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Hero: Episode 9
by | March 27, 2010 | 15 Comments

Despite my resistance, I gave in and watched Episode 9. You know how it goes; you just can’t fight the cliff hangers!

For my fan girl moment this time (you know you’ve come to expect this from me, right?) I’ve decided to pay homage to Kim Ik. He is just so cute and is such a good police detective in this.

And now…

Hero: Episode 9

The YDI reporters sit in the disarray that is their office. The men mope while Na Ga Yeon nurses Eun Sik’s black eye. Do Hyuk suddenly receives a phone call. It’s Kang Hae Seong. “You know what’s missing, don‘t you?” the new head of DAESE Group asks. Jin Do Hyuk has a question of his own. “How can you kill a child? Huh?” The rat bastard in training is clearly shocked by this news, but true to his rat bastardly ways, keeps his cool while on the phone with Do Hyuk. “That’s something I don’t know about,” he responds, then issues his ultimatum for returning Yong Deok Ilbo’s President. “Bring Park Su Jeong and the tape here before lunch time. Then I’ll tell you where Jo Yong Deok is.”

Upon hanging up with Do Hyuk, Hae Seong immediately calls Manager Gong, who is the one holding Yong Deok prisoner. Hae Seong demands to know why Gong killed the child instead of just hiding him or sending him away. Gong lamely answers, “I didn’t expect it would turn out this way.” I wonder if Hae Seong is starting to regret signing on with the rat bastard and his crony?

Yong Deok, who refuses to remain just a silent prisoner, can’t help but taunt his former underling. “How do you plan to pay for the sins you’ve committed?” he asks. Again, Gong lamely answers, “I’m not as weak as you, hyung-nim.” (Me: *rolls eyes*) Yong Deok then inquires as to the reason for his abduction, and correctly guesses it is a ploy to have Do Hyuk turn over the tape and the night club owner. Clearly, Yong Deok does not expect this to happen.

Yong Deok knows his young protégé well. Instead of preparing for an exchange, Do Hyuk goes instead to the police station. Jae In reveals the gruesome details of Han Kyul’s death. Because of the murder of the child, her secret investigation has become an official one, and she is ready to arrest Choi Il Doo. “But…We have another problem,” Do Hyuk states. “Those thugs…have abducted our president.” “This is not a normal case,” Detective Na observes. Indeed, it isn’t, and the detectives must come up with a plan to rescue Jo Yong Deok and put Choi Il Doo behind bars.

Back at Do Hyuk’s place, Do Hee worries how Su Jeong will handle knowing her child is dead. Do Hee feels the other mother is not willing to wake up. She encourages her brother to write an article about this so that Choi Il Doo won’t get away with it. Do Hyuk hesitates, knowing what other information will come out if he writes the article. He is afraid of hurting his sister with the truth about their parents’ death.

That same evening, (have to say I’m a bit confused here…it was day and now it’s suddenly night?) Sang Chul comes into Do Hyuk’s room, encouraging him not to worry about Yong Deok, but to cooperate with the police and focus on getting Choi Il Doo. “If hyung-nim were here, he’d think the same way, too,” Sang Chul states. Do Hyuk wonders then, “So, what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t be loyal or care about the president?” That’s not what Sang Chul is saying at all, as he responds, “He’s not the type that would sit back waiting. Don’t you know this too?”

Sang Chul is right. As Do Hyuk remembers what Yong Deok said about always carrying a small blade up his sleeve, the former mobster is using that blade to cut the ropes holding him hostage. Yong Deok really is just SO COOL!

The next day, Do Hyuk tags along as the Kang San Criminal Investigation Unit 2 springs into action. (This can’t be proper procedure, letting a reporter along while doing an investigation.) They first trace the location of the hideout where Yong Deok is being held. The owner of the motorcycle shop, a former associate of the YDI president and a current associate of Manager Gong, calls up one of the thugs working with Gong. It is clear that his loyalties still lie with Yong Deok. When the thug receives the call and says the word “motorbike,” Yong Deok senses what is going on and asks how long it takes to get to where they are from Seoul. It takes an hour.

