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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 16
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The above isn’t a significant scene in the episode, but it’s memorable for Cho-rok’s line that comes with it: “Unni, I think I’m going to have to marry Tae-kyu oppa!”

This was definitely a better episode than yesterday’s. It still had its faults, and the emotional logic can be perplexing, if not downright nonsensical. But with the focus back on Pal-gang and Kang-ha’s feelings, it could only get better from Episode 15, right? Also, more plot movement on the non-romance front keeps the story going.


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This pic makes me giggle:

Pa-rang admits that he ran away from the hospital on purpose so he would have the excuse to talk to Kang-ha. Insisting that he has something to say, Pa-rang tries to keep Kang-ha from calling his sister. Unfortunately, height is not to his advantage.

Kang-ha calls Pal-gang because he knows she must be panicked, but also because he’d rather avoid a conversation with Pa-rang, as he’s distancing himself from the family. Pa-rang pipes up that he’s hungry, so Kang-ha says that he’ll feed him, then take him home.

As they eat pizza, Kang-ha ignores Jae-young’s phone call, and tries to hurry things along and return home. Pa-rang points out that his sister knows where he is so there’s no rush. Plus, he has something to say, and starts out with the announcement, “I really really respect you!” And then, “How can you marry another woman? What about my sister?”

Kang-ha doesn’t see the correlation between marrying and Pal-gang, but Pa-rang continues with his winding logic — he has a point, but he’s taking his time getting there. To wit, he declares, “I even like the smell of your feet! That’s how much I respect you!” Naturally Kang-ha is confused, but he’s also got to defend the state of his cleanliness: he says that he showers every night before bed, so his feet don’t smell. Pa-rang leans in close and gives him a look: “They do, ajusshi.”

Pa-rang sticks to his declaration that he still likes Kang-ha despite his foot odor, then makes his point:

Pa-rang: “You’re supposed to marry someone you really love. That’s what my mother said. You only live once so you can’t just marry anyone. She said that life is short enough even if you marry someone you love. So please, marry my sister.”
Kang-ha: “Does it seem like I love your sister?”
Pa-rang: “Yes.”
Kang-ha: “Why?”
Pa-rang: “If you ask why… It’s just what I feel, so I can’t answer why.”

Kang-ha has to ask this question, which has been niggling at him for some time now: “Did you guys all go to classes or something? Where did you learn to make a person talk so much?” Pa-rang just bursts into laughter, finding Kang-ha hilarious.

Pal-gang and Jun-ha trudge home. She’s recovering from the scare of almost losing her brother, while Jun-ha wonders whether Pa-rang called Kang-ha on purpose. After all, he knows Pal-gang’s number but didn’t call her.

After being ditched at the bridal shop, Jae-young storms into the gates, glaring at Pal-gang. She’s here because the house is the only place she seems to be able to find Kang-ha, given that he isn’t answering her calls. Jun-ha recalls that she was supposed to have an appointment with So-young (Ah! The Clone has a name!), and asks worriedly if Kang-ha failed to show.

Feeling bad, Pal-gang bows her head and says to Jae-young, “I’m sorry, it’s because of my brother. He got lost, and must have called him.” At that, Jae-young winds up and delivers a mighty slap — omo! This offends Jun-ha, who steps in and demands to know what the heck she’s doing.

Jae-young spews vitriol at Pal-gang: “You sure act naive but you’re actually really manipulative. What the hell do you want? What are you using your little brother to achieve?” Chafing at the word “use,” Jun-ha defends Pal-gang, saying that she had nothing to do with it.

Jae-young asks incredulously why the boy didn’t call his sister instead of Kang-ha: “Do you think he would have thought it up on his own?” She’s insinuating that Pal-gang instructed her brother to play along so she could monopolize Kang-ha’s attention. (This accusation reveals Jae-young’s character more than Pal-gang’s, as if we needed to hate her any more.)

Jun-ha explains that the boy really likes his brother, then sends Pal-gang into the house before continuing this discussion.

As Pal-gang leaves them, he asks, “Is this all you can amount to?” What did Pal-gang do that merited a slap? Jae-young explains the scene at the bridal shop: “Do you understand now why I slapped her?”

Jun-ha: “No. No matter your excuse, I don’t understand.”
Jae-young: “I said I was wearing my engagement dress and came out and he was gone! Do you know what that is like for a woman?”
Jun-ha: “Then why enter into that kind of marriage? Why do you want to marry a man who treats the phone call of a child he lives with as more important than seeing his fiancee in her engagement dress?”
Jae-young: “Why are you doing this? Why you too?”
Jun-ha: “This is the path you chose. My brother was dragged along because of your threat to kill yourself.”

Jun-ha tells her to handle her problems on her own, “Rather than taking out your anger on someone who has nothing to do with this.” Jae-young can’t believe Jun-ha’s taking Pal-gang’s side (what a princess, to expect him to side with her even when she’s resorting to false accusations, emotional blackmail, and actual blackmail). Jun-ha warns her not to treat Pal-gang badly, “or I won’t let it go.”

Heading to Pal-gang’s room, Jun-ha asks hesitantly if her cheek hurts from the slap. He isn’t trying to defend Jae-young, but explains that Kang-ha must have angered her and asks her to understand.

