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Wish Upon a Star: Episode 20 (Final)
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Wish Upon a Star ended with a series high rating of 18.5%, which was the top rating among Tuesday dramas. To be perfectly frank, I think the last two episodes are two of the weakest, which is too bad. We do get our happy ending (not that that was ever in doubt) and a feel-good vibe, which is ultimately all I ever wanted from this drama. I’m a little disappointed that this episode wasn’t as good as some of those middle episodes that were so winning, but overall I’m satisfied with how it ended.


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Since we all know that this drama can’t possibly kill Nam off, I’m glad to see they waste no time showing us that he’s fast on the mend. He has taken his surgery well, and can be discharged tomorrow.

With that settled, on to the next hiccup: Pal-gang wants to move her siblings back to Eun-mal’s rooftop apartment. Everyone thinks that’s unnecessary, given that she’s in a dating relationship with Kang-ha and that the living arrangements are more practical at his place. She remains firm about it, intent to get her own place as soon as she has the money.

Kang-ha doesn’t see it her way, and asks if this is her pride again. He even refers to Eun-mal as “our grandma,” asking how Pal-gang can impose such a difficult situation upon her.

Pal-gang starts to protest, but Kang-ha keeps making his point, reminding her how she’d made such a fuss over signing a contract to protect her contract extension. And she’s just going to forget that now? Pal-gang tells him, “You know why I’m doing this.” Kang-ha grimaces and grabs her hand to pull her out of the room for a more private discussion. Everyone finds this demonstration of take-charge manliness cool and not overbearing.

For those of you who find the ubiquitous kdrama arm-drag questionable, perhaps Jin-ju’s reaction will shed some light: she exclaims that those scenes are her favorite in dramas, but balks when Jang-soo attempts the maneuver clumsily. The scenario is decidedly less romantic when it’s your arm being dragged, eh?

Despite the above screencap, this is a mostly amusing scene as Kang-ha grumpily asks Pal-gang whether she’s suffering a case of inflated ego — she’s moving out because of Jun-ha, right? Is it because she thinks he’s still in love with her? Kang-ha says that Jun-ha will be fine: “That’s the most we can do for him. If he acts like nothing’s wrong, we have to do the same for him.”

Furthermore, Kang-ha tells her that she’s not exactly the type of woman that guys get hung up on for ages about. “It’s not like your face is that pretty, or your figure is curvy. And it’s hardly like you’re Jang-geum [of Dae Jang Geum] in the kitchen, or great at keeping house.” She’s not so great at her job, either, and she’s got five siblings to take care of. This is Kang-ha’s attempt to convince her that Jun-ha won’t be pining after her, but he gets a little carried away and pricks her temper. She warns, “I think you’re making a big mistake” and leaves feeling peeved.

Grandpa Jung has a pretty good idea of Min-kyung’s involvement in all this mess, and attempts to get her to confess. First he describes his own past, saying he’s committed a lot of sins in his life. He was once so fixated on money that he neglected his family, and people suffered because of him. The hospital was his attempt to atone, but he didn’t see that in pursuing that goal he was making his own son feel uneasy. Thus he drove them to commit sins of their own.

Therefore, he advises, “Quit while you still can.” He urges her to confess her sins and accept her punishment. Min-kyung is rattled by this direct confrontation but clings to her declaration that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and excuses herself hastily.

She believes she’s past the point of no return, and although she failed “as a woman and a person,” she doesn’t want to fail as a mother. You know, since mothers are neither.

After giving up on Kang-ha, Jae-young has been a lot freer, and talks philosophically to Jun-ha about why Pal-gang was able to win Kang-ha over when others couldn’t. She has finally realized that it’s because she’d never walked on her own, while Pal-gang was busy running around to support five siblings. Seeing Pal-gang’s efforts must have had an effect on both Won brothers, while Jae-young had been sitting back wondering why she wasn’t being noticed. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the lying and the slapping and the blackmail.

She tells him, “I want to walk on my own too. I might fall, but I want to walk on my own. When that happens, would you not reach out a hand but just walk with me?”

Since Kang-ha has won this argument, the family returns to the house, where Tae-kyu pouts at his uncle and pointedly calls Pal-gang by her name. This is his little rebellion against Kang-ha, and demonstrates his unwillingness to accept Pal-gang as his uncle’s girlfriend.

Into the shower for him. Tae-kyu protests all the while that he won’t give up, and keeps shouting, “Pal-gang-ah!’

While Kang-ha is busy with Tae-kyu, Pal-gang and Jun-ha sit for a talk, and she asks if he finds her bold for returning to the house. Jun-ha says he’ll have to retire from their secret-sharing club, since they’re out of secrets to keep. However, he was happy being a member, “And I truly welcome you back.”

Jun-ha tells his brother that he’ll take over the shower duties with Tae-kyu, since Kang-ha ought to turn his attention elsewhere now.

That night Kang-ha brings up the topic of their relationship, but in his customary unsentimental way: “Let’s get married, if you’re not busy.” Ah, ever the romantic! Seeing Pal-gang’s blank reaction, he asks if he has to sing her a song, present a ring, and get down on his knee: “You know I can’t do that because it’s embarrassing.” Dryly, she replies in kind: “No, I can’t, because I’m busy.”

He clarifies, “I’m proposing right now.” She returns, “I’m declining right now.” His bafflement is cute and amusing because in his mind, it’s all so simple. They like each other and it’s obvious they’ll marry, so why the rejection? He even adds, “I’m a pretty popular guy, you know.”

Pal-gang replies that she’s too busy and has no time for marrying, and tosses his words back at him — she’s not pretty, or shapely, or a good cook, so marrying her is ridiculous anyway. If she married him now, she’ll have to spend her whole life thanking Kang-ha for “saving her.” Others would mock her for marrying up and turning into Cinderella.

While the first part of that explanation was teasing, she does mean the latter part, and therefore she can’t marry until she realizes her dreams: “I’m going to become an insurance queen. So I’ll be busy.”

Pal-gang’s response has Kang-ha so incredulous that he’s reduced to stuttering, and then he gripes, “Why can’t you have a dream that’s possible?”

Pal-gang dives into work and rises in the rankings. Her supervisor is pleased with her third-place performance, but she’s not satisfied and steps up her efforts.

One of her clients winds up in the hospital, and we can tell right away this is going to present a problem. It’s her gangster client, and his fixation on the insurance payout tells us that he’s working some kind of scam. However, this isn’t immediately apparent to Pal-gang, who believes that he’s so badly hurt that he’ll be bedridden for the rest of his life. There’s footage of the hit and run accident corroborating his claim. The sight of his gangster lackeys chatting up a doctor looks a little curious, but isn’t enough to make her suspicious.

Kang-ha finds it odd that the man would have taken out several policies from different companies in the same month and needs to investigate further. He’d expected Pal-gang to protest, but she accepts this; if there are problems, it’s to the client’s benefit that everything be taken care of properly.

In concern, Kang-ha asks if she’s eating properly, urging her to take care of herself. She says that she’s fine, but Kang-ha wants to make sure she understands, and addresses her solemnly:

Kang-ha: “Whether or not you become an insurance queen, it doesn’t change anything for me. Just as you understood the guy who everyone called cold-blooded, the same goes for me. On the day you came out carrying Nam and I told you to ride in the car, that was when I started to see the woman I hadn’t seen in five years of being followed around. So I changed Nam’s diaper, rode the subway, wore wet clothes while shivering. And when you put the sweet potato in my mouth I thought, ‘Ah, this woman may be the one.’ That’s why nothing will change, because you’re enough as it is.”

If she must do it her way, Kang-ha adds, she can do it her way. But he asks her not to wear herself out working too hard, “because that’s worse than making me wait.”

All the while, her eyes have been filling with tears at his sweet words. When he asks her to promise that she’ll take it easy, she nods.

Grandpa asks Kang-ha to make sure that Jung-ae and her son will be able to survive comfortably, even if they aren’t his relatives. He also meets with them again, hoping Jung-ae will be able to remember something to help him narrow his search. She doesn’t know much, but a comment about how she and Pal-gang’s mother were both raising children without fathers gets the chairman’s attention. Wait — isn’t Pal-gang’s father Jin Se-yong?

Jung-ae sees that he doesn’t know, and explains that no, Pal-gang’s mother married him when Pal-gang was around five. She doesn’t know who the father is and Pal-gang’s mother had never told her, so she had assumed they were in similar situations.

Grandpa wonders if this means that Pal-gang might be his granddaughter. Kang-ha is thinking the same thing, but to make sure, he suggests that they do a DNA test.

Never out of the loop for long, Min-kyung hears this from her brother, and she urges him to swap the blood sample — can’t he do that much for his own niece? (Discrediting Pal-gang’s claim to the chairman protects Jae-young.)

The gangsters are dumb enough to talk about their scam at the hospital, where Pal-gang overhears them saying how they’d picked the lowest-ranking FC on purpose. She calls Jang-soo and Jin-ju for an emergency meeting to look into this. A quick phone call to a police officer friend identifies the man as a crime boss.

They decide to continue looking into the case, while the mobster’s lackey reports these new complications regarding their scam.

Pal-gang comes home late that night to find an unexpected sight: Kang-ha is washing rice and tells her he’s “practicing” the part of the beleaguered husband. To cover up the fact that he was waiting up for her all night, he grumbles that it’s fine for her to be working hard but shouldn’t she make sure to come home the same day she leaves? He goes on and on with the nagging — not only has the formerly reticent Kang-ha started talking more in general, now he’s downright babbling.

Min-kyung gets a call from her brother that throws her into more panic: to his regret, he can’t do it. He, at least, has some conscience and can’t mess with the DNA testing.

