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Drinking interview with Lee Da-hae (Part 1)
by | February 27, 2010 | 46 Comments

Here’s the latest in IS Plus’s series of “drinking interviews,” where the reporter has drinks with a star while the interview progresses. This one is with Chuno‘s much-beleaguered actress, Lee Da-hae:

I met with Lee Da-hae of the drama Chuno, who suffers alone despite its explosive popularity as “Un-nyun.” The drama has exceeded a 30% viewership rating and the drama’s so-called “brutish men” played by Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji-ho, Han Jung-soo and Kim Ji-suk have been showered in praise for their action-filled acting. However, playing the drama’s slave Un-nyun, who has elevated her status to the noblewoman Kim Hye-won, is Lee Da-hae who, as before, continues to be viewed in a negative light.

Counter to reality, unlike a slave she has white skin and pure-white underclothes, and she has been in revealing scenes one after another that have been blurred for modesty. In order to resolve all this curiosity, I requested a drinking interview with Lee Da-hae, who is at the core of all this criticism. An interview explaining and defending herself might give rise to even more critical responses, so Lee Da-hae had declined interview requests, but after meeting with her, she was a simple and pleasant actor.

It started with the choice to drink makgulli (rice wine). She ordered makgulli, pork feet, assorted pancakes, and acorn jelly, saying, “This is what I usually eat when I drink.” We began by toasting with the white rice wine in black ceramic cups. Black and white, and also the brownish hat with the red of her scarf — they produced a lovely ensemble. The cover to the script of Chuno‘s Episode 16 was also an orange color.

Chuno is popular these days, but there’s a lot of fuss over Un-nyun.

“The fans like the drama so much that it gives us support. But it seemed that Hye-won [Lee Da-hae uses the name Hye-won more than Un-nyun] was the only one being criticized, which was a bit upsetting. I felt a little wronged, too. [Laughs]”

I’ll be straightforward. Did you really shoot the drama with a full manicure?

“There are some people who point that out, but I feel that’s really unfair. What actor would wear a manicure in a sageuk drama? It doesn’t make sense. If I said that I didn’t wear anything, they’d say that I wore clear polish, but the nails really are bare. If it’s a problem that the lighting is so bright that fingernails shine, then that’s a problem.”

There’s also complaints about you wearing a wrist watch.

“That’s even more ridiculous. How can I wear a watch in a sageuk? That isn’t common sense.”

There was a lot of talk about the near-rape scene and the blurring of your exposed skin.

“That’s not something I can control. As an actor, that’s an issue that goes beyond my limitations. I’m sad about that. When the blurring went out on air and the complaints grew, I complained to Jang Hyuk over the phone for about forty minutes. I thought, why do these things keep happening only to me? He advised me, ‘When it’s all over, everything will help you.'”

You looked more glamorous than expected.
(Note: “glamorous” is often used as a euphemism for voluptuous.)

“The hanbok was tied really tightly. That’s why it looked like that. But I’m not entirely flat, either. [Laughs]”

Things must have been really bad for a list to come out that names everyone Un-nyun has harmed.

“I understand that too. I took a look once, and I remember entries like ‘It’s Un-nyun’s fault Dae-gil’s family was destroyed’ and ‘It’s because of Un-nyun’s blurry scenes that viewers are losing enthusiasm.’ [Laughs] It says that every bad thing that happens in the drama is Un-nyun’s fault.”

There are approximately 24 items on this list that has been circulating on the Internet. It’s a collection of characters who have died or been harmed because of Un-nyun. It starts with ‘It’s Un-nyun’s fault that Dae-gin’s family was destroyed, and that Dae-gil and Song Tae-ha both suffer sword injuries.” It continues, “It’s because of Un-nyun that the Buddhist monk cannot attain nirvana,” and hits its peak and draws laughs with “It’s Un-nyun’s fault that the viewers are about to burst with frustration.” Two opinions clash, one that says the list is fun, and another that says it’s too hard on Lee Da-hae.

Why are you the only one attracting such blame?

