures for him to feed her… but to her disappointment, he just replaces the chopsticks in her hand with a fork. She perks up when he tries to hand her coffee, since she’s holding her purse in her left arm and her right arm is in the cast. Now she smiles happily, because he’ll hold the coffee for her to drink, right? But no, he takes her purse, freeing her arm so she can drink freely. Disappointed again.

Not to be thus thwarted, Ji-wan enlists Kang-jin’s help in the library, where she points to books for him to pull from the shelves and hold for her. She’s loving this, finally getting to enjoy his devotion. Until she points with the wrong arm. D’oh! (It’s adorable.)

When she admits grudgingly that she played a joke because she wanted to enjoy his assistance, Kang-jin dumps the heavy books in her arms, but as he walks away, he smiles in amusement.

Chun-hee returns to Kang-jin’s house; she is buoyed by the signs that Kang-jin still cares. (Miss Shin has told her that Kang-jin came looking for her, and she guesses that the groceries outside her door were from him, too.)

At the office, Chun-hee introduces herself as Kang-jin’s mother, which causes a few moments of tension when Young-sook appears. But Chun-hee doesn’t say anything directly contradictory, allowing the pretense (about Kang-jin = Ji-yong) to stand for the moment.

Young-sook is not pleased to see Chun-hee, but the latter keeps up a pleasant facade. It’s like she’s testing to see the extent of Young-sook’s delusion as she asks deliberate questions about her son. Young-sook keeps her answers short, but Chun-hee prods — can she look inside her son’s room? Can she try ironing her son’s shirt?

They end up fighting over the iron (Chun-hee says wistfully, “I’ve never ironed my son’s shirts”), and Young-sook refuses to hand it over, and asks Chun-hee to leave. Chun-hee pouts, “Fine, have it. Take everything!” Clearly, she’s talking about more than just the shirt.

Young-sook’s stubbornness pricks her temper, so Chun-hee challenges, is she so afraid that Chun-hee will run off with her husband? Young-sook tosses back, “He’s not the kind of person who will follow just because a thing like you tries to seduce him!”

Young-sook: “Do you think you’re right for each other? The reason he didn’t meet you at the train station isn’t because I held him back. He didn’t go. He didn’t have the confidence to run away with you, or to live with you! He didn’t go of his own will, and came to me that day. Do you know that? It seems you’ve got the wrong idea, Cha Chun-hee, but he wouldn’t even react to see you now! He doesn’t even think of a thing like you!”
Chun-hee: “I think you’ve got the wrong idea. Seo Young-sook, three years ago I left Sancheong with Han Jun-su. A long time after your memory ends, Han Jun-su and I left together!”

That rattles Young-sook, who says, “Don’t lie.” When Chun-hee insists she’s not lying, Young-sook calls out unsteadily, “You lie! Ji-yong! Call your father!”

This unleashes the flood:

Chun-hee: “Han Jun-su is dead! He’s dead! Because of me, you weren’t even there for his passing. Come to your senses, Seo Young-sook! Stop running away, and come to your senses! Come back and grab the hair of this awful bitch and take out all your sadness and anger on me! Don’t mess with someone else — just deal with me! Please come back to your senses and let my son, who you think is Ji-yong, live his life. And let your sad daughter Ji-wan live her life. Let these poor kids who can’t breathe because of us live the way they want. Please. Let’s let them, okay? I’ll beg you.”

Chun-hee sobs and begs, while a light of awareness starts to dawn (it seems?) in Young-sook’s eyes.

Kang-jin and Ji-wan are sharing a nice afternoon reading together at the library — Ji-wan pushes her luck by laying her head in his lap, pleased when he doesn’t push her away. The day is cut short when Kang-jin gets the call that Young-sook has collapsed again. When they arrive home, her room is empty.

Hearing that Chun-hee had been by, he worries and calls the police to report her disappearance. They don’t know that at the same time, Young-sook is back at home in Kang-jin’s room, where she opens a drawer and finds his family portrait, the old one with Bu-san and Chun-hee.

