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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry: Episode 14
by | March 18, 2010 | 49 Comments

These two are too cute. Kim Bum is so much better as a noona-killer than as the oppa. He should really be banned from playing oppa roles until he’s out of the army.

Two episodes left and I still don’t know how things are going to end. Because this drama is more realistic than most others — in the relationship dynamics, if not the comic situations — I can see it taking multiple different directions that wouldn’t surprise me.


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Before Sang-mi’s unannounced visit to Shin-young’s apartment, Bu-ki actually had fired off a quick warning text telling her to clean up and act surprised. However, in her furtiveness (to keep Sang-mi from seeing), she hadn’t noticed that the text failed to deliver.

Before Shin-young opens the door, Min-jae suggests facing his mother honestly, but Shin-young feels this is the wrong time for that; it’ll just make things worse. So he hurries to the spare bedroom while Shin-young greets Sang-mi warmly. Bu-ki takes Shin-young aside to warn her that this is a very important step — the fact that Sang-mi is here indicates that she’s starting to open up to her, so they can’t mess this up. No pressure!

Min-jae listens at the door and accidentally steps on something in the dark. He tries to contain his pain but bumps into something, so Bu-ki quickly covers, pretending she banged her leg. She then goes to her place to prepare snacks, offering the two women a chance to chat.

Sang-mi’s feelings haven’t changed about not wanting Shin-young and Min-jae to date, but her goal today is merely to talk together. Her attitude is slowly loosening up, and today she treats Shin-young with more civility than she has before — if not quite warm, she’s at least no longer cold.

Wanting to gain more insight about Shin-young’s character, Sang-mi asks her what time was most difficult in her life. Shin-young’s answer is honest if a little awkward — it was when Sang-woo dumped her. But she doesn’t vilify him, explaining that he was young. Now he’s matured, and she sees that he truly loves Sang-mi. She admits her own part in the failure of their relationship, because she was selfish and too focused on her career: “To be accurate, we weren’t close enough to marry.”

A cell phone rings under the table, and neither woman immediately reaches for hers. Clearly this must be Min-jae’s, forgotten in his haste to hide himself. Shin-young is cool under pressure and answers it like she’s talking to a co-worker about business. And then, another phone rings — from her own pocket. Shin-young answers this one too, then explains to Sang-mi that she has one phone for work, and another personal one. Thankfully Sang-mi accepts this without suspicion, and the mood remains pleasant overall.

Sang-mi does a crafty mom trick by prefacing a request with a story to make Shin-young sympathize with her position, and confesses that she’s afraid Min-jae will make the mistakes her husband made. He married after a momentary passion, and spent the rest of his life wandering around, making them both unhappy. She doesn’t want that for her son, so while she knows she can’t rip the couple apart, she asks Shin-young to promise that before he graduates, don’t do anything to force him to “take responsibility” for her. This is a euphemism for “Keep it in your pants, kids!” and Shin-young understands. She promises, and Sang-mi answers that she’ll trust in her.

Having satisfied her curiosity, Sang-mi soon leaves, escorted by Sang-woo, who comes by to pick her up.

The two lovebirds sigh in relief after the guests leave, feeling pretty good about how things turned out. But they stand around awkwardly, with Sang-mi’s request ringing in both their ears. Dare they continue their plans, or do they heed her wishes? And this just had to happen on the night they were going to spend together! I said Sang-mi was crafty, didn’t I?

It’s pretty clear there will be no fun sexy times for them tonight (or anytime soon), so they go off to their respective rooms, somewhat reluctantly.

It’s a different matter for the newlyweds. Although Da-jung is worn out and unhappy about her day being overrun by the kids, Ban-seok asks her to be patient, and then sweeps her off her feet. Literally.

Meanwhile, Shin-young and Min-jae are far from falling asleep. Coming back outside, they decide they’re not ready to call it a night yet and wonder what they ought to do tonight. They end up playing games where the loser gets flicked on the forehead by the winner. Such kids, these. There’s something innocent and very young about their courtship despite their ages, and it’s a little jarring to imagine that they were going to take the relationship to a sexual level when their replacement activity is to play little kids’ games.