Pal-gang’s words are more bitter than her tone: “I guess I have to. How can a loser like me get upset at being slapped in a love game played by lofty people?” She says that she’s fine; since she’s likely to experience more of this in the future, she may as well get used to it.

Jun-ha feels sorry to hear her put herself down like this, and slowly gathers her in a hug. For once, I feel pretty confident that he’s being sincere rather than calculating. (If he’s been sincere in the past, it wasn’t easy to tell.)

Jun-ha promises, “I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen to you again.” This statement oversteps his bounds, and Pal-gang asks (matter-of-factly, not bitterly), “But who are you to me that you can make sure whether that happens to me or not?”

Jun-ha explains his reaction to seeing her slapped: “I’ve never been this angry before.” That’s when he thought to himself, let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to her again.

I’m pretty sure Pa-rang is deliberately being slow to finish his meal, which drives Kang-ha batty because he just wants to put a period to this episode. Can’t they hurry and head home now? Pal-gang will worry.

Pa-rang points out, “See? You’re worrying about my sister. That means you love her!” Kang-ha doesn’t see how that’s love, so Pa-rang recites his mother’s words that loving is worrying. (Kang-ha says in exasperation, “Why did your mother teach you so many things?”) Pa-rang asks, “Ajusshi. Do you really not love my sister?” Kang-ha sighs, answering indirectly: “I have to marry someone else.” Pa-rang protests, “But my sister loves you.” THAT gets his attention: “How do you know?”

Pa-rang recounts how he had heard his sister telling Nami that the biggest star in the sky was Kang-ha’s (which is the scene pictured in the opening screencap for Episode 13). This is hardly proof, and Kang-ha dismisses it. However, Pa-rang is convinced, especially since his mom used to call the biggest star his dad: “I cried that I wanted to be the biggest star, but my mom said I couldn’t be. She said, ‘That’s Dad’s star. If you feel bad about that, then later on you can find your own biggest star and name it after the person you love.'”

That’s a little more convincing, but Kang-ha can’t dwell on it. He urges Pa-rang to hurry so they can leave. The boy sighs, and you can practically hear him tsk-tsk at the dense lawyer ajusshi who won’t recognize what’s in front of his eyes.

The words stick in Kang-ha’s mind on the drive home, and he gets lost in memories (of Pal-gang’s admission of why she liked him) while his eyes tear up.

When Kang-ha comes home carrying a sleeping Pa-rang, Pal-gang marches up to scold her brother. She’s too furious to be reasoned with at the moment, and when Kang-ha defends Pa-rang, she retorts that he’s her brother, and that she has to punish him when he deserves punishing.

Pa-rang hides behind Kang-ha, which is when Jun-ha steps in and takes the boy aside. Explaining that his sister is upset, he takes him to his room while she cools down.

All the while, Jae-young scowls. (So what else is new?)

She follows Kang-ha upstairs, fuming. Since she always thinks everything is about her, she asks if his intention is to injure her pride so she’ll give up. Kang-ha says he wasn’t doing that — what was he supposed to do when he got a call from a kid saying he was lost?

Jae-young would have preferred he not leap to the rescue — why he couldn’t consider that he was being played by a girl who acts silly but is actually sneaky. (Good lord! Not all women are you, lady!)

Kang-ha’s feeling the same frustration we all are, and he snarls, “Do you know why I don’t want to marry you? Because the thought of having to live forever with someone who talks like you is horrifying.”

Jae-young lashes out to slap him, but he blocks her arm (with one hand in his pocket! How cool is he?).

Kang-ha: “You think you’re smart, but you’re not. You should know not to raise a hand to the man who says he finds the idea of living with you horrible. What you should be doing right now is trying to find a way to make me think of you as less horrible! If you leave now, we can avoid making it to the worst moment. What’ll you do? Want to stay?”

In his room, Jun-ha urges Pa-rang to stop crying, lest he tire himself out. I love Pa-rang’s response — as he sniffles, he says, “It’s okay. Mr. Lawyer ajusshi bought me pizza so I won’t get tired.”

Jun-ha wonders why Pa-rang likes his brother so much, since Kang-ha’s curt and doesn’t really talk well with anyone. Pa-rang says, “He talks well with me. And even if he doesn’t talk with me, he has to marry my sister.” Jun-ha asks, “Why?” Pa-rang: “Because he’s the one that my sister loves.”

Like Kang-ha earlier, Jun-ha isn’t swayed by the boy’s belief and calls it a misunderstanding on Pa-rang’s part, even when he hears about the biggest star comment. After all, that was probably a long time ago, and stars change — a bigger star could emerge and the old one could fade. Yet when Pa-rang clarifies that Pal-gang made her star comment after moving into the house, Jun-ha pays more attention.

Kang-ha leaves the house with Jun-ha for a talk, so the family eats dinner alone for once. The kids wonder if Jae-young will move in after Kang-ha marries her, which is a concern because they don’t like her. She’s cold and mean. Pa-rang announces that he had asked Kang-ha not to marry the lady, but the kids don’t have any faith that his request was effective. Pal-gang tells them that it won’t matter anyhow, since they’ll move out before the wedding.

