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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 10
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That just speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Hehe. Heh. I find myself more and more glad that Kang-ha was such a grumpybutt early on, because it makes his funny moments now that much more awesome. It wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying, for instance, to see that look of frustration on Jun-ha’s face, would it?


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Jun-ha gets in Kang-ha’s face about being mean to Jae-young, asserting that it’s purely because he feels bad for her. She’s his friend and little sister: “I don’t want her crying because of my brother.”

The next morning, Ju-hwang helps prepare breakfast, and he’s pretty proud of himself. He jokes that with his skills, he may just have to marry Kang-ha himself. (This makes Pal-gang ask hesitantly, “Do you… like guys more than girls?” His response — “Noona!” — is delivered with that embarrassed annoyance most of us reserve for “Mooom!“)

The kids limp out of the bedroom, explaining to a concerned Tae-kyu that they slept with their legs tied together to keep Pa-rang from sleepwalking to Kang-ha’s room. The Won brothers hadn’t realized the kids felt that bad about Pa-rang’s wandering, and when Pa-rang grimaces in discomfort, Kang-ha instructs the kids not to sleep with their legs tied anymore.

Everyone gapes at him; No-rang points out that if they don’t, Pa-rang might sleepwalk into his room again. Kang-ha retorts that he doesn’t want them to demand compensation if something happens to their legs.

When Kang-ha gets up from the table, Ju-hwang asks how the meal was, looking for approval. Kang-ha says noncommittally, “It was so-so.” Coming from him, that’s a pretty positive comment, which makes Ju-hwang happy.

Pa-rang asks the others, “It seems like he was worrying about me, huh?” Although No-rang says it was just because he doesn’t want to pay them compensation, Pa-rang insists, “You’re so dense! The lawyer ajusshi really likes me!”

At work, Kang-ha calls another department to ask about Pal-gang’s wage garnishment, looking disturbed at the confirmation.

Jae-young storms in, still smarting from last night’s encounter. Is he purposely treating her badly in front of “that kind of woman” to get her to give up?

Kang-ha: “And what is ‘that kind of woman’?”
Jae-young: “Do you really not know? Because of that bottom-feeder, I even drank last night! I know you have a lot of ways of ignoring me, but don’t do that anymore. I warned Jun-ha too, but you can get confused about a woman like that. If you get stuck with a strange woman like her just because you’re trying to get rid of me, you can find yourself in worse trouble.”
Kang-ha: “You’re wrong.”
Jae-young: “What?”
Kang-ha: “I told you that you’re the only woman in the world that I don’t see as a woman.”
Jae-young: “So?”
Kang-ha: “That means that I do see all the other women in the world as women.”

Jae-young asks what that means. Kang-ha tells her not to feign ignorance when she knows.

Jae-young pulls Pal-gang aside to offer a new banknote — this time for 10 million won ($8,500, which is ten times the first offer). Pal-gang admits that she’s very tempted, and that all sorts of thoughts are flying through her head. However, she can’t take it: “If I take this money now, I have to return to being Useless Miss Jin. This may be a huge windfall, but it would also be the last in my life.”

Jae-young says coldly to stop acting so high and mighty and just take it. Pal-gang replies, “Yes, it does seem righteous, but I want to try being righteous. If I don’t want to end up with a 10 million won life, I think I’ll have to grit my teeth and act righteous now.”

Jae-young doesn’t give Pal-gang credit for being honorable, and asks suspiciously what her real reason is. After all, she’ll have to leave empty-handed in a month anyway.

Jae-young: “Surely you don’t have some sort of Cinderella fantasy, do you?”
Pal-gang: “No. I have a bigger dream than that. Cinderella is only a prince’s wife, but an insurance queen is a queen. Aren’t you proud of that? You’re the successor to JK, so to hear that your lower employee has such a big dream must make you happy.”

What’s so satisfying about Pal-gang’s answer is that she is firm but respectful (while Jae-young can’t hide her petty jealousy). Pal-gang excuses herself to return to work.

Kang-ha calls a meeting with Pal-gang’s creditor, requesting to be named her guarantor. In the event she cannot pay her debt, he’ll take repsonsibility for it, so they can stop garnishing her wages. Kang-ha asks the creditor to handle everything but not tell Pal-gang of his involvement.

At the office, Jun-ha’s curiosity is piqued to overhear two employees talking about his brother. They have heard that Kang-ha inquired into Pal-gang’s salary garnishment. Given that Kang-ha is the biggest shareholder, doesn’t this suggest that he’s preparing to fire people and take over? With Kang-ha’s reputation, nobody would even think to suspect him of asking out of curiosity or helpfulness. Nobody except Jun-ha, who mulls this over.

