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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry: Episode 16 (Final)
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Before we get into the final recap, I want to give a hearty thanks to girlfriday for recapping this drama with me. I’ve never shared recaps for a series before, and I found it even more fun than I thought it would be, and also a learning experience (to see what she picked out that I didn’t, for instance). Fear not, this is not her last recap, though I won’t yet announce for sure what comes next.

Since this is the finale, this recap contains comments from both me and girlfriday; you’ll find hers in blue, for ease of distinguishing between us.


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The foreign correspondent position isn’t Shin-young’s yet — she is in contention with two others — but she decides she wants to go for it. [I’m so torn here, because I want her to succeed, but don’t want her to go to stinky ol’ Finland. No offense, Finland. -GF]

In the UBN hallways, she crosses paths with Min-jae, who’s looking quite miserable. But in keeping with her wishes for a clean break, they pass each other without stopping. The encounter leaves both with tears in their eyes as they walk off in opposite directions. [Music video stylings, to be sure, but these two act their hearts out in this moment. -GF]

Therefore, she hedges when her boss wishes her well for the upcoming selection, which surprises him; he thought she’d be jumping at the chance but it sounds like she’s half-hearted. This boss has been at times infuriating with his wishy-washiness and playing to the old boys’ club, but he has also acknowledged Shin-young’s talent, and he gives her some Bu-ki-esque advice: It’s not like going to Finland means she’s letting go of the chance to meet her match, or allowing time to pass her by — she will have experiences there and who knows, maybe she’ll meet her match while she’s away.

Min-jae hasn’t been contacting Shin-young per her wishes, but he rides his bike to her apartment. He doesn’t mean to run into her and in fact has quite the opposite intention, as we’ll find out soon enough.

Shin-young records her last episode, after which she and her teammates go out for a congratulatory party. They’re all sorry to see her go, although happy for her at the same time. Shin-young is spooked when she hears Min-jae’s disembodied voice asking if she’s going to be late tonight. Freaked, she hands her phone to her cameraman and instructs him not to give it back no matter what, to prevent possible drunk dialing. [And here I am, screaming, “Give the phone back! Give it back!” I think Shin-young could use some drunk-vulnerability right now, right? Don’t be coy and pretend you don’t know what it feels like to wake up the morning after and relive the horror of a drunk-text/drunk-dial in which you divulged the deepest wishes of your very inebriated heart. -GF]

But Min-jae’s voice pops up again, this time asking, “Don’t you miss me?” Shin-young decides to confront this issue head-on — only, her cameraman has taken her at her word and refuses to return her phone. He points out that she’ll just yell at him tomorrow for giving in.

After a brief chase, Shin-young gives up. Crouching, she says miserably, “It’s a good thing I can’t call.”

In the morning, Shin-young emerges from her bedroom, still feeling a little groggy from her night out, and sees a spread prepared on the table, with festive balloons decorating the place. Bu-ki must have arranged this, and she digs in. [If Bu-ki HAD done it, I’d be concerned we were rooting for the wrong couple here. -GF]

Da-jung attempts to work through her sister-in-law’s jabbering, and is listening to something on headphones and therefore doesn’t react. Argh the sight of that woman’s face just gets my blood pressure up, especially when Bitchy Sister-in-Law actually pulls Da-jung’s headphones off, which would totally be my cue to slap a bitch, but Da-jung has more patience than I do.

Bitch-in-law wants Da-jung to make coffee for her remodeling crew, so Da-jung directs her to make it herself. She’s actually quite civil about it by Western standards — she says there’s plenty of instant powder and also an espresso machine, so help herself — but as the Korean wife addressing the almighty husband’s family, anything less than utter servility is seen as uppity disrespect. So when she turns back to her work, Bitchyface yanks off her headphones again and expresses her incredulity at Da-jung’s ‘tude. And I’m like, where’s the lightning bolt of irony when you really need it? [It’s booked on a higher-rated show, I gather. -GF]

However, this exchange also yields a revelation for Da-jung, when Bitchycakes makes a comment about Da-jung’s two-facedness; why is she being so snooty now after she’d helped with the deposit on the upstairs apartment? Ban-seok had told her that it was Da-jung’s idea to use their own apartment as security against the upstairs place. [What in the WHAT? Oh, no you di’n’t! -GF]

Da-jung understands that this apartment is Ban-seok’s, but he should still have consulted with her. He was doing it to make her look good in his family’s eyes, and while I think Ban-seok is almost criminally dense [AMEN! -GF] with regard to women’s feelings, this parallels Da-jung’s lie about his birthday present in a previous episode. He doesn’t compare the two situations, but you’d think he’d have learned from that experience that this was not a good idea. Two wrongs don’t make a right, kiddos.

Da-jung suggests that they move apartments, then — can’t she live as his wife, without being tied to his family? No wife likes the idea of spending every weekend with her husband’s parents, or having her sister-in-law barge in constantly without warning. Ban-seok thinks it’s a matter of “You can just change your mind! It’s simple!” Which makes me think many thoughts of hurting him. [I was picturing an old-school tar-and-feather, unless you’d prefer a ritualistic burning at the stake. I’m a go for either. -GF]

Female oppression through perpetuating outmoded patriarchal mores doesn’t have to be malicious or intentional to be harmful, and Ban-seok frustrates me with his blissful ignorance — he thinks he’s fair and enlightened, which almost makes it worse because there’s just no arguing with him. [Pumping my fist in solidarity! -GF] His character is so cute and endearing in other respects that it is very frustrating to see him so deficient as a husband. I mean this in a positive way regarding the drama writing, though, because I appreciate that we’re seeing this conflict in grayscale — neither he nor Da-jung are portrayed as right versus wrong, since they’re both flawed. [Yes, it’s true–I don’t hate him. It’s a lot like the frustration I feel towards Sang-mi and my desire for her to be a better person when she will inevitably learn from her mistakes. -GF]

Anyway. Da-jung recognizes that trying to change his mind is not a feasible task, and says in a resigned voice, “Then that is the answer.” He, being oblivious, immediately perks up, thinking he has won her over. He then brings up his desire to have a baby right away. ‘Cause I’m sure forcing your wife to concede that her future will be miserable is, like, such an aphrodisiac. [Shoulda gone with oysters. -GF]

Da-jung sighs.

