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Pasta: Episode 6
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Pasta Eyecandy: The two Woos! Hyun Woo (mine!) and Noh Min Woo! Go Team Italy!

*Clears throat* Now that that’s out of the way….

Pasta: Episode 6

The episode opens with a brief back track to the end of Episode 5, and we once again get to see Chef Hyun Wook fire President Seol. (I don’t know about anyone else, but I could watch Mr. Pick-ul get fired over and over and over again…he’s just so very ev-ul!) This also gives us a chance to see what else is going on in the restaurant after Hyun Wook leaves.

Team Korea stands on the balcony watching President Seol wander aimlessly around the restaurant. They muse that perhaps the head chef has become addicted to firing people.

Meanwhile, Kang makes her move on Philip. She saunters into the kitchen where he is hard at work. She slyly comments that the kitchen is full of passion. He counters that it is also filled with danger. Proving his point, her high heels get caught on a floor grate causing her to fall. Philip expertly catches her…then gently moves her to the floor and leaves her there.

After Yoo Kyung has a brief confrontation with her father (who wants her to quit) and Hyun Wook has a confrontation with the egg vendor, the two chefs each head home separately.

While heading home on the bus, Yoo Kyung is remembering that night in the crosswalk when Hyun Wook was interested in dating her, but not working with her. From the look on her face, it’s clear she is starting to get a bit of a crush on her boss.

(Does this look seem familiar to anyone else out there? I’m sure I’ve had that look once or twice in my life!)

As we saw at the end of episode five, Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook meet in the elevator of their apartment building, where the surprising kiss happens. As the elevator opens, an embarrassed Yoo Kyung quickly runs to her apartment…where she can’t find her keys quickly enough. She is being followed by a surprised Head Chef, and when she can’t get into her apartment, tries to get back onto the elevator…which doesn’t open. Out of options, she then cowers in the stairwell wondering if she’s gone crazy. Her phone rings. It’s Hyun Wook. He tells her, “I don’t want to fire anyone anymore. You are only a chef in my kitchen.” (Personally, I think he’s slightly amused by her…but maybe that’s just me.)

Back at La Sfera, San (who actually owns the restaurant, unbeknownst to all but the president) visits President Seol in his office, where the evil president begs for one last chance. Their meeting is overheard by the sous chef.

More confrontations happen, as the three fired women corner Ho Nam to find out why he hasn’t been calling Mi Hee. He gives a rather lame excuse.

There seems to be quite a bit of misplaced anger in this series the three fired women (who brought their demise on themselves through their own unprofessional behavior) blame Hyun Wook for Mi Hee’s damaged relationship. Granted, they put some of the blame on Ho Nam as well, but I’m thinking shouldn’t all of the blame go on the boyfriend who stopped calling or answering calls from the girlfriend? (Gee, what a concept, huh?)

The next day, as Yoo Kyung is getting ready for work, she decides to brighten her appearance with a little lipstick. She quickly rubs it off when she gets caught in the act by her new roommate, Sae Young. Sae Young then takes the moment to act as a big sister, telling Yoo Kyung that she doesn’t have to give up being a woman to be a chef. (Would she be giving her such advice if she knew who Yoo Kyun was getting all dolled up for?)

In the kitchen, as the staff is busily cleaning to prepare for the business of the day, President Seol comes in dejectedly. (He either feels really bad for being such a jerk, or he’s the best actor in the world.) He then asks Hyun Wook how satisfied he is with all of the high end equipment he personally had installed into the kitchen. Hyun Wook is satisfied with all of it. “Then, you’re just dissatisfied with me, right?” the president asks. The head chef responds, “Your mouth stinks, you’re interfering, demanding, fishy, and this cannot appear in the kitchen, that’s all.” Seol threatens to “shut that smelly mouth” of Hyun Wook’s and moves to hit him, when who should come to the rescue but Yoo Kyung. Of all the men in the kitchen, and it’s the little, tiny girl who keeps the head chef from getting clobbered.

Later, in what could be considered a slightly awkward moment in the freezer, Hyun Wook and Yoo Kyung are alone. He gives her instructions on how he wants her to make the pickles. He then tells her that “In the kitchen, there is no need for love.” “Even if it’s one-sided?” she wants to know. He wonders how it can be one-sided when she’s already kissed him. (I love this) Yoo Kyung innocently asks, “When did I?” Hyun Wook responds, “You didn’t? Then it’s alright.” (Is he giving her permission to like him? Whoa…is anyone else having a “You’re Beautiful” flashback?)

