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Chuno: Episode 6
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Another great cliffhanger – Kwak Jung Hwan sure knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats!

The last episode ended with Dae-gil, realizing he’d been tricked by Tae-ha, racing back to the inn. Tae-ha puts his ear to the ground and hears Dae-gil’s horse approaching. The chase continues…


Rob Dougan – “Furious Angel” (This is the song that played in the Chuno trailers, and it sure did get me pumped up for the drama.) [ Download ]

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Aware that they’d be overtaken easily if they tried to escape on horseback, Tae-ha sends a riderless horse galloping away to misdirect the slave hunters once again. Then, he takes Hye-won over the mountains on foot, knowing they would soon reach a place where the path branched off in several directions, making it too difficult for their pursuers to follow.


Dae-gil arrives at the inn and puts his ear to the ground to hear Tae-ha’s horse heading east (because Dae-gil’s ears have a special GPS-navigational system with audio recognition software. LOL.), and he jumps back on his horse to continue the pursuit. When he catches up to the loose horse, he realizes he’s been tricked again, so he sends up a [really cool!] flare to signal Choi and Wang-son.


Tae-ha lets it slip that the pursuers are after both Hye-won and himself (he had previously told her that she was the intended target, not him). Hye-won demands to know why he’s on the run. Tae-ha states that people may be pursuing him, but he is not on the run. She persists on getting answers from him, so he reveals to her that their pursuers are slave hunters. Hye-won is taken aback and says she can’t be the one they’re after – she’s not a slave. Likewise, Tae-ha states that he’s no slave, either. (It’s interesting that both vehemently deny being slaves. Hye-won was a slave but spent the last decade as a free woman, yet was still enslaved to her grief. Tae-ha was once free and then enslaved, but in his heart, he will never be a slave. So, who is what in this situation? And are they really lying when they say they’re not slaves?)


Hye-won decides she can no longer travel with Tae-ha (the risk is too high), but Tae-ha cannot allow her to go. Since she knows where he is headed, he can’t risk his pursuers discovering his plans. She protests that she would not reveal such information, but Tae-ha knows that there are ways of making people talk despite their intent to keep quiet. After confirming once more that Tae-ha is not a slave, Hye-won agrees to go with him as far as Chungju.


Dae-gil catches on to Tae-ha’s attempt at misdirection. He figures the only way to catch up with Tae-ha is to find out where he is headed, so Dae-gil decides to go to the local library to read the official gazettes. Somewhere within those volumes must be information on Tae-ha’s past.


As they continue their trek through the mountains, Tae-ha pauses a moment, while Hye-won takes in the spectacular view. Tae-ha realizes they’ve taken the wrong path and must backtrack a little. Hye-won asks, “Do soldiers get lost?” This prompts an embarrassed Tae-ha to begin quoting adages to explain what happened, which makes Hye-won chuckle at his defensiveness and serious nature – twice. (Poor Tae-ha. He sure could use one of Dae-gil’s compasses right about now.)


Posing as officials from the state tribunal grants the slave hunters full access to the library’s tomes.
Seol-hwa is surprised to learn that the guys use such sly tactics – here all along, she thought they were slave hunters, but they’re actually con men…(Dae-gil shuts her up before she can give them away).


After hours of poring over the gazettes, Dae-gil and Choi finally find the information they were looking for. Seol-hwa and Wang-son, on the other hand, spend the time taking a nap.


Through flashbacks, we learn what brought about Tae-ha’s descent into slavery. He was once the high-ranked Commissioner of the Military Training Command. When Crown Prince So-hyeon died, Tae-ha defied the royal command to end the mourning period – what usually lasted for three years had been reduced to a mere three days. Then, he was accused of pilfering state-owned grain and, after a torturous interrogation, was sentenced to slavery.


Dae-gil finds it odd that Tae-ha was allowed to live, when the crime in question would have certainly warranted a death sentence. We then see that Tae-ha was merely a pawn guppy in Lee Gyeong-shik’s nefarious plan to fry a much bigger fish – Left State Councilor Im Young-ho. In exchange for sparing Song Tae-ha’s life, Im Young-ho agreed to step down from his office and return to his hometown of Chungju.


So, the slave hunters set out for Chungju and, along the way, Dae-gil sets out his own net for Tae-ha. They stop at a country local’s abode near the road, this time, posing as officers of the Left Capital Bureau on the search for criminals. Dae-gil instructs the old man to give Tae-ha and his female companion lodging, should they stop there, and then to quietly alert the local authorities.