Tae-kyu rushes in bearing flowers, vowing to continue giving them to her until she accepts his feelings. Pal-gang is so tired of dealing with him that she sighs, unable to keep the irritation out of her voice as she tells him to cut it out: “I won’t ever see you as a man, so don’t do stuff like this, I beg you!”

Finally, with the words spoken so plainly, Tae-kyu has to accept her rejection as final. (Not that Pal-gang ever gave him hope to begin with.) He sobs, and even Cho-rok advises him to give up — she feels bad, but he has no choice, really.

Ju-hwang urges him to think positively. Marrying Pal-gang would come with a lot of issues, and he’d have to be saddled with five siblings. Tae-kyu cries that he doesn’t care about that — he likes them all. Thankful for her continued support, he half-jokes that it’s too bad Cho-rok isn’t ten years older!

It’s cute how Cho-rok sighs resignedly to her sister, “Unni, I think I’m going to have to marry Tae-kyu oppa.” Pal-gang is so sick of dealing with this situation that she doesn’t even have words for that, and just declares that they really need to move out.

When Pal-gang sneaks Grandpa Jung in that night, Tae-kyu grabs his hands while sobbing that he’d wanted to take care of him as his own grandfather. “But I’ll give up now. My love doesn’t want me, so what can I do?”

Grandpa asks if Pal-gang likes anyone, pleased at her negative reply. He has a man in mind for her, whom he wants to introduce to her. Pal-gang, however, declines the offer — she’s just going to concentrate on raising the kids.

At the bar, the brothers drink (Kang-ha more than Jun-ha). Seeing his brother’s turmoil, Jun-ha tells Kang-ha not to go through with the wedding — Jae-young is just threatening to kill herself, but she doesn’t mean it. She has too much pride to actually resort to it.

Kang-ha intends to move out of the house, either to Jae-young’s house or elsewhere — “So extend Jin Pal-gang’s contract. And let her continue to stay there.” He figures that without him around, the home atmosphere will be more comfortable, plus Tae-kyu will graduate next year and return to the States (I guess he was a student all this while?). So, Pal-gang’s workload will lighten as well.

Jun-ha: “Are you moving out for her?”
Kang-ha: “No, it’s for you. So just answer me one thing. Are you for real? This is really not a game, is it? Answer me.”
Jun-ha: “No, I mean it.”

Kang-ha is in a drunken, thoughtful mood on the drive home. He muses that Jun-ha is a good guy, and that he was thankful that Jun-ha put up with him even when he treated him meanly.

Jun-ha gives Kang-ha the benefit of the doubt: “That wasn’t because of you. It’s because our mom made things like that. You didn’t have your own bathroom because you wanted it. She was the one who told me that the second-floor bathroom was for you, so I shouldn’t use it.”

Kang-ha returns, “What I’m most sorry for is taking too much from you. It was all yours. I took too much.”

Without the element of competition between them, I’m glad to see the brotherly affection coming out again, and this scene reminds us that these two do care about each other. They’re both generous with each other, as Kang-ha blames himself for being unfair, while Jun-ha waves this aside.

Now we switch the focus to the other storyline: Jang-soo keeps following the hired thug Kim Do-shik, but the latter catches on to the fact that he’s being followed. Jang-soo falls asleep while on his nightly stakeout and lets Kim slip by unnoticed.

Do-shik is satisfied that he got away cleanly, but Min-kyung is displeased that people were following him in the first place — it means they’re not safe. They discuss Do-shik’s current assignment in vague terms, but the gist is this: she has hired him to kill somebody and leave no trace. She warns him not to drink — alcohol is always the problem with him.

Meanwhile, Jang-soo reports back to the others. He’s sure that Do-shik is a pro with a financial backer. (He’d almost gone to jail for a violent assault, but came up with 300 million won and settled the matter with mere probation.) The conversation is interrupted by Jun-ha, who’s curious to know what has them all riveted. Eun-mal explains that there’s a conspiracy behind Pal-gang’s parents’ deaths.

This, naturally, raises his curiosity. He takes Pal-gang aside, who admits she almost doesn’t want to know the truth about her parents’ deaths. If the truth is confirmed, she won’t be able to forgive that man, and would be consumed with a desire for revenge. She wishes that the accident were a plain car crash.

Jun-ha comforts her, but it’s got to be telling that his main reaction is to be pleased that Pal-gang is confiding in him — it’s always about HIM, isn’t it? He asks her to keep confiding in him in the future, because “I’m sure I can be a good listener.”

On the other side of the glass, Pal-gang’s supervisor glimpses the two talking together, looking friendly — and a moment later, so does Kang-ha. When he turns around, Kang-ha sees that Jae-young is standing behind him, also witnessing the exchange.

Angry, Jae-young confronts Jun-ha in his office: “Why are you doing this?” She knows that he’s nice to everyone, but shouldn’t he know when to cut it out? Jun-ha suggests that maybe he doesn’t want to, which makes her narrow her eyes: “Do you have feelings for her?” She’d rather he marry his bridal-shop ex, because “I can understand if she’s at least that level.” He’s too good for Pal-gang.

Jun-ha’s offended at Jae-young’s comments, warning her that it’s not her place to tell him who to date. Jae-young pleads “as a friend” asking a favor: “I hate her, so much it drives me crazy! So kick her out.”