Not yet sleepy, they follow up their games by heading out for a midnight stroll (technically 2am). Feeling hungry, they decide to make something to eat, and head back to roll mountains of kimbap. They eat, then sit together in Shin-young’s living room. Not the night they were planning, but a pleasant one anyway.

In the morning, Da-jung joins Ban-seok on his way to work, despite the fact that their schedules don’t match and she has gotten up extra-early just so they can head out together.

It’s a more hectic morning at Shin-young’s, and they’ve got the opposite problem — they’re both headed to UBN but can’t be seen arriving together if they want to avoid making gossip. Therefore, while one couple goes out of their way to be together, the other deliberately staggers their arrivals to keep up appearances.

And to give us a third example, Sang-mi heads to court that morning to finalize her divorce, emerging single for the first time in her adult life.

As Bu-ki and Da-jung shop together later that day, they find themselves being followed by a man in a suit. He’s more sleazy than scary, and introduces himself as an agent who’s looking for a CF model in her late 20s. He noticed them because they’ve got just what he’s looking for!

Anyone with the least bit of sense would be able to sense that he’s working some sort of scam, and these two cotton on right away. However, they’ve also got a friend who’s busting her ass trying to come up with a story to fill in for a last-minute dropped item, so they decide that they’ll go along with this guy’s act to give Shin-young an item.

Thus they act giggly and excited, giving the guy just the naive responses he’s looking for as he says he’s looking to promote a diet drink. The CF does require a few revealing shots, but they’ll be done tastefully, he promises.

Tasteful like a porno!

Bu-ki and Da-jung play the parts of wide-eyed ingenues as they relocate to a shabby studio for a test shoot. The set pretty much looks like a porn set and the costumes are ridiculous, but they go along with it. The guy is more than happy to hear that they’ve called a third friend — an “aspiring actress” — to join them.

Bu-ki dresses up like Sailor Moon, Da-jung like Marilyn Monroe, and Shin-young like… Velma from Scooby Doo?

While the director is busy filming them individually, Shin-young sneaks the door open, allowing her own cameraman to silently tape the proceedings.

The result is a story featuring today’s footage as well as film of previous victims who were tricked into fake photo shoots by the shyster. The UBN deputy director is pleased with her work, and the program will air tomorrow.

Min-jae is still staying with Shin-young, but Shin-young makes it clear that he can’t stay much longer than a few days. He doesn’t have a problem with being her roommate on a more long-term basis, but she is intent on honoring her promise with his mother.

He promises to cook something special for her that evening, and gets cracking. He doesn’t do this with the most skill, but it’s the thought that counts, right? In fact, it’s refreshing to see that finally there’s something he’s bad at, and he calls Ban-seok for advice.

Da-jung is working at home when Ban-seok’s sister comes by again with her son, letting herself in with the door passcode. Once again Da-jung tries to bear this politely, unable to point out how rude her sister-in-law is being by borrowing Da-jung’s clothes and purse freely.

This segment is another one of those scenes I have to step back a bit from because this character, ridiculous though she may be, is an all too common specimen in the real world. What’s worse is that she’s not outwardly mean or rude, so Da-jung can’t complain — the sister-in-law heaps effusive praise on Da-jung for being so chic and well-dressed, using that as an excuse to take what she wants. If she were to complain, no doubt she would be painted as a snooty, haughty woman who hates to share.

Myung-seok has been haunting his gym for another sight of Bu-ki, who hasn’t been around in recent days. Finally when she reappears, he jumps on the chance to talk to her and challenges her to another match, where he pretty much gets his ass handed to him on a platter. It’s quite satisfying seeing him not only beaten, but pretty much humiliated.

Undeterred by the physical abuse, Myung-seok tries to engage her in conversation. She’s utterly uninterested and doesn’t even spare him a second glance, so he grabs her phone and calls himself in order to get her number.

When Ban-seok comes home that evening, he finds Da-jung dispirited and at the end of her rope — she can’t do this. She can’t watch the kids every day, tutor them, and manage her own career as well. It’s asking too much.

Filled with remorse, Ban-seok insists on washing her feet for her. I’d tell him to skip the footbath and change the passcode — or grow a spine and tell his younger sister to have some respect — but this is a lesson for Da-jung to learn, I suppose.

