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Chuno: Episode 8
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The Thursday episodes cliffhanger tradition continues with the so-close-yet-so-faraway chase between Dae-gil and Tae-ha/Un-nyun…


Enya – “Far and Away” [ Download ]

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The episode begins with a flashback of Dae-gil piggybacking Un-nyun and telling her his plans – he’ll pass the national examination, get an important position in court, and create a world that doesn’t discriminate between social classes. This is the world he dreams of – one where he and Un-nyun can live together for all eternity. Aww.


Back to the present…
Because one viewing (in Episode 7) wasn’t enough to show us just how sad it was for Choco to be unwittingly dropped and left behind by an unconscious Hye-won, we get to see it one more time. Poor Choco!


In the morning, Seol-hwa is jolted awake by the slave hunters demanding to know what she did with their horses and money. Seol-hwa says she sold the horses and spent all of the money on food and drink. Uncharacteristically, even General Choi loses his cool over the news. Wang-son suggests selling her to recoup some of the loss, but Dae-gil just coldly tells her to leave, which she does tearfully.


Dae-gil notices Seol-hwa left her haegeum behind. In a sharp contrast with his ostensibly harsh dismissal of her, he once again picks up and rescues her precious instrument, just as he had done when he piggybacked her from the tavern in Episode 7.


Meanwhile, Tae-ha has brought Hye-won to the house of his former superior. While Hye-won sleeps, Tae-ha briefly removes his headband revealing the 奴 (no – male slave) branded on his forehead. He leaves her with some juk (porridge) to eat, as well as new clothing and a hairpiece (which will make her look like a married woman but is the easiest way to conceal her short hair).


Tae-ha apologizes to his former superior (played by Jung Ho-bin) for bringing trouble to his doorstep. The former general resigned from his commission when Joseon was defeated by the Qing and only wishes to live out the rest of his days in peace.

General: Is that woman a slave as well?
Tae-ha: She is a maiden from a noble clan. And I am not a slave.

The general reproves Tae-ha for defying the law and points out that, under the law, Tae-ha is still a slave. Tae-ha asserts that he was falsely accused, but the general says that’s no excuse. A public servant must always follow the law – that is how one serves his sovereign (above) and looks after the people (below).

Tae-ha: Why did you refuse to surrender to the Qing and leave the force? Wasn’t that not following the law?
General: There are certain orders a soldier cannot follow.
Tae-ha: It was the same for me.

Tae-ha then informs him that Im Young-ho was murdered by the general’s own subordinate, Hwang Chul-woong.


Elsewhere, Scholar Jo continues on with the late Im Young-ho’s plans to create a new world. He distributes the messages written by Im Young-ho in invisible ink to Song Tae-ha’s men, who have all been living as slaves these last two years. After revealing and reading their secret messages, the men each partake in a fiber-rich snack. (Yum!)


While Tae-ha speaks with his former superior, Hye-won/Un-nyun changes into the hanbok and hairpiece Tae-ha brought her. She looks at the scar on her chest, where her slave brand used to be, and then suddenly notices that Choco is gone. OH NOES! She searches frantically for her precious rock but realizes that she must have dropped it while being carried by Tae-ha. With a heavy heart, she reminisces about the good ol’ times with Choco and Dae-gil.


Flashback: While Dae-gil is studying for the national examination, Un-nyun brings him a late-night snack. He pulls her into his room and reminds her of his promise to carry her piggyback around the eight provinces of Joseon, teasing that he could blow off the exam and start the journey now, if she likes. He playfully tries to pull her onto his back, while she resists…leading to a close encounter of the romantic kind. Dae-gil leans in to kiss Un-nyun, but she draws back at the last moment and asks that he not toy with her. As a child, she naïvely thought they were equals, but she is now well aware of the class divide between them. So, what else could she be to him but a plaything?

Dae-gil: You know… I hate it all.
I hate you being cold, I hate you being hurt, and
I hate you having a hard time.


Un-nyun remembers this and mourns the loss of Dae-gil Choco. (But don’t worry, Choco! You’re lost but not forgotten!)


Tae-ha says he’s going to Jeju Island to save Prince So-hyeon’s last remaining son, but the general warns that the course of history is not so easily changed. Nevertheless, he agrees to stall for time, when Hwang Chul-woong arrives, to allow Tae-ha and Hye-won to make their escape.

Former superior and subordinate engage in a droolworthy battle of skills. (Jung Ho-bin in a fight scene is always hot + Lee Jong-hyukHOT = double hotness. *someone get me a fan – stat!*)


But, in the end, it’s the former subordinate who remains standing, while the general lies mortally wounded.

