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Smile: Episodes 28-29
by | March 3, 2010 | 34 Comments

First, let me say that I’m sorry and embarrassed for taking SO long to do this recap. I intended to get this done about two weeks ago, but despite the best of intentions, I simply couldn’t keep up.

I imagine that’s how the writer felt, too, when she got slammed with writing 16 more episodes… and it shows. Episodes 28 & 29 are out of whack with the rest of the series: they’re weepers, but of the kind that make your eyes roll rather than tear up. There were some moments that made me smile, but most of them were due to Sung-joon and Ji-soo, which is why they get this recap’s top billing.


Hands clasped and on her knees, Geum-ja begs Jung-in to let Hyun-soo go. Jung-in doesn’t answer yes or no, and instead they both cry.

That same night, Ji-soo takes Sung-joon to an abandoned lot, and tells him to see for once and for all the kind of person she really is. He hides while she picks a pretty mean fight with the hoodlums, though she’s heavily outnumbered. But Sung-joon runs in and shields her from them, taking the blows instead.

Ji-soo takes Sung-joon to her place to wash up, and she begins to clean his face. But he takes her hands and puts them back in the bowl, saying meaningfully, “I’ll wash it for you, so that it’s over now.” Meaning that her past is now really in the past.

Ji-soo hugs him tightly and says, “I like you.” They kiss passionately (and surprisingly painlessly, considering the beating that Sung-joon just took and his bloodied lip).

HAHA. Sung-joon’s face the next morning belies his bliss as he sleeps next to Ji-soo. They have some cute and slightly awkward morning-after talk, even though, since they’re fully dressed, it seems safe to assume that nothing actually happened.

Jung-in stays in bed the next morning, unwell after having cried all night. Hyun-soo starts to go upstairs to check on her, and Geum-ja glares at him, growing angry with him for ignoring her when she tries to stop him.

Hyun-soo says, “Don’t look at me like that; you remind me of Han-se’s mom.” She retorts that he’s like Han-se—these insults get under each other’s skin.

Jung-in tells Geum-ja to take it out on her. Since Jung-in is committed to seeing her relationship through with Hyun-soo, despite Geum-ja’s approval, it would be better for Geum-ja to do something overtly, even hit her, than to suppress it.

Geum-ja fires back: “I thought you’d changed after coming to our house, but you haven’t at all. You’re the same.” If Jung-in will do whatever she wants, Geum-ja says, so will she.

But Geum-ja acts nice to Jung-in in front of the rest of the family. She heats up abalone porridge for Jung-in, since Jung-in woke up feeling unwell. It puts everyone on edge to see Geum-ja’s sudden change of attitude toward Jung-in. Is her new plot to kill Jung-in by kindness?

Jung-kil tells Geum-ja that he needs to get Jung-in back with Han-se, and Geum-ja begs him to make it happen, stat.

Jung-kil says, “Don’t you know Romeo and Juliet? If they’d been left alone, they might have gotten sick of each other after dating for a while. It was because the parents opposed it that they went off and ruined themselves.”

He says they need a way to split up Hyun-soo and Jung-in more organically, as it were. Geum-ja asks what that method might be, but she should have seen it coming. He says that she should sell the house to Han-se, so as to separate Jung-in and Hyun-soo, at least physically.

Sung-joon stops by to see Jung-in while she’s at work and tells her that he’s with Ji-soo. He says he may as well have it out, but she begs him to hold off so as not to make her and Hyun-soo’s situation worse. Sung-joon shrugs it off, saying that if it gets really bad, he can just leave the house.

Jung-in says Hyun-soo would never suggest doing such a thing against their parents’ wishes. Sung-joon says that’s exactly why what wouldn’t work for Jung-in works for him—since Ji-soo doesn’t have parents around to object to anything.

Hyun-soo calls Jung-in, and she says she feels sorry for getting in between Hyun-soo and Geum-ja (LOL, the weirdest love triangle ever).

Hyun-soo: “Hello? Is this Seo Jung-in?”
Jung-in: “Huh?”
Hyun-soo: “The Seo Jung-in I know chirps like a frog, talks big even when she’s in the wrong, and hits you on the forehead if you tell her to apologize. Don’t change. That’s the Seo Jung-in I like.”