Back in Hanyang, Hwang Chul-woong finally agrees to do Lee Gyeong-shik’s bidding – assassinate Im Young-ho and the Royal Successor, Prince Seok-gyeon. At Lee Gyeong-shik’s suggestion, he bids his wife, Sun-young, farewell before he departs. In a piteous scene, Sun-young tries to warn him not to oppose her father because he is a frightening man, but Chul-woong tells her he can neither read the scribbles on the letter she wrote, nor understand her spoken words.


Chul-woong then goes to his mother’s house but only watches her from a distance until she closes her doors for the night. In a touching scene, Chul-woong bids his mother farewell with the deepest formal bow. It’s as if he’s asking forgiveness for the sins he’s about to commit, as well as wishing her well, should he not return. *sob*


Tae-ha and Hye-won stop to take lodgings for night. Remembering Dae-gil’s instructions, the old man shows the travelers to a shed where they can sleep and then sneaks off to alert the authorities.
Hye-won tells Tae-ha her name, while Tae-ha reveals that he lost his family during the war. Hye-won speaks of her lost love, the one who saved her from the Qing, and Tae-ha advises her to let him go and to move on because he is no longer in this world…to which she replies –

Hye-won: He has already been given my heart. And different from a man…
a woman’s love is endless.


Suddenly, officers from the local bureau arrive to take the travelers in for questioning, but Tae-ha easily defeats them. Tae-ha picks up a police whistle, dropped by one of the officers, and they make their escape.


Once in town, Tae-ha and Hye-won come upon a checkpoint in the street. Tae-ha suggests they split up and meet beyond the checkpoint. Should she be stopped, Tae-ha advises Hye-won to act like she’s gone mad – with her short hair and mourning clothes, it would be easy for her to be mistaken as a woman who has gone mad [with grief], and he gives her the police whistle in case she needs to call for help.

Crippled by nerves and fear when she approaches the checkpoint, Hye-won runs away suspiciously, which gets the attention of the officers. They chase and then capture her, realizing she’s the woman they’ve been told to look out for. But as they’re about to drag her off to the bureau, they are viciously slain by Yoon-ji, who has finally caught up to her prey.


Having heard a police whistle (blown by one of the officers chasing Hye-won), Tae-ha rushes to her aid. He slightly injures Yoon-ji and drives her away…for now. Hye-won is in complete shock over the incident, so Tae-ha tells her to close her eyes and think of the person she holds most dear. She holds her most precious possession close to her heart – the rock given to her by Dae-gil (and henceforth known as Choco – named after Jang Hyuk’s choco-abs) – and slowly regains her composure. To camouflage the blood spatter on her clothes, Tae-ha uses charcoal to draw pictures of red-blossomed branches.


With the danger seemingly passed, Tae-ha and Hye-won say their farewells to one another.


Dae-gil and the gang reach the outskirts of Chungju, and they use their compasses to coordinate their approach to Im Young-ho’s house. Wang-son is sent to keep an eye out from the rooftops, while Dae-gil and Choi approach the house from opposite directions. Once again, a disappointed Seol-hwa is left behind to mind the horses.


Hwang Chul-woong arrives to carry out the first part of his mission, but before he slays the former Left State Councilor, final words are spoken:

Im Young-ho: : Go tell him (Lee Gyeong-shik) this –
“Water that has already passed by cannot turn the mill.”

Chul-woong: His Excellency’s message for you is –
“No matter how upright the bamboo, it cannot be used as a pillar.”


Song Tae-ha arrives to see his mentor and his entire household slain. Tae-ha confronts their murderer, and THE FIGHT BEGINS.


Chul-woong and Tae-ha are seemingly evenly matched, but before a victor can be established, Dae-gil arrives, and so begins the 3-WAY FIGHT! One would think Dae-gil should let the two duke it out on their own and just swoop in at the most opportune moment, but Dae-gil follows a code. Thinking Chul-woong is another bounty hunter, Dae-gil cannot allow him to defeat Tae-ha and win the spoils. Dae-gil must capture Tae-ha himself.


