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Chuno: Episode 7
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Chuno Episode 6 left us gasping for breath, waiting nearly a week to see what happens with the former General-turned-slave Tae-Ha rushing to rescue the former slave-turned-noble woman Hye-Won (Un-Nyun to Dae-Gil and so named for the rest of this recap), the former noble man-turned-slave hunter Dae-Gil rushing to capture Tae-Ha, Un-Nyun trying to escape capture from her brother’s men, and Dae-Gil and Un-Nyun just seconds away from their reunion of sorts, as EVERYBODY appears ready to collide at a market intersection. Hehe!! It is a sight to behold, and you can’t help but jump up and down in anticipation.


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Based on the last scene of the last episode, Dae-Gil was about 12 yards away, or a mere 2 seconds, from meeting the woman he has loved with all his heart, and for whom he has searched all of Korea for 10 years.  It appeared that meeting was inevitable; even if Dae-Gil were to trip and fall, or even if he were to get stymied by the rush of the marketplace, he would see Un-Nyun and then nothing could stop him from be reunited with his beloved.  Only Un-Nyun doing something like getting herself captured before reaching the intersection would prevent them from seeing the other.


And then, in a major k-drama case of “nuh-uh, I can’t believe she did that” Un-Nyun accidently drops her rock (affectionally nicknamed “Choco” by hjkomo) which has represented her everlasting love for Dae-Gil, and Un-Nyun stops to retreive her precious rock… which, of course, leads to her capture by Baek-Ho before reaching the market intersection.  AUGH!! Oh, you foolish girl with perfect skin and hair, escape first! You can always get more rocks later!


And so Dae-Gil reaches the intersection without seeing Un-Nyun and immediately launches himself at Tae-Ha.  Slave hunter and runaway slave turn the crowded marketplace into a pile of smashed vegetables and broken tables. A quick stalemate in crossed sword to saber brings them face to face, but Tae-Ha’s attention is clearly on someone else. Dae-Gil quickly swivels his head to see who Tae-Ha is looking at but only sees the back of the captured woman! AUGH!! Oh, you foolish boy with sculpted choco-abs! At least see WHO it is that Tae-Ha is trying to rescue! You can always fight more later!


And while Dae-Gil senses that Tae-Ha is trying to save this mysterious woman in white, Dae-Gil is really beyond caring. He simply has to capture Tae-Ha.  But a desperate Tae-Ha collapses an awning onto Dae-Gil, and manages to get away. In mere seconds, Tae-Ha reaches Baek-Ho and the rest of Un-Nyun’s brother’s men. Three against one, it is one fight after another!


But high atop a rooftop perch, where Wang-Son should have been, a colorfully dressed assassin named Yoon-Ji patiently waits for an opportunity to strike. Yoon-Ji has been sent by Lord Choi (the man Hye-Won / Un-Nyun sorta married but not really) to kill or capture the runaway bride.  Yoon-Ji correctly surmises that it is too much work to capture her, and so Yoon-Ji readies a dirk to throw at Un-Nyun. Her aim is true, but Baek-Ho, the leader of the group of mercenaries sent to protect and escort Un-Nyun back to Un-Nyun’s brother, sees the thrown blade and throws himself in front of Un-Nyun, taking the hit for her. Un-Nyun cries out in shock at this latest attack.


The quick thinking Tae-Ha takes this opportunity to complete his rescue of Un-Nyun and they grab a horse and they are off!

After taking his sweet time getting himself untangled and freed from the collapsed awning, Dae-Gil tries to recover the lost time as he spies Tae-Ha fleeing with the mysterious woman in white.  Dae-Gil tosses one throwing knife in the air and whips the other at the fleeing duo on horseback. The first misses, but Dae-Gil catches the second knife and in a fluid motion, scores a direct hit!!


YEAH!  SCORE! DIRECT HIT!  Dae-Gil is pleased at his own martial ability, until he sees…


…is that… Un-Nyun??!


At that moment, in a complete daze as not in a thousand years would he have envisioned that he would have found Un-Nyun only to possibly kill her by a throwing knife, Dae-Gil is slashed at from behind by the soul-less Commander Hwang. Dae-Gil drops to the ground, lifeless.


A little while later, Baek-Ho and his men are recuperating from yet another ass-whupping by Song Tae-Ha.  Baek-Ho wonders, seriously, what the HELL he and his men have gotten themselves into.   Who are all these guys with extraordinary fighting skills? Could they ALL be sent by Hye-Won’s sorta-husband, Lord Choi?


Answer: unlikely. First their fighting styles are too different, and that woman… with her skills, she’s not even likely to be from Joseon at all, but from Qing (China) back when Qing was Ming – an assassin from the famed Ming Imperial Directorate of Ceremonial! Baek-Ho’s men are surprised. How could a Ming assassin be in the employ of Lord Choi?  If Lord Choi has that kind of pull, then he is not someone to mess with…


Meanwhile, the rat-bastard Chun Ji-Ho and his men find themselves in a bit of a pickle. As ordered, they kept watch as their employer Hwang went about slaughtering people in some rich person’s house. This guy Hwang has murdered a lot of prominent-looking people, and now the 500 nyang that Chun Ji-Ho’s gang got in advance doesn’t seem to be enough. Chun Ji-Ho may not be the best fighter or have choco-abs, but he’s got plenty of street smarts, more than enough to know that they weren’t paid 500 nyang just to play look-out.  Are they being set-up to take the blame for the murders? Commander Hwang orders Chun Ji-Ho and his men to burn the bodies, but Chun Ji-Ho doesn’t move right away. He figures more money needs to be forthcoming and Hwang needs them. Commander Hwang threatens Chun Ji-Ho with a few slick sword manuevers but doesn’t kill him – it looks like rat bastard Chun Ji-Ho was right – there will be more money coming.