“Hye-won stands out. In such a masculine drama, Hye-won’s existence is noticeable in comparison. I think the viewers don’t like me because the main characters with amazing muscles whom I look up to are monopolizing their love. I want to think that it’s because there are a lot of people who have fallen for the drama.”

It seems like the general public opinion is that they “don’t like seeing someone acting pretty” in an insincere way.

“But I don’t do that… There must be a problem with the way I approach fans. There are certain things I acknowledge. Even if that was the intention of the writer or director, as an actor I had to pay more attention to my makeup and costuming.”

Mention of “Un-nyun’s list” made Lee Da-hae laugh, but she tilted back her glass frequently. It seemed like she was thirsty, and the makgulli was quite sweet. She drank often, saying, “It’s delicious.”

You must have gone through a tough time.

“I can’t even tell you. Now I can laugh a little, but in the beginning it was so hard that I could barely manage to control my facial expressions. These days, I deliberately soil my hands with dirt when I film. Even though my hands are chapped because of the cold weather, I don’t use hand lotion.”

What do the people around you say?

“Jang Hyuk advises me that if I stick it out through the end, everything will resolve itself. Oh Ji-ho has taken on the role of Lee Da-hae spokesman, going around saying that Lee Da-hae isn’t like that.”

Even writer Chun Sung-il expressed his apologies.

Writer Chun Sung-il recently gave an interview where he apologized to Lee Da-hae. He said, “I felt extremely sorry toward Lee Da-hae after seeing her called a public menace and being criticized. However, if you watch the drama through the end, you’ll be able to understand Un-nyun.”

Criticism has grown louder from audiences because of Hye-won’s extremely passive character. Compared to female leads in Iron Empress and Queen Seon-deok who controlled their own fates, she has constantly retreated.

Writer Chun explained, “Editing has left out scenes where Un-nyun worries over a situation, and although it wasn’t our intention, dissatisfaction has grown with Un-nyun’s character and she has been blamed for her makeup, which I was sorry to see. Un-nyun may have been frustrating till now, but if you continue watching, things will change.”

What will happen to Hye-won in the future?

“Her character has started to change from Episode 10, and she will become more three-dimensional. There will be more emotional scenes with her, and more psychological description of her character. That should reduce the number of complaints, won’t it? [Laughs]”

Via IS Plus, Part 2


46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. goso

    I love Chuno, and Lee Da Hae is doing a great job in this series. I can’t wait for the story to unfold more and hope Hye-Won’s character develops more.

  2. Annie

    she is a good actress, people should not complaint so much as it is the director’s fault that she is dress that way. As you watch the later episode, you will see that her character is starting to change, and i think that is why her character was weak in the beginning

  3. Remoneko

    I don’t like her character either, so I can fully understand why others would find her irritating because she’s so milquetoast-y. However, I think the netizens should separate the character and the actress, particularly regarding details that Lee Da Hae has no control over, like her make-up and so on. It’s not like she decided to rip her hanbok open and reveal skin on a whim, LOL.

    I kind of feel sorry for her; a few bad career choices has turned her from national It Girl into a popular target for bashing. She’s actually quite talented, so hopefully she’ll choose a good project after Chuno that will remind people of her considerable acting chops.

  4. Sora

    criticism comes with being a celebrity and as an actor/actress.. I for one am glad she isn’t taking it too hard and can laugh about it.

  5. Kim

    You really can’t compare Un-nyun to the female leads from Iron Empress and Queen Seon-deok. Those characters holds a role of leadership; they’re must be strong or else they would never succeed. On the other hand, Un-nyun was previously a slave and you can’t expect her to throw away her past and suddenly become Superwoman.

  6. Calamityjanedoe

    I don’t understand why so much unnecessary fuss is made over this. Yes, the blurring was a bit bizarre, and yes, Un-nyun’s character is not as relateable compared to Dae Gil and Tae ha’s characters, but I believe the public is being more of a nuisance in this situation. Either you enjoy the drama and continue to watch, or… you don’t. Or you can become a director or scriptwriter yourself. I’m not trying to sound mean, but is it just me or has this “issue” turned into something greater than it should be?

