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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 1
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Cinderella’s Sister is off to a strong start, not just in ratings but with some really stellar characterizations. It’s not as simplistic a switcheroo as My Love Patzzi, which was also a reversed Cinderella story but only in the most superficial way. Cinderella’s Sister doesn’t just take the characters and rearrange them into different configurations, but reworks them in a thorough and intricate way. I’ve already given my initial thoughts in the first impressions post, so without further ado, here’s Episode 1.


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In a small, shabby hilltop home, a teenage girl cooks silently, stoically. She is SONG EUN-JO (Moon Geun-young), whose face remains impassive even at the sudden burst of shouting adult voices. She is joined by a young boy, HAN JUNG-WOO (later to be played by Taecyeon), rotund in his baseball uniform — a good-hearted kid, if a little slow on the uptake.

Case in point: Eun-jo immediately understands what’s about to happen — having lived through it countless times before — and sits down to eat quickly, but Jung-woo does not. He is perplexed at her reaction until she explains that she doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from, so she’s gotta eat up. Now Jung-woo gets it — if she’s leaving, his only source of food will also soon be gone — and he hurriedly grabs a bowl and shovels food into his mouth.

The shouting comes from Eun-jo’s mother and Jung-woo’s father (surrogate, if not biological). He is a mean drunk and has hit Mom (name Kang-sook, played by Lee Mi-sook) for the last time, because she’s not taking it anymore and is determined to leave him. Desperate to keep her, he begs her to stay.

As in so many abusive relationships, the batterer’s remorse soon turns to anger that his girlfriend is leaving him, and the argument becomes violent. When Eun-jo’s mother screams for her, Eun-jo and Jung-woo race to the room, where the man is threatening Kang-sook with a baseball bat. Eun-jo takes him down, and Jung-woo (bless his heart) races outside with his bat, throwing it down the hill. (I felt a burst of emotion at the gesture, because baseball obviously means a lot to him but this shows that growing up with such a mean ol’ guy hasn’t corrupted his own sense of what’s right.)

The bat comes to rest at a distance, displaying the message written on its side in a boyish scrawl: “Song Eun-jo is Han Jung-woo’s woman forever.”

Daughter grabs Mom’s hand and the two race down the hill together. Drunk Boyfriend shouts after them, alternately threatening and begging, and runs in pursuit.

When they reach the bottom of the hill, Boyfriend pleads, “Kang-sook, don’t go!” Jung-woo shouts, “Noona, don’t get caught and go! Eat well and be healthy!” And he completely wins me over with his next gesture — when the man starts to chase again, Jung-woo tackles him to let his noona escape.

It takes some persuading (okay, a lot of screaming) for Eun-jo to convince her mother to get on the train. Kang-sook yells that they have nowhere to go and orders the taxi driver to turn back. Eun-jo yells back that they’ve got nothing left for them there, that anywhere else is better. She brings out a box, asking if her mother’s reluctance to leave is because of the shiny diamond ring inside. If she’s worried that she didn’t get a chance to grab the ring, Eun-jo took care of it. Mom brightens immediately and orders the cab driver to the train station.

The ring had been hidden away by the Mean Boyfriend, who now discovers it missing. He may have lost his woman but he ain’t losing her AND his rock, so he sends some gangster buddies after them.

As the train prepares to depart, Eun-jo spies the gangsters boarding and looking around for them. Her mother is dozing, and she briefly attempts waking her… but then another thought occurs. She hesitates momentarily, then grabs her bag and steps carefully into the aisle, leaving Mom asleep in the seat.

Eun-jo’s narration:: “My mother has switched men at least a million times. Before I get stuck with my one-million-and-first father, I decide to leave my mother.”

Eun-jo stands poised at the exit door, about to step off the train…

But she can’t do it. She turns back and urgently wakes her mother, who wakes up with a gasp to see the men. They bolt for the back of the train, and the gangsters spot them and follow.

At the back of the train, they push through a crowd of students, who block the aisles as they goof around. Thankfully this also impedes their pursuers, but they still find themselves at a dead end. With nowhere else to go, mother and daughter split up and dive into separate lavatories.

Eun-jo’s is already occupied, and the occupant lets out a scream. Eun-jo claps a hand over the mouth of the young student to keep her quiet. This is GU HYO-SUN (Seo Woo).

And then, we speed away to pick up the story at a different locale, leaving behind Eun-jo and Kang-sook for the moment to introduce Hyo-sun’s world.

Hard at work at a makgulli (rice wine) warehouse is a young man, HONG KI-HOON (Chun Jung-myung), who loads a truck with cases of makgulli. Hyo-sun pops up to ask her oppa (as in a close family friend, not relative) why he hasn’t answered her calls. She’s got a big problem on her hands!

Morosely, Hyo-sun relates her source of trouble while Ki-hoon works, and as she is the owner’s daughter, her presence here raises no eyebrows. (Although, she did duck out of school just to talk to him.) She has lost something important — some sort of ring — and moans that she’s in huge trouble! She can’t remember where it went, and if she really lost it she’s doomed.

Ki-hoon is used to her “emergencies” and reminds her of all the other times she has lost things, which have all turned up eventually, if a little worse for wear.