Not too far away, Dae-Gil has awoken from his forced nap at the hands of Commander Hwang, but remains in a daze (thank goodness for the armor provided by a foresighted Choi!). But who cares about Dae-Gil almost dying! Un-Nyun is alive, Un-Nyun is alive!


Choi and Wang-son cannot believe it; they’ve seen it before more than a few times. But Dae-Gil is adamant – Un-Nyun is alive! Given everything that has happened, with amount of powerful warriors appearing left and right, Choi urges Dae-Gil to stop this search. But Dae-Gil has too many critical reasons to stop – his heart, his reputation, his wallet and his very life – all of these things are now at risk. It is much too late now to back out. His beloved, Un-Nyun is alive and close!


Dae-Gil, Choi and Wang-Son head back to the copse of trees where they left Seol-Hwa and the horses, but they find nothing. They search for Seol-Hwa, but she is nowhere to be found.  Ahh, that girl!  Where did that dancing strumpet go now? And what will they do without their rides?

Back to Tae-Ha and Un-Nyun, who have made it a short distance away before Tae-Ha is forced to deal with Un-Nyun’s knife wound. Tae-Ha has found a relatively safe and private location to tend to Un-Nyun, who has been bleeding profusely by the thrown knife. After inspecting the wound, Tae-Ha rushes off to create a field dressing to stop the bleeding. Tae-Ha returns and finds himself needing to undress her to adequately nurse her back to health.


Hours later, Un Nyun awakes to find herself half-nekkid from being treated by Tae-Ha and all blurry around her bosom for absolutely no reason at all.  Tae-Ha’s sword lies beside her, a symbol that he hasn’t left her, and will be there to protect her in the future? Un-Nyun realizes what Tae-Ha has done and goes outside the cave to thank him. 


Tae-Ha is just outside the cave, lost in thought by a shimmering water-fall. It would be somewhat romantic if not for the fact that Un-Nyun still has her Choco. Still, gentle Tae-Ha accepts the gratitude, but expresses the need to keep moving. Un-Nyun complies this time without argument, no more questioning from her. Tae-Ha has done more than enough to earn her confidence (umm, what about Baek-Ho who risked his life to save Un-Nyun? Doesn’t he get a thank you too?). Interesting, speak of the devil – Baek-Ho and his men have already caught up with Tae-Ha, tracking them all the way to the cave. 


As Tae-Ha and Un-Nyun get a move on through the bamboo forest, Baek-Ho and his men pop up in ambush out of the bamboo trees and halt the fleeing couple. Tae-Ha acknowledges their zeal, but don’t they realize by now that they are outmatched?  In a rather mixed show of respect and disdain, Tae-Ha plants his saber and picks up a bamboo switch. He won’t kill these guys who clearly want to protect Un-Nyun (with their lives if necessary). It is two against one, but Tae-Ha quickly drops both of Baek-Ho’s guards.


(Note: as impressive as it is, Tae-Ha does have a real advantage by using a short bambook switch. The bamboo switch is magnitudes lighter than the long swords carried by Baek-Ho’s men, and lighter means quicker, faster strikes.  In close-quarters fighting, Tae-Ha can easily take on both less-skilled opponents using slower weapons.)

Tae-Ha then faces Baek-Ho, who grimly charges ahead anyway.  Baek-Ho knows he is facing a superior fighter but fights anyway.  And not surprisingly, after a few bursts of fighting, Baek-Ho is also defeated.  Tae-Ha notes that he understand that they must keep trying, but can Baek-Ho and his men give them at least one-night’s peace? As men of honor, Baek-Ho and his men agree. They exchange v-cards, and Baek-Ho finds out the reason they keep losing. The man that guards Un-Nyun is none other than General Song Tae-Ha! They bow, probably feeling much relieved that they weren’t beaten by some scrub. Baek-Ho asks what message that Un-Nyun wants to pass back to her brother.


Un-Nyun pauses for a second, but then says something shocking (to everyone, including Tae-Ha):

Un-Nyun: Tell him that this man is my husband.



Woah, Tae-Ha and I… we did NOT see that coming.

Far away, at Left State Minister Lee Gyeong Shik’s home, more conspiracies are being planned, as Minister Lee tasks another son-in-law potential heir to corner the market in water buffalo horns, the key component in making composite bows. Minister Lee seems to be a supporter of the (now) Crown Prince Bong Rim, the second son of King Injo. Minister Lee surmises that if and when Crown Prince Bong Rim (who was the younger brother to the murdered Prince So-Hyeon) ascends to the throne, there will be war with the Qing, and Minister Lee’s future stash of water buffalo horns will make him an even more powerful figure in the Royal Court.


