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Cinderella’s Sister releases its music video
by | March 30, 2010 | 110 Comments

As previously announced, KBS’s new drama Cinderella’s Sister has released an introductory music video prior to the drama’s premiere (this Wednesday), which you can watch below. The song featured is from the OST, called “It Has To Be You” (너 아니면 안돼) and is sung by Yesung.

As a whole, I tend to be skeptical of stuff like tie-in MVs, especially since the drama hasn’t aired yet and none of these characters means anything to us yet. It’s just a music video and we’ve pretty much seen all the stills already. I may be colored by my general fatigue of Cinderella’s Sister-related promotions, but I think the moments would have meant more outside of an MV format. For instance, the back-hug is pretty great — a short moment with some keen acting by Moon Geun-young and Chun Jung-myung — but I would much rather feel its impact within context, since I love those actors and know they’d kill the scene.

The drama premieres on March 31, and I know I’m not the only one who will be breathing in relief, “Finally!” Here’s the MV:

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110 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Polycolor

    Ah, can’t wait. >.<

  2. thekors

    very excited for Chun Jung Myung and Moon Geun Young! having seen TaekYeon in MVs, variety shows and performances in general, i wonder what kind of depth he could bring to the character. anticipating, in a neutral way.

    and i’m sorry for judging but i also hope i won’t be too distracted with Seo Woo’s looks.

  3. Free

    can’t wait ! ! !
    can anyone tell me how can i watch both Cinderella’s Sister & Personal Taste at the same time ? ! ? ! ?

  4. deannadsc

    …am curious of Chun Jung Myung’s comeback project…loved Seo Woo in Tamna & Moon Geun Young has always been a great actress. + I’m ripe for some melodrama!!! Bring it on…

  5. jandoe

    am i the only one who finds Seo Woo’s looks too plastic (and therefore, no offence, but kinda scary)?

    that aside though… OMG CAN’T WAIT.

  6. Sere

    so, am I right in assuming the MV is spoilery for the drama? Cos if that’s the case, I’ll watch it after the drama starts.

    Withs2 are subbing both Cinderella’s sister and Personal taste. ^^

  7. Remoneko

    I mean… Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo AND Moon Geun Young in the same drama! If this was a different genre, I’d be on this like a fat kid on cake, but whyyyy (potentially cheesy) melodrama? I’m keeping my mind open until it airs at least the first 2 eps this week, but eek. Cannot find any excitement for this.

    @ jandoe
    I’d have to agree with you. It’s distracting at first (particularly her eyes), but you’ll get used to it after a while.

  8. ripgal

    The MV was blerh. Not impressive at all.
    But still looking forward to it for the cast..

  9. sheena

    Gosh Super Junior Yesung’s husky and soothing voice is really suitable for the OST of this drama.

    Looking forward to it already. (:

  10. 10 aa

    I’m very excited for this drama, I’ve seen the works of Seo Woo(Paju, Tamna), Moon Geun Young(Painter of the wind,Autumn Tale), Cheon Jeong Myeong(Fashion 70’s, What’s Up Fox) and I must say they’re acting is pretty solid and can portray a variety of characters. It’s just a shame they casted a newbie for the 2nd mail lead. tsk. tsk.

  11. 11 Soni

    The MV is blah…not really impressed by it, but that’s just me.

    @ jandoe:

    I was thinking the same, too. Her face looks very plastic.

  12. 12 bleh

    seems to me CJM looks too old for his female co-stars or maybe he looks old to be doing this kind of drama. whatever….

  13. 13 aa


    are you SERIOUS? CJM looks old? can’t believe someone said that. O_O

    to be doing this kind of drama, what did you mean by that? it’s not like this is a cutesy romantic comedy… anyways, whatever also.

  14. 14 Gorres


    ok calmed down.

    I agree truthfully,i know even with the outstanding leads and actors,there will always be critism.I guess people just have to keep in mind to be civiliised .

    All in all,I’m really hyped up about this and Personal Taste,ratings never did matter to me!

    Can’t wait for your rreviews;)

  15. 15 linz

    uhhh….i can’t help it. i laughed at some parts. looks soo melodramatic!