Off to Bu-ki’s. Da-jung has come from visiting the apartment building where she’d been doused with water in Episode 1, and says, “I think I was happier back then when I was moaning about not having a man.” She wasn’t suffocated back then.

Bu-ki reminds her that she wasn’t happy then, either. Da-jung wonders if this means she’s destined to be unhappy either way and says rather matter-of-factly that she may be looking at divorce. [This moment of Da-jung’s rings so true to life for me, because I’ve changed boyfriends, jobs, cities–all in an effort to find that elusive thing called happiness, only to discover that happiness is merely a perspective that we choose to take on our daily lives. I think Da-jung’s journey, past the basic single/married dichotomy, is really about learning to be happy with herself once the catalogue-version of marital bliss gets stripped away. -GF]

Shin-young joins them wanting a pick-me-up after being transferred to the international news department. She notes Da-jung’s case of tonic, which was given to her by Ban-seok and is supposed to help you get pregnant. Da-jung plans to throw one drink away daily, on the sly. [Hello? Red flag? -GF]

Shin-young thanks Bu-ki for the morning spread, but gets a blank response. Bu-ki wasn’t responsible for the breakfast this morning, nor the one the previous day.

This can only mean one thing, and when she comes home, she finds Min-jae in the middle of preparing another meal for her. He has been coming by to make her food while she’s out, which is simultaneously super-sweet and crossing some major boundaries. (Right?) Ever the romantic, he has prepared various mix CDs themed under “When you’re weary,” “When you feel down,” and “When you want to dance.” [Cutest and most achingly age-appropriate gift ever. It’s actually making me cringe, the sweetness of the mix CDs, because it’s highlighting their now seemingly monumental age gap. -GF]

Shin-young asks why he’s doing this. He says that his feelings for her aren’t going away, and doesn’t understand her decision — do they have to break everything off cleanly before she leaves?

She reiterates her stance, saying that she wants to focus on her work and doesn’t want to worry about him. Min-jae feels that means she doesn’t trust him, or work is more important to her. (And he’s just getting that now?) [Right? Can I remind you, good sir, of the time you got almost-seemingly-kidnapped because you were trying to impress her one-track mind? -GF]

Shin-young says that when she sees him, all she can think is how young and passionate he is. He replies, “That’s a matter of passion, not age,” and “Being 24 doesn’t mean I just love anyone.” [TRUE. The number one thing I hated when I was young was people disregarding what I felt (FELT!) simply because of my youth. Choices you make because of love are vastly different at various ages, to be sure, but no one can say that what someone else feels is or is not love. Immature actions usually accompany young love, but I think it’s dismissive to think that Min-jae inherently can’t love on the same level as Shin-young simply because of age. -GF]

But I feel like this is just a rehash of their previous discussions, and both of their tones are sad and despondent throughout this conversation. Neither budges on his/her position, and neither convinces the other toward their side.

On another tutoring/babysitting afternoon, Da-jung juggles studying with playing hostess. Infuriatingly, Ban-seok and Bitch-in-law laugh and sit back while Da-jung serves them. (I can understand Ban-seok being out of the loop about the dynamics when he’s absent, but when he’s right here and still oblivious — and contributing! — grr…) [Don’t get me started on Joseon-era holdovers of patriarchal servitude as current-era plates of fruit! I will write a manifesto! I will! -GF]

Ban-seok comes upon Da-jung while she’s dumping out her tonic in the kitchen sink, and asks what she’s doing. What does this mean?

She briefly tries to lie, then honestly tells him that she doesn’t want to take the tonic. She’s not confident she can live the way he wants to live, and while she loves him, she doesn’t want to constantly be with his family. Stunned, he asks if this means she doesn’t want kids at all. How could she do this to him? (Sigh. Notice how he has consistently been overlooking what all this means to HER.)

Da-jung replies that she wants to spend some time apart, and heads back to Shin-young’s apartment. [Woo! I miss the fun girly times in the apartment! -GF]

To her credit, Da-jung understands that Ban-seok is not a bad husband — he doesn’t hit her, or gamble, or cheat. [Are those the only options in Korea? -GF] Still, she’s not happy, and asks, “But why does it feel like I’ve run into a wall?” She advises Shin-young again not to marry.

Shin-young tells her friends that she was chosen to be the special foreign correspondent, and will be sent abroad by the end of the month. Rather than being thrilled with the opportunity, she’s apprehensive and feels that this is happening so quickly.

Her friends congratulate her, laughing at her comment that she’ll be 37 when she returns. Bu-ki reminds her that she’ll turn 37 if she stays, too.

Min-jae hears about Shin-young’s assignment from his co-workers. He had suggested a beach outing with Shin-young for Saturday, and even though she hadn’t responded either way, he sends her a reminder text to meet him on Saturday. [Min-jae, don’t you know about the ocean? Don’t go to the ocean! -GF]

However, when the day comes, she doesn’t come out. She’s busy at work all day, and Min-jae ends up waiting in his car all afternoon. It isn’t until nighttime that he finally decides to leave. [It seems that this is the final nail in the coffin that forces him to accept that Shin-young doesn’t intend on getting back together. It’s like his heart breaks all over again. -GF]

Da-jung starts feeling nauseous, which in drama-land can only mean one thing, and true enough the plastic stick confirms her worries. She sighs, “Other people are ecstatic when they’re pregnant.”

Ban-seok ain’t doing so well with the separation, either, and has taken to moping at home. Glumly, he mumbles, “No matter how I think about it, Da-jung doesn’t love me.”

(Sigh. Yes it’s sad for him, but this just proves to me that Ban-seok is immature, because things are so black and white for him.)

Sang-woo shows up to the studio to shoot some photographs of Sang-mi dancing. Yeah, not creepy AT ALL, dude. When Sang-mi notices his presence, she asks (a bit angrily) for him to erase them, but he doesn’t want to. [When did Sang-woo go from mature and patient boyfriend to creepy stalker with a telephoto lens? Did I miss an episode? Was there an emotional spiral left undocumented? -GF]

Not giving in to her cool brush-offs, Sang-woo asks Sang-mi to teach him to dance. He also tells her of an upcoming flight that’ll take him to Paris, which he wants to bring her along on. The mention of Paris is particularly meaningful, since that was what they initially bonded over in their first encounter.

Ban-seok’s sister bursts in, appalled at the state of his living quarters, and starts to nag him. Feeling miserable with his marriage in trouble, his sister’s brashness only aggravates his bad mood, and he (finally!) tells her not to barge in anymore. He also tells her he’s going to change his passcode, putting her in her place in a way that he can as older brother, but that Da-jung couldn’t.