As part of that plan, Minister Lee calls in a rich merchant’s son, who has spent a decade being ignored for any kind of promotion to minsterial duty, despite his recent success with state examinations (which generally guarantee an upgrade in status). Minister Lee notes that a position for a ministerial position has opened up and it is high time that the rich merchant’s son was able to make the move up the political ladder… but, alas, this process could be greatly facilitated if the son would agree to hand over 50,000 nyang worth of water buffalo horns to Minister Lee, for a bank note for 1,000 nyang. The son is outraged but finds himself pulled in by the enticement that he could make even ten times the value of the horns once he starts behaving like the corrupt minister he always wanted to be. As night falls, the rich merchant’s son stalks away from Minister Lee’s home, vowing to recoup the losses he has suffered this very night.


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Miles away, night is beginning to fall on Seol-Hwa as well. After nearly a full day of waiting, Seol-Hwa is all alone. Where is Dae-Gil, Choi and Wang-Son? After the waiting all morning like she was ordered, Seol-Hwa had faced the increasing likelihood that Dae-Gil, Choi and Wang-Son have dropped her like a bad habit. Seol-Hwa had thus swallowed her bitter disappointment along with her tears, and sadly led the horses off to be sold. Seol-Hwa, alone again in this world, heads to a tavern to drink her sorrows away.


At the tavern, Seol-Hwa is immediately hit on by nearby men, and she decides to give up. Seol-Hwa tosses all of her remaining coins she got from selling the horses into the air and men gather around her greedily to take. Seol-Hwa resigns herself to playing the part of a dancing and singing strumpet, the role that she was forced to play when she was part of that dancing troupe and the only role that men only seem to expect out of her. It is a horrible existence to her, and so as she dances and sings like a puppet on a string, she is literally giving up – Seol-Hwa’s face streams her tears even as she smiles a frozen smile.


(I think this is my favorite scene so far. The style of singing and dancing that Seol-Hwa is doing is traditional folk music called jap-ga (잡가 (雜歌), but to see Seol-Hwa performing a folk song (min-yo – 민요 (民謠)) so beautifully and intimately is heart-breaking, considering who she is singing for. It is almost like she is showing them that she is more than just a pretty face. But these drunken men, even as they sing and clap, don’t care two nyangs about how she feels and they merely want to bed her. And Seol-Hwa knows all of this all too well as she sings and cries at the same time. I think the character of Seol-Hwa has stolen every single scene she has been in so far.)

And as one of the lecherous men creeps in to start fondling a drunk and resigned Seol-Hwa, Dae-Gil shows up! OH THANK GOODNESS! Dae-Gil kicks the would-be rapist away and Seol-Hwa turns to see her savior.


Seeing who it is, a depressed Seol-Hwa jumps up and cries out in unrestrained joy and relief, desperately hugging Dae-Gil:

Seol-Hwa: Orabeoni…?! Oh you terrible man!


Almost tenderly, Dae-Gil hoists a nearly passed-out Seol-Hwa on his back, carrying her from the place where she might have been raped and robbed by multiple men. Seol-Hwa is drunk but extremely happy that someone as cool as Dae-Gil Orabeoni did not abandon her.


Dae-Gil trudges back to his camp, with Seol-Hwa on his back, jabbering on for a little while about whether Dae-Gil knows what it feels like to be abandoned. Seol-Hwa finally passes out, and inadvertently drops her one prized possession – her hae-geum wrapped in cloth, and it makes a slight thud as it hits the ground. Dae-Gil notices and sighs, should he just leave it? But after a moment of deliberation, Dae-Gil bends low enough to pick it up. Hmmm, why is the Dread Slave Hunter Dae-Gil being so kind to a woman with whom he has no relationship, no duty, and no responsibility?


Not too far away, a similar scene is taking place between two other individuals.

Un-Nyun has sent away Baek-Ho and his men with a message for her brother. “Stop sending people after me, I am not going back to Lord Choi, I am already married to another man, General Song Tae-Ha.” But as Un-Nyun is trying to explain why she said that to Tae-Ha, and how Baek-Ho will probably not chase them anymore, she finally collapses from her injuries and insufficient time of recovery.


Tenderly, Tae-Ha hoists an unconscious Un-Nyun on his back, trudging south. Tae-Ha cannot stop his mission to avenge his Master and to protect the last remaining true Crown Prince, even if he has to carry this beautiful but helpless woman with him the entire way. Their lives are linked now, perhaps by chance or by fate, but their lives are now linked. And then, at last, Un-Nyun who has carried her rock for more than 10 years, which meant so much to her that she was captured at the beginning of the episode because she couldn’t not bear to let it go, at last, an unconscious Un-Nyun drops her Choco. Oh no! Poor Choco!


Dae-Gil carrying a passed-out Seol-Hwa and Tae-Ha carrying an unconscious Un-Nyun… do we have a debate on the horizon as to the One True Pairing?



