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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 19
by | March 15, 2010 | 96 Comments

This screencap isn’t really a big spoiler, right? We ARE almost at the end, after all, and it’s not like it’s a big cliffhanger…

Here we are, at the last week. Things start to wrap up with the multiple plotlines coming to a conclusion or setting up for the big finish. Ending episodes always tend to feel a little jerky to me, because in the interest of tying up loose ends, we lose flow and pacing. I’m not surprised that this episode has that sort of unevenness, but I suppose the resolution of a few big dangling threads makes up for it. At least somewhat.


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Appearing unexpectedly, Jun-ha does his patented shoulder-grab as he asks his brother, “Why do you have to marry Jae-young because of me?” Jae-young keeps her eyes averted, and Kang-ha is stunned speechless to be thus discovered.

Jun-ha demands to know what Jae-young is holding over Kang-ha to force him to give up Pal-gang. What aren’t they telling Jun-ha to force them to marry? She has some nerve answering, “I can’t tell you that. If I do, I can’t marry him.” Well, this has been a circular discussion, brought to you by the letter O (My God Just Talk, People).

The brothers step aside for a private talk, and Kang-ha asks Jun-ha to let this go this once and pretend he didn’t overhear the conversation. To his shock, Jun-ha asks (rather casually in fact), “Are you asking me to pretend I don’t know you and I have different mothers?”

As Kang-ha gapes, Jun-ha explains that he found out when he was in fifth grade — it was after another huge fight with their father, and Kang-ha had run away. A week later, their father dragged him back home and they’d fought again: “As he hit you, you talked back. You said you’d live with your mother, and that you were born outside of the family, so why does he keep bringing you back?”

Not only that, Jun-ha’s mother had heard, and that was the day she gave him his own room and told Jun-ha not to use it, because Kang-ha needed his own space. Jun-ha asks, “She loved you a lot — why didn’t you ever call her Mom?”

Kang-ha explains that he couldn’t, even though he wanted to, again demonstrating his own self-loathing. She was too fine and kind that “it felt like a guy like me couldn’t call her Mother.” Furthermore, he felt that would have been unfair — “I couldn’t take that from you.”

Jun-ha reminisces about growing up always wanting to be like Kang-ha, who stood up to Father. Even when his friends questioned why he followed his brother around, he continued to do so: “Actually, I never wanted to beat you. I always felt safe following behind you.” He concedes this round to Kang-ha, too, saying that whenever he cares for someone, they’re always looking at Kang-ha.

Jun-ha advises, “So stay here” (meaning at the hospital with Pal-gang). Kang-ha sighs, “Not this time.” Jun-ha smiles ruefully and requests, “Give me the chance to step back with dignity.”

As he drives home, Jun-ha tears up as he talks aloud, as though to his mother: “Hung says he wanted to call you Mother. You must be happy to have your wish granted.” (I don’t recall hearing what happened to her, but I’m assuming she has died.)

At the hospital, Pal-gang tells Kang-ha he can go home. She’ll stay with Nam, but there’s no need for him to remain.

He gets up to leave and addresses their relationship status indirectly by saying she’ll have to be on her own “until Jun-ha comes.” He’s always taken things from his brother, and can’t do it this time. Giving her up doesn’t necessarily mean that Jun-ha will get what he wants and he recognizes this, but Kang-ha adds, “But in that case, I won’t either.” Even if neither of them ends up with Pal-gang, he’d rather not claim her and add more hurt to his brother. It’s simultaneously a stupid and sweet thought.

Grandpa rushes to hospital, where Kang-ha explains Nam’s situation. Grandpa understands now that the reason Kang-ha didn’t go to his own engagement party was because he was here with Pal-gang.

He chides Pal-gang for not telling him about the situation right away, and comforts her as she cries. Not wanting to upset the family with Nam’s condition, Pal-gang tells Eun-mal and the kids that she’s merely away on a business trip.

When Jun-ha comes upon Jae-young at the bar, she tells him that she knew he would come find her here, because he’s always done that. She wonders, “Why couldn’t it be you? It would’ve been nice if it was you.” Still, she’s determined to get her way and tells Jun-ha that she won’t tell him what he wants to know because she’ll need to use him in order to get Kang-ha.

Jun-ha replies, “Sorry, but I already know everything. … So you can’t use me.”

Sensing Jun-ha’s dejected mood, Jae-young asks if he really does love Pal-gang. He says, “What use is that? She only sees him.”