That night, Shin-young oohs over Min-jae’s food, but he catches her adding water to the soup behind his back. I like that he talks about it straightaway, which lets them defuse the situation swiftly rather than escalating into a big argument later. Min-jae admits that when he took the kimbap they made to the rehearsal hall, the response from his friends was decidedly negative. This shows to him that Shin-young really does love him, because she ate his kimbap without complaint (and would have done the same for the soup had he not caught her).

They spend tonight playing Go-Stop, and it’s again nice to see another instance where Min-jae isn’t automatically awesome. She kicks his butt, and he tries to end the game with a fake excuse that he has to record a melody before he loses it.

She doesn’t let him off the hook so easily, and tells him to hum the tune to her; she’s got a great memory. They topple to the ground, and Min-jae holds her as he hums softly.

She tells him, “I’m so happy.”

Not so for Da-jung, whose happy mood evaporates when Ban-seok brings up the suggestion of taking mini-trips every weekend, either to his parents’ house or on trips with them. They can play games and fish and bond. After all, it would be good to get used to spending all that quality time together now, since they can live with them once they’ve had kids.

Er, what now? Da-jung is taken by surprise to hear that Ban-seok intends to take care of his parents. He’s the second son and normally this task would fall to the first son would (hence Da-jung’s rule against dating first sons), but Ban-seok explains that this brother is probably going to settle down in the States. Not noticing his wife’s faltering mood, he explains excitedly that he has always dreamed of living in a big family with three generations, taking trips every weekend.

She agrees weakly, then slips out later that night to sit by herself in the dark kitchen, telling herself, “It’s still better than when you were alone, right?”

Despite that attempt to convince herself she’s fine, Da-jung arrives at Shin-young’s apartment, disgruntled and bearing makgulli. Her explanation is merely that she couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to bother her husband, not ready to admit that maybe her fantasy isn’t all it was cracked up to be. She even says that she likes being married, but in a dull voice.

Before Shin-young can stop her, she heads to her old room for a nap, making for an awkward discovery. At least she didn’t jump on top of Min-jae while he was sleeping, which would have been awkward. Er, more awkward.

Sang-mi seems much happier these days, and more relaxed. Her relationship with Sang-woo is going well — he even wants to introduce Sang-mi to his mother — and her attitude toward Shin-young is warming as well. That evening, she cooks and packs food for Min-jae, who she believes is living at his studio.

She uses this as an opportunity to extend another hand to Shin-young, packing the food with a note asking her to deliver the package to Min-jae and to help herself to the food.

This she drops off at the guard booth to Shin-young’s apartment, then turns to leave… But having escaped once this episode, it’s just not dramatically feasible to have Shin-young escape discovery again and Sang-mi spots her walking home with Min-jae. It looks like they’ve gone grocery shopping together, and to make their living situation absolutely clear, Min-jae suggests they stay up all night long talking.

So when the guard knocks on Shin-young’s door to deliver the food, Sang-mi bursts in behind them — wearing a bitchface that, for once, is perfectly warranted — and orders Min-jae to leave.

Sang-mi reminds Shin-young of her promise, unappeased by Min-jae’s explanation that nothing happened, and that he was only staying for a few days.

Instead of heeding his mother’s order to leave, Min-jae grabs Shin-young’s hand and leads her outside, simmering with emotion. Shin-young asks in confusion where he’s headed, and he turns to her: “Let’s marry tomorrow.”


This episode was all about the juxtaposition of the Shin-young/Min-jae relationship with the Da-jung/Ban-seok one. I don’t think they’re making a statement about which is better, because both have their share of issues, but it’s a clear way of showing the extremes of these two dynamics.

At first I interpreted this comparison along simple lines — Shin-young good, Da-jung bad — and it’s certainly easy to draw that conclusion. For instance, Shin-young’s relationship is chaste but she sighs to Min-jae that she’s happy. Across town, Da-jung is in bed with her husband, but she has to leave the room and try to lie to herself that she’s content. Plus, even though Shin-young is still battling the parental opposition issue, which Da-jung has won for now, the latter sees that there are further complications afterward.