You can tell from their interactions that they’ve known each other for ages. Ki-hoon treats her like an adorable kid sister, and she looks up to him as her friend, oppa, and problem-solver. When he drops her off at school, Hyo-sun is back to her usual cheery mood, and tells him he has eased all her worries: “Oppa, you’re mine. If you said the moon were square, I’d think it were square. If you said salt were sweet and sugar were salty, I’d drink saltwater and spit out sugar water.”

He teases that if he gets fired because she keeps holding him up with all her talky-talk, will she be able to take responsibility for him? She declares, “Since you’re mine, you’d better not think of anyone else!”

Hyo-sun has a visitor at school, who finds her in the hallway (where she’s being punished for skipping out of class). It’s Kang-sook, the lady from the train, and now Hyo-sun’s fretting over the lost ring makes sense.

The gangsters had managed to drag Kang-sook and Eun-jo back to the house, where Eun-jo currently waits. But before they were returned, they’d given the ring to Hyo-sun for safekeeping, not willing to let the Horrible Boyfriend get his hands on it. Now she’s here to recover it, and Hyo-sun leads her to her home, chattering happily all the way.

As soon as they near the vicinity of the house, two ajummas greet Hyo-sun worriedly. Her father’s on a rampage, and they urge her home quickly.

This is because Hyo-sun is the only one who has the ability to calm her father down when he’s in a snit. GU DAE-SUNG (Kim Gab-soo), the owner of the makgulli enterprise, is furious with his employees for making a subpar batch of the rice wine, which he deems unfit to sell. In a fury, he breaks the earthen jars and scolds them all for their inferior work.

Hyo-sun jumps in and urges her father to calm down. Kneeling before him, she tells him solemnly that half these men are her friends’ fathers. She even fakes a few sobs, and when Dad seems appropriately chastened, she charms the sulks out of him with a few childish faces. He’s a gruff man, but he dotes on his only daughter, and the dour mood is lifted.

Watching all this is Kang-sook, who hangs back uncertainly. The ajummas cluck disapprovingly, saying that Dae-sung wasn’t nearly this bad when his wife used to be alive. At mention of this — and the grandness of the estate — Kang-sook’s interest is piqued. You can practically see the gold-diggery gears turning in her brain as she files all this information away. Hyo-sun darts into the house for a moment to search for the ring, trying to remember where she put it.

Kang-sook had been irritable and snappish on the walk here, but now she adjusts her attitude and tries to sweet-talk the ajummas, offering to help with their work. They have no idea who she is and eye her suspiciously, declining her offer. Kang-sook persists, and in so doing she accidentally gets in the way of some water being thrown out and ends up a sopping, fishy-smelling mess.

Hyo-sun gives Kang-sook a change of clothing. As nothing else is available, it turns out to be a dress once belonging to her dead mother.

When Hyo-sun sees the lady in her mother’s dress, she gapes at the sight, unexpectedly moved. All she can say is “You’re really beautiful,” struck with how much Kang-sook reminds her of her mother. Her eyes slowly fill with tears and her voice trembles, explaining, “The clothes really look good on you.”

Kang-sook is startled to see Hyo-sun crying and wipes her tears away gently. She pats the girl’s head and draws her in a hug. Hyo-sun, feeling a tug at this reminder of a mother’s touch, asks her to pat her on the head again, and hugs her close.

I don’t think Kang-sook’s comforting gesture is calculated, but the girl’s reaction is definitely noted. You can’t really blame Kang-sook for leaping to conclusions when Hyo-sun herself does the same. Finally recalling that she left the ring in her travel bag, Hyo-sun asks her uncle if knows where it is. He offers to retrieve it for her, but she urges him instead, “Hide it for me.”

Hearing that Dae-sung scolded his daughter fiercely when he heard that she was entrusted with a ring from a stranger, Kang-sook offers to explain the situation. She enters Dae-sung’s office with a demure air, and he stares at her in surprise — not only is she lovely, she’s wearing his deceased wife’s dress. If anything’s going to prod him to look at her as a woman, this is it.

Dae-sung stammers in surprise and is stuck staring as she apologizes about the ring. In a calculated move, she approaches Dae-sung — coming uncomfortably close — and requests a favor of him. With affected humility, Kang-sook explains that Hyo-sun lent the bag containing her ring to a friend. Until that friend returns, could he possibly allow her to stay, and give her some work?

Back at Jung-woo’s house, Eun-jo waits anxiously. The drunk ajusshi believes that Kang-sook has left him again, but Eun-jo insists that her presence is proof that Kang-sook is going to come back. He challenges, “Do you believe your mother? Do you really believe she’s going to come back, just because you’re here?”

Eun-jo answers firmly, “Of course” — but it’s clear that this pricks at her own uncertainty. She tries to tamp down that thought, insisting that her mother has never abandoned her, but she’s assailed by the fear that he may be right.

Back at the Gu estate, Hyo-sun races home excitedly, her middle finger stuck straight in the air. It’s not a vulgar gesture — rather, she has gotten a splinter stuck in her finger and is excited to have this excuse for some motherly attention. She beelines for Kang-sook and announces happily, “I’m hurt!”

When Kang-sook pulls the splinter out, Hyo-sun grabs the shard and tucks it away, wanting to preserve it as a keepsake. Then, eager for some more maternal bonding, she leans into Kang-sook and raises the woman’s hand to pat her on the head.

