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Stills from A Man Called God’s Hawaii shoots
by | February 19, 2010 | 64 Comments

Yiiiiikes. These new photos from MBC’s upcoming drama series A Man Called God almost pain me to see.

When the drama’s main star, Song Il-kook, showed off his new body a couple of days ago, I was a little surprised that there were more negative comments than positive, because those were some impressive muscles he was showing off. But not so here: in these stills, he looks positively sickly. The actor had dropped 15 kg for this role, leaving him with practically no body fat.

Compare how he looks here with, for example, how he looked in two of his previous action roles:

Song Il-kook in Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind

(I miss the old badass Song Il-kook! The shoot does look beautiful, though.)

A Man Called God filmed these scenes at Honolulu’s Kualoa Ranch. In order to capture as much of the scenery as possible, the production made use of a helicopter, which you can see in the last shot. Unfortunately, while filming a scene where Song rides horseback, the proximity of the helicopter startled the horse, which jumped and put the actor in a potentially dangerous situation.

Song came out of the shoot unharmed, and said, “I’ve shot scenes like this several times now, and have narrowly escaped big injuries in the past.” A producer explained, “After that, we were going to use a stand-in actor for the horseback scene, but Song Il-kook was passionate about doing it himself. In the end, we were able to finish filming with Song without injury.”

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64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. samsooki

    He looks bad-ass in jumong, why change that look? The loss of weight works for some…but nothing works for everyone. (positive change – that Pasta character (I think he was the middle guy in Team Korea) vs. how he looked a few years ago in Super Rookie when he definitely carried a bit of a pudge. I think that Pasta guy looks great now (one account said he lost nearly 40 lbs), a big but positive change.

    This makes me wonder who told Song Il-kook to lose that much weight, when he did not look bad before.

  2. snow

    yikes indeed. i almost couldn’t recognise song il kook in that first picture. he looked perfectly fine in jumong and terms of endearment, but i didn’t like his new pictures. why fix something that ain’t broke?

  3. MEL

    Song looks like he just came out of a prisoner of war camp………..waaa..what happened???? …better feed him soon…

  4. marni

    As along as he is in good health, I think he looks FAB. Nice to see him reinventing himself. But, I will always remember him as Jumong…my favorite character and drama.

  5. mandy

    i think he looks a little haggard…. Looked way better in the historical(s) when he had some meat on him

  6. sukideo

    I must agree that he does not look as healthy as before … so sad :/

  7. Biscuit


    Previous pictures made him looked badass (his pose with all those muscles was frightening, as if he was saying ‘approach if you dare’), but he looks puny here….

    His hair doesn’t help either….

    It’s like he’s so weak and only bones, he’d drop down dead any minute if wind was to blow at him.

  8. anna

    Wow, these photos are even worst! He looks like a small person in that first photo. I swear it looks like someone just photoshop his head into some kid body. Ugh.

    The camera angle can be so cruel. Hard to believe he’s 6’1” from those pictures.

    On the other hand, the scenery is gorgeous!

  9. trixicopper

    There is a poster out (over at soompi) for this drama. Trust me he doen’t look bad at all in it. πŸ™‚ That is an absolutely awful picture of him though.

  10. 10 diane

    Yikes is right. He looks terribly gaunt.

  11. 11 noma

    Oh gosh….I didn’t know they were filming here on Oahu! Same beautiful area where the show LOST is filmed!

    Yep…he does look gaunt. Somehow he just doesn’t look appealing at all! Muscles on a skinny guy just doesn’t cut it!

  12. 12 Quidam

    Oh wow, the actresses are going to look huge standing next to him. πŸ™

    He’s way too tiny.

  13. 13 bluegummybear

    eeepies. thats too much weight for him to have lost. he really does look sickly :\

  14. 14 sunGirl

    Wah! He has high cheekbones now than most female actresses!

  15. 15 Carmie

    Eesh he looked super gaunt in the other photos and now him with more clothes seems to enhance the sickly feel I get from him.

  16. 16 sophia

    it’s just too much of a change, so much that it looks like his head isn’t attached to his body -_-” i liked him so much in jumong…he looked so.. λ©‹μžˆμ–΄ (manly) there πŸ™‚ but now….

  17. 17 LadyIgraine

    Did he loose that much weight or what?! He looks weird!

  18. 18 Jacob

    Haha I wouldn’t have been surprised if these were stills for the show LOST. From polar bears to time traveling, I don’t think a horseback riding Song Il-Kook would be too far out there. πŸ™‚

  19. 19 jolina

    I almost didn’t recognize him, too. I was like…hmmmm…this guy looks familiar. where did I see him before? Then I read some more and saw “Jumong”, and I’m like, “What? That’s Jumong?”. I thought they used someone else’s body and pasted his head on the picture, but I guess not. Disappointing that he lost so much weight.

  20. 20 luningning

    he looks terrible.

  21. 21 Ena

    Yeah, it’s not so “Hot damn” here.
    I hope those are just bad taken photos, however.

  22. 22 cherry

    oh my gosh, he looks really sick! worst than when Kim of Beethoven Virus when he did his latest movie playing the role of someone with leugeric’s (spell?) disease!
    SIG looks awful! i hope he stays healthy even if he looks this way!