    On the other hand, I do look forward to seeing more down-in-the-dirt acting from Lee Da Hae, both figuratively and literally speaking.

  7. Gems

    I tend to avoid LDH posts so I won’t see haters saying stupid things. Glad that the comments so far have been kind and reasonable. I don’t know how she puts up with unfair criticisms over things she has no control over. I’m just a fan and I already want to bury my head in sand…I have no idea how she does it. I guess actresses (especially in Korea) need to have not just acting chops to survive (literally) but mental and emotional strength.

  8. s

    I thought LDH’s character was a bit annoying at first (mostly due to director’s decisions though i guess)…I mean come on, a white mourning outfit is spanking clean? It was so white it was distracting :\ sounds stupid but that ‘lack’ of attention to detail just stood out b/c everything else was so carefully planned.

    On top of that the slave girl whose helping with the rebellion, entertainer-girl in chuno’s posse, and the cerebral palsy girl just glowed (sorry bad w/ names). Esp the girl with cerebral palsy…omg, she makes me cry especially when her husband just dismisses her so coldly while she is trying to warn him O_O!!! I can barely forgive him even after seeing his devotion to his poor mother. The slave girl in the rebellion especially shows how starkly LDH’s “look” was off. That slave girl is literally covered in dirt 24/7 and even when LDH was a slave she NEVER had a speck on her. Then even the cerebral palsy girl, despite being a yangban character, drools, spits etc – everything 100% in character. Again, this isnt’ a bash on LDH at all — just on the way her character was kind of reflected unrealisticly in the first 10-ish episodes.

    But I started warming up to the Hyewon character when she suggests carrying the king (ep 11ish i think?) and tells the soldier to stop calling OJH “general.” And being a little coy with OJH eheheh….dropping hints he should verbally confess his love~ I think that’s what the audience wanted and if her character continues to develop as such — viewers will simmer down. Given the director may have even WANTED viewers to despise LDH’s weak passivity….then when she changes it will be much more satisfying…~

  9. ellen

    I like Lee Da hae & I admire her as an actress.

    What harm has she done to those who criticise her badly. Poor Lee Da hae. She’s even blamed for her character. It is so ridiculous that she’s blamed for most troubles happening around her.

    I really believe that being neat & lady like is the nature of Hw/UN. I believed that that’s part of her beauty & admired by DG, TH & BH too. It is so ridiculous to compare her with Empress Chun Chu or Queen Seon Duk.

    I feel so sorry for Lee Da hae for being singled out with bad criticism in Chuno. I admire her for putting up with it. Some people are really rotten to the core.
    I can only think envy as the main reason of some of those who can’t stop being abusive with their criticism of her. They just want to disfigure her with their put downs…some people are so miserable they want to rub it on others.

    Lee Da hae keep up the good work. Some people are just too envious, ignorant & stupid to appreciate you, your hard work. Don’t apologise for your god- given beauty & talent. Being young is also part of your beauty & asset. Keep smiling. Don’t listen to stupid comments.

  10. 10 asianromance

    wow she ordered a lot of food! looks yummy!

    like someone else said, i’m glad that she doesn’t take all the criticisms too hard and is able to even laugh about it. It must have been really hard at first, but in the end you realize that you can’t control everything and there will be complaints no matter what and perhaps the complaints are because all these people are so into the drama- which is a good thing.

  11. 11 norahbetty stocking

    OFF TOPIC-Warner Bros is interested in her, wish for her to work with them. I know this NEWS will haunt her antis, probably thinking hard what to write now, and I realized whenever JB put an article abt her, from no 1 to 20 posts, usually come from her fans, then her antis starting to gear up later on-well some gave good critictism but most of it they trried to divert the story/articles-even create lies.

    So, actually thanks to her antis also-they create curiosity, make her more famous.

    Anyway, thanks for the article JB, as new to this Kdrama world and also to LDH, I’m glad I know a bit about her-such as interesting character on and off screen.

