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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 17
by | March 8, 2010 | 67 Comments

I liked this episode — it was a little mellower than the previous ones. Given the prominence of Jae-young’s dramatics in those prior episodes, I consider this a good thing. (Also: hardly any Jae-young today!) As we head toward the drama’s finish, we’re dealing less with the crazy bitchy rival lady and getting back to some of the initial conflicts, and I welcome this shift.


Urban Zakapa – “떠나는 사람, 남겨진 사람” (The one leaving, the one left behind) [ Download ]

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Pal-gang is stunned to learn that the raggedy grandpa she has known all these years is in fact the chairman of JK. The chairman is very disappointed to hear that Jung-ae and her son abruptly moved last night, as though fleeing something.

The chairman assures Pal-gang that he’ll still give her the money he had promised in exchange for tracking down his daughter-in-law. However, this gesture angers Pal-gang, who feels hurt at his lie. Does he think she went through all this just for the money? She did it because she’d felt sorry for him, and wanted to do everything she could to help.

The chairman hurriedly says he understands, but she cries, “What do you know? Were you afraid that I’d ask you to help me out if I found out you were the chairman of JK? Did you lie to me because you thought I’d beg you to help me out since we had no place to go?” And here she was, thinking that after she set her family up in their own home, she would live together with Grandpa and his daughter-in-law. But no, she went through all this trouble and even got Nam sick, only to realize he’d been lying to her: “Forget it. Now I’m truly sick of rich people.” She shifts her glare to Kang-ha briefly before walking away.

As Grandpa and Kang-ha wait for Pal-gang outside the clinic (where she had left Nam), Grandpa explains that he understands why Pal-gang would be angry with him. He should have told her the truth once they’d reconnected, so it’s natural that she feels betrayed.

She emerges with Nam and registers the two men waiting for her, but ignores Kang-ha’s suggestion that they ride in the car back to Seoul together, giving her some time to overcome the misunderstanding. She’s not going to let this lie slide as a mere misunderstanding, and coolly tells the chairman that although they could have lived together back when he was the shabby Grandpa, that’s no longer possible.

Pal-gang walks along to the bus station, wondering bitterly, “Why am I so stupid, Nam?” All the while, Kang-ha’s car drives slowly behind them, both men watching in concern.

Chairman Jung reminds Kang-ha of the dream he had wanted to pursue Jin Se-yoon, and explains that Pal-gang and her siblings are the man’s children. He values them like his own grandchildren, and tells Kang-ha they must find Jung-ae and her son.

When Pal-gang arrives home, she’s in a grim mood. Calling her siblings together, she orders them to pack their things. The siblings are bewildered at this sudden decision, but Pal-gang is in no mood for complicated explanations and insists that they pack immediately. She’ll figure out where they’ll go.

The kids don’t want to leave, but they recognize that she’s serious and grudgingly comply. Just as they’re about to leave, Kang-ha comes home. In a flat voice, she gives him a perfunctory thank-you and goodbye. Pa-rang clings to Kang-ha, not wanting to leave, and the other kids are confused at the sudden change in their sister. When Kang-ha asks where she’s intending to go, she tells him to mind his own business.

Frustrated that Pal-gang is letting her hurt propel her into a hasty decision, Kang-ha pulls Pal-gang aside to talk to her one-on-one. Does she have to go this far? Didn’t she consider that maybe the chairman had a reason for his lie? Furthermore, she’s got kids with her — it’s more important to think rationally than to let her emotions drive her actions.

For the first time, Pal-gang drops the formal address and talks to Kang-ha in familiar speech:

Pal-gang: “Because of you, my parents died. Thinking you were my prince on a white horse, thinking you would turn Useless Miss Jin into a princess, I wanted to look good to you and to come here as your housekeeper. Even though Nam was sick, I wanted to look just a little prettier to you so I went to get a perm. Because I wasn’t home, my parents worried about him and hurried to come home. It would have been better if you told me from the start that you were marrying Jung Jae-young. Then I wouldn’t have dreamed stupid dreams and would have come to my senses. I’m so sick of this, I can’t live in this house anymore. If I live here, thinking of how pathetic I was for dreaming those stupid dreams, I won’t want to keep living!”

What can Kang-ha say to that? There’s nothing he can do to rid Pal-gang of her guilt, so he has to let her go, albeit reluctantly. After she leaves with crying kids in tow, Kang-ha growls to himself, “Don’t grab onto her when you can’t do anything for her, Won Kang-ha. Just let her go.” He bangs his fist angrily on the desk, repeating, “Just let her GO!”

Jun-ha comes home to an empty house and asks his brother what happened. In a resigned tone, Kang-ha says, “They all left.” Jun-ha doesn’t understand why, but Kang-ha continues dully, “She said she was sick of living here, so she left.”

Jun-ha demands an explanation. Kang-ha says in a hard voice, “Figure things out yourself now. Finding them is up to you, and figuring out what to do after you find them is also up to you.” Jun-ha asks what pushed Pal-gang to leave, and Kang-ha returns, “Ask her yourself when you find her.”

Jun-ha asks if her reaction was in reaction to Kang-ha’s marriage announcement — perhaps she realized she wasn’t over him and found it painful to stay. But Kang-ha says no, that’s not it. However, he’s not going to entangle himself: “I’ve got no right to interfere, so you figure it out yourself!”