And yet I think it’s a little too pat to make the good-bad argument, at least not yet. I’m not sure Shin-young and Min-jae will stay together through the end of the drama (no spoilers, please!) so until I know how the drama ends, it’s hard to draw conclusions. The drama seems to be showing us that nothing’s perfect on either side, not arguing that one is destined to work and the other will fail. Maybe Da-jung and Ban-seok aren’t doomed, and their issue will be in learning how to compromise. It’s interesting that for all their similarities and shared values as a couple, Da-jung is not on the same page with Ban-seok about their future — she’d be lucky to be in the same book. Forcibly getting her way (speeding through the courtship to get to the marriage) may have gotten her wed, but she still has to face the stuff that comes after that. And there’s no way to fast-forward her way past that.

On the other hand, I worry for Shin-young and Min-jae’s future because their situations in life are so different. I feel like she is sorta where Sang-woo was when they were dating; she’s at the point where she can see settling down comfortably, but Min-jae may still need to stretch his wings. But what I can appreciate is that this couple finds ways to look at things in constructive ways, and issues that could derail another couple are used to strengthen their bond. Shin-young and Min-jae are emotionally in tune with each other in a lovely way that many couples don’t ever achieve. Furthermore, this kind of emotional understanding seems to come to them quite naturally, which is really a gift.


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    I really have to say, I HATE people like Ban Seok’s sister! They make me wonder how their parents brought them up. (Then again, seeing how their father was, I’m not TOO surprised. I guess Ban Seok really was a gift then.)

    I guess Da Jung has to learn that nothing in life is as ideal as one would imagine and that she should really sit down and talk to her husband about the issues before it all builds up and blows. I mean she doesn’t have to go as far as saying, “you know honey, I LOVE you but your sister (+ family) is such BITCH to deal with” but let him understand that she’s not used to this kind of a lifestyle and make a compromise of some sort.

    But LOL when Da Jung walked into her old room finding Min Jae on the bed XD

    Thanks for the recap!

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    JB you’re talking about them like they’re a real couple. like real people, real life.

    …but i can see why, this drama really does give that reality check tinge a lot.

    love your recap as always, thank you 🙂

  5. estel

    I really appreciate that Da-jung and Ban-seok are still experiencing obstacles to overcome. Far too often, I think, “happily ever after” leaves us at the wedding, but the truth is there’s just as much — or more — to overcome after you say “I do” as there is before. Da-jung and Ban-seok may be in their thirties, but I think emotionally they are much younger and more naive. It’s interesting to see their relationship grow and develop. And I have to add that I heart Min-jae and Shin-young. Can I have one of those, please?

    Great recap, JB — thanks eversomuch!!!

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    This particular episode was kind of hard for me to watch, because there was so much in it that I could identify with (let’s just say my husband is VERY close to his parents). 😉

    As a viewer, I’m truly madly deeply in love with Shin-young and Min-jae and want them to be together no matter what. They really GET each other, and it’s just so wonderful to see. I admit to fast-forwarding just for their scenes, and then having to rewatch to see what’s going on with everyone else!

    But as a mom who has two boys around Min-jae’s age, I wonder how I would react if one of them suddenly brought home a 33-year old woman. I like to think I’d be cool with it (especially if she was as awesome as Shin-young is), but I don’t really know.

    Thanks JB!

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    Oh, I forgot to squeal over the scene where he hums in her ear…seriously, how amazing was that scene? What else could Shin-young possibly say at that moment, other than “I’m so happy”? I was so happy too!! 😀

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    minjae/kim bum really is charming – i don’t think they’ll get married, but i REALLY hope that they don’t get married in the series, or even HINT that they will. i like where they are now – just dating and committed to each other, but not having to get married.

    but it’s funny that for a guy who SHOULD be stretching his wings at his age, he’s the one who suggested marriage FIRST.

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    Minjae is so hot! haha! o yeah, and great recap JB, as always..thanks

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    Glad to know I’m not the only one worried for Shin-young and Min-jae. I’d love to see them together in the end because they seem to “get” each other in ways other couples don’t, but heh, I don’t know, I’m worried. I’d be ok if the writer and PD pulled a MNIKSS…I want a happy ending or a semi-happy ending, you know?