At another bar, Kang-ha drinks. I know drinking is drama shorthand to show that our heroes are in turmoil, but again? I think part of what makes the latter half of this drama a little ridiculous is the repetitive nature of its plot beats (like Jae-young’s robotic insistence on marrying Kang-ha like she’s some Terminator of Happiness and/or Logic), and the drinking is enough to make MY liver hurt. Can’t he go hit baseballs, or brood by the Han River or something?

As he drinks, Kang-ha thinks over Jun-ha’s words, but guilt prevents him from being able to take this chance. He murmurs, “Not this time. Just this time, I won’t.”

Jae-young finds Kang-ha at work, and he apologizes for not showing up to their engagement, but offers to get married right away. And Jae-young slaps him.

(URG. Speaking of drama shorthand… I’ve read a lot of explanations, defenses, and criticisms of the previous slaps. There have been a lot of thoughtful comments dissecting all the various instances, and I agree in disliking the slap but understanding the thought behind it. However, it IS lazy writing at this point, more shorthand to skip over the task of trying to differentiate its scenes with any originality. Come on, if we’ve got to see everyone going slaphappy I at least want some variety here. Give me a yanking of hair, a knee to the groin, a glove thrown in a face.)

Kang-ha is a mighty patient man to endure two slaps from Jae-young within a 24-hour period. This one at least isn’t an I-hate-you slap, but a wake-up-you-fool slap, as she asks why he’s staying when Jun-ha already knows the truth. Kang-ha stubbornly says he will marry Jae-young, and she replies, “But now I don’t want to.”

She realized something while clinging to him desperately: “Love doesn’t happen even if you push someone toward it. So don’t turn Jun-ha into a fool.” Kang-ha’s insistence on giving up his happiness for his brother’s sake only makes Jun-ha seem sadder, because we all know Jun-ha’s not going to win Pal-gang over no matter what Kang-ha does.

Now the situation is all flipped around and In-gu is horribly confused. Jae-young suddenly says she’s not marrying Kang-ha, and now Jun-ha wants a transfer to the States?

Kang-ha doesn’t like this plan and confronts his brother. Jun-ha tells him that he’s sick of being this guy, and threatens to disown him if Kang-ha keeps going like this. As much as Kang-ha doesn’t want to be the guy who always steals his brother’s women, Jun-ha doesn’t want to be the guy who ruins his brother’s happiness, either.

Good lord. This has got to be the most drawn-out game of “Not It” ever.

And then… a breakthrough! Kang-ha and Grandpa Jung rush to the police station when they hear that Jung-ae and her son have been located, having been caught trying to enter China with false papers.

Grandpa introduces himself as Jung-ae’s father (in law), and reminds her of his son. To his surprise, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so Kang-ha asks about her son’s father. Isn’t he the chairman’s grandson?

Jung-ae explains that they must be mistaken, because the boy’s father was a married man, which is why she left her hometown in the first place — she didn’t want that to ruin her son’s future. This is a big shock, and although Kang-ha suggests a DNA test just in case, it’s clear they were barking up the wrong tree all this time. Furthermore, Grandpa’s weakened health can’t endure this shock, and he ends up in the hospital. Again.

Pal-gang hasn’t left the hospital since Nam was brought in, worrying over him as he remains unconscious. (By the way: Baby in a respirator = total low emotional blow, drama! You just can’t say anything when you’ve got a baby hooked up to drips and machines and looking all pathetic.)

When Pal-gang emerges from the room, she finds Kang-ha waiting for her, a little startled given the finality of his statements when he left the last time. He explains that Jun-ha won’t be his brother anymore if he lets Pal-gang go. He holds her, then admits that that’s just an excuse — despite his constant reminders to himself not to come here, he would have come in the end. Jun-ha just pushed him here a bit sooner.

Kang-ha says, “I’m sorry for hesitating too much. Now that I’m here, will you forgive me?” Pal-gang starts crying in earnest at that, likely out of relief to have this emotional rollercoaster at an end. He vows, “I won’t go anywhere now.”


Not long afterward, they are joined by the whole troop as the kids are ushered to the hospital with Eun-mal and Jin-ju. They have been brought here by Jun-ha, who offers his brother a smile and leaves to allow the family to have their moment.