This forces her to more drastic measures as she meets Do-shik secretly, and they’re at the Han River at night so we know this is serious. Even Do-shik sees that she’s gone off the deep end, and expresses his reservations. This finally gives us their backstory: they’d met when she was a bar hostess, and he’d felt sorry for her difficult life. They shared romantic feelings, but after she married In-gu he’d been hoping she would live comfortably. She didn’t come this far just to dig herself into trouble now, and although he’d been content to never reveal his feelings for her when he believed she’d be happy, if she’s not then he regrets that.

Min-kyung is affected by his words, and holds back her tears as she promises to never seek him out after this one last thing.

Here is when the finale starts to go bonkers on us, but at least it’s the entertaining brand o’ crazy. It’s sorta hilarious to see Do-shik watching Pal-gang secretly, ready to strike — only to see her being dragged off by some other dudes. Drat, his kidnapping was pre-empted by another kidnapping!

Pal-gang is brought before the mobster, who knows she has been nosing around. What is she doing, and what does she want? Pal-gang tries to convince him to take the high road and stop now. He’s going to get caught sooner or later, so it’s in his own best interest to stop.

Trying to bribe her into cooperating, the mobster guesses she doesn’t make much salary and offers to give her a cut of his insurance payout. Unmoved, Pal-gang answers that she’s not that kind of person. But she understands his threat immediately when he says casually, “You have a lot of siblings.”

He warns her to think things over carefully, because if his plan doesn’t work out, he’s bound to feel mighty upset about it.

Meanwhile, Do-shik decides that since he and the mobsters seem to both find Pal-gang problematic, they can join together.

That night, Kang-ha checks on the kids, then heads out to buy some sweet potatoes from a street cart. He mumbles to himself that he’s just here to buy the snacks, not because he’s waiting up for Pal-gang or anything! Nope, just hanging out at the cart that happens to be parked in front of the subway station, purely by coincidence…

Therefore, Kang-ha is only a few feet away when Pal-gang emerges from the station, only to be accosted by gangsters and thrown into a car.

Kang-ha darts in front of the car, which stops before it hits him. Then, the driver revs up anyway, knocking him into the windshield.

Getting up, Kang-ha throws a few punches at one thug, but he’s outnumbered and he can’t get inside the car to free Pal-gang. This whole sequence is supposed to be serious and suspenseful, but it’s unintentionally hilarious.

At home, Min-kyung sits with shaking hands, numb with shock. Jae-young sees her mother’s condition and takes a look at the phone, where she sees a photo of Pal-gang tied up and taken hostage. Min-kyung is starting to realize how far things have gone and whispers, “What have I done?” When Jae-young demands to know what’s going on, Min-kyung cries, “She’s your cousin. She’s your uncle’s daughter.”

Immediately, she calls Jun-ha to help, and thanks to his handy-dandy GPS device, he’s able to locate Pal-gang’s whereabouts.

Not knowing that help is on the way, Pal-gang and Kang-ha are bound and gagged in a warehouse, greeted by the crime boss who is wheeled in like he’s the goddamned Godfather.

The mobster smirks that at least she won’t die alone — they’ll find the water cold, but at least she’ll get to drown with company. Just the way we all prefer our drownings.

As the two hostages are being dragged out, Pal-gang and Kang-ha trade anxious looks, just as police cars screech up to the warehouse, lights blazing and sirens blaring.

Jae-young and Jun-ha race to release them from their bonds, and ask if they’re okay. You know they’re fine because they start bickering again — Pal-gang complains about Kang-ha following her when he can’t even fight. Kang-ha looks put out at first, but he knows she’s just letting off steam and pulls her close in a hug. The other two look away, pretending not to notice.

In-gu wakes up in bed, mumbling for water: “I asked for water, what are you doing?” Lemme tell ya, if my (as-yet imaginary) husband regularly woke me demanding I fetch him water, I’d be absent too.

Min-kyung calls him, her voice grim as she confesses that despite her claim that this was all done for Jae-young’s benefit, she was lying to herself. It was actually out of fear for herself, “because I was afraid I’d fall to the bottom again, that I would lose everything I had gained. I was always uneasy. Tell Father I’m sorry. I’m sorry to you, and Jae-young too.”

In-gu senses the implication behind her words and tries to ask her to explain, but Min-kyung hangs up. Having confessed, she finally smiles, as though feeling free for once, and looks out at the skyline. She’s standing on the roof of a tall building.

And then, we’re one year later: Jin-ju and Jang-soo are getting married. (I think my favorite part is when Pa-rang, who is supposed to be tossing confetti in the air, throws it at his sister.)

Pal-gang has been confirmed as Grandpa’s granddaughter, but she and Kang-ha are still not married. When Eun-mal pesters him about when they’re finally going to tie the knot, he tells her to ask Pal-gang instead. Clearly she’s still holding out while she works on her dream.

When Jin-ju tosses her bouquet, Pal-gang catches it, which gets Kang-ha momentarily excited. Immediately she tosses it over, and this time Jae-young catches it. (Minor comment: Notice Pal-gang is finally wearing a dress again, for the first time since her parents died.)

After the wedding, the chairman brings Pal-gang some paperwork to sign — it’s the document forfeiting her claim to his inheritance. He gives her another chance to change her mind, saying she’s entitled to inherit, but she signs anyway. She’s not at all sorry, confident that she can earn her own fortune as an insurance queen.

Pal-gang has moved her family into their own home now, which is in their old neighborhood. Kang-ha may complain about being made to wait, but he seems genuinely willing to help out; the complaints are really to cover up his embarrassment since he’s allergic to romantic talk.

He’s accepted that Pal-gang wants to make her own way in the world, but there are little signs that she’s starting to come around on her own. Every time he makes a comment, she thinks about it a little, although she doesn’t voice her thoughts just yet.

Still, Kang-ha feels a little disappointed with the long wait, and asks Pa-rang if he agrees that Pal-gang is taking this whole thing to extremes. How long does he figure it’ll take for her to achieve her goal?

Pa-rang answers honestly that it might be a while; she’s working hard but she’s nowhere close to being a queen just yet. They both sigh, and then Kang-ha tucks him into bed, smiling at the sleeping boy, “If I didn’t have you either, I’d have been so lonely I wouldn’t know what to do.”

They’re back at the store for samples, supposedly because they’re stretching their budget but probably also because it’s their version of a family bonding event.

We also see from the way that Man-soo and other neighbors ask Kang-ha for advice that he’s found a place for himself in this neighborhood, too. Even if he does grumble about it outwardly. When Pal-gang catches him muttering, she comments that he looks silly to be talking to himself. He retorts, “And who made me this way?”

The family walks home together and pauses to look up at the sky when they spot a falling star. They all pause to make a wish, Pal-gang included, and Pa-rang announces that his was that Pal-gang becomes an insurance queen. The kids all chime in that they wished the same thing. (And at this point, we can understand that “insurance queen” = marriage, so it’s really a twofold wish.)

Pal-gang announces that she made a wish too, and they all look up at her expectantly. She chickens out of revealing her true wish and answers that it was for world peace, to everyone’s disappointment.

As they approach the house, they hear the sound of a baby crying, and find that a basket has been left on their front doorstep. There’s no note, and the kids know what this means — No-rang even goes ahead to christen the baby Bora (the next color after Nam, meaning purple).

There’s no use fighting the obvious, so Pal-gang tells the baby to stop crying because s/he’s home now.

Now she sends a sidelong look at Kang-ha and says casually, “I’m extremely busy but I can spare some time — so you want to get married?”

As a smile breaks out on Kang-ha’s face, he slings an arm over her shoulder while Pa-rang marvels, “Wow, my wish came true right away!” And everyone rejoices.


What a random, scattered final episode. Thank goodness I was content just to watch for my happy ending and was therefore entertained rather than irritated by all the weird dramatics. Seriously, TWO plots on Pal-gang’s life? A double kidnapping, attempted murder, and implied suicide? This coming after a life-threatening illness and birth secret and DNA testing.

I say implied suicide because they never put a period on what becomes of Min-kyung, although there are several hints that she kills herself. In her last conversation, she speaks with finality and says her goodbyes, and we last see her looking out over the roof of a building. The drama couldn’t let her get away with her crimes without punishment — mere forgiveness isn’t adequate given the gravity of her crimes, with two deaths and additional murders attempted — but they could hardly mar a happy ending with an actual death. This is the drama’s half-assed way of wrapping up her story without causing a death to overshadow the rest. Even if it weren’t a hasty way to wrap up the storyline, this was always going to be a problem from the minute the drama introduced such drastically contrasting tones — the warm and fuzzy family bonding alongside the murder plot.

The final two episodes felt messy but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a mess (unlike some other crazy finales I have seen that were genuinely ridiculous). The stories do conclude in ways that flow logically out of their setups, and the characters remain consistent. The GPS monitors were not gracefully introduced, but they were obviously planned in advance, as was the way Nam’s illness, the blood testing, and Min-kyung’s desperation dovetail to give us our climax and resolution. It’s not like Witch Amusement, for example, where I felt like the writer truly ran out of ideas and just started throwing random things around to fill out the time.

Jae-young’s transformation is another example of something that works in a narrative sense but wasn’t executed smoothly. Her explanation in Episode 19 actually makes a lot of sense, that the reason she kept clinging was because Kang-ha had never shown preference for any particular woman, so it might as well have been her as anyone else. And when she finally realizes that a woman has finally captured his affections for real, there’s no competing. The way this was executed with all that glaring and slapping, however, failed to realize the intent and ultimately I don’t buy the character turnaround. Kdramas often push the villains to extremes in 90% of the drama and then attempt to yank them back to decency in the last episode so we can preserve a happy ending, which is why it’s hinted that she’ll have her own happy ending with Jun-ha. I’m not loving that idea, but at least she now views Pal-gang as a friendly younger cousin and not a hateful bitch, so there is that. Family dinners are gonna be mighty awkward, though.