Meanwhile, the YDI gang prepares for the exchange with Hae Seong. Only, it’s not Park Su Jeong they’re exchanging. Rather, it’s a disguised Na Ga Yeon. Of course, Hae Seong is not an idiot, so he doesn’t fall for their ploy. He calls Manager Gong to inform him that the swap did not go down as planned.

So, Manager Gong goes to Plan B, and sends some thugs to abduct the night club owner from Do Hyuk’s apartment where Sang Chul is standing guard. As the thugs round the corner and prepare to attack, two police detectives, Jang and Oh, come out from where they had taken cover.

Having been thwarted again, Manager Gong then decides to just have his goons attack Yong Deok. As he is being approached by the men, he asks them, “Do you know what’s most important when fighting? It’s time.” *Cue police sirens* Yong Deok breaks free of his ropes and proceeds to kick ass as Jae In and the cavalry pull up. Did I mention Yong Deok is just SO COOL?

Jae In and a few of her associates beat up and arrest the guards standing outside of the building where Yong Deok is being held, while Detective Na hides for cover, and Do Hyuk runs inside to find his missing president.

Do Hyuk wanders around the building until he finds a closed door that could possibly be where his president is. He mentally prepares himself for a confrontation, and the wimpy reporter opens the door while attempting a kickboxing move. His extended leg is immediately caught by the person waiting behind the door. It’s Yong Deok, who asks Do Hyuk, “What are you doing here? I can handle this by myself.” Do Hyuk responds, “Ahh…I’m not here to save you. I’m here to fetch you. It’s getting dark and you don’t use public transportation, do you?” Of course, Yong Deok knew Do Hyuk would come for him. Do Hyuk wonders where Gong Chil Sung is, but the shady crony has already left, evading the police and escaping arrest.

Hae Seong meets with Choi Il Doo to discuss their thwarted plan and what their next move should be. Hae Seong has a plan, and while he doesn’t reveal what it is, he states, “I have experience in using all of the methods I may have to use now.” He goes on, “Because of the matter of the child, the police may be very optimistic. Let’s observe the response from the police.” As if on cue, Jae In walks in with Detective Oh. They want to collect a DNA sample to confirm that the rat bastard is the father of the dead child. Surprisingly, he gives it without much protest.

After dealing with the police, Hae Seong and Choi Il Doo walk out of the DAESE office only to find Do Hyuk and Joon Hyung filming a story about the death of Do Hyuk’s parents. When they see the chairman walk out, the two reporters approach him for a comment, only to be blocked and pushed by his entourage. Joon Hyung’s camera gets knocked out of his hand and he gets shoved to the ground (which isn’t as dramatic as he makes it look.) Once the fracas dies down, we come to find out Eun Sik has been in the balcony of another building filming the whole thing, including the brutality by the employees of the presidential candidate. Once they confirm that they do have a story, Joon Hyung has a question for Do Hyuk. “What are you going to do about the article on Park Su Jeong and Han Kyul? Why aren’t you going to use it? Isn’t it huge news?” Do Hyuk replies, “Hey! Don’t you know I won’t write an untruthful article?”

At the police station, Jae In is waiting for the results that will make Do Hyuk’s article true. She gets the call from the DNA lab, and when they confirm that Choi Il Doo is, in fact, Han Kyul’s father, there is much celebrating all around. The detectives are sure this case is going to get them promoted. Jae In immediately calls Do Hyuk with the news. He suggests if they catch Choi Il Doo successfully, that they should go some place nice together. She turns him down, but the smile on her face proves she doesn’t mean it.

Do Hyuk fervently begins his article.

Gratuitous Junki Neck Shot

Once the article is written, and the newspaper published, the YDI reporters station themselves in a busy subway station to spread the truth about Choi Il Doo and distribute their publication.

Do Hyuk published several articles about Choi Il Doo, including one on how the presidential candidate had his parents killed. Inevitably, Do Hee reads the article, and demands an explanation from her brother. She doesn’t understand why he always wants to carry the burden alone, why he didn’t tell her when he found out. Do Hyuk answers, “Even if you knew, what could be changed? What could you do?” Do Hee tells him, “At least I could console you. I could cry together with you.” Finally, Do Hyuk reveals what is probably the real reason he didn’t say anything to Do Hee. “It’s…too hard for me to see you crying.”

