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Lee Jun-ki quits film and drama for army duty
by | April 28, 2010 | 59 Comments

Military service has been looming for a while for Lee Jun-ki, but in a surprising turn, he has announced that he will enlist next week, on May 3. As a 1982-er, Lee would have to enlist by the end of this year, but he received his papers shortly after beginning his new film project.

This forces him not only to drop his upcoming drama Faith, which would have paired him with Kim Hee-sun and Philip Lee, but also his film Grand Prix, which has already begun shooting. Grand Prix is the horse-racing movie that co-stars Kim Tae-hee, and because of Lee’s last-minute dropout, the producers are currently filming all the parts that exclude his character while hurriedly casting Lee’s replacement.

Lee had attempted to postpone enlistment, as he had filled his work schedule through the end of the year, but was unable to do so.

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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ockoala

    What!?!?! I am speechless. Junki’s not finishing Grand Prix (heh, I’m yeah on this), or doing Faith (oh, I’m sad on this)? Well, the sooner he joins the earlier he’s back out to us in better shape than before (see: CJM, JH, et. al).

    Good luck to Junki! Can’t wait to see him back in two years!

  2. xiaoSxin

    Oh no.. I wil surely miss him!!!!! I hope a lot of stars come back soon from amy duty. Although I am not complaining since Gong Yoo came back already!!!

  3. lb_tmi

    this kinda sucks. i was liking the KHS and LJK pairing cuz they are both beautiful. i’m a little surprised that he wasn’t able to hold off until nearer the end of the year to enlist. but i don’t understand the enlistment process, so i don’t even know if that was even a possibility for him to do that. hurry back!!!

  4. Dona

    Oh nooooooooo !!!!! I’ll miss miss him so much…:( I wish him good luck and I hope to see him in great shape in 2 years time…!!!!! Hurry back!!!!!

  5. MEL

    good luck in the service, he’ll be back soon enough!!!! He must have been under a lot of pressure to just drop everything like a hot potato…..

  6. Atsirk





    Jo In-sung, Lee Dong-wook, and now…LEE JUN-KI…waaaaahhh…

  7. AB

    I wonder whether Rain got the letter too? He’s also a 82-er, isn’t?

  8. okdubu

    i wonder when stars are and are not allowed to postpone their enlistments? it’s too bad he has to give up on not just one but two projects ๐Ÿ™

  9. Freehee

    So I’ve been trying to understand this for a while (and I can google it, but what are you folks here for? :P), but who exactly goes for army service (over 18 males?) and how long do they have to spend there? On the same note, I think every country should adopt a conscription sorta thing so to increase the amount of eye-candy on the streets LOL! I am only half joking ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. 10 Popopo

    i was shocked….angry…. and sad at the same time. These two project are his main goal for 2010 before he enlist. But he can’t even finish one of them. Moreover, he had responsible for Korean Tourism Ambassador and Shanghai Expo 2010 Ambassador. Still he can’t do anything for these precious position. I really feel sorry for him.

    It’ll seems selfish to archieve all the works and postpone enlishment. But as a fan,i just hope he can do something…before he leave us. SIGH ~

    good luck to you.. and hurry back to act in GREAT MOVIE + DRAMA again junki… i’ll wait for you….2 years are not that long, itsn’t it?

  11. 11 Kay

    Noooooooo! Jun Ki is my favorite korean actor, Im going to miss him so much. I was so expecting his new drama and movie.
    Is always sad to see talented actors putting a stop to their carrers or at least a pause, two years can make a great diference.
    Jun Ki is a great actor so Im going to miss him twice more than any other actor.
    Hope this two years pass real quick, and make him even stronger.
    See you soon Jun Ki!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12 Extra, Extra

    I am so depressed! I was uber- excited to see Lee Jun Ki and Philip Lee together… this is the worst news I have heard all week!

  13. 13 Lucille

    LOL, at Atsirk #6, you took the word right out of my mouth. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. 14 cathy

    he might not have enough time to act perfectly , he will come back in 2 years .
    great actor .

  15. 15 b3z

    Why they didn’t allowed him to postpone? is that the rule in Korea? sowhen you got the call you have to go straight away? how bout kim nam gil then?? ๐Ÿ™ how about bad guy??

  16. 16 xiahkixiri

    :(((( i still have iljimae and hero on the to-watch list.. guess it’s time to hoard those huh.

  17. 17 Cam


    NNOOOOOOO! Nooooo………I am very speechless that he quit his incoming drama and decide to going to army soon, oh jeez……….AHHHH!!!! (puts my hands on my cheeks & legs shakily so wildly)

    Oh, I really feel you — @ Atsirk #6 — I can’t believe that some of our favorite actors will going to army for 2 years, oh man……….(sad puppy pouts)

    FIGHTING & Stay healthy, Lee Jun Ki !!!! =) =)

  18. 18 Icarusfalls

    Wow.. thats very sudden…

  19. 19 elisa

    um. wasn’t that a bit irresponsible?

  20. 20 Lan

    Oh, I’m going to miss him! Be waiting for his comeback in 2 years!

  21. 21 the indian girl!

    aaah crap sooo sudden :((( another one of my favs gone sigh sigh as some1 mentioned earlier atleast we have gong yoo sshi back we’ll just have to make do i guess

  22. 22 Taohua_07

    I’m actually bummed about this. Even though I haven’t like all of LJK’s dramas, he’ll always hold a special place…there just something about him that makes him a pleasure to watch. This whole enlistment happened way too fast for me. But the good thing is that so many of my fav actors have returned in the past two years so I can’t complain too much. ::Sigh:: I guess it’s time to rewatch TBDAW (especially after that awesome review by ockoala ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 23 LJKFan

    I feel bad for LJK, Stupid how he have to drop everything for this.
    The film industries should have something to say about his as well, don’t you think? LJK will be missed. Hurry to serve and come back soon!

