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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 8
by | January 29, 2010 | 74 Comments

When I first started watching Wish Upon a Star, I had no idea it would be as winning as it is shaping up to be. We’re still not yet half-done so I won’t make grand proclamations, but it’s doing a great job so far. Particularly with this episode, which was a laugh-out-loud, hilarious, aww-inducing one. Just a short while ago we were all wondering how the heck Kang-ha would be made human, and all of a sudden he broke out and owned this episode. Well, when he wasn’t being owned by the kids.


Dyne – “깐따삐야에서 온 소녀” (Girl from Kkanddabbiya). If you listen to this song while walking, I guarantee it’ll put a spring in your step. [ Download ]

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Pal-gang slaps Kang-ha, angry that he would care about his house more than the safety of an injured child. I don’t think he’s actually that callous, but their tempers are running high and she is acting reflexively. They glare at each other.

Young Pa-rang understands the danger of angering Kang-ha and bursts into tears, begging him to forgive his sister. He cries that she didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t mean to slap him, and pleads not to be kicked out of the house.

There’s a slight shift in Kang-ha’s expression, and based on the next scene we can interpret this to mean that he feels bad. In his room, he replays the scene that just happened, but instead of focusing on the fire or his anger, his memory lingers on Pal-gang calling him a heartless bastrd.

Pa-rang keeps sobbing, asking, “If we’re kicked out because of me, what will happen to us?” Pal-gang tries to soothe her brother, then heads to face Kang-ha. She approaches contritely, apologizing for acting out of anger, and asks if his cheek hurts from her slap. Although his answer is sarcastic — “This heartless bastard needs some sleep, so please leave” — the dryness of his response is a good sign. He’s no longer fuming, which Pal-gang takes as a positive sign.

In fact, the mood lifts when she promises to make a full breakfast for him tomorrow (rather than the easier-to-prepare Western-style breakfast). Kang-ha blurts, “And don’t break the yolks on the fried eggs!”

The complaint is so random that it’s funny, and Pal-gang is puzzled, but goes with it. It’s like Kang-ha has been caught off-guard with the sympathy and is now back on solid ground with something to criticize.

Ju-hwang earns 20,000 ($15) on his first night working at the PC room, and walks out happily. Outside, he’s stopped by the three older guys who also work at the PC room, who offer to “hold” the money for him. The threat is clear and Ju-hwang tries to run, but they grab him and kick him to the ground, then steal his money.

Holding back bitter tears, Ju-hwang comes home and tries to keep his bruised face hidden. Pal-gang asks how he got the injuries, wondering if he’s been fighting. Ju-hwang feels angry enough that he takes it out on her and talks back, then storms out the front door. Kang-ha watches the scene from the second floor.

This scene is all sorts of MEH so here’s the nuts-n-bolts: Jae-young is drunk (after Kang-ha’s rejection) and Jun-ha takes her home. She feels silly for feeling depressed when she’s been rejected by Kang-ha repeatedly. She leans on Jun-ha, who (STUPID BOY) seems to feel a surprising stirring of emotion at the gesture. He covers it up and leaves, pausing when Jae-young says: “It would have been nice if it had been you. You’re kind enough to bring tears to a person’s eyes. It would have been nice if it was you. But why isn’t it?”

His voice hardens: “You must be dead drunk to be talking such junk.”

Kang-ha steps outside, where Ju-hwang stands in the cold, and tells the boy to come inside. Kang-ha advises that since he doesn’t have money, he shouldn’t try to run away; he’ll just have to come back home, which chips away at his image.

Ju-hwang answers that he’s not a guy with a cool image worth preserving anyway (so this statement really tells us more about Kang-ha’s thought processes than Ju-hwang’s). Ju-hwang is the second-smallest boy at school, which is why kids pick on him. He’s got no force. He admits that he’d worked at a PC room and gotten robbed.

Kang-ha says that having force isn’t about height, and asks why Ju-hwang didn’t tell his sister the truth. Ju-hwang answers that there’d be no point, sounding glum. Before sending Ju-hwang back inside, Kang-ha leaves him with a parting thought: “You’re not a guy without force.”

Jun-ha comes home in time to see the end of that, and comments sardonically, “Now you’re even chatting with kids. You’ve changed a lot.” Kang-ha grits out defensively, “That family keeps talking to me.” Jun-ha returns, “How unlike you to make excuses.”

That night, the kids sleep tied together to ensure that Pa-rang won’t wander off. This means that in the morning when Kang-ha awakes, he feels around tentatively for a lump that isn’t there. I wouldn’t say he’s disappointed that Pa-rang isn’t there, but he certainly isn’t triumphant, either.

Tae-kyu wakes up from his night of debauchery, and finds a woman in bed and his face streaked with lipstick. He freaks out — why is he here? Why is SHE here? The girl reminds him, “We agreed to get married.”

Tae-kyu is horrified, and feels like he betrayed Pal-gang: “No! Honey, I’m sorry!”

Arriving home, he joins the family in the kitchen. Since this is part of Jun-ha’s plan (to distract Tae-kyu with another girl), he deliberately asks about the girl at the club and their wedding plans. Tae-kyu tries to shush him, thinking he’ll offend Pal-gang. On the contrary, she congratulates him — although Cho-rok, who has been his personal cheerleader, is deeply hurt. She accuses, “I didn’t know you were that kind of guy! Traitor.”