The next morning, Do Hyuk visits with Yong Deok, who inquires as to how Do Hee is doing. She’s still the same Do Hyuk tells him. They then discuss something funny about “the truth,” how “It should be revealed, but on the other hand, it will cause pain.” Yong Deok replies, “That’s why for some people, even if they know the truth, at times they’d act as if they didn’t know.” As their conversation continues, Do Hyuk notices that Yong Deok is still wearing the tie he received as a birthday present. The discussion then moves on to Yong Deok’s daughter as he describes some of the gifts she had given him before his incarceration. Do Hyuk muses that Yoo Ri must be reading Yong Deok Ilbo, and her misconceptions about her father will soon be “untied.”

Meanwhile, the YDI articles circulating are causing different reactions across the board. At the breakfast table with her mother, Jae In discovers what a lot of people are thinking about the articles on Choi Il Doo when her mother simply refuses to believe it, because it wasn’t published in DAESE Ilbo. Despite the fact that Jae In explains to her mother she is investigating the case, and DNA confirms that the charismatic Chairman of DAESE Group did have an affair; Myung Hee still has difficulty believing it.

Choi Ho Kyung also comes across the article and storms into her father’s office wondering if it is true. She is such a sweet and innocent creature that I’m sure it is impossible for her to believe her father is capable of such things. Understandably, she simply thinks Yong Deok Ilbo is crazy, and begs Hae Seong, “Oppa, think of a way out.”

And so, Hae Seong springs into action, bringing together reporters to rebuff Yong Deok Ilbo’s claims. Oh, Hae Seong, if only you would use your powers for good instead of rat bastardly evil!

Whatever they did it worked. As the YDI reporters sit in front of their computer screens eagerly awaiting internet responses to their news, they soon encounter evil’s revenge. The gang of reporters Hae Seong employed to do his dastardly deeds has lashed out against Yong Deok Ilbo, claiming the former mob boss hired third rate reporters to make up fake news. It’s an old ploy, but an effective one, as the YDI staff sees all of their money and hard work go down the drain.

Jae In also sees all of her own hard work fizzle as the public prosecutor, who is clearly in Choi Il Doo’s pocket, refuses to issue any warrants on her case, claiming “lack of evidence.”

Manager Gong and Hae Seong discuss the situation, knowing that while the police have their hands tied now; it will be a different situation should Park Su Jeong regain consciousness. Manager Gong believes he will have an opportunity to “kill her soon.”

That night, the YDI reporters go out, only to see their publication has become litter on the streets. Some of the reporters try desperately to convince passersby to believe in their paper, the only paper that is telling the truth.

Do Hyuk and Jae In meet to discuss their only other option now. That’s to have Park Su Jeong testify. Do Hyuk worries that she may not want to and he doesn’t want to force her. He realizes testifying against Choi Il Doo could put Su Jeong into even more danger. Jae In feels that Do Hyuk should still try to persuade her. She knows there is no way they can let a man like Choi Il Doo become the President of the Republic of Korea.

At Tesoro, another couple is also discussing the Choi Il Doo case. Myung Hee and Detective Na have clearly passed the flirtation part of the relationship as she worries over her daughter’s involvement in the case. Because of what has been published in the other newspapers, and what “people” are saying, Myung Hee doesn’t know if she can believe that what her daughter is saying is even true. Detective Na gives her some good advice on the topic:

I think that…what your daughter said is not wrong. Even if other people don’t, at least a mother should trust a daughter, right? That’s the way I think.

Myung Hee agrees that he is right, but she is still unsure. She is also worried for her daughter and doesn’t want her to get hurt. This leads Detective Na to add, “I do trust your daughter. She’ll definitely find the truth of this case.” This, of course, makes Myung Hee question if the detective knows her daughter. Nervously, Na denies that he does. At this point in their relationship, I think he should just tell Myung Hee the truth and quit lying/pretending that he doesn’t know who Jae In is.