So yeah, I see what they did; it’s just too bad they carried things out so clumsily. But hey, unintentional hilarity is entertaining, right?

To throw some praise out there, I did like how they reconciled Pal-gang’s desire for independence with her romantic interests. For a while there it seemed we were going to get Coffee Princed into a ridiculous prolonging of their relationship, but the way this resolves is one thing I’m glad they chose to do their way. It’s fitting that the girl with all the Cinderella dreams in the first episode not only realizes that those dreams are not desirable, but actually turns down several opportunities to live the Cinderella life. I’m okay with her rejecting the chairman’s inheritance because at this point she’s found stability and it’s not like she’s endangering her siblings by rejecting the money. She had never grown up believing she’d inherit his fortune, so she’s not really losing it. (Plus, let’s be honest here — it’s not like her husband-to-be is all that poor, either.)

Even so, it’s also a little far-fetched to make her suddenly succeed as insurance queen so that they can marry per her earlier dictate. As we’ve seen all series, Pal-gang learns and grows in baby steps, and while she may get there in the end, there’s always the chance she may not. The point is that she’s always trying to better herself, not that she achieves perfection. There’s no reason to add an artificial obstacle to their relationship with this insurance queen challenge, right? So it’s only fitting that she comes to that realization on her own — and that she proposes this time, since Kang-ha has been so patient with her. It also helps balance things out so that Kang-ha’s not always initiating. She may not kiss him back with tongue, but hey, she proposed!

If I were to grade the first half of this drama, I’d give it a solid B for the fresh comedy and the wonderful family bonding among the Jin siblings. Pal-gang’s growth and transformation also get a big thumbs up. The latter half slips pretty significantly, and I’d probably give that half a C-. But at the end of the day, it’s a drama that gave me a lot of laughs and surprised me by being better than I was expecting.


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  1. lovethisdrama

    I dont like these 2 epi. Is a bit rush!

  2. Molly

    Thanks so much for recapping the entire series. I agree that the last two episodes weren’t the best, but overall it was a fun ride.

  3. soni

    Loved this drama.
    Smiling silly thru out this episode, (except for the gangster parts where I just fast forwarded). The kids I’ll miss you the most!!! The best part of this series were made by them :)

  4. opionated

    i just didnt really like how they found the baby it was almost like finding a stray cat or something….

  5. kaedejun

    YAYY for the series ending!! and thanks v. v. much for recapping it!

    hehe – i agree with your “coffee princed” comment – at least that didn’t happen here!!! wheee! even though they planned out the other parts though – such as the gps thing and the illness thing – they came near the end of the series, so it felt like it was still thrown and mishmashed with the rest of the story at the end.

  6. Jasmin

    I usually don’t like it when series are given extensions because it normally ends up dragging the whole story but in this case I wish we had an extra two episodes to smoothly iron out all the plot lines. The writers were trying to unravel too much in the last two episodes that it really took away from the fluidity of the show.

    I was satisfied with the ending as far Pal-gang goes. Like you’ve stated, it was really nice that Pal-gang stuck to her own independence and didn’t rely on her grandfathers inheritance and didn’t rush into marrying Kang-ha. It truly shows the growth that she gone gone through and just wasn’t swept away by her knight in shining armor. I’m also really satisfied how Kang-ha is finally able feel the love of a close family unit. He really missed out a lot when he was younger holding in so much resentment that Pal-gang and her siblings are able to give him the family love that he had lacked.

    Overall, I was really satisfied with this feel good family drama. I started to watch this show for Kim Ji hoon but it was Pal-gang and her siblings story that made me stick with the series. I’m going to miss Nam so much and his totally adorable face. I re-winded that part at the wedding when he was clapping. OMG! that little baby has truly captured my heart.

  7. moonriver

    still a GOOD ENDING for me…I will miss Parang,Palgang and Kangha …hope for ur next recap of a new drama – hope its – Oh My Lady…

  8. Anya

    I seriously believe I’m going to turn into one of those random fangirls stalking after… baby Nami.
    He’s so cute! I think I’m going to miss him most of all, his smiles, his gurgles, his excited jumping up and down… sighs…
    Anyway, I like the look of urbane Kang-ha in a flowery apron. It becomes him.

    And I thought Shin Dong Wook’s hair was VASTLY improved “one year later.” Pity they didn’t do the same thing for Kang-ha.

  9. kaedejun

    hehe – so i commented first before reading the recap… =D hence a double post:

    i think in regards to the mobster guy – he really is an invalid. he pretended he wasn’t so that he could get the insurance policy through, and then faked an accident to give reason to why he’s now an invalid. so he wasn’t really faking i think…

    nice notice with the dress!!! i totally missed that!! that’s so true – she’s finally wearing a dress… (and i remain in awe for a few more seconds)

  10. 10 Jasmin

    @4: I agree that the finding the baby by the door step was totally random but it shows Pal-gang’s growth. At the beginning of the series she was really selfish and was annoyed by all her adopted siblings. By finding this baby and taking it in it so easily shows how her parents warmheartedness towards orphans wasn’t totally lost with Pal-gang.

  11. 11 mimi

    I have to say, everything was indeed all jumbled in together : murder plot, comedy, romance, melodrama (implied suicide), and action (boy, KangHa getting hit by that car was unexpected. And he not only survived it, but apparently felt strong enough to fight the ganstahs. LOL)

    What I enjoyed the most were the times KangHa spoke to, reprimmanded, argued with, whatever w/ Pal-Kang. I think b/c in all the other previous episodes he just didn’t have many lines and was happier in the last 2 episodes, every time he spoke I just MELTED.
    –Oh, and how sweet it was of him to make the rice and do the dishes. Truly, the way to a woman’s heart is helping out with housework. I just loved that. :-)

    …So we got about 2 confessions of love from KangHa but none really from Pal-Kang. It would have made the ending so much nicer if she had or at least given him a back hug like in Goong. LOL . I guess we could rewatch the very beginning where she has her dream — her in the maid outfit. I like her better bubbly like that rather than the droopy face she showed through most of the drama.

    I melted!!

  12. 12 Icarusfalls

    thanks so much for the recaps! I started watching this drama because of them! I must say I totally love this drama because of the kids and the fact that we formed a star family on viikii that bonded due to this show! This is now my second fav drama ever (after Coffee Prince of course!)

  13. 13 Lucille

    Thanks for the recap. I don’t know where I would rank this drama but it was sweet. As for the mobster, he was stabbed and he really is paralyzed. They lost their turf and now he is trying to get money by pretending he was hit by a car.

    I must say that I watched the confession a few times. Not for the kiss, but for the seriousness of it. I got a little tired of their bickering. People in love should have more of a balance.

  14. 14 morfhin05

    Thanks for the final recap…. Hope you will do another good drama recap….

    What is your next drama recap?!

    I must say that the final episode is just ok, I’m not jumping on my feet but I’m satisfied….

  15. 15 'cille

    THANKS JB for recapping WUS!!! you’ve done an exceptional job as always!

    i’m glad that i began watching this drama, if not – i would’ve truly missed a good drama. sure some scenes/story lines were questionable, but as a whole it was a nice change.

    no what to watch next?

  16. 16 dramagirl

    aww i can’t believe this series is over.. thanks so much for recapping all of it! this is my stress-reliever especially since i don’t have time anymore to watch the actual episodes. =)
    i will miss all of the kids.. they definitely gave this drama heart

  17. 17 jamieguo

    I think where they lost me was the whole illness thing. Honestly, like they didn’t have enough to wrap up or enough hardships? To me, it was a pretty quick way to get the audience emotionally engaged and wrap up a few details. And I wish they hadn’t done it. And if they wanted Nam to be hurt, why couldn’t it had been done by the hitman? That would have made more sense, they learn Pal Kang is the heiress, she has Nam with her, they get hit by a car, you know….

    Another big no-no, the engagement that was doomed from the start stretched on for way too many episodes. And were the cause of most of the numerous drinking scenes.

    I think the writer did her best with the family dynamics and could have used that more to create tension and drama, rather than the illness thing. Really, the earlier episodes had me laughing, giggling and crying to myself. I loved the baby and the whole crew, well, except for Fish Face and family.

  18. 18 melonsonfire

    The mobster wasn’t faking his injuries- he just already had his injuries before he got his insurance- which meant that the insurance wouldn’t have to cover those injuries. Thats why she asked the investigator guy to get evidence of his being stabbed before he signed the contract.

  19. 19 ohemgee

    you didn’t comment about the new addition to the family-Bora! now how in the world was that even necessary?

    although the drama had two GLARING social issues i take issue with (the implied suicide and the baby-left-at-a-random-person’s-doorstep), i still enjoyed it to bits.

    and though i loved all the characters, especially our two leads and the kids-i really do think that Kim Ji Hoon carried this show for me…

    as always, thanks for the recaps JB! can’t wait for the next project!

  20. 20 E.Cho

    I’ll confess: the only reason why I’m following this drama is because of Nam. Hehehehehe.

  21. 21 djes

    I don’t care if this episode doesn’t make any senses. I’m happy with happy ending!
    It has been a very nice journey and story about love and relationship, and I love how Palgang matures along the way. And I love the siblings!

    Thanks to your great recaps, Javabeans, because if you didn’t start to recap this drama, I probably had missed this gem.

