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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 18
by | March 9, 2010 | 103 Comments

This episode shares a similar tone to yesterday’s, which means it was a little mellower, in a positive way. Also, just when I was wondering at the logic of certain actions (which seemed like they were stretching a bit thin), we got a more thoughtful explanation for them. It was a nice way of fleshing out the conflict.


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Pal-gang explains that she can’t accept Jun-ha when she still “remembers” everything about (read: loves) Kang-ha: “No matter how I try, I can’t help it.”

Using that logic, Jun-ha says, “It may be that I didn’t really love Jae-young. From some point on, I stopped being able to remember anything about her.”

Their mood lightens over dinner, as Jun-ha opens up about what it was like growing up with his father, whom he describes as “a very cold man.” Jun-ha had always been afraid of him, but Kang-ha hadn’t, and constantly fought with him. Their daily battles made it difficult on the others and their mother cried a lot, so although Jun-ha would have preferred to stay away, he went home for her sake because she’d be lonely otherwise. “I think that’s why I fell for Jae-young. No matter what, she didn’t cry. It was a curious thing to meet a woman who never cried, and so I liked her.”

And yet, their mother always doted on Kang-ha. Now we see the flashback from a previous episode, only this time, young Jun-ha is portrayed by a younger boy, giving the scene a new spin.

Using Shin Dong-wook in the first flashback must have been a conscious decision to misdirect us into thinking this was a romantic rivalry, but now we see that this scene is really about a boy feeling less loved by his mother. She would always wait for Kang-ha because he frequently came home late, and afterward the fights would break out with their overbearing Dad.

This image of Kang-ha goes counter to Pal-gang’s expectation, who would have thought he was a model student. Jun-ha explains that he changed after their father died, “like someone returning from a harsh battlefield.”

Jun-ha feels better having gotten this off his chest, and says (by way of thanking her for listening), “You should have come along earlier. Then I would have spent a lot less time feeling frustrated. But it’s much better than not meeting you at all, so I’ll forgive you for showing up now.”

When Jun-ha returns home, he comes upon Kang-ha drinking alone at his desk again, and tells him to reconsider his marriage with Jae-young: “You don’t love her. You love someone else.” Kang-ha doesn’t respond.

Jun-ha: “I don’t understand why you think you can’t be with Pal-gang.”
Kang-ha: “Because I’m a snob.”
Jun-ha: “Don’t make those excuses. What’s the real reason?”
Kang-ha: “That’s the reason.”
Jun-ha: “Is it because of me? If it is, don’t worry. I’m used to stepping aside.”
Kang-ha: “Go to bed.”
Jun-ha: “Pal-gang knows so much about you. She even knows all your habits that you’re not even aware of.”

Kang-ha’s face twists at that; he tries to contain his reaction (thankfully for him, his back is to his brother) and hardens his voice.

Kang-ha: “Stop saying useless things and go to sleep.”
Jun-ha: “I begged her to look at me. But she says she can’t do it. That’s how much she feels for you—”
Kang-ha: “Please just go to bed!”
Jun-ha: “I’m giving you a chance. This is your last chance, so don’t let it go.”
Kang-ha: “I don’t need chances like that.”
Jun-ha: “Then from now on, the person who’ll be by her side is me. I’ll ask this favor — don’t make her feelings waver anymore.”

Chairman Jung tells Kang-ha he’s going to put Pal-gang into his will, giving her equal standing to Jae-young as regards his inheritance. Kang-ha will take care of the will.

The chairman takes this opportunity to ask Kang-ha about Pal-gang, having witnessed their bickering scene yesterday — the chairman has never seen Kang-ha being so talkative, or acting like that. “Did Pal-gang make you like that? I’m curious to know if you have feelings for her.”

Kang-ha looks surprised, not expecting to have been found out like this, but sticks to his familiar line: “I’m going to marry Jae-young.” This does not compute with the chairman, who advises him to think carefully, because entering a marriage without love can bring them both unhappiness.

Pal-gang is welcomed back to work by her friends, but Jae-young interrupts to call her in for a talk. Eyeing Pal-gang with suspicion, Jae-young insinuates that Pal-gang has pulled a fast one in order to win over her grandfather. The story doesn’t make sense to Jae-young, no doubt because she’s used to being sneaky and underhanded, and she scoffs at the idea that Pal-gang’s father was acquainted with the chairman without Pal-gang ever finding out he wasn’t simply the Raggedy Grandpa.