  16. 16 xiahkixiri

    ok this piqued my interest, i can’t be the only one who liked it! moon geun young looks badass and hot, chun jung myung looks gorgeous, taec looks like… he will be bad and seo woo looks overly plastic but that’s okay. i’m surprised seo woo slapped her, i thought she was supposed to be the good cinderella. if it doesn’t turn the angst into something awful and OTT, this could be really freaking great.

    also yesung <33

  17. 17 shu

    to sere:

    I don’t really know the story. but i guess it wasn’t spoiler type. =] moon was really pictured nicely here. the bad ass girl with her own story!

  18. 18 Free

    thanks! Will check this out.

    yes, it looks really plastic !

  19. 19 tika

    feels like seo woo is the evil one..

  20. 20 unny


    Yes he definitely looks older…he IS older than all of them by 6-8 years so are you REALLY that surprised? O_O

  21. 21 itsjustme

    I love Yesung’s voice as always. Truly one of the best vocals in Suju. Moon Geun Young looks fierce. I have a feeling I will like her character. The girl (don’t know who she is sorry) looks so plastic and she looks off to me.

    I hope I’m not the only one who finds Taecyon unattractive.

  22. 22 Tha

    The MV looks great! If this is a glimpse of the OST, I’ll be watching and listening for sure!

  23. 23 emeldy

    @ jandoe I agree with you..

  24. 24 maria

    The story of the drama isn’t appealing to me so if this drama aired last year I would have watched it only because Moon Geun Young and Taecyeon were on it. I still love Moon Geun Young (she’s an amazing young actress), but I’m no longer a fan of TaecYeon. And because I can’t stand looking at TaecYeon’s face I don’t think I’ll be able to stand watching this drama either (as I said, the story doesn’t seem that appealing either).

    I was a big 2PM fan and I used to like TaecYeon a lot, but with 1:59 promotions, TaecYeon started to be promoted heavily by JYPE and he got more popular and he was like EVERYWHERE. He also started sounding a bit cocky because of his bad attitude with fans and his ironic and rude Cyworld messages. And this was all a big turn off. But I was still able to stand him at that time (but he became my least fav member of the group). But after the press conference of the 6 members of 2PM & JYPE with fans, Taecyeon proved that the rumours of him becoming a cocky & arrogant boy were not far from the truth and he showed that he is not ashamed of kicking out, spreading false rumours, blaming and betraying his friend and he also doesn’t mind beeing rude to fans. After that, knowing his goofy-friendly image was fake, I just can’t stand looking at him.

    I sound a bit shallow, but whoever was a 2PM fan since their debut will understand my feelings and also feel the same way towards TaecYeon.

  25. 25 Riri

    Yeah, CJM definitley looks old and overrated. He could pass of as MGY’s uncle. Taecyon is much better for her.

  26. 26 Ucaaaa

    @10 totally agree with you!!!!!!!! love the casts

  27. 27 Biru

    The MV is intense. CJM looks like elder brother not ajushi. That is too old. Taec is suitable with MGY. But then Seo Woo face is scary like plastic.

    Can’t wait until this drama air on KBSW later. Can’t wait to see everyone acting. Hope it will much better. Isn’t that Taec join JYPE to become actor. Now he can fulfill his dreams. Go Taec, MGY, CJM and SW.

  28. 28 dramalover

    ok Kpop fan please don’t bring Kpop drama into Kdrama land.

    But I have to agree that I want Taecyeon to disappear from this production because I can’t stand his acting.
    When I saw the MV, I was really disappointed in the way Taecyeon showed his emotions. It was very shallow, fake and should I say a bit poser-ish? It looks exactly like when he was performing his beastly performance when he is in 2PM. When he acts cute in that scene in the MV, it looks like he was doing some kind of fanservice. I guess he doesn’t have enough experience to understand that acting =/= posing.

    The second thing I don’t like about this production is the way it promotes the second male lead too much. All of the major promotion articles until now have been about Taecyeon. What’s the point? Why don’t they just make Taecyeon the main lead instead of CJM?