At Miss Shin’s cafe, Chun-hee worries over Young-sook’s condition: “I didn’t know she was so weak.” She supposes that Kang-jin will be upset with her again, and says resignedly that she shouldn’t have come back.

She gets up to leave, just as Bu-san walks in. She figures he’s still upset with her, and tells them all to disregard her and live happily on their own. But at the last moment, Bu-san blocks her exit and says, “Don’t leave.” She tells him he ought to cling to his hate of her, but clearly she’s moved that he still loves her. He breaks down, crying onto his mother’s shoulder, saying, “Don’t go. Just stay with us. Don’t go anywhere.”

Kang-jin and Ji-wan return to the house, with him in an even more silent, withdrawn mood than usual. She tells him not to worry:

Ji-wan: “Don’t be too sorry, please. It’s not your fault, and it’s not your mother’s fault, and it’s not my fault. It’s just that in life, these things happen. Let’s stop blaming ourselves now. Ji-yong oppa’s death wasn’t my fault either, and it wasn’t your fault. It’s just that in life, it was bad luck that things like that happened.”

Leaning in close, she holds him and says, “It’s not our fault, any of it.”

And just then, Young-sook’s voice cuts in, “You’re home?”


Since the previous episode felt lacking, I expected the same here. Thankfully, the lag was temporary, and things picked up a lot here. For instance, the whole university scene:

At first, I was wondering if it was in character for these two to be able to spend happy time together after all the recent angst. Was the writing out of character? Ultimately I decided that I was okay with it, (1) because I loved it, and (2) because it makes sense in the context of Ji-wan’s new revelations. Kang-jin thinks he’s so in control of his feelings, and that he can force himself to be okay living this way. After his emotional confrontation with Chun-hee, he feels raw and pained, and he goes to Ji-wan to regain his equilibrium, not realizing that this act unintentionally exposes his feelings, which scares him. Go Soo does a wonderful job playing the little beats in between, where we see that it requires effort for Kang-jin to maintain his cool exterior, and that underneath the facade is a whole mess of raw emotion. But now Ji-wan sees through it and realizes he’s just putting on an act, which gives her the courage to present him with her “quiz.” After she gets that admission of love, well, there’s no stopping her now. Therefore she can prod him for public displays of affection at the school because she has been reassured of his love.

But this is Ji-wan, so of course she must give herself away by accident. This was such a welcome return to their high school dynamic (and even Ji-wan’s lunch with Chun-hee felt like a callback to their old interactions), where Ji-wan has this brilliant plan and then messes it up herself. And Kang-jin has to smile because she’s ridiculous and adorable. So for just this afternoon, he’ll indulge her and enjoy their closeness, for old times’ sake.

I was actually enjoying Tae-joon and Woo-jung being together as non-romantic buddies, so I confess that I’d prefer that this hint of a romantic reunion not be there. If they do come back together, I can see how it works so I don’t think it’s necessarily a mistake. It’s just that I thought the story worked fine without them being together, so it feels like an unnecessary development. But that’s a minor quibble.

Thanks to Episode 14, my excitement is back as we head into the last week!


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  2. maria

    great recovery, seriously! not only does go soo’s character redeem his passiveness (which was really rubbing me raw :S) but ji wan also stepped up! 😀 YAHAAAAY!! i’m really looking forward to how they wrap this up now.. thanks for the awesome recap, sarah! 😀


    GO SOO: MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p (wrestlemania, anyone? )

  3. mimi

    I wish Kang Jin would talk.
    He talks more to his students than he does to the girl he supposedly loves.
    Writers, could you please give him some LINES to say??

    (but I agree, this ep. was better than the last one)

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    thanks for your recap – i personally love the first screen cap .. the..

    well, i love this ep… i was grinning ear to ear watching certain scenes, silently cried during mother&son reunion (both times)…

    can’t wait for su-pah to show up .. bet she’s loving it too…

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    I like this episode better than the other one.
    Kangjin’s little speech about Chunhee and the mother situation was intense. Go Soo never fails to make me shiver in excitement and… Aww… You know what I’m talking about.
    Jiwan and the whole broken arm thing was adorable. It’s so cute how she expects Mr. Perfect Kangjin to be like a lovey-dopey boyfriend, but nope. Kangjin’s got a mind of his own!