Spurred by this outburst, Ban-seok heads to Shin-young’s apartment to confront Da-jung. In an emotional plea, he tells her that he’s fine letting her have her way, or even if she loves herself more than she loves him — none of that matters when he loves her. Da-jung keeps her back to him, feeling conflicted, and tells him not to say that — she’s selfish and self-absorbed and not good for him.

He vows he can’t live without her, declaring, “This must be love — my mind has changed, and my thoughts have completely changed.”

And really, that’s all it takes. With his tearful words, Da-jung turns to face him, and tells him that she’s pregnant. Ban-seok’s reaction is so filled with joy that it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye. [Whose eye? Not mine! I dare say not mine! (Sniff.) I didn’t really know what people were talking about with this actor until this moment–and I totally get it now. You should have played to his strengths, Show. I know he was silly and bumblingly cute, but I would have cared a thousand times more throughout if I had seen this caliber of acting before, say, the FINALE. -GF]

I think this is a case where this couple doesn’t need to be 100% in line with each other in order to be in a functional relationship — they just need communication. They’ve been trying so hard to be that perfectly matched smug married couple that they’ve been holding things back. (Admittedly this has been more Da-jung’s issue than Ban-seok’s, but he has shown smugness with his “perfect” marriage at times, too.)

Despite her intention to focus on her work, Shin-young finds her mind wandering, and decides that she’ll probably have to see Min-jae one last time before she leaves. I believe this is more for mental closure than to actually say anything specific, because when they run into each other at the office, they mostly exchange pleasantries.

Min-jae wishes her well, and for the first time calls her “noona.” This is his concession to her that he’s accepting her decision not to date; previously, he’d purposely avoided that term in order to assert himself as her romantic equal. [Okay, this kills me. It is the most heartbreaking use of the word “noona” in all of history. I never thought that word could cut like a dagger. It simultaneously floods my head with memories of all the times he insisted on calling her “Shin-young-shi” and “jagi,” while making me gasp at the coldness of addressing her so formally, so distantly. -GF]

As they separate, her voiceover says:

Shin-young’s narration: “Yes, Min-jae, play guitar and work hard on your music. Despite the very fact that you loved me, you’re 24 and in your youth. Go with your heart, and if love comes, love. Live passionately today, like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you for appearing to me this past winter. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me see myself again. The feeling of fluttering excitement, like spring has come — that’s a gift you gave me. During the time we were together, I loved you more than anything in the world.”

They go on with their daily lives as Shin-young prepares for her departure, but it can safely be said that Min-jae takes this separation especially hard. As he rides his motorcycle, he’s overcome with his emotions and doesn’t react as quickly as he ought, swerving in time to miss hitting a truck. However, another oncoming car honks at him, and as he speeds to avoid a crash, he loses control and falls from his bike. (Thank god he didn’t hit anything. Well, other than the ground.) [If I get even the faintest whiff of amnesia, I’m breaking up with you, Show! -GF]

At the airport, Bu-ki and Da-jung see Shin-young off, and she finds herself looking around inadvertently, hoping for Min-jae to come. She sends a few last texts while waiting for the plane to take off, and receives one from her old teammate telling her that Min-jae has been in a serious motorcycle accident.

Torn, she vacillates momentary, then grabs her bag and pleads with the plane staff to let her off.

Trust the drama to give us a comic moment out of a serious beat, [Thank GOD. -GF] because upon arrival at Min-jae’s hospital room, she sees the bandages and casts swathing the patient and tears up in horror. A man sighs and points her at the other bed — this one’s HIS buddy. HAHA.

Min-jae’s injuries, thankfully, are nowhere as serious. He lies asleep in bed as Shin-young sits by him.

Sang-mi walks into the room and smiles to see Shin-young there. She leaves to allow her some privacy.

Shin-young doesn’t wake Min-jae, and merely sits for a while at his bedside. Finally, as she stands to leave, she thinks, “Thank you. Be well.” [But! You got off the plane! You’re just going to leave, without waiting for consciousness, maybe make sure there’s no selective amnesia? -GF]

She goes on to Finland, the reports of which Min-jae watches on television back home. He hasn’t been in touch with her, so when Sang-mi visits him and asks how Shin-young is doing, he says she’s probably well. Sang-mi thought they’d still be in contact after what she saw at the hospital — which is news to Min-jae. He hadn’t known she visited him. [It’s a nice little capper that Sang-mi helps to bridge their reunion. -GF]

Just as Min-jae watches Shin-young’s broadcasts, she watches the latest interview with him online. He’s revving up activities for a new release, which bears the title “Waiting For you.” Asked to explain the meaning, Min-jae says, “I think everyone lives waiting for someone.” He hopes that “the person I miss and love the most” will come to the upcoming concert.

Sang-mi comes to the studio and finds photos of her stuck to the mirror, which are the shots that Sang-woo had snapped the other day. He asks, “Do you like it?” (Like it? I think the more apt question is, “Are you scared? cuz really, I don’t mean to be a stalker…”) [I AM scared. I literally jumped out of my chair. I think Sang-woo skipped past the grand gesture chapter and went right to scare tactics. -GF]

Sang-woo’s trip to Paris is coming up soon, and he still wants to take her. He reminds her of all the places she’d wanted to see — Sartre’s cafe, the graffiti at Notre Dame. Sang-mi asks why he’s making things so hard on her. He asks, “Why is this hard on you? Doesn’t that mean you still love me?”

She tells him not to expect her to come, but he promises to wait, and leaves her with the ticket. [And the heebie jeebies. -GF]

Min-jae performs at what has got to be the calmest rock show ever. Seriously, I’ve been to classical music concerts with more excitement. As he plays, he thinks he sees Shin-young in the crowd, but his eyes are playing tricks on him, and it’s just a random girl.

He introduces his last song, “The Woman Who Cut My Guitar String,” and says he’d like to go back to the time when he’d written it.