In an act of atonement, Tae-kyu treats the kids to pizza and chicken. The other kids dig in, but Cho-rok refuses to eat, and Tae-kyu resorts to begging for her forgiveness.

Tae-kyu is ashamed of himself and tells Cho-rok that he feels the same way as she does, but reminds her to “love the sinner, hate the sin.” LOL. Kneeling down, he says she’s his only hope. Finally, Cho-rok grudgingly relents: “If you disappoint me again, I won’t even call you oppa.”

The funeral for Pal-gang’s client ends, and the son thanks her for all her help. She wishes she could accompany the funeral party to the burial, but he says she’s already done enough. In fact, he has told his cousin about Pal-gang, and he is expecting her to drop by to talk about insurance policies.

Pal-gang thanks the man for his kindness, and heads to the hospital to check on his mother, who had collapsed in her grief. She sits with the grandma, who cries because she isn’t able to be a part of the burial party for her husband.

Hurriedly, Pal-gang searches for a way to cheer her up, and starts to sing the song she had practiced, the one that the grandma had asked about. Pal-gang launches into her rendition with enthusiasm (not seeing that Kang-ha, who has visited Chairman Jung, sees this from down the hall).

However, this only makes grandma cry even harder, because it’s a song her husband used to sing for her. So Pal-gang hurriedly changes the song and offers a newer, happier tune.

At the end of Episode 5, Kang-ha had driven right past Pal-gang without offering her a ride home. In contrast, today he pulls up to the curb and offers her a ride. (Of course, this is grumpy Kang-ha who has a cool image to preserve, so he does it in a brusque way, saying, “Get in. Can’t you hear me?”) This is so unexpected that Pal-gang scratches her head, wondering why he would bother and what the special occasion is.

Suddenly, she’s gripped with abdominal pains, and asks him to pull over immediately. She can’t wait until they get home — need bathroom now! (He grumbles at the Jin family’s constipation issues; she replies that six siblings sharing a bathroom will do that to you.)

While he waits in the car, he catches a whiff of something odd. Sniffing around, he locates the source: Nam’s diaper needs changing. (I have to give the guy props for actually changing the baby instead of waiting for Pal-gang, but I suppose it’s his perfectionist nature that’s unable to abide dirtiness.)

The diaper is gross (no censoring here!) but hilarious, as Kang-ha struggles to get a new one on the baby. In the process, he gets some poop on his finger, which then gets on his shirt, disgusting him thoroughly.

When she gets back to the car, he sends her off to buy soap to wash his hands, since the bathroom is out of it. Neither has cash but he gives her his credit card. (I love that Pal-gang takes advantage of the moment to suggest that it’s odd to buy one bar of soap with a credit card — so how about she buy some formula while she’s at it? He can take the price out of her pay.)

When she returns with soap, he washes his hands and intends to throw away his shirt. Horrified at that waste, she insists on washing the shirt for him, then dries it with the hand dryer. She doesn’t dry it fully so it’s still a bit damp, but she says it should warm up in no time.

Unfortunately, when they get back to the car, it’s gone. The police take the report, but even they don’t have much hope — she’d left the keys in the car (thinking they’d be back asap), which was just asking for someone to steal it. Kang-ha glowers when the cops assume that he and Pal-gang are a married couple.

Feeling sorry, Pal-gang tells Kang-ha sadly, “You don’t have to give me my pay.” At least she still has her metro card, so they can take the subway home.

Only, well, that’s not such a successful endeavor, either, when a drunk ajusshi vomits all over Kang-ha’s jacket. (You know what elevates the above right pic from funny to brilliant? The big ol’ look of glee on Pal-gang’s face.) It’s bad enough that other subway passengers mistake Pal-gang and Kang-ha for a married couple, but this just makes it that much worse.

Back to the bathroom, where Pal-gang washes his jacket in the sink. Kang-ha wants to throw it away, but she points out that he’ll be freezing in his undershirt and finishes up. Unfortunately, this bathroom’s hand dryer is broken… which means that Kang-ha has to put on a sopping wet jacket.

Kang-ha shivers as they walk down the subway station, and Pal-gang spots a food vendor, suggesting that he warm up with something hot to eat. I LOVE how much Pal-gang is enjoying this, since she digs into fish skewers with enthusiasm. She tries to mollify Kang-ha by piling on the flattery, telling Nam that the lawyer ajusshi is such a nice person! Why, even on the day his car gets stolen, he buys them fish skewers! “When you grow up, you have to become a wonderful person like the lawyer ajusshi!”

While they’re out, how about some ddukkbokki too? Kang-ha doesn’t have much of an appetite, but Pal-gang helps herself to soondae, fried squid, and mandoo on top of that. He’s a little awed and a little disgusted at her hearty appetite. Every time he pays for something, Pal-gang’s go-to phrase is, “You can take it out of my salary.” He reminds her that she’d said he didn’t have to pay her, which deflates her mood for a moment. She asks if he really intends not to pay her, maintaining a hopeful tone that he’ll let her take that back.