I really like the composition of this shot. It’s almost as if the head chef is seeing the rookie pasta chef in a new light.

Ever wonder what happens in the kitchen after a fancy restaurant closes for the night?

Honestly, there’s no real reason for using this shot, except that I happen to think this actor, Choi Min Sung is sort of cute.

After a long day, Yoo Kyung decides to take a little R and R break, resting on the chef’s personal domain, his kitchen table. Finding some order tickets laying around, she decides to do quite an interesting impression of the head chef calling out the orders and assigning them all to her. And just whom should walk in during her one woman show? Head Chef Choi Hyun Wook. She apologizes and moves to get up, but threatening her with his oh-so-dangerous gigantic chopsticks, he orders her not to move. Since Hyun Wook won’t let her go anywhere, Yoo Kyung asks him a question that I’m sure most of us have been wondering, “When you were a kitchen helper, where you this arrogant and egotistical?” To, I’m sure no one’s surprise, he answers, “Yes.” She asks a few more questions about his time as a kitchen helper, but he stops this line of questioning by asking if she is curious about the rookie days of her boss, or the awkward beginnings of her secret love. He then orders her to clean up the kitchen and go home.

Back at her apartment complex, Yoo Kyung has another interesting encounter in the elevator, this time with San, who is carrying a cactus. (At this point I’m wondering if the cactuses are going to actually become a meaningful plot point.) They have a pleasant conversation about how cactuses are prickly on one side but bloom on the other. When Yoo Kyung gets off the elevator, San says “See you tomorrow.” At her less than enthused “Whatever,” he tells her she has to come tomorrow.

The next day, San wanders around an empty, pre-opening restaurant. He visits the dining room, the kitchen and everywhere including the chef’s locker room. When Yoo Kyung comes into work, what does she find on her locker but yet another picture of a cactus.

San has another surprise up his sleeve, this time for the entire kitchen staff. He has come to announce that he is the new president. He has a plan to help the falling revenues at his restaurant. San announces he will be closing the restaurant for three days. After three days, everyone in the kitchen will bring back a dish that they have created, and the best dishes will make the menu that will save La Sfera. Ah, but there’s one more condition. The dish must cost no more than 10,000 won (about $10) to make. Anyone who exceeds this limit will forfeit the competition. As can be expected, this causes surprise and confusion among the kitchen staff.

Yoo Kyung, not pleased about having been lied to for the past three years by her regular “customer,” takes herself directly to San’s office to confront him about his intentions. She’s angry…he’s, well, amused. He tries to encourage her, telling her, “You be first for once. Don’t always think you’re a third rate chef, and listen to other people.” She points out that at least the “other person” doesn’t lie, just that he’s too direct. She then asks him, “Is scaring me, lying to me, your hobby?” San just grins and nods.

Don’t you just love Alex’s smile?

In the chef’s locker room, Team Korea, along with the kitchen helper and Yoo Kyung, wonder what the new president is thinking (all turn and look at Yoo Kyung as if she would know). They are also discussing what they could do for the new menu.

Elsewhere in La Sfera, Team Italy (at the piano) is also discussing the competition. Philip (Noh Min Woo) is banging the piano keys until Ji Hoon (Hyun Woo), channeling Lee Junki, whines “Hyung, it’s too noisy!” He then turns to his other hyung and says, “If I get first place, I’ll be your supervisor!” Philip interrupts them, stating he wants to play. “Play, didn’t the president say so?” And, in an exhibition of Noh Min Woo’s musical talents, he plays a decent rendition of “Smoke on the Water” on the piano before taking off. (I am seriously digging the two Woos!)

Having already begun their fights, Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook are at the docks, each trying (unsuccessfully) to get a fresh antler fish for under 10,000 won. Yoo Kyung wants to make a pasta dish using the fresh fish, while Hyun Wook just wants the liver. They run into each other and Yoo Kyung, when asked, easily gives up what her plan is for the contest. They take Hyun Wook’s car home, wherein Yoo Kyung tries to find out what the head chef has in mind. After parking in front of their apartment building, Yoo Kyung finally cajoles Hyun Wook into telling her what he’s going to make. He’s going to use the liver of the antler fish to make something similar to fois gras in order to increase revenue at the restaurant. (Pickles and fois gras are the keys to success at this Italian restaurant? Really? Maybe the problem with the sales isn’t the new chef, but whoever created the menu?) Yoo Kyung suggests they go to the port when the fishing boats come in at dusk to see if they can get a good price on an antler fish and share. “One fish can make two dishes,” she points out. Hyun Wook is hesitant at first, but then agrees to meet her in an hour. Their scene in the car was spied by the fired unnies.