  12. 12 Eleven11

    OK, so I don’t watch Chuno, but I’ve been following the criticism through dramabeans and thought this interview would be worth reading. I have to say laughed very much at one part of the interview:

    [Mention of “Un-nyun’s list” made Lee Da-hae laugh, but she tilted back her glass frequently. It seemed like she was thirsty, and the makgulli was quite sweet. She drank often, saying, “It’s delicious.” ]

    Hahahaha I LOVE IT! Does this seem blatant to anyone else? This poor girl, at a DRINKING interview, has her drinking made out to be symptomatic of the stress she is under. LOL

    It reminds me of Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter =p

  13. 13 popcorn

    Being too neat and pretty can be bad huh?

    I don’t watch chuno so I don’t know much but from the description the complaints are rather unreasonable. To be a good actor/actress one just have to completely shut down from public opinions until the show is done ay? I feel a bit sorry for what she is going through. I’m pretty sure filming a sageuk is not easy and to hear such complaints after working so hard..

    That’s why I fear people more than I fear ghost.

  14. 14 all4movies

    Love LDH’s answer that she’s not being totally flat and not apologizing for being a woman instead of a man. Way to go!!!

    Can’t wait for her inner spunkiness to shine.

  15. 15 Mikel

    Man I feel bad for LDH. Everyone who bags on her is just a jealous hater. If you’re that desperate, grow a spine and get over it. She may not be the greatest or strongest actress, I admire her dedication to her work. Everyone needs to stop the hate “/

  16. 16 rant

    Those criticisms mostly come from jealous gals because HW/UN characters get to romance two guys.

    About being cleans and pretty? Let me say this. Korean netizens are scumbags and double standards (again, jelousy?). You see, they have been fed with many historical dramas where the extras playing as poor villagers or farmers are clean.

    When I first saw a korean historical drama and their clean dress and faces despite being poor farmers, slaves or villagers I laughed out out. But now I just dismissed it as Korean!

  17. 17 mak

    I love reading the interview and @ 11, YES she got special invitation from WARNER BROS for future HOLLYWOOD career, and the first Korean actress to receive that. Well as a fan, I’m not really into it, cos nowdays most of Hollywood movies suck, I prefer her to go to Chinese or Japanese movies, even Thailand’s movies are better nowdays.

    And off screen she is actually friendly type of girl not a DIVA type of characters as what her haters labelled her, very diff from some of Korean actresses that I know-some even said they don’t have lots of friend.

    Here is the clips with IV Dream teams, to show how she is really like offscreen and she is not really that misreable or under stress anymore.


  18. 18 fa

    i know UN’s character is not her fault.

    but my problem with Lee Da Hae was that she didnt act right. what the heck, still looks calm & trying to look pretty when being chased by enemy/sword right a her neck???? she tried too hard to look pretty that resulted inappropriate gesture. i wonder if she can explain about this situation.

    well, good that she at last show some quality in her acting from episode 13 & upwards..

  19. 19 fa

    …and i wonder if she can explain about that….

  20. 20 s

    ….I really resent the stereotype anybody who even vaguely dislikes [insert any “pretty” actress’ name here] is JEALOUS.

    Believe it or not, it is quite possible to dislike actresses (and actors) that ACT in an irritating manner! MANY people criticizing these poor celebs (who btw CHOSE a life of public spotlight) have a distinct reason – usually it is the character she is playing (in which case, it’s a compliment b/c if you are supposed to be playing an annoying character and everyone hates you for being annoying – bingo!). But SOMETIMES, it really is for how the actor is playing the character. It’s not hate on the actor as a person – it’s hate (hate is too strong, dislike really) for how the actor is PLAYING the character. And includes everything from physical appearance to gestures. Even given the excuse that she was “too clean” b.c of the director….I genuinely think her acting was a little stiff from ep1-9/10. She mostly widened her eyes or pressed her lips together to show distress/worry/anger/etc. And a gentle smile inbetween. She was just a very placid flat character with little eye expression. It was nothing against LDH herself, I don’t hate her at all. I just thought her character was very flat and to be honest I thought more could be done with it. A lady can be passive w/o being boring…and speak with her eyes even if she isnt given a wealth of lines.