The kids had found out the truth about Nam’s illness when Ju-hwang called Pal-gang’s office to ask about her business trip. Now they all burst out that it was unfair of Pal-gang to keep this from them. She tearfully apologizes.

While Ju-hwang sits with sleeping Nam (the other kids are too young to enter the room), the others look curiously at Kang-ha. Jin-ju and Eun-mal ask why he’s here, but before he can come up with a response, Pa-rang speaks up: “Ajusshi… you love our sister, right?”

Everyone looks at him in surprise, wondering how he’ll respond. They gape as Kang-ha answers simply, “Yes, you’re right.” Pa-rang fully approves.


The Jung family arrive at the hospital to visit the chairman, where they run into one of the doctors in the hallway — it’s Min-kyung’s brother. They explain why they’re here and visit the chairman’s room, but Min-kyung is called away with an important phone call.

She slips outside to meet with Kim Do-shik, her hired hit man, who gives her bad news. Jung-ae got caught with her fake passport and was taken in by the police. Worse yet, the chairman and Kang-ha have already gone to see them, and requested a DNA test.

Min-kyung doesn’t notice that they have been observed by Jang-soo, who recognizes her and finds it odd that she would be talking to Do-shik.

Jang-soo takes the adults aside to report this odd finding, and tries to puzzle through how the truck driver knows Min-kyung, and what this could mean for their case.

Kang-ha definitely thinks this is suspicious and reports the news to the chairman, connecting the dots between Min-kyung and Jung-ae’s sudden departure. He even suspects there may be a connection to the accident that killed Pal-gang’s parents. The chairman warns him to keep this between the two of them.

All the adults get their blood tested to see if they can be a donor for Nam. The kids want to get tested too but are too young, and have low appetites over lunch. Pal-gang insists they eat to keep up their strength and shushes their protests. She also shushes Kang-ha, which triggers another bout of bickering between the two. Everyone understands that this is how these two lovebirds communicate, and smile knowingly.

More drinking! At least the atmosphere this time is lighter than the last — Jun-ha and Jae-young are in the stage where they’ve accepted the results and now are trying to approach the situation with rueful humor. Jun-ha laughs about all of Pal-gang’s faults, recalling how she couldn’t cook and predicting that brother is going to suffer if they marry.

Jae-young is sympathetic, understanding that he’s compensating for his rejection, and suggests that Jun-ha go through with his initial plan to move to the States. Jun-ha vetoes this plan because leaving would only make Kang-ha and Pal-gang feel sorry toward him. The best thing is to stay and pretend he’s over it. Jae-young comments that it’s obvious he’s not over it, and he quips that he’d better practice.

Nam takes a downturn, and the bad news is such an emotional burden that Pal-gang vomits in the restroom while Kang-ha waits anxiously outside. When she emerges, she tries to laugh it off by saying she ate too much, but Kang-ha knows he’s lying.

Holding her close, Kang-ha tells her, “You don’t have to act brave in front of me.”

This, of course, is the scene that Tae-kyu witnesses. He has come to see Nam and to get tested as a possible donor, and this sight sends him into an emotional fit, feeling betrayed by his uncle. Kang-ha says he’s sorry, but I like that his apology is sincere without being indulgent — as we know, Tae-kyu has a tendency to emote in extremes.

Kang-ha didn’t mean to hurt Tae-kyu, but he still corrects Tae-kyu’s use of Pal-gang’s name. As we have seen, there’s been a little difficulty in pinning down the appropriate way for Tae-kyu to address Pal-gang, but with the love lines defined (finally!), they can solidify the relationships and it’s no longer appropriate for Tae-kyu to address her on a first-name basis. As his uncle’s love interest, despite their three-year age gap Pal-gang is in a different “generation” than Tae-kyu, and therefore he ought to call her “ajumoni” (ma’am). Tae-kyu retorts childishly that he’ll call her by her name forever.

Jae-young drops by to see Pal-gang, for once facing her without scorn. Pal-gang apologizes “for everything,” surprised when Jae-young offers a hand and acknowledges that she lost. She explains that the reason she had clung so hard to Kang-ha is because he’d never been especially interested in any woman. Therefore, if he felt the same level of indifference to all women, then at least she could assert her claim on him. But now with Pal-gang, she sees that she can’t compare to that and hence her withdrawal.