This scene is witnessed by a few men, who can see plainly how Hyo-sun is bonding with the new ajumma. The man on the left is Hyo-sun’s uncle (her mother’s brother), who grunts his disapproval. It’s hard to know exactly how the other two men feel — Ki-hoon and Dae-sung — but they aren’t upset like the uncle. Maybe conflicted is a better word.

That evening, Kang-sook takes another step toward her goal, using a torn buttonhole as an excuse to approach Dae-sung and touch his shirt. She can sense his attraction to her, but given his awkwardness with his feelings, she takes things slowly.

For instance: She asks Dae-sung for directions to the market, so that she can buy materials to pack Hyo-sun’s lunch. Even though it’s far, she says she is fine walking. Of course that will not do, so Dae-sung brings out his bicycle, and offers her a ride.

Modestly, Kang-sook says she can go alone, but accepts the ride. Along the way, she lightly kicks the back wheel to cause the bike to lurch, enabling her to grab his torso before pulling back, feigning embarrassment. A few moments later, she gives the wheel a stronger kick, enabling a longer embrace this time. And finally, a third kick sends them tumbling to the ground.

Yet all is not hunky-dory, because Hyo-sun’s uncle does not approve of this growing relationship. Ki-hoon comes upon Hyo-sun sobbing alone, and she wails, “Uncle gave her the ring!”

With no excuse keeping her here, Kang-sook has to leave. Without a reason to ask her to stay, Hyo-sun and Dae-sung have to let her go.

Ki-hoon confronts Dae-sung, who is sorry to see Kang-sook go but too passive to do anything about it. Ki-hoon tells him that he ought to go after her — working together, they can hit the bus and train stations and catch her before she’s gone. Can’t he see how happy Hyo-sun has been lately? It’s like she’s back to being a happy 7-year-old (the age her mother died), but if Kang-sook suddenly leaves, it’ll be like a 7-year-old losing her mother all over again.

Ki-hoon and Hyo-sun head for the train station. His words are enough to prod Dae-sung to seek out the bus stop, where Kang-sook waits for her ride.

Dae-sung asks how she can leave a girl who is crying for her, using Hyo-sun as his excuse to suggest that she stay. Kang-sook answers that she also has a daughter who is likely crying for her (ha!), so Dae-sung says that her daughter can join her. He’ll go and retrieve her, so they can both live here.

Just to make things absolutely clear, Kang-sook asks if Dae-sung’s response is purely out of concern for Hyo-sun’s sake. (Implicit question: How do you feel about me?)

He gulps, then grabs her in a hug.

It’s been days since Kang-sook has been gone, and Jung-woo chatters to Eun-jo about how she doesn’t have to worry about anything, because he’ll take care of her. After all, her mother has run away and left her behind. Eun-jo asks him if he really believes that, and he answers yes, of course.

His confirmation makes Eun-jo’s expression harden… but surprisingly, she thinks with a smirk, “Hurray.”

While Eun-jo was unable to be the one to leave her mother, now that her mother has left her, she finds her path clear. She moves briskly, stocking the fridge with food and packing her bag. Jung-woo tries to act manly and insists that she stay, but she shoots him a sharp look. Without her mother, she’s sure that she can be happy on her own.

Eun-jo ignores Jung-woo’s pleas not to leave, but she only gets as far as the front gate before being stopped. Two men appear and inquire after her: Hyo-sun’s uncle and Ki-hoon. The latter smiles warmly at her; she rolls her eyes in a surly gesture.

In the car, Ki-hoon looks back at the sullen Eun-jo and speaks to her in a friendly way. She eyes him warily, then asks for a bathroom break. While the men wait for her outside the building, Eun-jo runs out the back way.

This scene is one of the definitive moments in this episode, and has already been pegged as many people’s favorite. I don’t disagree, as the combination of the music, the camera work, and Eun-jo’s melancholy narrating create a striking ambiance:

Eun-jo’s narration: “I won’t stop. Even if I have to spend days rooting around garbage cans, I’m not going to go live with my mother Song Kang-sook, or whatever worthless man she’s clinging to.”

Ki-hoon chases her down the road, hand outstretched to grab her. He is nearly successful, but his hand only connects with the pencil in her hair, bringing the rest of her long locks tumbling down…

The effect is eerily beautiful, as Eun-jo looks back at him amidst her flying hair, looking like a wounded animal. She continues running, but that brief image has Ki-hoon mesmerized, and he stops running, as though forgetting to continue.

It’s not purely a case of realizing her beauty — I’d be vastly annoyed if we once again played into the trope of a man not finding a woman beautiful until he is hit in the face with a Great Big Flag of Femininity, like a gorgeous waterfall of hair or pretty clothes or a made-up face. It is more that Ki-hoon is transfixed with the image of her vulnerability in this moment, at this glimpse into the humanity underneath her cynical veneer. There’s a beauty in that, but not of the purely physical kind.

And then he brings himself back to his senses, resumes the chase, and catches up to her. She fights back, grabbing his hair and biting his hand, but he maneuvers her into a judo flip which lands her on the ground.

Winded, he lies down beside her as they catch their breaths. Her mom said she wouldn’t come easily, and that was no exaggeration. Eun-jo remains stubbornly silent as Ki-hoon asks if she has money or a place to go. He knows she must be worried about how to survive on her own. She’s not going to find it easy to make it alone, particularly at her age.