    NOW since ep10 I have very much warmed up to her and I think LDH honestly has amped up the acting – everyone wins. Combo of storyline development AND the fact she gets to show a little spunk makes her far more winning. And the fact she can do this while still appearing very ladylike shows 1.) she is not an incapable actress and 2.) criticisms against her character were not out from nowhere (aka just plain ol jealousy)…fact is that she was just a ball of trouble at the beginning. And 3.) one can be dainty and clean w/o being distractingly so. She’s starting to hit the right notes and seem ethereal without standing out awkwardly.

    “About being cleans and pretty? Let me say this. Korean netizens are scumbags and double standards (again, jelousy?). You see, they have been fed with many historical dramas where the extras playing as poor villagers or farmers are clean.”

    Bad comparison. Yes in many historical dramas the extras (aka poor peeps) were ALL clean. Since EVERYONE is clean, it’s not historically accurate but it is ‘”even.” And an audience can accept the cleanliness is an overall detail that you are supposed to overlook WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE DRAMA. In the case of Chuno, literally everyone BUT LDH is dirty. Slaves are all dirty in Chuno – except her. One slave out of all the other slaves looking so distinctly off makes it hard for the audience to accept the fact a slave girl can be so clean as fact WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE DRAMA. Clearly, slaves in Chuno are supposed to be dirty – why not her? It’s not a double standard – it simply seems….off kilter for one slave to be cleaner than al others. Whether that was the director’s decision or the actress’ is irrelevant – but it is natural the personal playing the character gets blamed simply b/c she IS the character. When you are an actor on screen, LDH is not LDH, she HW, the exceptionally clean slave among dirty slaves. Hence the criticism.

    Gosh, criticism is not a sign of jealousy. Likewise complete dismissal of all criticism is not a sign of respect – just blindness.

  21. 21 zzzzzzzz

    i loveeeeee ldh :]
    shes a GREAT actress ♥

  22. 22 norahbetty stocking

    Don’t have to elaborate like a rocket scientist to make people understand the word JEALOUS-even small kids can’t understand when people are jealous into something, so some posters here do understand when they read the articles and comments.

  23. 23 s

    @norahbetty stocking
    Obviously you read as well as you structure sentences. I am not defining jealousy. I’m stating why not all criticisms are rooted in jealousy.

    Although, I’m not even sure what your point is…so small kids can’t understand jealousy…so commenters/posters do…? What? What do posters understand…what jealousy is? B/c clearly most don’t since a single word against LDH’s character representation IN CHUNO (not even necessarily LDH herself) is considered seething jealousy. It’s not like anybody is calling her a h0 or something :\ Or are you implying I’m jealous? If that’s your point, like I said, you clearly read as well as you write.

    Well, I’d rather be mistaken for a “rocket scientist” rather than clearly prove that I am not…if you get my drift 🙂

  24. 24 snow


    well, i’m in agreement with you. have nothing against lee da hae, but am not quite warming up to how she’s playing unnyun/hyewon. some of the criticism can be a little nit-picky, but when everything adds up, they don’t always point to something favorable and it’s kind of silly for all that criticism to be dismissed as pure jealousy. there’s no smoke without fire, even if some netizens do like to make a mountain out of a molehill. and unnyun really stuck out like a sore thumb in the earlier episodes.

    so it’s good that lee da hae acknowledged the criticism and made changes in response to that (so there are some things she can control after all). sometimes when you’re in the thick of the action/filming, there are things you wouldn’t notice as much as a viewer who is more detached from the scene. if she had dismissed the criticism as jealousy, the way some of her fans are wont to do, then that wouldn’t have been very professional of her. as it is, she tried to take it in her stride and that was good of her.

  25. 25 Brian Teh

    I would say I seldom watch dramas especially Korean ones except for Chuno, thanks to my girl. 🙂 I’m surprised to see the fights is decent and look realistic. Anyways, back to Lee Da Hae – I see two types of attacks/ criticism.