Geum-ja and Hyun-soo go on their “date.” He tries to bring up Jung-in again, but she cuts him off. Turns out, she’s brought him not on a mother-son date, but on a matchmaking setup, arranged by Han-se’s mom. It’s with the daughter of the president of the university where Hyun-soo teaches. She seems sweet enough, but Hyun-soo doesn’t even bother to look at her or participate in the conversation.

In a ballsy move that shows how serious Hyun-soo is about Jung-in—in that he’s not afraid to diss his employer’s daughter—he cuts off the meeting abruptly, saying he was about to die of boredom. Pointing out that he’d never agreed to this setup, he leaves, dragging Geum-ja out with him.

Geum-ja begs Hyun-soo to give the girl a chance—just three dates. A “Winter Sonata”-esque sountrack begins to play as Geum-ja breaks down in tears, accusing him of being a good son in the past only to disappoint her now. She rails on about her hopes and dreams for him. With jealousy and incredulity, she asks, “Jung-in? Jung-in? Jung-in, Jung-in?”

Hyun-soo says he can understand why she’s opposed, and he kneels and begs tearfully, “Forgive me. I love Jung-in.”

Geum-ja walks away, leaving Hyun-soo kneeling in the street. (Emm… kay?)

Sung-joon is actually at little scary here, but at least Ji-soo is happy to see him now. They get adorably physical.

In a throwback to Lee Chun-hee’s Chunderella days on Family Outing, he offers to fix the window but ends up breaking it. “Why is this window so clumsy?” he quips. (Poor Lee Chun-hee, he tried so hard to get away from the Clumsy image.)

Hyun-soo, unable to sleep, goes to Jung-in’s room and falls asleep comfortably, his head in her lap.

Geum-ja is down to her last resort. She offers to give the house to Jung-kil later that night, saying she’ll do anything for Hyun-soo’s sake.


At Geum-ja’s offer to give Jung-kil the house, he cracks up. “President Kang Man-bok, you can come out now,” he says, sure that it’s a trap. But Geum-ja begs him in desperation to take Jung-in out of Hyun-soo’s life. To even his own surprise, Jung-kil realizes she’s telling the truth.

He goes inside and checks on Jung-in, who has Hyun-soo in her lap. Jung-kil pulls her aside to tell her she has to let Hyun-soo go, for Hyun-soo’s sake. He suggests that they should leave the house, which immediately sets off a warning signal.

Worried that Jung-kil is going to try to do something regarding the house–although she doesn’t know about Geum-ja’s offer–Jung-in tells Hyun-soo to leave her alone moving forward, since seeing them together upsets the parents more.

The next day, Jung-kil refuses to accept the house, as it’ll make him a blackguard who has twice pawned his daughter off for monetary gain. He tells her to sell it to Han-se instead. She shouldn’t just give away such an expensive house for free.

But Geum-ja explains that she has to sacrifice everything she has in order to (though she doesn’t say it in these words) forever be able to guilt-trip Hyun-soo into staying away from Jung-in. She tells him to make up his mind, and soon, because if her frugality wins out, she’ll rescind the offer.

Geum-ja warns Hyun-soo that women like Jung-in who get nasally (i.e. whiny when they yell) are trouble later on. But Hyun-soo says that Geum-ja gets nasally when she talks too. He points out that they’re similar: “Oh, that must be why I like Jung-in, because she’s like the Baek Geum-ja that I love.”

They begin to bicker and it’s slightly creepy because it is actually pretty reminiscent of how he and Jung-in bicker.

But when he runs upstairs and uses Jung-in as a human shield (make that, a human snuggie) the joviality quickly dissipates. Although Jung-in gets mad at Hyun-soo because she knows he’s deliberately trying to be obvious in front of Geum-ja, she can’t help but smile at his antics afterward.

It’s New Year’s Eve, so the family makes dumplings by hand. While the two families talk as they work, Grandpa begins to notice that there are strange vibes in the room, particularly the way Geum-ja talks to Jung-in.