However, he adds that things will be different once she’s 20 — the Korean age of majority — so why doesn’t she endure a bit longer till then?

Eun-jo maintains her sulky exterior, but oddly, his words have an effect on her. She thinks grudgingly:

Eun-jo: “It’s strange. It feels really strange. The way he talks, I’d want to believe him even if he said the moon were square. I must be possessed by a ghost.”

At Hyo-sun’s house, Eun-jo argues with her mother, deeply cynical that this time will be any different from the many, many times they’ve lived off one of Kang-sook’s boyfriends. How long does she think they’ll last here? How is this any different from the other times they’ve mooched off one man after another? Eun-jo begs her mother to try afresh, just the two of them — surely they can manage together.

Kang-sook tries to hush her, saying this is all for her. Eun-jo screams in frustration: “Lies!” And then, sarcastically: “Do you live for my sake? Is that why you abandoned me?!”

That actually surprises Kang-sook, who had never thought of ditching her daughter. Eun-jo exclaims that her mother left her behind with that disgusting man. With horror, Kang-sook asks unsteadily if that man did anything to her. Eun-jo cries, “I was scared he would!” and that relieves Kang-sook’s fears.

Eun-jo declares that she will leave this place, so her mother is on her own now. She starts to leave, but Kang-sook stops her with the vow that this is the last time — now they don’t have to depend on lowlifes to feed them, or sleep in motels while on the run. Plus — and this last one speaks most closely to Eun-jo’s heart — she can start going to school regularly now.

Eun-jo is scared to believe her mother, but asks tentatively if she really means it. If they end up getting kicked out of this house too, she wants her mother to promise she’ll let her go.

Eun-jo is expecting another deadbeat, but she doesn’t betray any emotion upon meeting the gentle Dae-sung, who tries to speak kindly to her. He doesn’t know how to approach her or what to say, and wonders what he should do for her first. If she tells him what she wants, he’ll promise to do whatever she asks.

Eun-jo cuts him off: “I don’t need promises. I don’t believe in them. Rather than making any promises, just let me go to school.”

Just then, a voice calls out, “Hyo-sun is home!” Hyo-sun bursts into the room and notices the newcomer. Recognizing Eun-jo from the train, she claps a hand over her mouth and squeals. Ignoring Eun-jo’s glower of disdain, Hyo-sun exclaims, “Unni, hi!”


What a great start. Right away, we have emotion, humor, wonderful chemistry, and characters who are real and interesting.

Take, for instance, Jung-woo. That kid won me over right away when he threw away his baseball bat, and again when he tackled the hateful boyfriend to let Eun-jo escape. Despite his declarations that he will “take responsibility” for Eun-jo, I read that as motivated by a pure spirit, not one born of a romantic crush but a general devotion to her. She may not coddle him with affectionate gestures but she has taken care of him for the past however many months. Actions speak louder than words, and he appreciates her. I suspect that this also points to Jung-woo — like Ki-hoon — being the rare person who sees past Eun-jo’s toughness to understand that there’s a good heart underneath.

I appreciate how the relationship has been set up between Eun-jo and Kang-sook, which is complicated and complex. Their escape gives us a glimpse into the reversed mother-daughter dynamics, because Eun-jo is the more mature one. Kang-sook even wants to stop running to change her shirt — this one’s ripped, you see — and whimpers a little to hear her boyfriend’s begging, which weakens her resolve. Eun-jo is the one who tugs her along.

Also note that Eun-jo and Kang-sook share the same surname (Song). This inidcates that Eun-jo has never had a proper father figure, and probably doesn’t know her own father. In Korea, wives keep their surnames upon marriage, and children are always listed under the father’s name in the paternal family registry. For a mother and child to share the same surname usually indicates that a father has not been present in the child’s life. In recent years, more divorced women are winning the right to register children under their family names — as did Choi Jin-shil — but generally children of divorced families keep the surnames they were born with (i.e., Dad’s). I’d say there’s still a lingering stigma attached to a child bearing his mother’s surname.

This explains Eun-jo’s disgust with her mother’s parade of boyfriends, those men to cling to and mooch off of and leave when there’s nothing left to take anymore. Not only do they have to live with those dirtbags, they’re actually dependent upon them — so I see a lot of self-loathing mixed in with the outward disgust.

I love the way Eun-jo’s character has been established, because she is simultaneously fierce and vulnerable. On the surface she’s all teenage angst, but there’s nothing bratty about it because it’s rooted in something genuine and sad. Because she tries so hard to put up that defensive front, it’s a little heartbreaking to glimpse the cracks when her childish fears show through — like when she is told she can go to school. That one detail gave me a little heart pang — that she really just wants a normal life and an education. And when Dae-sung agrees to give that to her, she is both mollified and a bit distrusting, like it would hurt too much to believe him in case it doesn’t come true.

That’s what Moon Geun-young does so well in this role. It’s not the brash talking or the bravado that I’m impressed with — it’s the way she rolls together hope, mistrust, and fear.

As I mentioned in the first-impressions post, the chemistry between Moon and Chun Jung-myung has me intrigued, and I’m totally invested in their relationship. The chase scene is obviously a hugely important moment, but so is the quieter scene after, when he talks to her. He doesn’t condescend to her, and he doesn’t make false promises. Anyone who pushes Eun-jo too hard is likely to get shut down swiftly, and anyone who approaches too tentatively would get dismissed as weak. Instead, he just lays out the truth, acknowledging that she probably has some fears and gives her a compromise. He isn’t trying to convince her for a selfish reason, but makes the argument with her best interests at heart, and as a result he gets through to her in a way nobody else has.