    Moon Geun Young looks great and I hope she doesn’t overdo it because this is the first time she does this type of character. I have faith in her.

    Seo Woo is gonna be a villain in this drama I am sure. Just look at her face. It’s clear that she is the villain, the type that fakes innocence but is actually full of malice.

    @25: no, Taecyeon looks older than CJM actually. Taecyeon looks about the same age as Lee Byung Hun I think.

  29. 29 Stylish~

    MGY LOVED her in “Painter of the Wind” she is definitely one of the best actresses

    CJM liked him in Fashion 70

    Taec looks overreacting, but i’ll wait till the drama airs to judge his acting

    SW weird weird.. was her face always like that??!!!! cuz i wasn’t bothered with her face in Tamna and i liked her.. but here her face bothers me!!

  30. 30 hpn88

    I have to agree on the Seo Woo looking a little plastic here, BUT I think its the make up! She doesn’t look any different – in terms of facial structure – than she did in Tamna. Its just she is MUCH MORE made up in this than she was in the drama, Paju and Crush and Blush (which are must watch movies).
    I’m a huge fan mostly because she can act just like MGY. I’m just waiting for the two of them to have it out. That is going to be AWESOME to watch.
    Also bring on the angst! I’m totes up for it. I need some drama in the mountains of rom-com’s that I have been watching 🙂

  31. 31 drina from jakarta

    One of the local TV channel here showing The Painter of The Wind,,, love the pairing between Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Hyang,,,
    Actually, I’ve never keen on sageuk or historical drama (except for Dae Jang Geum) But I find this drama is entertaining and cute,, 😀
    I also prefer light drama than the full-of-angst one.
    However, I think she’s really a great actress,,,
    Looking forward to this drama and Personal Taste,,,

  32. 32 rain88

    I cant wait !!!!!!!!
    I wanna wach it

  33. 33 titi

    @24, I’m also a 2PM fan since the ’10 out of 10′ days and no I don’t hate Taec and will never be, thank you.
    Not all hottests are shallow like you. And please don’t bring the KPOPlandia to the precious K Drama world, please?
    Anyway, I’m so. Going. To. Watch. This. Drama!!!! XDDD
    CJW and MGY promised us with great acting, as always, and yes, I agree Seo Woo’s face looks …unnatural (I’m being nice here) but I think her face and expression fit the villainous and manipulative role she’s supposed to play here.

    Fighting CJW, MGY, SW, and Taec!!!! Prove yourselves to the haters out there ;))

  34. 34 estelle

    No offence, but Seo Woo looks really plastic here. Her nose! (She didn’t use to look like this, did she?) I must confess, I was really quite distracted by her face… =X

  35. 35 fromdblock

    the long wait is finally OVER!!!!

    chun jung myung looks really cute!!! thank God tomorrow’s march 31 already… I’ve been waiting for this and personal taste… 🙂

  36. 36 aX

    I’m trying to watch it but I think it froze on one frame, although, the song IS playing…

  37. 37 nabi

    @ jandoe: you’re not the only one. As much as I liked Seo Woo (and got a little weary after a while though) in Tamra and in Crush & Blush (she was really good in this), it is true that her face looks like she’s gone through some extreme plastic surgery.. she’ll look better in the drama.

    I agree with JB’s thoughts on the MV.. Now I just want to watch the drama.

  38. 38 yeah

    What a nice thing we have here. Debating who looks older and overacts more between Chun Jung Myung and Taecyon. Discussing how “plastic” Seo Woo looks.
    I wonder what’s next?

  39. 39 Deanna

    I’m sorry, but I cringed whenever Taecyeon appeared in the MV :/
    But Moon Geun Young looks freaking amazing.