And it only gets tenser and tenser, thanks to Jilted Mom Syndrome, which Geum-ja has come down with bad in these two episodes. One after another, everyone leaves the living room to avoid the venom Geum-ja keeps spewing, leaving Jung-in making dumplings alone.

Grandpa Man-bok chides Geum-ja for being so hard on Jung-in, when Jung-in is obviously trying hard to please Geum-ja. She bursts into tears again, begging Grandpa to send the Seo family awayyyy *sob*.

Jung-kyung, who came home for New Year’s, gets a letter from the Chief. He tells her he’s taking a month of vacation, and that he misses her. “By the time I get back, I hope you’ll have gotten over your crush,” he tells her, hinting that he wants to start over with her.

Jung-in wakes up in the wee hours to make the dduk mandoo soup, using the rice cakes and dumplings they’d prepared the day before. Jung-kil sees her working, upset to see her put in so much effort that Geum-ja rebuffs.

In the morning, Geum-ja mutters under her breath about the slightly sub-par soup; both Grandpa Man-bok and Sang-hoon good-naturedly say it’s pretty good. Jung-kil digs in wordlessly, and remains uncharacteristically somber the entire morning.

Hyun-soo had wanted to tell Grandpa first thing about his relationship with Jung-in, but she tells him to wait, since Joon-bae is still there. I like the trusting look they share here.

Sung-joon is missing from the New Year’s celebrations because he’s taken Ji-soo to visit her orphanage. He remarks that the place is big, teasing her, “So you’ve really always gone around to big houses, haven’t you?” (Big house = slang for jail).

She walks off, pretending to be annoyed, but he tells her playfully that the face she makes when she’s annoyed is what he likes best. She makes an even more annoyed face.

Ji-soo: “Ahjusshi, when you were in school, you probably got beat up a lot, right?”
Sung-joon: “No, I didn’t really go to school.”

HAHA. He reminds her that she can’t beat him with words.

Sitting on the swings, they share a meaningful moment—one of the first in which she really opens up about her past, and he really listens—when Ji-soo tells Sung-joon that she used to wish she could just stay a kid, since once the kids grew up, they had do leave. “It was scary, thinking of being alone. You don’t know that feeling, do you?”

As a reply, Sung-joon runs about a hundred feet away, then walks back. “What’s your name?” he asks. “You’re pretty. Do you want to come live with me? I’ll be your family.”

He reaches into his pocket and slips the couple ring back on her finger.

Hyun-soo tells Grandpa Man-bok that he and Jung-in are dating, with the intention to marry. He explains why he had asked Grandpa to lend him money (to pay for the ring, though he doesn’t go into detail) and says that though his parents know, they oppose the relationship.

Grandpa is surprised, but he responds sensibly. He tells Hyun-soo that he’s approaching things in the wrong order. First, Hyun-soo should resolve it with his parents, and then discuss it with his grandfather, since Grandpa can’t boss around Sang-hoon and Geum-ja on the matter. However, it is clear to Hyun-soo that Grandpa isn’t exactly happy to hear Hyun-soo’s news, which worries him.

On her way back to the hospital, Jung-kyung tells Hyun-soo that she overheard her father talking with Geum-ja about something–she wasn’t sure what–but it roused her suspicions.

Turns out, they were finalizing a contract regarding the house. Jung-kil has decided to accept it, with all its implication that he will cut off ties with the Kang family.

PUAHAHA. Secretary Kim! He doesn’t even get a holiday off.

Han-se drops by with gifts. With gravitas, Jung-in asks if he brought gifts for his Beat team leader, Hyun-soo. When he says they’re for her, she turns down the gifts and tells Han-se not to come by anymore if it’s for her sake.

Jung-kil pulls Han-se aside, and with them gone, Geum-ja says to Jung-in: “I can tell you’re doing this for my benefit, but it’s futile.”

Once Jung-kil tells Han-se about the house:

Han-se: “How could you accept that? I was going to give it to her as a Christmas present.”
Jung-kil: “That’s long gone now. Christmas is over.”

Han-se asks what Geum-ja’s conditions were, and Jung-kil replies that the only thing she’d asked for was that he take Jung-in away.