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    Honestly, I wasn’t immediately pulled into the characters or the story. I really, really dislike Eun-jo’s mom, mostly because I don’t want to see her ruin Eun-jo’s chance at a normal, happy life like I know she’s going to do. I don’t want to see her ruin Dae-sung’s life, either, but then again, if she didn’t we wouldn’t have a story.

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    i wonder if seo woo will become a darker character… or if they’re just going to focus on MGY’s character being dark and eventually going lighter. well, the love square is gonna hurt…

    also – seo woo doesn’t really look like her usual, modelesque, cute self – which makes me wonder if that’s an intentional move on the stylists. no offense to her – but all the screencaps that you’ve shown kind of show her in a not so flattering light! hehehe!

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    I thought this would be my least favorite drama of the three, but surprisingly I’m most anxious to watch this one! The chase scene was one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a while from a Korean drama – it actually made me pause, catch my breath, rewind, and proceed to watch it three times in a row. The way she glanced behind at him, and his reaction! And this is going to sound shallow but… God, that luxurious cascade of hair! It looked like it was straight out a Pantene commercial… :)

    Moon Geun Young was born to fill this role and everyone else is excellent as well. Well maybe with the exception of a certain beaky-nosed tart. I could feel my blood pressure rising every time Seo Woo came onto the scene. I know she’s supposed to have a bit of a childish personality due to her upbringing and such, but that doesn’t mean she has to act like she’s mentally challenged! Is anyone really that dumb in real life??? I just hope she grows out of it- FAST!

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    I’m not really too taken by any of the characters, aside from CJM, who is just non-stop yumminess. MGY, yes, loved her character overall but eventually towards end of episode 2, I had had enough of her goth brattitude. I know there’s a reason for it and that she’s a female Cha Kang-jin who’s-had-enough, still it feels dragged out and tedious.
    Though I absolutely loved her in the train chase scene and then the one in the woods.
    The rest of the characters here are plain awkward and tiresome to watch.
    It’s very early on though and the story it seems, is going to be a strong one. So for the sake of a good story and more CJM (yes please!) I’ll keep on tuning in.
    It’s not an instant love, but one that’ll need some getting used to. Sigh.

  43. 43 okdubu

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    and I also had a question that I really hope someone can clarify for me please? [:
    Jung Woo=Taecyeon? what role will he be playing exactly? because in the poster for this drama, Taecyeon is a big boy, but the rest of the characters are seemingly the same age!
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    love eun jo and ki hoon’s connection. or chemistry. it feels the love that they would share is made from their connection and pure concern with each other. hope the next episodes would live up to the standards of the firsts and not drag us all.

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    I like the complex character of MGY tough and cold.. but the audience would completely understand where she’s coming from.. and can sense that kindness deep down her heart..
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    The “feel” of the show is really different. Music, pacing, dialogue, the voiceovers.

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    Thanks for the recaps JB. (I got nervous after seeing the PT one and feared you might not do CU)

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    I must agree that the scene where KH pulled EJ hair out had me mesmerized at how beautiful it is. The way she turns back and looked hurt as her hair flows, the expression on his face when he sees her so desperate to run away, and the music (the music!) made me replayed that scene three times.

    I had hopes that EJ’s mother won’t turn out so evil. I mean so far she is only trying to find a good husband and live a happy life. Nothing is wrong with that as long as she doesn’t blur the distinction between good and bad. I already watched episode two and I have a feeling that this drama will lead me into a whirlpool of angst and emotions. I wonder why almost all the dramas I watch MGY are so darn … depressing.

    Maybe she should do a drama written by the Hong Sisters. I’d love to see her act as gullible and adorable.

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    Just watched the second episode (I kinda skipped the first except just to watch the scene where he’s mesmerized by her vulnerability and hair…omg…absolutely breath-taking) and here’s my verdict: *drools*. Wow…man’s got so much charisma…he’s oozing it out from every pore. I’m hooked.

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  63. 63 kay

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    MGY is suppose to be the “evil” or more so like misunderstood stepsister wile seo woo’s character is cinderella(who will probably get mistreated by the stepmother later on when the father dies). that’s why the title is “cinderella’s sister” because the story is about MGY. i hope that clears things up! =]

  64. 64 Quinze

    @60, the Mother is only stepmother to Cinderella.
    She’s supposed to have two daughter of her own which in the fairytale are just as bad as her.
    In this drama, we’re focusing on CInderella’s SISTER, MGY’s character.

    My first impression of this drama hadn’t been as good because I was watching it without subs and without the recap but after watching the second episode I’m pretty much sold on this one. Still like Prosecutor Princess as a lighter drama but when I have time give full attention to this, I’m def going to watch and enjoy.