Pal-gang doesn’t feel the need to defend herself, saying that even if Jae-young doesn’t believe her, it’s the truth. Jae-young doesn’t buy it, and presses, “What is it you really want?” Isn’t being honest about her intentions the least that Pal-gang can do? After all, Jae-young’s the JK heiress and she deserves to know, considering Pal-gang will now have a stake in the company.

This is news to Pal-gang, but Jae-young sneers, “Are you really going to pretend to be so naive? … You’ve become Grandfather’s heir and you’re saying you don’t understand what I’m saying?!”

Ignoring Jae-young, Pal-gang quickly excuses herself, intent on finding out what’s going on.

Jun-ha comes upon Jae-young just as Pal-gang leaves, and tells Jae-young not to bother her — she’s got enough to deal with already. Thinking to preserve her inheritance, Jae-young suggests suddenly, “You marry her.”

She presents this idea to her parents, believing that if Pal-gang is safely married off to Jun-ha, that will settle the inheritance conflict. (This is logic that doesn’t quite jibe with me, but I suppose it means that Jun-ha is friendly with the Jungs, and will keep his wife in line. Therefore, the Jungs will be safer keeping their enemy near rather than being at the mercy of Pal-gang’s independence.)

Pal-gang bursts into the chairman’s office and confronts him about this inheritance business. What does he mean by this? She doesn’t want it.

The chairman explains that she’s like his own grandchild, so it’s not so strange to leave his inheritance to her. Therefore it’s not the same thing as winning the lotto. Pal-gang responds, “To me it is. You’re doing this because of your relationship with my parents. I haven’t earned it with my own efforts. Why should I accept?”

He doesn’t see what the problem is — she can use this money to raise her family comfortably. It does seem that Pal-gang’s resistance and stubborn pride are veering into foolish excess, until she bursts out, “It’s because I’m afraid because I don’t know what I’d do with that money!”

Ah, now it becomes clear. She reminds him of all the stupid things she used to do, like raiding a sibling’s piggy bank to do her hair or going into credit card debt for a nice bag: “I can’t trust myself. I couldn’t tell anyone back then, but I didn’t like myself either. I used to wonder at night if I shouldn’t live like that, and it gave me headaches. But I don’t feel that now. I don’t have money or my own place to live, but my mind is easy.”

In fact, she’s so determined to not take his handout that she urges him to put it into writing that he will NOT make her his heir. He indulges her and calls Kang-ha to the office.

The appearance of Kang-ha surprises Pal-gang, and this time it’s Kang-ha who’s left looking on in bemusement as Pal-gang bickers with Grandpa. Why is Kang-ha here when the will doesn’t concern him? Grandpa explains that Kang-ha drew up his will, and she returns, “Don’t you know how to write, Grandpa?”

The chairman says that a man as successful as he is must have other people do things like this to look cool. She retorts, “That must be nice.” He replies, “It is. You can succeed yourself, then tell Kang-ha to write your will.”

Grandpa instructs Kang-ha to take out the clause in his will that involves Pal-gang. He sniffs, “I’m not going to waste my money on someone who insists she doesn’t want it.” This makes Pal-gang happy, so he dismisses her.

After she leaves, Grandpa chuckles at her stubbornness. But contrary to his prior statement, he tells Kang-ha that they’ll be drawing up a new will and leaving Pal-gang in it. However, they will keep this one a secret, because he realizes now that it was a mistake to reveal his intentions to his family.

At lunchtime, Jun-ha plays with Nam and waits with Pa-rang for Pal-gang to come out. When she arrives, she tries to take Nam from him — both feeling sorry at the trouble, and uncomfortable with Jun-ha being so solicitous — but Jun-ha is back to being the nice, accommodating ajusshi, and he insists he’s fine. This is a recurring motif this episode, where Pal-gang finds his niceness burdensome, but Jun-ha presses on anyway.

Pa-rang is keen on dropping by Kang-ha’s office, and Jun-ha tries to deflect the boy’s attention. He’s unsuccessful, but as it happens, Kang-ha comes by anyway, and Pa-rang invites him along to lunch. However, seeing the uncomfortable looks on Pal-gang’s and Jun-ha’s faces, he declines.

And then: babies feeding babies! HOW CUTE, right?

Urg. So. Adorable. It’s ridiculous. There’s something hypnotizing about watching baby Nam eat jajangmyun. Nom, nom.

Jae-young finds Kang-ha on the terrace area outside, and reminds him of their upcoming engagement ceremony.