Jun-ha points out that she’s being ridiculous. If she were upset about her own fiance being in love with Pal-gang, he would understand. But for her to be upset about Jun-ha is absurd. Jae-young answers, “Kang-ha oppa is the man I love, but you’re the friend I don’t want to lose.”

Jun-ha decides, “Then we’ll have to stop being friends.” He has no need for a friend who acts this way.

Thanks be for a lighthearted scene to break up the heavy mood. The kids take food to a moping Tae-kyu, who refuses to eat. Hilariously, he does eye the food hungrily, but he’s committed to this heartbroken act and turns away from the food — a guy who has been dumped is supposed to waste away for a month.

The kids point out that there’s no use, since it’s all over. But Tae-kyu protests — he can’t be the bad guy who bounces back quickly!

Pal-gang pops out to the grocery store for some dinner ingredients, and a brief conversation about anchovies jogs an old memory. She remembers Jung-ae ajumma, the woman Grandpa Jung is looking for, the last time she had dropped by looking for her mother. She had brought a box of anchovies and told Pal-gang where to find her.

Spurred by this memory, Pal-gang immediately heads to the station to catch the next bus to Donghae, a city on the east coast (a few hours from Seoul). She’s in such a rush that she forgets she has come with Nam, but tries to make do as best she can.

The Jung family holds a memorial service for the deceased elder son, where In-gu sobs in grief. Min-kyung thinks he’s just putting on a show for his father, but he cries that he genuinely loved his brother — he would have died for him if he could.

This seems to stir some (tiny) bit of humanity in Min-kyung, who immediately gets on the phone to talk to Do-shik. It becomes clear that the person he is hired to kill must be Jung-ae, and now she leaves a message on his voicemail to NOT act — she’s heading down to meet him, so wait until she gets there. Do NOT do a thing!

Pal-gang spends the night in a rented room with Nami, then heads out early the next morning to the Donghae market to look for Jung-ae’s stall. One of the ajummas recognizes the name, and directs Pal-gang to Jung-ae’s home.

As Jung-ae lives a fair distance away from the city, Pal-gang takes the cold hike up the mountainside. Worried about Nami, she takes off her coat to shield the baby, and struggles along the snowy path.

However, she’s slower than Do-shik, who gets there first. Min-kyung was been able to catch him before he carried out the hit, to her relief. Now Min-kyung changes the plan from murder to bribery: Do-shik comes to the house and offers Jung-ae and her son a bag full of money to leave without a trace.

Do-shik reports his successful exchange to Min-kyung, assuring her that he warned the two to leave immediately and never return, under threat of death. He’ll take them to Incheon and send them to China with fake passports.

Back in Seoul, Kang-ha also makes a break in his case, having tracked the woman to Donghae as well. He reports to Chairman Jung, who wants to accompany Kang-ha, and the two drive down immediately. As Kang-ha pulls into the city, he catches a glimpse of Min-kyung driving away. The chairman doesn’t see her, but Kang-ha definitely does.

Pal-gang has been unable to find the house, and Nami is now crying in earnest, so she rushes to a health clinic and begs for help. The doctor says that the baby’s fever is on the wane, but scolds her for wandering the mountainside in the snow.

In a hurry but worried for Nam, Pal-gang asks the doctor if he can watch the baby briefly, and heads back to find Jung-ae’s house.

Unfortunately, she’s too late. An elderly woman informs Pal-gang that Jung-ae and her son have gone, and seemed in a great hurry to leave. It doesn’t seems like they’re going to return anytime soon, either.

Dejected, Pal-gang turns to go — just as Kang-ha and Chairman Jung walk toward her, having just arrived.

Both parties are startled to see each other, especially Pal-gang, who is shocked to see these men together.

Grandpa Jung calls out Pal-gang’s name, which is a surprise to Kang-ha, who asks in return, “How do you know Pal-gang, Chairman?”

Pal-gang is astonished: “Ch-chairman?”


Yay, the mystery moves forward. I still think that this Evil Murderess Min-kyung storyline makes for an awkward tonal shift between the car crash mystery and Pal-gang’s growth storyline, and it feels silly to use words like “hit man” or “assassin” in the same episode where a little boy plays matchmaker between two adults. And when another woman tosses around words like suicide as though it’s nothing special, just another day in the life of a needy stalker-girlfriend.

However, if we have to have it, at least I prefer this forward movement to the emotional whiplash of yesterday’s episode. And now that Grandpa’s identity is out, we’re on our way to wrapping up this storyline, right?

A scene I particularly appreciated was the one between the brothers, which I wish we’d seen more of early on. (The last time the brothers had moments untainted by this romantic rivalry for Pal-gang, we were still early enough in the drama that we didn’t love Kang-ha yet, nor did we know him very well.) And I like that it seems the source of their angst isn’t so much a brotherly rivalry, but stems from their mother’s unequal treatment of her two sons.

I know this plot seems weak for some, where Kang-ha’s big secret is that Jun-ha’s his half-brother, and I halfway agree with it. I wish the conflict were stronger. But I am recalling that I do know an instance in real life where a similar situation occurred to a Korean friend’s family, and when the truth came out, heads did roll. So I’m putting up with this storyline.