  22. 22 javabeans

    Oh, you’re right about the mobster! That flew right by me, even though I totally remember the stabbing mention now. Hahaha. Shows how much that detail stuck with me, with all the randomness flying around!

  23. 23 meixin

    yes i loved the family bonding in the beginning of the drama! that’s what really got me tuning in every week. but it got really draggy and ridiculous towards the end. but i’m going to miss pa-rang and nam the most!!!

    oh yeah, and i’m glad i caught the last episode to see that my shin dong-wook looks SOOO handsome with bangs <3 !!!

    woo hoo first time comment, thanks for all the hard work you do :DDD

  24. 24 JAM

    I like this ep better than the last one. So it kind of worked for me even tho it has the glaring faults in storyline as outlined by JB. BTW JB, i was so distracted the first few minutes of the ep by Kang-ha’s hairline – just remembering what you said and I kept having to go back cos I couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying! ha! ha! Hmmm… like Jun-ha’s new hair style and I like the way baby Nam was sleeping on Kang-ha’s chest at the supermarket. SIGH.

    I couldn’t quite catch the part where Pal-gang signed away her inheritance. Kang-ha also signed some documents and grandpa asked him whether he is sure he wants to do that etc etc. Could someone enlighten me on what went on there? thank!

    A big thank you to JB for your recaps. I sure hope you are going to catch the next drama with Chae Rim and looking forward to recaps on Personal Taste which is starting this week. 😀

  25. 25 lina

    It’s a wonder how these kids didn’t grow a bit in a year. All in all, this is the drama that got me stuck with it til the end. (urg, now I don’t have anything else to watch)

  26. 26 lisslalissar

    I have to say, I think your recaps were better than the episode. The ridiculousness was dialed down and the relationships played up. I only wish the drama writers had done the same.

    Oh well, at least I got to see PG sort of respond to KH’s kiss. She may not have moved her arms, but she leaned in! I swear it wasn’t just wishful thinking on my part.

    “they’re at the Han River at night so we know this is serious”
    They should just have police constantly patrolling the Han in kdramaland because anyone there must be either suicidal or plotting evil deeds. Or both.

    @8 I completely agree about Shin Dong Wook’s hair. Those combed back bangs made his face look strange the whole series.

  27. 27 asianromance

    Thank you so much for the recap! Love your hilarious comments!
    For the most part, I was pretty satisfied with the last episode. It isn’t as good as the earlier episodes, but it’s much better than the last few. I’m glad they brought back some of the earlier images of Taekyu being showered, the neighborhood guy who has a mental illness, eating at the supermarket, and PK wanting to be queen of insurance. The mobster storyline and the suicide does mar it a little bit, but the way this drama handled Palgang was awesome. I liked how she wanted to work on her career first and that she is slowly achieving her goals. She is not #1, but #3 is still pretty good! ANd i love how un-romantic KH and PK are. They are so unromantic that it’s romantic. haha.

    I don’t really know how I feel abt the mobster kidnapping. On the one hand, the idea of a double kidnapping is a bit ridiculous. On the other hand, I liked how my prediction of JY’s mom hiring the mobsters wasn’t entirely correct- that the mobsters had their own agenda. However, in the end, they could have just deleted the mobsters and the story would just be the same. The GPS thing should have come up when PR went missing for the first time. sticking it so close to the end was such a red flag.

    I sort of feel that PK’s parents didn’t really get the justice they deserved. JY’s mom took her own life rather than submit to being imprisoned for calling the hit and the assassin dude probably got away. i guess that would mess up the family gatherings to have one family member in jail for order the hit on another member’s parents. and this isn’t some sort of revenge drama.

    Anyways, I love how KH has sort of moved into that neighborhood and how the JIns are going to take in another orphan. It is like the spirit of PK’s parents are living with KH and PK. I wonder if the kid will be adopted as PK’s sibling or her son/daughter.

  28. 28 eiko

    I really, really enjoyed episodes 19 and 20! I’m not gonna pull it apart for any analyzing…..it was good family entertainment with a touch of laughter and tears and lotta loving! And you gotta love Kang-ha for stepping up to the plate and getting his new family in order. I loved the constant bickering between him and PG….and the baby on the door step? Well….that just gave the story a boost to the wish upon a falling star theme and they all had the same wish and PG made it all come true with accepting KH and marriage.

    Did you notice neither one of them said “I love you”? Or did I miss it?

    Thanks JB…..looking forward to the next drama!

  29. 29 mari

    don’t they know we watch it for the KIDS? -sighs- that whole mobster/gang nonsense = utter ridiculousness. And yet, there were so many appropriate consistencies in the details: tae-kyu reduced to a showering reprimand, kangha going out to buy sweet potatoes, snacking on store samples, and the whole family wishing upon a star. I’m convinced some new producer or somebody came on board in the last two episodes and produced this car wreck of a plot.

  30. 30 Norme


    Thanks JB…Awesome recaps…Arghhh….going to miss the kids…

  31. 31 strawhatz

    yeah…the last 2 episodes were kinda messy…i laughed when that kidnapping happened…it’s so hilarious and kinda ridiculous….all in all, i love this drama….lovable kids….especially nami…

    just curious about one thing though….does pal gang know that her parents died not because of an accident? seems like it’s not mentioned again after kang ha and grandpa’s conversation

  32. 32 Ellie

    Thanks Javabeans! Finally! This episode was replete with more ridiculousity than episode 19 and the ending felt rushed, but the ever-cute bickering scenes of Kang-ha’s and Pal-gang’s courtship, as well as the family bonding scenes, salvaged it for me. So, overall, I was satisfied with the ending. I even liked Jae Young in this episode, which surprised me because only a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to throw my TV remote at her.

    Earlier in the series, I was clamoring for more romantic scenes between Kang-ha and Pal-gang and was disappointed that we didn’t really see anything until episode 19. But in retrospect, it was more fitting that they didn’t have a typical Kdrama romance, given Kang-ha’s inherent “grumpy-pants” character (I LOVE that characterization Javabeans!) and Pal-gang’s new-found resolve to be independent. In that respect, it made sense that she would reject Kang-ha’s first proposal (and presumably subsequent proposal attempts) for a Cinderella ending.

    The finale had several funny moments when I smiled, but thanks to Javabeans, the funniest moment for me is when In-gu wakes up in bed, mumbling for water: “I asked for water, what are you doing?” — ” Lemme tell ya, if my (as-yet imaginary) husband regularly woke me demanding I fetch him water, I’d be absent too.” HAHAHA! Amen sister!

    Thanks for all the great recaps Javabeans!! Can’t wait for the next series that you’ll be covering.

  33. 33 bbm

    as messy and random as it is, i thought episode 20 is still better from 19…
    and i love all the happy ending even with the hinted suicide and baby bora (so random, so cute)
    i’m gonna miss this drama alot, the kids especially… all the boys really grown on me so much, and the girls are a little less, but they’re the ones i’m gonna miss most next week…

  34. 34 lawababy

    Finally…………thanks JB for the wonderful & fast recap.

    On the whole I enjoyed this drama…but wished they had shown Kang Ha’s & Palgang’s wedding though. I was so looking forward to it. It would be hilarious with all the kids. Parang would have been over the moon since Kang Ha married his sister.

    So JB, what’s your next project? Looking forward to it………….

  35. 35 doozy

    Thanks for all your hard work and time in recapping this drama, javabeans!

    Also, I don’t think this can ever be said enough… a big THANK YOU for showing, in your witty and eloquent writing, that just because a drama is labeled “trendy” doesn’t automatically mean that it’s without any merits and for making the overall k-drama experience so much fun!

  36. 36 marianxx

    I liked how the last few mins wrapped up. Besides Pal-gang realizing that she may not achieve her goal and should just propose to Kang-ha, I also saw it as the newly adopted baby completing the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. (As I recall, no other color comes after purple.) It reminded me of making wishes when you see a rainbow in the sky. The new addition and her proposal completed the family/ rainbow colors and set in place parental roles.

    I need to explain/ analyze some more, but I do not have the right words right now.

    Does anyone see what I am seeing as well?

  37. 37 SoyJoy

    Lovely summary as per usual javabeans though I must say there’s one glaring omission in this post for me:

    Shing Dong-Wook’s fantastic new haircut! It was one of the shining moments in the finale for me, kind of like he was subtlety saying “Hey hyung I’m my own man now with my own hairstyle that properly covers my forehead. Take note.”

  38. 38 Mon

    I agree Shin Dong Wook’s hairstyle was awesome at the end of the drama. So hot. And these last two episodes were just weird and amusing.

    I really enjoyed your recaps and thanks for all your hardwork!

  39. 39 Marie

    Thank you once again for your wonderful recaps JB really appreciate your hard work,
    I Loved the series and enjoyed most of the characters especially the kids they were wonderful.
    Now looking forward to Oh! My lady next week.

  40. 40 Sugarnatural

    Am I the only one who wanted Jun-Ha to wait for No-Rang to grow up and then marry her? No? Too weird? I kinda felt it might be like a Gigi plot. :) He had more chemistry with her than Jae-Young at any rate.

  41. 41 jenn

    The last 2 eps were a mess. I think it was an obvious mess. The only redeeming quality about it was the cute bickering between Kangha and PalGang.
    Did anyone notice the star blanket with Bora? I thought they were tryin to make it (symbolically at least) seem like she dropped from the sky, the shooting star, right onto their doorstep.
    Can anyone explain the part where Palgang is signing away her inheritance and the Grandpa said something about Kangha’s shares? And then he said something to JoonHa and JaeYoung?

  42. 42 magichouse

    ahahahaahaha i just thought i should mention that ever since you made the comment about Kim Ji-hoon’s shaved hairline, every time he’s on that’s all i ever stare at.