  65. 65 lilly

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    Firstly the soundtrack of CU is a winner. it ‘s still in my head. Everything fit. Well done !
    The greatest point of this drama is the astonishing acting delivered by everyone especially the lead actors. I will only talk about them because it will be too long.
    -MGY’s Eun Joo is in french “une écorchée vive”. She built a wall to defend herself from anyone and anything even the nicest ones because she has been abused since her infancy and mainly by her mother. She is COLD, RUDE, STRONG, KICK ASS, this is definitly the kind of person I would like to approach – poor Hye Soon if she knew… – Before I was a little afraid if MGY could portray this kind of character because I always see her as the happy go lucky person. But girl – I will call her unni because she is one year older than me in real life – proved me wrong is a too weak sentence. She is MINDBLOWING in her acting. The vibe, she does not act she is Eun Joo from head to toe. I love her more now. She is definitly nominated as Best Actress in the next awards ceremony…

    -Seo Woo/ Hye Soon/Cinderella or Candide ? Before watching the drama I read some reviews which bashed her. So I was thinking “I guess I will watch this drama only for MGY. Too bad I liked her”. I was expecting a “Geum Jandi”. So after watching it I did not stop repeating to myself ” Are people blind ?”. I admit the voice of the girl somehow annoyed some persons but guess what it fits the character. EJ and HS are OPPOSITES and SW is so convincing in her role I forgot she is 25 so older than MGY. Like MGY she does not act she is the character. Her interractions with EJ are simply…OMG poor girl she was so happy to have a mother and namely a sister, “Welcome to reality princess ! “. the meeting scene between is simply…WOW. The difference is so Striking ! My fav scene is when she told to a does-not-care EJ about how someone did not answered her text messages and EJ replied to her rudely the girl reaction was hilarious and at the same poor you if you knew. Anyway I think SW acting is really convincing and her character will be the one who will develop the most. I can’t wait for her in the movie “Housemaide”. Well done Girl !

    CMJ/Kihoon : What a charming man ! His voice is so gentle the character is so gentle the acting is so GOOD – when I think this is the same actor who acted in Fashion 70’s. Like everyone I like his chemistry with EJ and their interractions but I too like his interractions with HS either. Indeed I think he is in love with MGY character already and he suffered in his life and he indentifies to her too but HS is so naive, so little girl, so cute but sometimes annoying, so Herself even though she acts retarded often which is funny too… I think he loves her a lot like a little sister, someone he wants to protect because she is a fresh breath for him. She makes him forget his painful life. I guess HS was pampered by everyone expect obviously EJ who somewhat envies her happy life. So I like his chemistry with MGY and HS. The former is love the latter is like family. Anyway CMJ has a new fan in me.

    To conclude I would like to thank the director for making me watch korean dramas again. I just hope he did not make a mistake by picking Taec as second lead and the drama won’t drag.

  66. 66 lilly

    About MGY/EJ analyse it’s this is definitly the kind of person I would not like to approach instead of “this is definitly the kind of person I would like to approach”

  67. 67 natalie

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    i was more excited about personal taste but now that i have watched this i think it is so good and am really excited to see the next episodes.

    and also, i really like seo woo and her character and i think her face is really pretty, not weird at all…
    i like all the leads a lot, MGY is awesome too!

    i have no idea what direction this drama is going to take and that is so exciting, i’ve only really watched trendy dramas which were really predictable before so this is a whole new experience :)

  68. 68 lilly

    And at 31 mimi even though I love MGY and I am a bigger fan of MGY than I am to SW, I am in HS side because even she is sometime annoying, the world is too cruel with too many cruel people so HS brings freshness. In fact I see why Kihoon is like her.

  69. 69 honest_will

    CS looks like its going to be a good drama
    with some love and heart ache attached to it
    the three leads chung myung, moon and seo seem to stand on their feet with no probs, each one acts according to their character, even if younger seo is a girly and winey, thats how she should act and its not force, its all natural, moon and chung chemistry is something to look forward to

    well i said three leads, taec is the unknown factor, i was wondering in my head over the last couple days if it did not have taec but someone else, like an actual actor instead of a singer/star, who would it be?
    i only say that cos he is only a singer who has no acting lessons and taking on a drama as a lead, its a bold move, yunho failed with his soccer drama and son dambi with dream so how would he hold up, these 2 had both strong fan bases and eventually left becos it got corny and bad, no matter how big a fan base someone has, it doesn’t mean it will be popular

    im watching this cos of moon, chung and seo and
    seo’s dad, who is already a strong actor in hon, jejoongwon and tazza

    rant over

  70. 70 gc

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    anyway guys, i was wondering where did u all watch the drama with eng sub? bcos i’ve tried to watched it on mysoju etc, and its not working. any site suggestion anyone?

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  71. 71 emeldy

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  72. 72 estlxlan

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    thanks for a wonderful recap! i love the drama!!! its touching but not so melodramatic. The twisting of the classic Cinderella story was done with good story/plotlines. Moon was amazing! She embodies her character so well! The whole cast were great as well! The chemistry between Moon and Chun Jung-myung cant be denied, especially in the chasing scene. they have this quiet connection that is so believable that you wanted to root for them.

    Hope they will keep up the good work!

    Cant wait for the next episodes!!!

  76. 76 Samira

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    I thought I wouldn’t like Seo Woo character on this drama, but I’m SO surprised! I actually like Hyo-Sun very much! Some people thinks she’s annoying, but I think she’s bubbly, refreshing and cute! I have a feeling she’ll mature a lot during the drama…but I’m really digging her acting! Go Seo Woo!