As he plays the song, this time we see the real Shin-young walk in and observe his performance. It’s actually quite emotional for her, and she stays just for the duration of the song, walking away as it winds down. Min-jae doesn’t see her, though she gives one last backward glance before leaving. [Again with the leaving! I know you’re trying to keep up the break-up, but you obviously still love him. Maybe at this point we’re to believe that she knows this, but thinks it’s still best for Min-jae to be young and free. -GF]

Sang-mi decides to go to Paris after all, and boards the flight. I’ve gotta say, Sang-woo knows how to do his romantic gestures right, giving her a cushy first-class experience (I say this with only a little bitterness, as I will likely be consigned to coach for all eternity). [Uh, I’d pretty much marry stalker Sang-woo for a first-class ticket to anywhere, let alone Paris. Does that make me easy? -GF] The flight attendant lets Sang-woo know that the seat has been filled, which makes him smile excitedly.

The attendant returns to Sang-mi with a note that reads: “Even if you want to see me, please wait 11 hours and 50 minutes. I love you.”

Shin-young is only back in Korea for a brief while and it’s a working trip for her, so she still has one last deadline to meet before leaving again. She takes a quick break at the UBN studios to meet with her former teammates, and when she gets back to her computer, her laptop screen is dark and it won’t turn on. The cord has been cut. [What a great little callback–not an anvil, like most rom-com “metaphors.” Using the term metaphor loosely, as most kdrama “metaphors” (ie. moments involving necklaces) are so thinly veiled as to be laughable to a ten-year old. -GF]

She borrows a cord and plugs it into the computer, and when the screen flashes back on, written in big bold letters is the message: “YOU’RE STILL THE WOMAN I LOVE!”

That’s enough to break past her resistance, and Shin-young runs out fighting tears. She heads to their hallway, which is empty, but finds an mp3 player on the windowsill. When she listens, “The Woman Who Cut My Guitar String” is playing on it.

Min-jae comes up behind her and greets her with a smile. He asks, “Why did you just leave that day?” referring to his concert. She asks, “You saw me?” He answers, “I felt that you were there. I missed you.” [Gah, I’m such a sucker for the can’t-see-you-but-still-feel-you connection! -GF]

And they hug. [Eeeeeee! -GF]

Onward to tie up some other loose ends:

Da-jung gives birth, with Ban-seok at her side. Bu-ki, meanwhile, is still single and fabulous, and still deflecting Myung-seok’s pathetic bids for her attention. (Rock on, Boogie-woogie! Also: How much do I love that Boogie-woogie is her nickname?)

Following their (presumably blissful) Paris trip, Sang-mi and Sang-woo are back on, and cuter than they’ve ever been. Sang-mi teaches Sang-woo how to dance — or maybe it’s Sang-woo teaching Sang-mi his own brand of dance. It’s endearing because they’re just goofing around, enjoying being together, having fun being playful.

As for our main couple… Min-jae performs again, and in the middle of the show, the instruments cut out mid-song. It’s a planned lead-in to “The Woman Who Cut My Guitar String,” which he reminds fans is based on a real experience. In fact, the woman who inspired the song is here today, Min-jae explains as a roadie brings out a metal bucket. The person in question is the one who gets doused with this bucket of water.

Shin-young laughs and protests, but when the bucket is tipped, she is showered with confetti, not water.

One last voiceover wraps this series up:

Shin-young’s narration: “When the wind blows, it’s okay to shake. I have faith that at some point, the wind will stop. When it rains, seek out friends. You’re not alone. When love comes, love. And when love leaves, let it go. When you accept what you can’t change, a different love will come. The times of being overcome with jealousy are over. Treasuring today… confessing that I love you… Now I think I can be happy. This is UBN News’ Lee Shin-young.”


I’m thrilled to have our happy ending, but I would have been okay with a more open-ended finale regarding the Shin-young and Min-jae romance. With most romantic comedies I’d be really upset if I spent the whole drama invested in a romance that didn’t come together in the end, but The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry isn’t your standard rom-com. It’s not centered around the love story, unlike most trendy romances, but is squarely about Shin-young and how her love life figures into her overall life.

Thus I have always been on Shin-young’s side in this drama more than on Shin-young/Min-jae. If they’d both moved on, it would have made sense because their romance was portrayed as wonderful and special, but in this moment. At this point in time they love each other, but Shin-young isn’t vouching for the future.

That’s also why I am relieved that she didn’t marry, or even revisit the topic of marriage in the finale. (We’re given room to think they married if we want, but that’s each viewer’s choice.) The title may indicate that Shin-young wants to marry, but it’s more of a metaphor — she wants marriage, but not at the expense of her individuality or her career. If she had married and settled down, that would have actually run counter to the rest of the drama. With our three friends, we get a look at three different places on the marriage-work spectrum, with Da-jung in the most traditional role of happily married. Still, even she realizes that there’s more to that perfect picture than just arriving at an altar, and that marriage isn’t an end — there’s work to be done after that, yunno!

Bu-ki, well, she’s just perfectly happy being herself. I’m glad they kept her consistent throughout the drama, even if that means her character got less development and screentime.

As for the finale’s resolutions — something to note is that this drama gives the women agency in these relationships. Notice that Da-jung is the one who realizes her marriage isn’t working, and she’s the one who leaves. She’s also the one who makes the decision to take Ban-seok back and to go forward with the marriage. Similarly, Shin-young is the one who makes the call about breaking up and reuniting. Same with Sang-mi. It may rub some the wrong way that the men are seemingly robbed of the power to make decisions about their romantic lives, and I feel a twinge of that, too. But isn’t there also something beautiful about the fact that these three men bare their emotions and offer them up to their women, who are given the agency to then choose them? So many times the man makes a grand gesture and whisks the woman away, and it’s assumed that because the woman also loves the man, there’s no need to linger on the annoying issue of letting her make that choice!

These women are not slaves to emotion — there’s emotion there, but there’s also pragmatism and careers and family considerations. And they’re not allowing men to drag them around by the wrist. This drama puts all the decisions into the women’s hands — perhaps to an excessive degree. But even though it does swing too far on one end, I appreciate the thought.


Thankfully there was no three-year fast-forward, no marriage proposal, and no selective amnesia. Kudos, Show. I much prefer this kind of finale, where we deal with how our characters, as we’ve come to know them, deal with events in the here and now. The slight jump forward (of presumably eight to nine months) works well because it gives Shin-young and Min-jae time to be apart and find out BY TRYING, that they still want to be together. This to me is very different from people just declaring that they want to stay together forever. It’s more realistic, more pragmatic, and feels organic to Shin-young as our main hero.