  6. Jasmin

    Can I just say that Go Soo is driving me nuts playing his silent but strong character. I just LOVE him as Kang-jin. Even though he may not speak much, the look in his eyes say everything. Great recovery from the last episode. I think I am ready to get to the conclusion next week. Although, I will be a little sad not to see Go Soo twice a week.

  7. violet

    didn’t the girl also injure her right arm? it looks like that in the picture. but ah, go soo, i love you. i hope the crazy of YS doesn’t last for long so we can have more cute scenes.

  8. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I’m still in the process of reading it, but I have a question:

    Kang-jin says: “Three years ago when you took the hand of a man with a wife and child and left Sancheong, you told me, ‘Love is everything to me. I don’t need sons or anything else.’ Didn’t you decide that and leave?”

    Didn’t he send her away though? She originally came back and decided not to go. So isn’t he partially to “blame” (what a simple word) as well for her leaving? It seems that he’s just saying the harshest things he can, to push her and the hurt away, but it doesn’t seem entirely logical…

  9. hello!

    aweseme ep!!! <3

  10. 10 alice

    question, so… who is kang jin’s father?? will that ever be known or was that part of the story just forgotten?

  11. 11 Kender

    I was actually enjoying Tae-joon and Woo-jung being together as non-romantic buddies, so I confess that I’d prefer that this hint of a romantic reunion not be there. If they do come back together, I can see how it works so I don’t think it’s necessarily a mistake. It’s just that I thought the story worked fine without them being together, so it feels like an unnecessary development. But that’s a minor quibble.

    That’s because Song Jong Ho is freaking beautiful and needs to finish out the series with a love interest. I know it’s probably pushing things unnecessarily, but I’d actually be pretty sad if there wasn’t at least a hint of something for him in the future.

    I haven’t watched this episode yet (busy with my senior sem research), but I’m glad it’s picked up. I hate it when shows get draggy just before the end.

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    thanks for the recaps
    its was wonderful..cant wait for the final episodes
    the main leads are sooo good

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    I never thought I’d laugh out loud in a drama like WISFC but I really did.

    Jiwan’s scheming and messing up is totally adorable and the much needed relief after all these drama!!

    The big blue O was a nice touch!

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    loved this episode, especially that whole part with the O and X
    i cant wait to see how this is going to end next week, im just hoping i will like it

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    I actually waited for your recaps first before watching episode 14!!! thanks, JB…your recaps always makes my drama viewing…much more enjoyable!!! …

  16. 16 Molly

    @ alice

    I’m curious too, but I don’t think they’ll tell us, since it’s no longer relevant to the story. The father storyline ended when he accepted that his father was nothing more to him than a symbol. I AM curious though about Chun-hee and Jun-su’s child together – down by the lake a few episodes ago, didn’t she mention something about burying a child there? Their child there?

  17. 17 Hana

    Thanks for the awesome recap!

    I think it’s telling just how much KJ is fighting a losing battle with his emotions…he wants to hide his feelings, but the sheer power of his emotions cause him to tremble, to go weak in the knees…it’s like he can barely hold himself upright and walk steadily. Go Soo is really such an amazing actor…

    I loved the KJ/JH lighthearted interactions…they are so much more precious and fun to watch because they are so few and far between… the way he went to get her a fork…her expression and his expression was hilarious…he had the “oh come on” sort of no-nonsense face and she was like “what!” ha ha ha. Had me in stitches.

    And I loved the bit where she fell asleep with the book on her face and he peeped at her….smiled…and put the book back on her face…*lol…

    Can’t wait to see how the last 2 eps play out…

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    Thank you! I really enjoyed reading & laughing out loud too when clumsy Ji wan got caugh by Kang jin for her pretend injury. I love the way Kang jin reacted – amused then they spent sweet time together.