“She must really dislike Jung-in, to go that far,” Han-se says.

“Exactly. I was worried Jung-in would shrivel up and die if we stayed longer in this house, which is why I accepted it.” Jung-kil asks Han-se if he really thinks he can win Jung-in over, but says that much as he wants to, he doesn’t have much confidence in Han-se.

On his way out, Han-se eagerly thanks Geum-ja for handing the house over to Jung-kil. Since he had intended to buy the house anyway, he offers to pay for at least part of the cost of the house. Geum-ja refuses again, saying that’s how much she dislikes Jung-in, for having ruined Hyun-soo and making him lie.

Han-se responds, “Wow, how are you even scarier than my mother?”

Geum-ja tells Han-se to make it work with Jung-in, especially considering how much she’s given to break and keep Hyun-soo and Jung-in apart.

Then Hyun-soo, who’d been listening, turns the corner and asks Geum-ja, “Did you tell Jung-in’s family to leave? Didn’t I tell you that I like Jung-in? That I was sorry for upsetting you, that I’d wait. I got on my knees and begged.”

He asks, “Is this how much you dislike her? You absolutely won’t approve? You won’t?”

When she answers as expected to each, he says evenly, “Alright.”

Surprising the whole family, he drives away with Jung-in. In the car he asks her, “Do you really not want to go back to your old house?” She says that she doesn’t intend to go back; she wants to be by his side.

“Keep that promise,” he says.


Several times in this episode, characters tell Geum-ja she’s worse than Han-se’s mother. It’s as if the writer is admitting, Yes, I know my script is laced with crap but HELLO I’ve been forced to write an extra 16 episodes and OMG Winter Sonata happens sometimes when you’re desperate.

Song Ok-sook, playing Geum-ja, had to squeeze out so many tears in these two episodes, behaving in a way that seems unnatural and irrational. At least, I’m calling it irrational because otherwise it just gets… creepy and possessive. I don’t necessarily think Song Ok-sook is a bad actress; in Geum-ja’s lighter scenes I think she can be pretty delightful. But the script has not given her much to work with for the last five episodes or so.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally been won over by Sung-joon and Ji-soo’s storyline. I enjoy seeing them off doing their own thing, and Sung-joon’s carefree, devil-may-care attitude is a refreshing, much-needed break from how beholden Hyun-soo and Jung-in are to the adults. He also showed himself finally capable of being serious and meeting Ji-soo at a deeper level, acknowledging how her past has shaped her, but inviting her to move past it now.


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  1. estel

    Yeah, I totally feel sorry for the writer. If it had ended at its originally planned 30 episodes, I think this drama would have been solid all the way through. Instead, the writer is starting to have to create new conflicts to keep the story going artificially, and that’s never good. Still, big kuddos to Lee Ming-jung and Jung Kyung-ho for keeping their characters grounded and still likable.

  2. J

    “…but HELLO I’ve been forced to write an extra 16 episodes and OMG Winter Sonata happens sometimes when you’re desperate”

    haha i laughed at this comment and suddenly realised that the actress playing Geum-ja acted as Jun-sang’s pianist mother in Winter Sonata! Whoa!

  3. me

    thanks so much for the recap..i thought u stop doing the recap long time ago.hehehe..
    i haven’t had any time to watch this drama lately, so reading your recaps really help me to keep up with it..since reading the recap takes much less time than watching the drama itself..^^
    really love lee chun hee..and yeah i think geum ja is a little creepy. i mean hyun soo is her son, right?but she acts like he is her husband..>.<

  4. maria

    seriously, i’m just here for the looks shared between the two leads… keeps the story sane for me. O_O

  5. yen_nguyen

    Poor the writer but in general, she does a good job!