On his way home, Do Hyuk walks by the YDI office to find a young lady standing out front, clearly deciding whether she should go in or not. It’s Jo Yoo Ri. Do Hyuk tries to convince his president’s daughter to come in and see her father, but the nervous girl refuses, simply giving Do Hyuk a box and asking him to give it to Yong Deok. It’s his birthday present. She also wants Do Hyuk to give Yong Deok a message. “Please tell him that I’ve been reading it, and that I believe in Yong Deok Ilbo.”

Do Hyuk presents to box to Yong Deok. It contains all of the gifts Yoo Ri had made for him as a child, along with one a grown child would give her father, a neck tie. Do Hyuk tells Yong Deok what she had said, and then tells him, “It’s more than enough if it’s just one person. Even if only one person believes in us now, won’t it be satisfying when others begin to trust us?” Yong Deok responds by telling Do Hyuk that if he were his father, he would definitely be proud of the young reporter.

The next morning, Park Su Jeong awakens from her stupor, already knowing her child is dead. After she lays his ashes to rest in the columbarium, Jae In tries to convince her to testify against Choi Il Doo, using the argument that it is the only way to get justice for her son and for Do Hyuk’s parents. Understandably, Su Jeong declines, saying she has little confidence in doing anything anymore.

Back at Do Hyuk’s house, little Jung does what he can to help convince Su Jeong to eat. Do Hyuk and Do Hee are also trying to take care of the grieving mother. Su Jeong muses that had it not been for Do Hyuk, no one would have come looking for her and no one would have cared that she was missing. As sad as that is, it is most likely true. Everyone should have a caring, loyal friend like Do Hyuk, who will do anything to make sure his friends are taken care of.

Yong Deok Ilbo will not back down just because the “major” publications disparage their president and their stories. They choose to fight back by holding a press conference. The first order of business is the death of reporter Jin Yeon and his wife. They play the tape of Yong Deok’s conversation with Choi Il Doo, where he admits to having the reporter killed. They also show an analysis from a reputable lab that declared the voice on the tape to be Choi Il Doo’s. Despite this evidence, the gathered reporters seem to have very little interest in a fifteen year old case where the statute of limitations has passed. Do Hyuk will not be swayed, however, as he has another, more recent case to present to the media: The abduction of Park Su Jeong and the subsequent death of her son. A reporter in the crowd, who is clearly working for Hae Seong, asks about the case being dismissed by the police due to a lack of evidence. Do Hyuk has new evidence to present, however. It is in the form of Park Su Jeong, whom Do Hyuk was somehow able to convince to give her testimony. As she is telling her story about her relationship with Choi Il Doo, the press conference is broadcast on televisions everywhere, including the one at Choi’s campaign headquarters, and one of those large screens that can be seen from the middle of the street where Jo Yoo Ri also sees it.

The press conference has the desired effect, as Jae In, arrest warrant in hand and Detectives Na and Oh in tow, goes to the DAESE office and officially arrests Choi Il Doo. Ho Kyung arrives just in time to see her father taken away by squad cars.

Digging Kim Ik in the trench coat!

The forgotten victim: Choi Ho Kyung

The YDI team celebrates its accomplishment and is jubilant as advertisers and interview requests poor in. The phones ring off the hook and the website won’t load due to too many hits. It appears the little newspaper that could is finally seeing the success it deserves.

The president of Yong Deok Ilbo, Jo Yong Deok, celebrates a personal success as well as he reunites with his estranged daughter over burgers and fries. Fifteen years can’t change the love a father has for his daughter, as he even remembers to remove the onions she doesn’t like from her hamburger.

Do Hyuk and Jae In are also celebrating on a playground. They then have a tiny argument about the location of their celebration:

Jae In: Didn’t you say we’d go somewhere nice?
Do Hyuk: What’s not nice about this playground?
Jae In: This is about your level.
Do Hyuk: You’re the one who didn’t want to go. Let’s go to a nice place.
Jae In: Forget it.
Do Hyuk: Even if it’s a little late, we should go.
Jae In: Forget it. Furthermore, if there’s a good person in any place, then it’s a nice place.