Kang-ha has agreed to go along with everything, but he shows very little reaction to her. Thus Jae-young approaches him a bit tentatively, thanking him for going along with all the plans, a little unsettled at his lack of response but grateful that he’s not resisting anymore. Rather, it’s like he’s resigned to his fate.

Jun-ha offers to let the kids stay in his office for the time being. Again she declines his kindness, but he adds that it’s really for the kids’ benefit, not hers. It must be difficult for them to tag along as she works, and honestly, if she’s so intent on making money, this allows her to focus more on her work.

As he drops her off after lunch (taking the kids), he advises her to focus on work to avoid thinking on other things (read: Kang-ha). And then, he tells himself, as though trying to convince himself, “I gave hyung a last chance. So I won’t feel sorry.”

Pal-gang scores a new contract with a client who actually contacted her first, saying that the rumors have spread that she’s an FC who treats her customers like family. She’s a little awed but pleased at this easy sale, and happily signs him to a policy.

The man treats her with friendliness, but after she leaves, he asks his subordinate if she’s really the FC with the worst record. It didn’t seem that way to him. This comment, coupled with the fact that it’s hinted that this man is a mob boss of some sort, makes him seem rather shifty.

Kang-ha accompanies Jae-young and her mother as they finish up some shopping for the upcoming engagement and wedding. He hangs back disinterestedly, answering when his opinion is requested but hardly registering their questions. Kang-ha excuses himself, and Min-kyung mutters that he’s like a cow being led to slaughter.

While the women browse, Kang-ha gets lost in thought, thinking of Jun-ha’s telling comment that Pal-gang knows a lot about him.

When Pal-gang picks Nam up from daycare, the caretaker informs her that Nam seemed unwell today. Pal-gang figures that it must be that he’s reacting to the changes in their environment.

She comes home with Nam and Pa-rang to find a full house: Grandpa and Jun-ha are over for dinner. Grandpa has bought some meat to grill, and Jun-ha has come bearing gifts.

The gifts are electronic devices with little GPS trackers that link to Jun-ha’s phone, and even has a sound function, sort of like a fancy walkie-talkie. The kids think this is cool and not creepy.

He also has a gift for Pal-gang, and presents her with a box. Last of all, there’s an electronic photo frame, which displays digital photographs in a slideshow.

The next day, Pal-gang hurries to daycare after receiving a distressed call about Nam’s health. What was minor agitation yesterday has now worsened, and it looks like he has to go to the hospital.

Eun-mal has to be away in the evening, so Jun-ha assures her that he will watch over the kids that night, and brings them back to his house. (Cutely, Tae-kyu is thrilled.)

The children all line up (looking a bit like the Von Trapps) to present Kang-ha with a wedding gift: it’s Jun-ha’s digital photo frame, which has been loaded with photos of the Jin family.

The older kids file away, but Pa-rang hangs back to ask in a shaky voice, “Are you really going to marry that hateful looking ajumma?”

This means that Pa-rang won’t be able to sleep in the same bed as Kang-ha anymore: “I could, if you married my sister. You’re really bad! You like my sister, I know it!”

Meanwhile, Pal-gang waits anxiously for the results of Nam’s exam, and they are not good. They’re quite dire, actually. I’m not sure of the exact name of his condition, but it’s a congenital condition occurring because his bile duct hasn’t fully formed, which keeps the bile from getting to the intestines and, if left untreated, could likely kill him.

Pal-gang can’t believe it — Nam is so healthy. The doctor answers that this often is the case, that the baby seems healthy and therefore the condition is discovered too late. Pal-gang begs the doctor to do something, and he answers that it’s a quickly deteriorating issue, so the best thing for Nam is to get a liver transplant.

Pal-gang is tested, but she isn’t a possible match, which makes sense since she’s not his blood sister. Because this hospital is full and the specialist is away, they refer her to another hospital. However, they warn that the biggest problem will be to find a donor match.

Desperate for a solution, she begs the adoption office for information about Nam’s biological relations, but they can’t help her. Aside from not being able to give her that information, the orphanage where he was living is no longer in existence.

That night, she worries with a fussy Nam about their predicament. She is unaware that at the moment, Kang-ha is parked outside the building, looking up at the rooftop room. This is the night before his engagement, and even he isn’t sure what he means by coming here tonight. He tells himself, “It’s just for today, because I won’t come again — I can’t come again.”