Thankfully, Pal-gang can take the kids to Eun-mal’s place, small though it is. (She couldn’t do this at the outset because Eun-mal moved into this rooftop room recently.) Eun-mal worries that the kids will find it stifling to live in such cramped quarters after they have gotten used to the nice big house. She’s right, and the kids sulk, but Pal-gang answers that they’ll be fine.

Jin-ju can’t stand to see the kids in such glum spirits eating their meager dinner of rice and soup, and goes with Pal-gang to the store to buy them side dishes. Pal-gang protests — even though it’s a thoughtful gesture, her family has to forget all about living in a nice house with big rooms, “Because living will be tough from now on.”

Jin-ju reads between the lines, sensing there’s more to Pal-gang’s reaction. She wonders, is Pal-gang still in love with Kang-ha? Did she leave because it hurt to live in the same house? Jin-ju supposes that after five years of liking someone, it’s natural that she would develop feelings again.

Pal-gang insists it’s not it, but Jin-ju isn’t convinced and prods Pal-gang to confess her feelings to Kang-ha. The reason she’s struggling now is because she can’t confess her feelings and it’s bottled up inside. Once more, Pal-gang says, “I don’t have any lingering feelings for him, not at all.” Jin-ju doesn’t believe her, but lets it drop.

Tae-kyu is frantic once he discovers that the family is gone. He pesters Jun-ha for answers, but Jun-ha is still reeling from the news himself and barely pays any attention to Tae-kyu’s distress. Misguided again, Tae-kyu blames himself for driving Pal-gang away — after rejecting him, she must have seen him suffering and felt that his love was too much of a burden. (Sigh. It must be nice living in Tae-kyu’s world where everything is about him! Still, at least he’s the nicest egomanic around.)

That evening, Kang-ha gets a call from the chairman, who asks hopefully whether things worked out with Pal-gang. He wants to come over right away, but Kang-ha has to explain that Pal-gang left the house with her siblings. Stunned, the chairman collapses again and is taken to the hospital.

That night, Eun-mal awakens to the sound of Pal-gang moaning softly in pain. She’s feeling the onset of an illness, but insists that she took medicine and will be fine in the morning. Eun-mal sighs that Pal-gang was probably due for an illness, given all she’s been through.

Pal-gang starts to cry as she remembers her last confrontation with Kang-ha, and has to struggle to keep her sobs quiet. Meanwhile, Kang-ha drinks alone in his room, thinking of her.

At the JK office, Pal-gang’s friends are shocked to hear that Pal-gang has quit her job. We know that it’s because she’s cutting ties with the chairman, but they don’t understand why she has given up on her determination to be a good FC.

Pal-gang begs for work at a restaurant, which is tough because she has two children to look after (the other kids, at least, can go to school). She promises that it won’t be a problem because Pa-rang can watch after the baby, and the owner is persuaded to let Pal-gang start working.

Pa-rang sits in a side room quietly with Nam, and is struck with a brilliant idea. He fishes for his sister’s phone and calls Kang-ha — who, rather cutely, is flummoxed to see Pal-gang on his caller ID and has to calm himself before answering. He’s a little disappointed when he hears that it’s Pa-rang, who has called to tell Kang-ha where they’re living so he can come by.

But that night, it’s Jun-ha who drops by, to the excitement of the girls. He waits there while Pal-gang walks home with Pa-rang, and she praises her brother for being so well-behaved all day. Single-minded Pa-rang says he misses Kang-ha, so Pal-gang urges him to forget all about him: “Just grit your teeth and say, ‘I won’t think of him.'” Pa-rang wonders, “What if I still think of him?” Pal-gang answers, “Then think of something else. No, sing that song.” So Pa-rang starts singing (LOL!):

Pa-rang (singing): “The goblin’s underwear is dirty
He flips it inside out
He hasn’t washed it in 2,000 years
It smells and has holes”

Once home, Jun-ha takes Pal-gang aside for a talk, worried and still a bit confused. She thanks Jun-ha for all the help he has given her, but says it in a flat, detached tone. He urges her to come back home, to which she replies firmly, “I won’t go.”

Thinking this is because she doesn’t want to be around Kang-ha, Jun-ha assures her that his brother will marry and move out. But Pal-gang answers, “What does that have to do with me, whether he marries or lives in that house?” She gets up to go back inside, cutting this conversation short. Jun-ha says, “Because that’s why you left.” After a brief pause, she answers, “That’s not it.”

Jun-ha accepts that she doesn’t want to return tonight, but promises to return tomorrow and the day after, until she changes her mind.

That night, Pal-gang has trouble sleeping and steps outside while the others are in bed. Stirring, Ju-hwang follows her outside, where he tells her that Mom and Dad didn’t know that Nam was sick. He must have heard her argument with Kang-ha, because he explains that on the day their parents died, when Pal-gang had ditched the kids just as Nami was starting to come down with a cold, Ju-hwang hadn’t told on her. Therefore, they weren’t rushing home to check on the baby when they got into their accident: “So don’t think it was your fault.”

Ju-hwang leaves his sister to her thoughts, and this revelation brings Pal-gang to tears.

The chairman asks Kang-ha to bring Pal-gang so he can beg for her forgiveness, which is why Kang-ha appears at the restaurant as she is working (and doing a pretty good job, to the owner’s satisfaction).