As you might have noticed, I haven’t really spent too much time (or any time, actually) recapping the slave cabal story line with Eop Bok and others trying to start a rebellion against the yang-ban class and burning down the slave registers. The reason I’ve not spent any time on that story line is because I can’t really figure out how it plays into the main story lines. However, in this episode, Eop Bok’s role as the musket-totting slave has taken an interesting turn. Eop-Bok was given his next kill target, the rich merchant’s son, by someone who knew exactly how much money the target would be carrying. This points to Minister Lee as the mastermind pulling the strings behind the slave rebellion, because he was the only one who would have known that that target would be carrying a bank note for 1,000 nyang! If and when the slave story gets more integrated into the main stories, I’ll start recapping those scenes as well.

As for the rest of the episode, well, I am more than happy to be watching this drama. Granted, we are nearly 1/3rd of the way through, but given the huge size of the cast, there just hasn’t been enough time to develop all of the story lines and flesh out characters. But this isn’t really a criticism with Chuno, as it is more an acknowledgement that epic dramas with large casts will all generally have this issue.

I am now thoroughly enjoying this drama for what it is. An epic story in fusion sageuk fashion, with grand vistas and breathtaking cinematography, extremely beautiful people, wonderful action sequences, and interspersed moments of fun and hiliarity. The production values alone make this worth a long look. People might take issue at the character of Un-Nyun being a little lifeless and helpless, but really, I think we have to be patient for a while longer. This is a 24 episode drama, and Lee Da Hae’s character has all the room in the world to grow (17 more episodes!), whereas most of the other characters can really only remain the same. I think the character of Un-Nyun / Hye-Won will see a dramatic shift in the episodes ahead, and a lot of the minor quibbles about Un-Nyun ability to stay clean and her popping boobies will be forgotten.


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  1. xiaoSxin

    Chunooooo!!!! finally recaps!!! Thanks so much!!

    I have been enjoying watching Chuno so far.. I just wish that the PD stop torturing the fans anymore because all the cliffhangers of the “almost” meeting of Dae Gil and Hye Won really can induce a heart attack!!

    I just love how the drama uses symbolisms to contrast the character and plot development in the story!!! The ending is so sad but a huge milestone in their relationships!!!


    MMmmm, Im still not sure how I feel about Chuno. Not that Im up-to-date with it -at all, but it’s just so… DIFFERENT than what Im used to seeing in kdramas. Granted, I’ve never really expanded my horizons much passed romance-comedies.

    I like it, it’s nice to watch -but feels so foreign to me.

  3. langdon813

    LOL! What a great turn of phrase, “ability to stay clean and her popping boobies”! 😀

    I still absolutely love Seol-hwa. She is the consummate scene stealer, and such a cutie! No wonder Dae-gil can’t bring himself to abandon her. I’m praying to the drama gods nonstop to please please please let nothing happen to her.

    And as far as the OTP is concerned? I know exactly who the OTP is supposed to be…I’m just not sure I want it to stay that way (at this point). All depends on Dae-gil. Whatever makes him happy gets my vote. 😉

    Fantastic recap, samsooki! Love the song choices!

  4. müge

    I’ve been watching the drama, too. I can criticise some of the weird things in the drama as many people do – like LDH’s clean and perfect face,etc but when I look that drama as a whole, it really entrains the watchers I believe. also I think such dramas are not easy to film considerating many elements such as a huge cast, historical places and the other historical details, bla bla..
    anything beyond, to be able to watch 2 wonderful lead actors in a drama makes u feel lucky and cheerful^_^

  5. xiaoSxin

    langdon813 = as for the OTP.. i have my vote already!

    but I won’t reveal it until the ep 10 recap since I don’t want to risk a spoiler.

  6. momosan

    WOOT! Recap! Thanks samsooki…

    >I am now thoroughly enjoying this drama for what it is.
    We noticed….

    Alas Poor Choco…
    And double woot!! on the Evanescence tune. 😎

  7. lsk4020

    Oh, the symbolism! I felt like I was hit over the head with a hammer of symbolism. It almost makes me sad in a way, because for some reason I really wanted Daegil and Unnyun to end up together, but in the k-drama world, if there is an ending scene with a pairing of two people in the love triangle (or rectangle, I suppose, in this case) and the other one is NOT there to see it and get all angsty or mad with jealousy, the pair is meant to be. So sad =[

    I also thought it was symbolic how, when UN drops the stone, she doesn’t realize it and it’s left in the forest, but when DG drops SH’s instrument (I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called), he picks it back up again. She’s losing her link to him while he’s retrieving his link with another woman.

  8. ALYN

    I’m all about Tae-Ha/Un-Nyun 🙂
    Yeah first loves can be earth shattering and leave their touch on you forever (Especially a tragic one like this one) but sometimes two people just aren’t meant to be together. It’s time for both of them to let go of the past and move forward.

  9. Biscuit

    Seol-Hwa has touched my heart so many times in this series, that I do wish her to be with Dae Gil. Even though Dae Gil loves Un-Nyun, I do appreciate that he takes care of Seol-Hwa.

    Thank goodness that they didn’t drag the “Will Dae Gil ever see Un Nyun” story line. The timing was pretty right. Not too dragged, but long enough to have us excited for a good amount of time. Now that we’ve gotten past that, this episode pretty much sets up the foundation for the next upcoming events. Dae Gil knows Un Nyun is alive, Baek Ho is no longer chasing Un Nyun, and than there’s the Un Nyun and Tae Ho pairing… I honestly cannot wait to see what the next episode will be!