I still don’t think we have the full picture, but it’s starting to seem like both brothers have a sort of inferiority complex regarding the other. Kang-ha’s is because he comes from a hateful mother and an unloving father, and never knew unconditional love. (Is that why he was able to “take” things away from Jun-ha?) I get the sense that his stepmother was very kind to him, but he still felt the invisible barrier of her being a stepmother, and likewise, she treated him differently. Maybe she was so concerned that Kang-ha wouldn’t feel loved that she took special pains to try to compensate, but because Jun-ha didn’t know the reason for it, he grew up feeling neglected. (That’s my speculation for now.)


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    and nami got a lot of face time!!! so cute as he munches on food…

    anyways – i don’t mind the big secret being the half-siblings thing, especially because kangha seems to be overcompensating for it, and so it shows that its really that important to him that junha see him as an older brother with the same mother. it was kind of sad though, to see parallels between the chairman’s household, and kangha/junha household – where the older one gets preferential treatment. but in the chairman’s household – the older brother was (presumably) better than the younger one. for kangha – it seems more like the stepmother is trying to make him feel more at home and is more accommodating, hence the preferential treatment. the stepmom probably felt bad that kangha was neglected by his mother so harshly.

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    What I liked: The part Pa-rang tells Kang-Ha that he overheard Pal-kang say he was the biggest star to her.

    What I didn’t like: I don’t like how Jun-Ha and Pal-Kang have these intimate talks together. They should have written KangHa into those scenes to build his relationship up w/ Pal-Kang. We don’t have much to go on except that cold night he changed a poo diaper for Pal-kang and she stuck a sweet potato into his mouth.
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    after yesterday’s episode, it’s awesome to see junha and kangha knock JY down a few pegs! they totally reveal the ugliness in her and her idiocy. and it’s nice to see junha be not passive and not sneaky for once. just straightforward. yeah it gets annoying when he’s all like “confide in me! confide in me! confide in me!”, but at least he defended Pal-gang and broke off his friendship with JY. JY will definitely feel his loss. she has no other friends.

    and more kids scenes! I love KangHa’s reaction to Parang talkativeness, especially on the pt of Pal-gang being in love with him. I hope Taekyu finally gives up this time. I thought he was backing off that first time Pal-gang really yelled at him. Poor Chorok will be the only one willing to marry him- and i’m not sure if she’s going to be that willing when it’s the prospect of her own self being tied to him for life rather than her sister.

    @12 mimi. I actually don’t mind hte pal-gang x jun-ha talks. i feel like junha gets palgang in these talks to understand her…but kangha and palgang don’t need them. he understands her without needing words. he knew she wasn’t dumb regarding the junha suddenly going after her incident.

    i suspect that jung-ae is really pal-gang’s mom. the two moms must have switched babies or something- maybe for palgang’s safety. after her, her birth father had died suddenly…and perhaps suspiciously….

  14. 14 soluna413

    One thing that I felt keenly in the past two episodes was Jun Ha’s switch from wooing Pal Gang to help his unrequited love and best friend Jae Young out to actually developing feelings for Pal Gang for two factors. One, the more time Jun Ha spends with Pal Gang, the more he likes her for who she is. He doesn’t see her as an object to woo anymore, and he can’t help the way he feels about her because Pal Gang’s lovableness is that infectious.

    Two, Jun Ha’s been getting a big ‘ol dose of reality check with witnessing firsthand how spiteful and malicious Jae Young really is. Love is blind, so when he was in love with her, he was willing to forgive all of those flaws because he had had feelings for her for so long. But once he started slowly developing real feelings for Pal Gang, he began retaliating against Jae Young because he could see just how truly evil she really was.

    I have a huge soft spot for Shin Dong Wook so I’m really dreading seeing his character get hurt, but I really appreciate the turn the character of Jun Ha has taken in the past two episodes. Pal Gang finally has someone that’s speaking up on her behalf whenever Jae Young picks on her, and I’m glad that Jun Ha’s growing a backbone and has learned that fulfilling every beck and call of Jae Young’s ultimately leads to being taken advantage of.


  15. 15 Emi

    I think the kid playing parang is doing such a great job. Especially at the end of the conversation over the pizza where he looks at Kang-ha with such exasperation 🙂 Horrible cliffhanger!

  16. 16 floyd

    is it only me or does anybody find kang-ha’s hairline really fake looking? it keeps distracting me…how the hair seems to be too perfect!
    with only 4 episodes left, chances of anymore good scenes between KH and PG are dwindling! writers please write fish face and fish mother out soon!!

  17. 17 hapacalgirl

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. I love reading your recaps even if I have seen the episode with subs because it puts everything I thought about the episode into words.

    Definitely something has to happen to these two next week with only 4 episodes left in the series.

  18. 18 morfhin05

    Again good recap…. Thanks javabeans…..

  19. 19 langdon813

    One thing that occurred to me this episode (belatedly, probably) is that Jun-ha could be using Pal-gang to try to force Jae-young to admit she has feelings for HIM, rather than Kang-ha, and he’s willing to take it as far as he has to. She’s definitely jealous, using their friendship as an excuse to try to force him to get rid of Pal-gang. It’s like she has feelings for Jun-ha, but she’s so far into the “marry Kang-ha or die trying” farce that she can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Not that I care though, because I’m hoping the hit man knocks back a few too many and wipes out the whole nutjob family (except Grandpa)!