Pa-rang had given Kang-ha the directions, and when Pal-gang starts to scold her brother, he ducks behind Kang-ha. It’s cute how Kang-ha helps by pushing the boy behind himself, as though anticipating her reaction. He asks her not to be angry with Pa-rang, because he was the one who had asked for the information.

Despite Pal-gang’s efforts to be distant and cool, she’s not immune to the news that the chairman collapsed and is looking for her. She therefore accompanies Kang-ha to the hospital, where he steps aside to let her speak with the chairman alone.

Kang-ha sits with Nam and Pa-rang outside where the latter, still thinking about his sister’s advice, asks Kang-ha, “That doesn’t make sense, right? Saying not to think of something that you keep thinking about.” Isn’t it strange that his sister can do that?

Kang-ha is in the same boat, and answers, “Pa-rang, I’m trying to do that too. There’s something I keep thinking about a lot, but I’m trying not to think about it.” He admits that he’s been drinking a lot lately in order to keep his mind off it, “But you know, like you said, it doesn’t make sense trying not to think about something you keep thinking about. That’s really impossible. But sometimes you have no choice.”

Pa-rang doesn’t really understand all this grown-up rhetorical talk, and excuses himself to go to the bathroom, so Kang-ha continues talking to Nam:

Kang-ha: “Maybe… yes, it might even be that I love your sister. It’s the first time with such a strange woman as your sister. But you know, I love my brother as much as your sister. I’ve given Jun-ha ajusshi a lot of pain, so I couldn’t hurt him even more. That’s why I can’t tell your sister that I love her.”

Chairman Jung explains the entire situation to Pal-gang, about his dream of building a hospital with her father. After her father died and he saw Pal-gang’s impressive transformation, and saw how she reminded him of her father, he’d been intending to transfer that dream to Pal-gang. That’s why he hadn’t told her the truth, because he wanted to see how things turned out: “Will you forgive this mean grandpa for thinking of himself too much?” He offers to get on his knees to beg her forgiveness.

Her anger mollified, Pal-gang recovers a bit of her former tone, scolding him about overreacting in his condition. He takes this as a positive sign: “Then are you forgiving me?” Not ready to go that far yet, she answers, “I just said not to overreact. When did I say I’d forgive you?” But their old dynamic is back.

The chairman requests to see Kang-ha, so she steps out to call him in — and finds Pa-rang regaling everyone with a rendition of the goblin underwear song. Pa-rang explains, “Ajusshi says he has something he’s trying not to think about too, so I’m teaching him this song.”

The chairman’s reason for calling Kang-ha is to ask him to find a new home for Pal-gang. She declines his offer, but this time it’s not out of pride; she’s thankful for the thought, but doesn’t want her problems to be automatically solved like this — it’ll make her return to being Useless Miss Jin. “That’s like winning the lotto.” Most of us would probably consider that a good thing, but it’s not for Pal-gang, who has only recently discovered what it’s like to take care of herself.

Grandpa suggests that Pal-gang go back to school since she never went to university, but she balks at that suggestion. She was never a good student, so that isn’t really a viable option. Kang-ha butts in to say that studying is something you can cultivate with a little effort, and this spawns a cute bickering exchange (which Grandpa watches with amusement):

Pal-gang: “Are you bragging that you were a good student?”
Kang-ha: “When did I brag that I was a good student?”
Pal-gang: “A studious person who became a lawyer may not know that there’s another world out there, one where some things are impossible even if you try.”
Kang-ha: “Is that something to brag about?”
Pal-gang: “Why do you and Grandpa keep saying I’m bragging?”
Kang-ha: “You’re chattering on about not being a good student like you’re proud of it!”

This circular argument is going nowhere, so Pal-gang makes a concession with Grandpa. School is out of the question for her, so she’ll go back to the company and work at being a great FC.

Things become awkward (as they always do) with the appearance of the Jung family. In-gu and Jae-young, who recognize Pal-gang, are particularly surprised to see her here, talking to Grandpa. Min-kyung manages to control her expression, but it’s clear that she’s alarmed when Grandpa introduces Pal-gang to his family as Jin Se-yoon’s daughter, adding that “she’s like a real grandchild to me.”

Kang-ha leads Pal-gang away to accompany her home. Jae-young starts to follow, but her mother holds her back, reminding her that this is Jin Se-yoon’s daughter, whom Kang-ha found at the chairman’s request. She sees her as a distinct threat to their family — Grandpa had introduced her as practically his own granddaughter, which suggests that he’s going to pass along to her what he was intending to pass to her father.

This fear is confirmed by the chairman himself, who says he wants to make Pal-gang an heir. In-gu is shocked, because she’s a complete stranger to the family.

Jun-ha loiters outside Eun-mal’s home that evening, ready to persuade her to come back home again, and therefore sees her arriving home with Kang-ha and Pa-rang. This is not a happy sight for him.

After explaining that the Jin family is acquainted with the chairman, Kang-ha leaves the group and walks off alone, and Pal-gang turns to watch his departure. At Jun-ha’s insistence, she drops the kids off inside, then rejoins him outside to talk.

At his repeated request for her to move back, Pal-gang answers that she’s more comfortable living here.