  10. 10 Taohua

    I should remember not to eat while reading your recaps…but AWESOME recap as usual 🙂

    I don’t know who I should root for and after episode 10, I’m even more conflicted. The ending I know will be depressing (aren’t there happy sageuks? Do those not exist?) but still I hope it ends with some sweetness. Anyways, even though the ending of this episode was a little heavy-handed with the symbolism—I liked it!

    And as samsooki said Un-nyun does have 17 episodes to develop (and she starts to..) so I think I’m okay with how she’s written. I really liked Seol-hwa in this episodes and Kim Ha-eun did a fabulous job.

    Anyways thank you for the recap!

  11. 11 sG

    Thank you so much for this recap! You made me feel the passion and sadness in this episode all over again. Seol Hwa’s tearful singing and dancing part seized my attention in the ep 7 preview and seized it when I saw it fully played out. It was so well-done, I wished the director and the music director had allowed the song to stand by itself instead of threading a competing instrumental piece beneath it. I wish the folk songs sung by SH, Eop Bok (after shooting DG) and the dancing troupe were on the soundtrack — I love them! Oh, speaking of great music, you made some pretty good selections to go with the recap yourself, Samsooki. ^_^

  12. 12 Laura

    ” do we have a debate on the horizon as to the One True Pairing?”

    What do you mean by that? One big reason Im still in episode 3 is because I hate to watch my Hyuk go trough all these hardships for one woman, and then be hurt finally just because she decided to pair up with Tae Ha. Hell no!!!!

    It gives me pain, just like when watching the end of Cowboy Bebop (a Japanese cartoon) Its like when I first started watching Asian films or cartoons and I would comment with others fellow watchers how frustrating it was for me that THE MAIN CHARACTER ALWAYS DIES AT THE END OF AN ASIAN FILM, mostly Japanese films (like samurais and stuff) and then I came to realize that dying was sort of like the reward of the character’s long and arduous life, or perhaps the redemptions of the character’s mistakes, in short that dying had its purpose, and that it was justice in some way.
    Now, Im comparing this “love matter” to a life and death matter, but it makes me feel the same way I felt when first dealing with Asian philosophy, and the way they see life so different from westerners… which, by the way, its what’s so fascinating about Asian culture. But huh, to go back to what I was saying…. (sigh) If Un-Nyun stays with Tae-Ha and not Dae-Gil, what would be the reward for Dae-Gil, or perhaps is it a form of redemption for the character’s wrong doings? But then again (mind me, I have only watch up to episode 3, but I have read all the recaps so far) what are the “wrong doings” of Dae-Gil are they that grave so that he needs to lose that which he has been searching for with all his life? I mean, so far, Dae-Gil is the only one that has my outmost compassion (aside from the fact that he is Jan Hyuk hehehe)
    Sometimes, writers disappoint so badly my heart can’t take it….

  13. 13 Amg1

    @samsooki, Thank you for the recap, “The style of singing and dancing that Seol-Hwa is doing is traditional folk music called jap-ga (잡가 (雜歌), but to see Seol-Hwa performing a folk song (min-yo – 민요 (民謠)) so beautifully and intimately is heart-breaking,” I agree with you I found this scene beautiful also the kind of singing is part of the “Sino” influence in the Asian cultures where the voice mimics the Chinese violin in its inflection and the usage of semitones not used in the western style of musical scale usage, this is what gives traditional Asian folk music its essence and aura!!!! Thank you again for the historical bits, they illuminate your recap even more….. : O }

  14. 14 Sakura

    @ samsooki
    thanks at your upbeat recaps, we laughed a lot !

    Could you please also explain what was the coverstion between STH and
    Hye Won about his sabre when she woke up ? because later she recalled the conversation about his sabre.

    We wont see the choco anymore, sad too !!
    As for the symbolic scene, Hye Won is unconciously letting go of her ten years mourning and love and Dae gil is picking up the pieces of his lost love but did you see how he clutched the hae geum ? – very stong and firm, so is he giving up on Un Nyun?.

    Chun Ji Ho (his pet is dae gil) the most funniest slave hunter . He can’t execute the task successfully why the experienced military man employ him? baffled.

    As for the OTP have to wait for episodes 10 & 11 translations.

  15. 15 pig-rabbit

    hey thanks so much for the recaps…
    however can u plz make them more detail

    like when Tae ha was removing UN’s clothes he saw the burned mark on her chest…which once said Slave….so he kinda knows that she’s a slave or once was…i thought that was important…

    and can you plz add in more Qutoes…specaily from Tae Ha and UN 😛 its just … i think its better to add more Qutoes than so many pictures…

    really sorry….but ur doing a fab job
    thank u so much

  16. 16 soni

    uhuhhhuu thank youuuuuuuuuuu
    I love love this drama, not only do I search the net like a maniac when the episodes come out to watch it raw, then wait for the subs, then check Dramabeans for recaps!!! I’ve gone MAD 😉
    Good night to everyone on the west side of the globe.