General: So, you have greatly improved…
Chul-woong: May you rest in peace.


Tae-ha and Hye-won leave the general’s house dressed as nobles. They pass right by Chun Ji-ho, who notices something peculiar about the couple – why are they traveling without any retainers or belongings? He calls out to stop the two passersby, but they narrowly escape when Hwang Chul-woong distracts Ji-Ho with instructions for another corpse disposal. Phew!


While Baek-ho’s men continue to trail Hye-won, Baek-ho reports back to her brother and informs him of Hye-won’s marriage to Song Tae-ha. As if discovering his sister is married to a runaway slave weren’t bad enough, Kim Seong-hwan (a.k.a. Keun-nom) learns that the slave hunter pursuing them is none other than Lee Dae-gil, the man he thought he had killed along with his entire family. Under the pretext of protecting Hye-won, Seong-hwan orders Baek-ho to kill Dae-gil – at all costs.


Since Seol-hwa squandered away all their money, the slave hunters have to replenish their funds. Using their counterfeit amulets, they impersonate capital bureau officers and demand citizens show their hopae, (호패 / 號牌) state-issued wooden identification tags. Those with legitimate tags are let go, while those without (because they are either criminals or runaway slaves posing as commoners) are fleeced for bribes.


While Dae-gil scours the main streets for his next mark, Seol-hwa hangs around the food vendors hoping for some free food. As [bad] luck would have it, she runs into the dance troupe she ran away from. She’s caught with no possibility of escape, but then, she spots Dae-gil and calls out to him for help – Orabeoni! Her pleas remind Dae-gil of the Manchu war, when Un-nyun cried out to him to save her, but he merely watches as they drag Seol-hwa away, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear…


…until his conscience gets the better of him.

Once again, Seol-hwa is forced to dance for tips and give a preview of her wares for the evening’s more intimate activities. (Like the music played during Seol-hwa’s folk song in Episode 7, the music here is used beautifully in this scene. I love the dichotomy between the upbeat folk song and the more somber tone of the score.)

Chuno OST – “Flower Road Star Road” (꽃길 별길) [ Download ]

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When Seol-hwa comes across Dae-gil acting like a customer (in the episode’s most adorable pose), she hugs and tackles him to the ground, overcome with tears of joy and relief that he came back to rescue her.


The dance troupe, however, is not about to let go of Seol-hwa that easily. Dae-gil offers 200 nyang for Seol-hwa, a price that the troupe leader is too greedy to pass up, but when Dae-gil hands over only 15 nyang and a verbal I.O.U., the leader orders her men to teach him a lesson. Dae-gil, however, concludes the transaction by opening up a big can of whoop-ass on them.


Back at the ravine, Wang-son flaunts his loot in front of Choi, whose earnings were a bit more meager. Then Dae-gil, whom Wang-son is sure to have scored the biggest, brings back…uhhh, Seol-hwa? Wang-son is incensed but then easily appeased with a little sweet-talking from Seol-hwa. She also vows her days of troublemaking are over and promises to do all the cooking, washing, and laundry.


Too bad, though, that Seol-hwa’s ineptitude at cooking leaves Wang-son wearing the apron again that night. (Ha!)


Tae-ha and Hye-won stop at an inn for the night, sharing a room with only a cloth divider hanging between them. Tae-ha asks Hye-won to come to Jeju with him. That is where it all begins…where history will be rewritten. Hye-won does not wish to get in the way of his important mission, but Tae-ha expresses his desire to protect her (something he failed to do for his wife and son). When the cloth between them suddenly falls, they see they have been facing each other, and a moment of awkwardness at realizing just how close they are ensues.


In Mokpo, Hwang Chul-woong sends two of Ji-ho’s men back to Hanyang with a letter for Lee Gyeong-shik and then requisitions a military boat for Jeju.


Tae-ha and Hye-won, however, are headed to Jeju via Wando, and Dae-gil, having figured Tae-ha would take this route, is hot on their trail. But the more immediate threat comes from the Ming assassin, Yoon-ji. Disguised as a noblewoman, she sneaks an attack on Hye-won, lunging with her knife from behind, but Tae-ha’s quick reflexes keep the blade from plunging into its victim. As Tae-ha and Yoon-ji fight in hand-to-hand combat, Yoon-ji unsheathes a second knife and jabs upward. Tae-ha moves quickly enough to avoid injury, but his headband is not so lucky, and it falls to the ground, revealing Tae-ha’s slave brand.