In a sorta conciliatory gesture, Pal-gang shares with Jae-young, “Do you know why [Jun-ha] first approached me? It was for you.” She explains that Jun-ha had been trying to direct Kang-ha’s feelings toward Jae-young, and had believed that the most loving thing to do for the one who doesn’t love you back is to not love them. Jae-young seems to understand the implication — that he did it out of love for her.

Pal-gang and Kang-ha continue to stay at the hospital, where Eun-mal brings them fresh clothing and watches in amusement as they start bickering again. Pal-gang nags Kang-ha for not going in to work, and he nags back about her not resting in the room that Grandpa has had reserved for her.

Kang-ha knows she’s just using these complaints to cover up her real feelings, saying, “You know you feel reassured with me here with you.” She’s not going to admit that, but he continues, “If you feel like weeping in gratitude, just say thank you.”

Pal-gang starts to protest, so he swoops in to shut her up with a kiss.

I love how unromantically he addresses her afterward. Rather than wax sentimental, he continues in his matter-of-fact tone and warns, “Just keep chattering on — I’ll take that to mean you want to be kissed again.” Kang-ha grumbles that she sure protests a lot — she should just thank him if she feels grateful.

All the while, Pal-gang stands in a daze, unable to even respond.

Min-kyung gets some good news and some bad news. First, she hears that according to DNA results, Jung-ae’s son is not related to the chairman. This means that they’ve been chasing the wrong trail all this while, but that Min-kyung is safe for the moment.

However, her brother shows her something odd in the blood test results taken from Nam’s hopeful donors. Pal-gang’s bloodwork indicates that she and the chairman ARE related — what’s up with that?

Min-kyung doesn’t fully understand HOW this is, but she knows what it means. Pal-gang is more of a threat than ever, so Min-kyung tries to figure a way to spin this to protect her interests. She takes Kang-ha aside to ask about his relationship with Pal-gang, which he confirms. Acting like she’s doing this out of maternal concern for Jae-young’s feelings, she asks Kang-ha how he would feel about transferring to the States. He can marry Pal-gang and take her along. Min-kyung explains that she’s looking to protect Jae-young’s feelings as his discarded fiancee, but we know that this is her last-ditch effort to get Pal-gang far away from the chairman.

Kang-ha isn’t inclined to oblige her, but he merely answers that there’s a lot to handle right now with Nam’s surgery impending. (They’ve found a donor from Japan, and surgery will be planned as soon as possible.) He’ll consider the suggestion afterward.

Jae-young arrives at the hospital, where she finds Jun-ha hanging around outside, concerned for Nam’s upcoming surgery but not up to facing everyone. Jae-young explains her presence by saying that she figured he would be here. However, since it’s not really their place to be here, they can go elsewhere and wish for Nam’s success from a distance.

And then, it’s time for the surgery. The family looks on anxiously as Nam is wheeled away…


To be perfectly honest, I’ve long since given up on this drama being a logical, well-woven story. Maybe that’s why I’ve been able to enjoy this show so much, because it hits enough buttons to be enjoyable and satisfying. I do acknowledge that there are plot holes and logic gaps that prevent this from being an example of skillful drama work, so the drama’s real talent is in somehow rising to become more than the sum of its parts.

I think we’ll end tomorrow with some untied ends, but it looks like all the big ones will be addressed. Since I don’t think there are many surprises left to reveal, I’d rather they give us a lot of cute family moments rather than trying to work out some convoluted ending of the mysteries.

And yes, because it must be mentioned: The hair, yikes, the hair! I hadn’t really noticed Kim Ji-hoon’s shaved hairline at the outset, but it really has been getting worse in later episodes. I suspect that it’s because they first only shaved a few of the strays to clean up the hairline, and then had to shave a little more each time to keep the line straight. Like a schoolgirl giving her friend a homemade haircut and “evening up” one side, then the other, until a mere trim becomes a Felicity moment. To prove that Kim Ji-hoon is not in fact balding, or in possession of a fivehead (big brother to the forehead), here he is in Episode 2 (left) with a perfectly normal hairline, and then in Episode 19 looking vaguely alienish.


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  1. Ena

    Been waiting for this recap.
    Thanks JB!

  2. Ena

    Zomg, and I got first post.
    First ever.
    I didn’t like how some of the characters just did a 180 on us. Especially fish lips.
    Overall, excellent episode.

  3. Shin Anna

    LOL @ Jun-ha’s patented shoulder grab.

  4. kay

    the men hairstyles are straight outta the early 90s. hair has got to go!