  6. bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! : )

  7. cherry

    this drama is still the best for me…yes every drama has flaws
    i’m only upset with ep 27-29, but after that it return back to the old Smile You..with the same warmth and happy feeling, and of course solid acting between the actors. I love chun hee, but the chemistry between Sung Joon and Jisoo is kind of boring compared to Sooin….I eespecially adore the drama from ep 31 onwards, kudos to the writer for having comedy, and making me cry because of the touching scenes between the family members. I’m amazed of how she is able to make me love all the characters from that eps, especially Jung Kil and Gj. Sooin is still loveable as always.

    this drama still keeps it realistic flow… i kind of understand of how GJ can change so much cos my own sister experience the same way as Ji. She has a boyfriend which is a single son as well, her mother is not bad, but she start getting mad when her son goes home late because of my sister and asking his son to accompany her whenever her husband is away, She start scolding my sister if his son come to my sister. That’s what a mother who loves his son too much.

    • 7.1 hanif

      Wow, I like your point. I felt the same way. This eps is not as bad as the recapers said.

      First of, I’m starting to watch this drama from November 2011. I miss the hype since it wasn’t aired at my country. And the first two eps get me hooked because of the good acting and perfect chemistry which is hard to find in 2011 K-drama.

      these are the reason why this eps is not as bad as mentioned above;
      1. Soo-In couple is adorable as always.

      2. ji soo & Seung Joon is a nice refresher scene.

      3. With all antagonist going tamed by Grandpa Man Book, I agree that Geum Ja is the most suitable person to boiled up the tension. What happen with Geum Ja is very realistic.

      4. I felt sorry that the recapers really miss how fierce Hyun Soo look when he is angry. And did you notice that hyun soo only give his angry look to 2 people; Jung In (when she trick him to get a cellphone) and Geum Ja at this episode.

      hahahaha … I know the recapers already give up at eps 35, but I think this drama is the best I have seen so far. So I’m going finish it

  8. Sonam

    Yes, BGJ became quite creepy. I remember we all hated her for awhile.

  9. pinksoysauce

    Thanks for the recap! I haven’t been watching Smile lately because Geum-ja is just so annoying. It’s impossible to like her after all she’s been doing. Ahhh.

  10. 10 soyjoy

    @ 2, J – HA! Funny coincidence. Yeah, even though the character doesn’t make sense, at least Song Ok-sook makes you believe that Geum-ja is really that crazy, cuz the crying seems real (which is why she grates so badly on the nerves). Whereas, for example, Hyun-soo’s tears in that scene were SO WEIRD to watch.

    @ 3, me – We definitely haven’t given up on recaps! It’s just been slow going. Truth is, had I written this recap when all my @r$GH! was still on my mind, I probably would have been a bit more scathing in my review. But having taken, oh, two months to write the recap, I figured I couldn’t cast the first stone at Moon Hee-jung, who I’m sure was doing the best she could to churn out 16 hours of material in a few weeks’ time. It just don’t work like that. But yeah, dw4p and I are definitely hoping to get caught up soon… especially given that Smile finishes airing really soon. The original goal was to get caught up by the finale, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen 😛

  11. 11 Dust to Dust

    For those who hate GJa for the past eps, keep on watching coz believe me in the later eps u will turn to feel great about her..
    And yup every drama has it flaws but with Smile,You writer all the flaws is paid off with a much2x better eps in the later half (ep 30 onwards)..

  12. 12 Bolt

    GeumJa character has gone too far in this episode, im so feel like slapping her back and forth….
    I love love love Hsoo character, he is probably the strongest and best male character in K-Drama history, loyal,strong-minded,sweet,funny,smart,and all… That make me think why dont GOD create this kind of human in real life…

    SJ-JS relationship is sweet but still HS-JI top the notch, nothing can beat their chemistry together…

  13. 13 Tjhin86

    Urghhhh I hate Hsoo’s mom…. So evil…
    HS-JI are really meant for each other, they are strong and loyal to their partner…. Its rare to see things like this in others korean drama who usually make the one sacrifice for the other by breaking up or leaving him/her….

    HAHA sec kim has officially become my fav side characters, he is so funny and cute in his own way,,, no wonder they got him as Hse secretary..

  14. 14 selina

    i thought u stop doing the recap thank u so much

  15. 15 Sobia

    Don’t feel guilty– you are recapping a show with many, many episodes, and doing a great job. Thanks!!!