    It’s like those situations where you know you’re not supposed to look but you cant bring yourself to look away.

  43. 43 anna

    agreed. the ending was such a rush with many small dramatic plots in between. but overall it was a good drama.

  44. 44 LeMahMah

    “She may not kiss him back with tongue, but hey, she proposed!” LOL! I would have least liked her to have hugged him back!?

    I agree with all that these last two episodes felt overly rushed and pasted together but I still love them despite it. I found myself babytalking to the cutie Nami, laughing and cheering the bicker-fest because as everyone had caught on it was thier form of love-talking, booing the evil DIL and Fishylipped-one (Ok, I admit it, I even threw in a couple can-ya-die-already comments), laughing over the near-shower drowing of the newphew, and in general coveting those cute aprons! I LOVED it ALL!! Even the parts I fast-fowarded thru!!

    Seeing the wanna-be CinderPrincess morph into the CinderQueen was perfect! As well as a testiment to her parents upbringing and with the addition of Bora a true testiment to their beliefs. I don’t know about you guys but to me this drama was a serious PA for adoptions and how bloodlines Do Not define family! Loved it, but I have to say that I found it very ironic that the chronic binge drinking was occuring while a child was dying from needing a liver transplant!

    Overall, I really loved this series and I am sad to see it end but I know that it will live on in chronic repeats via my computer! I cannot wait to see what comes up next! And once again THANK YOu JB and your glorious site for enabling my fascination with these dramas! Your recaps is what makes it possible for me to truly understanding and enjoy these dramas since I neither speak Korean or know the culture. Gracias!

    • 44.1 Gasenadi

      “but I have to say that I found it very ironic that the chronic binge drinking was occuring while a child was dying from needing a liver transplant!” SO TRUE! And you have officially made me bust a gut laughing, with yet another charming “ridiculosity”. LOL!

  45. 45 Ashlea

    I woulda loved an extra couple of eps but I’m sure if we got them there would be one of those awful storyline deviations where for some reason the couple has to split up momentarily ¬¬ hate those… like the guardian doesn’t agree or some other man/ woman does something that parts them etc. I actually really really loved this episode it is actually one of my fave drama eps ever. I loved it because it was fun, it was cute it had a bit of action… I don’t care about the rarity of the situations she got herself into, it was a bit funny that her kidnapping was interrupted by another kidnapping, but hey its gotta happen to someone :PPP the only thing I do wish for is for Pal Kang to not stand there like a lemon every time Kang Ha hugs her ^^;;;;;; what’s with that???? That’s my one gripe, does she think that’s how men and women hug?? LOLZ Anyway yeah I loved it <3 Thank you so much for recapping the show, your recaps saved me when I was unable to watch the subtitled eps on viikii ^_^

  46. 46 brigitte

    Thanks so much JB for all your recaps, you were the one who introduced this drama to me. It has been an enjoyable ride with WUAS. It’s true that the last 2 episodes were a disappointment with all these messy unnecessary plots but overall I really really enjoyed watching this drama. I love KH & PG’s eternal bickering, i love the kids, I love grandpa & grandma & friends. Romantically speaking, I don’t recall KH & PG say “I love you” to each other or did I just missed it?

  47. 47 Ellie

    @37 SoyJoy — “Shin Dong-Wook’s fantastic new haircut! It was one of the shining moments in the finale for me, kind of like he was subtlety saying “Hey hyung I’m my own man now with my own hairstyle that properly covers my forehead. Take note.”” — LOL!! Ever since Javabeans’ comment about Kim Ji-Hoon’s hairline, I couldn’t help but always stare at his forehead when he was on screen.

  48. 48 ghian

    ohh WTH is that really the ending??what about junha and jaeyoung yayssst..
    arghh i’ve been waiting for the finale and this is all??
    hayy i’m really dissapointed :(

  49. 49 france

    yeah I agree with you. I expected last good episodes but it turned out the last two episodes are the weakest episodes. They are like “just to put at end with this things”. Well, at least it was a happy ending I’m contented. I still liked it even the final episodes were crazy last pieces puzzles tried hard to put together.

  50. 50 NikkAii

    Im gonna remember this drama for its ohso cute moments!!!i LoVe it!!
    Now,theres an empty void in my heart that i have to fill with an new one~

    the final week did disappoint–when all the trends are put together in one hour—all over the place..the fast pace becomes rushed and it kinda lost its focus~

    but as a fangirl, it went away with all the fluff that theyfinally decide to show…after 18 episodes of drunken hugs,,we finally see the real thing!
    I hate the fact that palgang doesnt hug him back tho!
    Ohwell–one of my fave kdramas everrrr!!!

    • 50.1 mhea mhea

      This was

  51. 51 lily

    LOL, Javabeans, this was the funniest recap I have ever read! Hahaha, you were so sarcastic and funny that I laughed at every other paragraph, and I enjoyed reading this more than actually watching the final episode, to be honest.

    It was cute, to be sure, but I it was like they threw in 5 different plotlines that all resolved themselves within less than 5 minutes each. The kidnapping, the DNA potential switch, random addition of Min Kyung’s background, “let’s wait to marry” “oh wait, let’s get married now”, new baby–voila! Seriously, it was ridiculous. But also entertaining as hell. :]

    Also, did KH also give up his shares of the company? It was in the subs, so his he poor now? He even asked the Chairman for a fee because he needed the money.

    I wish they showed more Bora moments! Just throwing a baby at the end is totally unfair to the viewers who love babies! >:[ Also, it seemed like PK was marrying finally because they had Bora now, so they have to a honest husband/wife to adopt s/he.

    I don’t know. This episode was so scattered that my comments are scattered, and I can’t really think straight because it was just too cute. I’ll certainly miss this drama though! Thanks Javabeans, this recap was the best!

    • 51.1 Gasenadi

      Agree 100% Javabeans, this will be my all-time favorite recap. I laughed more than watching my favorite Tae-kyu scenes. I didn’t even consider the “ridiculosity” and randomness of the finale until noted so hilariously in this recap. Just a delicious piece. Great job!

  52. 52 reluctantbutaddicted

    I loved this drama and I loved your recaps (and all those side-comments)… and thank you for persuading me to watch it.

    Honestly though, when I realized that Kang Ha was going to get mowed down by the mobster car, I thought NOOOOO and then I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was like they suddenly decided to hire the writer for Boys Before Flowers for this last episode… Too wacky. I was hoping it would turn out to be a dream sequence, but no such luck.

    I like the bickering, but I am a little sad that even as their relationship settled the bickering never managed to get more flirtatious. Really, not letting Pal Gang react at all to the hugs and the kisses, and to have someone as spirited as she was supposed to be never once even kiss him on the cheek to shut him up or win him over to her side of an argument?? The writer/s really missed some opportunities there. I also would have liked to have seen a more overt closed circle around her opening fantasy of her ‘marriage’ to Kang Ha. Maybe that was the intention of the scene with him doing dishes, but it could have been more pointed and funnier.

    Still, very much a feel-good entertaining drama, despite the last 2 episodes, the KH shaved hairline, Jun Ha’s chapped lips, and PG’s inability to hug.

  53. 53 moimoiness

    although the last 2 episodes failed, i think i’d still still give the drama a B since all the great things of the earlier episodes outweighs the last 2…

    anyways, thank you so much for the great recaps, jb..and for hooking me up to wish upon a star..

    i’m going to miss the kids, pal gang and especially kang ha..

  54. 54 Liesel

    I agree the last two episodes were rushed, but in the end I decided not to be too nitpicky anymore and just go with the flow. And so I ended up enjoying it more than I myself would’ve expected. I mean, even if there were all those odd things going on at the last minute, in the end Kang ha and Pal gang and the Jin kids got their happy ending.. and plus, another kid ! (although Bora would now be a Won and not a Jin). Overall, (putting aside the warped MinKyung and her murderous ways) it was a nice drama that succeeded in always putting a smile on my face. And that’s good enough in my book :)

  55. 55 DIANE

    Java bean
    thanks for recap, i just dont understand the writer.
    you are correct beginning to middle of drama suddenly the 2 ep was kind
    down side and rush. I expect more at the end.

  56. 56 Snikki

    Meh ending, but I enjoyed almost all other episodes, so it’s ok.

    Thanks, JB! Your recaps, comments, and also reading what other peeps here thought of each episode made this drama even more fun to follow.

  57. 57 OML

    TOTALLY just waiting for this to end so that Oh My Lady will start soon! Yipee!! (:

  58. 58 jinjoo

    i agree w/you javabeans, the ending albeit is a happy one, i was a bit disappointed. This series should probab. have been extended instead of rushing it! I was hoping to see their wedding, instead we saw the ahjumma friend & ahjussi’s wedding, not that i was not happy about their getting attached but hey the lead characters here are KH & PK so why diverted the wedding to their friends? I still think it’s rushed like other drama series in the past!

    I also appreciate Shin dong’s hairstyle, much like his looks in his previous dramas like Soulmate, Cloud Stairs & War of Money altho nicer coz it’s shorter at the back. About KJH’s hairline? shaved? was it? no wonder his forehead seems so prominent in the last few. hehehe

    thnx again for an excellent coverage or recaps of this drama Javabeans! You’re awesome!

  59. 59 Flo

    The point that I wasn’t expecting much of this drama made the drama even better. I was waiting each week anxiously the next episodes. I was hook already when I saw the first episode. Even the weird hairdo and the craziness of the plot it was a drama with fun and laugh.

    I like the ending and the couple that KH and PK are perfect. No too mushy mushy but a familly love.

    From the start to the end I was following with assuidity this drama. Even Iris never got me hook (personnally didn t go past episode 2) to this point. I even get a big flat screen to watch this drama HD :)

    Thanx JB for the quick recap each week.