Jun-ha tells her earnestly, “For the first time in my life, I want to steal something from my brother. I’ve never once felt that, and so I always hid my feelings. But for the first time, even if my brother were to say he loves you, I don’t want to concede to him this time.”

Pal-gang isn’t interested in having this conversation and starts to head back inside, but Jun-ha holds her back. He pleads, “Just as I’ve gotten rid of that tedious one-sided love and started over, I’m begging you to do the same.”

His suggestion unleashes the dam, and tears fill her eyes and start to spill over. Pal-gang had been trying to insist all episode long that she doesn’t feel anything for Kang-ha, but now she bursts out:

Pal-gang: “How can I? I remember everything. On days he has trials, he stands in front of the elevator and lets it go by twice. When he eats, he always drinks water first. When he passed papers in the classroom, he always started from the left. When he’s frustrated, he speaks with his hands in his pockets. I remember all of those things — how do I forget it all?”


I like that the conflict shifts in this episode, away from Jae-young’s crazed jealousy to the issue of Pal-gang, her parents, and the chairman’s inheritance. The jealousy issue was wearing itself pretty thin, so I liked the change in tone in this episode. It was a little more thoughtful, and also accounts for milder confrontations; those scenes were more emotional than in recent episodes, and less hysterical. For instance, the last scene was actually quite nice even though Shin Dong-wook has been pushing Jun-ha past credible levels of angst in previous episodes. But today, he dialed it down and the result is SO much better. Same with the confrontations between Kang-ha and Pal-gang.

I’m also glad that Pal-gang’s anger toward the chairman was given its moment to breathe, and then resolved by the episode’s end. In a lot of other dramas, this conflict would have been stretched for episodes, but this show tends to pace itself pretty quickly, which I welcome. It’s not a great big grand betrayal, so after Pal-gang has her initial reaction, we see her return to her usual self. She’s not one to hold grudges anyway, so I love that they resume their bickering dynamic right away.

Speaking of bickering, she and Kang-ha are at their best when they’re arguing about nonsensical things, so the hospital scene was a fun moment to lighten the mood before we got back to the angst.

And finally! Dual confessions of loooove!

(Of course, neither confession is made to the actual object of his/her affections, but hey, I’ll take it where I can get it.)


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  1. Icarusfalls

    I agree I loved the fact that we got more kids and less fish lips!!

  2. Celest

    I calling this episode the “angst episode”. I’ve only watched up to the part until Pal Gang seems sick. I’m just glad that Pal Gang finally found out about Grandpa’s fortune. That scene where Pal Gang was practically blaming Kang Ha (or rather, herelf) was painful to watch especially since we know it was all that woman’s fault. I understand her anger but taking the kids out of that home might have been too much. And now she’s sick…poor girl.

    I don’t want to spoil myself yet so I can’t really comment on the rest of the episode but so far so good. I actually kinda like the drama side to Pal gang’s character.

  3. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I actually watched this episode (the first one I’ve watched!) and I thought that the flat, 2D Jae-young in your recaps was bad…but the 3D one on-screen is even worse. I’m glad she didn’t appear that often in the episode; otherwise, my forehead would be even wrinklier. Laughter wrinkles are all fine, but cringe wrinkles…ugh. Jae-young: shudder.

  4. Icarusfalls

    BTW, during the love confession to Nam-i, didn’t Kang Ha I love my dongsaeng as much as your noona like you all.. I think you have that part wrong!

    Either way, thanks for the great recap.. I am loving this show more and more!! ^_^

  5. Icarusfalls

    Edit to above post- During the love confession to Nam-yi, didn’t Kang Ha say “I love my dongsaeng as much as your noona like you all”

  6. Rose

    YAY! the recap is finally here! i’ve been waiting all day for it. i don’t have time to watch so i’m making do with your and girlfriday’s recaps. i should be doing my homework but here i am…*goes to read the recap*

  7. Emi

    I enjoyed the calmer tone of this episode too, and the minimal presence of Jae-Young. Lots of nice little Kang-ha moments as well, in particular the scene at the hospital holding the baby. Even without the confession, just the sight of him and the baby was adorable 😀

  8. javabeans

    @4, I just listened to that part and we’re both wrong! Haha. He says “I love my brother as much as I love your sister.” Fixed now.

  9. indri

    Nice episode,… wish they will confess their love soon,.. want to see the romantic moment between KH & PK soon,… with 2 episode left,.. just wondering how romantic it will be ..???
    Thank you JB,.. great recaps !!!

  10. 10 morfhin05

    Wooooohhhoooow….. Finally Kang ha admitted to himself that she loves Pal gang, this is a good episode because thistime the drama was in serious tone and less of comedy…..

    Another good recap…. I’m heartbroken right now because this drama will end soon… Three more episodes to go…….

    Thanks for the recap…..

  11. 11 Amg1

    JB, thanks a lot for your hard work!
    Pal-gang had me on tears from beginning to end, I agree is nice that the focus of this whole episode was about Pal-gang and how the conflicts got resolve quite fast, the last scene made me cry like a little kid! Thanks again… : O }

  12. 12 kaedejun

    hahahahahahahha yayyy! thank you thank you thank you! i loved it when you said “dual confessions of looooooove!”

    i definitely enjoyed this episode – even though a lot of people weren’t too happy with the angst. however i think the writer dealt with it sufficiently, and the actors were – WHOO-amazing! i mean – kim ji hoon’s expressions were just wonderfully subtle!!

    i definitely loved kangha and parang moments and the fight at the hospital. i honestly thought the grandfather was going to say “sigh* just kiss and make up you two. and break off the engagement with jae young. if you don’t, i’ll break it for you”

  13. 13 joicy

    I don’t know how they will wrap things up in only 3 episodes. Very curious now. And did you look at the preview? Does PK have some terminal disease or anything?