Team Rat Bastard meets to come up with their next move. There is only one thing left to do: sacrifice a lackey. In fact, the very same lackey who did the dirty work in the first place. He surrenders himself to police, admitting to the kidnapping and murder, claiming that it wasn’t on orders by Choi Il Doo, it was because Park Su Jeong rejected his love. Choi Il Doo has all charges dropped and is released.


Why, oh why do things go really, really right only to go terribly, terribly wrong by the end of the episode? Gah! This is killing me! I seriously want to go on a hunt. A rat bastard hunt! Wait, this is only a drama and there is no real Choi Il Doo out there making people’s lives miserable. *Taking a deep breath* Time to be calm now, time to be calm. Grrr…the cliffhangers!

Okay, now that that’s out of my system…moving on…..

I really feel sorry for Choi Ho Kyung. It seems she is the one victim in all of this the Yong Deok Ilbo crew didn’t take into consideration, although it all started with her father not thinking about his family in the first place. This poor girl is so sweet and innocent and looks up to her father so much! She has no idea what a real rat bastard he is! It is going to be so tragic when she finally discovers the truth about both him and Kang Hae Seong. Ho Kyung said about the YDI articles: “After going through this hurdle, I’ve learned that humanity is really very terrifying.” I cringed. All I could think about is what she will do when she discovers who really is truly terrifying.

Speaking of Hae Seong, I think I’ve given up trying to figure out his motivation. I used to think there was a good person inside there that was struggling with some tragedy he didn’t know how to deal with. I don’t think that anymore. After all he’s done to help Choi Il Doo, I’ve finally decided to accept the fact that all he is, is another rat bastard in the making.

Only seven more episodes to go! I hope I can handle it, because frankly, I’m starting to get a little too attached to these characters, and every time something goes wrong for them, my heart breaks a little. Maybe I need an intervention.


15 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Laica

    Great recap Andromytta!

    “Gratuitous Junki Neck Shot” – LOL.

    I agree, Yong Deok is very cool. And I really like his relationship with Do Hyuk – they don’t have to say much to express how much they care about each other. I really liked that line where Do Hyuk goes to get him from the warehouse, and says, “You knew I would come, right?” And YD goes, “Yeah,” and grins.

    Yeah, that comment from Ho Kyung was definitely ironic. Poor girl. She’s definitely to good for Hae Seong. She should hook up with one of our unclaimed hot reporter dudes.

    You might need an intervention… but do you really WANT one? 😉

  2. Andromytta

    Oh, that’s such a great interaction between them.

    And you’re right, Ho Kyung IS too good for Hae Seong. I think a hot reporter might be a good match for her!

    No, I don’t really WANT an intervention! *lol*

    Thanks for all the great comments!

  3. Rovi

    What about KIm Ik and the good-looking guys? 😀

    Oh, and Andromytta, It’s not “poor in”, it’s “pour in“.

  4. Andromytta

    Oh man! Thanks, Rovi! Believe it or not, I proof read twice, and I had a friend proof read and edit, and we still missed that one! I blame my keyboard! Yeah, that’s it, the keyboard did it!

  5. ColleenF-H

    I cheated and watched the last episodes without subs on tudou and still really enjoyed the series. I am impatiently waiting for the subbed episodes, but am grateful for the recaps. it is always interesting to read what other people are thinking about a series.

    I have to agree Ho Kyung is in for some very nasty realizations concerning “the rat bastard” and Hae Seung, I really would not want to be her when that happens. Maybe, she should try that handsome police officer he might be a lot of fun after all this crap she will have to deal with.

  6. Laica

    Kim Ik (handsome police officer) might be a little awkward though, considering he arrested her father :/

  7. rainerust

    Comment coming in a bit late, but better late than never? Love your recap – I haven’t gotten around to watching this mostly because my laptop’s in repair right now and I’ve only got a crappy netbook which doesn’t load HD files well so I can’t watch any videos on it. Pity, because I was just about to start on Hero! Your recaps convinced me to. Can’t wait for your next one.