I’m glad that Sang-mi and Sang-woo didn’t rush off to the wedding chapel, and are taking time to rediscover themselves and each other. It’s exactly what I wanted for her, so I’m happy with her send-off. Da-jung and Ban-seok could have been given a little more epilogue besides the birth of their child, because I still want to see some kind of proof that Ban-seok stuck to his word and didn’t fold in front of his family like the doormat that he is. But as far as Da-jung goes, I truly enjoyed her character all the way through, and I like that she doesn’t get a neatly-wrapped solution to the happiness question either. Boogie-woogie is, of course, awesome as always, and I would never doubt her finding utter and complete happiness and self-worth in everything she does.

What I love about this series is that it doesn’t vilify marrieds or singles. It doesn’t give us neat little answers to all of love’s conflicts. It invites us to search, to question, to be brave. What Shin-young, Da-jung, and Bu-ki show us is that life is fuller when you dive in and take chances, value yourself, and lean on your friends when you fall.

This is Dramabeans’ girlfriday, signing out.


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    although the nice trend is that since coffee prince we see the girl taking charge of her life – putting work and her life first. wish upon a star was the same – pal kang wouldn’t marry until she felt more secure with her position in society and at work. i like this trend!

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    hope to read more of your blogs in the future guys..KUDOS!!!

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    Now I’m going to miss them! Even though I’m far from being married, or even dating lol, Da-jung and Ban-seok’s relationship was really interesting to me, even more so than Shin-young and Min-jae’s. I would have liked to see the Bitch-in-law (love that phrase!) taken down a peg more, but ah well.

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    so many things come and go, and they served to disillusion, mystify and jade us, when they should have served the purpose of teaching us a lesson and letting us move forward with faith and hope.
    thanks for reminding me, show. …girlfriday and sarahbeans, thanks for the words that made me remember.


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    I love you, Show!, for giving us Bu-ki, and Shin-young, and to a certain extent, the charmingly-acted Da-jung, who could have been the most annoying woman ever lived but wasn’t because of the great acting.

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    @ girlfriday
    I’m so happy to hear that this won’t be your last contribution to dramabeans. Totally looking forward to reading more of your writing!

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    One thing I really liked about this drama was the way they handled Bu-ki and Da-jung. The three friends make up something of a continuum — Bu-ki is satisfied and secure with herself just the way she is, Da-jung is the complete opposite, always searching for something different to make her “happy”; and Shin-young falls somewhere between the two. Bu-ki and Da-jung provided nice foiled each other nicely and helped explore the whole picture. I think it’s great that we get to see not just one point of view in the matter, but three different but complementary ones. Plus, I have to say I really appreciate that Ban-seok and Da-jung didn’t just get married and “live happily ever after” — I like that they showed that marriage isn’t a cure-all or the perfect happy endings. Relationships need continual care and lots of nurturing to work.

    All in all, I’m really going to miss this drama! Here’s hoping Kim Bum will be back in another noona-killer role soon! And a huge “thank you” to both JB and girlfriday! Each recap was lovely, and a really enhanced my viewing experience.

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    it’s been 2 wks since it ended, and i am still missing it bigtime.


    thought ep 16 could have been fleshed out a tad better.
    eg: Da Jung: i actually felt more for her character, post-marriage.
    so much conflict and realistic marital issues to confront … all fading just because she declared the pregnancy? wimpy doormat Ban Seok a changed man?

    how does the coming of a baby solve all their underlying issues?
    rather, i see more ‘happy families’ being craved by BS … extended-family time together expected by his parents, now that a new grandchild is in the picture. bitch-in law probably come by daily to dispense unwanted advice on what Da Jung is doing wrong in parenting.

    thanks for clearing up the time frame!
    i’d actually chosen to presume SY’s last trip back to the office meant she was back for gd AFTER living out those 3 yrs abroad as foreign correspondent, alone. gaining more confidence, at peace with turning 37 and getting more to where she wanted career-wise. (with those little mini trips back and forth to Seoul – one where she also detoured to attend Min Jae’s concert).

    in the meantime these 3 yrs they were apart … Min Jae had also gone on to do all the things SY had wished for him … ie live his life, the way she presumed a 24 yr old should.


    “noona” …. OUCH! :( :(
    how devastating can that one simple word, uttered by our favorite noona-killer in that one moment chill so very much? Ouch, the pain = I ached for SY and MJ … the writing in this drama is sooo succinctly effective.

    MUCH THANKS again, JB and GF!
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    This drama was definitely different from other ones but that, essentially, was what made it appealing.

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    Loved every bit of this journey and looking forward to another one 😉
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    Anyway if Sang-woo’s a pilot, it makes getting first-class tickets easy. Sigh. My friend travels first class all the time since her father’s a pilot. It certainly adds a sort of attractiveness other than the uniform, I must say.

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    Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee had great onscreen chemistry, I had doubts in the beginning if they could pull off a May-Dec love affair, given the 10-yr age gap, but they made it so believable. It felt so real that they made me fall in love with their love. One of my favorite k-dramas of all time. Lots of life lessons you can learn on this show too (huge credit to Bu-ki’s wisdom… as you have said earlier Girlfriday, she really should have charged by the hour, it seemed that she had all the answers… hehe). I really enjoyed this one!

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    This drama is very entertaining, light-hearted, so well-written and showcased excellent acting from the entire cast. It will make you fall in love with the characters, especially Shin Young and Min Jae (except for the pesky in-laws of Ban Seok and Shin Young’s sunbae Myung-seok… they annoy me to death!) Lots of life lessons to learn from this drama too (huge credit to Bu-ki’s wisdom… as you have said Girlfriday, she really should have just charged by the hour..lol).

    Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee had great onscreen chemistry, I had doubts in the beginning if they could pull off a May-Dec love affair, given the 10-yr age gap, but they made it so believable. It felt so real that they made me fall in love with their love… and I fell for it hard! One of my favorite k-dramas of all time. I really enjoyed this one!

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    I loved most of the women in this drama. I felt the drama portrayed women in a much more realistic light. Love the way the writers left Shin Young and Min Jae’s relationship open and enjoying the moment. The same with Sang mi and Sang woo’s relationship. One step at a time enjoying today, not burdening the future with a lot of heavy expectations.

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    I loved this drama sooo much precisely for all the reasons you mentioned! :) Thanks again for letting me know about this drama that, left to my own devices, I would have missed for sure.

    When Min-jae calls her “noona”, that killed me too. SO sad and…final. OMG!