Grandpa Jung drops by the house to bring the kids meat. It’s adorable that the kids admonish him for spending money on food when he doesn’t even have a reliable place to sleep. Pa-rang recounts all the good stuff they’ve been eating recently, surprising Grandpa by saying that Kang-ha had treated them to a fancy meal.

Tae-kyu bursts in excitedly to announce that he ordered jajangmyun for everyone. The kids distract him by begging him to fix the broken toilet, giving Grandpa a chance to slip back downstairs. (The toilet isn’t broken, but the kids flatter Tae-kyu for magically fixing it, and he’s happy to accept the praise.)

Back in their room, Ju-hwang warns Grandpa not to bring anything next time because they almost got caught. Grandpa replies that this is the first time he’s been scolded for buying someone food.

Tae-kyu walks into the room suddenly, and they aren’t quick enough to hide Grandpa from his sight. Without any choice, the kids tell Tae-kyu that he’s their biological grandfather (it might sound weird otherwise). To their surprise, Tae-kyu urges them to make sure he doesn’t get caught, then bows in respect.

He also pours Grandpa drinks, wanting to get on his good side because he assumes that winning her grandfather’s favor will help his case with Pal-gang. He explains that he loves her, and as the only son of parents who own a big supermarket in the States, he’ll inherit it all. So please, won’t he consent to their marriage?

Tae-kyu misinterprets a low grunt as approval, and calls Pal-gang to exult, “Grandpa says yes to the marriage!” Pal-gang retorts, “Then marry Grandpa.”

Pal-gang receives a distressed phone call from one of her clients, Choi Man-ho, who had filed an insurance claim when he was stricken with blindness. However, the company denied his claim and didn’t pay out his policy. Although they said they would re-try his case, he has no money for immediate survival or a lawyer. Thus Man-ho has resorted to begging in the street.

Pal-gang feels sympathy for his plight, particularly when his young daughter comes by with food. She takes the case up with her supervisor, but is told to butt out and leave it to the proper channels.

She can’t just sit back and wait while the legal team takes its sweet time, so Pal-gang bursts into Kang-ha’s office to plead Man-ho’s case, asking him to expedite the process. She can vouch that he’s really blind, and he can’t survive on nothing while his case is retried.

Kang-ha is firm about leaving this case to the law. Heatedly, she argues that he it’s not his own money but the clients’ money — so they should serve the client. Besides, the law isn’t on the side of the poor; it’s the the rich and powerful who benefit.

Playing peacemaker, Jun-ha urges her to let it go; if Man-ho’s claim is genuine, the money will come. Pal-gang insists that the man is poor and can’t wait. Growing impatient, Kang-ha raises his voice and orders her to leave. Pal-gang glares:

Pal-gang: “Then it’s all a lie that the customers are like family, isn’t it? Now I understand why I stuttered every time I was in front of a client. It was because I wasn’t sure if I was scamming them or not.”

Pal-gang broods. Jun-ha offers her a drink and explains that Kang-ha’s very thorough about his work, meaning that he has to make sure the claim is sound before proceeding.

Pal-gang insists that she saw the man’s blindness for herself. Jun-ha says that’s good — then things should work out for him. He urges her to smile, teasing her when she gives him a halfhearted half-smile. Her clients should feel good to have a counselor like her, he says.

Watching this scene are Eun-mal and Jin-ju, who immediately sense something in the air. Jun-ha is definitely interested, they think. Pal-gang protests, not believing that at all, but the women urge her to work the relationship and grab him.

Contrary to his cool words, Kang-ha does feel frustration at Pal-gang’s accusations and goes for a long workout. Jun-ha points out that he runs more when he has an upcoming case going to trial — why is that?

His next encounter with Pal-gang is at home; he walks into his room, where she’s changing his sheets. She apologizes (since he doesn’t like her around when he’s here) and promises to leave immediately, but he sighs that she may as well continue. Pal-gang takes that as a positive sign, and decides to press her luck a little. He has gone into the glass room within his bedroom, and she knocks on the door to ask for a moment.

Bringing up the case again, she explains that Man-ho can’t hire his own lawyer. Does Kang-ha have a friend in human interest law, maybe someone who’d work pro bono? Kang-ha asks incredulously, “Are you asking me to introduce you to my opposing counsel?” Furrowing his brow, he asks, “I’m asking because I’m truly curious. Could you explain the reason that you ask when you know that it’s ridiculous?”

Pal-gang: “I’m the type to say whatever comes to mind.”
Kang-ha: “Is that something to brag about?”
Pal-gang: “Who said I’m bragging? Still, my mother told me that if I meet the right person, he’d dote on me. Rather than harboring lots of thoughts and being sneaky, people who openly express what they’re thinking are the kind who get fussed over as cute.”