As he looks on, he sees Pal-gang leaving the building with Nam and hurriedly grabbing a taxi. She had received a phone call and is rushing to meet her contact. Watching curiously, Kang-ha follows the taxi in his car.

The taxi drops her off in front of an orphanage, where Kang-ha pulls up to Pal-gang and startles her. Assuming that she has come here to give up Nam, he confronts her angrily, and — aie! — slaps her.

Kang-ha: “Is your stupid pride that important? If things were that difficult, you should have asked the chairman or me for help! No, I don’t have the right, but you should have at least asked Jun-ha for help!”

He condemns her actions, mistakenly believing that she is in such difficulty that she is ditching Nam at an orphanage.

That’s got to hurt, to have your intentions so misunderstood even if the situation does seem to support it. Pal-gang tells Kang-ha, “If you don’t know anything, don’t interfere and just leave.”

He continues, “You rejected the chairman’s inheritance, but how does it make sense to leave Nam at an orphanage? What the hell are you doing? What are you thinking?”

Pal-gang bursts out, “Nam is sick!”

It’s only after Pal-gang starts to explain things to her contact — a worker from Nam’s old orphanage — that Kang-ha begins to understand the real situation. Pal-gang explains that she needs to find a blood relative to Nam, because he needs a liver transplant.

The woman is sympathetic, but apologizes — Nam was dropped off without any contact information, which makes it difficult to find any relatives.

Kang-ha hadn’t known that the Jin siblings were all adopted, and asks why she had never said anything about that. Pal-gang explains that she’s her parents’ biological child, but doesn’t see why she should have explained all this: “Why do I have to say that my siblings aren’t my blood relations?”

She worries for Nam, whom she had brought along hoping to sway the woman into giving up the information about his parents. Without that, she doesn’t know what to do.

Now Kang-ha starts to get worked up. He points out that if she couldn’t find help at the first hospital, she should have gone right to another hospital! And she should certainly have asked for help! (It sounds like he’s blaming Pal-gang for being thoughtless, but I think it’s his way of reacting to the horrible news.)

Pal-gang argues, what kind of help was she supposed to ask for? Finding a donor is the most important thing, so her priority was to find Nam’s blood relatives. Kang-ha points out that there’s no reason a donor has to be a blood relative: “You should search the whole world until you find one!”

The budding argument is interrupted by Nam, who starts to bawl, in pain. Alarmed, they rush him to the hospital.

(And, by the way: THIS is exactly why they hire super-cute babies in dramas like this, just to wring every last tear out of the viewers’ eyes! Good lord, it’s uncomfortable watching babies cry in such (supposedly life-threatening) distress.)

The doctor can’t even offer any hopeful words, because it looks really bad and the condition is advanced. Pal-gang sobs, and Kang-ha tries to console her.

Kang-ha gets on the phone and starts calling friends and colleagues to ask for favors, presumably about medical contacts. Kang-ha’s initial coldness and professionalism have been so well established that it’s a little jarring seeing him discard that prideful shell to call people with whom it’s clear he’s not close, in order to request a favor. That surely speaks to how drastically his character has changed over the course of this drama.

Pal-gang sits dully while she waits, but at a certain point she recalls that today is his engagement day. She urges him to go on. When his phone rings, he fumbles hurriedly for it, thinking it may be one of his contacts, but it’s only Jae-young. He doesn’t answer.

This leaves Jae-young and the Jungs anxiously waiting around for the missing groom. The engagement ceremony is quickly approaching and the guests are due to arrive soon. Where is Kang-ha?

Kang-ha does pick up his phone for his brother, who is also at the engagement location. Kang-ha tells Jun-ha to come, which brings both Jun-ha and Jae-young rushing to the hospital.

Not knowing what the situation is, both stop short to see that Kang-ha is with Pal-gang. Kang-ha tells his brother, “Nam is very sick. Now you stay with her.” He hadn’t wanted to leave her alone, but now that Jun-ha is here to take his place, he turns away. When Jae-young starts to go after Pal-gang angrily, Kang-ha grabs her away.

Jae-young doesn’t understand why he has to be here when the person sick is Pal-gang’s sibling. Looking rather lost, Kang-ha answers, “I don’t know why I’m here. But I just felt I had to. I couldn’t go and leave her alone.”

She slaps him, then demands, “Why is that? Who is she to you?!”

Kang-ha says, “I don’t know. I don’t know either who she is to me. But I couldn’t go. With her hurting alone, I couldn’t leave to get engaged to you.” Jae-young asks incredulously, “How could you say that to me?”