  5. startulle

    finally a kiss! πŸ™‚

  6. jenny

    Thanks for the recap – i read every time =) I was ecstatic with the few episodes towards the beginning but somehow the drama dies down on me too. I’m just waiting for the ending to come. I just felt that there are really NO chemistry b/w the two leads. It seem kinda force. I just don’t feel that she loves him in their scenes together. I can feel his intensity but not her. But her not so much

    Thanks for the recap though

  7. soluna413

    I agree with @2. The only thing I was thinking while I was watching this episode was how it seemed like they gave Jae Young a personality transplant. It was nice not having to hate her for the first time in 19 episodes, but it just seemed really abrupt and sudden how she was being nice all of a sudden.

    I’m hoping the last episode will be clear and not leave us hanging, but like you said, Javabeans, this drama had thrown logic and continuity out the window in the beginning episodes, and so I’ll be watching tomorrow hoping for a myriad of cute moments between Kang Ha and Pal Gang. Oh and the kids, of course. πŸ™‚

  8. Anya

    Love your screencap of that totally expected unexpected kiss.

    Oh no! WUAS is… ending??!!! Say it ain’t so! Guys, I really will cry. This drama has always managed to raise my spirits in spite of the tons of work I have been tortured-er- blessed with, and I’ll be sorry to see it go.

    Yes it doesn’t make sense, and all the soju stashes in Seoul should be cleaned out by now thanks to Kang-ha and Co., but WUAS tugs at my heartstrings and I’m going to miss all those kids.

    Haha, totally LOVED Jun-ha’s casual ” I already know your big SECRET , and it’s not that big.” Poor Kang-ha, he angsted for so many episodes for zilch.

  9. reluctantbutaddicted

    Thanks! Great recaps. And thanks for clarifying the hairline issue… still, even if they are shaving it (weird and unnecessary idea), why not cover up the problem area with foundation??! It is seriously distracting.

    I’m not ready to forgive Jae Young, even if Pal Gang is. That was just too rapid a change of character. JY needs to feel much much more contrition. There’s still just too much of her in this episode (honestly, any is too much).

    Why on earth doesn’t Pal Gang hug him back? Two hugs, and she stands there like a half-felled tree through both of them… it seems so unnatural.

    Not enough Pa Rang in this episode!

  10. 10 marianxx

    LOL @ the hairline mentioning

    Jaeyeong’s acceptance of her loss to Palgang is unfathomable. After all of her hard and manipulative actions she is seriously going to happily declare defeat? Ummmmm. Yes, we definitely know the show’s coming to an end.

  11. 11 mimi

    That’s so funny about the hairline. Never noticed it. : )

    So glad we got the (kind of) confession of love from Kangha – “I won’t leave again” and the kiss! But this was sort of a flip-flop episode, like “he loves me, he loves me not” daisy picking : I can’t come back, Now I’m back. I can’t love you, Now I can love you (He gave me permission to love you.)
    And while I understand the publicly arguing thing hinting at romance, I’d like to see some tender moments as a couple. How about hand holding? Or a smile from Pal-Kang after he planted that surprise kiss on her?

    And what a waste of like 30 minutes in the 2nd to last episode with the alcohol scenes. And NICE choice of critical scene insert when they showed us JaeYoung’s mother EATING AT THE RESTAURANT.

    Oh, and can’t end without commenting on how Jun-Ha just HAPPENED to guess the reason why KangHa was marrying JY. “Hmmmm……Could it be that you thought, that I thought that we had different mothers?” Bingo. —But I can’t complain too much since his correct guessing sped things up for KH to make his move.

  12. 12 shiningmoon

    Jajajajajaja! I love you JB, yes I was thinking the same thing about the hair line in all of the serie, at the begining I thought that was a wig or something them I notice that it was his real hair and was shave, but I really don’t understand why??? the hair cuts with the style like is close to the forehead is nice, why they have to put him like a style from the 50 or something??? well tomorrow is the end. πŸ™‚ I just hope for a very happy ending with lots of family moments.

  13. 13 daisytwenties

    what are the odds that a man who happens to be minkyung’s brother happens to be a doctor at the hospital where he happens to see the blood results.

    it feels so, like, “oh, theres no better way for her to find out than by introducing a new character as her brother who happens to see these results and puts two and two together.”

    well, if everything was logical i suppose it’d be boring and not a k-drama.

    lol javabeans. didn’t even notice the hairline. im not a very observant person.