    I’m not sure if Yung sook is pretending to lose her mind so Jiwan & Kang Ji dont get together as lovers. I can understand if its temporary & when she wakes up to reality she will give her blessing to Jiwa & Kang jin. I don’t like Chun hee telling Jiwan that she & Kang ji together will never work. Why should kids pay for their parents sins? “Winter Sonata” lovers had the same pain.

    I’m wondering if Chun hee had a child by Jun su…

    I hope Kang Jin & Ji wan will get married & have all their six kids in the house they planned to live in.

  19. 19 AuntieMame

    In the hospital hallway scene, with BooSan, I was thinking that it was contradictory for KJ to be angry and dismissive towards his mother, when he was the one who supported her leaving with JiWan’s father. If he hadn’t put on her shoes and told her to go, I don’t think she would have gone.

    Now, I see that the hallway scene was to set up for the hotel room scene. In which, KJ finally tells his mother his true feelings. Unlike all the previous times where he sugar-coated things to protect her. One might even say that he’s been an enabler for his mother to perpetuate her behavior.

    And, finally, vestiges of the high school JiWan is reappearing. Yay!

    I really like these characters. They’re ethical human beings trying to live the best they can and making lemonade out of life’s lemons. Although, early in the drama, there was some wallowing in self-pity-ness.

    As always, thank you for another great recap and commentary.

    • 19.1 Gasenadi

      Yes! I thought the same thing. KJ actually put a shoe she had TAKEN OFF in order to STAY home, right back on her foot! So she could leave. This is not just enabling. This was proactive support: he had urged her to spend time with the one she loved. He had heard her express concern about how leaving w/JS would affect him and JW, dagnabit!! He stopped JW from interfering at the bus stop. They all knew she was selling the shop and moving away WITHOUT the man. I felt like slapping him silly for his sanctimonious sermon. And Chun-hee, always willing to be the scapegoat and take the blame and punishment. I cried with RAGE!!! (Jo Min Soo’s facial expressions are pure gold. OMG!) I could care less about KJ now. I only watch for Notorious Chun-hee.

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    Again, I watched Ep.14 RAW yesterday night. But this time there were so many dialogues, this time I nearly getting only 50-60% about what is going on.
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    Bu eve I did not understand much this time, I definetly understand and enjoyed the cute and funny scenes in the University. God this was so sweet and funny, and I enjoyed HYS acting here very much. I suppose comedies are more her thing to do – she is really good in it. What it made funnier of course is GS/KJ cool reactions.

    This was really heart lightening and something I was missing for long time in this drama.

    This Ep. was quite intense with a lot of relevations, showing emotions.

    I did not get the O and X thing in the RAW. I suppose tis O/X thing is sthing from korean culture – so I even would not get it without your explanation. So thanks to your recap the full and sweet impact about this got me now – Thanks.
    Its one of my favourite scenes now. too.

    Ep.14 showed us also a little reunion of TJ and WS. WS was so adorable while crying, and the actor who plays TJ is a great actor, too. Not only GS can play with silent expressions. He is also and great actor in this. The way he was looking to WS while she was crying was so good, you could really read his mind – no need for any dialogues there. A great and lovely scene. I always wished, from the beginning that they would get together again, but in equal, better circumstances.
    Towards the end, I suppose my wish will fullfilled.

    2 more eps left. I wish they would give a Bonus Final Episode 17.
    I cant imagine that in 2 more eps the drama will be finished. – sad sad sad 🙁

    Thanks again, you saved my lunch time – made it enjoying and relaxing.

  23. 23 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans for the recap. I am inlove with Go Soo……but I guess am not alone…lol

  24. 24 su-pah

    JB – Ahh! Awesome recap, that was really quick. Thank yoooou!

    Was that a glare? It was weird, I thought he was trying to hold back nosebleed or something, either way he was really struggling, and yeah that look WAS frightening. Phwooaarr!

