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Kim Gab-soo cast as Cinderella’s father
by | February 18, 2010 | 40 Comments

Everyone’s favorite creepy dad/uncle/king/psycho killer Kim Gab-soo (Partner, Hon) is appearing in yet another high-profile drama, Cinderella’s Sister. Woot woot!

In the drama, Kim Gab-soo will play the biological father to the drama’s “Cinderella” figure (that would be Seo Woo as the kind, bullied sister) and stepfather to lead star Moon Geun-young. He’s a self-made man who built a grand makgulli (rice wine) enterprise from the ground up. He still feels guilty about having paid more attention to his work in his earlier days than he did to his wife, who has since passed away, and therefore he vows not to remarry. However, he falls for the charms of Lee Mi-sook‘s character (and what great casting for the role of Cinderella’s stepmom!) and remarries, and thus gains another daughter in Moon Geun-young.

This marks a reunion for Kim and Moon — they acted together seven years ago in the psychological thriller Tale of Two Sisters, when he played a sorrowful (but somewhat negligent) father who marries a younger, shrill “evil stepmom” type, much to the dismay of his two daughters (Moon and Im Soo-jung). In contrast to that role, in Cinderella’s Sister he worries that his stepdaughter might be hurt by the family changes and takes particular care to look after her.

Kim Gab-soo married to Lee Mi-sook as the parents of Seo Woo and Moon Geun-young, who are courted by Chun Jung-myung and Taecyeon? Oh, BRING IT ON.

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40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dav

    Kim Gab-soo rocks. I love him so much. No one does creepy menace like he does.

  2. ghian

    interesting…the story is sooo interesting i think i have another drama on my list!

  3. Lily

    Ohhh I can’t wait to start watching this one!!

  4. pongs

    what a solid cast, all full of charm and acting prowress woah!! Will be sure to tune in 😉 Who’s already dreaming of a Prince Charming Mr Chun? 🙂

  5. Ana

    Some actors have such a powerful screen presence, that you just cannot ignore them in a scene, however minor their roles might be.Kim Gab-soo is one of them.His role as a physically abusive husband in Partner was so chilling and yet scarily charismatic.Made for such fascinating viewing that even Lee Dong-wook couldn’t distract me.:-)Kim Gab-soo is another actor whose eyes speak volumes just like Go-soo.

  6. michi

    Isn’t he the guy from Worlds Within?
    The boyfriend of the actress?

  7. rainerust

    Am so looking forward to this drama, if only for MGY! She’s one of my favourite actresses of that generation. And now, KGS too?! AWESOME. I’ve always thought he was a great actor…

  8. lenrasoon

    i really like Kim Gab Soo and i’m excited that he’ll work again with Moon Geun Young.

    With a cast like that i have high hopes for “Cinderella’s Sister”.

  9. djes

    the casts are getting better and better…just can’t wait until April!
    He’s good actor, I like his acting, last time I saw him is in Partner.

  10. 10 langdon813

    I’m doing the Snoopy dance of happiness right now. I think this is the drama I’m most looking forward to so far this year, and this is like the cherry on top!

    Thanks JB!

  11. 11 Icarusfalls

    Wow.. can’t wait… !!! I hope this won’t disappoint as I have huge expectations now..

  12. 12 samsooki

    Please play a kind-hearted father. thank you.

  13. 13 hjkomo

    Kim Gab Soo and Lee Mi Sook as the parents!
    Oh, booyah!!! 😀

    Hey, Kim Gab Soo is the god of creepy…but he wasn’t creepy or psycho as Son Ye Jin’s father in Alone In Love. 😉

  14. 14 xiahkixiri

    Bloody hell this is turning out to be a humongous year for kdramas – and it’s only February! Excitement omg.

  15. 15 estel

    @samsooki –> Me, too! That would be so awesome to see a totally new type of character from him.

    This drama is going to rock, I can’t wait!

  16. 16 nabi

    @ Pongs: “Who’s already dreaming of a Prince Charming Mr Chun?” Me! Me! Even more so because I just finished Fashion 70s.

    @ estel: KGS has done some kind-hearted and laid-back characters in the past and he was good in these roles too. I’m just curious how this role would be different from the dad character he played in A Tale of Two Sisters.

  17. 17 ockoala

    Hey newbies, please run as fast as you can to CU’s filming sites, Acting 101 Seminar going on daily there.

    Yip, yip, yippee, this is unbelievable casting.

  18. 18 kaedejun


    i just want to see him act for longer than two episodes, which is about all he did for IRIS

    oh goodness – how will i ever have time for all these awesome dramas!?

  19. 19 ohemgee

    “Kim Gab-soo married to Lee Mi-sook as the parents of Seo Woo and Moon Geun-young, who are courted by Chun Jung-myung and Taecyeon? Oh, BRING IT ON.”

    Oh, BRING IT ON indeed.

    so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20 waruihime

    And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!

    Hopefully, the script can be equally as captivating as the cast! I’m so looking forward to this one!

  21. 21 ockoala

    Hey guys, could this team make something remotely sane if the writers and PD from My Fair Lady showed up at Cinderalla Unni and ran the show? I would pay money to see that! Kidding, please make a worthy script for these beyond fantastic actors!