Her spirits lift to see another street vendor, this time selling sweet potatoes, which the kids really love. They stop to buy some, and Kang-ha orders 5,000 won’s worth. Pal-gang asks the vendor in a pointed, reluctant tone, “5,000 won won’t buy much, will it? Oh well, give us 5,000 won’s worth anyway.” At this point, it’s not even worth fighting: Kang-ha amends, “Make it 10,000 won.”

They resume walking, Kang-ha hunched over from the cold, now plagued by the occasional sneeze. Grudgingly, he takes a sweet potato from Pal-gang, who asks, “Aren’t you thankful?” He looks at her in puzzlement: “What?”

Pal-gang: “You’ve probably never eaten roasted sweet potatoes from a street vendor before. You would have died not knowing what this was like, but I showed you. I thought you might feel thankful.”
Kang-ha: “The baby’s poopy diapers, losing my car, getting vomited on, walking around in wet clothes in the middle of winter — yes, I’m SO grateful I could die.”
Pal-gang, laughing: “Even though you talk like that, you’re really thankful, aren’t you? So… please give me my salary!”

He’s so lost for words that he just looks at her incredulously.

The kids dig in to the sweet potatoes, although they find it hard to believe that Kang-ha bought it for them. Pa-rang defends him, saying he’s really a nice guy. Cho-rok speaks up for Tae-kyu, who spent much more money on pizza and chicken. No-rang counters that if you only care about money, you’re materialistic. If you consider a person’s feelings, Jun-ha is the best.

Kang-ha is sneezing in earnest now, and when Pa-rang tiptoes into his room, he’s huddled in bed. Pa-rang thanks Kang-ha for the potatoes, and when he notices Kang-ha’s expression, he asks if he’s sick. Kang-ha says he’s not, but it’s pretty obvious that he is.

Pa-rang tells his sister that Kang-ha looks really ill, so she heads up with warm tea.

Kang-ha tells Pal-gang to leave, declining the tea, but she feels bad and approaches anyway. Sitting by him, she asks him to drink the tea. She explains that when she feels sorry, she ends up causing more trouble by overcompensating. For instance, she felt sorry about the dirty diaper, but that ended in him losing his car. She feels so bad about tonight that she couldn’t even say the words, which is why she was acting so chipper in the face of their troubles.

When she checks his forehead, she feels that he’s feverish. However, he tells her repeatedly that he’s fine and that she should leave him alone, making her hesitant to bother him again. Downstairs, she prepares a cold compress for his fever, but paces back and forth, not wanting to upset him by intruding again.

So when Jun-ha comes home, she takes that as good timing — can he take the compress up?

Jun-ha does, and checks on his brother, suggesting that he go to the hospital. Kang-ha doesn’t think that’s necessary, though he’s put out to see his brother smiling. Jun-ha explains that Kang-ha (who is often called Iron Man for his steely personality) finally seems human now that he’s sick.

Jun-ha finds Pal-gang making some warm lemon water, and his expression darkens a little to see her taking such care. He asks suspiciously, “You haven’t given up on him, have you?”

Pal-gang waves that aside, assuring him that she has come to her senses. She just feels bad for causing Kang-ha a lot of aggravation today. She explains, “I’m not going to think of anything else until Nami graduates from university. When I came to live here, I cut my hair in the sauna bathroom and decided: ‘I’m no longer a woman. I’m just a mother now.'”

In the morning, Kang-ha finds the lemon water at his bedside, which he drinks. Next to it is a note, which he reads:

Pal-gang: “When I receive my salary, I’ll buy you really good vitamins. Really, you can believe me. So today, I’ll show that I’m sorry with this lemon water.”

He has to smile at that. Meanwhile, she prepares him the common sickbed meal, rice porridge (which is to Koreans what chicken noodle soup is to Americans).

However, he doesn’t eat any, since he comes downstairs dressed and ready for work. He wastes no time heading out the door, making Pal-gang comment, “You must hate the sight of me because I made you sick.” He returns in his usual gruff way, “As long as you know.”

But that doesn’t hurt her feelings; she merely marvels at how easily he speaks such harsh words.

Grandpa/Chairman Jung has heard the last voicemail of Pal-gang’s father, and is devastated to hear that the Jins died in a car crash. Now that he has recovered his memory, he comes by the old neighborhood, and this time he recognizes Man-soo and asks where Pal-gang went. Hearing that she moved away, the chairman leaves.

A short while later, Pal-gang also drops by the neighborhood to speak to Man-soo’s parents about their insurance policy. Man-soo tells her that Grandpa Jung was just here looking for her, and she rushes in the general direction to look for him.

He’s already gone by the time she gets there, but as she trudges back to the bus stop, she sees his familiar figure waiting at the bus stop, and she calls out to him. His face lights up to recognize her.


As mentioned, Chairman Jung has recovered his memory. After he collapses from hearing the voicemail message, he is taken to a hospital, where he lies in bed, eyes open but not speaking. In-gu doesn’t understand why, but Min-kyung is shrewd and understands that he must have retrieved his senses and is now processing the information.

When he hears that Pal-gang’s (step)father and mother died in a car accident, he’s heartbroken. Not knowing that he has already found out about the deaths, Min-kyung makes arrangements with some shady man, instructing him to tell the chairman that the Jins cannot be found.