    @8 langdon813
    Can I squee with you? I loved that scene! And @JB I second your suggestion. Kim Bum noona killer till after his military service

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  16. 16 kaedejun

    @12 –

    …nooo – i’m not saying marriage is funny or for fools. i’m just saying that minjae is the young one, and referring back to javabeans’ comment: “Min-jae may still need to stretch his wings”

    i think that yeah – he’s a tad young to be thinking about marriage, but if considering that he and shin young are sort of like “sang woo and shin young of ten years ago,” it would be easy to assume that minjae doesn’t want to get married (like shinyoung of before) HOWEVER he does want to get married! he suggests it first, instead of shinyoung/”sangwoo of before” mentioning it first. and that’s what i find just funny. or interesting.

    (did that make sense…?) hehehe! hope that was clear..! 🙂

  17. 17 jusash

    Thanks! LOVED your insights!
    “….. look at things in constructive ways, and issues that could derail another couple are used to strengthen their bond. Shin-young and Min-jae are emotionally in tune with each other in a lovely way that many couples don’t ever achieve. Furthermore, this kind of emotional understanding seems to come to them quite naturally, which is really a gift.”

    this adorable couple’s communication is AWESOME! everything gets addressed – more or less, right away. it’s one of the major PLUS points in this drama. and so refreshing after all the Kdrama typical ‘silence is golden’ scenarios of: ‘i am doing this bec it is best for him/her’ …. the ‘he thinks//she thinks alone’ without anyone uttering any of their thoughts or worries.

    ep 14 is also an episode where the SY-MJ age difference and perspectives are more apparent. and yet, they’re so complementary to each other too, in their solutions and different insights. it’s like Min Jae energizes and uplifts her, and SY matures him with her level-headed groundedness.

    i was one of those wishing for LESS Da Jung-Ban Seok moments already (esp their honeymoon bits) … but in this ep i am so liking the dawning reality of DJ’s post-marriage blues, and the reality of the ‘grass sometimes seems greener on the other side, until you get there’.

    DJ’s manipulative unreasonable sis in law from hell, BS dense’s inablity to see anything wrong with playing happy families with his family .. how true to life familiar are all those?

    and TOTALLY nodding away to this: (is there a petition already? I want to sign! :P)
    “… Kim Bum is so much better as a noona-killer than as the oppa. He should really be banned from playing oppa roles until he’s out of the army.”

    was watching Bummie’s Bi Sang (aka Fly Up) to alleviate this wk’s end-of-drama withdrawals. and NO way does the movie even come close to the chemistry and comfort level oozing here with his noona.

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    Honestly, I never really felt for Da-jung’s character before, but with the recent developments with the evil sister-in-law, I felt SO BAD for her. She had this fantasy and complete idealization of marriage, but once she dived into it, it wasn’t as good as she thought it would be. Maybe even worse.

    It made me think “GAH, i wish Ban-seok was more perceptive to Da-jung’s reactions and i wish he had some balls.” (he seems so un-manly-ish)

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    Anyway, I have watched the last episode but with fast forwarding mode because I didn’t realize that was the last one. Now that WithS2 already provided the subs, I’m gonna finish it this weekend.
    I love this drama, the best one I have watched this year.. And Kim Bum, you proved you’re not just pretty face, but definitely you can act.

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    @15 JJ – Well, this one actually came out before either “Personal Taste” or “Oh My Lady”, so one can’t really accuse this one of being following the older woman-younger man trend. Then again that’s a story line that’s been done a lot anyway,

    Also I thought the focus of “Personal Taste” was not the age gap issue but more like the misunderstanding of the dude being gay, when he’s really not. Just b/c the actor and actress themselves differed in age in real life doesn’t mean that’s the roles they’re playing in the drama.

    “Shin-young and Min-jae are emotionally in tune with each other in a lovely way that many couples don’t ever achieve. Furthermore, this kind of emotional understanding seems to come to them quite naturally, which is really a gift.”…you have such a lovely ways of phrasing words to deliver the succint meanings. I want this ability, please! Can you form the joint venture with girlfriday in her bottling of the awesome sauce with whatever it is that make you write so well?

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    It is kind of amazing how common this theme is, after I thought about how many dramas there are like this there are, but I admit, as the older woman, I love it 🙂 Of course, I also really like younger girl/much older guy series too. I guess I just love age-difference romance~

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    Hey Dramabeans, this was another great recap of yours!

    I am an avid reader of your blog, because everything is analysed and written so wonderfully 😀

    I haven’t watched The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, because I’m waiting to read the recaps of the last 2 episodes to decide if the ending is good. (I don’t like watching dramas that have a weird/stupid ending) But seeing where this series is heading to, I think I’m totally going to watch it!