Kang-ha cuts her short and proposes that they marry without the formality of the engagement ceremony. This is a gesture of appeasement, but Jae-young isn’t having it. In fact, it fans her anger — does he think that if he just agrees to marry her, this fixes everything?

It doesn’t, but Kang-ha has no better ideas. He’s beyond frustrated, and his voice grows more and more heated as he demands, “Then what more do you want? That’s the only thing I can do! I can let go of the woman I love, but not my brother. That’s why I’m marrying you — isn’t that enough?!”

But oy! At that, a voice speaks up behind Kang-ha: “What do I have to do with this?” Jun-ha approaches, his eyes narrowing in suspicion: “Why bring me up when you’re talking about your marriage plans? Why do you have to marry Jae-young because of me?”


Finally! This family secret is out! (Almost, kind of, just-about-to-be?)

I actually liked Jae-young more than I ever have in this episode, but maybe “like” is too strong a word. It might be more accurate to say that I did not hate her at all, and I sorta-almost even understood her. Kang-ha has stopped resisting the idea of marriage, and gotten past those initial stages of denial and anger into depression and near-acceptance (does this mean that the idea of marrying Jae-young is cause for grief?). A resigned Kang-ha also means that Jae-young is no longer fighting him, and that leaves her at a loss. This enables her to see exactly how miserable he is, and that in turn makes her uneasy as well. This is probably much more effective at proving why the marriage is a mistake than trying to fight her or reason with her.

I liked the way they explained Pal-gang’s aversion to the inheritance, because for a while it was enough to make you think she was getting a little too up on her high horse. I understand why she left Kang-ha’s home, but on another level it was also understandable why everyone else seems to think it was a rash and selfish (prideful) move on her part, to drag her siblings along with her. But the enemy isn’t a rich man trying to use her, or even an overly stubborn sense of pride, but a fear of her own worst self.

This was touched upon once earlier, when Ju-hwang found out that Pal-gang was working at a hostess bar and offered to live at an orphanage so she wouldn’t have to keep that job. She had argued that it wasn’t because she would feel too bad for leaving them at an orphanage, but rather that she was afraid she would find it comfortable without them and not go back to get them. The fact that her big conflict is with herself adds a little complexity to the overall picture and I appreciate that.


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    My mom caught up on this series – so finally we are watching it together! this was the first one we watched together – haha.

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    oh – and sorry to double post – i can’t edit comments anymore =(

    thanks for clarifying about the whole flashback with junha sequence. with your point of view, it sorta makes sense now. I thought it was actually kinda funny and more of a way for the writers/PD to correct their mistake in the initial one (because the initial one caused so much confusion). However, by placing/mis-placing Shin Dong Wook and the younger boy actor, it shows even more clearly about Junha’s mental state – and that all throughout his life (even now when his mother seems to be dead) he was always waiting for his brother with his mother. and that would explain why he always lets his brother have everything.

    now that we see the flashback with the younger junha – it almost suggests that junha is leaving the past behind – waiting for kangha and letting kangha have everything is stuck firmly in the past and he can now, as an adult, affirm himself and take what he wants

    as for jae young – i had to admit she was kinda pretty in the last scene with her hair all fancied up and everything =P

    and nami is SO DISTRACTINGLY CUTE – that even when i wanted to tear up at the hospital scene when he was crying, my mom kept cooing “omg that baby is just SO. CUTE!” ugh – totally ruined the moment..

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    1.) I felt that slap just didn’t fit in there. It was like watching the slapstick “Airplane” movies where they hit each other for no reason. Granted, KangHa thought she was going to leave Nami at the orphange… but did he have to slap her? Gee whiz, I don’t think they should perpetrate this kind of abuse by showing it on the dramas. It’s like monkey see, monkey do in society.

    And KangHa didn’t even apologize after he found out it wasn’t her intention to leave Nami there. Bad, bad writing and a minus for KangHa. : -(

    2.) I don’t like the gangsters entering the drama so late. More problems.

    3.) The best part of this episode was when they were at the hospital and KangHa consoles Pal-kang by hugging her. But, like someone had commented elsewhere, WHY oh why, did he have to tap her back?? Just hug the girl and keep it romantic.

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    Thanks for your recap. Like other episodes, this one has it funny and moving moments. The most adorable one is absolutely baby feeding baby.

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    i know that it was stated directly that their father had passed away. what about their mom, did she die too?