  14. 14 asianromance

    thank you for the recap! you’ve made my night!

    This episode was pretty sad, though it has a lot of great moments. I’m glad that the grandpa conflict was resolved within this episode. I love the Pal-gang and grandpa moments! I’m surprised that the grandpa even announced to his own family that he wants Pal-gang to be one of his heirs. I mean doesn’t he already suspect his daughter in law of having something to do with the strangeness of the JIn’s death. Making that announcement is like painting a target on Pal-gang’s back! We’re in for the final stretch- i suspect there will be an attempted murder coming up.

    I really hope that uncle, after finding out Pal-gang is his niece, will really treat her well and shape up. He will need family once his wife goes to jail and JY goes off to America (since this is a kdrama). I felt really bad for him in ep 16 when he was crying abt his brother/Pal-gang’s dad.

    man i get the feeling we’ll be seeing more Jaeyoung in the next episode. She probably thinks that Pal-gang schemed into being the grandpa’s heir….because that’s the kind of thing Jaeyoung herself would do. I feel like you can copy and paste her old scenes as her new scenes. It’s like the same every time.

  15. 15 socal

    I love the scene where Kang ha confesses his love to baby Nam. (Does that baby ever get fussy or upset?) And does he have the best hair or what? I would prefer him with a shorter look, but his hair is still gorgeous nonetheless.

  16. 16 shiningmoon

    Ohhh, how I love this ep. thanks a lot for the recap JB, I love them when they are together and figth, just 3 more ep to go and is gonna end, but yet we are no see a kiss or something more romantic between them, how is that possible?? wel I know asian dramas are a little more demure than the american, but is just 3 more ep. soo I just need a little of love. :o) I hope is coming soon.

  17. 17 trixicopper

    I liked this episode. Three cheers for less fish lips! As for the dual confessions, now if they would just tell each other instead of other people!

    Totally random, but the scene near the end when JH was waiting for PG under the street light. Gave me a major flashback of My Fair Lady with Freddy waiting for Eliza. I was almost expecting JH to burst out in his rendition of On The Street Where You Live.

  18. 18 eiko

    At last! I love it….I love it!!!! To get Pal-gang and Kang-ha confessing that they love the other sets it all in motion! Now to clear the way for both to realize that it’s all right for them to take hold of that love and bring together a family.

    This is really a very good drama….it’s not perfect if you want to look for flaws and be nit picking…..but it’s comforting and makes me feel good.

    Now to see how the other events unfold and who gets blasted for their evil deeds!

  19. 19 Mahina

    I really liked this episode, especially after last weeks Jae-young overload. I loved when Kang-ha kind of shielded/hid Pa-rang behind him twice (once when Pal-gang and co. were leaving the house and then when Kang-ha went to the restaurant), those subtle moments really show how close Kang-ha and Pa-rang have become. Also, one of my favorite scenes was when Kang-ha saw Pal-gang’s phone number on his phone and had to take a breath before answering, who hasn’t felt that anticipatory/butterfly feeling before.
    This is really one of my favorite dramas, and I’ve watched my fair share. I love the pace of it and just the story line, although last week was super angsty, and seemed to drag a bit, the story picked back up today.

  20. 20 Elena

    Thanks for the recap.

    I want to be Korean in my next life.

  21. 21 LeMahMah

    Yes, Thank You ! *FallingOntoTheKnees* Less Fishlips More Nami, ahem, I mean More P vs K!!!

    I kinda figure that we will never know how the nephew is related its just going to be taken for granted he’s the nephew but I finally accept what his primary role is- He is the only one of the 3 who truely shows his emotions/reactions. Yes, he can be over the top but while the other 2 are being “Man-ly” TK does the reacting for them and expessing what you want them to.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next since I am very curious how they will tie up the storyline in 3 statisfactory episodes. I just hope that based on the previews…..I have to interject to ask….when a person gets slapped has anyone ever dodged the hit or slapped back?! Being a newbie I have to admit I just don’t get it…instead of being docile I’d expect to be a really ticked off! And how many hits does a person take until they get to say, Back Off! Or is that too unheard of in Kdramas??????

    I admit I wasn’t even going to try to see this series originally but I am so thankful I did (Thanks JB to your recaps for seducing my interest!). I fallen in love with the quality of the storyline by the fabulous interpretations of the lead actors and kids.
    I’m just wishing I get my cheesy happily ever after ending!!! LOL!

  22. 22 Elena

    I loved this episode. When Kangha turns and walks away – and you see his back walking slowly back down the hill —- it just about tore me up –

  23. 23 mimi

    Oooh… I didn’t like what I saw in the preview at the end… slap. Oh dear.

    –Now we’re seeing too much of Jun-Ha. All the comforting he’s doing needs to be replaced by KangHa.