Hye-won sees Tae-ha’s slave mark, Tae-ha sees that Hye-won has seen his slave mark, and Dae-gil is moments away from reaching Tae-ha and Hye-won. Again.



Tae-ha has repeatedly told Hye-won that he is not a slave – something he truly believes, but even his former superior has pointed out that he is a slave under the law. Now that the cat is out of the bag, how will Hye-won react?

And will Dae-gil reach them in time? PD Kwak and the writer, Chun Sung-il, have certainly left the viewers clamoring for more, while agonizing over the six-day wait for the next episode, with these Thursday cliffhangers. Stay tuned.


56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cattey

    thanks for the recap!!! i still haven’t seen this episode yet, but reading your recap just makes me want to watch it even more! the writers sure know when to end an episode – ridiculous cliffhangers they have! no matter, though, this series is eating up my life little by little..

  2. Sorcy79au

    I’m SO loving Chuno right now. There’s so much hotness involved!! YUM!
    Thank you for doing these recaps.

  3. langdon813

    I can’t help it, and I know saying so will come back to bite me in the rear end, but I like Dae-gil and Seol-hwa together WAY more than Dae-gil and Un-nyun. I’m not feeling UN at all. Not even a little. And I reeeeallly want to, but I’m not.

    Had another “Hey, it’s him!” moment when Jung Ho-bin showed up. He’s always so fantastic; to get to see him go mano a mano with Lee Jong-HOT was great!

    And look, no blurred boobs this time! *gasp* 😀

    Another wonderful recap, my friend! Loved the song choices, too!

  4. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! Great writing as usual, and the visuals are just stunning.

  5. Sakura

    Thanks for the recap and humour hjkomo ! .

    I don’t understand why Un Nyun’s brother instruct Baekho to kill dae gil again after knowing he is alive. Some kind of hatred he kept all this while?

    Yes STH seems to coax Un Nyun to tag along with him, kind of persistent –
    lonely to be travelling alone or having some other motive – plan?.

    ps, I like the song too.

  6. favegirl13

    Chuno keeps getting better and awesome
    the cliffhangers are killing me but oh well..
    loving it

  7. JJ

    “Dae-gil and Seol-hwa together WAY more than Dae-gil and Un-nyun”

    So do I. I’m desperately hoping that he can experience some happiness with her for at least some time (I have a feeling he’s going to die eventually). If only he would let himself! I guess he needs closure with UN first. But as her brother said…”if you truly love her, let her go”.

    UN and TH are building something really special together. Finding a purpose in their existence…together.

  8. ellen

    HW & TH look so good together. They have developed a relationship. Even subtle gestures with hands, eyes without words seems to convey a lot between them.

    How about UN & DG. Wait till HW sees him alive!! I’ve been teased many times! They are the same yet different when they meet again.

    Thank you.

  9. serendipity


    Nice recap. Thanks! Full of all sorts of hotness.

    Strange how bland and uninteresting the old, clean-living Dae Gil is. Is this the same man as that tightly wound-up, explosive ball of muscle, intensity and emotion? Cor!

    That wasn’t a real long recap, huh? I’m guessing you didn’t have to edit it down too much. Story seems to be losing steam. Methinks the plot needs to get a move on.

    The soundtrack, though, oh the soundtrack! Can’t get tired of it. So exciting, so atmospheric.

  10. 10 wave

    Get Seol-hwa out of my way! As a man, I won’t entertain craps like her, an excess baggage and a mere passenger good for nothing but spent hard earned money to her heart desire.

    Give me Un Nyun anytime, clean and beautiful (so what!). It was Tae Ha who want her by his side and hey, If I have his skills, I’ll protect my woman as he did!

  11. 11 mae

    I’d love to be in Un Nyun’s shoes. Now, which woman does not want to be loved and protected by their man like Tae Ha did? Or Dae Gil?

    I think Lee Da Hae’s attracted criticism mostly from jealous girls because her character’s UN is the object of affections of two hot men.

    As a girl, I just enjoy the drama. The story line is beautiful.

    To hell with trivials like clean and pretty . korean and chinese historical dramas are alike. Their heroines always look pretty and clean. But nothing compare to chinese heroines who were dressed and made up as if they were going to a ball. And they look like that even after fight many scenes or wandering around for a long time!

  12. 12 rant

    I’d rather have UN as company than Seol-ha, a real menace.

    Tae ha knew the dangers and problems if he took UN with him. She did not impose herself on him unlike SH.