  14. 14 mariabean

    Javabean, tq so much but your statement .”..Jun-ha does his patented shoulder-grab as he asks his brother,…” had me laughing like crazy πŸ™‚

  15. 15 etsy

    Ditto comment 3.

    This has got to be one of the worst last episodes I have ever seen, which is such a shame because I love love LOVE this drama. Really? Min Kyung’s brother appears out of nowhere just so he could reveal Pal Gang’s blood tie with the chairman? And I also agree with Ena that you really CAN’T change a character 180 degrees all of a sudden. I have a feeling that Jun Ha and Jae Young are going to end up together, and I’m going to be pissed. I have a huge problem with writers matching evil second leads with someone, because well, they’re EVIL; I don’t think they deserve to be with anyone.

  16. 16 Anonymous

    I don’t see how they will be able to end everything with just one episode left. WOW! I hadn’t noticed the hairline thing!

  17. 17 joicy

    I think his hairline is always weird like that. I remember in another drama, his hair line was also straighter than normal guy.

  18. 18 lemon

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    YEAAH!! i’ve waiting for this, thank you JB for the wonderful recap…
    i’ve watched the RAW this morning (luckily today is a holiday here, so i can watched it without interruptions πŸ˜› ) and the scene with baby Nam connected to the drips is the most heart wrenching ones, i was in tears everytime they show baby Nam in that condition… Nama.. Fighting!! πŸ˜›
    although the drama shows many plotholes, but i agree with many commentators here, this particular episode just had too many of those (Jaeyoung, Min Kyung brother, etc)… talk about lazy writers…
    and the preview… all who’ve seen it probably know what i’m talking about… do they really want to add that in the Freakin LAST EPISODE??!!

  20. 20 langdon813

    *snicker* “Felicity moment”! OMG, I miss that show.

    The only WTH I have is (of course) with Jae-young, whom we all know is Possessed By The Devil. I fully expected her head to start swiveling from the effort of pretending to be nice. Concede gracefully? When pigs fly! Not the JY I know and loathe. Bad writers! Bad! And yet, I didn’t hate this episode at all; in fact it kind of flew by. Guess that’s what happens when you check your brain at the door.

    Thanks JB!

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    “Good lord. This has got to be the most drawn-out game of β€œNot It” ever.”


    i loved the part when jun ha smiled at kang ha in acceptance – it was like the widest most cheerful smile i had seen in a while. he also kinda left the family as quickly as kang ha had left palkang and nami outside the grandmother’s home on the street – i think in episode 17? when he saw jun ha waiting for palkang

    and yes – ditto @3 too!!!!!

    the latter half (after all the relationships were defined and done) was better for me

    did anyone notice that when taegyu was hitting his head against the wall (after realizing that he lost palkang to kangha) that he has a red bruise on his forehead!? did he really hit himself hard, or is that makeup, or is that from another fight in previous episodes that i totally forgot about!?!?! anyways – kinda funny that kang ha told him to stop hurting himself – because he really did!

  22. 22 estel

    Seriously, there’s been so much consumption of alcohol in this drama, I think we’d have to stage an intervention if it didn’t end tomorrow and everyone would finally be able to stop drinking ’cause they’re all happy again. Yikes.

    I’m hoping for some good chemistry-building moments between Pal-kang and Kang-hwa tomorrow, as well as between Kang-hwa and the kids. I want to see them as one big happy family! With Haraboji, of course. πŸ™‚

  23. 23 langdon813

    @ reluctantbutaddicted

    YES! Agreed! And not just WUAS, but so many others! What’s with the limp, dead arms? Why do women never want to hug men back in Kdramas? Hugging is wonderful. I’m a fan. πŸ˜€

  24. 24 kaedejun

    @19 bbm

    about the preview – if i’m guessing about the scene correctly – if it was caused by someone i THINK it is, and NOT by the shifty looking insurance buyers from the last episode, then i think it sort of makes sense – it’s a desperate move, but it makes sense. too bad it had to be at the last ep though.

  25. 25 maria

    i agree with everything, all the drama dissecting.. but i really just came in here to say:

    LOL at “jun ha’a patented shoulder grab, EEP at the hairline (thanks for pointing it out, btw. it was bothering me and i didn’t know why) and 880198683732 bajillion points for the Felicity reference!! *high five*

  26. 26 maria

    @ reluctantbutaddicted and langdon813

    i totally agree! what’s with not hugging back, i LOVE hugs. <3 <3
    hug him, pal gang!! really-hot-guy-wit-the-weird-hairline wants to hug, YOU HUG!!!!