  60. 60 Quaggy

    ACK! It’s over! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much, Javabeans, for letting us all take this wild ride with you!

    One thing I’m confused about: The Viikii subs made it seemed like Parang was still living with Kang-ha. (Which, how adorable is that if it’s true!) But then Kang-ha tucked Parang into bed in a room we hadn’t seen before. So is Parang still living with the rest of his family and not Kang-ha? Did Kang-ha move out of the house into his own apartment to be close to everyone else? Did Kang-ha remodel his listening room so that Parang could sleep there? Somebody help me, please! No matter what it’s adorable. I just want to know that I’m squee-ing over the right thing!

    I have to say in a plot that had TWO random kidnapping attempts, random gangsters and the ubiquitous tied-up-in-an-empty-warehouse scene, the one thing that really bugged me was the now standard K-drama “one year later”. Not that I had a problem with any of that that happened. It’s the fact that those kids wouldn’t look exactly the same after one year unless you put them in vacuum sealed containers! I get that Nami is walking, but after a full year he should be much bigger. They all should! I’m just going to pretend that the tag read “Later That Year…”, because a time lapse of only 2 to 6 months is more reasonable. (Though why I’m looking for realism in a show so filled with birth secrets and sinister plots, I’ll never know.)

    I can ignore most of the plot weirdness as just that, but I’m not wild about the unspoken assumption that Jun-ha and Jae-young are together. I accept that she’s not evil anymore, but I’m still not sold on the pairing. (Hey, I stopped calling her FishFace! What more do you want from me?!) However, if we could only see one wedding, I’m glad it’s Jang-soo and Jin-ju’s! Jin-ju was suck a loyal friend and so wanted to get married. I’m so glad she got her day in the sun. (Also Pal-gang in a skirt… a short one! She’s showing off her legs again. It must make Kang-ha happy! :-) Or maybe she’s just doing it for herself! Either is acceptable as far as I’m concerned.)

    Despite all the flaws in story and plot, there were still some absolutely wonderful moments. Kang-ha had one of the best love confessions ever. And while it would be nice if Pal-gang actually put her arms around Kang-ha when he hugs her, she always seems to nuzzle in, so there’s that. Maybe she has a neck fetish and forgets that she’s also supposed to hug him in return. 😛

    All in all, I really enjoyed this show. It wasn’t Coffee Prince, but then again, what is? It’s like Bottom of the Ninth With Two Outs (9 End, 2 Outs if you prefer) for me. That show wasn’t perfect (the baseball metaphors went on too long and it could be very repetitious and predictable) and there was so much about the plot that had me hitting the fast forward button (the friend and co-worker a You’ve Got Mail without the romance sub-plot; the baseball stalker) but the actors’ chemistry and their delivery of certain lines made it a joy to watch. It’s always been one of my favorite and I like Wish Upon A Star even better! I really am sorry to see it go. Sigh. What am I going to watch now?!

    • 60.1 Gasenadi

      LOLZ! *gasp* LOLZ! *gasp* I can’t stop laughing!

  61. 61 Quaggy

    Nearly forgot to mention: I love the addition of baby Bora! I love that Pal-gang decided that a new baby was a good reason to stop waiting and get married now. Instead of “world peace”, I’m betting Pal-gang’s wish was to have a good reason to NOT wait until she as insurance queen! After all, she’s not the type to go back on her word! And I loved loved loved how awestruck and happy Kang-ha was when he realized that she was finally going to marry him! 😀 The perfect ending the more you think about it!

    (Though, what are they going to do if they adopt/get pregnant? They ran out of names! I guess raising six kids is supposed to be enough for anyone!)

  62. 62 reverie

    Well…. it’s a happy ending nonetheless. So, satisfied with that (agree with you)
    Put up with the sloppy wrap up, but at the end……Bora??? come ooon…. at least they could name KH & PK baby for that….

    but enjoying the ride with you as usual. Thank you, dramabeans….

    preparing for the next journey….^_^

  63. 63 Penn

    I’m just happy for a happy ending and things didn’t drag out too long. Thank you for all the recap, JB.

  64. 64 kaedejun

    am i the only one who did n’t find the kidnapping scene funny – and was O_O when kang ha got hit by the car!? :P!!!

    @60 Quaggy – yeah, I was wondering about the sleeping arrangement too – they made it seem like parang gets his own room and big bed (why!?) but maybe kang ha lives with them, and so parang gets his wish of sleeping with kang ha every night…

    gosh – that kid better know his place once kang ha and pal kang get married….

  65. 65 7blueviolets

    Totally agree on the last two episodes. Left me with a sigh.

  66. 66 deannadsc

    All in all…WUAS;
    moved me…
    made me cry shamelessly…
    made me laugh boisterously…
    Kang Ha & Pal Gang’s bickerings,tickled me…
    made me wait for Mondays & Tuesdays eagerly…
    made me love Parang & Nami…
    made me wait for your wonderful recaps…
    so, you won’t hear no complaints from me, cuz despite & inspite of ALL it’s FLAWS…

  67. 67 7blueviolets

    Also, thank you so much for your recaps!! I agree with most of your stuff, and it makes things so much more interesting to watch and take in. Keep up the good work!

  68. 68 ockoala

    Thank you for recapping this drama, JB. Your wit, humor and good nature reminded me by this last episode how much I loved WUAS in the beginning and, really, how even by the end, it remained entertaining and sweet. This is one drama I will put in my “liked” category, though I really wish it could have ended up in the “loved” one.

    Can I say, SDW’s hairstyle at the wedding was unfrickingbelievably HOT. Like, man was smoking sexy, and clearly clearly deserves way more than this type of baffling second lead character. He’s due, mark my words, I’ll be waiting for his next project, hopefully as the lead. And now I will enjoy watching CJW’s future dramas, and I’ve always loved KJH .v2 inspite of his pretty lightweight acting ability.

    The WUAS children should win group awards for best performance by a bunch of child actors in a drama. They were uniformly wonderful, tho Pa-rang got the most juicy scenes and stole KH and our hearts.

  69. 69 asianromance

    @60 Quaggy
    about the parang sleeping arrangement- i think maybe parang gets to sleep over at KH’s new place sometime?

    I’m also at a loss abt what new drama I should start now. WUAS was flawed but it really pulled at my heartstrings with the story about family love, which seems much more powerful that typical kdrama romantic love.

  70. 70 gnerd

    First off….thank you, jb! I’m sure I speak for a lot of us when I say that this is the third or fourth time you’ve convinced me to watch a drama that I orginally had no intention of watching. I would have so missed out on this one!

    I really liked the ending (meaning the last 2 minutes or so of the ep…as others have said these last two eps kind of defined the term “a hot mess”) with PK and KH at the grocery with the kids. Mostly the way that PK and KH seemed to have seamlessly stepped into the roles of the elder Jins. I’m sure Papa Jin had many people coming up to him and asking for medical advice, so I loved it when neighbors were coming up to KH for legal advice. Even though the baby was random, I liked that it showed how PK and KH are regarded in the neighborhood (ie being like the Jins)

    @ 41 Jenn

    I am not familiar with the Korean legal system at ALL, so this could be wrong but I got the impression that the reason Grandpa said something about KH’s shares is because as PG’s future husband, he would be entitled to a portion of the inheritance. If they were to marry, KH would hold 50% of her assets and vice versa. Again, I’m not sure if Korean marriage laws are similar to those in the US, but if they are, that would be my guess.

  71. 71 Lucille

    @41 Jem

    Kang ha and Jun ha’s father was a part owner in the company. Remember, when the other executives tried to convince him to take over after the chairman fell sick. So, they were naturally entitled to something. Also, Grandpa loved and treated Kang ha like a son. As for Jae Young, she was his grand daughter. The whole point of her mother going through all that drama was because she was afraid that her daughter would be left with nothing. However, JY turned it down because she wants to try living on her own. The best part about them all turning it down means that now Grandpa can have his dream of a free hospital. I hope this helps.

  72. 72 floyd

    thank you javabeans for initiating me to watch this heartwarming drama! loved it despite the storyline flaws….and Pal-gang’s legs looked ultra sexy in that short skirt!!!
    loved your line ‘she may not kiss him back with tongue, but hey, she proposed!’ HAHAHA!

  73. 73 Alert

    Thanks JB for all the lovely recaps on WUAS!

    I’ve been watching WUAS with half the brain shut off to the logic and had swallowed all the hilarities at one gulp, but regardless of the half-baked ending, I still managed to enjoy the drama LOL!

    I think I’ll miss the kids most, because they’re the ones who first drawn me into watching the drama. And I think I’ll miss hating Jae Young too, as it’s been a while since I last hated a character this much (still dissatisfied that she’d still get her happy ending – NOOOOOOOOOO!)

    Onto the next drama!

  74. 74 Sandy

    Omg I too felt this drama was so rushed at the end… What happen to the excitement and awesomeness that I felt for the first half of the drama… I was majorly disappointed with it watching this two last episodes… I actually SKIPPED and past forward throughout the episodes… I think it went downhill from episode 13 or so… 15-16 did nothing for me… and then there was a little hope on epsiode 17, maybe 18, but 19 and 20 was “what the heck, I can’t believe I wasted my time on this”.