  16. 16 emeldy

    Don’t feel guilty… I think most of us who started off loving this drama are way behind. I think i watched it till Ep.32 or something. And you are recapping it.. We understand, Take your time : )

  17. 17 marinai

    GJ attittude was really creepy towards HS since the beginning (remember when she has beaten JKIL ass off after he dared hit her precious child, the look on her face was really close to madness, HS is her life and she is pissed to watch him in love with a flawfull JI who OMGosh has been married once, she does not want to share her child ‘s affection !!!
    That’s weird but it exists !!!! I loved episodes 28/29, maybe l was the only one but I think this step in the serie was important maybe the script was overdramatic but it felt good to watch HS unable to stand his mother scheme, and who decided to take his girl out of here!!! Dammit HS…The mismatched eyed , mama boy DID IT.
    Every drama has flow but I think the writer did well in showing everybody darker side, cause the nice girl who lives in a fairytale is definitely not in this drama. Everybody’s flaw have been exposed, HS too will be … in next episodes.
    Perfect people don’t exist in this world, that’s why I don’t feel it was crappily written !!!! Not at all, SY stayed and stay a strong drama to me, it has obviously his flaws but the acting make up for it ….

  18. 18 ChatZ

    WOW this is getting intense, actually i love the scene with HS beg on his knee asking for his mom approvement over his and JI relationship,, His tears was flowing so emotionally beautiful… Poor boy, it must be the 1st time in his life to begging like that, it show how much love he has for JI…
    Argghhhh i want HS for myself…. ^0^

    Anyway the kiss Between SJ and JS was kinda gross to me, no defence but yeahhhh u know…

  19. 19 50Cent Galz

    YAYYYYY They finally do the thing they should do a long time ago… ELOPE…. WKkwkwkwkwk….
    Hsooo yaaaaa…. U re so Macho in my eyes….. ^_*

    Thanks for the recaps anyway…

  20. 20 sukispop

    Hi Soyjoy,

    Thanks very much for the great recap, and please don’t be sorry. Like others have said, this drama has a lot of episodes; we’re just happy that you and dw4p are doing them when you have the chance.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the others who are urging those who have stopped watching(or are thinking of it) because they find Hyun-soo’s mom soooo annoying. Things will get MUCH better from around ep 30-31, and you’ll fall in love all over again….really. Hang in there.

    I really loved the time spent with Sung-joon and Ji-soo in these eps, especially the scene at the orphanage. There was something rather beautiful in how Sung-joon sprinted off for 50 yards or so, and then walked back and spoke to her, like the way that prospective parents would have approached her to invite her to come join them as a beloved new member of their family. It was sweet and touching. And, when Ji-soo smiled, the whole screen lit up. What a beautiful smile she has.

  21. 21 wenny

    Hi Soyjoy I’ve been waiting for this. The recaps here were what made me start to watch this drama series although I’ve always sworn off dramas longer than 20-25 episodes, and this one’s nearly double the length!

    I like the cast & the main couple and i agree these two episodes were tough to watch. Poor writer…the story picks up through episodes 30-40 but started to drag after that again, but I’m awaiting the rest of your recaps 🙂

    And thank you guys for having got me hooked onto this drama in the first place, I would have missed out had I just dismiss it as another long-ass korean family soap!

  22. 22 g4036011

    I really love this drama>>>>i totally agree with Marinai…

  23. 23 Sarah

    this is weird… but I right after reading this I went to my lecture and my professor was talking about Freud and the Oedipus complex…and this episode was all that came to my mind. hahahahaha

  24. 24 Ladymynt

    Thanks for continuing the recaps!!!

    I love this drama no matter what anyone says. It has it’s faults sure, but what drama doesn’t and this one being 47 eps it’s bound to have a few more than than a 16 or 20 ep drama.

    I think the writer has done a great job of writing it. Like mentioned before she does a good job of showing all the characters flaws and make s us love them inspite of those flaws. Jung Kil for example, i couldn’t stand his character in the first 7 or 8 eps. He was so absord, annoying and loud. But when his character started to change in to a “better person” his same flaws that i couldn’t stand became amusing and now I see them as just being who is , and he’s one of my fav characters now.

    I also love the humor in the show i think that’s the writers strength in the writing the drama. If i can get through an episode with one laugh out loud moment then i she’s done her job. And i’ve laughed out loud during most of the eps.