The unnies, apparently in an effort to take their revenge on Hyun Wook by sabotaging any relationship he may want to have, make nuisances of themselves in Yoo Kyung’s apartment. Somehow, they convince her to make dinner for them, and then seem put out when she tries to wrap things up quickly.

Hyun Wook also receives an unexpected guest in the form of Sae Young. She has come to tell him that she wants to enter the contest, too. Because of his unpleasant conversation with his unexpected guest, when Yoo Kyung calls to let him know she is outside waiting for him, Hyun Wook tells her to go by herself.

Yoo Kyung is then forced to have a conversation with someone she’d rather not talk to when San comes up to her. (How convenient is it that all of our leads live in the same apartment building?) When he asks where she is going, Yoo Kyung sarcastically responds, “I’m going to commit suicide in the sea, alright?” An amused San calls after her, “Hey, let me come too!”

While Yoo Kyung is on the bus on her way to Hou Pu Port, we are treated to Philip’s extraordinary drumming skills (a pointless scene, but I don’t care!) as well as a montage of what the other chef’s are doing with their time off. (Some of which are actually…wait for it….cooking!) Eun Soo (the kitchen helper) is consulting a fortune teller, and Ho Nam is stalking the unnies. Everyone else is preparing their entries for the new menu. Oh, Ji Hoon, Triscuits, really? And as much as I like that hat, that can’t be appropriate for the kitchen! (See picture below). Can anyone guess what Suk Ho (the sous chef) is preparing? That’s right, fois gras!

Pointless, but fun: Noh Min Woo shows off his drumming skills

Hyun Woo makes a fashion statement…and a culinary one…with Triscuits!

Is it just me, or does he remind anyone else of The Swedish Chef from the Muppets here?

At the port, Yoo Kyung finds a group of fishermen playing cards. She takes the opportunity to ask them about the antler fish (which arrive at dawn) and to request they save the ones with the best meat for her. She then asks about the liver of the antler fish, to which the men respond that it is one of the three best livers of the sea. The men invite her for a drink, and against her better judgment (since her stomach is empty) she joins them. As she drinks and jokes with the men, she misses a call from “the grumpy head chef” since her phone is set to vibrate.

A now drunk Yoo Kyung is walking by the water when she starts to hear, what she thinks are voices in her head, voices that sound like the head chef. Oh, wait; it is the head chef, who just came to buy antler fish, not for Yoo Kyung. Or, so he would have us think…until he says, “Because I was looking for you, I almost froze to death!” (Ha!) Yoo Kyung is so surprised to see him there, that in her drunkenness, she keeps just reaching out to him saying “Chef, chef…” In his attempt to escape her grasping hands, Hyun Wook manages to fall right into the water.

In a mini-cliffhanger, the scene moves to the empty kitchen of La Sfera, where Sae Young takes this opportunity to ask San to let her join the contest. He tells her, “I hope for Seo Yoo Kyung to win.” She says, “I hope for the head chef to win.” “So, what happens if you win?” San asks. “Then I would add my dish to the menu, and let the staff in the kitchen make it.”

Back at the East Sea Port, Yoo Kyung manages to pull a now cold and wet Chef out of the water.  They find the one inn in the tiny town (probably with one room! *lol*) which just happens to have some unclaimed men’s clothes they can sell to Yoo Kyung for cheap, so she gets them for Hyun Wook.

The newly dry and warm Hyun Wook and Yoo Kyung go to a convenience store and eat instant ramen (what is it about chefs eating ramen that amuses me?). He, of course, tries to blame her for him ending up in the water. Yoo Kyung points out that she didn’t push him. He explains he was trying to avoid being kissed by her again. He then asks what is it about him that she likes so much. Instead of answering, Yoo Kyung asks him why he hates her so much. Hyun Wook responds, “Did I say I hate you?!”

Sitting by a warm fire near the docks, Yoo Kyung tells Hyun Wook about her dream to open a tiny restaurant with only one table and only one chef, and no matter what the customer orders, she will prepare it exactly the way the customer asks, if they want extra salt, she’ll add more salt. She will treat the customer like her own family. Hyun Wook disparages her idea, saying she’ll close in a month. She doesn’t hear him, however, as she has fallen asleep on his shoulder. (All together now: AWWW!)