Ugh. As though Jae-young weren’t bad enough, we have the appearance of another woman in Jun-ha’s life, who has a similar haircut and just as little charisma. (Seriously, one lackluster, unlikable supporting female wasn’t bad enough, so you had to bring in her clone?)

The woman, who appears to be an old ex, calls him after a three-year absence. He treats her with warm friendliness and meets her at a bar, where they reminisce on their university days. She says that back then, all the girls thought he liked them because he was so nice and attentive, when he was really only being friendly. She asks if Jun-ha would date her if she divorced. He answers easily, “Sure why not.” But when she asks if he’d consider marrying her, he says no.

Going in for the patented Back-Hug, she says sadly, “Do you know, you may seem like a really good guy, but you’re incredibly cruel.”

Chairman Jung replays the voicemail message, which says: “Sir… your son… child… is our…” Thankfully, he’s pretty quick to discern the broken message and calls Kang-ha to do him a favor. He needs Kang-ha to find someone for him, quickly but secretly — his grandchild.

But this isn’t as covert as he’d like, because Min-kyung’s associate (brother?) presents her with a recorder, as he had secretly bugged their conversation.


This was such a delightful, funny, fast-paced episode. A lot of laughs, and some heart, too (boring side characters aside).

And Kang-ha — it’s like he became appealing overnight, isn’t it? I have seen Kim Ji-hoon in a number of roles, and found him handsome and appealing in them all (even if the acting itself has been passable at best). I may have even given him a few nicknames (Mr. Cool, Mr. Hot, Mr. Sexy Bedroom Eyes), so sexy was he in a previous role (Flowers For My Life). So it’s not that Kang-ha’s not a handsome guy, but it just goes to show how much personality has to do with appeal, because this is the first episode where I found Kang-ha (and by extension, Kim Ji-hoon) attractive. He has looked okay on camera and his character has been gradually improving, but this is the first time I really felt the attractiveness come back and add a jolt of energy to his character.

I still wouldn’t call him a great actor, and in fact I’ve been disappointed with his performances because after Flowers For My Life. I really thought he was going to turn out to be a sharper, more skilled actor. But I give him due props here for committing to the earlier Ugly Kang-ha, because he was SO unappealing that I wondered how on earth he’d start warming up. Kim Ji-hoon committed to appearing detestable, and it makes it that much more fun to see that attitude fall away.

Jun-ha has not lost his standing as the nice, sweet brother, although Kang-ha really jumped up several notches to come close to catching up. I suspect that the big reversal in their places will have something to do with Jun-ha being too weak to take a firm stand on something. In contrast, Kang-ha acts with less warmth but he’ll always do it in full measure.

Kang-ha is also making inroads with more of the siblings, namely Ju-hwang, who is perhaps the one in most need of a guiding figure. He’s the one most caught between childhood and adult responsibility, and he feels the burden of being the man in the family. He has also remained conspicuously out of the kids’ arguments over which guy is the best. I think it’s particularly telling that Kang-ha’s conversation with Ju-hwang was one he could have easily avoided. Pa-rang has been the one following Kang-ha around, but with the older brother, Kang-ha is the one who seeks him out and offers him a supportive word.

Speaking of character growth, I like that Pal-gang isn’t doing things just to make herself feel better — she helps out at the funeral because it’s what she feels she can and should do to help. She’s pushed by her boss’s lessons (to be more than “just a stranger” to her clients), but it’s not like she calculates how to win them over. She visits the grandmother and cheers her up out of a genuine spirit. However, I also like that Pal-gang isn’t so selfless and goody-goody that she can’t feel pride in herself for becoming a better person. It doesn’t make her less of a person to realize she’s doing better things now, so it’s cute to see her exulting, as she does after visiting the grandma. She asks Nam, “Doesn’t it seem like your noona is turning into a real person little by little? Hm, what did you say, Nami? — that I was already a person?”


74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lisa

    This episode was so cute! I still fast forward the parts about the boring rich family.

    Kang Ha should learn his lesson lol. All he did was offer Palgang a ride and somehow he ended up getting poop and barf on him and losing his car.

  2. Icarusfalls

    I loved this episode!! Especially the whole KangHa-PalKang and Nami outing which was hilarious!!! I love all the kids .. esp Chorok in this episode. She’s freaking adorable when she’s disappointed at Dol…!

    It seems like all the children are getting their own stories and characters except for Norang… I wonder how her story will play out. I wish I had more of her and the other kids than any of the Chaebol family. I can’t stand Jaeyoung or her clone..

  3. magichouse

    yay new recap, thanks java

  4. more

    If this is as good as you say it’s i might watch since your taste in dramas is very similar to mine

  5. vuest

    i love love love this drama..thanks for the recap

  6. Kay

    This is a cute drama….it isn’t breaking any ground compared to what I’ve watched before (background score – Okay, cinematography – Sub par, acting – good) however, that isnt to say that drama is not good.

    It’s simplicity is the most refreshing aspect of the whole thing, of course the fact that Pal Gang finds her self in a mid-life crisis at 22 (or whatever age she is)….the over-the-top twists thrown in the drama, reminds me of older dramas like “Bad Family” and “Wonderful Life”.