  8. Andromytta

    @rainerust: I’m glad you’ve decided to start on Hero! Thanks for reading my recaps! I totally feel your pain about your laptop, as I just got mine back out of repair! *lol*

  9. spazz!*

    Hihihihiii! Sorry for introducing myself so late (wait, I don’t even need to introduce myself LOL) but I just wanted to say, thank you so much for recapping all the episodes! It was definitely interesting and worth it to read your recaps and your point of view of the drama (plus the fangirling! tehe)

    I just started the drama today (well I watched half of episode 1 a long time ago and then never continued ’cause it wasn’t subbed and today I started on episode 2) and I’ve already caught up to episode 9! I can’t wait for more subbed episodes XD

    &yeah, I’ve given up on Hae Seong as well. Well, I kind of did since the start of his “evil-ness” but now? No way. I thought of “ignorant brat” when he acted that way towards his mother a few episodes back but now it’s “ignorant b-tard” (if you know what I mean LOL).

    Sorry for my long reply! I guess everything since episode 2 piled up to episode 9 so it’s so long LOL:D
    Thanks again and can’t wait to read the next recaps! 🙂

  10. 10 missthiri

    Hi. I just started the drama two days ago and finished all 9 ep available with subs. It’s too bad that it didnt retain the viewership. I guess its all because the first 5 episodes are not that interesting that viewers’ excitement oozed out. The pacing definitely picked up around ep 6 and onwards. I am planning to finish it.

    Did you guys notice that Junki had dark circles and trying to hide it by make up?? poor junki

  11. 11 DVD DIVA

    Gratuitous Junki Neck Shot !!!!
    If you could find it in your heart to include several of these “gratuitous” shots with all of your remaining recaps, I am sure that your readers would not object.

    Thanks for all your hard work and Junki neck shots!
    Whoops, did I say that out loud?

  12. 12 ockoala

    Hi Andromytta

    I’m on board the Hero late-watch train. Always planned to watch Hero, just took a while to work it into my pile up of dramas.

    Junki gives a more controlled and nuanced performance in Hero than he did in TBDAW, but I personally give the edge to his role in TBDAW being generally way more engaging. But that’s also due to TBDAW’s killer directing and rollercoaster of a fun ride script.

    Hero as a drama is really neither here nor there, its MUCH better than many dramas out there, but I have to admit it’s pretty ordinary of a story and execution (the PD is so unchallenging in his visuals it hurts me, Junki deserves a PD with a deft touch and visual elegance).

    Still so happy to be enjoying Hero, and your wonderful recaps! Keep up the good work.

  13. 13 bmyka

    was going thru this drama and got frustrated when i could not see the recaps of remaining episodes 11-16. what happened, andromytta?when in your last comment you even expressed this: I’m starting to get a little too attached to these characters, and every time something goes wrong for them, my heart breaks a little…” hey, andromytta, are you still there and catching up on all the other kdramas? would it be okay if you could go back to recapping “Hero” so I can read what happened? It happens that I like Jung Ki, especially now that am missing him, he’s still more than 150days away to being discharge from the military….please????

  14. 14 Ennayra

    I finally made it to episode 9!

    I thought it was going a little too well for them in the middle there, only because it was ep 9 of 16, and who would be the big baddie if Choi Il-du actually stayed in jail? But still, Lee Jun-ki and his people should have seen that one coming a mile away. I think it’s unrealistic that Choi Il-du still has a chance at the presidency after that scandal, but this is drama world, so I’m sure a gifted PR team will turn his shadiness into publicly appealing victimization. Does anyone else dislike the actor who plays him on sight just b/c he’s been evil daddy in one too many dramas?

    Wow, this comments makes it sound like I don’t even like this drama, which absolutely isn’t true. It’s entertaining, and Jung Soo-young is my absolute favorite Kdrama actress at the moment, so I’m going to root for Lee Jun-ki and company until the end!

  15. 15 Lyn ong

    May i know if you have a recap for chapter 10 until the last chapter? I cant find it here, if you dont have can you pls tell me a site where i could read those recaps, pls. Thanks so much 🙂

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