  22. 22 Lilly

    God Ockola !
    you scared me with this PD of MFL because this is the only drama I am looking for this year.

  23. 23 janie

    Love this creepy man… indeed he is; agree that he is not in AIL ^ ^ and also very loving towards his daughter (So Yi Hyun) in Resurrection so hopefully he will be a nice father in this one… looking forward to this drama as MGY is my other love!

  24. 24 belleza

    “Some actors have such a powerful screen presence, that you just cannot ignore them in a scene, however minor their roles might be.Kim Gab-soo is one of them.”

    I think Kim Gab Soo is hands down the best actor working in K-drama. Need a reaction shot of man seeing his village burning down from a Mongolian horde? Need that same reaction shot against pirates? No problem — Kim Gab Soo will give you both reaction shots, and they’ll be different.

    Not sure why everybody associates Kim Gab Soo with “creepy.” 70% of the stuff he does, he’s a total sweetheart.

  25. 25 hjkomo

    ^ because he can make eating mangoes or crab send shivers up & down your spine 😉

  26. 26 Molly

    I’ve never heard of him, being fairly new to the k-entertainment world. But his eyes are so cool – they look almost green. Are they colored contacts or natural?

  27. 27 michelle

    “Kim Gab-soo married to Lee Mi-sook as the parents of Seo Woo and Moon Geun-young, who are courted by Chun Jung-myung and Taecyeon? Oh, BRING IT ON.” My sentiments exactly!
    I’ve only seen KGS in Tale of Two Sisters, but I thought he was quite good in that. But what’s this about him creepily eating mangoes and crab as he watches Mongolian pirates burn down his village? Boy, have I been missing out!
    I’m really excited about this drama though. Love MGY and SW.

  28. 28 dee

    i’m excited for this drama.

  29. 29 bbm

    “Kim Gab-soo married to Lee Mi-sook as the parents of Seo Woo and Moon Geun-young, who are courted by Chun Jung-myung and Taecyeon? Oh, BRING IT ON.”

    BRING IT!!!
    KIM GAB SOO!!!! YAY!!!
    the cast is absolutely awesome, now please give this drama a kick-ass script, i don’t know about the writer and PD combo, did anyone knows their previous work??

  30. 30 xiaoSxin

    I am excited for this!!!! JB, i cannot remember if you posted this already before, but how about post something about what dramas this year are making buzz or what are the dramas you are waiting and anticipating for?! I am so hyped up already regarding this drama and Personal Taste and Road No.1 that I am swooning and having seizures just thinking about 2010 has only just begun!!!!

  31. 31 Cam

    OH GOSH!! O____O

    KIM GAB – SOO?!! Is he able to play like as kindhearted father in upcoming drama “Cinderella”, eh?? OH YEAAA!
    I really love this man — he’s really, really, REALLY EVIL and dark side when he had always in a bad role in some of drama, heh! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!

    AGRREEEE WITH YOU —- OH yeaaa, BRING IT ON!!!! (hyper jumps)

  32. 32 anna

    Funny, I actually wanted Kim Mi Sook to play stepmother.. but she’s probably just going to play the same character she did in Brilliant Legacy. She was so good!

  33. 33 D

    @ 6 michi

    yupp, same guy with the troublemaker of a teenage daughter

    i like him playing a nice father but he does creepy/evil very very god…

  34. 34 ripgal

    Kim Gap Soo rawkz man. He really UPS every scene he’s in, and when he’s IN a scene, the rest just pale in comparison.

    And my, he was MGY’s father in Tale of Two Sisters? Gosh, I so can’t remember. It was ages ago when I watched that movie.

    This drama sure has a FINE cast – 2 DaeSang winners, 2 Rookie Award winners in past award shows. Can it get ANY BETTER?

    Now I’m just rooting for the writer to bring on the script. I actually loved Piano and Robbers, so I don’t think I’d be disappointed anyhow?

  35. 35 Taohua

    I’m definitely at a loss for words…can this cast get any better? The end of March really can’t come fast enough! Kim Gab-soo is definitely one of the best actors in the industry…everyone else in any scene w/him just pales in comparison.

    Super happy and super excited about the news! This has become my most anticipated drama of the year!

  36. 36 AB

    cinderella’s sister and Personal taste are definitely on my list now. thx for sharing

  37. 37 momiji

    Everyone’s favorite creepy dad/uncle/king/psycho killer. lol you are so right. nobody else could act those roles better than he can. can’t wait to see the drama.

  38. 38 epyc

    This is seriously beyond belief casting!

    Dear JB, I second the idea of your doing a wrap on what’s on offer this year. I’m losing track of all these highly anticipated dramas we are so lucky to have this year. Hope they all deliver and I HAVE the time to watch them!!

  39. 39 RandomTouristX

    Wow amazing cast… 2 young promising actresses who, and 2 older amazing older leads as parents. This is a dream cast! Who will act better? I love forward to the matches!!

  40. 40 pabo ceo reom


    I can’t decide if I’m looking more forward to this or Personal Taste. Cinderella is looking mighty good though! 😀

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