  77. 77 holey moley

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    now, lets get to business…many have commended the soundtrack of this drama…and i’m on the same boat…the way the editing played with supposed to be angsty scene, then injecting a fairytale-ish music is awesome in my book…now the directing, though its too premature i hope the director is also nominated along with the director of chuno for the year-end awards…now, the writing/characterization is superb, as you all noted, every character has my sympathy vote…i like all of them, may sometimes annoyed at hyo sun attitude, seriously is she retarted at times?
    now, the acting, lets start with seo woo, i think seo woo did cinderella justice…i even forget that she is way older than MGY, now that’s commitment on the character…i find her believable, hope her character won’t veered to being a mentally challenged person…now, CJM, i favored him a lot since his awesome chemistry with ko hyun jung at what’s up fox…he did good for me, not awed me, but his chemistry with MGY esp at ep 2 had me sold…
    now to my girl MGY, i always loved her…and anticipated this drama because of her, she just acts like she was born as eun jo…her chracter, though dark is relatable…
    so far, im so amazed at the first episode…definitely the best first episode i watched for a kdrama, and i’ve watched a ton…

  78. 78 kahji

    i first thought that ill be hooked with personal taste. but now ill really focus on CS. ill just wait for recaps here in dramabeans. mbc dramas are restricted at viikii. so hard to watch. aside from that, pt was KINDA cliche. peace..

    i so love CS!! fighting,,,

  79. 79 caryatid

    moon’s acting way all it need to suck me in… really love her eyes!!!:D
    thanks JB for the recaps!

  80. 80 holey moley

    i have two favorite scenes in this episode, of course the crowd favorite’s chase scene, javabeans is correct it is eerily beautiful that it took my breath away…the music, the expressions, the directing, the story, the narration…its just like..(.SQUEALS.)
    now to my second favorite was between eun jo and jung woo, when eun jo was asking jung woo if she was abandoned, then her face hardened and then she clenched the kimchi as if blood was oozing onto the thing she’s squeezing, then her thoughts exclaimed an indifferent “hooray”, then she smirked…god love that scene, i played it over and over…again, the music, the narration, the emotion, the directing is heavenly superb…i love you moon, director and the musical scorer

  81. 81 ~Autumn~

    i completely love the mood they set in this episode, light but edgy, i was so afraid it was going to take the melodrama route.

    this is the first time watching MGY after Autumn fairytale and she didn’t really leave an impression on me there, but here she totally captivated me. can’t wait for the next episode.

  82. 82 butteringer

    To be honest, at first im a bit hesitant with Cinderella Sister but after giving the first episode a try, I AM OFFICIALLY HOOKED!!

    Thank you so much Javabeans! I always love reading your comments.

  83. 83 Dara

    Why MGY looks too thin here? Always love your comments. Thanks.

  84. 84 adx

    Thanks for CS recap javabeans.
    First of all, well done to all actors in this drama.
    What surprised me is I love Seo Woo in this drama.(I can’t believe what i’ve just said lol)
    I always think she’s an annoying and plastic actress but in CS I found her the best even a little bit better than MGY.
    SW totally convinced me as a high school princess girl. With emotional scene, when she cries I almost cry with her. She’s just perfect for this role and I believe SW will be the highlight of this drama when storyline develops further.

    MGY is always good. She acts very natural but I still can’t imagine what she’ll be like when she grows up. But still MGY is doing a good job as a bad ass girl. I’m looking forward to her character to develop.

  85. 85 lettuce

    i’ve never seen seo woo acting in anything before. i think she’s a cute pubescent without being aggravating, altho later… heh she’s the same age as MGY?! but shegives me an impression of a slightly annoying but cute little sister. not a fakey pukey cutesy woman who’s trying to act half her age.

    the light-hearted, wonderful music! agree with people here who’s mad about the music.

    and chun jung myung!
    although he’s good looking, he’s not blessed with awesomely! striking! good! looks! he’s got a more deadly pull than that. a charisma that draws females slowly in, and he’s such a good actor… damnnn he’s so fine! i’m still not over his chul soo in what’s up fox.

  86. 86 nycgrl

    Man I’m loving this so far and I wasn’t even initially sold on the concept so I had no plans on watching this despite having some of my favorites actors like Kim Gab Soo and Lee Mi Sook as some pretty near favorites MGY and CJM. I love the reverse perspective, the music and the acting. This is very unique in terns of the artistic feel.

    My favorite scenes are actually between Lee Mi Sook and Kim Gab Soo due to their amazing acting. Kim Gab Soo is so damn good at playing a range of characters but he always manages to infuse a sense of humor into the portrayal of his character . Look at how stands and the boyish look of bewilderment on his face when LMS walks up to him to inspect the lose button. He is totally priceless.

  87. 87 tinatot

    i love the recap! thanks! :)
    gahh… i love moon and chun’s relationship! :)
    i wonder if it would be a happy ending?
    the stepsister gets the prince? hahaha!

  88. 88 spots

    So the fat boy really IS going to be played by Taecyeon. I though it was just rumors… This is so weid. I know about kdramas strange biological laws, like how they suddenly realize they have a deadly disease when everything was fine before, how they can magically change their whole appearance like pokemons if they have plastic surgery, but seriously?
    Even if the kid went on a major diet, they would still look nothing alike. Oh well, let’s just enjoy the eye candy. But still.
    Kdrama land seems like a nice place to live in.