  25. 25 onemorepls

    I lub Jung-kil in this episode. He saw that his daughter had a hard time and make a difficult decision even tho he is still maturing. He knew taking the house look bad for him yet he did for his daughter sake and not for his own greed like he would have during the earlier episode. He’s changing. Yay

    Loving this drama. Thanks for the recap.

  26. 26 cherry

    i still love how the extension of 16 episodes doesn’t ruin the drama, yes this drama moves slower, and there are added conflicts to the drama that people don’t like. But this is the only drama that is only able to hold it’s realistic flow, comedy, and drama along the episodes.

    I’m especially touched of how HS kneels down to Gj for forgiveness, cos he know he hurted his mother, but he really loves JI deeply and can’t let go.

    I watched Assorted gems, Creating Destiny, Loving you 1000x…all those dramas are long dramas, and especially for Assorted Gems i enjoyed it till 30+ episodes and it got worse, the writer ruined it, especially the ending that is does not make sense at all and total crap. Not to offence anyone, all those dramas have good actors and solid story at the beginning but it just the writer start to ruin it in the middle. The same as loving 1000x, the writer has totally lost ideas. Smile You is still the best with only minor flaws, good actors, realistic flow, solid and witty writings

  27. 27 jaslinnj

    Thank you for the recap. I was waiting for this.

    I still love Smile you. It may have lost its fizz for a few episodes but when we have a 45 ep drama, there tends to be a few episodes that are not up to its mark.

    as for GJ, I think she may have over reacted but her fears are real. what i meant is she is worried that Ji’s family will pawn money of her son and the fact the Ji has been marired once. For a Mother who has loved her only son and worked so hard to bring him up… these fears are realistic. though i agree that she was a little over dramatic.
    But i guess, if she wasnt so over dramatic and hateful towards JI, HS wouldnt have been goaded to take JI out of the house. If GJ were like her husband(who is against the relationship but not actively discouragaing it), HS walking out of the house would have proven to be irrational.

  28. 28 Angie C

    For me ,Smile you remains an outstanding drama because in place of the usual alpha male K drama hero ,we have jung kyung ho playing the beta male to perfection;which is a nice refreshing change.Also lee min jung has brought seo jung in to life so much that i would say the drama revolves around her.I cannot understand why some people find it crap because on vikkii.net Smile You has 2 million over hits!

  29. 29 danni

    Lol, at the Winter Sonata. Geum-Ja was definitely more than her fair share of annoying/creepy/possessive/hateful for like seven or eight episodes. I feel sorry for the actress to have to be so annoying for such a long time, but like you said soyjoy, it’s really not her fault because Geum-Ja is usually a very enjoyable character. Even though when I watched these episodes, I was still sucked into the Soo-In interactions, especially the end, the Ji-Soo and Sung-Joon progression was definitely a highlight as their relationship doesn’t get as much attention as they are only the second couple, but getting to watch them together is very cute and enjoyable.

  30. 30 pabo ceo reom

    I honestly feel SO BAD for you guys. If any of the other readers aren’t offended, I honestly think you should skimp even more with your recaps. The middle of the drama is laggy and honestly you can just write the most important parts without worrying about the details. Maybe that would help lessen the agony and quicken the pace at the same time. I really like this drama as a viewer but as a recapper I think I would be so frustrated.

    Anyhow, anyone else ready for the finale next week?! Let’s goooooooo~~~ 🙂

  31. 31 Idwou Samuel

    If I may aks you people what is going to happen on 28-29,March 2010 please I want you people to send me a mail so that i no what is going to happen on that day please and again i want you people please send it to my mail. I will be expencting the mail



    From Nigeria – Abuja

  32. 32 x3melancholylove

    Geum-Ja neeeeeeeds to get over herselff. She has no reason to hate Jung-In! erg. For the time being, I am annoyed lolll

  33. 33 Andrea

    I hate overly doting parents.

    To me, GJ was annoying pretty much through the whole run of the show until now. I’m really anticipating how she’ll redeem herself (like all of you guys say she will) in the next episodes.

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