He scoffs at that. Pal-gang tries to bring the converstaion back to the issue at hand, but she has lost her train of thought and wonders how they got here. He suggests that she think it over downstairs.

Pal-gang muses, “I started with something important…” Oh, well. Downstairs she goes.

After her exit, Kang-ha mutters, “Cute? She’s irresponsible.” Then, remembering, he winces: “Ah! I told you to stop talking to yourself!”

Jun-ha sees Pal-gang coming downstairs and reminds her that Kang-ha doesn’t want her in his room while he’s home. Pal-gang figures that he must have given up on that, then recalls why she went into the glass room — the lawyer introduction!

Jun-ha is surprised that Kang-ha allowed her in his audio room, and heads upstairs to talk to his brother. Pointedly, he mentions that Kang-ha wouldn’t let the other maids into his glass room for fear that they’d mess up his audio equipment, but it’s odd that he let Pal-gang inside. Kang-ha shrugs, “She insists on cleaning. What can I do?”

The next morning, Kang-ha wakes up and feels/sees a lump at the foot of his bed. With a bit of hope, he sits up and pulls back his blanket… but it’s just a pillow. He actually looks disappointed and mumbles, “I told them not to tie their feet together when they sleep.” (This is an even sadder sentiment, as though that’s the only reason Pa-rang wouldn’t sleepwalk here.)

The three men arrive at the breakfast table and look surprised to find an empty kitchen. Pal-gang has prepared food for them and left a note to say that she had something to take care of. The entire Jin family is gone.

Yesterday, Pal-gang had encountered difficulty trying to solicit new customers at the crowded Dongdaemun market. Last night, she had decided to employ a more eye-catching tactic, and Ju-hwang had suggested that it would be more effective if the family did it together.

The tactic involves each sibling dressing in his/her respective color (apparently they’ve done this before). Pal-gang goes around introducing herself, as does each sibling. This exercise isn’t to pitch policies, just to hand out her card. Even so, Pal-gang feels a twinge of guilt, calling this panhandling. Ju-hwang corrects her — it’s promotion.

Having recovered her lost train of thought, Pal-gang asks Kang-ha again for a referral to one of his lawyer friends. Kang-ha answers, “I have no friends,” to which she blurts (using his words), “Is that something to brag about?”

She catches herself before straying off-topic again and asks for a close senior colleague, then. He doesn’t have any of those, either. She can’t hold back and knows this isn’t her place to say, but asks how he can live like this. This means that if some trouble were to befall him, he has nobody to come to his aid.

Jae-young and Jun-ha step out into the hall in time to hear Pal-gang explaining herself: she made the realization after losing her parents that she hadn’t cultivated personal relationships, and after being Useless Miss Jin for five years, her co-workers aren’t friendly either.

When Kang-ha answers, “There’s no reason something would happen to me, but I don’t care if anyone comes or not,” Pal-gang advises him not to think that way. He points out, “Do you know we’ve veered from the topic again?” Oops — again, Pal-gang has forgotten her reason for talking to him.

Now that he’s already bickering with her, Kang-ha complains about her behavior over breakfast — it’s not appropriate for her to leave with just a note. She should clear that with her employer! Pal-gang is puzzled at his overreaction (and it IS overreaction), because she did all her duties first. She wonders, isn’t the reason he has no friends because he’s such a stickler for the rules?

Jae-young asks Jun-ha if he’s ever seen Kang-ha talking that much with somebody before. Jun-ha tries to make her feel better with the excuse that Pal-gang has the habit of drawing out conversation.

Jae-young complains that she hates herself for getting upset over nothing: “And what I hate more is myself for clinging to Won Kang-ha even after he told me boldly that he sees someone like her as a woman.”

That surprises Jun-ha — he said that about Pal-gang? Surely he said that just to piss Jae-young off. She answers, “I know. But it was unfamiliar.” It’s also unfamiliar to see him chatting with Pal-gang, and that unfamiliarity makes her upset.

In his office, Kang-ha gives himself a stern pep talk: “Argh! Don’t get involved, Won Kang-ha. It’s because you keep talking back that things get drawn out.”

He pauses, then wonders (in Pal-gang style), “Wait, why was I on my way out again?” He remembers — lunch!

He’s interrupted by the appearance of Jae-young, which brings the frown back to his face. She challenges him about his earlier comment, asking again if she’s the only woman in the world that he doesn’t see as a woman. He’s not interested in engaging in an argument, but she blocks his exit and kisses him suddenly.

Aw, isn’t that the look of a man in love! No, wait, the other one. Disdain.

Not only does he not kiss her back, Kang-ha looks bored and pushes her away. She asks if he still doesn’t think of her as a woman, and he retorts, “Don’t you think you’re stooping too low?”

She answers no: “I could even take off my clothes right now.” When she insists that she loves him, Kang-ha contradicts her. She just needs him to fulfill her vision of what she wants, but it’s not love.