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    I’m dying for this recap, I check your site every hour….. I felt relief when I saw and read it!!! Thanks for the recap..

    I like the hug and the kiss they shared its not that romantic but you can see that they really love each other…. I feel that the ending will not be good as I thought It would be because of the Family issue of Pal gang and the Chairman it is not resolve on this episode…. I hope they will not hurried the story…… Im crossing my two finger on the last episode….

    One episode to go…..

  28. 28 tinysunbl

    Yeah I have been complaining about the hairline since episode 5 lol. On the one hand we may think that the drama wraps up in a rather conventional road and the pace is uneven. On the other hand, I think it’s a pretty tight plot, at least better than, let’s say, Witch Amusement.

  29. 29 trixicopper

    Thank you for for another of your great recaps.

    LOL! At the patented shoulder grab. Thank goodness that wasn’t the pick for the WUAS drinking game or we would all have to go to AA with the guys!

    I have enjoyed this drama more often than not. Heres to a good finish tomorrow night!

  30. 30 socal

    HA ha Javabeans regarding Jun Ha’s patented shoulder grab… that is so true. And even if Kang In and Jun ha was a match for Nami, they couldn’t do it b/c their livers are so wacked from all that alcohol consumption. And the hairline… I never noticed that they shaved it but he is definitely not going bald.

  31. 31 squirt

    definitely noticed the hairline…i thought i was the only weirdo who thought that hairline was waaaay to straight.

    i hope tomorrow’s episode doesnt revolve too much around her being almost killed and they just go straight to the happy family parts πŸ™‚

  32. 32 ockoala

    Thank you for a funny and sweet recap, JB. You make even okay episodes so much more than it is when I watch it myself. WUAS still has a huge happy heart inspite of it’s lack of cohesive brain, and I am still excited about tomorrows finale.

  33. 33 Icyanne22

    For me, this was the worse ep…plot-wise. Hopefully, there’ll be a tiny improvement for the finale! I lovee the cute moments but really, for the shameless I-desperately-need-KangHa-or die-trying Jaeyoung to shake hands and *shockers* smile at Palgang is just too weird. Its as if she’s never hated Palgang (enuf to slap her) at all for the past 19 eps. I wld hv taken it easier if she just flew off wherever without ever confronting PG.

    Oh and JB, I love how u were commenting on the constant-drinking plotline and how it made ur liver hurt. I was LOL-ing at that, the shlder grabbing, the slapping and the hairline comment. Ur recap for this ep was particularly funny. If not for the very few winning moments in this episode, I wld hv said reading ur recap was more entertaining than the drama’s episode itself.

    Thanks so much for the recap! =D

  34. 34 bbm

    yea, it seems appropriate regarding whose the one behind it, but tomorrow is the last episode, come on writers, you should put this earlier….

    and taegyu red bruise, i noticed that too, at first i was wondering if it’s just a shadow of his hair, but it’s reddish… i think taegyu really angry KH ‘stole’ PG from him, LOL

    well if kim ji hoon hug me like that i will hold on to him and never let him go, LOL…

  35. 35 Ace

    One more episode left!

    Jae-young looked really pretty in this episode…

  36. 36 natureii

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    cant wait for tomorrows finale, above all I had so much
    fun with this, the kids just made it more lovable and
    funny to watch.

  37. 37 animedork101

    “looking vaguely alienish”…. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, by the time I got to this lne, I was laughing s hard that I forgot most of the recap… HAHAHAHAHA! (Sorry, I still believe in HAHAHAs. “L-O-L” just doesn’t cut it.

  38. 38 heejung

    fivehead?? LOL! this is why i love javabeans. πŸ˜€

  39. 39 djes

    I love your analysis on Kim Ji Hoon’s hairline! πŸ˜€ that’s so important point on this show.
    I cried a bit when Nam Yi were wheeled to the surgery room. It’s hard to see a baby has to take a big surgery ( even it’s fictional ), and the baby’s facial expression really broke my heart….and then the siblings were all crying, oh, I almost can’t take it.

    One episode left… I’m sure I’m gonna miss the family, the bickering, and especially baby Nam Yi.

  40. 40 nerdswag

    haha… the hair.