I’ve heard people say that this show is moving slowly, and because of that they were disappointed to hear that it got an episode extension. That may be true, but despite this as well as a few other flaws, I think Pasta is a good show. There is great chemistry between to two leads, and I even like the second leads (even though I don’t care for the character of Sae Young, because she’s conniving…but what second female lead isn’t?) There is also some very nice eye candy to behold as well! *lol*

After the first four episodes, I was feeling a bit of a “Coffee Prince” vibe from this show. I don’t know if that has to do with the kitchen atmosphere, the fact that the only other thing I had seen Lee Sun Gyun in was “Coffee Prince”, or because of the strong resemblance between Kim Jae Wook’s “Waffle Sun ki” and Noh Min Woo’s Philip (who I was referring to as “Pasta Sun ki”). But, I think the main thing were the flashbacks that showed the relationship between Hyun Wook and Sae Young. Those flashbacks really reminded me of similar flashbacks we saw of Han Sung and Yu Ju’s relationship. Now that we’re all caught up on that and the flashbacks are over, I no longer feel the “Coffee Prince” vibe I was getting from the first few episodes.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the menu contest plays out. I really hope everyone in the kitchen kicks Sae Young’s butt and she has to go whimpering into the night, but I doubt that will happen. Most likely, everyone will be forced to make her dish, which would be only slightly annoying.

Now, I’m not even going to pretend that the eye candy factor isn’t a motivating point for me watching this show. I actually had no plans to even watch “Pasta” until my “Kdrama mama,” eljay, showed me screen caps of Noh Min Woo and Hyun Woo. (And I’m really glad I started watching, as I’m really enjoying this show!) I had developed quite a crush on Hyun Woo while watching “Dream”, and I was quite excited when I figured out he was one of the Team Italy chefs. It took me about an episode and half to actually realize it was him because his hair was different, but once that lightbulb went off, I was literally like, “Woo hoo!”

Can we start a poll to see which hair the fans like better?

“Dream” Hair:

“Pasta” Hair:


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  1. chocomilk

    DEFINITELY pasta hair

  2. jm126


    And I love reading your recaps! They’re so refreshing and fun to read!

  3. Andromytta

    Ha ha! Two votes so far and it’s a tie! Don’t ask me which one I like better! I’d probably love Hyun Woo if he was bald! *lol*

    @jm126: Thanks! They’re fun to write, too!

  4. LeMonS

    Yup, i have to go with pasta hair!

  5. estel

    I’m with chocomilk — definitely Pasta hair! It’s so cute and adorable and I just want to touch it! I think he’s my favorite of the Team Italy chefs, even though Philip is undeniably appealing…but I like the middle one, too. Strangely, I find Team Italy much more interesting than their counterparts. You’d think that I’d be on Team Korea’s side, but honestly, I just find them whinny. And I’m having a hard time taking the sous chef seriously, because I just can’t separate him with the actor’s last role in City Hall, not to mention I just want to scream at him, “Just get over yourself already!”

    I actually kinda like how slowly this show is moving. I always have a teensy problem with dramas where the leads just BAM! fall in desperate, eternal love with each other. I liked that they set up the initial attraction in the first episode, only to have it subverted by the “there are no women in my kitchen!” problem — but you know that the attraction didn’t just magically disappear. It’s gradually making its way to the surface now. 🙂

  6. maryta

    Thanks to recaps !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it´s a good drama , The chemisty between the leaders is so exciting,
    Lee Seon-gyoon is so sexy in this chef suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have seen from the begining until the end

  7. stripes&jazz

    I am having fun watching the growing relationship between Hyunwook & Yookyung. They’re so snippy!

  8. langdon813

    Pasta Hair FTW! 😀

    GREAT recap, thanks Andromytta! Love your “pointless, but…” pics! Hilarious!

  9. Sherrie in HB

    I really like the “dream” hair – hey I go with either. Love this drama

  10. 10 Soluna

    I definitely like the Pasta hair better.

    And honestly, I think Noh Min Woo is so hot. I’m not usually up for the whole ambiguous kind of feminine, kind of not look for a guy, but Noh Min Woo just oozes charisma in everything he does (especially that head flip he does to get his hair off his face.. *swoon!) and I’ve been drooling over him ever since the first moment I saw him. 😛

    Thanks for the Pasta recaps, Andromytta. Well done! 🙂

  11. 11 jenny

    DREAM hair!
    & wow, that show had eye candy, bromance… &well, not much else.

    anyway, i LOVE pasta, and i LOVE yor recaps.
    im happy for the extension; i hope it proves meaningful… even if it doesnt, i need my pasta!