    Anyway, my question is….shouldn’t the children be in a proper school!? Since the beginning, I kept wondering why none of them don’t attend a school!

  7. dealsw

    I watch this and Chuno,,I think I will give up watching Pasta bec. it really getting annoying the screaming is dragging and the main girl is not acting charming and damn enough to be funny hehehe..I wish more dramas would come geeweez!I think writers in Korea are having an Ice Age…..

    I mean where are all the great dramas this days we viewers are lucky to watch a decent story………sad….I want some variety and choices……I miss watching Youre Beutiful haisssssssh……

  8. A.

    Ahahaha, the diaper fiasco and the wet clothing – oh man. I felt sorry for Kangha. LOL. But I love how Palgang kept taking advantage of him at the same time, and how he sort of just started to resign to arguing with her. There are more and more instances of Kangha just being… well, dumbstruck. I like, also, how it nicely transitioned so that it wasn’t just, suddenly, Kangha’s actually a nice guy! We get to see a transformation that is slowly trickling down to a nice change in character.

    I too, am also hoping that Palgang is the one who doesn’t end up falling in love with Kangha first. I want to see Kangha struggle with his feelings and really win over Palgang. From the looks of it, it looks like things will turn out this way, especially since Palgang’s so firmly committed to the fact that her top priority in life is to be responsible for her siblings.

    I really don’t understand how anyone can like Jaeyoung. She is such a bitch. There’s nothing redeemable about her personality or anything – except maybe that she’s got too much botox in the face that she can only manage to look bitchy (that’s a talent). Seriously do not understand why Joonha likes her.

    @ Kay

    The kids are still on winter vacation, so they haven’t started school yet. But they will be in school (or they should be). I think the previous episode they were talking about going to school or whatnot and the conversation about how Palgang wants all of them to improve their rankings in school by 10 (LOL, and Chorok says she’s already #1 in school, haha). Then Parang says that it’d be better if he didn’t go to school and finds excuses like he can save money for school supplies. Cute!

  9. langdon813

    This drama is tons of fun! Considering all the tragedy (deaths, poverty, homelessness, and just generally mean, selfish people), that is pretty impressive! In fact, it has grown on me so much that the unfortunate hair that Kang-ha and Jun-ha are sporting doesn’t even bother me anymore. At first it’s all I could look at! Not good when you rely on subtitles.

    Fess up, how many of you guys thought of samsooki during the diaper scene? 😀

    Thanks JB!

  10. 10 Amg1

    JB thanks a lot for your awesome work. This epi was classic, Pal-gang and the kids are the best, I am glad that the “Ice Man” is starting to melt, the diaper scene was my favorite!!
    This drama is only getting better, thank you again. “_”

  11. 11 sukispop

    Once again, thanks, JB, for continuing to recap this drama!

    This episode was easily my favorite, thus far, and I’m glad that I’ve been turned around(well, almost around) in my regard toward Kang-ha. Initially, I had a hard time swallowing his absolutely unlikeable character. I’ve watched a bunch of rom com dramas that showcased the surly, gruff, grumpy, unfriendly, unkind, but overwhelmingly handsome lead guy…but Kang-ha was such a total jerk, that I couldn’t seem to find a hole in his bad character, anywhere, through which I could feel a glimmer of hope(for likeability to grow from). This episode went a long way to redeem him…and the antics that ensued made it the most hilarious episode to date.

    Still loving Pal-gang, Tae-kyu, and the kids….especially Cho-rok. Cho-rok ROCKS! Good scene with Pa-rang, too!

    Still finding Jae-young completely boring, flat, and void of anything approaching interesting. And how(and why???) did they find such a carbon copy for Jun-ha’s ex? Sorry to say, but this Jae-young is a real weak spot in the drama, and imho is one fairly significant aspect that’s keeping this drama from being as excellent as it could(and should) be. I’m enjoying the dark and scariness of her mom, though, and looking forward to seeing what badness she unleashes in the coming episodes.

  12. 12 Anya

    Did anyone notice the huge cactus in Kang-ha’s room? LOL.

  13. 13 Lahmongnese

    This drama is getting intense!

  14. 14 ausming

    Thanks for capturing Pal Kang’s reaction when the old man puked on KH. I was ROFL when I saw it. Thought it was the funniest moment in this episode:)

  15. 15 Amg1

    @kay, I am watching this episode one more time and I agree with you, the simplicity of this drama is what makes it so good, they are back to the basic, as in real-state location, location , location, Pal-gang and the kids are so good that it makes up for its short comings.. : O )

  16. 16 Anonymous

    @ Anya – I did!! I did!!!