    The moment where he finds Ji Wan where she’s lolling off to sleep was so sweet, leaning over to give her his shoulder. I was ‘’aaawww’’ing out loud. How adorable.
    This is the Kang-jin oppa we laaves!

    I suppose if he had kept his façade up any longer he’d have really lost it altogether. Although he hasn’t *really* given up his façade, but I’m relieved Ji Wan can see the old ice cap gradually beginning to melt.
    The arm in sling followed by library sequence is both hilarious and sweet.

    I was expecting KJ to be angry at JW for hiding the truth about his mother’s re-emergence, and she almost fled in fright when she spotted him outside CH’s house, but I’m glad she acted her age by turning back around and facing up to him — ok, proceeding to warm his hands at least. Same thing.
    He could have done his usual thing, snatched his hands away, glowered at her and walked away, but he didn’t. (Progress, JW!)

    So Young-sook really wasn’t faking it, or was she? We’ll find out next week, if she continues faking now that we know she knows, she’s a cunning fox, if she is straight up she was innocent all along.
    It’s just when she called CH a lier, I was like ‘’hah! Got ya!’’ but probably not. Finally some great acting from CH! After being nothing but a mere annoyance (to me) throughout the drama – all apart from the police station scene in episode 2 – she was knockout brilliant in this episode. Heart the purple high heels she wore. Rawr! It may have looked like she’s struggling to walk in them but their battle-cry statement was not lost on me.

    Another heartwarming moment was WJ tearing up with TJ comforting her after she’s scolded by KJ. I wish TJ had given her a big fat bear hug, she looked like she needed it, but maybe that’s too forward – they’re possibly saving such things for the finale. Fingers crossed.

    Only two episodes left and so much is still unanswered. Hope the remaining story isn’t rushed and also this episode closed on a lethargic note, which is also realistic as the characters are all exhausted in this part of the story but hope it doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the drama. We need some raw energy back, writer Lee.

    Also a friend of mine was arguing that the KJ-JW relationship in this episode was funny but a bit childish, but that also echoes back to JB’s earlier recaps saying their love is still stuck in the past and wasn’t able to develop, that’s exactly what it is. They haven’t had the chance at translating their love into some semblance of a relationship so these are their initial attempts, and there’s nothing wrong with these attempts being a slight bit goofy, ok Ji Wan is more the goof than KJ.

    I also like that under the mutual hatred between Chun-hee and Ji Wan there is a kind of bond too, did anyone else notice? Or maybe it’s one-sided? Ji Wan taking her back to the hospital for proper treatment, taking food to her flat, dragging her away from work and taking her to a cafe, all those little seemingly unnecessary details are really heartening. Kind of reinforces why the JW character is the lead here and what makes her stand out in Kang-jin’s eyes.

    urghh… I can go on forever.. will zip it now.

  25. 25 su-pah

    4 D –
    Hahaha! Thanks!

    I did enjoy the episode but I’m also eager for more meat, some real story developments, I think this episode lacked in the story department but concentrated on little developments in the JW-KJ relationship. Which was just as necessary, but hot jam, I’m so eager and impatient to see where things are headed!
    My imagination is going to get wilder in the week prior to the final episodes, I’m coming up with all kinds of theories and predictions already, eeek!

  26. 26 Monika

    i just have no words to say. i enjoyed every bit of ep 14. so yeah cant wait for next week. but too bad it’s gonna end ….

  27. 27 snow

    just wanna thank you for the recaps! glad the episode picked up momentum since the previous one was a bit of a drag. hopefully the drama will have a sweet ending.

  28. 28 haezi

    this episode was good. the cute moments at the cafeteria and library were also my favorite.

    i also really appreciated ji-wan’s forthrightness by turning back to kang-jin in front of his mother’s place. the fact that she didn’t tell him earlier was, thankfully, a non-issue.

    the interaction between the two mothers was heart-breaking and intense (“i’ve never ironed my sons shirts) and the disagreement that arose between woojung and kangjin regarding the lobbying was realistic.

    all in all, there is a reason lee kyung hee is one of korea’s best drama writers. i’m looking forward to the last two episodes.