{With the camera encircling the threesome, it’s like watching a well-choreographed dance of metal and sinew.}


Ready to spring into action if needed, Wang-son waits on a rooftop, until he is surprised by the presence of Yoon-ji. His masculine charms usually work wonders on all manner of women, but this time, his efforts are met with a swift, hard kick to his manly parts. OUCH!


Meanwhile, Baek-ho continues his search, showing Hye-won’s picture to people on the street. Hye-won sees and then tries to avoid him, but when he spots her, she blows her whistle and takes off running.


Back at the fight, Choi arrives and takes on Chul-woong, while Dae-gil and Tae-ha battle it out. Now, it’s TWO-ON-TWO.


~ MORE HOTNESS OVERLOAD! ~ (Excuse me for a moment, while I regain my voice from squeeing and allow the blood to rush back into my head.)

Tae-ha hears the whistle, and leaves the fight to rescue Hye-won. Dae-gil takes chase.


Chul-woong also attempts to go after Tae-ha but is hampered by Choi. Chul-woong pulls rank by showing his official seal, but Choi mistakes him for just another slave hunter and pulls out his own [counterfeit] seal. (Somehow, this male postering still ends up making me swoon rather than roll my eyes. One certainly can’t deny – these men are HOT!)


As they reach the center of town, Dae-gil takes an alternate street in order to cut Tae-ha off up ahead.

Hye-won is running from Baek-ho, Tae-ha is running towards Hye-won, and Dae-gil is running to intercept Tae-ha – all three about to converge at one intersection. OMG!



So far, we’ve seen some great development into the characters and what drives them –

Dae-gil’s endless quest to find Un-nyun, Tae-ha’s noble mission to save Prince Seok-gyeon, and Hwang Chul-woong…well, I’m still trying to figure him out. He’s such a fascinatingly complex character!

But Un-nyun/Hye-won…we don’t yet know all the details of how she spent the last ten years, but we do know that she hasn’t really had any purpose in life after the [supposed] death of her Young Master, Dae-gil. She has mourned his loss and basically passed the years as a listless (yet ethereal) creature. It’s only now that she’s broken free…will she begin to shed that lifelessness. We’ve already seen some of those sparks – first, when she persisted on knowing whether Tae-ha was a slave and why he was on the run; and second, when she smiled and laughed (probably for the first time in ten years) at Tae-ha’s long explanation of why soldiers sometimes get lost. I, for one, look forward to seeing how her character develops over the remaining episodes.


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  1. Jill4675

    GREAT RECAP! Thanks, hjkomo! 😉 It was like watching that episode again (so that makes three times for me!!! :lol:)! Incredible choreography on that fight scene!

  2. hjkomo

    ^ Jill, only three??? o_O hehe 😛

    Thanks for helping me edit (and Samsooki, too)! 😀

  3. Taohua

    Wonderful recap hjkomo! This was the first episode that completely won me over and it was partially because of the ending fight scene, but also mainly because of all of Hwang Chul-woong’s scenes, LJH totally rocked in this episode! The part were he bowed to his mother, I think I saw that like 20 times—wonderfully done. So was the scene b/t him and the actor who played Im Young-ho. It was also nice to get more of Song Tae-ha’s past history. I’m still ambivalent about the love triangle, but hopefully that will get interesting soon. Anyways, thanks again for the recap!

  4. samsooki

    Awesome recap, and great choice for the song! Fits the whole episode!

    And I love how you did the screen caps, especially the one where it was almost like 4 tv’s displaying 1 image! Really, really great recap.

    Oh, and I love Seol-Hwa passed out from boredom in the library. Dae-Gil and Choi are hard at work trying to find clues and Seol-Hwa can’t even pretend to be helping, she’s out like a light right in front of everybody, and she only wakes up when she hears the word “food.” LOL!!

  5. hjkomo

    LOL. That’s supposed to be “posturing” not “postering.” 😛

    …and omg, HOT-Jung Soo looks pretty funny with his torso cut in half, eh? ROFL. 😛

  6. samsooki


    That was a freudian slip if I ever saw one…. bet you have a shirtless Jang Hyuk poster on the ceiling above your bed…. admit it!

  7. Alert

    Thank you hjkomo for the recap! Great as usual!

    My fav episode so far! I(yet to watch 7 anyway). I watched the fight scene like 1000001th time and still. can’t. have. enough. of. them! And I totally love the scene when they fight and then the papers (with the secret ink) flew all over the place. Great symbolism.