  40. 40 maria

    I normally don’t mix kpop and kdrama world. But the story of this drama isn’t appealing for me specially after I got to know what direction the writer and director is planing to make this story go by including a lot of kdramas cliches. The premise of this story isn’t that bad, but based on the articles and information, it’s clear the director and screenwriter is going for the overused plot instead of trying a new direction. But despite that, I would have watched it just because I am (was – in Taec’s case) a fan of them. But the actors and actresses are not anymore a reason for watching 20 hours of this drama anymore and giving a chance to a plot that doesn’t interest me in first place. So that’s why I’m giving up this drama…

    I don’t hate Taecyeon, I’m just not his fan anymore. I won’t be supporting him like I used to (but I’m in no way will be wishing him to fail), I really do wish him the best and I hope this drama suceed (it probably will because Moon Geun Young is loved by so many people because of her acting skills – She was amazing on Painter of the Wind!). If you want to support Taec, feel free to do so, I’m in no way telling you not to do so. It’s nice that a few 2PM fans like you haven’t been following all the stuff about him/2PM, or haven’t watched the press conference or have followed and watched the press conference but simply don’t mind some of his bad attitudes. Props for you. I really admire you for that. And yeah, I might be a little shallow when it comes to kpop. I admit that Kpop/idol groups are my guilty pleasure and I’m being completely shallow when I like and get addicted to some of them despite knowing most of them and their music suck (when it comes to musical quality and lack of musical talent). But if I’m shallow, (I’m sorry for saying this) but so are you for being butthurt just because I said some negative thing about your idol.

  41. 41 bee

    duuuuuuude! can we just concentrate on the drama?!!!
    whats with this 2pm discussion here and NOW?some people need to move on

  42. 42 pakouvue

    seo woo….her face bothers me…especially in the club scenes…must be the light but her NOSE…that has GOT TO BE A PLASTIC NOSE….it’s just not sitting right on her face…iono….but i think seo woo fits her character…i mean, i won’ be too hard hating her in the drama…..so yea….

    moon geun young..me…a die hard fan!! look at her bad girl looks!! totally loving it!! chun jung myung is looking mighty fine…all them peeps that return from the army are always looking fine!! ahahah…and taecyeon..well….he’s already a hunk of a man so yea…

    the only person i have a problem with turns out to be seo woo….just can’t get past her plastic looks and how unnatural her acting seems…she fits the horror genre though……

  43. 43 Alyssia

    More on with the 2pm stuff..
    Though i have doubts with his acting. Taking on such a big role like this.

    What is up with Seo Woo? she used to look so pretty. I feel so bad. Her and Solbi are the same case. THey look so pretty without surgery. No need for it. So sad. It’s just scary to look at her now.

  44. 44 tisyamey

    OMO! Looks super interesting! I haven’t seen any dramas lately– nothing seems to interest me, until this one. Thanks, JB!

  45. 45 tokyojesusfist

    Something about Seo Woo’s face is definitely off.

    I’m not really even into Korean (melo)dramas, but I think I’ll give this a try for Moon Geun-young’s sake.

  46. 46 lemon

    not sure which one i’m more excited for — Cinderella’s Sister or Personal Taste

  47. 47 JiHwan

    @12, wow. really? You think so? Are we looking at the same person? Chun Jung myung looks young for his age. The man is in his late 20’s but I’d believe it if someone told me he was in his early 20’s. I love the casting and I love that Moon Geun Young is trying something different. She’s probably one of the most talented actresses among her age and im looking forward to this.

  48. 48 danni

    Seo Woo really does look unnatural, but maybe it’s to fit in with her evil character? Despite all the heavy promotion (or perhaps because of it) I’m excited for Cinderella’s Sister, I guess because having something that looks promising as a melodrama after all these light and fluffy dramas will be something nice to contrast with. Moon Geun Young sure does look badass in this drama, it’s so unexpected so I can’t wait to see how she takes on the role.

  49. 49 peanut butter

    ahh, since i’ve been avoiding the massive news on cinderella’s sister, think i’m quite ready to watch the drama! actually, i must say that i want to watch the drama because of my anticipation for CJM! Plus, I am a little curious as to how they will do this upside down Cinderella story.

  50. 50 annie

    can you guys please keep the 2pm crap to yourselves? how 2pm and jaebom has anything to do with this, i don’t know.

    it’d be great if we could just discuss the actors, the storyline, and etc.

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