  29. 29 ava

    JB i was afraid of his glare too as you mentioned in your recap. It was in my opinion a wonderful bit of acting that conveyed such intense emotions, focused on a single moment. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Cha Kang Jin gazes in the next episode…even the frightening ones that give me goosebumps .

  30. 30 su-pah

    Eeeh! Just came back to say that first screencap makes my heart flutter! Don’t know how I’ll be able to cope without him after next week.
    (I have plans to start watching Pasta from the very beginning, but still… :*( )

  31. 31 Angela

    I admit to being a bit confused: why is the revelation that Kang-Jin loves her so huge? I thought they already knew/admitted they loved each other, but because of circumstances weren’t allowed to act on it? Was she afraid that he had devoted himself so entirely to the lie, that his feelings for her were no longer there or something? (I haven’t been watching this yet, just reading your recaps, so maybe I missed something…)

  32. 32 javabeans

    @Angela, it’s not just that he loves her, but that he is admitting that she’s right — he can’t just pretend that life without love is fine. He’d told her in the previous episode that “Love isn’t everything” and that he could be live the rest of his life this way. Now he’s saying that he was forcing that response, and that he can’t actually live without love, and by extension, her. He doesn’t have an answer to their problem, but I think this is the first sign that something’s gotta give, that the farce can’t hold up forever.

  33. 33 Angela

    Ooh! Okay, now I see. Thank you so much for explaining it! Their reactions make a lot more sense now… ^_^

  34. 34 myeong jang

    hahaha! I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene where Kang Jin follows Chun Hee. I know it’s supposed to be really moving, but the angle from which they shoot his appearance makes him look like a serial killer! Just lacking the appropriate music 😛

  35. 35 faridah2201

    love the recap, thanks so much for posting it. I like Tae-joon and Lee Woo Jung together as a couple. The reason they broke up in the first place is because their characters needed to grow up a bit. TJ needed to not be as much of a wimp and WJ needed to learn about life w/o her dad taking care of everything. Also, while I do believe that they care for KJ and JW, I think that the “love” that they feel for them was more a jerk reaction to losing each other. I love this show.

  36. 36 jusash

    THANKS for the ongoing recaps. I have lapsed to just reading them now, since going off viewing @ ep 10.
    May be tempted to catch ep 14 – it sounds more my cup of tea.

    Go Soo (Cha Kang Jin) — this facade he’s keeping up — imo, it’s not new to Go Soo.

    Maybe more warmth here because the couple has daily interactions living in the same household.
    But to me, in a way this facade also reminds me of that pretence he had to keep up in GREEN ROSE. He also had to exert a lot of restrain and control on himself there. (speaking of which …. it would be interesting – sorry JB! ^ ^ – if it were really Go Soo that Lee Da Hae had dated!)

  37. 37 reverie

    after three last episode….. this one is adorable.
    glad that there;s only two more, just the right number to keep it interesting.
    and why do Korean drama (almost) always someone who had amnesia?

    if I haven;t thank you before Javabeans, then…thank you very much
    what kept me going in watching Korean drama is mostly because of your recommendation and recap.

    did they knew that Junsu is dead by now?

  38. 38 elaineD

    i will only watch this drama (or finish it , cuz i stopped at episode 3) if they end up together ALIVE and WELL.

    lol. they better, or ELSE, i shall not watch. be scared, very scared….lol.

    i love the main couple so much, so this is a desperate request.