  17. 17 angryparsnip

    Samsooki. . . .
    OMG ! You had me laughing at the ending lines in the beginning paragraphs …foolish girl, foolish boy . . . . I need to use the line sculpted chcoc-abs somehow somewhere…
    Fabulous writing.
    Thank you for the recap !

  18. 18 Tha

    I’m with langdon813 on this one!!!

  19. 19 Jill4675

    Nice recap! Thanks, Samsooki! 🙂

    @15 pig-rabbit.: Yes, that was important! And yes, I like quotes, too…

  20. 20 Geeky Gal

    My one true pairing, and please don’t throw any Chocos at me; is TJ and DG.
    Second choice: DG and Choi.
    Their scenes have the best intensity, chemistry and beauty.

    The manicured-powered-choco-carrier has no oumph or sceen presence. Every other female character is more interesting than hers. I don’t know if it is bad casting or bad acting but this is turning into WISFC every time she appears.
    Since all the heroes are super-capable, couldn’t they have written a heroine with some prowess, strength and grittiness?
    If UN had been more interesting I would have liked her to be with TJ.

    Half the fun of watching Chuno is reading Dramabeans afterwards.
    Mille mercis.

  21. 21 mak

    I love all the scenes, especially TH/HW moment in the cave-the way he hold LDH is sooo gentle-yeah maybe don’t want to spoil her hair and LDH look like a doll-to me look like OJH is playing with the very delicate doll.
    Second fav is SH singing part-so sad.

    Read in Naver, the last scene, piggyback couple (symbolic one) gained the highest rating (more tha 41%).


  22. 22 notorious

    I honestly loved the last scene because I don’t believe the sought after OTP will occur or was ever meant to. Loved the symbolism! Could mean so many different things… Yum! I can’t wait! But as I see it, Dae-gil needs to be happy (no doubt with me) but more so he needs to be freed from the past. As long as that occurs, all will be well. Then we can have dirty sweaty choco ab-d babies 🙂

    17 eps of Un-hyun? Aish! If we must! grow little beautiful flawless spud! Grow!

  23. 23 jacky

    Yeah! That’s how we look at this drama. Just like the way you see it, samsooki! Fun and interesting without all the unwanted silly emotions critising the actors/actress.

    Me? Why shorten my life with being angry or unhappy with this drama when it’s more fun to lay back and enjoy!

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    Team DG.. i really hope he isnt the one not getting the girl and dying.

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    This drama has a lot going for it other than the lovelines. I finally started watching it these past two days and am hooked.

    I like LDH a lot, but now that I’ve seen the drama, I do think she’s miscast for this role… or is not doing that great of a job in her portrayal. The script may be partly to blame, but at the same time I feel as though she’s not adding enough depth to her character in her acting. I notice she blinks and does this thing with her lips/mouth way too much… It’s distracting.

    I hope she improves, because I am a fan, and I know she’s a better actress than this, so I hope she gets more into character in later episodes.

  26. 26 Annie

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    I also really, really loved the last scene with Seol-Hwa singing.
    And… one last thing from me: SAVE CHOCO!!! 😉

    Thanks for another great recap, Samsooki!

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  30. 30 Vickie

    Why dae gil has to die?. Did he kill people intentionally or hurt people that he has to die in the end , he will not be happy for the rest of his life even if he find another woman because his love is too deep , so CHOKO do find your way back to him !!

  31. 31 nooor

    i love this drama so much and LDH roles is perfect she is so nice sweet and weak women and i like the way Tae ha protect her and take care of her and no matter what people say she is the best And as samsooki said Un-nyun does have 17 episodes to develop (and she starts to..) so I think I’m okay with how she’s written.

  32. 32 Chuck

    “Eop-Bok was given his next kill target, the rich merchant’s son, by someone who knew exactly how much money the target would be carrying. This points to Minister Lee as the mastermind pulling the strings behind the slave rebellion, because he was the only one who would have known that that target would be carrying a bank note for 1,000 nyang!”

    I think the gi-saeng knew about the 1.000 nyang, too, and that’s why I suspect she, somehow, is behind the slave revolt. Also, remember, she said to the Minister: “A beautiful woman can bring down an empire.” Or words to that effect.

    Here is my theory about Commander Hwang Chul-woong’s behavior. He is simply too strong and upright a man to be doing the evil things he is doing—-unless he is being blackmailed. He would never, in my estimation, give in to physical threats against himself, nor to bribes of money or position. The only way to force him to do something against his will is to threaten someone he loves. That must be his mother. So I think the evil Minister threatened to kill or enslave his mother, and this is what forced Chul-woong to do all the evil things he’s done, back to the original betrayal of Song Tae Ha. He then gives other explanations for his behavior, such as wanting Tae Ha’s position, or not liking the way Tae Ha treated him, so that his mother will not know that she is the reason for his actions. He hates what he is doing, and *hopes* that someone will succeed in stopping him.

    • 32.1 Gasenadi

      Two years late cuz I didn’t even know kdrama existed when Chuno was aired. But I truly appreciate your analysis of HCW’s motives. Chuno is my favorite, all-time drama of over fifty and HCW was the very first assassin I ever cried over. It dumbfounded me! Your explanation makes so much sense. Thanks. (If only dramabeans would finish recapping)

  33. 33 Sere

    Thanks for the recap, guys.

    umm, what about Baek-Ho who risked his life to save Un-Nyun? Doesn’t he get a thank you too?