    Thanks JB, you speedy girl! This was definitely a better episode than 15!

  20. 20 maria

    @1 and 6: me too! hahaha dramabeans addicts group high fiiiive!!!!!!!!!!1

    also, PS: i think your theory is correct, sarahbeans 🙂

  21. 21 flo

    the children are really more mature than the adults themself! how come adults are so dense when children are so aware of their feeling..arff 4 eppi to go

  22. 22 bbm

    Thank you for this… this recap and the previous post had definitely move my attention away from work even though i have tons of them piled up…
    after hearing Junha said that it was his mother who made the special accomodations for Kang Ha, i was too thinking that his mother, trying to comfort her “poor” step son which resulted in Jun Ha jealousy, but i love it when they show they are truly love each other (KH & JH), this is the main reason i was so interested in WUAS, family love (except for that nutjob family as langdon unnie phrase it)

    and LOL at ChoRok comment about her have to marry tae kyu… ahhh those brothers and sisters never failed to amuse me…

  23. 23 bbm

    -looking for the edit button-

    i’m affraid that with 4 episodes left while the secret hasn’t been completely out, the ending would feel like it was rushed… i really hope that’s not the case…

  24. 24 JAM

    I’m putting my hands up for being one of those that kept coming back to this site 1001 times a day for this recap. 😛

    Actually, I don’t see Jun-ha’s inferiority complex. He’s more like the younger bro who looks up to Kang-ha and gives in to him not just because his mom told him to but also because he loves him. When Jun-ha talks about things like not touching his brother’s stuff etc, he doesn’t exactly sound bitter. Also, I see abit of sincerity in his interaction with Pal-gang since last ep and its more obvious in this ep. I think its Shin Dong-wook’s talents showing thro. He manage to transit from a smooth talker trying to distract Pal-gang away from Kang-ha to putting his heart on the line in a believable way.

    sigh… did someone say there is only 4 more eps to go? any chance of an extension? But I’m also looking forward to the next batch of dramas, one with Lee Min-ho and the other with Chae Rim. Its a good year so far.. 😀

  25. 25 icechocolate

    Oh God, I just love Pa Rang. He’s so smart. He knows that Kang Ha will marry an ajuhmma, Kang Ha loves Pal Kang, then give lecture about marriage and love.

    Even Kang Ha want to know which school PR goes, maybe because he wants to enroll himself too. Yes, I want to go to that school too. Not only fluent in speaking, but also good in judging people. And bonus : will befriend with Kang Ha too.

  26. 26 firewife

    Truthfully, for me, the first little simmerings of frustration are beginning to bubble up. I don’t feel that the writers of this drama plotted things out very well. All the various story lines and side plots seem to be all tangled in a heap, like the necklaces lying in the bottom of my jewelry box.
    There’s only 4 more episodes to go and we still have birth secrets to be revealed, crimes to punish, and romance to resolve. The romance between KH and PK seems to all be happening second hand now. I’d really love to see more happening between the two of them.
    *SIGH….* Oh well…
    The bright spot of this episode? Watching JY get put in her place, not once, not twice, but THREE times! The only thing better would be if it had been PK serving it out.

  27. 27 stripes&jazz

    Oh my goodness, Min-kyung must have been the one who killed her husband’s older brother as well! Considering he died in a car “accident” and her realization that her husband would chosen to have died.

    Evil EVIL EVIL fool!!!!

    The storyline is starting to really slow down for me right now. Ahhhhhh.

  28. 28 AuntieMame

    I agree with your speculation about the disparate treatment of the two brothers and the reason for it. And, since we’ve never seen JH’s mother, I presume that she’s dead. Perhaps, KH was indirectly the cause for her demise. If so, it would further strengthen his guilt toward JH. And, further explain KH’s statement that he took more than his share away from JH.

    Actually, along the line of guilt, maybe In-gu was indirectly involved in his older brother’s death. ANd, what if the Chairman had been indirectly involved in the death of KH’s father. Which explains why he doted on KH to the point that Fish-lips (glup, glup) was envious.

    And, I wonder how many ‘red herrings’ have been given to us on the subject of Pal Gang’s paternity. First, it seemed like Pal Gang is Grandpa’s real granddaughter. Then, the name of Grandpa’s daughter-in-law and grandson is identify to us. So, it no longer seemed like she is his granddaughter.

    My theory is that Pal Gang is a twin. Her biological mother is Grandpa’s daughter-in-law. The mother, being a single mother, could not raise two babies at once. So, the lady that is married to the doctor adoped PK and raised her as their own.

    I absolutely adore the kids. The kids should be receiving “Oscars” for their performance in this drama.

    Thank you so much for the recap!!

  29. 29 celestialorigin

    OMG! What an ending! Why do they do this? to keep us hanging for an entire week like this?

  30. 30 slim

    im pretty curious what jung ae womans connection is to pal gang..i dont understand why the grandpa chairman got her confused with his real daughter in law (who is pal gangs mom ) in the first place..anyways..the whole time i was watching this episode i couldn’t help but feel bad for the baby..i wonder if korea has any law against over working the infants?!..hahaha..just wondering..it’s freaking cold in korea!!..especially when its snowing..!!..anyways.im glad that this story is finally moving along..