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    I appreciate how Jun-Ha clearly attempted to give his brother a chance. I just wish their brotherly affections were developed earlier.

    I can’t wait to see how this story will wrap up but I hate not having the Pa-Rang/Kang-Ha moments to look forward to anymore. The Pal-Gang/Kang-Ha moments will also be sorely missed!

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    What I’m wondering about now is how there hasn’t been much of taking care of the loose ends and now sick Nami is added into the picture. I guess everything will get resolved in the last 2 episodes? Perhaps the final acknowledgment of the love between KH and PG will come in the last segment?

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    And second of all, with all of JY’s awful behavior , it’s PK that gets slapped?! What kind of message does that send? You only hit the ones you love? Sheesh! I’m just disappointed the writers felt they had to throw that in, and then not even address it again after KH discovered he’d misjudged PK and the situation.

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    I don’t know how many times my eyes just got stuck on that and let it repeat by itself.
    he is SOOOOOO adorable! Who can resist a babe like that.

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    Two more episodes to go and Im miserable right now because this drama will end sooonnn…huhuhuhu….. I have difficulty on letting go of this drama because its excites me and the drama grows in me I know Im overacting but thatwhat I feel right now…..

    Thanks for thew recap…. Two more episodes to go……

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    i swear baby Nam & Chuno’s little Crown Prince are the cutest …

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    Lol. i squeled at this part ><

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    i’m sooo excited-this is the moment i’ve been waiting for(i think we’ve all been waiting for)
    baby nam and parang is so cute 🙂 kawaii 🙂 xD

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    Forget Jeff Bridges . . . Nami should win an oscar for his performance in this drama. It really was heart-wrenching to see him crying like that on screen.

    Also, I know that it wasn’t meant for comedic effect, but Jae Young’s mom had the best line of the episode when she and Jae Young were shopping for wallets with KH: “He’s like a cow being led to slaughter.” I don’t know why, but I burst out laughing when she said that! I think it’s because I have a very dry sense of humor, and I just got a kick out of how she said it with a deadpan, matter-of-fact, almost sarcastic voice. Plus, it is such an apropos description of KH’s resignation to marry Jae Young. And I loved how the mom said it right in front of the store clerk! Poor JY . . . even her mother thinks that she’s a sorry excuse for a woman.

    Finally, I love the little details that are thrown in. For instance, we all have guessed that the attachment KH feels for Pa-rang is because KH sees himself in Pa-rang. So, it was a nice touch that Pa-rang has mannerisms similar to KH. In episode 17, Pal-gang tells us that one of KH’s mannerisms that she can’t forget is that when KH is frustrated, he speaks with his hands in his pockets. Pa-rang does the same thing when he stays behind to talk to KH after the other kids present KH with the digital photo frame as a wedding gift. As tears roll down his face while asking KH whether he’ll really marry witchy Jae Young, we see that Pa-rang has both hands in his pockets. Maybe this wasn’t intentional and just mere coincidence, but I still enjoyed the subtle connection between the two.

    Can’t wait for next week’s final episodes!

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    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the GPS trackers creepy =]

  37. 37 Ellie

    @35 I also agree that the GPS tracker is creepy and stalker-like, but I’m guessing that it will be used as a plot device in the last two episodes.

  38. 38 R

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    Seriously, if the kid loves his sister, he will NOT sleep with Kangha and Pal Kang. Lol.

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    Well, as far as giving that GPS-tracker thing to younger kids, I guess it’s okay – as long as you really just use it in case of emergency, and not to track every move. I mean, PR got himself lost when he fell asleep in the bus, and ran away once, scaring everyone (including JH). I guess that if you have ever gone through such a scare with a young kid, you want to make sure they don’t get lost again.

    Of course, giving a tracker to PK is on a different level altogether. I agree to the stalker-like aspect here. Though, i wonder if this GPS tracker was included as convinient plot device (because they showed of that speech transmission thing, indicating that it might be used in the future, maybe to broadcast some important information?) or because they are doing product placement?

    This episode brought a lot of progress, and upped the level of pressure for everyone. Baby Nami’s illness forced the adults to overcome their forced seperation, and I found it kind of ironic that the one who almost gave his own birth secret away was KH himself. That shocked, wide eyed expression was priceless. 🙂

    As far as JH is concerned, it’s nice to see that he’s redifining his relationship with PK as one of friendship. He knows she loves KH, and he also knows that KH loves PK from that argument the brothers had in the beginning of the episode. Now that he knows that he’s the reason for KH to marry JY, I think he won’t let it rest until he knows the full truth… This should become quite interesting.