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    Thank you so much for recaps !!!

    @ girlfriday

    “stinky ol’ Finland”
    Oh, girlfriday , I have really enjoyed your recaps, but this comment made me a little sad, cause I live in Helsinki, and it’s not SO bad place after all :)

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    @ 9 Kender
    {{{HUGS}}} There, there. Aren’t we glad it’s over!?! (^ , ^) v

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    “Min-jae said, “Why did you just leave that day?”

    Yes, I had the same interpretation as well!

    @ JB, @GF:

    thanks a lot for your insightful recaps. I would have missed this one without your lovely recaps.

    It’s a pity that this show did not get high ratings. Guess it speaks to only a small sector of the population (female @ 20’s or 30’s). Either you belong to this small population and love this drama or you are not and can’t relate to it at all.

    thanks a million again !!!

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    I never thought that I’d be so obsessed with a drama about 30-something women and the question of marriage (I’m the same age as Kim Bum), but this one just reaches out to me in SO many ways! I really love the messages this drama brings out, not just to career-women in their 30s but to all kinds of women. It fathoms me how realistic the three leads (well four, if you include Sang Mi) are and how easy it is to relate to them.

    And as much as I loved the drama, I also loved reading your analysis on it, so thank you, javabeans and girlfriday for these amazing recaps!

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    It was fun when i was reading the recap (after i’ve watched some episodes) and wondering if Javabeans writingstyle changed after i read some comments in the recaps. And then it hit me, yes you can call me blind, that it was someone else->Girlfriday.

    I totally enjoyed both recappers (well i’ve always been a fan of yours Javabeans not much of a surprise there, though keeping the high level on recapping is worth a praise) and would like to thank you both for all the time that has been put in. I could feel that you ladies had tons of fun doing these recaps.
    Fun part on Girlfriday’s recaps was that she often wrote down how i sometimes reacted while watching the kdrama and reading it afterwards. It made me laugh so hard, my roommate is probably scared of me now when i suddenly laughed out loud in the middle of the night ( i use a headset so there’s no other sound coming from my room.

    Anways I’ll be looking forward to more of these high quality series and ofcourse the recaps that come with em.

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    I love this drama so much, and very happy with the ending.

    On the other note, I saw a pretty cute young(er) guitarist this morning at the church, and dunno why he reminded me of Min Jae. I thought ” ah, this is probably how Shinyoung felt when she first time saw Min Jae” hehehe.
    I thanked God for the eye candy! 😀

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    What I like about your recaps, you say it all. It’s so nice to read such positive and fun reviews and hitting the nails at the right spot. As good reviewers, you certainly were able to deliver great aspects and interpretations of the drama from different point of views. I’m so glad that the last episode brought you positive judgment. At least, we know how to appreciate a good drama. A Korean journalist shut it down as an unrealistic ending and a let down. I bet she burnt the midnight oil while watching Pasta and SMM and having to write reviews about them at the same time. Of course, people have different opinions, but it’s definitely not a fair judgment towards SMM who has smart and heavy-weight dialogues, incredible acting all in one. No, it’s not a perfect show, but it weighs heavy in directing, script and acting wise mostly. One of the dramas that stays so consistent throughout the show. Which to me deserves several points add-up.

    I’ve had fun reading your recaps! I had to weep again reading this last episode one. Happy that The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry is one of the most commented dramas in here. Kudos!

  67. 67 Lovellia

    oh my i’m back here reading this again coz i haven’t been able to watch ep 16, no english sub. after watching this drama only i become a fan of kim bum! his acting has improved. he’s so cute n adorable, oh dear if i have such a bf, i just can’t get mad at him, i would melt. lol. love kimbum n that shin young girl. i love listening to shin young’s voice especially when she narrates something or read a poetry, nice voice. da jung also got a sweet voice.

  68. 68 1233k

    this is a lovely drama though during the first three episode i wanted to quite this move there where scene every now and then that tug at my heart. before i knew it i was hook into the drama and wanted it to never end!! being 32 years old myself and still not married i can relate to this drama on so many levels. I love shin young’s two friends they are so funny. i even had tears in my eyes during the part where min jin lighted the hallway for shin young. each character played their part perfectly. i am in love with this move. the actors and actress and all those who were involve in this drama deserve a big CONGRADULATION AND APPLAUSE because they created a SUPER DRAMA.

  69. 69 Larissa

    Min-Jae really broke my heart when he called Shin-Young noona. I swear I could hear it shattering into million pieces.

    *sigh* It really is over. I was supposed to go to bed early last night cause I had an early morning today, but I still stayed up and watched the finale when I noticed the subs were out. I really liked the last episode. I am soooo thankful that they didn’t fast forward three years, this was much more satisfying. I didn’t really want her to go away but I’m glad that she didn’t sacrifice her career dream for Min-jae even though she loved him. I didn’t like that Shin-young went to see him a couple of times and then just walked away, but other than that it was a lovely last episode.

    I really loved The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, which is a nice surprise because I had higher hopes for other dramas (Pasta, which was okay in a slow, non-challenging way, and Wish Upon a Star, which was fun but flawed… and Chuno which I have almost given up on after 12 eps… could that show be any slower?). But TWWSWTM emerges as the winner, because it really speaks to me as I’m in my 30s and single with a sort-of career. It deals with real things, but is still an entertaining drama.

    So, thanks JB and GF for sharing your thoughts about our fave drama with us. It was a pleasure reading your recaps!

    Larissa, from “stinky ol’ Finland”

  70. 70 Paty

    Thank you for all your summaries. Great drama. Great reviewers.

  71. 71 ocean

    Thanks Javabeans (and in this case also girlfriday, you go girl!) for a once again great recap!
    I absolutely love your writings. Your comprehensive summaries and witty and funny remarks have made so many dramas even more enjoyable for me coz nine out of ten times you hit it right on the spot and I so agree with you. Thank you. Keep up the good work!!!

  72. 72 ghian

    the ending’s great !

  73. 73 seoulmateslover

    love dis show!!!
    great recap!!
    gonna miss readng and watching dis show:(
    love shin young and minjae’s connection with each other!!
    gonna miss them being 2gether!!
    love the ending<3

  74. 74 Duncan

    It is a story of 3 middle aged women who archieved a successfull career and are leading an independant life. One of them if enjoys the freedom of not being married/involved in a relationship and the other two are stressed/unhappy being single (part of the stess comes from a society which has strong bias against middle aged unmarried women).