    Oh, have I told how totally in LOVE I am with this drama yet? And the last scene basically made me jumpy all over, and heart almost stopped!

  8. soni

    OMG I ♥ you hjkomo!!!!!
    Made my night lol

  9. hjkomo

    @ Samsooki

    nah…that would be langdon813. 😉

    I hear a pot…with a Jang Nara poster hidden behind the tie rack in the closet…calling a kettle…..hehe… 😛

  10. 10 Jill4675

    @hjkomo Well, only three SO FAR… 😆

    @samsooki…I need to order one of those posters stat… 😉

  11. 11 hagrid0211

    hjkomo! Argh! I remember that intensely cruel cliffhanger! I was antsy the whole week because I couldn’t get my mind off from what’s going to happen next!

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! 🙂 And I must agree with samsooki your choice of caps was just brilliant!

  12. 12 Amg1

    @hjkomo, thank you for your hard work.
    I am enjoying Chuno to da max!
    I do not understand what the fuss is all about, so far this drama contains a good historical background, a lot of male/female eye candy, good music, the cinematography is top notch, etc,etc.
    One of the things that I am liking a lot about Chuno is the supporting cast, how the secondary, and tertiary plots are being develop, it may seem a bit to busy but it does keep the flow of the show at a very good pace,
    I do agree that LDH character is still some what underdeveloped, the damsel in distress is getting a bit old, so I am hoping that at one point her character may become more assertive, and also some of the many subplots may start to be resolve or at lest the writer shed more light in whats going on behind the political machinations of the bad politicians!!!!
    But so far so Good, Go Chuno…. : O }


  13. 13 littletwinkle

    I’m getting REALLY annoyed with all the girl characters in this show. I know that we’re back in ye olden times but do they really have to be such simpering pansies? UN/HW is grating on my LAST nerve. I don’t know if it’s something to do with LDH’s acting or it’s just a poorly written character but I just want a little bit of development and life breathed in to her. I gotta say, that was one AWESOME battle. My brother doesn’t watch dramas but I made him watch that one epic battle because it was pretty sweet. Pretty awesome episode, but I feel like the series is slowing down a little bit, hope it doesn’t get too bogged down by the story because this drama is awesome.

  14. 14 Quinze

    Thanks for the recaps!!

    This is actually the first historical drama I’m hooked on but I’m guessing because it’s not really historically accurate either?

    I LOVED the fight in this episode. It was so well crafted and well paced. I swear the action sequences in this drama are like a trance of awesomeness.
    Have watched this episode twice already but I’m guessing I’m going to go back and rewatch it all when the drama’s over 🙂

  15. 15 mimi

    What bothers me quite a bit with the storyline are these:

    1. It’s taking FOREVER for Dae gil and Un Nyun/Hae Won to meet. It’s dragging in a major way.

    2. The tiger shooting gunsman slave and his sidekick girl slave – I can’t believe how they smile and nonchalantly talk about killing/ shooting people. Their character portrayals are very odd b/c they don’t kill for a living, and yet they totally have no scruples. It’s different when you’re a soldier or that woman assassin who do that for a living. That woman slave reminds me of Chucky when she smiles about killing.

    3. I think they messed up the story by not having a clearly defined male lead. I mean–Who’s the good guy we should be cheering for??
    Is it Dae Gil or Tae Ha? The writers made them both ‘good’ guys, both have the affection of Un Nyun… This storyline is messed up.

  16. 16 fingertip

    now i see what all the criticism is about. not a single speck of dirt on LDH. wait, wait, wait!…is that a smudge?? oh, no, just my screen. great recap! lol, you’re such a fangirl. “hotness overload”

  17. 17 kiosksuper

    ya, I read in Chuno soompi-the writer already clarified HW character is supposed to be lifeless and there will be character development for her later.

    Yes, what a very fair complexion, never reliazed LDH is sooo white until Chuno.

    Btw, thank hjkomo for the recaps, CHUNO is indeed SPECTACULAR, what a masterpiece.

  18. 18 ellen

    OMG!! Are they gonna meet at the intersection!!!