    Thanks again!

  41. 41 awesome-pow

    okay so i totally love this show. but i can’t find the last three episodes with english subs anywhere. any advice?

    thank you! thank you!

    PS. I adore the recap!

  42. 42 mimim

    kim bum this noona fall into you hehehee

  43. 43 Isha

    Da Jung may have rushed the wedding and all, but i dont think that gives ban seok’s sister the right to barge in their appartment..if i was here id give her the tatse of her own medicine…barge into her room and be an “undercover” bitch 😛 lol

  44. 44 lholie

    i’ve seen the first sequel of this drama and i would say that i like this one more than the first..it’s because the story is too realistic and with global changing and cultural mix-match the concept of falling into a younger partner or vice versa has been acceptable nowadays.

    in fairness to the actors/actresses of the drama they protrayed their characters well that you sometimes get carried away with the storylines. and can’t stop squeeling and laughing at the same time now and then as the story develops. to Kimbum, i would agree to both javabeans and girlfriday about the character he portrays now.. he is way better and more expressive in someways in delivering his lines, the outfits and the timing of his script is just suited for who he is as an actor. although, i would still say that killer smile and sparkly eyes of his is very charismatic that who will not fall for someone like him, right?

    anyways, thanks for the recaps..i’m waiting for the episode 16 though..by the way, what’s the title of the song that was sung in the bar?

  45. 45 na

    hi..love your recaps, I’ve seen it but it’s a lot of fun reading yours,
    I like this drama, coz it got something that most drama don’t, which is the story is related to the real world…
    yeah…min jae’s mom..what can I say about her…can I let my stress out here related to min jae’s mom…thank you…hehehehe
    to me she’s a little bit hippocryt , yeah I know that she had a hard time in her life, married to someone that after a while she realize she didn’t love because of the pregnancy (well I think it also her fault, who told you to be careless on dating..hah???), have to forget her own passion because of the marriage, being cheated by the husband and so on….but is it fair to put all of the burden to your son and make him guilty all the time because of your own fault??…and the funny thing is, she always mutter about min jae and shin young living together and that she afraid both of them might do something careless (sleeping together for an example) but in fact she’s the one who end up sleeping together with someone she just barely meet…what the hack???
    I do like shin young character here, she’s trying her best to not let her emotion burst out unbalanced…something that I need to learn for my self…hehehehe
    to kim bum (if in random chances you might read this…hehehe)..I know there a lot of people out there criticize your decision on joining this drama, they might say that you shouldn’t do this just because you should do drama and paired with a girl your age…don’t worry…you can see in here that we all like you and what you do in the drama, keep up the good work dude….fighting!!!!

  46. 46 Elle-Emme

    I am a jonny come lately I discovered this show on hulu

    wow I am very impressed , my friends dont understand

    but it is an interesting phenomenon of women over 30 in any cultures

    and Kim Bum is a cutie so a guess a noona is a girl in Korean??

    • 46.1 girlatsea

      Noona is older sister/older friend who is a girl, haha.

  47. 47 linkyo

    Wow!!!! I’ve finished reading your recaps for this series and decided to jot down a comment in this eps.

    First, I’ve just known about this drama since it’s just going to be aired here in my country (indonesia) so that’s why I checked whether you did this series recap or not. (If you have it, then it means this drama is good, or at least I’ll give it a shot). But since I’m impatient and wanna just spend the smallest amount of time, so I read your recaps in a day, and WOW!!!! I have to say that, “Gosh!! Kim Bum is definitely a noona-killer” and while my age is closer to minjae in this series, but still, I think I can definitely relate so well with Shin Young and Da-jung’s dilemma. And I love how this story tells the fears, insecurity and idealistic dreams of marriage. Gah, I have dreams like DaJung, (who didn’t?) And marriage life is not flowers-and-ribbons as most of the time it stuck in my mind. Heh. But, OOOOOhhhhh love minjae-shinyoung chemistry….. *jealous of those all moon-and-butterfly eyes*

  48. 48 Lilian

    It is true indeed that when you marry it’s not just your husband you marry, it’s his whole family especially for Asians! Scary…..but realistic

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