    But TH is a man in love and after asking her to go with him (he just wants her by his side!) it’s his responsiblity to protect her.

    Yes, I’d like to be UN and be loved and protected by my man. Aren’t we girls?

  13. 13 Mathew Kraft

    Thanks Hjkomo,

    Seol Wah is fun to be with but not as a lifetime companion.

    It will take a toll on STH to protect the crown prince and Hye Won at the same time. Who will die in the end ? OR WHO WILL STAY ALIVE ! .
    The one with a pure heart will some how survive ? .

  14. 14 pixie

    thanks for the recap hjkomo!

    @langdon813 – i’m with you on DG and SH. the boring DG from the past fits UN, and the hyper-active present DG needs more someone like talkative SH lol! as much as i used to love all the fighting scenes, it’s getting tiring now. i find myself fast forwarding and not even caring anymore.

    anyway, looking forward to next recap it’s getting exciting 🙂

  15. 15 ojhlv

    im sooo in love with OJH……he rocks my world!

  16. 16 nell123

    The good thing is that after this episode SH tones down the stupidity. Unfortunately it doesn’t make her more likable, but at least it’s a progress.
    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  17. 17 pig-rabbit

    just wanna say SUPERB recap….much better than the last one….
    do keep up the fab work…

    TaeHa and UN are just made for each other…love all their scens…

  18. 18 Chuck

    “Tae-ha and Hye-won stop at an inn for the night, sharing a room with only a cloth divider hanging between them.”

    That scene was very reminiscent of a scene in It Happened One Night, when Claudette Colbert, playing a runaway heiress, was travelling with Clark Gable, a reporter after a story, and they start falling for each other. One night they end up in a little one-room cabin, with two beds. Gable strings a rope between the beds, and hangs a blanket on it for a divider. He called it “the Walls of Jericho.”

    (Here’s a YouTube clip of the scene, if you want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz-A_86PJG4&feature=related )

  19. 19 Icarusfalls

    Thanks so much for the recaps!! i love the the way you write..
    Poor choco.. it’s like a character all of its own!! Just like the bathroom in WUAS (SFFTS)… ^_^

  20. 20 nooor

    i enjoy the drama because of Tae Ha ,Dae Gil and UN .
    the story line is beautiful.and LDH she is the best.

  21. 21 kpm1111

    I really appreciate how jang hyuk as LDG manages to look and feel (for the lack of a better word) so different wen the story moves from present to flashback. Its not just bout the make up and costumes.. its the way he carries himself and the expression and his nature. In the flashabck, You can totally feel his naivety and his hope as a young boy wer he talks about changing the world (as if THATS so easy) …. and in the present, he is bitter, angry and tough (hot, i might add) …
    so when you switch back from the flashback to the present story, the contrast in the character is so drastic and apparent. Sometimes its hard to believe that they are the same person (actor and charachter). While many actors in many other dramas/movies have tried real hard to bring out that difference, FOR ME, (am a newbie in kdrama-land… just a few months old.. although i make this comparison with almost EVERY actor i may have seen.),as far as i can remember , no attempt has been as convincing as this one…
    This ep completely Rocks,,,

    @18 chuck

    Yeah!! although, I’ve seen that scene in a bollywood version of that movie (called Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi)

    • 21.1 Gasenadi

      In complete agreement about Jang Hyuk’s interpretation of the before-DG and the present-DG. Pure genius. And all his expressions in between. For me, tho the entire drama rocks, Chuno is DG, beginning to end.

  22. 22 Lisa Ong

    @18 Chuck,

    Peter Worn and ” Mrs Worn” conversation was much interesting (with humor) than STH/HW.

  23. 23 chrysalisgal

    Thanks hjkomo! Love your recaps.

    I also like the picture of SH and UN being dragged away placed side by side. Such a huge contrast between these two actors! 😉

  24. 24 hjkomo

    @ Rene (to answer your question you posed in the ep.6 comments)

    The song Seol-hwa plays on the haegeum in ep.5 is track #10 on the OST.

  25. 25 samsooki

    I dither and I dither, and then I dither some more. Sometimes I feel like Seol-Hwa is the shiz-nit, and I think what has Un-Nyun done for me lately.

    Still, EVERY time I look at the pictures of an extraordinarily beautiful Un-Nyun piggy-backed on a young and optimistic Dae-Gil, I turn back and I think, that…. THAT is the OTP.

    They look so great together!