Jae-young: “Love is supopsed to be a dirty, mean feeling. Isn’t this proof? Isn’t this proof that it’s love to have Jung Jae-young clinging to you in such a dirty, mean way?”
Kang-ha: “No. It’s proof of your ambition.”

Jae-young sighs to herself that she wishes it were ambition. Then she might be happy with someone else.

Pal-gang heads out to visit Man-ho, stopping at a food cart to buy him some warm sweet bread. She looks up when a car screeches to a stop at the intersection, just in time to avoid hitting a young girl crossing the street. Recognizing his daughter, Man-ho ditches his blind-man act and rushes into the street in concern.

Shocked to be thus deceived, Pal-gang approaches the pair. He apologizes tearfully, begging not to be reported to the police. Sympathetic to his desperation, Pal-gang gives him the bread she bought for him and says, “I want to help you somehow, but this is all I can do. I’m sorry.” She adds encouragingly, “Still, this isn’t all there is to life. So please be strong.”

As Pal-gang leaves the father-daughter pair, she looks up to see Jang-soo (Jin-ju’s penny-pinching admirer) — he’s here on company business, to check into the man’s claim. She’s shocked when he says that Kang-ha had asked him to gather hard proof of the man’s situation so he could push through his case without waiting for a trial. Both find it hard to believe that Kang-ha asked this when he didn’t have to.

That night, Pa-rang taps on Kang-ha’s door. After a day of eating too much food — first Grandpa’s meat, then Tae-kyu’s noodles — he is here to announce: “Ajusshi, I’m not on your side just because you bought us jajangmyun. It’s just because I like you. So you can’t be pushed aside by Tae-kyu. Fighting!” As he bows to leave, Pa-rang says, “Good night! Dream of my sister!”

Kang-ha mutters to himself, “Those siblings really drive me crazy.” Then he recalls, “Arg, stop talking to yourself!” Followed by a confused, “Why are you like this, Won Kang-ha?”

Pal-gang comes with warm tea, which Kang-ha refuses, asking sarcastically whether it’s poisoned. She laughs: “Even when watching comedy programs, you don’t laugh, do you? You don’t understand why they’re laughing, do you?” In five years, she’s never seen him laugh. He replies, “I didn’t laugh because there was nothing to laugh about. Okay?”

Pal-gang thanks him for following up with Man-ho, guessing that he had actually felt the same way she did. He says no, that the law is fair; he just wanted to make sure things were fair for all the customers. She sighs, “Can’t you just agree with me?” Does have have to talk so coldly? (His response: “Yes.”) Jun-ha catches this scene from the staircase below, bothered.

Pal-gang explains that Man-ho is going to give up his claim, because it turns out he wasn’t completely blind. Worriedly, she checks that this won’t get him in trouble for fraud, since he’s dropping the case, right? Kang-ha confirms it, but not without a dig at her (saying that she should know such an obvious answer).

Pal-gang finds Kang-ha’s dismissal particularly rude, and enters his room to confront him on his lack of manners. Kang-ha points out that it seems she’s taking too many liberties because of his promise not to kick her out.

She thinks, “You’re right. Why am I doing this? I tell myself I shouldn’t, but when I see you the words just come out. In the past, I wanted to impress you so I just spoke nicely. It must be because I don’t have those feelings now. I’ll take your words into consideration. Trust me!”

She sets the tea down and goes, leaving Kang-ha to think on her comments.

Downstairs, Jun-ha overhears Tae-kyu on the phone, asking his mother for more money. He asks if Tae-kyu has caused more trouble, but Tae-kyu confides that he wants to buy a diamond ring. Jun-ha scoffs, but has to confirm, “Are your feelings for real?” Tae-kyu has a habit of acting rashly.

Tae-kyu insists this is real and swears that Pal-gang is the one for him.

So, Jun-ha helps him out. Suggesting after-work drinks, he takes Kang-ha to the bar. Pal-gang arrives shortly thereafter, called here by Tae-kyu with the promise that his friends want to hear her sales pitch.

A spotlight shines on her as soon as she walks in. Puzzled, she looks around as a waiter leads her to a table laden with flowers.

Tae-kyu appears onstage singing a song whose lyrics go, “I want to live by your side.” As he serenades her, Jae-young arrives at the bar — no doubt called by Jun-ha, who watches Kang-ha’s reaction closely, as though this is a test.

And then, Tae-kyu gets on his knee and presents Pal-gang with a ring. At that, her eyes widen. So do Kang-ha’s.

Almost unconsciously, Kang-ha rises from his seat, freezing in shock — Jun-ha clocks his reaction — just as Tae-kyu says, “Marry me.”