  31. 31 lovethisdrama

    I agree with Sandy @ 10.

    “Need more big climatic, romantic moments between the two main leads…….
    but with 4 episodes left ……..”

    Hope to have an extension or let the secret out in the 1st 10 mins of next episode & let us have more moments of the 2 leads in the final 3 episodes.

    Thanks JB! See you again next Tuesday.

  32. 32 Ashlea

    Well I did prefer this one to ep 16 too, much less JY and when she was around she just ended up with everyone hating her LOVE XD
    I want more KH x PK though. I like that their romance hasn’t been over exaggerated, but I don’t want their interactions to completely fall off the boat >><< their cute little arguments and that have gone thanks to JY being a crazy psycho she really needs to have all this negative energy coming back at her!
    I am worried that there's only 4 eps left and so far the drama has been quite paced, I really hope they don't have to cram everything in the last couple of eps that would ruin it 🙁
    It has been such a good drama for me so far and I really want it to have the perfect ending. Also its funny how at the start Pa Rang was my least favourite kid now I just love him to bits, he's the best and gets more acting time even than his oldest brother.
    Anyway fingers crossed for a good ending and things to start tying up next week so it won't be all rushed at the end 🙂

  33. 33 ghian

    ohh i’m soo excited for the next one hehehe 🙂

  34. 34 cheekbones

    I just wanna say this. That scene in the pizza place with Kang-ha and Pa-rang is just one of the cutest. They certainly make an odd couple ! 😀

    Does anyone else feel a tiny bit of anxiety that we wouldn’t see a clear/straightforward/satisfactory ending to the Kang-ha and Pal-gang romance ?

    Thanks a lot, javabeans, for the speedy recap. I’m one of those who keep refreshing the page…..

  35. 35 hosg15

    Don’t misunderstand – I love Pal-gang but why does she seem to be bow-legged at times? I thought it was becos she slings her bag across her torso but it happens at times when the bag is not worn, Someone let her know to stand tall cause she definitely needs the extra height!

  36. 36 Bee

    I’m glad that both Kang-ha and Jun-ha are showing some backbone. Even if JY’s blackmailing forces him into the marriage, KH still is putting up a fight, making it perfectly clear for JY what kind of relationship is waiting for her.
    JH – I think he likes PK, but that’s not love he’s feeling. He enjoys her company and respects her (as also was obvious from the very beginning. He became a bit more protective towards her, which maybe also is due to the fact that he got himself more involved with the kids and hence feels some fatherly responsibilities there. That he stood up for PK in regards to JY is also a reflection for how he saw things developing – KH’s continuing deterioration and pain (has JH ever witnessed so many emotions from his brother in such a short time?), PK, who loves KH, and I think I’m pretty sure JH is aware of that!; JY – I guess that JH expected her to be the happy person and content now that she’s marrying KH, but instead she turns even more mean and spiteful, and harming. Also, that she blackmailed KH into marriage doesn’t have seem sitting too well with JH.

    It’s interesting to see that KH’s going this far to protect the people he cares about most. I guess that he doesn’t think that JH loves PK (his indication to renew the contract is more like saying “don’t throw her out”), and also, JH kind of easily pokes KH about his feelings for PK. I didn’t sense any jealousy there, or tension, as it was with JY.
    I’m kind of intrigued by KH’s self-image. There’s that part of him that is hardworking, strong and protective, with a keen sense of right and wrong (also, is that why did he studied law?)… but on the other side, there’s that part of him which seems to be bent on putting himself in the dirt and persuade himself that he’s a bad person who doesn’t deserve anything. I still wonder what happened to the will – did that vanish because his father left most of the inheritence to KH, or because it was revealed there that JH&KH aren’t full siblings?

  37. 37 cheanne

    whoaaahhhhh what an episode……cant wait to read next week’s recaps…..I want to pull time so it will be monday again……Thanks JB….

  38. 38 Pinkdrama

    Your Recaps are addictive – Dont stop. Looks like you can really pick good ones – Thanks

  39. 39 moimoiness

    @8 eiko: i totally agree with you, i don’t trust jun-ha..*sigh*

    @10 sandy: i hope that the last 4 eps wont be a let down, but i really do want some romantic moments between kang ha and pal gang, not just kang ha and parang..LOL

    @27 stripes&jazz and 28 auntiemame: agree with you both on the theory that fish-lips’s mom might have killed his husband’s brother.

    kang ha, FTW!!!

    as for me, i really hope that jun ha will give way for kang ha and pal gang, seeing he knows how the two feel for each other. but there’s gona be some trouble if he found out that kang ha is only his half brother. (if he’s really serious with pal gang that is)
    another problem would be is that there’s only 4 episodes left, i really hope that the ending wont be shallow or rushed or open ended, because i really want kang ha and pal gang to end together, but with good (alot) romantic scenes together.

  40. 40 moimoiness

    oh, i forgot, thanks alot javabeans, love it!!!