  23. 23 daehae shi

    he looks that assistant on fantasy island yelling “the plane, boss, the plane”.

  24. 24 lol

    oh god! he looks like a fragile old lady that can break in any moment. i don’t care if people like skinny, but this is super unhealthy skinny! someone throw him a rack of lamb or some cheese burgers!

  25. 25 Jade

    Too skinny like a man sufferring from a serious disease

  26. 26 isabella

    I think he looks hilarious in the first pic *lol*

  27. 27 ghian

    he really looks arrgg….. and his hair look at his hair it’s soo……

  28. 28 Gems

    Do I detect a Jude Law-esque receding hairline?!? Noooooooo!

    He was really good looking in People of the Water Flower Village.

  29. 29 Asarako

    he looks like a tuberculosis patient that ride in a horse and run…..

    its not healthy to look at……. sad

  30. 30 sjsmn

    he is tall handsome guy, there is no way him to look tiny or terrible. we just have to used to it. anyway he has good body so do not worry he gonna look just fine.

  31. 31 Acalle

    I have to admit the first picture of him is aweful, it”s just happen to be a bad shot.
    Like ‘@9 trixicopper ” said, there are some good pictures of him taken with fans during the filming. He looks really fit and healthy there. Check out Soompi, Song Il-Gook thread.

  32. 32 cheekbones

    Why did he need to lose 15 kg for the drama ? That’s a lot of weight to lose……

  33. 33 cookie

    Yikes! He looks like he’s from famine camp. Thinks he’s gorgeous and adorable when in his other shows.

  34. 34 JO

    Who knows if he is unhealthy? For all we know, he could be in the best body shape he has every been in his life. Its all speculation you guys are doing-you dont actually know the conditions of his health. So…yeah.

  35. 35 mean

    i want the old SIG back…bring some fat back om those cheekbones!!!

  36. 36 omo

    Double yikes!!

    His current look makes me want to slap some of my fats onto him. He’s just a shadow of his former glorious self. I’m so not swooning right now.

  37. 37 AB

    I think he still looks fine to me. I agree, as long as he still healthy that will be okay…

  38. 38 ellen

    Wow Song Il Gook. Then & now he’s still the same superb dedicated actor to me. He lost 15 kilos of fat etc & build more muscles. Naturally he looks thin in the face. I don’t think he looks unhealthy at all. He needs to be athletic & fast moving for his role in his new drama so he needs to be lighter & stronger with all those muscles. I admire him for his passion & dedication for his work.

    The still pics is not all there is of him to judge on.

    I look forward to watch him perform in this new drama A Man Called God.

  39. 39 DramaPrincess


  40. 40 mimim

    why most of my “namja”. loose their weight for their role.
    Honestly SIG looks younger.
    no comment before his serial be aired.

  41. 41 emeldy

    The first pic looks scary.. He look sick and old.

  42. 42 poheijo

    i think he looks bad in his new image…he lost his handsomeness and manliness in my opinion…not everybody can carry off good charisma with zero fat…he really look sickly in his new image….i want my old Song Il Kook …please

  43. 43 StillaFan

    He’ll be just fine in his new drama. And he does look younger.

  44. 44 abcdefg

    these people, they are ACTORS, of coz they need to change their looks from time to time according to their roles! If you girly gurls want some guys who always looks handsome, go get some MODELS!

  45. 45 Maxis

    Yikes, the backdrop looks strangely familiar… Like the scenes from the Phantom the movie… hahahah only thing the dude was in purple suit.

  46. 46 giddygirl108

    He looks emaciated πŸ™ I wonder what the reason is for him losing all of that weight (like so many of you asked already)? Man…I hope he gains it all back soon or at least half that amount b/c he does not look good at all πŸ™

  47. 47 chubbygirl1

    I guess only I think SIG look hawt here!

    though his receding hairline is somewhat bothersome….must be all that lacking of nutrition give way to major hair loss..lmao..jk

    i think it takes a lot of strength and stamina to be riding on a horse thru rugged terrain, so i’d say SIG is healthy!
    Look can be deceptive..who knows..maybe he really is really really very healthy..
    plus I like that he’s 110% dedicated to his “art”…maybe the additional 10% is for his self-love…but at least he cares!!

  48. 48 poheijo

    @ abcdfe ….this is not being girly, girly…..fact is fact unless the pictures are photoshopped….he does look anorexic or sick with HIV in these photos….can you deny it?..we know that actors and actresses need to reinvent themselves…but within reason please…whoever advices Song Il Gook about this, must be crazy…In the Lobbyist….he was as handsome as can be…and he didn’t look fat at all…wonder what kind of drama is this new one that they made him to lose all those fat?

  49. 49 Lea

    I LOVED him in Jumong! He is an amazing actor, his looks aint so shabby either. πŸ˜‰
    But I do wish that he remains safe and healthy. If he’s eating right and getting enough exercise I can care less about his weight. For me his acting overshadows his weight/look, I’ll always be rooting for him. =)

  50. 50 song4u2

    Go to the SIG forum on soompi and see new pixs. You will be amazed and know why his new physique is required for the drama and he’s gorgeous!

    His wife is a lucky woman becz she got a new man…..

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