Despite the general uselessness of the Jung family, I do think it’s sorta sad how In-gu is the less-loved son. Min-kyung may be downright malicious, but In-gu just wants his father’s love. For instance, there’s a scene when Chairman Jung ignores a phone call, saying it’s one he doesn’t have to take. It turns out to be In-gu, calling because he’s worried that his father hasn’t been sleeping at home.

Min-kyung checks in to see if Jae-young is making any progress — does she have a chance with Kang-ha? Jae-young says she’s trying, but her mother counters, “I dislike that more. Love isn’t something that happens through trying. I wish you wouldn’t live like that.” Jae-young says, “I’m your daughter” as though that’s proof of her ability to get things done. However, her mother has a different take: “Because you’re my daughter, I don’t want you to be like me.”

Kang-ha has managed to locate a photo of the woman who may have borne Chairman Jung’s grandchild. The chairman doesn’t seem to recognize her, and prays that she’s still alive.


I can’t help but wonder if the creditor issue will be a bad thing — will Pal-gang be touched that Kang-ha acted on her behalf, or will she think that it’s another setback, keeping her as Useless Miss Jin? (Probably both?)

Regardless, it’s the first time we see Kang-ha do anything proactive, which is then reinforced when he tells Jang-soo to check up on the man’s claim. Furthermore, his word choice (to take responsibility if Pal-gang defaults on her debt) is not insignificant; recall his admonition to Jun-ha not to start helping Pal-gang if he wasn’t going to be able to take responsibility through the end. Plus, there’s the fact that “taking responsibility” is a commonly used euphemism for marrying. I’m sure he has ways of justifying this behavior to himself, and I don’t think he’s aware of why he’s doing this, at least not consciously. Too bad he doesn’t know that his motivations are showing through his actions.

I did enjoy the moment when Pal-gang said she probably talks back to Kang-ha freely now because she doesn’t have any romantic designs on him. The comment didn’t visibly have an effect on Kang-ha so it’s too early to say that it brings him outright disappointment, but we can see from his actions that he’s growing fonder of the whole family. For instance, his disappointment to find that Pa-rang wasn’t in his bed was obvious, and I think it was strong enough that he could even admit it to himself.

Even for a child, Pa-rang speaks bluntly, and he assures Kang-ha that the reason he likes him isn’t because he buys the family food. He just likes him, no reason given. That’s the closest thing to unconditional love Kang-ha has probably ever had — he doesn’t even have to be nice to earn the kid’s admiration. He gets it just because he’s himself. It makes sense that he’d warm up to Pal-gang (romantically or not) because she’s the grown-up version of the kids, sometimes demanding unreasonable things and speaking without a filter. Not always polite, but always honest.


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  1. Molly

    YES! Perfect timing. πŸ™‚

  2. Jasmin

    Kang Ha is supposedly a cold hearted person due to his abandonment issues with his mother but why does it seem Jung Ha doesn’t suffer from those same issues. I’ve been wondering about this for the last few episodes. I’m really liking the fact that it’s the kids who are slowly melting Kang Ha’s cold exteiror and not because he’s falling for Pal Gang. I’m sure that it will eventually happen but it’s nice that the kids are able to somehow help him with his issues.

  3. Jo

    I loved this episode. But I felt bad because it appears that in this episode Jun Ha has bad ambitions for Pal gang.

  4. langdon813

    Such a great scene, when Kang-ha is so hopeful that Pa-rang will be in bed with him, and so disappointed when he isn’t. One of the biggest treats for my boys when they were little was for me to let them sleep in our bed with their dad on weekend nights. Just guys, no girls (well, me) allowed! So sweet.

    So…Team Kang-ha it is (he’s not quite at the level of TEAM PARK KYU! adoration, but he’s moving in the right direction)!

    Also, something about Choi Jung-won in this episode really reminded me of Kim Sun-ah in MNIKSS. Not a bad thing at all!

    Thanks JB!

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    O man, this is getting so good! I dying cuz I have to wait til next week to see what happens, AHHHHH!

  6. Vannei

    Omg…thank you for the recap!!
    The ice is almost fully melted!!!


    everyone is different…and i guess it is because junha had kangha to look over him while kangha being the older bro had all the responsibility to himself……

  7. chll51

    You don’t know how much I look forward to these caps of yours. Lol. Love the new episode. junha is still a bit… i dont’ know. he’s too wishy-washy. i wish he’d just be firmed with who he likes. can’t watch two fish with 1 hands. lol. thanks for the recap ^^

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    Oh I love this….I love this….I’ve all ready seen episode 10 and the look on Kang-ha’s face and his reaction to Tae Kyu’s proposal to Pal-gang is PRICELESS!