  12. 12 Andromytta

    @estel: I’m with you on the Sous Chef! Really, he does need to get over himself!

    @langdon813: Thanks! I’ll try to post more pointless pics in the future! 😀

  13. 13 Andromytta

    @jenny: Yeah, the bromance & the eye candy was what I truly loved about Dream!

  14. 14 oi

    Pasta hair for me. So he was in Dream. ..mmm….should check out Dream then.

  15. 15 Andromytta

    With Hyun Woo renewing an interst in “Dream”, if anyone is interested, check on the recaps here:


    I did screen caps & then starting writing the recaps, so I promise lots of eye candy pictures! 😀

  16. 16 Molly

    Pasta hair! Haha. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap!

  17. 17 momosan

    Pasta hair, babe!

    Great recap, made me laugh as much as the episode did. 😎 And yes, we love Alex’s smile. 😎

  18. 18 clairebearz

    I pick pasta hair!!!

    I love that someone else agrees with me…I love the chemistry of the two leads, but what gets me excited to watch is my chance to see team Italy! I love them and Hyun Woo’s curly mop of hair just want me to tuck him away in my pocket! Love this show!

  19. 19 daydreamer

    love his curly hair in pasta

  20. 20 moimoiness

    pasta hair is <3
    the kid is cute!!! i also saw a post here with him doing pasta-themed photos, just adorable..

    and yea, philip is very appealing, i think it's the hair flip thing..i can't get over him saving kang from falling then still leaving her in the floor! it's a LOL moment!

    this is the ep that i missed, so i'm really thankful for your recaps =D

  21. 21 hula87

    Pasta hair!! He’s so adorable and precious in the last picture1

    And nice job, well done!! Pat yourself on the back:)

    Thanks again for the wonderful recap! ‘PASTA IN LURVEEEE’… 😀

  22. 22 hula87

    Pasta hair!! He’s so adorable and precious in the last picture.

    And nice job, well done!! Pat yourself on the back:)

    Thanks again for the wonderful recap! ‘PASTA IN LURVEEEE’… 😀

  23. 23 asianromance

    thanks for the recap! it was really entertaining! Hyun Woo sure has a lot of hair! he would be the perfect pantene pro-v model. those models always have 3 times as much hair as the average person!

  24. 24 Anonymous

    has anyone else noticed that the sous chef almost always has the exact same facial expression anytime the camera pans to him? -_- –> o_o face. i liked him so much more in city hall 🙁

  25. 25 nabi

    I don’t think this show is slow moving at all.. although I do have to fastforward some needless scenes. Anyways.. who else is reminded of Gong Yoo when seeing Hyun Woo’s facial expressions?

  26. 26 Anonymous

    Thanks for the recap… It was a fun read!

  27. 27 tomato

    thanks! I like this show but I have to fast-forward too.

    for @nabi, if you have to fast-forward scenes to make it seem like it’s not slow… i think it’s slow!! 😀

  28. 28 strawberries&creme

    Hahahaha. PASTA HAIR. <3
    Thanks so much for your recaps, they are always so fun to read 🙂
    I especially love the pointless yet not so pointless pictures because all of them are so cute~~
    Especially the ones when he's playing drums XD

  29. 29 giddygirl108

    Definitely the Dream hair!

  30. 30 priya

    Thank you for the recap… i’ve been trying to avoid the k-drama obsession temporarily to study for a test and i just happened to stumble across this show… and now i love it. i’ve caught up with all eps so far. it’s light and dreamy and funny- perfect for its genre. LOVES IT!
    p.s. PASTA hair!!

  31. 31 Joanne

    Yeah, I’m glad I gave Pasta a chance….it’s actually not slow in the annoying draggy sense, so I’m glad it got extended!

    Pasta hair, for sure….hehe =)

    And great recaps btw!

  32. 32 skimmy

    Great recap Andromytta! And definitely Pasta hair!

  33. 33 djes

    Mop hair, like Javabeans had said. It’s so damn cute.