  26. 26 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for the recaps. I am so looking forward to Wed and Thurs now…:) I love the 3 main characters….they are the best.

  27. 27 Sakura


    Hi, Could I join your team about that ! OTP?. Yes, they are a lovable couple.

  28. 28 Jill4675

    Love this recap and thanks for closing with a nice picture of ♥JH♥! 😆

    And you are absolutely right: the most adorable scene in Ep. 8 (maybe in the whole drama?!) was DG’s rescue of SH from the dance troupe….

  29. 29 samsooki

    @27, Sakura –

    Well, like I said, I dither. I sway like reeds in the spring breeze, back and forth.

    The cool east currents blow and I bend toward Seol-Hwa. Then suddenly some warmer west breezes push me back upright and I lean back toward Un-Nyun.

    Who knows… maybe some typhoon will hit and I will end up thinking that Choi and Dae-Gil should end up together…. fickle are the winds of an epic sageuk…

  30. 30 Sakura

    @29 Samsooki,

    Wow ! Mr Samsooki I had a hearty laughed, you’re humorous, me think they’re more suitable as buddies for life. They should live next door to each other if they have a wife and children !.

  31. 31 ockoala

    Thanks for a great recap, hjkomo. Powering through to deliver the goods while indisposed, I’ve give you a gold medal right there!

    I enjoyed this episode, but its one of the Chuno eps that was rather slow. I find myself loving certain eps and feeling rather meh about others. I think its a factor of watching it live, I’ve told my sis DO NOT watch Chuno until its done airing, I think this is one drama that will knock your socks off when watched in one continuous go. I’m too far gone to stop, but really want to plot to move quicker to be honest.

    Also, as much as I dislike UN, she has moments when I am reminded there is a reason why DG loved her so and why TH is so protective of her. And then I am reminded that men have different tastes in women, and if these guys think she’s the bees knees, well, who am I to tell them otherwise.

    If DG needs her to be happy and content again, then I’m all for DG-UN FTW!

  32. 32 Tushka

    Thanks for caps. It brought back good memories of watching. Lee Jong Hyuk is smokin’ yummy. As is Oh Ji Ho.

  33. 33 lenrasoon

    i think i’m the only one who ships Seol-hwa and Daegil, i find them adorable together.

    thank you for the recaps!

  34. 34 samsooki

    @30, Sakura –

    LOL. Okay, you got me. They should live next door to each other. And Wang-Son should mow their lawns once a week in exchange for living with them for free. 😀

  35. 35 langdon813

    Dae-gil and Un-nyun are really beautiful together in flashback scenes. But those people no longer exist, and what I’m most interested to see is how they reconcile the fantasy with their harsh reality. I love Seol-hwa for what she gives Dae-gil NOW; admiration, loyalty, trust, comic relief…I wonder what UN could possibly offer in comparison to that.

    Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind completely in the future. 😉

    • 35.1 skypilot


      I agree entirely with your statement that “those people no longer exist.” In truth, events of the past ten years may have changed Dae-gil and Un-nyun so drastically that a renewed merging of their hearts is impossible. Also, I appreciate your emphasis on the “NOW,” which is precisely where Dae-gil’s head and heart are not. Unfortunately for Dae-gil (and perhaps fortunately for her), just as she has dropped Choco, tucked up her shortened hair, and shed her mourning clothes, Un-nyun appears to be moving on with her life.

  36. 36 Chuck

    @35 langdon813 –

    “I love Seol-hwa for what she gives Dae-gil NOW; admiration, loyalty, trust, comic relief…I wonder what UN could possibly offer in comparison to that.”

    Love, nobility of spirit, gentleness of soul, elegance, someone to revere, and not pity or look down on . . . UN has plenty to offer.

    Which is not to say I dislike Seol-hwa, in fact I like her. But somewhere along the line she says to Dae-gil: “It is easier to love a funny girl than a beautiful girl,” (or words to that effect). That may be true, but going for what is easier isn’t always the best way to go.

    Still, it does look to me as though UN is going to end up with STH, and Dae Gil is going to lose her.

  37. 37 tai

    They just started to air this on KBS america last night, so I am at ep 1. I could tell this is going to be a good show.

  38. 38 Sakura

    @34, Mr Samsooki,

    I am sad for wang son now, will he ever get his own lawn to mow ?.

  39. 39 samsooki


    Err… there are so many ways to answer this… hehe!

    Umm, I will answer this straight and say, “probably not until he grows up and stops trying to bed every woman he sees.”