    The story line is making me think of Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful….there are so many similarities! Even the character of Jun-Ha is making me think of Shin Woo…but I’m wondering what is Jun-Ha’s motive behind his so called “cool” personality. He set up the ring and set up Kang-Ha and set up Jae Young….now he’s looking at Kang-Ha. Wonder if his next move will be to get sweet on Pal-gang and be the wedge between Kang-Ha and Pal-gang? Hmmmm…..

    The children are great actors….this episode was enjoyable.

    Jae Young never ceases to “amuse” me with her nasty attitude towards Pal-gang….which seems to be creating more of a distance with Kang-ha.

    I’m finding this drama so very refreshing and fun!

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    yesssssss – i loved the “where’s pa-rang? why’s he not in my bed?” scene. i love kang-ha’s interaction with pa-rang. it’s just too cute!

    i’m getting annoyed at junha because while he is becoming more manipulative, he’s taking a large backseat role in the triangle. he’s not pursuing pal-gang actively, he’s just testing everyone around him and seeing how far he can push them over the edge – perhaps to see who his love rivals really are? perhaps to finally take something from his brother for the first time? i don’t know – but either way, junha being passive-aggressive is getting to me.

    and jae young – her face!!! aghhh!

  10. 10 Elena

    I love these recaps – thanks –

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    Yay, I was waiting for this recap πŸ™‚

    Honestly Jun Ha confuses the crap out pf me. If he likes Jae Young, I’d think he’d be making less excuses for Kang Ha’s behavior and more reasons for her to let go of him. And if he is starting to like Pal Gang, I thought he’d be less manipulative with her.

    And once again loved Kang Ha, Pal Gang and the kids here. I def agree with you about his being taken with the kids and PG because of their unconditional honesty. For once I’m not feeling as if the acting is forced which is a feeling I get from some dramas where you go from from hate to love.

    And finally….I want Kang Ha’s room!!! (heh preferrably with him in it…)

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    JB, I’m glad you enjoy this drama as much as we enjoy reading your review for each episode. Because of you, we appreciate the drama even more. I love the humor blended in your writing. What a treat to read! πŸ˜€

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    By the way…..the dialogue between Pal-gang and Kang-ha in their constant bickering reminds me of Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam…….wonder if there will be one scene where Kang-ha will suddenly kiss Pal-gang?!!!! πŸ™‚ he’s fallen for her….he’s not going to acknowledge it yet.

  14. 14 A20033

    Doesn’t Kang-ha have abandonment issues? I wonder what will be his reaction when he finds out that all the kids are adopted. Pal-gang is going through so much hardship for kids who are not even blood related to her, yet his own mother was able to abandon him. Aw.

    Also, the lead actress keeps reminding me of Kim Sunah and Lee Dahae….she’s like a mix of both.

    Loving this series! <3

  15. 15 Icarusfalls

    I love all the secondary characters in the show from Jang-soo, Jin Ju, to the cleaning ajumma/grandma… to of course all the kids (who I guess are so great that they are the main charcters in some episodes!!) I even loved the Police ajhusshi and the helping passerby noona who helped Parang… but I CANNOT stand Jae-young! Flat faced acting has never been something I’ve enjoyed and her character’s level of delusionment is just unbelievable.. I guess I’ll just forward her parts like I usually do…

    Also, who else loves the nephew and is sad for the disappointment and heart break that waits for him next episode!!! Maybe Chorok can console him…

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    This was SUCH a cute episode!! I'm totally on Team KH, so I was thrilled to see him coming around some more. I definitely cheered when he pushed JY away, haha.

    I'm sad you didn't include a cap of JH's little teasing half-smile, though. It made me love him again for that scene, until he ruined it by helping TG with his proposal..

    While I know PG won't accept TG's proposal, I'm still on edge for next week. I can't wait to see KH's realization that he's developing feelings for her (he can't deny it anymore after standing up like that, right?).

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    So this leads me to wonder if his interest in Kangha’s interest in Palgang is beccause he’s starting to like Palgang himself, or if he’s just merely curious of his hyung’s rather foreign acts of niceness. I’m betting that it’s the latter, but then how will he eventually step up as the romantic second lead?

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    The frozen lip girl still annoying as hell, and what’s up with the brother?
    Kang-ha reaction at the end priceless!!! Thank you again….. : O )

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    as for JUN-HA, i ain't liking the dude, too manipulative, controlling and he seems like he always have a secret motive or something..

    as for JAE-YOUNG, i want to say to her every time i see her face, 'in your dreams'..and as an avid supporter of KH-PG, i really do wish that she disappears!