    I knew the pacing was not right… it was too rushed… and I could not believe how fast that fish face Jae-young turned… How can I believe that after all the lies and the threats and the disperate clinging be turn 180 degrees to “I don’t want you anymore because You’re marrying me to save the love for your brother.” So lame, lame, lame. Totally unbelievable!!!! and I can’t stand Palang crying anymore, every freaking minute she was crying, how am I suppose to believe she turned into this strong independent woman, when she was crying openly to everything… It was like there was so much crying done on her part that I didn’t see the significance anymore…

    Over-all I felt that drama was awesome and fresh in the first half, but the directors/producers/scriptwriters got too caught up and fail way behind expectations and half-assed the rest of the episodes in all aspects…. lame lame lame…

    I felt it could have been a great drama, but it ended up with the dramas “I will never watch the second time around.” I did enjoy whatever there was between our hot lawyer and Palang… lolz

  75. 75 hula87

    I’m so going to miss our baby Nami.. and Parang-KH couple too!! Hands down the best kdrama couple so far this year.. I think they have more chemistry with each other than the adult couples, LOL!!

  76. 76 Jewels

    Thanks JB for your recap. Overall, I loved this drama, I was totally addicted. I believe that if they had cut down on the bar scenes there would have been plenty of time to role out the final episodes more smoothly. Other than that, I was pleased with the happy ending.

    I loved the comedy. The younger cousin was just hilarious, and the last final episodes which shows that he was not resolved with their relationship, and screaming Pal Gang’s name so informally was so comedic. Even a year after the wedding he was still bickering…. so funny!

    I did not even recognize Shin Dong at all it was not after reviewing the episode again that I realized it was him. Ahhhhh, what a good looking chap he is; I was loving his hair.

    I loved that the characters were kind of flipped at the end. Pal Gang was always running after Kang Ha, but in the last few episodes it was Kang Ha after Pal Gang asking for marriage and waiting. I loved it that Pal Gang totally became independent, no longer self-centered and dependent which had made her loath herself. She now loved herself enough to share her life with not only a new baby, Bora, but also with Kang ha.

    Kang Ha at the beginning was OCD but totally cured by the last few episodes showing him doing housework, and constantly grabbing and hugging Pal Gang. I was really very happy that his internal conflict was resolved, and he was now living his life happily, embracing all the children.

    Overall, a really nice drama which had so many things intertwined in it. I give it a solid B.

  77. 77 supah

    What a mish-mash of an episode. I loved the first half an hour or so, it was like reverting back to the earlier episode scenes we all loved: Pal-gang’s boundless enthusiasm as she’s trawling the market – selling her policies, the KIDS(!!) and Taekyu getting ‘showered’ by his uncs.

    The happy ending was ok, kind of what we were expecting, but I agree with everyone else, they shouldn’t have rushed this, I love the family and were wanting more focus on them alone.

    Random thoughts on this epi:
    – Hahaha… ”Pal-gang-aaaaah!” *Jun-ha sprays showerhead right into his open mouth* Mwahaha!

    – Yeah, i noticed the dress thing, soon as i saw baby Nami walking (hurrah!), and then her long, ”slender” legs (double-hurrah).

    – The second kiss was aaight. 😉

    – The simultaneous ”aigoo”ing was funny, as KH and PR sat at the rooftop table . Nice that they found some time in this ‘busy’ episode to treat us to some pakang cuteness. (For the last time, ever! *Sniffle*)

    – Noooo! Jun-ha’s hair! Nooo! That hair was jam-hot SEXY! I remember saying at some point (did I? Maybe I only thought it) that as long as Jun-ha keeps that hairstyle (that he had throughout the drama), he can be Jae-young’s! But then nooo, he has to go and get all sexy and stuff, doesn’t he? AND end up with JY! No! JH, that’s SO wrong.

    – JY should’ve gone out the way regular witches are supposed to go out: in a a fit of fury; screaming, scathing, simmering and eventually melting into a puddle of green goo, leaving behind their witch’s hat and curled up pointy shoes. I am SO unsatisfied that she was reincarnated as your average ‘nice girl’. *Snort* Bo-ring!

    – Min-kyung: ”She’s standing on the roof of a tall building.” Weeeeee….. *splat* The end.

    – The kidnapping was weird, I’d seen it was going to happen by the previews, I’m glad this stupid dip in plot didn’t take up too much time. I skipped it out, until the scene where KH’s stood at the yam vendor’s, waiting for her (oh, except he isn’t
    – d’oh!) and then see her walking up to him. I was a bit confused as to how she’d escaped, and et voila! She’s getting herself kidnapped, again! *headdesk*

    – And yes, the Kang-ha vs gangsters fight was unintentional hilarity.

    I agree with JB, the middle epis were awesome, and these two were weak and puny efforts in comparison.

    @10 Jasmin – I second that. :)

    @11 mimi You mean this scene? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAI0xlmbwOs I love Pal-gang’s facial expression at the end of this MV, weirdly reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s earlier oddball-character films.

    Again, as much as this drama lost its mojo in the latter end of the series, I will miss the characters; the kids and the two lovebirds; KH x PG. <3 <3

    @JB: Thanks a bunch, for recapping this drama! It was v. entertaining, the drama and your recaps made it that much better.
    And for all those screencaps of the devastatingly, ridiculously cute baby Nami (and Kang-ha and SDW)!!

  78. 78 mimi

    Did you guys notice the low-rise jeans KangHa was sportin’ in the final scenes? Wowsa.

    @77 supah – Yes, that’s the scene!

  79. 79 sol

    I dont get why KangHa gave away his shares in the company…with 5 kids (now 6) to feed its just weird…
    I’m also not impressed with her refusing the inheritence…if she is scared of how she would spend it, i dont see why not set it up as a trust and limit her access to it.
    To me it didnt signal growth of the character, as great as it is to earn her own money she is still responsible for 5 kids and its always good to have money for a rainy day.

  80. 80 Kryzenna

    I think the kidnapping part is kinda unnecessary…..but since that’s like a way to put an end to Jae Young’s mom’s part, I’m fine with that….

    And it’s really sad that this drama has ended. :( When I started this out I never thought that I would grow so fond of it. Looking at the kids put a big smile on my face. And Kang Ha’s shy and hidden romance always seems to warm my heart so much that I feel like melting. XD Even though the plots are not as strong as lots of other K-dramas, it still kept me waiting eagerly for it every week. Sweet, funny, heartwarming and cute little things just never seem to end in this light drama.

    I’m gonna miss Nam dearly!!!! I hope he will be featured in more dramas as he grows up. So is Paran. He’s such a cute kid especially when he talks to Kang Ha. You just have to love the chemistry between the two!! And I guess Paran is also one of the main person to have changed Kang Ha completely. Last but not least, our cool lawyer brothers!!! Love both of them equally though Jun Ha was a little ahead of Kang Ha in the beginning. Well, all in all, I’m gonna give this drama a 8.5 out of 10. :) :)

  81. 81 Liesel

    Omo. I wrote my comment last night after a quick watch of the last episode and I was too tired to really realize that… there wouldn’t be any more WUAS next week, or the next, and even after that! Gosh, I’m gonna miss those kids soooo bad (and KH and PK bickerings.. and all the other weirdness included). WUAS has been my drama food for the past couple of months, and though I agree it’s not the greatest of dramas, the fact that it always managed to stir my heart made it one heck of a good drama for me. So now I feel so lost. Would there be another drama that would tug at my heartstrings after this one (I need one ASAP; an office lady doesn’t really have that much to entertain her during weekdays)?

    1. Thanks Javabeans for all the well-written recaps. If it weren’t for your site I wouldn’t even have bothered a sidelong glance at this drama (never really liked CJW or KJH that much before).
    2. Can I just say that SDW’s hair at the last quarter of the episode was just HOTNESS? It made up for all the lackluster 9and strange) hairdo throughout most the series.
    3. Man, if someone like Kangha was hugging and kissing me like that (and boy did he know how to kiss!), ten big men wouldn’t be able to stop me from wrapping my arms all over him. Palgang, you should know how lucky you are.. Tsk tsk (although one consolation was that at least the kisses weren’t tight-lipped afrairs, as most dramas usually go… It was just a bit open-mouthed from my observation.)
    4. I was laughing when Kangha got run over by the car, and when he was throwing those punches. I usually cry when someone’s bleeding or getting hurt, but this scene was just too out-of-place that it’s funny.
    5. And after almost becoming road kill and getting beaten to a pulp, not a hair was out of place on Kangha’s artificially enlarged head. WTH?
    6. All in all, I just decided not to care anymore about the weirdness that was episodes 19 and 20, and just watched the series in good spirits. The romance between KH and PG was so-so, but by being not so overly sentimental, it was more believable and endearing.

    Overall, WUAS was the first drama of 2010 to make me go *dokidoki*. Despite its flaws, I’d put it alongside dramas that’re close to my heart, not because of its great quality, but its comfy, feel-good story (just forget about MinKyung and bitchy Jae-young entirely).
    Lastly, thanks for all the WUAS lovers and likers who made this drama accessible to us non-Koreans :) On to the next heartwarming drama!

  82. 82 danni

    The last two episodes–and the last couple of episodes as well–weren’t really my favorites, but WUAS will still be one of my favorite dramas because of all the warm fuzzy moments and I liked Pal-Kang overall as a character. The end was definitely clumsy because it felt like we had gotten over all the real conflict and they were just throwing in everything else that was dark and gloomy at the end and didn’t really fit into the drama’s overall tone. Still, it was worth it to make it to the end.

  83. 83 maximillian

    thank you JB.
    i enjoyed this series and will be having Kang-ha, PaRang, Nami…separation anxiety.
    i have to thank the writer for not forgetting that the last episode needed a Kang Ha-Parang moment…my tandem of the year!
    i sure hope to see more of KJH and a relaxed ‘do this time…bcos of the “fivehead”( wicked JB…) hoopla i got distracted a few times but since Kang ha was smiling and laughing more in the last episode my attention was diverted. KJH sure has a sexy smile.