    1) The first type of “attack” is leaned towards Lee Da Hae’s character i.e. Un Nyun and not the actor herself. Honestly, I found her character boring and burdensome in the beginning – nothing much to offer on the plate but merely a love object for the men. Good thing Lee Da Hae is easy on the eyes or otherwise…. 🙂

    2) Second type of attack has nothing to do with her character. It’s jealousy. They may use her character as the excuse to attack the actor herself. I find their reasons / criticisms amusing and double-standard. Manicured, make-up, clean bla bla… which makes me wonder what evidence they have that LDH herself demand in Chuno set that she wants to look clean. Heck! I find that the other girls are super-clean too and seriously I find that the guys nails are pretty clean too. Plus the actors – Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho and many more has super-white clean teeth! I must say the same goes for HK dramas. Its double-standard to attack one person. That to me is jealousy.

    Anyhow, good thing that in later episodes, her character has more range to work on. I actually disliked her boring character in the beginning. However, to be fair, I thought she carried her boring character pretty well. She was not stiff unlike Keanu Reeves.. 🙂 I believe we wouldn’t want to see a over-the-top damsel Un Nyun like in some horror movies, would we?

    In fact, I thought she did better than Oh Ji Ho. In an emotional or over-the top scenes, both Lee Da Hae and Oh Ji Ho did well, but in calmer scenes Oh Ji Ho expression and spoken words is quite stiff in my humble opinion.

    It’s not easy to play a very boring one-dimensional character, nor it’s easy to play a complicated character.

  26. 26 gnasty

    I read an article about Korean netizens that sent a chill down my spine on how the girls will blast some thru emails and tms so they are a bit much….keep it over there, over there….that kind of thing we are squashing over her with our home grown vicious girls clubs. Our children need to be taught that our freedom of speech is not a goal to harm someone personally, but yes, sh.

  27. 27 Biru

    ‘Oh Ji-ho has taken on the role of Lee Da-hae spokesman, going around saying that Lee Da-hae isn’t like that.”
    ^That is so funny. ke ke ke..

    I just watch today episode at KBSW whereby BH got injured and his stare to LDH. I love BH stare…

  28. 28 ellen

    How do you know that LDH is not acting right as UN.HW. Didn’t you read about the Writer who created the character of UN/HW apologise to her for creating her that way. The writer ask the viewers to be patient because their purpose is to develop her character as the drama progresses. It is not LDH choice to act as she does as UN in Chuno. Her creator created UN. Chuno has a director who is talented & has the authority to guide her perform her character as UN. The writer work with the director & UN. These people have pride in their work.

    You said LDH is trying hard to look pretty? Does she really need to try to look pretty? I don’t think so!

    UN/HW has been a free woman for ten years so she hasn’t been a ragged dirty untidy slave. Even when she was a slave she looked clean in ragged clothes. If she was dirty & untidy would DG like her as a lover. TH too. And BH whom she saved & forever grateful to her.

    SH has been traveling rough & yet she’s all made up to look pretty & clean too with pink lipstick!! How many has picked on her for that!! I don’t like SH because she wants DG so I’m jealous for UN.

  29. 29 ellen

    I admire the perseverance of the cast & crew of Chuno who do their work so well in the freezing cold temperature of winter. Specially up the mountains where LDH & TH spent so much time in. I wonder how they keep warm so they are not too cold & stiff to move even their lips. Is it warm in Jeju Island by now? Keep warm & keep up the good work Lee Da hae. Thank you Chuno.

  30. 30 raven

    Im not a fan of LDH but I love Chuno.
    But I notice that LDH is a good actress.
    I also notice that Korean actors has good perfect set of teeth.lol
    be it slave or whatsoever.

  31. 31 missy

    This is a little off-topic, but am I the only one who thinks LDH had had some job done on her face?

    She’s a very pretty girl, but she looks oddly different in Chuno compared to all other dramas I’ve seen her in.