    Those mafia guys – perhaps they want to get JK Insuranes into some fraudulent stuff? I mean, after JK paid for that wrongly signed contract, they maybe think they get through with it too.

  42. 42 supah

    Oh no! Our sweet, sweet little Nami, he’s so poorly. This is heartbreaking.
    Kang-ha was right to be pissed off at Pal-gang for going about struggling–just because she’s too proud–when it’s something as imperative as a baby’s life on the line.
    But I agree with other commentors about the slap, it doesn’t ‘disturb’ me, this show dishes them out express-style, thus I’m a tad desensitised.
    How could he not apologise though? Bad ahjusshi!

    I like the change in the PG-KH relationship dynamic in this episode, PG is the one doing all the glaring, and he’s the one with the deer-in-headlights look.

    KH finds out the PG’s siblings are orphans? A wee bit of progress there then.
    This episode should’ve been titled; ‘the one where birth secrets are revealed’.

    Overall frustrating episode really, JY doing her customary barging in angrily and slapping people, and Jun-ha’s shoulder grab, ok, almost, the intention is there and we’ll be seeing it in the next epi fo sho!
    There should be a drinking game invented for JH’s shoulder grabs, KH’s ”momnika?” – where you drink one shot each time and everytime the super-biatch J-to-the-Y slaps someone; you take 3 shots. *Hic*
    (And I’m not even a drinker!)
    Anyway, Jae-young has lost her leverage and the marriage is over. Game ij obah!

    Now, I WOULD celebrate if it wasn’t for sweet little Nami. 🙁
    Yep, I loved the eating scene too, devastatingly cute, he’s defo used as a tool here to yank at our heart strings.

    To lighten the mood, I came across this on youtube: some pakang cuteness immortalised in an MV with Phil Collins – perfect. It includes that hug people, that HUG!

    (And for us grown ups here, here’s for Kang-ha fanservice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5IU_vmRkJo – hilarious!)

  43. 43 (:

    oh man. the gif there is soooo cute.

  44. 44 Rayean

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    Thanks for the wonderful recap again!! I always watch the episodes first then come here to look for your insights and delightful comments.

    I’ve been following this drama avidly from episode 1 and I’m such a fan that not once have I fast-forwarded through any of the scenes, even with boring evil family and insane fish-lips. In fact, even with some of the weak plot lines and jarring character discrepancies (on JH’s part), I took it all in, simply because I LOVE all the actors in this drama, especially PG, KH,Pa-rang and adorable baby Nam. I reasoned that everything can’t be perfect in K-dramaland and was satisfied until today’s episode of THE SLAP!! I HAVE TO RANT ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT COMPLETELY THREW ME FOR A LOOP AND I WAS STILL SO UPSET ABOUT IT THAT I COULDN’T EVEN ENJOY THE HUG BETWEEN KH AND PAL-GANG IN THE HOSPITAL AFTER THAT. Seriously, what in the HECK were the writers thinking?? For KH to misunderstand Palgang’s intention is one thing; but to slap her without even asking for an explanation is just simply INEXCUSABLE!! and not even APOLOGIZE OR ACT CONTRITE after he found out what the actual situation was is just completely UNACCEPTABLE! It completely spoilt the character of Kang-ha for me and made me feel very disappointed with the scriptwriters!

    JB, what are your thoughts on this? Is there any way to justify how that scene played out???

  45. 45 flo

    I wonder if the give award for baby because the baby playing Nami deserve it. really he clap hand when the scene need it, jump at the right moment, eat and sleep when it comes to eat and sleep or be smyley, bothered or cry to make the scene more teary for us. Really the best actor of the year.

    I don t want to think about how they make this poor baby crying. at the end I was owww poor him! they starve him or beat him ..

  46. 46 Snikki

    Yep, that SLAP, like what everybody else said, it’s totally uncalled for. Why didn’t he just grab her shoulders and shook her a bit. And no apology whatsoever, ugh.

    Baby Nam breaks my heart. He’s the most adorable little thing I’ve seen in kdrama.

  47. 47 Sobia

    I found the slap really disheartening, too. I really do think portraying violence against women in this casual way does a huge disservice to victims and would-be victims of domestic violence. We all know that, in reality, a man who is capable of slapping a woman is capable of doing a lot more to harm her, and a woman should never stay with a guy who does that to her. At the very least, an apology is due, but really, PG should be leaving KH’s sorry ass at this point.