  24. 24 amira

    wow! 23 comments already… this drama really have avid followeres! ^_^

  25. 25 moana

    sigh. loved this episode!~ i liked how everyone stayed calm. no one was over the top.

    i have a prediction: like parang heard palgang’s star comments to nami, we’re going to find out that he heard kangha’s love confession (i hope!). only question is who he’s going to tell about it. at least, i hope i’m right.

    can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode!

  26. 26 Marie

    Thank you so much for the recaps JB Loving this series so much. Hope we get a great ending.

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    And Jae-young and mother up to no good? Darn….we’re hitting episode 18 with only 2 more to go! I’m beginning to wonder what’s going on here!

    And Jun-ha….his lines are sounding like dialogue from You’re Beautiful!

    Nothing like winging it for the final episode and I’m beginning to wonder if there will even be a meaningful embrace between Kang-ha and Pal-gang?!!! Sheessshhh!!!

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    @ 23: really?
    i drop this drama because I have less and less interest in Pal Gang (I need another actress)…

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    I think I got addicted th this drama due to the kids and KH!!!

  31. 31 R

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Pal Gang DID help the grandpa for money, didn’t she??

    In the previous episode, she called the Grandpa up and asked him if she could REALLY have the money if she helped him find his daughter-in-law. She needed the money to find a new place or something like that right?

  32. 32 cheekbones

    Please don’t make Pal-gang sick and totally ruin the drama 🙁

  33. 33 JAM

    i wonder what will be the ‘thing’ that will push Kang-ha towards Pal-kang. The woman-i-love-has-another-admirer is not going to do it cos he’s in a martyr mode where Jun-ha is concerned. Any ideas?

  34. 34 javabeans

    Pal-gang didn’t want to take Grandpa’s money because she believed that was his whole life savings that he had saved up. So even though she could have used it, she said no. When she started to feel desperate about moving out, she decided she would take his money but use it to house her family AND Grandpa, and therefore sort of return the favor since he was oddly stubborn about not using his own money on himself. Her biggest motivation for finding Jung-ae ajumma was to help Grandpa, and I think there’s enough wiggle room in there to argue that she was not being mercenary about it.

  35. 35 jamrote

    thanks for the recaps. I always debate whether I should watch the drama first before your recaps. For this drama, it’s been great watching it, then reading your insights. Thank you again for the great work you do!

  36. 36 ghian

    love it-thanks JB 🙂

  37. 37 Bee

    Thank you for providing us with this recap of the episode, JB. 🙂

    Kang-ha’s problem solving strategies are clearly not working. Getting drunk all the time? Seriously! He’s supposed to be a smart person, is that all he amounts to? Then again, this is the guy who’s deadly afraid of his brother finding out that they are mere half-siblings.
    But I liked that they showed him suffering from the aftereffects of his alcohol-binging, looking pale and all. But who would’ve thought that Mr cold-hearted lawyer would be such a tearful person. He has suppressed his feeling sgor so long that now that they broke through, he can’t just lock them up again. KH is clearly not as strong as everyone believes – I think he’s much more fragile than JH, actually.
    I wonder what he will make of PK’s words about how it was because of him that her parents are dead. I doubt that he will feel guilty for their deaths (after all, he’s not the one who told her to get her hair permed), but he must really think that she hates his guts now. His face that moment was such a delicate mixture between hurt and despair.
    The hospital scene with baby Nam & PR was really cute (though the poor kid playing PR was so out of breath from his singing/dancing routine!), and it’s telling that the only persons KH would confide his feeling to are the kids.
    By the way, Kim Ji-hoon’s acting skills are worthwhile mentioning in this drama. I watched some of his earlier dramas and always had that feeling that he never really took the character serious. This time, his character Kang-ha has a 3D feeling to him, realistic dimension that the actor’s earlier creations where lacking.

    The past three episodes have been quite interesting, and episode 17 brought out a lot of new aspects of the characters and their relationships. I think that Jun-ha is going to become the key character in regards to the relationship between KH and PK. (and though he likes her, I don’t think he loves her. It’s more like he’s compensating after “ending” his feelings for JY). Right now, he’s the one who can still talk to PK, as she has no feelings for him. Also, I think that seeing his brother suffer like that is not be something can stand seeing for a long time. Unless of course some information should emerge where KH has done something that will really show to be harmful to JH.

    PK – it’s a good thing that she’s finally “broke down” and started dealing with her own feelings after her parents’ death. I liked the famly dynamic there, Juhwon watching out for her. It’s also good to see that she jolds no grudges – even if she still acts before thinking, and her running away from the Won house showed that, even if she has grown up a lot, she still has to mature is some aspects. Well, at least her reasons are worthwhile, especially compared to JY’s drama-queen performances.

    Talking about, with PK now being under grandpa’s protection, and the smile on grandpa’s face when he saw KH and PK bickering, I wonder if grandpa will actually interfere with the wedding plans between KH and JY. It would be interesting to see what kind of situation would arouse from such a thing. Then again, with just three more episodes – HOW CAN THERE BE ONLY Three MORE EPISODES?????? – *aehm*… In any case, I guess that there are more than enough problems waiting to be solved in those two episodes without grandpa causing more troubles. 😉 Besides, the only way that there will be a real solution is when KH faces his fears and tells JH the truth before anyone else does. As it is, KH can be blackmailed, not just by JY, but by anyone his mother or JY and her mother are willing to share the information with.
    I wonder how they will solve this. Will KH fess up and suggest that he removes himself from the family register to return what is rightfully JHs? Or will the solution be much more quiet?
    I’m looking forward to today’s episode, and the finale next week. This drama is definitely on my “To buy” list once it comes out on DVD!