    Lately I’ve been watching Chuno on KBS and Heaven’s Fate on Arirang and I keep comparing how she looks in both dramas. She does look different in both, though I can’t quite put a finger on the change. It almost looks like two different actresses.

    Has anyone ever read/heard anything about this? 🙂

  32. 32 Qwenli

    #31, I think her face has slim down, either she has lost her early baby fats or she just did some simple procedures to slim down the face. It is not difficult to achieve and not too obvious actually. Maybe she just slim down? A similar case if you have noticed is Song Hye Gyo, her round face has sharpen in the recent years.

    Anyway, I will only dislike actors/actresses when they misinterpret the character. Given that the writer has also said that it is not her fault, than she is just doing her job portraying the character.

    I feel sorry for her being the “possible” object of jealousy because she is the love interest of two hunking men with considerable fan base in Chuno. It is also the production crew fault for making her look so pristinely clean.

  33. 33 e sonne

    screaming jealous to people who critics her is childish or simply narrow minded. i like her, not like as a fan. but i like her that i think she’s someone who always seems fun to be with and she’s also quite talented. but somehow, when all the hype about her bad acting in chuno, i tried to watch some episodes.. and i just found myself to agree, that most of the criticism are not baseless.

  34. 34 aceyyy

    i know this is totally OT, but i wish i could see a drinking interview with kim sun ah!

  35. 35 Amg1

    Remember the US TV commercial where the girl says ” Don’t hate me beacuse I am beautiful “, well there are a lot of jealous, people out there!!!

    In epi 16 there is a scene when the daughter of one of the slave woman is given to the Master to be with him for the night, the young girl is kinda pretty but not LDH pretty, So why LDH has been created with a blank stare and almost an invincible, persona?
    It is to avoid being abuse by man, she is not only a slave, a woman, but to boot she is beautiful, while at her masters she was being protected to certain extent until Dae-Gil’s death she runs away and is protected by her brother, but at the end her brother kinda sold her to be married to some one she did not love, that’s the reason why she became a runway, she was almost rape a couple of times, so she is not stupid she has learn that in order to survive she must become part of the background and used that as camouflage other wise she is in peril of being taking advantage of, that is one of the main reason she stay with STH, but as of right know she is start taking a more proactive role, her reaction when she sees Dae-gil, and taking responsibility for the Prince.
    I do believe that historically she is playing her part in a closer to life dynamic!!!!! lay off the hate!!

  36. 36 Lemonade

    I don’t know how the people of Korea take on this drama, but if she did have colored nails polish then its not appropriated for a sageuk drama I agree. About her face? I think at that time she already became a noble, so her skin could be that white after ten years living as a noble and the stamp on her chest could also just be a scar. I don’t have any argument about Un character, if she is supposed to be weak then she should be. Otherwise she should be a JOan D’Arc or like the girl that joined the slaves upraising group (learn how to use weapons).

    About Chuno, I was first interested in it because there is OJH in it. I think he is fit for the international figure even though i don’t deny that Jang Hyuk is an excellent actor. LDH? She does speak English for a few years and that is an advantage for her that Hollywood has eyes on her. I hope OJH would also be able to speak English as well if he would want to be in Hollywood. About LDH bare skin in Chuno? I think for Hollywood that s not even considered as bare enough. But I think the director or writer has a conflict in defending their work : They claimed that they want to blur the image beause of the family viewing hour but the whole Chuno is quite violent with the black hat killer and a scene that they expose the little prince to the 2 warriors which i think was not appropriate for the kid who plays that role at all. Over all they just want to draw an audience and play the TV rating game. The fact that they apologiez to LDH? perhaps they were afraid that she could leave the set in the middle of it like she did in other drama? Facts to be told, they all under pressure to create a succesful project .

    Myself I love the music in Chuno. They put the right music for the right situatiion and well composed even though its have more modern and western flair in it for a historical korean drama. And to me Chuno is just like another Romeo and Juliet kinda drama in korean version. Bravo !My vote for best actor : Jang Hyuk even though my fav is still my sweetest OJH.( he even be a spokeman defending for LDH, thats sweet!)

