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Lee Dong-wook makes his directorial debut
by | April 13, 2010 | 29 Comments

Lee Dong-wook is currently serving in the military, but it turns out he has another work to unveil. Before he enlisted, he had made his directorial debut with a music video for new singer Zozo; the video for the song, called “Dandelion,” has now been released. (Watch below.) In addition to Zozo’s rapping, the song features Park Ji-heon of V.O.S.

Lee directed the music video for free and was brought to the project via his longtime friend, singer KCM. He also acts in the MV as a high school student. Prior to this, his last acting project before his August enlistment was last summer’s drama series Partner and the film Bean Paste, which is planning to release sometime this year.

Huh… Lee Dong-wook, directing. Who’d’ve thought?

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29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yen

    This reminds me, I still need to watch Hanoi Bride. ^_^

  2. Ladymoonstone143

    I love him when I saw My Girl..he is just so adorable…:)

  3. moana

    sigh, he’s so pretty! and he keeps popping up even tho’ he’s doing his military service. wish there were subs on the video. as it is, all i can do is stare . . .

  4. Laica

    Lee Dong-Wook has a really sweet smile. Although he seems too old to be playing a high school student. It works in the video though, maybe because sepia tones are so forgiving?

    It seems more like a mini-short film than a music video to me… or is this a Korean MV thing?

    Also, is it me or is this the girl who plays Eugene’s sister in Creating Destiny?

  5. ktwngrl

    i love him~!!

    • 5.1 bello paul oluwatobi

      he did a very good job in hotel king, he is just so good

  6. jm126

    Damn, I miss him.

  7. Summer

    aww…i missed that adorable smile of his *heart melts* i miss ‘my girl’… wish he could play in a new drama instead of directing…

  8. jossy

    Man this guy is dreamy!

  9. ColleenF-H

    He is super yummy and obviously very smart. He did projects before doing his mandatory service that are being released while he is still serving. That way he has continued to have his name in the media during his service, very smart.

  10. 10 Joy

    OH I miss him…

  11. 11 danni

    I guess Dong-wook made sure that we wouldn’t forget him while he was away on military service. Never thought he would do directing though, very interesting.

  12. 12 Minnetter

    this video was really nice and i really liked the song and it´s use of the piano during the talking bits… thank you for bringing this up Javabeans

  13. 13 ripgal

    Aww… I really miss Wookie’s smiles. And so totally HOT as the HS student.. <33

    That girl's from Harvest Villa, as the boisterous daughter of Baek Yoon Shik. Totally different here.. haha..

  14. 14 Enny

    All I know is that the main pic makes me sad, because he’s so handsome.

  15. 15 Alison

    uhh as much as i love lee dong wook, he does not look like a high school student. can anyone translate what the girl said in the vid to make him do a spit-take?

  16. 16 nora

    Miss him so much, one of the hottest kactor. He did mention many times on his interviews before that he would like to direct, and this MV is nice debut for him, considering it free of charge with maybe 0 budget.

  17. 17 Tha

    I really really like him! I think he’s one that gonna get better and better with age…

  18. 18 D

    awww, no happy ending?

  19. 19 itsjustme

    Wookie!! I miss you sfm! Come back soon!!!!

  20. 20 Isabella

    this MV gives me the feeling of Taiwanese drama… (T_T)

  21. 21 deannadsc

    I MISS Wookie sooo much!!! He’s easily KDrama’s most handsome leading men & he showed he can really act in “My Bittersweet Life”,too!!! He’s my 2nd love next to Gong Yoo!!! GY was able to interview him in his KFN radio show last November…it’s on Youtube….what a treat!!
    I think he did well for his 1st directorial job…love Lee Dong Wook!!! Congrats to another job well done!!! Thanks for sharing, JB!!!

  22. 22 pohonphee

    ha, ha, ha too old for high school student (the sephia tone doesn’t make any help), though still adorable (drooling)….

  23. 23 Sere

    the directing is no bad at all; true, it’s not revolutionary, but it was good enough. I loved the sepia tones. I didn’t expect him to direct, either and now I miss him. 🙁 Seeing him again was really nice, though. Oh hey, maybe there’s going to be a part 2 to this PV?

  24. 24 Dramaking

    I must admit, he’s a handsome man.

  25. 25 reens

    i miss his acting since he playing in my girl
    this guy totally have charisma
    not to forget the cool smile that he has

    aja aja dong wook ^_^

  26. 26 Wookie__

    Wookie ~ thinking of you each and every day !!

  27. 27 dessy

    its seem more like mini short film than Music video for me and the story is too classic but keep fighting & give the best of you.

  28. 28 laughter

    Just curious. When is he going for his military service? What is the date and when will be come back? Then what about plastic surgery? I heard rumours about him doing plastic surgery tho his nose, eyes and cheeks. Is it true? Please provide me an answer okay?
    From a loving fan of his.

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