  38. 38 lalala

    only 3 episodes left. =(
    I hope kang ha is standing somewhere and overhear pal gang’s confession. ^^
    thanks JB

  39. 39 CMH

    Thanks for your further explanations, Javabeans. I always love to see you interacting with us readers and providing answers to our questions or giving feedback to our comments. Thanks again.

  40. 40 Ellie

    Javabeans, as always, thanks for the speedy recap. Since I live in EST time zone, I check for your site in the morning, and reading your recaps with a cup of java is a great way to start the work day…..like reading the NY Times on Sunday morning in my PJs….but I suppose that’s why you’re the one and only Javabeans! I esp. liked your song of the day. It really captures the mood yesterday’s episode.

    I loved the bickering scene between KH and PK at the hospital. When PK asked whether KH was boasting about being a good student, you could tell that he wants to retort back as mr. grumpypants, but with a sideways glance at grandpa, he tries to laugh it off. But he can’t help but react to PK, and I love grandpa’s bemused reaction while watching the two argue like an old married couple. When PK breaks off the argument by saying that she would be satisfied just working as an FC, KH again can’t help himself and jumps in with a snide remark about how she took last place in the exam.

    I know that we still have the plot twist of revealing PK as grandpa’s granddaughter, but I think it would be nice if grandpa (and KH) were the only ones to realize that truth. Keeping the true relationship between grandpa and PK a secret will help PK from becoming the Useless Ms. Jin again. Plus, she and grandpa already consider each other family, evidenced by grandpa’s announcement to his family and PK’s intention to live with grandpa and his daughter-in-law.

    I also enjoyed the sweet scene between PK and Ju-Hwang on the rooftop. We haven’t seen many scenes with Ju-Hwang recently, but we know that he worries about PK. So, I liked how they snuck in this small but touching scene.

  41. 41 supah

    Thank you JB and totally agree, this was a terrific episode. I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it, because a) the story’s developments b) less of the J-to-the-Y and similar garbage and that it’s packed with its customary special moments.

    Although kind of sad, the scenes where Pal-gang has her siblings to herself again really tugged at the heart strings, I like how they’re one unit again, like they were in earlier episodes of this drama.

    I can’t believe Pal-gang’s outbust? When she’s admitting her jealousy to Kang-ha out loud, it was unexpected in many ways. Yes, everything had taken its toll on her and she was only *slightly* overacting, but then it was also quite a special scene, mainly because of Kang-ha’s reaction — his eyes said it all. Bless.

    How cute were Nami and KH together? I want to frame that screencap of their scene, too much cuteness. I can understand Nami must dote on this ahjusshi, who’s changed his nappy/diaper and made him milk too.
    There’s two votes there, and one maybe from Ju-hwang?

    Anyway, yes!! The Love Confessions!
    We officially have progress!

    Was anyone else screaming in agony and like ”COME ONN!?!?” at their screens when Jun-ha confronts KH about an explanation for why PG and the kids have left? ARGH! Stop it Jun-ha! There’s this thing called ”it’s getting old”.
    There should be a drinking game for everytime he does that.

    Roll on tonight’s episode, yaaay!

  42. 42 deannadsc

    …now if only baby Nam could talk!!! LOL!!!

  43. 43 lily

    Yay!! Thank you for you recaps, as always. Every Monday and Tuesday night after I finish my homework, I watched the subbeb versions on viikii and then come here for your humor and insights!

    Anyways, I think that Kang Ha should just man up some more and tell Jung Ha the truth. A secret that big is never going to stay hidden, doesn’t he know? He might lose the same closeness with his brother, but Jung Ha deserves the truth. He’s too good! Succumbing to blackmail is never ending once you start it.

    And OMGOSH FINALLY both sides are confessing! I was getting tired of PK’s constant denial. I could understand KH’s previous hesitation because that’s always been in his nature. He’s such a cutie, talking to Nami like that.

    When PK said that the car crash was KH’s fault, did you see the hurt look on his face! My heart was broken for him. T_T I think she took that one a bit too far, blaming him with the first words that come out of her mouth.

    Hahahahaha that Goblin Song is the weirdest thing I have ever heard! I’m not Korean, so I don’t know if that’s like a traditional childhood song? I might be just ignorant, but I can’t stop laughing at the lyrics. Gross! lol.

    And for the previews, please god of kdramas, do NOT throw in the terminal-illness-main-character-dies card! Ughh. Too much! I used to watch this drama because it made me giggle and laugh, but I’m getting that reaction less and less. I hope the last episode ends on a light and happy note!

  44. 44 reluctantbutaddicted

    Thanks JB for these great recaps! They’re the nicest thing about Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for me…

    I liked this episode so much more than last week’s two. But I am starting to long for an extension just of one or two episodes so there can be a little more calm and resolution after the storm. I hate it when the leads are finally ‘together’ for only about 2 mins before the end.

    I didn’t know goblins even wore underpants, so this episode was usefully educational, too.