    Because life always gives you opportunities, they all met a man who loves them (each man having shortcomings). Now that each gets the chance of being involved in a romantic and possibly long term relationship, what will each woman decide?

    2 of them decided to grab the opportunity and go along with it (even if there was some resistance/doubt initially). The one most eager to get married, married and became a mother. The one most carreer oriented at last decided to love and being loved by her younger (10 years) boyfriend. The last one, is being courted by a man, who seems strong willed (she is very cold to him).

    The moral:
    1) Take the opportunity when it comes, love (don’t think too much).
    2) In bad times get support and comfort from your friends.
    3) Nothing last forever (good time or bad time).

    What I liked was the introduction of a love/dating relationship with a 10 years younger man ! In Korean society, that must be a pretty taboo or disapproved relationship (maybe it is the reason why they don’t get married at the end). And yet it is openly shown on TV to a big audience (including several generations of people). And it is shown in a very human and understanding way. Can it possibly change people prejudice/way of thinking about such relationships ? I think yes. That was a pretty daring things to do and it was done and well done. I am pretty impressed…

  75. 75 lovenyc52

    I just finished up watching this a minute ago and have followed both JB’s and GF’s recaps throughout. Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your wonderfully funny and insightful comments – i thoroughly enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed the show itself.

    I was actually pretty happy with the ending. I’m also glad they didn’t time-jump 3 years, have Shin Young come back and jump back into a happy relationship with MinJae. I also really liked that Sang Mi slowly came to realize what it is she wanted for herself (even if it was stalker Sang Woo and his first class tickets to Paris bribes) and even helps MJ and SY in her own way. I wish I could have seen Bitch-In-Law get more of what was coming to her than just a scolding from her brother. But I think what I loved most throughout this entire show (yes, besides Bummie’s adorable dimples and smiles and little baby pictures) was BuKi.. That is the most kickass woman I have seen in a show. Ever. I aspire to be her – i love how she pretty much castrated Myeong Suk… repeatedly. I even felt a tiiiiiiny bit bad for him in the last scene.. let me emphasize tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny.

    Anyways, really glad my twin convinced me to watch this show and very very very oh so grateful for your superb recaps!!! :)

  76. 76 ricecooker

    Thank you for recapping the entire series!

    I have to confess to being part of the thirty-ish audience crowd that the series set out to capture, and I do think it would be hard pressed to find thirty something year old single career-sort of driven ladies who wouldn’t be able to identify with some of the trials and tribulations that the female characters faced. the combination of comedy, friendship and romance just came off so well, and I was especially taken with the three ladies. (one of the recappers noted that the drama was as much the friendship of the three girls as their romances, and i wholeheartedly agreed. )

    I’m sure most female readers here would love to have Invincible Bun-ki as part of the Sisterhood Of Giving-Good-Advice-But-If-Telling-You-Doesn’t-Work-I-Just-Have-To-Beat-You-Senseless. (Applicable to everyone else but DY who somehow manages to convince her sensible gal friends to join her in mad antics) I simply love her because she’s the most powerful character in the show; she’s content with what she has, who she is, what she has, and that confidence just makes her irresistible. And she had a Happy Ending without being saddled with a guy! (Major props to the director and script writer for going with this!)

    And DY… at times a character you would love to hate, she’s simply so well-played. Her archetype just reminds me of that One Female Friend we have in our lives; the One who has made it her Life Ambition to be married. Although you can get outraged, annoyed even appalled at her crassness and man-hungry behavior, you can’t help but wish to aid someone who’s so blatantly honest and focused about her desires in life in spit of her cluelessness.

    Shin Young is the typical unbeatable Cockroach (type that likes to spring up in sports theme dramas) Throw anything at them, even a mountain and she just keeps popping right back up. “YAAAA!” Although the drama states that three are successful independent women, i think SY’s character wasn’t really that successful at the start of the series; even towards the end, it’s a moderate one, with still a slow climb to the top. The realistic notion of “trading my relationship and age but yet my career wasn’t great” bit gave extra depth and the scenes of her crying in the toilet and frustration of dealing with the old boys club really made me want to reach in and kick some asses.

    The cute chemistry between Shin Young and MinJae-the pair just makes me want to pat them both over their heads and wrap a scarve tightly across their necks together. Very tightly.

    Overall- I’m really sad that the ratings didn’t hit double digits for them. It would have been nice to see some rewards for a well written and drawn out exploration of thirty something year old females and their struggles in society and work. If there’s a re-run, could there be hope of better ratings?

  77. 77 Mhay

    Ahw this is really nice.
    I actually prefer reading your recaps then watching that drama.
    Although, i feel i consumes the same amount of time;
    it still feels faster.
    Thanks for your Awesome recaps!
    With girfriday! <3

  78. 78 melru

    I really enjoyed this Korean drama. It had depth without being boring, intelligent with a good dose of humor which for me is the best kind of entertainment. I think the rating it received was no where near the true value if its presentation in totality. Thank you so much for your insightful, witty and downright hilarious recaps JB & Girlfriday!

  79. 79 greedagz

    i love your recaps.. keep it up! thanx a lot.

  80. 80 ajman

    This is such a nice, show. Very realistic and not that predictable. Honestly I felt more connection with Da Jung and Ban Seok’s story rather than MJ & SY’s. Having those kind of in-laws is really realistic. And the way DJ matured and learned that there’s just no complete happy ending. Just like what Bu Gi have said that there’s always obstacles in life that you will encounter. Same goes with marriage, whether you married a person with your own age, 10 years younger or older. There will always be difficulties in life you will encounter. It would’ve been nice to know what happened to her annoying sister-in-law but their ending is okay too.

    Anyhow, most of all, just like what people have said here. BU GI’s the most AWESOME character here. So consistent from the very start. Really well-written. There are not that many characters like her so she’ll be on the same top favorite characters of mine just like WEE SEON JU in Dalja’s Spring them being the most KICKASS female characters EVER.

  81. 81 Cat

    i want them to be together forever
    this is unfair!

  82. 82 junaly

    omg, i LOVE this drama~~~
    i have rewatched it so many times!!
    love ha min jae and lee shin young!
    😀 great drama!!

  83. 83 urdzy

    Wonderful recap!

    Although I was confused over one part -“Min-jae comes up behind her and greets her with a smile. He asks, “Why did you just leave that day?” referring to his concert.”