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    Thank you for the recap! It’s like the watching the episode again! Just as good! I love the lines you pointed out here- especially the scene with Parang and KangHa and how Parang likes him not because he bought them food. It was such an awww moment that ended with the hilarious encouragement for KangHa to pursue Pal-kang. You’re right, it is probably the closest thing to unconditional love KangHa had. He has JunHa, but they don’t seem close at all. And Taekyu’s mom or dad (the won brothers’ sister or brother) doesn’t appear here at all. And Palkang’s confrontation with Jaeyoung, her line abt Cinderella just being the prince’s wife and that being an insurance queen is better. So awesome! I wanted to scream, “in yo’ face, Jaeyoung!”

    And JunHa, what’s wrong with him to be steering his nephew into doing something that would just get his heart broken in public?! But I guess this action will clear the air a bit 1. KangHa, you have feelings for Palkang cuz you’re obviously upset some dude is proposing to her 2. Taekyu, Palkang does not want to marry you so give up and 3. Jaeyoung, look at KangHa. I think he’s got a thing for Palkang, so just give up.

    I feel sorry for In-gu too for being the less loved son and for having a wife and daughter like those two evil witches. He probably had to marry JY’s mom because he got her pregnant.

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  29. 29 Luna

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    I was already annoyed at that plastic fantastic Jae-young’s weed-like perseverance, but I was really pissed that Jun-ha is trying to push his own brother to marry that annoying gnat. They’re all grown adults and they all know that Kang-ha has never reciprocated Jae-young’s undying love for him. He never strung her along and he’s been quite straight forward and honest about his feelings and thoughts on Jae-young. So why in the hell is Jun-ha trying to feed into her delusion by trying to push the blame and responsibility on Kang-ha?!! I actually feel sorry for Kang-ha b/c Jun-ha and Jae-young are trying to make it seem like Kang-ha is the “bad” guy and he should own up to it. That’s just absurd!

    And when Jun-ha spat out, “I don’t want her crying because of my brother.” I snorted and rolled my eyes. Yeah, like she won’t bawl her eyes out, when Kang-ha divorces her arse asap b/c of a forced, no love marriage.

  30. 30 rainerust

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    Can’t wait for Ep 11 to come out…

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    And while I must say that Jun-ha’s behavior is rather confusing and manipulative, I’m liking it. At first I thought he was going to be a predictable second lead who was a little too perfect. But I am glad this does not seem to be the case anymore. His revealing flaws are making him all the more complex and realistic, even if that makes him unlikeable.

    However, I wish Jae-young wasn’t so bland and lacking in self-respect. I think she’d be a little more interesting if she were more similar to Que Sera Sera’s bratty but vulnerable heiress, Hye Lin.

    Thanks again for recapping, Javabeans! You’re awesome!

  33. 33 rainerust

    By the way, I was referring to Kang-ha, and yes I’ve successfully switched over to Team Kang-ha now without a hitch since Jun-ha is starting to irk me (it’s happening, slowly but surely, since I do NOT understand why he keeps trying to get Kang-ha to want Jae-young. NOT happening. He’s completely dishonest about the fact that he obviously loves Jae-young). So yes, Team Kang-ha FTW! πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Anonymous

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  35. 35 asianromance

    @29 Luna. I don’t think JunHa will be intentionally cruel nor do I think he’s hiding his dark intentions under a cloak of friendliness. I think he is probably one of those guys who are cruel by accident- by being clumsy and weak and a bit insensitive. Junha’s like the moron who feeds your kids candy because he wants to be nice and make them smile, but the kids end up with cavities. This is like the situation with Jaeyoung. He thinks he’s giving JY what she wants by trying to get Kangha to marry her, but in the end, everyone will be hurt. He’s so short-sighted. I bet that’s why he has trouble finishing his work at work and has to pull all-nighters.

    I think if it wasn’t for Jaeyoung, he would have been amusing himself with his brother’s transformation. Damn Jaeyoung. Wish I could drown her in the Han River. Even if Junha has feelings for Jaeyoung, I wonder if he would really want to marry her. She always has to have her way. It’s obvious. but how can you live with a person like that for the rest of your life even if you love them? What will happen when he finds out she won’t let him put eggs in the ramyun?! Or won’t let him eat ramyun at all?!!

  36. 36 firewife

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    As for JY, I’ve already commented on her before, so to avoid repeating myself I’ll just say I couldn’t dislike her more.

    Judging by the previous posts, I don’t seem to be the only one confused by JH right now. I really can’t figure out what his motives are! I started out with such high hopes for him too, so the fangirl in me is feeling a little betrayed and frustrated. Come on, buddy! It’s episode 10 already! How come we don’t know which girl you’re in love with? Don’t you know in Kdrama land this should be loud and clear by now?

    On the other hand, the drama fan in me is happy to see that he’s not just the typical too-good-to-be-true 2nd male lead after all. I love it when the writers mess with the unwritten rules of Kdrama land and give us something different!