    I like the part where Hye won got Tae Ha telling her if he was a slave on the run. Then the surprise smile & laughter when Tae gets defensive when she teased him if soldiers get lost. Maybe she’s beginning to shed off some burden of her long term grief(& lifelessness) after seeing her tease & smile.
    The fight scenes were awesome!!!
    I think some nit pickers would like to kill Hye won. Maybe she can come back as a ghost…animated form!!! LDH would be less intimidating that way to some!!
    I like LDH as Un yun/Hye won. I look forward to her change as she sheds off her grief & pain & fear.
    I like the way Tae ha cares & protects Hae won. Why not! She’s not a Damo.Tae ha is more than just a soldier… he protects Hye won without being asked.

    The recap quadruples my enjoyment of Chuno!!! THANK YOU!

  19. 19 lsk4020

    Wow, you gotta really respect those choreographers. Amazing fight scene there at the end =]
    It kind of reminds me of one of Patricia Wrede’s childrens’ books, one where in the end we have all the characters in a room and a ten-way argument/conversation/discussion =]

  20. 20 Sakura

    Thanks for the recap hjkomo !

    The fighting scene and the chased was really spectacular
    Dae Gil ran like a Ninja with his sword by his side but when he paused and then decide to change direction, we said no! no! don’t stopped just go! go ! and my heart was pounding very fast !!. and also with tears because I was hoping DG(after ten years wait) will meet Hye Won at the intersection.

    Yes Hye Won character is stil shallow, hope for further developments.

  21. 21 Mathew Kraft

    Agreed about the tiger hunting slave hunting for human instead.
    They are a new formed faction to free themselves from being slaves and aspire to become yangbans and making the yangbans turn into slaves.
    But one thing is very clear they are illiterate except for the slave girl.
    I wonder who is the master mind behind it.

  22. 22 Sere

    Guys, thanks for the recap. It was wonderful. It made me LOL (“because Dae-gil’s ears have a special GPS-navigational system with audio recognition software. LOL.”) and smile.

    Re: the library scene. I thought it was great: from Choi and Daegil brainstorming and trying to figure things out (smart is sexy, imho) to the comic elements (so many *g* Oh God, Wang-son drool was horrifying and distracting!)

    The 3-way fight was hot, zomg! @hjkomo There was another great 3-way fight in Return of Iljimae and that one was also good, but it wasn’t among 3 main characters.

    I don’t know what to make of Chul-woong, either. As much as I dislike him for how he treats his wife and for all the bad things he’s doing, I can’t bring myself to hate him…yet. Am I too soft?

    Re:Hye-won/Un-nyu. Gah, I really hope to see some major character development, otherwise I might end up rolling my eyes whenever she’s on screen. I sympathize with her, but the minute she part ways with Tae-ha, what does she do? Exactly the opposite of what he suggests. You’d think she’d listen to him or at least TRY to do what he suggests, if only for the fact that he’s supposed to be someone who can make it no matter how sticky the situation gets, but nooo. I’m not a hater, I actually like her and I really get it, she panicked, but still. She had the guts to leave her husband, yeah? I’d like to see more of that braveness. I guess the scene irked me because I figured she’d try to follow Taeha’s advise, but she didn’t even attempt to be brave. As I said, I like her. When Tae-ha was lost and she smiled, that was great, I loved that scene.

  23. 23 Soobi

    I can’t help but agree with some of you guys about UN/HW character.

    I really hope there soon will be some kind of development in her and that I won’t be disappointed with that progress.

    This is my first time seeing LDH acting and I have to say I’m not gettin good impression of her acting skills.

    I realize it all has to do with how her character is written but she’s not impressing me with her facial expressions either. Imo some of her awe/fear/surprise -faces look very fake.

    Any LDH recommendations for me?

  24. 24 kiosksuper

    @ Soobi, looks like u are new to kdrama world, so not blaming u. To me LDH is a very special actress and her fans I found are among professional group and also men (based on their comments in this blog or other blog as well), and she also got very passionate and rare antis who really follow her career development even faster then her true fans.
    There are lots of review on her previous acting from journalist, writer and movie/drama critics-my favourite is from MR X-quite eye opening.

  25. 25 Sere

    @23 Soobit
    My girl? Green Rose?

  26. 26 Goldie

    The three slave hunters are savvy with their arms and their technical navigation, – very impressed with their dedication to their work.
    They are kind and very funny too! and to me they are more than Hyungs.