  17. 17 mymymai

    Thanks for the recap JB! I’ve seen this episode already but always love to read your recap of them. It put things in a different light. I love how Pal Gang have conversations with Nami. Intelligent and funny ones, not just “gaa gaa goo goo”. <3

  18. 18 Emi

    I like that Kang-ha has that giant photo of a bookcase full of books behind his bed instead of an actual bookcase of books 🙂

    I didn’t really see the point of the scene with the clone ex other than to illustrate that a) Jun-ha has bad taste in women going way back and maybe used this chick as a replacement for Jae-young, assuming this girl always had this copycat hairstyle and b) that we can’t assume Jun-ha is falling for Pal-gang because he’s being nice, as he is always nice to women and this has caused other girls to get the wrong impression so we shouldn’t get the wrong idea either (or that Pal-gang will be the exception and he will actually fall for her)

    The wait each week between episodes is killing me! 😀

  19. 19 firewife

    When I saw the Jaeyoung clone I was like, “What the heck?! I can barely tolerate the original. Why do we have to suffer through Jaeyoung 2.0?”
    But I do think she may have served a purpose to the narrative, by letting us see that while to all outward appearances JH may seem like the warm and caring type, inside he may be colder and more emotionally closed off than we think. You know, appearances may be deceiving. Especially since this seems to coincide with the glimpses of KH’s softer side.
    So maybe we have one brother with a warm, compassionate outward appearance, but inwardly is cooler and less able to really give of himself; and another brother with the cold, prickly exterior that really is hiding a warm and generous heart. Let’s face it, if he’s gonna end up with PK he’s going to have to take on her siblings too and that’s not something a self-centered jerk is going to do.
    Just my thoughts on why we were subjected to Jaeyoung 2.0, ( Did they even tell us her name? I don’t remember.) and hopefully she’s served her purpose and we won’t be seeing her again.
    Thanks for the recaps. I really enjoy coming here and getting additional perspectives on these dramas. When I’m reading I’m thinking,”Yeah, how did I miss that?”, or “Me too! That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

  20. 20 Quaggy

    Thank you for the recaps! I always love reading about your opinion, Javabeans!

    I have to say I really enjoyed Kang-ha’s facial expressions. Some of them were so understated. A measured glance or a-blink-and-you’ll miss it smile shows that he’s mellowing.

    I like how Pal-gang seems to be growing fond of Kang-ha… not that she’s falling for him again, but she doesn’t really see him as the enemy anymore. (But she can still enjoy it when he gets covered in throw up! Really loved that bit.) I’m still hoping that Kang-ha will fall in love first, but at least he won’t have to fall in love with someone who hates his guts.)

    @ 11 sukispop

    “And how(and why???) did they find such a carbon copy for Jun-ha’s ex?”

    Actually, I think you may have found the reason. The whole carbon copy thing might be to emphasizes that Jun-ha has a certain “type”… which could explain why he never fell for Pal-gang before and is taking his sweet time doing so now. (Don’t the second lead normally fall for the girl long before this point? Jun-ha still seems to be in the Mulling It Over phase.)

  21. 21 at work

    i like kang ha’s room! the bookcase mural, the giant cactus, the awesome bedsheets. ahaha. yep, i would sleep walk on over to his room too.

  22. 22 firewife

    @ 8 A.

    Me too! I want to see KH go all out to win PK. She deserves to be wooed and he deserves a little helping of humble pie.

  23. 23 firewife

    @ 20 Quaggy

    So how could we categorize his type?

    Maybe….Department store mannequin?:) Since they have all the personality and facial expressions to go with the label.

  24. 24 Anya

    @ Anonymous and Emi
    Yes, Kang-ha’s room is hilarious isn’t it? It really does pay to be obervant 😉

    @ firewife
    I feel exactly the same way as you do. At first I was unabashedly on Team Jun-ha, just because KH was waaayyy too obnoxious, even for a k-drama hero. But when JH’s clone of an ex made that cutting statement of how he was really cruel even though he seems outwardly nice, my heart went COLD. Now I’m viewing JH with more suspicion, but I hope they don’t go the cliched route of making him The Evil Sibling.

  25. 25 Quaggy

    @ 23 firewife

    “Department store mannequin?:) Since they have all the personality and facial expressions to go with the label.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think you nailed it! There’s no way I can possibly top that description! And don’t forget hair! They’ve both got the plastic-y, wig-like hair!

  26. 26 su-pah

    What a turnaround! Such a fun episode.
    Fave episode of this series so far and hells yeah, I second JB about Ji Hoon, whenever I see his face now, post episode eight I’m suddenly throwing affectionate air smooches in his (picture’s) direction. What a sweetheart! Gorgeous guy! *giddy*

    In terms of turnaround, like JB mentioned earlier in her recaps, Shin Dong-wook isn’t exactly a ‘pushover’, so to overcome that it seems they’ve made the Jun-ha character into a bit of a dark horse. The girl at the bar, I could bet you anything is the girl Kang-ha thought he saw getting into a cab in an earlier episode and he obviously cared immensely for this girl. It could be that Jun-ha stole her or something. Not such a knight in shining armour after all (possibly?).

    The Ju-hwan scene where he’s being beaten up was pretty real, you can imagine at his age he will face a bit of rough and tumble like that.
    Kang-ha’s little pep talk was heartening and he looked smexy as hell in that black trench too. I could get used to this.

    The nappy/diaper, I’m sure it was tomato sauce or something, far too orange! What do they feed Nami?
    Hahaha… Kang-ha smearing poop over his shirt!

  27. 27 et

    hi, sorry i hope someone can clarify something for me.

    pal-gang is the missing grandchild that the grandfather is looking for? he does not have another grandchild(grandson) that he is looking for?