    I have long noticed that portrayals of male-female relationships in cinema/TV (including in the US) leave a lot to be desired and tend to be light-years “behind” where they should be in real life. Take the whole kdrama convention of having the woman stand passively while the man goes in for a passionate kiss — or sometimes even having the woman resist before she ultimately “surrenders” to the kiss. I know that that is just a convention, and in reality most kisses in South Korea– thankfully — don’t go down like that. But the people making and funding kdramas — mainly older men — would rather not see their daughters and wives acting aggressively in their romantic relationships and perpetuate this convention of the passive woman kisser, to the detriment of us all (because, srsly, two-sided kisses, like the first one in Samsoon, are much more fun to watch).

    I really like the family friend vibe of this show, and know that its makers probably did not intend to promote abuse of women with this latest episode.That said, I really don’t like the fact that that the show romanticizes Kang-ha’s alcoholism by depicting it as the product of his tortured soul rather than suggesting how his drinking problem could bring out an ugly side to his character– such as an abusive side. But that’s just a quibble. My main point is that domestic violence shouldn’t be written off lightly. It would be great if the producers of the show could put out some sort of apology/redaction of the slap, but I am not holding my breath and will be content imagining an alternative kdrama reality where the Slap never happened.

  48. 48 Anya

    I’m intrigued with the “mafia” guys…. it’s a bit weird to have sleaze of such sort in cutesy-funsy WUAS… I’m wondering if they really are gangsters, just as that “girl” wasn’t JH’s and KH’s love, but actually JH’s mother.

    @34 Ellie,

    I AGREE! I was wondering why no one was handing Nam an award of some kind, that babe is a natural. I bet Jeff Bridges couldn’t act like that when he was two!

    I rarely care for episode extensions, but I think WUAS could benefit from it. I feel that there are way too many plot lines for them to be satisfactorily settled in two eps. Well, we shall see next week, in the finale. Sigh.

    And for all those clamouring for the Kiss ( fear not, I am one of you), I don’t think there would have been a proper place for it in this episode. Angry Jae young, stalker Jun-ha and seriously ill Nami do not a romantic atmosphere make.

  49. 49 lily

    I both love and hate all the developments in this episode. I feel like the addition of two new storylines (mafia gansters and Nami’s transplant) were just ways to get audiences to tune in next week. I guess Nami’s sickness was a good way to bring all four leads in one scene at the end, but the gangsters were unecessary. Maybe they’ll have a big part in the end? I dunno. How could they wrap up so many unresolved issues in 2 more hours? Aggh!

    And I WANT THAT BABY. >.<

    As for JY here, I thought she looked so pretty! The hair and the dress are actually flattering on her here, and I understood her situation more, especially with the new hesitance with which she approached KH. Even she was seriously shocked and worried that JH overheard their last conversation, which shows that she's afraid too of giving up the secret because it means she has to give up KH.

    At first, I was wondering at the necessity of all of PK's siblings being adopted, besides being a challenge to PK herself. Now I see that their tight-knit family can serve as a model for KH and JH to see that the true nature of family does not have to include bloodlines (as JY's family so tenaciously believe), but it's the effort of the members involved that really contribute to the love they can share. Just as KH shuns his true birth mother and accepts his caring and gentle stepmother, so do all the adopted kids who appreciate the ones who gave them a second chance. Although birth secrets are sometimes over-used plot devices, in this drama, it really contributes to the overall theme of the nature of family relationships.

    Wow, I felt like I was analysing literature for English class, but ten times more fun! 😀

    So, thanks JavaBeans! :]

  50. 50 meosles

    Hey. First time posting here.

    I don’t like the slap as well. Been following this drama since three weeks ago and I really like it. I love the characters, the love between PG and her siblings and how they stick together through good times and bad. But the slap just threw me off. As a woman, I don’t feel comfortable watching PG being slapped like that and then she just took it as though it’s expected of her.

    I don’t know why the script writers add in this scene. The whole scene would have worked as well, actually probably much better, if KH just yelled at her or something. I can accept (with great difficulty) the explanation that KH slapped her because he really thought that PG was abandoning the baby; but at the very least, after he realized the truth, apologize and show that he is sorry or something.

    Sorry for the rant. I got so upset at the slap that I found it difficult to enjoy the rest of the episodes or even the hug at the hospital. I hope that next episode they will address it, but I don’t have high hopes for that. Sheez…

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