  84. 84 mymymai

    What a following this drama have had! I was one of them who would pray for Monday to come sooner. I actually remember the date this drama air in Korean so I could watch it asap. It did get draggy toward the last half of the series. I wished they didn’t torture TaeKyu as much as they did for his adoration. The dramatics was a little too much to pack into this episodes, and quite far-fetched in my opinion.
    My favorite scene is the supermarket scene where everyone is eating while Kang-Ha cradles Nam, who leans his head under Kang-Ha’s chin. That’s too cute for words! I’m just disappointed we never got to see Pal-Gang in her own wedding dress with Kang-Ha. D:

  85. 85 Asarako

    its better if they extend the episode than rushing all the way to the end…..

    anyway i like the series especially Kang Ha…. 😉

  86. 86 animedork101

    I felt they were trying to put too much stuffing into the turkey fr the last two episodes. It felt like watching a bloated woman during that time of the month. But all in all, it was a pretty good drama. I wonder, what grade did you give You’re Beautiful?

  87. 87 Kukilas

    Thanks for recapping this series, JB! I totally looked forward to reading these 2 recaps on a weekly basis.

    I enjoyed WUAS immensely, and agree that this may have been since I decided to leave logic at the door every time I settled in to watch it.

    The kids were wonderful, and I genuinely enjoyed how both the male and female leads had a transformation at the end due to each other’s influences. Kang Ha went from cold hearted lawyer to an all-around family man. While Pal Gang went from useless Miss Jin to responsible sibling and insurance queen in training.

    I love the new hair style of Wookie at the end. Seems like it was his way of saying that he was free to be his own man now, instead of always chasing his brother. His older hairstyle was kind of a copy of Kang Ha’s, albeit without the shaved hairline.

    I also think it strange that Jae Young is ok and friendly with Pal Gang a year later. She also seems to have moved on pretty quickly from her mother’s death, since I would think the suicide would have made things somewhat awkward considering that her Mom decided to kill herself after trying to get Pal Gang killed. Seems to me like that would build a wall of awkwardness between the cousins.

    Its nice to see the bonds that Kang Ha has with the kids. Although he is closest to Pa Rang, maybe since he sees himself in Pa Rang, its also interesting that ever since he decided to allow himself to love Pal Gang, he is always the one carrying baby Nam, who is the cutest thing ever! I will really miss that baby.

    Anyway, its been a great ride and I am truly thankful that you have been sharing your time and efforts in recapping this series so quickly! I am looking forward to your next recaps for the new dramas, hopefully for Oh My Lady and Personal Taste.

  88. 88 fs

    Thanks for all the recaps of this fun drama! For me, the ending sucked though. IMHO, I think it should have ended with a wedding with all the kids and KH getting pregnant to complete the ‘rainbow’. Now that would have been sweet! Loved KJH’s acting. His lips are soooo….mesmerizing!

  89. 89 fs

    Oops,sorry, I meant PG getting pregnant! LOL

  90. 90 Ohana

    All in all, I enjoyed this drama,but the last few episodes the writers threw in crazy situations for no logical reason. I had hoped they would have concentrated on more cutesy fights and romance with KH and PG. I was really starting to enjoy KH thawing out and getting all emotional and worked up w/PG! It’s not the worst ending,but it fell flat. Thanks JB for all your great work with the recaps!

  91. 91 JiHwan

    Ugh. I really enjoyed this drama, but the last episode made me almost not want to finish it. As you mentioned, it was beyond sloppy. Everything was thrown together at last minute, and the ending was extremely random. I just wish Pal Kang and Kang Ha had a few more cute scenes together. I mean common, do we really care about all that insurance stuff?

  92. 92 Quaggy

    @64 kaedejun

    “that kid better know his place once kang ha and pal kang get married….”

    You know, I’ve been wondering about that for a while now! But I’m sure things will work out. After all, the adults tend to stay up later than the kids. :-)

    On a different subject… the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the family is now complete with Bora. Pal-gang and Kang-ha don’t need to have children of their own. There’s a tendency (at least in the States) for the oldest of a large family to not have children of his/her own, since they’ve already helped raise their siblings. Pal-gang and Kang-ha aren’t just helping to raise Pal-gang’s siblings. They ARE the parents. In fact, they’re the only parents Bora and Nam will know or remember. If Pal-gang had been pregnant at the end, it almost would have negated the series message that blood does not make a family.

  93. 93 sukispop

    JB, thanks so much for covering WUAS all the way to its conclusion. =)

    Even with the messy last two episodes, I still enjoyed this drama very much. I really loved Pal-gang, Kang-ha, and the kids. The circular playful bickering between Pal-gang and Kang-ha was always fun to watch.

    It would’ve been cool if, at some point, PG and KH could have told each other, “I love you.” When KH hugged PG, it would’ve been sweet if she could have hugged him back. They could have held hands or wrapped their arms around each other’s waist. Those things would’ve been nice touches, but I suppose the writer wanted their relative lack of physical affection to be more in line with the unique love relationship that they shared…? Oh, well, water under the bridge….besides, Kang-ha’s touching and verrrry romantic love confession was easily one of the best of such scenes that I’ve ever seen! And, the kiss that followed was a fitting cap to that scene. It was real, and the way he gently cradled her face in his hands was so sweet. One of the best drama kissing scenes, ever…maybe only topped by the Coffee Prince…maybe not.

    Not perfect, but still a fun story and ride.

  94. 94 epixeltwin

    As much as I have to agree with you that the last 2 episodes looked somewhat like a Rugby melee, I am surprised you would give that drama a rating as low as B for the first part and a grade as bad as C- for the latter (D is a failing grade so…really C-?). I think that there are quite a few weaknesses that mar the scenario here and there, and there are 2-3 problems with some characters. But to me the overall “Likeability” factor certainly gets an A, characters would get a top grade as well; Tae Gyu and the kids which were a major appreciation factor, they were something that derived from every other Kdramas. I think it’s a great drama with amazing characters and heartwarming moments as well as somewhat inspirational, but tainted by a few of the mandatory Kdrama clichés and some blunders in the execution. But it still remains pretty great overall, and I consider it to be one of the best dramas I have seen in recent times, with perhaps only Still, Marry Me that I’d rate as high. And not higher, because although from an objective viewpoint Still Marry Me is in many, many aspects superior, where WUAS wins is the SUBJECTIVITY battle. It has these little things, from Pa Rang’s antics to Tae Gyu’s innocence with the whole family feeling of the Lawyer’s house somewhere in there.

    After all, it’s Kdrama we’re talking about, and I think one must just be ready for such incongruencies the moment they click play on that first episode…. To me it really came out as annoyances more than anything. I am way past the fact that the scenarists pull some shady moves and that the directors give us a big taste of corny moments, because it’s a given to me.

    -someone with an obvious lot to say about the drama; I’m not defensive by the way I just want to try to show an other way to view it, and I really appreciated your article.

    You say:
    “Even so, it’s also a little far-fetched to make her suddenly succeed as insurance queen so that they can marry per her earlier dictate. As we’ve seen all series, Pal-gang learns and grows in baby steps, and while she may get there in the end, there’s always the chance she may not.”

    But isn’t it said at some point near the end that “she only got five this month” or something like it, implying she’s actually improving but slowly????

  95. 95 JJ

    Altho it’s a happy ending I was anticipating to see the wedding of PK & KH! It seems rushed if I may say so….the production should instead extended it to 4 more episodes & hoping to see more of the romance betwn KH/PK. I agree with one of the comments that PK didn’t seem to acknowledge KH’s hugs which projected her coldness to KH! I enjoyed this drama overall but it’s too bad that there were more fights betwn. PK/KH than demonstrating some kind of romantic encounters!
    Her quest to be the Insurance Queen got in the way of their marriage and that really was kind of over the top! I
    I’m now a huge fan of Kim Ji Hoon, he’s really a good actor aside from being gorgeous! Now I’m urged to see more of him even his previous projects! I just started watching Why Did You Come to My House & his acting in this drama is also very impressive! I hope we’ll see more of him after this drama Stars!!

  96. 96 ketchafllingstar

    I agree with lots of comments that this drama was rushed in these last two epis. I luv it tho overall and it’s one of my favorite dramas I’ve seen!
    I also wished the production showed more tender moments of PK/KH in the last few series!
    I’m gonna miss this series for sure & have already been suffering from some SFFTS withdrawal syndrome just like some other dramas I’ve seen where after the final epis. you kinda grow with the characters and didn’t want them to leave.
    My favorite of all is KH!

  97. 97 poo

    i knew dis was gonna happen…i even mentioned in my earlier comments dat dey r gonna wind it all up in the last ep…dey shud ve started dis 3-4 eps earlier….totally agree wid u javabeans…worst 2 eps of the 20…but ll defly miss dem all T_T
    Anyway looking forward for ur new series recaps…thnx!
    luv ya lots * ^_^ *…..♥♥♥

  98. 98 Kgrl

    I think the most winning aspect of this drama was the children. I’ve yet to see so many young child actors be so emphasized in a trendy K drama. Every time they appear, the dialogue, atmosphere, and even actors seem more inspired, witty, and real. But it’s also this sparkling quality of the children/child actors that makes the adult progressions/relationships seem lackluster, cliched, and ultimately unattractive. Maybe I was watching better adult story lines and acting in other dramas and was unconsciously or even consciously comparing? lols.

    Whatever the case, glad its over. Going to miss the children.

  99. 99 Kiohpi

    I just can’t believe there was a new addition! C’mon! How are they going to take care of all those kids!!!

  100. 100 pabo ceo reom

    And it’s over! woohoo…comment 1-0-0. :)

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