  89. 89 Isabella

    I love everything about this show! Brilliant story as well as acting. The running scene always gave my goosebumps no matter how many time I replayed it, all thanks to MGY’s amazing expression.

  90. 90 FT

    @83 Dara

    Yeah MGY has been very skinny lately, just google her pictures since Painter of the Wind days.. she should eat more! But I guess thinness suits her character in this drama.

  91. 91 FT

    @88 spots
    I think he will grow up to be like that due to baseball, all that food turned to muscle haha. That’s why they picked a fat kid to play him.

  92. 92 oi

    Thank you very much for your recap. Enjoyed reading it. Better than watching since I don’t know Korean. The hair scene just like an hair commerical. Was that really MGY’s hair all the time, I wonder. That was probably better than a real hair commerical, since she is supposed to be a normal poor girl…..hehehehe…

  93. 93 cathy

    It seems like a lot of viewers like this drama , i wonder if this is trendy now in K drama , running away from trouble or running after slaves as in Chuno ( my favorite ).
    Always start with dysfuntional families , some believable , some not .
    In this drama , first ep , agree that acting seem good , two families in extreme situations , one
    completely decent and one is opposite . For me , non K , i can not buy this story ,
    the father with lovely family , successful businessman can not fall for brainless , superficial , indecent woman , living her life as a parasite on several men , except she is suffers from mental problems as bipolar disorder , schizophrenia taking medications which distort her judgement . She has no charm , no brain to attract
    decent man that why she is having relationship with several poor , abusive men, and my last concern if she has contracted venereal diseases through her reckless relationships .
    some K dramas are more believable , realistic for dramaland as Assorted
    Gems , Son of Sol Pharmacy , smile you….. in there all women they success bc they are smart , honest with amazing personality that why they can attract good men . I believe that who are ever poor or failed in their life always having good reason for that , the one who success in their life usually they are smart with strong willpower , the bump can not be successful , no boby responsible for your
    success or failure only you , my opinion .

  94. 94 Nancy

    Awesome recap! I haver never been so hooked to a drama this fast! The characters were so real and the emotions are so raw coming from the actors. Everything from the OST, direction, pace, and of course the actors are spot on! Now all that’s left is for Taecyon’s character to come into the picture and it will get even better!

    I can’t wait each week. After You’re Beautiful I haven’t wished for the weeks to come earlier so I can watch it at work :) I see immense chemistry between Ki Hoon and Eun jo so I’m curious if MGY will finally have her first kiss on screen ( I swear she has never kissed her leads in films and dramas before). If she does, I’m sure it will be a topic of dicussion for a while :)

  95. 95 onemorepls

    i love it

  96. 96 rainerust

    I love your recap! As usual, your insights are definitely appreciated. I was just a bit thrown off by the fact that Taecyeon will be playing Han Jung-Woo later – I assume this means that a time-leap is inevitable? (It does make sense since the leading cast right now are all playing roles that seem to be under the age they’re portraying later)

    I get the feeling that Kang-sook is going to be really interesting later – especially now that she’s found Hye-sun (or Hye-sun’s found her…) because Hye-sun seems to give her a chance to be the ‘mother’ that she’s never gotten to be since Eun-jo doesn’t seem to need her (rather, Eun-jo seems to be the one always ‘saving’ her), which makes the whole mother-daughter(s) dynamics a lot more interesting than the usual ‘hate-the-stepmother’.

    It sets up a nice complex relationship between all of them that’s fairly realistic though – Eun-jo obviously has a reason to distrust and dislike Hye-sun (probably for winning over her mother and sharing ‘mother-daughter’ moments that Eun-jo herself has never enjoyed), and while Kang-sook undeniably loves her own daughter (as far as it’s possible to love in her own way) she probably enjoys the unfettered attention and love that Hye-sun showers upon her; after all, Hye-sun can be very charming when she wants to be. I’m definitely invested in the drama and can’t wait til all the plot points pan out. Character development is going to be fairly crucial to this drama, but as I’ve loved what they’ve all done with their characters so far, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show…

  97. 97 dumbnumb

    Thank you for the recap Javabeans!

    I’ve been reading your blog since the ‘Coffee Prince’ era but I’ve rarely posted.

    I love Moon Geun-young to bits. I just think that she’s a great actor and a wonderful human being. Thanks again, you definitely made my day! Happy Easter!

  98. 98 loveydovey

    i didn’t really have any expectations for this drama, good or bad. i just wanted to see my Bin (Chun Jung-myung). and i have to admit i thought it was pretty boring until the chase scene. completely unexpected.

  99. 99 eunjk

    ever since the news come out abt this drama , i am so attracted to it . and now i finally seen 2 of the eps , it totally live up my expectation . chun jung myung and mgy is loves :) i just hope taecyeon wont ruin the drama quality due to his acting or whatnot . .

  100. 100 Memei

    At first, I thought the first couple of episodes are going to be boring, I was planning to skip them and just read your recaps then watch the rest of the episodes where it gets exciting, BUT BUT BUT… its a good thing that I was bored and decided to watch. The first two episodes were good and made me want to see more.

    I love Moon’s acting and Seo Woo’s too. She really looks like a 15-year old and her cutesy attitude didn’t look fake. and boy when she cried, it felt real.

    Where’s episode 2’s recap? Please javabeans! We’re dying here! hahaha.

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