  39. 39 giddygirl108


  40. 40 innocec3

    thanks for the recap! I love reading your recaps~
    The glare Kang Jin gave to Choon Hee was enough to burn my eyes. Great acting there! (which is why I LOOOVE Go Soo, and of course, it helps that hes cute/hot/handsome meshed into one)
    My friend was telling me how frustrated she was with Kang Jin’s silent treatment towards Ji Wan. I think he was just afraid to say and do stuff that would reveal what he truly feels.
    I especially love episode 14 because of the interactions between KJ/JW but also Choon Hee. She was amazing in this episode, and although I didn’t think Young Suk was faking her illness, there were certain times that I thought maybe she was. Up til now, we still don’t know why Jun Su didnt leave with Choon Hee back in the days.
    Only 2 more episodes to go! I really can’t believe it…. this is like the 2nd drama that I actually followed in 2009 (the first being… City Hall<3). I really can't imagine the end of this drama 🙁 I love it too much to let it go so soon.

  41. 41 Carinne

    OMG-sh… must this happen again? My heart aches, and is twisting again while reviewing your recaps. Now, if you had posted that still frame of a BIG (colorful) O Cha Kang Jin drew on his blueprints here, then more hearts will melt with such visual. Then again, let’s leave that for their viewing pleasure. keke.

    Plenty of innocent moments happening between two torn lovers (to -be)… long sigh, I really hope all the sufferings get a nice reward in the end. BTW, did anyone catch when those 4 contest winners show up in any of those scenes?^ , ^

    [L.O.V.E. your work as usual… keep smiling in the drowning pool of drama television.]

  42. 42 Jihwan

    I had a “Will it snow for christmas” marathon (even though I should be studying) and now I’m finally on episode 14. It’s both exciting and sad that next week will be the end. I’m praying for a happy ending. Common, they can’t possibly torture us for 16 episodes and not even give us a happy ending.

  43. 43 lei

    i’m also hoping for a happy ending. maybe we’ll get another time jump with KJ and JW married with kids. they can borrow the 5 kids from WUAS and have JW pregnant with the sixth 🙂

  44. 44 D

    @43 lei

    ok.. but do you know why those adorable kids end up in WUAS in the first plc?

    you get what i mean?

  45. 45 Larissa

    Go Soo is just absolutely wonderful in this drama. He’s the reason I’ve endured all the angst. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve liked WISFC so far more than I had expected. Up until episode 11 I was fully on board, but after that the fatigue set in. And I absolutely hate this Kang-jin pretending to be Ji-Yong scenario. But because Go Soo, I’m sticking with this until the end. And the scenes between Ji-wan and Kang-jin in this episode have been brilliant and very lovely. They better have a happy ending!!! All I’m saying….

    Also, I think I’m gonna have to jump in and say GO SOO – MINE!!!!!! So there!

  46. 46 serendipity

    No no, JW’s dad and KJ’s mum didn’t have a child together – in that scene by the river they were talking about losing Ji Young.

    And, no, JW’s mum is not faking it. It’s definitely for real, this ailment. This mysterious condition may be called Plotus Devicis, but it’s for real. Onset, symptoms and recovery may be determined arbitrarily by plot requirements, but JW’s mum is not faking it. She’s as much a victim as we are. (Oh, and btw I’m still not reconciled to this “amnesia” plot. Can you tell?)

  47. 47 lei

    @D — yes i do know the kids’ story in WUAS. i’m watching that too. i just thought it would be fun if they can borrow the child actors and have them play KJ and JW’s kids. i didn’t mean having them named rainbow colors and tying in their WUAS story with WISFC. i thought it would just be fun to see those young actors as siblings again. but of course that isn’t likely to happen.

  48. 48 JR Bernardo

    I have just fnished Episode 17, Part 6/6 and it said End of Season… will there be an ending for the whole series? I love this Korean Drama (Will it snow for Christmas?) and I got hooked and kind of wondering when they will continue the series. I am really dying to find the outcome of the Drama Series. Does anyone know if there’s an Episode 17… till the Real/Final Ending or Conclusion? Please e-mail YES or NO to [email protected]. I would really greatly appreciate it. I’m a Filipino who enjoys watching Korean Drama at home after a long hard days work from the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  49. 49 staples

    What’s funny to me is that the relationship between the four main characters reminds me of Que Sera Sera. It’s just that this drama is shifted forward. (In QSS, there is no “giving up” of anyone until near the end)

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