  28. 28 et

    hi, sorry i hope someone can clarify something for me.

    pal-gang is the missing grandchild that the grandfather is looking for? he does not have another grandchild(grandson) that he is looking for?

    thanks javabeans for the recap! i got hooked on this show after reading your recaps.
    cant wait for the next episode. my little something to look forward to each week.

  29. 29 firewife

    @ 25 Quaggy

    Oh yeah…how could I have forgotten the hair?! It’s just the cherry on top isn’t it? (Sorry -bad pun intended)

    Seriously though, what is with the hair in this drama? I can’t think of one character with a decent hairstyle. Maybe the stylist needs some refresher courses, I’ve seen better hair from beauty school students.

  30. 30 su-pah

    Also – this change in Kang-ha is all thanks to Pal-gang’s mighty, powerful slap! It wasn’t a princessy, feminine one but a real, hard, stinging one!
    It’s obviously worked miracles on Kang-ha. If only she’d slapped him 5 years ago, chyahahaha!

  31. 31 Emeldy

    @ Anonymous and Emi and Anya

    I did not notice that picture. I thought they were real book the whole time, and Cactus….. where was it placed. ahhhhhh I guess i could not divert my attention to anything else when Kang Ha is on screen. He is slowly replacing my love for Kang Jin (Go Soo…… next project should better be fun )

    I hate myself for moving on so fast.

  32. 32 firewife

    @ 26 su-pah

    Wasn’t there a scene in an earlier episode where Jun-ha is talking to Kang-ha and says something about how he ( JH) had never taken anything that belonged to KH, and then Kang-ha replies that yeah, he was always the one taking from JH? I seem to recall something like that taking place.

  33. 33 su-pah

    32 firewife –
    Yeah I was thinking back to that too, but seeing a hint of irony or saracasm with it? Maybe not. Will enjoy uncovering that mystery and why Jun-ha wears a guilty expression and acts like the underdog, something obviously happened in the past between the brothers, over a girl.

  34. 34 CHM

    Many thanks for the recap. I’ve seen this great episode but still want to read the recap to enjoy it, again!

  35. 35 Jo

    I knew someone would talk about the school issue. WELL ITS WINTER BREAK IN KOREA. School starts in march, most asian countries start in the spring time…get it, new year, new school grade. Makes more sense ehh lol

  36. 36 firewife

    @ 33 su-pah

    You’re right. Jun-ha does have a guilty look sometimes. I hadn’t picked up on that before. Hmm..wonder what that’s about? You’ve started my gears a-turnin’.

  37. 37 Osamu

    Ok people the hair is not that bad -_- anways story wise I’m curious to see where this is going to go Pk seems determined not to fall in love and besides I wouldn’t call her original “love” for KH love more like she created an illusion for herself of him and has persuded that ever since. Until her parents death she had to wake up to reality.
    I’m tempted to say now that she has “awaken” now she has better standrads about what she needs in a man. I’m surprised that no one mentioned how hard it would be for a man to accept a woman with five children even that its been done before but its extremely. My friend has five kids and when she met her husband after she divorced her previous one it was EXTREMELY hard for him to accept I mean now you are responsible for taking care of five mouths not to mention having to pay for their education, food, clothing, doctor fees when they get sick, making sure they get their own rooms etc I have a feeling this theme will pop up later in the drama yeah love conquers all I suppose (I don’t believe it) but when KH and his bro do fall in love they are going to have to consider those factors. They’ve been single men all their lives and now they have to face the fact that they along with being ‘boyfriend” they would have to become fathers as well if they marry. The other factor is what if they want their own kids too? Thats alot of work especially taking care of a baby I have to two baby nephews its not EASY.

    lol I love this drama and sorry if I’m taking too much of a realistic appoarch. ^^

  38. 38 cheonsa

    Thanks for your recap, JB, and I love the song of the day! I’m so glad I gave this drama a second chance. I actually gave it up after watching the first episode, mainly due to the unlovable, so-not-charming main couple. Thankfully I was bored in between dramas and tried it out again and have been hooked ever since! Right now, I’m so in love with this and the woman who still wants to marry. Both are such hilarious LOL fun. The adorable kids and yes, the main couple are so winsome.

  39. 39 cheanne

    Very nice….Thanks ……Even if I am only reading I can feel their emotions…..I can imagine them moving, their pace etc…..I will definitely watch this series…..For now, I have to content myself with wonderful recaps and review…….

  40. 40 Kiohpi

    I loved the vomit and I absolutely LOVED it when Kang-ha shook off her hand when she was trying to check out his fever – Made it all the more lovable! Can’t wait until Kang-ha takes a dive and realises that he needs to appreciate Pal-gang more!

    I think Kim Ji Hoon has totally improved from ‘The Great Inheritance’ though, so compared from then I’m so glad that he’s gotten better. It’d be lovely if he developed throughout the drama though!

  41. 41 august

    did JY mom kill PG real dad too, just a thought

  42. 42 gingeranna

    I have to thank you because I wouldn’t have watched this if you didn’t the recaps. Now I think that this drama is really great, but from the previews and the things I’ve read around the web it wasn’t so interesting.
    Soooo thanks!