  27. 27 Jill4675

    @#23 Soobi Watch her interact with Jang Hyuk in Robbers (title in Soompi thread), which is also entitled Bulhandong/Robber. She was outstanding, hence his recommendation that she be cast in Chuno. He knew what he was talking about…and the rest of the cast agree! So give her a chance and please don’t prejudge. 🙂 The writer has very precise plans for her character’s development. We haven’t even seen half the drama yet! 😉

  28. 28 Anya


    You are hilarious! I nearly spat out my milk when reading about “Choco” hahahaha. So far I’ve just been reading the recaps, but now you’ve really whetted my appetite… I think I’ll check Chuno out in the holidays when I actually have that elusive quantity known as time….
    @23 Soobit: I’ve only watched Lee Da Hae in My Girl, but I really loved her character in that drama, so don’t give up on her just yet! I agree that the UN character is really underwritten and really blah, but the way I see it, that will just make her (hoped-for) character transformation even more surprising.
    @ writer of Chuno drama: Please infuse some reality into UN! And continue on with the great fight scenes, swords and hot guys will never fail to have their fangairls 🙂

  29. 29 Chuck

    @mimi I agree about the slave who used to be a tiger hunter, and his slave girlfriend. It’s frightening how nonchalantly they kill or attempt to kill. And as Mathew Kraft mentioned, I’m wondering who is behind this slave revolt.

    I guess I wasn’t following the subtitles closely enough. When Song Tae Ha leads Hye Won to that isolated mountain top with a view, I thought he had done it deliberately, just to show her a beautiful view. And then I assumed her laughter was at this bit of surreptitious friendliness/love. Guess I got that wrong.

    In the scene where the slave hunters enter the library for information, and they lie to the librarian about who they are, Seol-hwa made me laugh when she said: “Brothers, did you just pull a fast one?”

    Chul-woong is the one who really puzzles me. After showing strength and integrity in refusing to go kill the retired minister for the current minister, he suddenly caves in and does his bidding. And I’m still not sure if he hates his wife, or loves her. The scene where he bows to his mother, perhaps, indicates that he has sacrificed his own honor—in becoming a hired assassin—in order to help his mother, somehow? Although how she would be helped by having a son who turns evil is beyond me.

    As for Hye Won’s helplessness, compare to her strength when she ran away from her husband-to-be, I think that is logical. She is strong in one thing only—her love for Dae Gil. When that is threatened, she can be fearless. In all other situations, she is as helpless as a rabbit.

  30. 30 samsooki

    @29, Chuck –

    I have the same puzzlement with Commander Hwang (Chul-Woong).

    He refuses to go after Song Tae-Ha, perhaps because Song Tae-Ha saved his life?

    Then, he attacks Song Tae-Ha, telling him that Tae-Ha will die because TH always treated him like a subordinate (umm, news flash, you always were).


    1. Song Tae-Ha is your superior officer.

    2. Song Tae-Ha saves your life during the Ming incursions.

    3. You betray Song Tae-Ha and ALL of your comrades, because Minister Lee promises you promotion.

    4. Song Tae-Ha and his men are TORTURED with red hot irons and turned into slaves, mostly because of YOU.

    5. But then you develop some remorse and refuse to go after him, when Minister Lee tells you to?

    6. But then after a day or two in jail, you change your mind?

    7. You marry a woman you’ve never seen, who turns out to be stricken with palsy, but even as gruff and as terse as you are to her, you still treat her with a good deal of dignity and respect.

    8. You treat your mom with the utmost of respect and honor.

    9. But then you turn into a murderer and mercenary, basically killing a half-dozen innocent people because Minister Lee wants you to do so?

    Chul-Woong, dutiful son and respectful to palsy-stricken women, and also a betrayer, a liar, a murderer and a pompous ass?


  31. 31 Sere


    “you still treat her with a good deal of dignity and respect.”

    That really depends, I suppose. Her husband could have been worse, treated her in harsher ways, if we consider the mentality of the time. She could have had it much, much worse, I get it, but honestly? Whether he chose to marry her knowing she was sick or not, he still *chose* to marry. You can argue he didn’t have much of a choice, really, but I don’t really care for which reason he did it. I’m kinda disappointed in him and how he treats her. For some reason, I was expecting more from him, which doesn’t make any sense considering his previous actions. I figured he’d be…oh idk, kinder with his wife since he’s so sweet with him mother. BTW, it’s highly possible I’m projecting, ok? I know how much it sucks when you try to say/do something and your body just doesn’t cooperate /TMI I know

    He’s complex, alright. I can’t believe he betrayed Tae-ha just because of a promotion and that decision triggered a chain of events he can’t control. Maybe he’s working for someone else besides Minister Lee and the only way to not expose this other “someone else” is by doing Lee’s bidding? This theory would explain why he was so reluctant to go after Tae-Ha in the first place as Tae-ha saved his life and, if I’m not much mistaken, they were close. He could sacrifice men he doesn’t know for the “greater good” or whatever, but not Tae-ha, but if it was necessary and Tae-ha was getting in the way, he’d have to kill him…aaaaand IDEK what I’m saying. Who this “someone else” could be? I’m rambling.