    When I watched it I thought he was referring to her visiting him in the hospital, since his mom had just told him that she was there.
    But, maybe I was wrong?

    Anyway, thanks for all the updates guys! XD

  84. 84 Lileh

    JB and girlfriday I just wanna say it was awesome watching and reading your recaps. I couldn’t watch this cause of school, but I enjoyed this drama so much!

    I personally loved how it ended, though I was about to through my laptop out the window when the accident happened (cause I was thinking amnesia or something too lol) but it turned out to be good. ^_^

    Thank you so much for these recaps!

  85. 85 SnowAngel

    i just finished watching this series, the main reason i started to watch was because of the recaps you two made. I agree, that the story is sooo relatable. It shows practical dilemmas that we all go thru, that there is no perfect prince out there, but we narrow it down to who is the most perfect for us and the one we can live with…or live without. I think I will always be a sucker for romantic comedies..

    And let me just say….was everyone else squealing during the last kissing scene? omo… ^_^

  86. 86 DesperateGrl

    OMG~!! I luvv dis drma <3
    it makes my heart beat evry time i see kim sang beom….hes so gorgeous~!!
    i swear haha (;
    its funny how evry person in dat drma dates eachother friends / enemies
    besides dat, i rate dis drma a 10~!! wait no..a 100~!! (x <3 it~!!!

    KIM SANG BEOM <3 ^ – ^

  87. 87 nanda chyntia

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    i love you .

  88. 88 whit3butt3rfly

    thanks for your recaps, girlfriday and javabeans.

    i really enjoyed your commentary, and thanks for the pictures from the series.

    like you both i liked that this series was a little more realistic (and less dramatic) and was refreshing insight into life after marriage, and what life is like for a modern woman who concentrates on her career and independence at the cost of being married. interesting insight too into the traditional values of older koreans.

    thank you again, i really enjoyed this series – even more so because kim bum was hot… loved the gray hair!! :)

  89. 89 wifferste

    Thanks for the synopsis of the series and I really enjoyed the commentary from both of you. Park Jin Hee was really adorable through the whole run. Kim Bum was great as the young guy who drives her crazy in all the right ways and eventually gets her.

  90. 90 nataya

    Thank youu so much for the recap, I have this weird habit of feeling numb for HOURS after I finished watching a good drama, thinking about it and the details over and over again..
    I’m so glad that I read your writing since it clarified so many things I couldn’t understand (because of bad subtitles of the dvd copy I watched), and loving your comments too.. :)

    But no offense, I’d rather see Min Jae at least propose to Shin Yeong, or at least some confirmation that Shin Yeong won’t leave again T.T.. Min Jae is totally sweet and brave, ignoring other people’s derisions and all that.. I liked him better here than acting with Kim So Eun in BBF!!
    Anyways, please keep posting wonderful recaps, it means a lot to drama lovers like me and others.. Go JB! And girlfriday too!!

  91. 91 laila

    this has become one of my favorite dramas! And yes, watching it post-season (as you can see from my timestamp), it has been an intense and awesome 3 days.

    I wonder about girlfriday’s recap of the wedding episode, where there seemed to be bad blood between Boogie-woogie and Ban-Seok’s father. Hmm, the series never brought that up again, so we don’t know what it meant. Was it just some random plot device? or did I just not remember it being resolved???

  92. 92 Prinsesa

    Aww. I love this! It’s only now that I gave it a try though I’ve been meaning to awhile back. And, I wasn’t mistaken, this has got to be my favorite Show now.

    Btw, I’m 24 now, but why do I feel like I’m Shin-young? But I want to be Boogie-woogie!

    Just read all of the eps, and I am sure to watch this. Thanks JB and GF! =)

  93. 93 laya

    Dear JB and GF:

    Because of your lovely recaps I finally went out and watched this drama and I loved it! <3 As a 30-something Asian woman myself, it made me feel better about being unmarried at my age. [Ngyahaha]. Thanks for introducing this drama to me! ^_^

    • 93.1 laya

      Also, now that I think of it, Da-Jung’s mannerisms remind me of Gae-In in Personal Taste. *headdesks*

  94. 94 Lilian

    All in all quite a satisfying ending. I liked the Bu Ki is still happily single and that she is still ignoring the horrible sunbae!

    and happy that the other 2 couples are doing well…
    I can so imagine Da jung being protected by her husband from his sis and parents coz of the baby. how he would massage her feet when she has cramps.
    he did massage her feet earlier in the show =)

    and it’s good that it took a few months, instead of jumping 3 years….can’t imagine the agony of 3 years!

  95. 95 Ashley

    I missed this drama so I started watching it through again, and this time I read the recaps after watching each episode. Thank you so much for your thoughts! This show is wonderful, and so underrated!

  96. 96 Dux

    Every single time I watch a series, then read your recap again, there is always something new and interesting that I didn’t notice before. I am sure you guys here this very often, and perhaps might be bore out of your mind hearing it again, but I’ll still say it: you guys are awesome, and saranghamnida : )

  97. 97 Briggy

    saw the whole drama in 3days.its my best.im 30 in 2wks so i extremely can relate……….it was hard to find tis drama,thank God i finally got it just this past Saturday.

  98. 98 Sabah

    I love this website. I am indebted to you for bringing this wondrous drama to my attention. As mentioned in one of your podcasts.

    I love your recaps and are the perfect accompaniment when you don’t really have other Kdrama addicts to wax lyrical about such dramas. I feel quite, quite satisfied.

    Thank you!

  99. 99 Satin

    All I have to say on this drama was I enjoyed it from start to finish.

    Love love love Booki/Boogie (whatever her name is) character! I love her confidence and logic when it comes to taking charge of ones life.

    Love love love Kim Bum in this one. No offense to Yi Jung and Gauel but I like this romance between him and the older female lead alot better. I was rooting for them all the way. Looking at the ending really had me worried that they wouldnt end up together but I would have totally understood if they didnt get together or if they left it open. It would have made alot of sense either way they would have went. However I am glad they did end up together anyway.

    Nothing much to say but love and would definitely watch my fave parts again!

  100. 100 Angelitocurioso

    Love this drama! And this is totally true..”What Shin-young, Da-jung, and Bu-ki show us is that life is fuller when you dive in and take chances, value yourself, and lean on your friends when you fall.’ Girlfriday Another Bu Ki zen moment?

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