  41. 41 Juwo

    Thanks JB for giving us a hilarious recap – now I just have to figure out how to insert all your lovely metaphors into everyday speech! The number of times that people are in a bar/drinking makes me feel as though they’re playing some secret drinking game – maybe for stubborn, unyielding plot points?

  42. 42 Marie

    Thank you so much for the recap JB This has been a very enjoyable series. One more episode but I am sure the writers are not going to disappoint and give us a happy ending. Even Jae Young looked better in this episode.

  43. 43 floyd

    thanks for clearing up the issue regarding the hairline javabeans! i kept thinking ‘is it a wig? is it real?’ and that was the thought that kept me distracted when i was supposed to be staring into KH’s eyes heh. #64 lisa from ep 16, we’ve got our answer! the hairline was shaved haha!!

    i really hated the plot where the brother of the evil fish mother popping out from nowhere and ‘happened’ to be working at the same hospital. after the biliary atresia plotline, now suddenly they ‘happened’ to run Pal-Gang’s DNA to compare it with Grandfather? Why do you even need a DNA test for a liver transplant???? and Nami’s case is a separate case from Grandfather, why did fish-brother whose not even their doctor ‘happened’ to put those two results together and BINGO! they are related???? they really think too lowly of their audience, WUAS writers.

  44. 44 Icarusfalls

    As anya unni knows, the WUAS team at viikii started a role playing game with this drama… and we had our haraboji faint a couple of times in *horror* and once in *excitement*. So I totally laughed at the part in the episode!!!
    Love the kiss (FINALLY!) and was soo shocked that Jun Ha knew!!! I love how the drama makes all the dramatic momemts seems ridiculous in a matter of seconds!!

  45. 45 djes

    and about why Palgang didn’t hug Kang Ha back — maybe she was afraid to gain antifans? πŸ˜› you know Kim Ji Hoon must be gaining a lot new fans nowadays, so she’s better be careful. She surely doesn’t want netizens found her ugly childhood pictures, or her old scandals.

    Err…. just ignore me. I was just blabbing and out of my mind for a moment πŸ˜›

  46. 46 Icarusfalls

    About the hairline.. I didn’t even notice!! =.=”
    I sooo noticed the patened JH shoulder holding! hehe…
    Can’t wait for more kid moments the next ep.. I hope they keep the fire/PK scene to 3 mins at the MOST!!

  47. 47 vanc2010

    I’m so hoping that PK will realize that finally, KH loves her back! I think it’s only because she’s just to stressed over poor little Nami’s condition and that she’s just used to dealing with her family’s problems on her own that KH suddenly being around hasn’t sunk in yet. I will be so sad if she still doesn’t show more emotions for KH tomorrow. Right now, in this episode, there’s just no chemistry! boo

    But thanks JB for the great recap, as always!

  48. 48 bogchi

    Thank you for mentioning Kang Ha’s hair!!! OMG, I noticed it early on in the series and it has been bothering me ever since. What bothered me even more was that no one else was mentioning this so I thought, was I just imagining it??? So I went back to my screencaps of Love Marriage and I was like, AHA I knew it!!! I wasn’t tripping! His natural hairline had the tiniest hint of a widow’s peak. They kept lining it up for the drama and now the shaved area looks like it’s 1cm thick!

  49. 49 JAM

    @15 etsy – agree with you. This has got to be one of the worst ep of the whole show. Granted some answers are given – finally we know the BIG secret – sorry bro, we have different moms. Sigh. I didn’t even like the coming together of Pal-gang and Kang-ha. Something is lacking but I do like how he reacted after the kiss – totally him. The bickering between the two didn’t do anything for me like the other bickerings did. The one little scene between Pa- rang and Kang-ha did not even pick up the ep.

    The only thing I like was watching baby Nam sleeping. Its amazing why all babies sleep like that (at least both mine do!) with their arms above their heads. Cuteness factor = 10.

    Sorry for griping. I certainly hope things will pick up tomorrow and the show will make a good sprint towards the finishing line. But judging from the trailers, might be in for a disappointment. SIGH.

  50. 50 JAM

    Forgot to add:

    1. YES, what’s with the limp arms? Pal-gang, don’t you know how to hug???

    2. Hairlines – I find both brothers hair or hairlines are really odd this ep. Thanks for pointing out the reason, JB. At least I got a laugh out of the your last comment. Definitely ‘vaguely alienish’. πŸ˜€

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