    Um, didn’t she turn back and ask if he was alright? She was quite worried, imho, but then Tae-ha literally dragged her away. I really like Baek-ho. I’d like to see more of his backstory too.

    I have to agree with you about Seol-hwa’s scenes: she did steal them all. And yes, when she was singing and dancing, oh god, that was such a touching scene. One of my favorite scenes for sure.

    do we have a debate on the horizon as to the One True Pairing?
    You know how swayed I am, right? At this point, I don’t even know if “swayed” is the right term, but anyhow, do you know what I really, really, really want as ending for this drama? For Daegil, Tae-ha, Seol-hwa and Un-nyu to be happy and I don’t really care who ends up with whom as long as they’re ALL happy. I’m going to enjoy the ride, keep shipping my pairings and if I change my mind at some point? *shrugs* As l said, as long as in the end, they’re happy, who cares, right?

  34. 34 Sere

    @32 Chuck

    Re:the giseang theory. Oooh that’s a nice one. I like it.

    I’m not so sure about Chul-woong. I really want to believe he’s essentially a good person (my theory was that, rather than blackmailed, he was working for someone else other than Minister Lee so in order not to expose this other person, he was forced to go with Lee’s plans), but I don’ t know anymore. For sure, I still can’t hate him for some reason.

  35. 35 makeupmag

    When SH decided to fritter away the money, I felt another twang of annoyance at her. Yes, her dancing was sad and we get that she feels abandoned and lonely but to sell her benefactors’ horses and throw the money away?!

    The OTP symbolism would have been perfect if they didn’t bludgeon us with it. When abandoned Choco was in the frame the first time, I silently hoped that they wouldn’t pan to it again. They did and that somehow spoilt the moment for me.

    As for LDH, I caught her effervescent personality on Happy Together and it reminded me of all that she’s capable of. I’m looking forward to watching her development acting-wise.

    PS: Thank you again for your notes on weaponry and the like. They add so much to my understanding/enjoyment of this drama! 🙂

  36. 36 hagrid0211

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    One thing tho, you know what would have been a better opening screen cap? Your “Abandonment” motivational poster! AHAHA! 😛

    Anyway, POOR CHOCO! 🙁

    Kdrama Gods PLEASE SAVE CHOCO!

  37. 37 s

    so many quotables in this episode recap xD

    “They search for Seol-Hwa, but she is nowhere to be found. Ahh, that girl! Where did that dancing strumpet go now? And what will they do without their rides”


  38. 38 Amg1

    @samsooki, Hey DUDE! thank you very much for your hard work, I just re-read the clarifications that you did on the other episode that you recap, the slave issue, the translating problems, I speak fluent Spanish being my mother tongue, English being my adopted second language, it is quite difficult at times to transliterate a phrase or a word as the near equivalent in the other language does not suffice to render the proper meaning in the original language, so the translator is left with the hard choice to change or alter the original meaning to compensate for the lack of different language and idiomatic true word equivalents.
    Me not being a Korean speaker I cannot comment whether an episode was translated right or not, that’s why Dramabeans recaps is such a wonderful tool for us because a lot of times it clarifies a lot of the different ways an episode has been sub, and you guys bring a true to life translation of the original…Again I humbly bow down to all the people who contribute to make this site my favorite Blog in the whole cyber world, Thank you, Muchas gracias, Mahalo nui loa.
    ” -o- “

  39. 39 ellen

    Thank you! I smiled so much reading your recap with your side comments.
    Another spark from HW!! Stunned me when she told BH to tell her brother she is now married to TH…shocked TH too!!

    Poor BH. Must hurt him to hear this. Secretly loves her, almost got killed saving her.
    Isn’t BH manly & handsome with neat sleek hair, well trimmed beard, moustache, well groomed from head to toe!

    HW dropping Choco, the rock must symbolize letting go of her 10 year burden of grief for DG. On the bright side DG might find it there!! Just being hopeful. I prefer DG & UN reunion. Maybe she’d get pregnant by TH, he dies a hero leaving HW with DG. Ha!

    SH with DG? No, way. She’s so desperate to have him but there’s no hint DG has hots for her.

  40. 40 samsooki

    You guys have good points!

    Honestly, when Hye-Won / Un-Nyun drops the rock Choco, I didn’t see it as her dropping the burden of 10 years of grief and being partially responsibility for the death of a lot of people at the hands of her brother. Silly me, I just assumed she dropped the rock because she was sleeping when she was holding it. (i.e., sometimes, a pickle and a donut are just a pickle and a donut).

    But, I think you guys are right.

    Now, if and when DG meets Un-Nyun, they will not be living in the past, and DG and Un-Nyun will each have to choose whether they want to be with the other of today, and not of the past.

    But this is a good thing and not a bad thing. People who live in the past cannot deal with the prsent nor can they see the future. If DG and UN are to have a successful relationship together, now, they must deal with what has happened to each of them over the last 10+ years, all the good and bad, and recognize that each of them are not the same person that they might remember from so long ago. If they can deal with that, and if they accept that, then they have a chance…

  41. 41 Sere

    True, and if they can’t/don’t want to be together anymore for whatever reason, they can move on, but only if they face what happened in the past. If they don’t face that, they’ll never be able to be happy (alone, with each other, with someone else, whatever) or find some peace cos there’ll be always this huuuuuge unresolved thing between them.