  40. 40 gphoenix

    KBS World finally showed ep 1 last night. I was so happy to watch this series on my 50″ HDTV. The men shower scene was great. You can’t see all the muscles on that small computer screen.

  41. 41 goso

    Lee Da Hae is in Hollywood this week. She is testing for a role with Warner Bros. Good Luck! We love you.

  42. 42 Jill4675

    @40 gphoenix ~ 😆

  43. 43 janie

    What? That’s it? Too short 🙁 I want moar!!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and the caps are so wonderfully chosen… look at all those eyes on each cap… they are speaking forth words and… wow so many OTP caps to ship for ^ ^

    That fiber-rich yummy snack that the men gobbled up sure “taste” like durian!

  44. 44 janie

    #43 the eyes.. gushing forth with emotion.. that’s what I was trying to convey 😛

    Love Enya’s piece!

  45. 45 deannadsc

    When I first read about CHUNO & its cast…I initially thought Oh Ji Ho would just be relegated to the sidelines & just play a so-so second leading man in the series. But his role has turned out to be that of a GREAT & noble man… & his acting (& of course, his PHYSIQUE!!!) & character has made me a FAN overnight!!! At the rate the story’s going..he might even steal the show from JANG HYUK!!!
    Am so hooked into CHUNO, considering it’s my first foray into Sageuks!!! (not to mention Hong Gil Dong, cuz its more fusion& only watched it for some Kang Ji Hwan eye candy!!!LOL!!)

  46. 46 hahafatgirl

    Does anyone else find it odd that DG seems more eager to find UN than his parent’s murderer? Sometimes, I wonder what’s really in his head. Is he really simply searching for UN because he’s obsessively in love with her or does it also involve revenge? The complexity of his character is what’s drawing me in. I hope it won’t be a let down when he finally meets UN.

  47. 47 Taohua

    The recap is fun and wonderful as usual!

    I admit I was tempted to roll my eyes when episode 8 still lingered on choco…I liked the heavy-handed symbolism in episode 7…not so much in this episode. But I liked the fight scene b/t Jung Ho-bin (Munno! by the way, was anyone else upset by how his character was handled in QSD?) and LJH…double hotness indeed 😉

    There certain things I do like about Chuno, but others not so much…which is unfortunate b/c Chuno is starting to fall into the meh category for me, unless the next couple of episodes get more interesting (I haven’t had a chance to watch past episode 10 yet).

    Anyways, thanks for the recap!

  48. 48 ellen

    I can’t stand Seol hwa. She irritates me. She’s a nit wit. Scatterbrain. Shameless. I don’t see much of a purpose for her in tow with the 3 slave-hunters besides wanting to be protected. She’s a nuisance & a hindrance. Why can’t they just leave her somewhere safe. I know. A woman in tow might look better, so we don’t get bored just seeing these muscular, good looking (men) slave hunters with their dreary, dangerous, thrilling full of action journey. SH song & dance & stupidity adds spice maybe to some but she is a sore eye to me. Maybe I’m just jealous for UN, the way she flirts with DG & the ways she enjoys holding onto him while riding with him. She’s irresponsible for selling the guys horses & stealing their money leaving them with nothing. She cant even cook for them. She’s a nuisance. Dae gil had to rescue her because his conscience dictates him even in the midst of making money with trickery in order to survive on their journey. Thanks to SH.

    I don’t think DG has got hots for SH. He’s got to meet his UN first then we’ll see. I’m sure he’s after UN because he can’t forget her. If he finds her knows he might find her brother who killed his family & taking his UN away. He might be broken hearted when he sees his UN & TH. What next! TH & HW really look good together too. May the best man wins!!

  49. 49 Chuck

    @48 ellen

    I think you’re being a little hard on Seol Hwa. When she sold their horses, it was because she thought she had been abandoned. I think she’s a sweet girl in a difficult situation, being a refugee from her acting troupe. She’s trying desperately to attract Dae Gil, and being funny is her way of doing that. If she doesn’t catch on with them, it’s back to prostitution for her. Hence her desperation. Her purpose in the drama seems simply to be Dae Gil’s consolation prize, if he loses UN. But by making her situation so difficult, it makes her more than just a cardboard consolation prize character.

  50. 50 syd

    @49 chuck

    Yeah…sure…if it happened to you I am sure you’ll kick her ass till kingdom come!

    After all, these men are slave hunters looked down upon by many and their hard earned money was wasted by SH who is nothing but a menace. Abandon? Thought she boasted to be street wise in earlier episodes!

    As a man, I won’t even consider her in my group.

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