    I really hope Chul-Woong is not A villain, you know? I want to believe there’s something good in him.

  32. 32 Soobi

    No wonder I hadn’t seen LDH anywhere before since I admit I tend to like watching k-movies more than dramas. (And it seems she hasn’t filmed a movie before right…?)

    Thanks for recommendations guys I won’t give up on her.

  33. 33 Margie

    Do we really think chul woong love his wife? I dont think so.
    Look at his body language – didn’t even come near to his wife, did not eat together with his wife, didn’t even help his wife to hold her hand while she is trying to write something for him, no touching, no kissing, didn’t even sleep with his wife.
    No conversation with her , What kind of a man is he? except loving and respecting his mother.
    There was one tiny moment he smile to his wife.

  34. 34 samsooki


    but he’s already a villain.

    he betrayed all those men who used to be his buddies, including his superior officer who saved his life. he killed innocent people. i don’t think there is any redemption in chul-woong… at least, i hope he doesn’t get redeemed. he deserves to die.

  35. 35 EMx

    Great recap! I love the style and format in which you’ve presented it. Good choice of screencaps and I like the way you put it in blocks of 4.
    And your running commentary about the hot guys makes me laugh cos I thought the exact same things when I watched it.

  36. 36 SUzy

    Im only at eppy 3, but thanks for the recaps!!! anyway, im not sure why but it could be because this is my first time watching the ‘olden’ era of kdrama, i find it hard to catch the storyline, but i must say the acting is impressive, its like i am right there at that era…lol passing through and watching it come alive…one thing that i feel a bit funny and cant stand is the music…haha i get that the director wants us to feel the “intensity” of the particular fighting scene…but the music…eishhhh, lol, to me its way overboard, but anyway good drama to catch :), looking forward to ur next recap!

  37. 37 Soobi

    I agree HCW is a villain but not just simply evil and heartless. Which makes his character one of the most interesting ones in Chuno. He made a mistake when he succumbed under LGS’s power. Now he has to deal with it whether he likes it or not.

    What comes to his wife, I think he probably finds her repulsive and he doesn’t love her but he doesn’t hate her either. She’s just there. He’s cold towards her but I also see disappointment in his eyes in the scenes with his wife. Disappointment with himself.

  38. 38 Artemis

    Thank you so much for yet another great recap. Sometimes the yours and Samsooki’s recaps are even more enjoyable than the episodes themselves!

    I have watched up until this episode. Love everything about the drama except Un Nyun. It seems like everything about Lee Dae Hee’s character and acting is starting to irritate me. Uninteresting character development, wooden acting and it doesn’t help that she is still so clean, wearing lip gloss, even her nails are manicured – it’s starting to annoy me. Too bad, everything else is great! Come on, this is more than 300 years ago, and she is on the run!

  39. 39 les

    thanks for the recaps JB 🙂

  40. 40 Sere

    @34 samsooki
    I know. You do not sugar-coat the pill, do you? What I meant to say is that I don’t want him to be evil through and through. I know he’s done bad things and he should pay for them. Um, I think I need to see more.

    BTW, how many (major) characters do you guys think TPTB will kill off at the end of the drama?

  41. 41 samsooki

    @40 sere –

    wow, good question.

