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Poster released for Birth of the Rich
by | February 20, 2010 | 27 Comments

The poster is out for KBS’s Birth of the Rich [부자의 탄생] and, as one may have guessed, the main theme of the drama is money. Similar to how its timeslot predecessor God of Study incorporates studying techniques, Birth of the Rich promises to show viewers secrets and methods for earning money.

The poster features, clockwise from top left: Lee Bo-young (More Than Blue), Ji Hyun-woo (Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang), Lee Shi-young (Loving You a Thousand Times), and Namgoong Min (Beautiful Sunday).

Ji Hyun-woo is a young man who lives in a rented rooftop apartment, and diligently studies how to be a chaebol heir. He believes he is the son of a chaebol father and will one day meet him and take his rightful place as successor, although it’s not clear yet whether his belief is grounded in truth. For now, he’s called a “chaebol-in-name-only.”

Lee Bo-young, meanwhile, is an actual chaebol heiress who stands to inherit 400 billion won. However, she’s thrifty with her money and just spends enough to get by, opting to drink cheap vending-machine coffee and saving her pennies.

The drama’s “upper-class prince” character is played by Namgoong Min — the perfect young man whom girls dream of marrying in Cinderella fantasies. Lee Shi-young completes the main cast as another chaebol heiress, a Korean Paris Hilton.

The producers don’t merely intend to show the lifestyles of the wealthy, but will also inject laughs as one man struggles along the path to riches. The comic drama is built on the theme that “Wealth isn’t acquired through blood but through hard work.” It’s probably not going to be a very realistic guide to making money, but as with God of Study, it looks like it’ll strive for an aspirational tone.

Birth of the Rich premieres on March 1.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lei

    i might watch this just for lee shi-young. she was good in bbf and hilarious in we got married

  2. waterleaf

    I’ll give this a try. I like Lee Bo Young a lot! ^_^

  3. Ena

    Ooh, this looks quite interesting.

  4. asianromance

    love the poster! how nice it is to be lying on top of money!

  5. uzhmakai

    oh my freakin’ YES!

    NAM GOONG MIN! Brilliant actor! Glad to see he’s working his way back into action.

  6. solien

    iam a huge LBY fan but iam not sure about the leading actor anyway i saw the trailer and it looks intersting
    btw nam goon min is very goodlooking and mature why they dont cast him as the leading guy i dont get it

  7. giaht

    Love Ji Hyun-woo short hair… remind me ‘Sweet Seoul’, he was cute

  8. A20033

    Who’s that hottie on the bottom left? He’s cute!

    I’ll check it out when it airs for the eye candy XD

  9. Kender


    Oh my god, SO FREAKING EXCITED. He was the only redeeming thing about that awful Gong Yoo/Sung Yuri vehicle One Fine Day.. I watched his scenes over and over again, despite how much I hated the drama. He’s gorgeous, has an amazing deep voice (GUH), and is a fantastic actor.


    Words cannot describe my joy right now.

  10. 10 anna

    Man, this is the so formulaic. You can predict the story and ending miles away.. even some of the so-called wacky situations.

    Nam Goong-min is gorgeous though.

  11. 11 hsinya

    Wheee! Nam Goong Min is finally back~ I have a soft spot for him, but he never really seemed to have struck it big? BTW, his last name is Nam Goong, so shouldn’t his name be spelled like Sun Woo Sun’s, without a hyphen between Goong and Min?

  12. 12 nabi

    Not too thrilled about the cast except for Namgoong Min. He was alright in One Fine Day and I found his acting style somewhat similar to Kim Rae-won. Liked his voice too.

  13. 13 song4u2

    Do they want to see if anyone cares [aka will garner ratings] about the lifestyles of the wealthy to introduce a reality show about spoiled rich young people???

  14. 14 Kender

    I’m going to jump right in and say it before anyone else gets a chance to: Nam Goong Min? MINE.

    That’s right, you heard me. MINE.


  15. 15 cheenuts

    so glad he appears on tv so frequently these days,
    but also anxious he might be expected to get enrolled in the army…
    As 11 and 12 say, I believe “Nam-Goong” is the last name.
    Nam Goong-min -> Nam-Goong Min
    2 Character surnames are quite rare in Korea, but there are 10-20 of them.

  16. 16 Biscuit

    Was I the only one who thought Nam Goong-min was Hyun Bin for a split second in that photo?

    Oh well.. I like Nam Goong-min too~
    He was in a few roles I really liked. In One Fine Day, I almost wanted him to win his love.

    The rest is the cast is meh (for me). I’ve always been bored with Lee Bo Young… :/

  17. 17 moonyuri332000

    waiting for lee bo young return. sa rang hae

  18. 18 jazz

    ughhh! lee bo young is boring actress!she just have a pretty face!

  19. 19 ghian

    oh lee shi young… isn’t she from BOF?she’s really a good actress i love her in BOF..
    another one …i think my head is going to explode…thank god it’s going to premiere earlier.is javabeans going to recapp it?

  20. 20 Biru

    Son Ho Young also in this drama. Can I know his role? I mean does he just a special guest for one scene/episode or as a supporting act.

    Thank you.

  21. 21 meh

    LEE BO YOUNG looks very very good in that black 9and white dress. love her hair too….

  22. 22 goldlilys

    Sounds interesting. Will probably watch this for Lee Bo-young (Seo Dong Yo), Ji Hyun-woo (Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang), Lee Shi-young (Boys Over Flowers). These are the shows where I got to know 3 of these actors. Haven’t seen anything from the 2nd prince yet.

    Lee Bo Young also starred in Save The Last Dance but I hated her character there and only started liking her as an actress after being Princess Seonhwa from SDY. Ji Hyun Woo is hella funny as the spoiled brat in Pyung Kang. And Lee Shi Young is perfect as Sakurako’s role in Boys Over Flowers.

    Something to tie me over from waiting impatiently for Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste to be released.

  23. 23 emeldy

    Thanks goldlilys.. i really was digging my brain, i could not remember where i have seen Lee Bo Young… Now i rem’ber it is ‘Save The Last Dance’

    I actually like the story line..It very typical K drama.. and i love typical K drama, and i like Ji Hyun-woo, in My sweet seoul.

    But the timing of its airing will be little problematic. Am sure this will be at the back end in my list when it air.. It March..we are gonna have Chindrealla Sister, Personal Taste and Prosecutor Mata Hari..

  24. 24 pabo ceo reom

    I love comedic stuff….maybe this will be right up my alley?

  25. 25 Ally

    Sounds interesting! And I’m looking forward to Lee Shi young 😀

    @Kender: Oh my, you just read my mind. I totally skipped through One Fine Day and only watched his parts.

  26. 26 yen_nguyen

    Ji Hyun-woo looks diffirent here.
    I like his new hair style.
    I’ll check this drama out!

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