  42. 42 samsooki

    @14 Sakura

    1. UN says to TH that she thought that TH had left her and left behind his sword. But I doubt that, I think she just wanted to start a conversation with him.

    But TH’s response is exactly to the point – soldiers never leave behind their weapons, but if they do, it means they are coming back. This leaves UN without anything to say in response (she wants conversation with TH), and so her only response is, “you don’t leave me anything to say in response.” hehe!

    2. When DG has SH on his back, I don’t think DG is giving up on UN. I think he is trying to remember what it was like to be in love. I think this is the first time that he has held a woman on his back since UN, and he is trying to remember his life when he was with UN.

    3. Commander Hwang Chul-Woong doesn’t really need Chun Ji-Ho and his band of misfits for serious tasks like killing or defending. He just wants to use them. Chul-Woong has a lot of dirty deeds to do, some of which he has already done, and so he has to pick people that he can either trust 100% or people that he can use and then throw away. I think Chun Ji-Ho and his men fall into the latter camp.

  43. 43 eiko

    Hana Hou Sam Sooki…..Hana Hou!!!! Okay…I’m back in the groove and it’s because of your descriptive comments and excitement which made me feel like I’m sitting right smack dab in the middle of the fighting and yelling! Better than a Burt Lancaster swash buckling movie! 🙂

    I’m focused on the stone….now what?

    Mahalo for the exciting recap…..

  44. 44 robotmatsuri

    @32 Chuck

    I think the gi-saeng knew about the 1.000 nyang, too, and that’s why I suspect she, somehow, is behind the slave revolt. Also, remember, she said to the Minister: “A beautiful woman can bring down an empire.” Or words to that effect.

    I’m thinking the same thing–I don’t think Minister Lee is doing it. It’s either her or someone else close to him. *shrug*

  45. 45 Sakura

    @42 samsooki, Hi,

    Thanks for the explanation, , like what you @40 explained if that happen then I think they will have to extend the 24 episode for it to happen if there is a chance……

  46. 46 Alert

    I totally love the parallelism that ends this episode. It doesn’t make you jumpy on your seat like previous eps endings, but it’s heartwrenching-ly memorable, and ends with a lot to discuss on.

    I love when Samsooki mentioned DG is trying to remember what it was like to be in love. I think it hit him when he found SH, and SH drunkenly asked him whether he ever felt being abandoned before. And to think he’s still shocked from his first sight of UN after years, it made me realised that DG is finally realised how he missed UN, and missed the memories with her.

    And this parallel to the situation with TH and UN. When UN told BH that TH is her husband, perhaps her reason is to avoid BH from following her , and trying to assure her brother that she’s in a safe hand. But I think this also hit TH and it made him remember what it was like to be married.

    And then Choco was dropped. A part of me was so sad when Choco watching from afar (Choco’s a character now?!! *hahaha*), unable to say goodbye properly. Of all the places, it got lost in the woods? That’s just… sad. Poor choco.

  47. 47 rainerust

    Love your recap as usual, Samsooki, very brilliant (which is good since I’m following this series via recaps…I want DG and UH to end up together too much to follow the actual drama without feeling frustration, since they’re my shipped OTP, although I suspect the REAL OTP will be TH and UH).

    Also loving your screen caps, so please don’t cut down on them! (Despite what people have said in front).

    And quick question: but did they actually blur out the bits where UH is semi-naked and unconscious in the cave with TH?! LOL I’m actually highly amused by this…

    Thanks again, Samsooki! Looking forward to more recaps from the team on Chuno!

  48. 48 Soobi

    Thank you so much for the recap!

    I also loved the scene with Seol-hwa. She obviously has some growing feelings towards Dae-gil and she was so happy and relieved to be carried by him but sadly I think the only thing in Dae-gil´s mind was Un-nyun. I hope we get to see more about Seol-hwa´s past as the drama goes on!

    I don´t know about that ki-saeng lady being behind the slave revolt but there surely is something suspicious about her…

    Remember the scene where Minister Lee hired Dae-gil to go after Tae-ha, I thought the ki-saeng was smiling dubiously at Dae-gil… ?_?

  49. 49 Daniel Chen

    Thanks for the songs and recap SAMSOOKI.

    Have been noticing the plot of kdramas.
    When the man and the woman spend more time with each other and when there is showing of their upper half naked torso of the woman or man then you know that is the OTP. Had been noticing it in some kdrama.

  50. 50 spiderweb

    thanks so much for the recap.

    i feel optimistic about the character development of UN. two signs of hope:
    1. earlier, she laughed at TH when he seriously defended himself about being lost
    2. in this ep., “you don’t leave me anything to say in response.”
    these make me think that there are some hidden aspects of UN that we have not yet seen.

    by the way, the eng subtitles on viikii don’t seem accurate. is there only one version of subtitles?

    if there are more than one version, can you suggest which one to follow? thanks!!

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