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    Im starting to get tired-annoyed with JunHa, hopefully he wont end up been a j*rk. Ohh how things change in a couple of episodes hahaha I started hating KangHa and loving JunHa but now is the opposite ….got to love this drama ~~^^ cant wait for next week. Thanks for the recaps JB.!!!

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    I’m so traumatised from that, and then her threat of stripping, in some parts of the world, that’s known as rape!

    Remember when PG’s friends were encouraging her to seduce KH and PG replied with ”a guy like him would sue me for sexual harrassment” — ahahaha!
    I wish he’d actually do that to JY, that would set her straight.

    Was extremely cute how KH stood up during TK’s proposal. But then they had to sour that moment up by having JY lurking in the background, watching everything and oh so intently.

    All in all, a hilarious episode, and also a bit of fanservice for Shin Dong-wook, I melted his mock smile and ”honnhh!” Cute-aah! xD

    39 natureii – ditto at: β€œGood night! Dream of my sister!”

    29 Luna – I’ve been thinking about what Jun-ha’s ex said too, about him being cruel, I would actually like SDW to play a bid of a dark horse, over the archetypal 2nd lead/nice guy/Shinwoo/Ji Hoon sunbae – I think it will make the series a bit more fun. But no! Please! Can’t they write Jae-young out of this drama already?

  46. 46 Quaggy

    Thank you again for recapping this series, Javabeans! I love reading your impressions and everyone’s comments. It increases the enjoyment when you can share your thoughts and theories.

    Poor Tae-kyu. Even if Pal-gang says yes, it will only be temporarily to save him from the public embarrassment of saying “no”. He’s like the male version of “Miss Useless Jin”. He has all these fantasies, but nothing to root him into reality. Pal-gang was right on the money when she said that if she married him, she would just have someone else she needed to look after, not an equal partner. Tae-kyu doesn’t get that there’s more to raising kids than feeding them and keeping them entertained. The only one that has made an attempt to actually help care for the children has been Kang-ha. From making formula to changing dirty diapers to coming to the rescue of lost little boys, he’s been there for Pal-gang… and he’s not even trying to be right now!

    Pal-gang said she couldn’t seem to help speaking her mind when she was around Kang-ha seems to mean to me that she’s comfortable around him. That combined with the arguement about how it’s bad not to have friends makes me wonder if they are going to get around Pal-gang’s aversion to romance having them both identify their growing attraction as friendship. It would especially be nice because Pal-gang offered friendship to Tae-jyu who rejected it because “friends don’t marry”.

    Of course, it’s more than friendship. Pal-gang’s mother is right. She has found the guy who will value that she always speaks without subterfuge. Kang-ha might object to the idea that he thinks she’s cute (though we all know he does!) but he does value speaking honestly and almost always does himself (even if his delivery lacks something.) If we are all getting annoyed with Jun-ha for his hidden motives, can you imagine how Kang-ha must feel? Jun-ha won’t even admit that he’s in love with Jae-young and who seems to enjoy manipulating people like their chess pieces.

    One last thought for those of you who watch Smile, You… Kang-ha becoming Pal-gang’s guarantor without her knowledge reminds me of Hyun-soo paying Jun-in’s ring debt, which turned out to be more significant as an indication of Hyun-soo’s feelings than as a major plot point. It might be the same case here. By becoming her guarantor, Kang-ha is both taking responsibility and showing faith in her abilities to pay off her debt. He’s only acting as her safety net. I bet he’s confident that she won’t fail.

  47. 47 birdscout

    There’s a drama called “Loving You” (or “Lubbing You”, as mysoju.com has translated.LOL) in which Choi Jung-Won plays the evil second female lead and Kim Ji-Hoon plays a silly tertiary character. I’m so glad to see how both of these actors have improved in WUAS. This drama follows a pretty standard plot but the actors, especially the kids, add the warmth and heart that make this drama a “must-see” for me. Thanks javabeans for your recaps, without which I would have stopped watching after the first episode and I would have missed so much fun!

    (And did anyone else notice that the cute baby playing Nami is the same baby who plays Tae-Joo in Assorted Gems?)

  48. 48 Snikki

    Oh, the cliffhanger! I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction. Even Jun Ha who orchestrated it doesn’t know what to expect.

    Kang Ha is letting his guard down a bit, unconsciously. And all his out of character antics are baffling him (and Jun Ha); it’s so funny to watch.

  49. 49 Penn

    Ahhhhh….another week before we get Pal-gang’s response to the proposal. This was a great episode. I love watching Pal-gang and Kang-ha bicker. We get to see more of the real Kang-ha other than the stoic facade.

    @#2 Jamsin: Maybe Kang-ha and Jung-ha don’t have the same mother.

  50. 50 Butterfinger

    aah, Wish Upon a Star Ep10 recap!
    As always, thanks again Javabeans.
    I always love to hear your comment.

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