  34. 34 Brendel

    Pasta hair– Hyun Woo is so darn cute I want to chuck him under the chin! <3<3<3

  35. 35 Carinne

    Pasta hair vote here (over Dream hair)… and his character in this drama needs to get rid of those hats he tries to pull while in the kitchen; honestly, that is unrealistic and/or unethical in such a high grade ristorante. The stylist to Pasta needs to get his/her reality check. Okay, I do find the Charlie Chaplin (Derby Bowler) hat adorable on Hyun Woo matching the Pasta hairstyle but the director has overdone it with those kitchen scenes, yet there is so much drama in the kitchen to overlook this small fact.

    I do like Philip transition his neatness in the kitchen by wearing a bandana to sweep his lovely bangs (not suitable in a professional kitchen) away from his fresh face. Hey, if those eye candy boys are to make me drool a little, then be realistic and give those guys more “out of the kitchen” scenes to be more praise worthy.

  36. 36 Andromytta

    @Carinne: Personally, I ADORE the hats, but yeah, I think they are not appropriate for work in the kitchen. And I totally agree, these boys need more out of the kitchen scenes!

  37. 37 heejung

    woohoo for pasta hair! he’s just like an adorably fuzzy[?] mushroom. XD

  38. 38 Victoria

    Pasta hair for the win. He’s so much cuter that way and I admit to having the urge to run my hands through those curls. Philip is very good looking but he’s too smug for my taste. So I’m glad San’s older sister is interested in Philip and isn’t getting her hands on Hyun Woo.

  39. 39 Andromytta

    No one can get their hands on Hyun Woo! He’s mine! I saw him first! 😀

  40. 40 GG

    Loved the recap and “DREAM Hair” FTW!

  41. 41 Laura


  42. 42 cheanne

    Thanks for the recap….They are wonderful as always…….I like the dream hair…….

  43. 43 IheartPasta

    Thanks for recapping! Love the analysis of the characters! Its fun to catch up with the nuances I missed.

    Question: I LOVE the music when they show the lead roles interact…. Its played often in all the other episodes… In episode 6, its played when Yoo-kyung thinks of the incident with the Chef at the pedestrian crossing light, and it flashbacks to that scene (Its played from approximately 5:50 to 6:55). Its also at the end of the 10th episode (if you have gotten that far..)

    I looked for it in the OST but had no luck finding it.. Thanks in advance!

  44. 44 rentao

    Thanks for the recaps! Actually when I first sought out this show, I was thinking beforehand that it might be boring. But because I’d want to see Gong Hyo Jin in a new drama with Lee Seon Kyun, I felt like trying it and then I got hooked! I don’t know why the comments keep on telling the plot’s slow but personally, this show is right on its track..and when they announced that they’re going to extend it, I hope it doesn’t ruin the story just like the other dramas that were extended just because it has high ratings. Oh, by the way I kind of see this drama more like Que sera sera..you know, the love story between Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook is like Eun Soo and Tae Joo ..

  45. 45 Icarusfalls

    Pasta hair!!!

    Also, does anyone else find the babyish way (almost toddler like) that Yoo Kyung goes to Chef adorable??? She’s such a child at heart!!!

    I love this drama… but it’s nuthing I’m overly passionate about…
    My passion is for Stars Falling from the Sky and Smile You!! ^_^

  46. 46 yumi-chan

    Pasta hair can get it ♥

  47. 47 sugarpunch

    AWWW!!!! i like this show cos its pace is just nice for me. in between the long pauses i get to look at eye candy and FOOD! btw, ‘pick-ul’ and ‘ev-ul’ DOUBLE LOL.

  48. 48 Larissa

    “Don’t you just love Alex’s smile?”

    Yes, I do.

    Thanks for the recap!

  49. 49 Sugarnatural

    “Pasta” hair and Alex’s smile FTW!

    Anyone know the song playing over the girls’ lipstick scene? I really, really like it.

  50. 50 Lemoncat

    I can’t take the sous chef seriously either! You know, for someone who’s technically the sous chef of the kitchen, you’d think he’d distance himself from the rest of the pack, but LOL even Yoo Kyung’s better than him!

    I find it a little weird how the usual set up isn’t working here, too. Technically we’re supposed to feel sorry for the original team who’s been displaced, but Team Italy is so much friendlier and more interesting than Team Korea (i.e. a bunch of butthurt men who’re… well, butthurt that they didn’t get to train in Italy) that it’s impossible to like any of those whiners.

    And you’re so right about all the misplaced anger – the unnies are plain irritating, and I feel like beating a dent into their skulls with a ladle every time they pop up and start griping over being fired XD

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