  37. 37 Moon

    she’s fine, she plays well in Chuno, I just feel people have so much time in their hands to go around and dissing her

  38. 38 whatever

    I have to say, this change my light a bit. To be frank, since I watched the recaps pic of Ep 11 I’m amazed and can’t wait to watch her performance in latter episode.

    But, LDH fans and lovers saying ohh that because of jealousy whatsoever is ridiculous as those brutal comments or so called. Both are immature and childish. Criticize doesn’t always comes from hates/jealousy. Oh well, you can say whatever you want fans!

    I amazed and respected her responses. I don’t care of those skins revealed, so called manicure etc. I think that is trivial and I don’t really notice that. But the earlier episode of Un Yun, I think she can do better. Apart from director/writer issues, she SHOULD and CAN suggest and add the elements that can convince the audience. i.e: Suggest to make Un Yun more believable by put more dirt on HER ROBE etc. So put aside, those who nitpicking her, she has contributed to the boil issues too. Not to mention the writers of course. One can always try and add the flavour, can’t they? As Jung Hyuk had did.

    But from the interview, she had already did her homework and I can’t wait to see her more!!

    Three dimension. That I WANT to see!

    Good luck LDH!

  39. 39 Cherry 5678hye

    I do not care other people say . I love lee da hae,I support her forever. Love you Lee Dae Hae.You are my sweetheart.

  40. 40 pnut

    the only thing i don’t like about this interview is that she readily gives forth that she was on the phone with janghyuk for 40 minutes complaining about the criticism she’s been getting. complaints in passing while on the set together, at meals together, etc. seem fine, but for some reason, it bothers me that she is very open about having spent 40 minutes on the phone with a married man (with a child on the way!). i don’t know why, but if i were his wife, i think i would find that disrespectful. girls that complain for 40 minutes on the phone with a married man just seem.. flirty? i’m sure she has unmarried guy friends or girls.. i don’t know, just irked me

  41. 41 Cherry hye

    Is nothing wrong LDH complain to Chang Huyk . Their gd friend.LDH was introduce to Chuno director.Anybody know.

  42. 42 Soni

    @ 40

    I don’t see anything wrong with her speaking on the phone for 40min with another co-worker. They are talking about work and how to make it better.
    What is annoying is you implying otherwise…if it was flirty or whatever she would hide it and not bring it forth, but it wasn’t.
    Maybe LDH shouldn’t be so honest and not share anything at all.

  43. 43 ellen

    Jang hyuk & Lee Da hae are good friends. Jang hyuk is a friend she trusts , respects & looks up to & are now working together in Chuno. Jang hyuk is willing to lend an ear to a good friend for advise. Listening to her will ease her burden & she will be happier after having released her worries. Making Lee Da hae happy is not only good for LDH but for Jang hyuk & Chuno.

    Jang hyuk has been in a relationship with his wife for a while, long enough to trust him before they got married. His wife surely knows what LDH is going through & wouldn’t a wife want her husband support a friend & a co star to make her happy so they can work happily & make their work a success. Jang hyuk’s success is also his wife’s. Lee Da hae’s success is also Jang hyuk’s & Chuno.

    Lee Da hae is lucky to have friends like Jang hyuk & Oh Ji ho who supports her.
    I hope that there more co stars out there who are willing to listen & support each other.

  44. 44 Cherry hye

    ellen, may I know which part you come from? I,am from M,sia.Are you support LDH go to Hollywood?Are you LDH,s fan? Reply pls

  45. 45 abby

    Well I like LDH since I watched her mostly of her drama.It’s no doubt she’s a good actress, but for some reason she disapointed me for the comments that she makd ay Star King about how people fr. different nationality speak english.To maker a mockery of someone spesking different tone and making fun of it.She’s sholud be careful of what she have to say specially that she is a celebrity and have the image to protect. She should listen more to her own verse of speaking english. It’s just my own observation and opinion. And the only reasoom I watched now her drama because of Yoochun..

  46. 46 Don

    Why are people bashing her? I feel sorry for people who can’t separate acting and real life…

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