  45. 45 serendipity

    Wow! Way to sign a death warrant. Announce to your homicidal daughter on your sick bed that you’re going to make her daughter’s rival an heir.

    A cliche-packed episode! Count them, folks, count them. Over-reaction to perceived betrayal, concerned car following sad person, shouty reaction to turn of events, bouts of self-loathing, collapse and hospital, falling sick and soldiering on, a child being the Voice of Reason,… what else?

    Anyone else feel sorry for / admire the cliche-trapped actors? They are doing some pretty darned solid work with somewhat flimsy material.

    Verdict: Flawed but enjoyable.

  46. 46 Madita

    KangHa is such an drinker, so his liver didn’t take it anymore, and now he needs a liver transplantation, donated by PalKang….:P

    Well the preview is quite confusing and I did not like the SLAP from KH, why didnt he slapped JY at first when she dared to blackmail him ?

    And JunHa will again play the hero sacrifyin his love for PK and KH. Well at last he got to his senses, realizing that both are deeply in love with each other. I am looking forward of todays episode, and have to be patiently again waiting for JB’s great recap and insight to lighten up my raw-watching.

    I liked this episode, too. Both PK and KH are suffering heart-ache now. But as there are just 2 Episodes left, I cant imagine that there will be scenes where only KH and PK are together. Suppose the Final will leave me unhappy like in WISFC. A love-couple should have more scenes together, even if its just their funny and sweet bickerings.

  47. 47 Beng-beng

    wonderful =)

    I think the best actor of them all is baby Nami. I wish, he will get more Kdrama =). I so love Nami’s scene with KH in the hospital. I saved their picture and put it in my desktop. Can you provide more pictures from that scene?

  48. 48 Quaggy

    Thank you for the recap, Javabeans! This was my favorite part: “It must be nice living in Tae-kyu’s world where everything is about him! Still, at least he’s the nicest egomanic around.” You made me laugh out loud!

    The more I think about this episode, the more I like it. Normally during these angsty episodes when the main couple are separated, I’m yelling at the screen “Get ON with it!” (and, okay, I still am), but I really appreciated that you could SEE that both Pal-gang and Kang-ha were in love. Kang-ha especially. His expressions were wonderful! So many conflicting emotions would pass over his face.

    One of his best scenes was when he saw Pal-gang was calling him. I love eyes got really big and how he had to compose himself before he answered. And then when he realized that it was Parang (who might be his favorite person in the world!) he had to fight down his disappointment. And for an angsty episode, have you ever seen Kang-ha laugh more? More a statement of how little he would even smile before his heart melted. I love how comfortable he is just sitting there chillin’ with Nami in his lap. Definitely father material. The girls might favor Jun-ha, but the boys are definitely in Kang-ha’s camp… even Ju-hwang, I think.

    Even though Ju-hwang was trying to relieve Pal-gang of her guilt, I also think that scene was his subtle way of offering his blessing on a Pal-gang/Kang-ha pairing. Out off all the siblings, Ju-hwang has been the only one who has not stated a preference for one romantic partner over the other. I think he’s been waiting to see where Pal-gang’s heart really lay. (And can we take a moment for me to say how much I adore how Ju-hwang tries to look after his noona the best he can, because he knows she has no one else who will.)

    But my favorite scene was the bickering scene at the hospital. Not just because I love watching them go back and forth as much as Grandpa clearly did, but also for Kang-ha’s look of disbelief when Pal-gang claimed to not have a study brain. I love that he thinks she’s smart. I love that he wants her to go back to school. I honestly hope she does. I think she would surprise herself.

    @25 moana

    “like parang heard palgang’s star comments to nami, we’re going to find out that he heard kangha’s love confession”

    Oh, I totally agree! It was too complete and perfect a confession and statement of the problem for Parang NOT to overhear! The set up is similar, but just different enough from the star scene that makes you wonder if Parang will accidently/on purpose eavesdrop. (And, by the way, I don’t think I ever mentioned how much I like the way they set up the the star scene reveal. I didn’t realize that Parang had grasped the significance of what Pal-gang was doing until he told Kang-ha that Pal-gang was in love with him.)

    @43 reluctantbutaddicted

    “I didn’t know goblins even wore underpants, so this episode was usefully educational, too.”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! My roommate is now looking at me like I’m insane because I’m laughing so hard! I hope you’re happy!

  49. 49 Liesel

    whoah, episode 17! kang ha with tears and admitting he loves pal-gang is the best! and im really digging those lines they say just right before the episode ends.. so full of sadness and meaning… and i can’t believe there would be only 3 more episodes left.. i want more palkang-kangha sweetness overload.

    (on a diff. note, i noticed that the house of eun-mal sshi is was the same house of gukwha in pure 19, and then the last scene was also where eun-sung and her bro almost jumped off iat the start of brilliant legacy… hahaha.. just nice seeing these spots again)

  50. 50 Anya

    Am I the only one whose heart does strange things when Kang-ha smiles?

    Anyway, Ju-hwang FINALLY got his scene( albeit an itty-bitty one). That kid is a fine actor. Heck, all the kids are.

    And I wonder what will happen to Min-kyung when the Truth Is Revealed. Is there capital punishment in Korea? Or will she be jailed for life? That makes me feel (slightly) sorry for FF and In-gu; having a mother and a wife who’s a murderess is nothing short of painful.

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