    I loved this episode. I think every one until now was better than the previous one. I was only hoping to have more flashbacks of Pal-Gang’s parents. As if she is becoming a better person also because of what her parents tried to teach them, and now she thinks seriously of what they were trying to tell her. I think this aspect is present in the drama, but I would have enjoyed it better with some flashback 🙂

    Oh, by the way, is Kang-ha the korean Matthew McConaughey? In every episode he has a nude abs scene!!

  43. 43 Z

    Haha @Korean Matthew McConaughey! So true! They are wise to give us so much eye candy, though! What quicker way is there to forget what a jerk he was for six and a half episodes. I know the first chest scene is where I started to forgive him! seriously though, what a turnaround! I’m excited to see how this kinder, gentler Kang-Ha reacts when he finds himself in lurve!!

    If you count Tea-Kyu, our Love Polygon now has SIX sides! That’s got to be a Kdrama record. They should add a new love interest every episode and just let pandemonium ensue for the heck of it!

    Otherwise, I’m loving this show. So much fun! I could have done without all the poop and vomit but, oh well it could have been worse. By the way, for the person who said Nami’s poop was too orange to be real, I teach at a preschool and pretty much spend about 25% of my day changing diapers and I’ve seen pretty much every color in the rainbow find it’s way into children’s diapers. So, they did a pretty good job. Also, call me nitpicky but it drives me crazy that they have the kid still drinking formula! He’s not walking but he’s starting to talk which would put him in the 10-13 month range, he should have him a few solid teeth now and be eating solid food at this point.

  44. 44 joeydragonlady

    I decided to watch this series coz of the recaps.

    I love the kids!

  45. 45 Quaggy

    @ su-pah & firewife

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that exchange between Kang-ha & Jun-ha since they were clearly referencing something. I’m still not sure if they were being literal (Kang-ha did actually steal Jun-ha’s girlfriend, whether accidentally or on purpose) or sarcastic. But it’s a safe bet that it has to do with Kang-ha’s “lost love.”

    Right now my theory (which I’m sure will be blown out of the water by the next episode) is that Kang-ha was dating someone he cared for deeply, but didn’t explicitly show it, because it ruined his cool image. Without meaning to, Jun-ha kept picking up the pieces with his white knight routine, doing everything for her than Kang-ha failed to do. But contrary to the usual K-drama (and J-drama) plot, this time around the girl DID fall for the white knight and dumped the cold-hearted “jerk”… but Jun-ha wasn’t actually interested in her and she then disappeared with her broken heart. Jun-ha’s seemed to be taking to heart Kang-ha’s words about not playing the white knight unless Jung-ha was ready to take responsibility for Pal-gang’s life.

    @ 43 Z

    “If you count Tea-Kyu, our Love Polygon now has SIX sides! That’s got to be a Kdrama record. They should add a new love interest every episode and just let pandemonium ensue for the heck of it!”

    Is it bad that I now want to see that happen?! 🙂

  46. 46 lei

    thanks for the recap, jb!

    i first watched ep 7 and 8 with no subs and i was laughing my head off even if i didn’t understand a word they were saying.

    i’m probably in the minority but i didn’t like that jacket kang ha was wearing when he came out to talk to ju-hwang. looked like vampire collars to me 🙂

    @45 quaggy – i like your theory. it makes a lot of sense.

  47. 47 sukispop

    @ 20 Quaggy,

    “Actually, I think you may have found the reason. The whole carbon copy thing might be to emphasizes that Jun-ha has a certain “type”… which could explain why he never fell for Pal-gang before and is taking his sweet time doing so now. (Don’t the second lead normally fall for the girl long before this point? Jun-ha still seems to be in the Mulling It Over phase.)”

    Thanks, Quaggy! This had not occurred to me, and makes good sense. I really appreciate your perspective on this, as well as the many different perspectives that are shared, here. =)

  48. 48 eiko

    I am totally….totally….enjoying this drama!!!! Love the acting and all of the characters and I don’t know if anyone has noticed….but Kang Ha sure reminds me of Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful!!! In fact, the 4 main characters remind me of You’re Beautiful! Kang Ha has put on that sarcastic air but is totally breaking down inside…
    and it’s because of beautiful Pal-gang! She’s not as naive as Go Mi Nam….but certainly has the same endearing qualities of a very sweet person.

    And the children…..great acting that helps to keep this drama alive! Besides, children are so darn honest and help to keep the adults on their toes and paying attention!

    I’m cheering because we have another fun drama for a family audience!!! I don’t think we’re going to be disappointed at all!

    By the way….I’m still trying to figure out where I’ve seen the actress who is in love with Kang Ha…..her face looks kind of familiar, but I can’t really place her. Can anyone out there help? Her role as rich and spoiled matches her….she hasn’t figured out that’s the reason why Kang Ha isn’t responding.

    Thanks JB for another great recap!

  49. 49 starletbang

    i was also not really expecting too much from this drama in the beginning well i guess because the poster wasn’t too appealing (kim ji hoons hair is hideous!) but im now caught up with the drama and its my favorite monday tuesday drama out of like pasta and god of study!!!
    this drama is so great and a lot of the story is really touching to me!

  50. 50 Firewife

    @ 45 Quaggy

    Great points! I think you might have something there.

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