    I have NO idea. I’ve only seen through Ep 8 (Eps 9 and 10 this weekend!), and I’ve purposely stayed away from reading any spoilers or any BTS or anything that might reveal what would happen in the future, whether on Soompi or elsewhere, so with that in mind…

    Here are my guesses (backed up by nothing, no facts at all):

    I think the following ppl will die (not in any order):

    1. the assassin Yoon Ji (good riddance evil woman!)
    2. General Choi (nooooooooo! save General Choi!!!!!!!)
    3. Baek-Ho
    4. Wang-Son (this is also sad, but somehow, I don’t mind)
    5. one, but not both, of Un-Nyun and Dae-Gil.
    6. Seol-Hwa’s mom????
    7. Chul-Woong’s mom

    The following people will live throughout the series:

    1. Chul-Woong (booooo!)
    2. Minister Lee (boooo! x10)
    3. Chun Ji Ho and his men (hehe, cockroaches NEVER die)
    4. Both big and little Jumo
    5. Artist Bang and Maeui
    6. Seol-Hwa (mom turns out to be the gi-saeng to Minister Lee???????)
    7. Song Tae-Ha
    8. Eop Bok and his girlfriend slave

  42. 42 Sere

    6. Seol-Hwa (mom turns out to be the gi-saeng to Minister Lee???????)

    Omg, I hadn’t considered this. I love how your brain works.

    You know, I have no idea, either. Reading netizens’ speculations, Tae-ha seemed to be the most quoted “he-who-must-die” I really hope he makes it though. I don’t want to see Daegil die *stomps foot*

    Out of the 3 slave hunters, Wang-son seem the most likely to die soon.

    Gah, I really don’t know. The more I think about it, the less certain I am.

  43. 43 Chuck


    “6. Seol-Hwa (mom turns out to be the gi-saeng to Minister Lee???????)”

    Episode 7 makes me suspect something else about that gi-saeng.

  44. 44 Anonymous

    ohhh the Furious Angel’s track sounds very very similar to the song “clubbed to death” on the Matrix soundtrack.

    likes thanks:)

  45. 45 giddygirl108

    Wonderful recaps, again 🙂 Squee-ing is much needed in such times of manly hotness duking it out amongst each other ^_^

    I dunno if it’s just cuz of your selection of pictures but don’t you think LDH looks a little TOO serene while running from her enemies? I mean…maybe it’s b/c I’m out of shape, but I tend to have a scrunched-up face, sweat running down my face, etc. while I’m running.

  46. 46 hjkomo

    @ #44 Anonymous

    Furious Angels is on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. PD Kwak Jung Hwan used it in the first previews for the drama and seems to like fusion music (I personally love his choice of music – here and in Conspiracy in the Court). And if you listen to The Matrix trilogy soundtracks, there’s a lot of this melding of different music styles. Fantastic. 😀

  47. 47 fasha

    ^ thats exactly my point. she looks so stiff in this drama. her emotion too, looks like fake. let see, running from enemies but she still looks so serene and calm. even when sword is right at her neck, she still try to be pretty. not to mentioned about her useless character…. i can understand she cant do anything about her character, but atleast show some emotion while acting???? i get really irritated with UN/HW. i seriously believed LDH is a talented actress, but here in this drama, it just so hard to agree about her acting.

    and, i’m not her antis. anybody is free to express their opinion. when i criticized someone doesnt mean i’m an anti. i have no interest in following her just to find her flaw. i just watched chuno last week. aside from her, everything about chuno is superb.

  48. 48 Alert

    #37 Soobi

    You put it very nicely! I also feel that Chul Woong is disappointed with himself. If I were in his shoes, I would have felt pathetic myself.

    I betrayed my prince, tortured my friends and backstabbed the one who saved me by turning him into a slave – all for power and wealth. And in the end, I’m stuck with a pitiful wife, a heartless father in law, and a mother who still believes I’m a good man. How pathetic can man be? I’m sure one day Karma will hunt me down.

    Or perhaps he started out just for the sake of wealth and power, but never thought the wound would bleed this deep.

  49. 49 ockoala

    See, if I consider UN a cipher, a mirage, a figurehead, a “purpose” so to speak, then her character and LDH’s portrayal of UN doesn’t bother me one bit with the lack of realism or grittiness in a drama where everyone else is bathing in dirt and sweat. I hereby dub UN “The Protected.”

    She is a purpose, a goal for DG, and TH has become her protector and she has become the protected.

    And with that, this was a mighty fine Chuno cake you prepared for us, hjkomo-sis. Absolutely loved every slice you wrote and every screencap you gifted us with.

    The final three-way to four-way battle was brilliantly choreographed for a k-drama, really top-notch and I didn’t mind the excessive slow mo posturing at all. And each episode thus far has ended on the right note of OMG tension, can’t wait to see how Chuno develops!

  50. 50 Alison

    hahaha choco.

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