  41. 41 vis

    Thanks for the recap! I’m glad that this episode was better than the last, hope it’ll keep getting better 🙂

  42. 42 olive

    I wonder if it will be an open ending where she’s getting more independent and KH will probably just gonna begin to ask her out or something 😛
    I don’t know if anyone thinks of this but do you think KH will find out about JY’s mother’s dirty work and threaten JY so that she’s back off? this is like using the same thing she’s doing to him to show her how bitter it is. I don’t think it’s such a bad idea 😀

  43. 43 lily

    This was such a good episode! :]
    About PK’s heritage, I think that Jung-Ae is actually her mom, and the mom who died is her adopted mom. I agree with whoever said that they probably switched babies for PK’s protection. Also, remember in the very first episode, the running joke was that there was no way the dead mother would have adopted PK? I think that’ll come back into play as a bit of irony–PK is actually adopted, but her dead mom wanted to keep that hidden. Also, when PK finally remembered Jung-ae, JA said that it was enough to just have seen PK. This might be nothing more than a statement, but maybe it’s because she’s happy to have just seen her real daughter? I can hope..:]
    Anyways, OMGOSH I can’t wait until next week!

  44. 44 lily

    On second thought, I just read some more of the other comments, and @AuntiMame – that twin theory is so interesting! That would make sense!

  45. 45 flo

    The episode 1 settled clearly that PK is the grandchild of the chairman and the daughter of the died woman. Remember that she said to his actual husband that she was in love with the son of the chairman and she tried to find him while having PK . so really there s no doubt about that!

    So why make this storylin more complicated than it seems.

    The most and ununderstandable storyline is the one with KH and JH…what the heck it is? scratching my head

  46. 46 gotanexamlater

    I really hope that the writers don’t try to humanize JY in the remaining episodes because she’s really so hateful right now that giving her a moment of enlightenment would just seem so out of place. Or if they do let her develop, i hope it won’t be a drastic 180 degree turn from bad to good because she’s just so evil that me hating on her just makes things feel right. 🙂 It makes me wonder though how her story’s gonna end in WUAS.

    Argh my entire comment was about JY! She’s really THAT girl in my life even though she’s fictional hahaha 🙂

    But great episode and recap! I must commend the screen caps, they’re really the best moments haha

  47. 47 Anya

    This has been said so many times I know it’s redundant, but… Pa-rang is SO adorable!

    Seriously, he should go into the matchmaking business and set me up with a hot lawyer ajusshi!

    What I liked about this ep: More time with the kids and Nam!

    What I didn’t like: Jae-young.

    Anyway, I actually think it makes sense that this drama isn’t overly romantic and there aren’t any sweet moments in the moonlight or anything like that. PK and KH are, I believe, past that stage, what they both need is something concrete and real, not fluffy, lightweight romance. They actually complement each other well, to the point where we the audience feel their chemistry, which goes deeper than mere fizzling sparks. I can picture all of them as a wonderful and happy and REAL family.

    ARRRGHHH! I officially hate cliffhangers!

  48. 48 deannadsc

    I just wanna say this. That scene in the pizza place with Kang-ha and Pa-rang is just one of the cutest. They certainly make an odd couple ! 😀

    I most certainly agree that the drama’s highlights seems to be the scenes between Kang Ha & Parang!!! Parang is one talented child actor & the his rapport on screen w/ Kim Ji Hoon is great!!! Having watched ALL of KJH’s dramas…I can safely say that “Mr.Bedroom Eyes” aks KJH’s acting has improved by leaps & bounds now!!!
    Oh, Jun-Ha, please make like a banana… and SPLIT. Go away. You’re the 3rd wheel, dude. Plus, how can you expect to compete with your Elvis-look-a-like brother?!

    Omoo, Mimi…your comment had me LMAO literally!!!
    Thanks again, JB!!! Your the best “recap-per” in KDrama World!!!

  49. 49 Quaggy

    Thank you for the quick recap, Javabeans! I love your insight (and everyone else’s) and you always pick the best screenshots. As usual, I have way too much to say, so for once, I’m going to break it into smaller posts.

    I think after the Kang-ha & Jun-ha’s car ride I’m finally convinced that the big, dark secret is ONLY that the two of them are half-brothers (and thank you for the reassurance that’s it’s a little more scandalous in Korean society.) I’m only a little disappointed because this means I can’t come up with crazy theories about it anymore!

    Kang-ha’s extreme reaction finally makes sense to me. He’s preserving his step-mother’s status quo and feeling a hefty amount of guilt for stealing things away from Jun-ha on top of it. As for Jun-ha, he actually seems to be okay with the favoritism his brother had, dismissing Kang-ha’s apology without rancor. Actually, I wonder if he’s known all along that they were half-brothers. Maybe that night when his mom thanked him for not making her worry, she told him the truth. (Okay, so maybe I’m not done with the crazy conspiracy theories!)

  50. 50 Ariel

    I’m confused now…didn’t Pal-gang’s mom in one of the beginning episodes tell her husband that she met Pal-gang’s dad, a med student then, in the village when he was working as a volunteer there, and then found out later that she was pregnant?
    It wouldn’t make sense for her to say that, if Pal-gang wasn’t really her biological daughter. Also, when Grandpa Jung was looking for his daughter in law, Kang-Ha said that there were 2 women in the village who were possible candidates, both being pregnant and single at the same time. I always thought that it was just a misunderstanding on Kang-Ha and grandpa Jung’s part, about who the real mother was, because they didn’t know where the other woman(Pal-gang’s mom) went.

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