  24. 24 Anya

    Wow, I never thought of myself as an uber Jun-ki fan, but I’m really bummed out about this. There’s just something about him, he has a certain charm and presence that makes him really attractive (although his pretty face doesn’t hurt either!).
    Oh well, hoping to see a more fit, more emotive Jun-ki after the army training.

    @ Freehee

    I asked my Korean friends about the army thing and they said that every guy has to serve around two years, though that period has been cut down slightly, depending on the year you are born.

    It’s just that two years is such a long time…. I’ll be OLD by then!

  25. 25 dannaluk

    nooooooo….i kinda had a felling that he would drop faith since it was later in the year making things hard for him with the enlistment and all…but why “grand prix”….i wasnt looking forward to it till i saw the stills…bit after seeing them i thought he and KTH looked beautiful together and was really looking forward to see it….and i do feel he is being irresponsible dropping out of a project like that after starting filming…bt maybe there was nothing he could do abt it :(…..im gonna miss you!!…i guess may actually have to see hero or one of his other last projects now..to reminsce

  26. 26 Jennifer

    Oh no!! I was looking forward to the drama and the movie. That sucks, so no Lee Jun Ki for two years?!?!? Wahhhhhhhh!!!

  27. 27 Sere

    Waaah! that’s so sudden! I was kinda looking forward to Faith with him as the lead. Ah well.

    Good luck to him!

  28. 28 tamu

    My salute to Mr. Lee Jun Ki…
    while other actors said they’re too ill to enter the service…
    he just dropped out everything…and go…
    wonder if he got inspired by cheonan incident

  29. 29 QT

    it kinda sucks dat he didnt do any good drama cuz Hero wasnt dat good

  30. 30 anna

    Eh, this is what happen when they try to prolong the enlistment. Do it in their teenage years and get it out of the way. Most of these men get their big break during their late 20s anyway.

  31. 31 Sherry

    I think with recent events in Korea, such as the sinking of a naval ship, I think the S. Korean government probably wants all available men on active duty. I was looking forward to seeing LJK in a new drama also, but understand the circumstances. Stay safe and see you in a few.

  32. 32 Luna

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … *
    I really expect to see him in Faith!!!
    So, there’l be 2 years without him?? ๐Ÿ™ .. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to re-watch Iljimae, TBDW, and Hero .. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ …

    Well, I guess .. this is a good thing for him. Just consider it as ‘taking a break’ from his usual activities. Can’t wait until 2 years.

    Good luck, Lee Junki! ๐Ÿ™ .. I wish you the best ๐Ÿ™‚ ….

  33. 33 bluemetoo

    Ah, sad to see him let go of these projects but I wish him the best. It’s something that he didn’t really have any control over with anyway. Now, who will be his replacement for Grand Pix? Sad to see that he didn’t fulfill his wishes for this year.

    Junki, be safe in the military, and come back soon! Two years is not a long time. I’m sure there will be a lot of projects waiting for you when you come back. Fighting Oppa!!! Love yOu!

  34. 34 Sonam

    I have a feeling he’s going to look crazy sexy in a buzz cut and uniform.

  35. 35 lemon crisp

    ha ha, how about Kang Dong Won hey ???

    he is much much older than Lee Jun Ki.

    the difference is – he has got a solid family background !!!!

  36. 36 natureii

    Noooooooooooooooooo it cant beeee
    Junki!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooo
    I thought I was going to have time to
    see him and enjoy him before military
    leaveeeeee agggghhh…Ill have to go
    and rewatch all his dramas and movies
    in two years….Ill miss him, come back
    soon and hotter JunKi!

  37. 37 Issa

    NOOOOOO!!!! *runs off sobbing hysterically*

    Ehem. OK. I’m glad that he’s being responsible and not dodging his army duty. That being said, why were some stars allowed to postpone until the end of the year to enlist? So anybody have an idea who else is going off this year? Jun Ki oppa, Rain, who else? I’m just crushed that Jun Ki didn’t even get to finish his projects ๐Ÿ™ But that’s fine, we’ll be waiting for him when he comes back.

  38. 38 lola

    ohh my god !! when i first watched “my girl” i fell madly in love with both lee jun ki et lee dong wook !! and my love got deeper when i wathed their dramas !! i just CAN’T believe that they both left for army duty !! ahhhhh i’ll just have to wait for their come back !!! i’ll really miss them !!

  39. 39 cathy

    LJK is one of the best K actors , his unique look and his talent make him different
    from other but he needs better drama than Hero then he can deliver his character .
    I think he needs time to find the suitable drama for him . it is quite a waste if he had to act in nonsense drama as Hero .
    It’s really hard to find K actress to pair with LJK , i still like Iljima , three lead actors , actress are very compatible to each other .

  40. 40 nickdobi


    okay breathe…..

  41. 41 Miki

    he will return back in 2012, two years without Lee Jun Ki! outrage! ;(

  42. 42 sakura

    I’m sooo sad! it’s unbelievable! he would be great in “Faith”,historical character so fits him. Jun Ki oppa,good luck! i’ll wait u! i’ll miss u! God bless u! Take care! Be strong and healthy! Oppa fighting!!!

  43. 43 phi

    The army do allow postponements, there’re cases of other stars able to. It’s not clear if it was LJK’s 1st attemp to delay it. Would be strange if they shot down his 1st attempt to defer till year end, given he’s just 29 (Korean age)

    It would be a mad scramble for the production to find a replacement and probably cost them to refilm. It’s a loose-loose situation for both camps.

    Wish Junki all the best, 2 years will come by quick and before we know it you’ll be back.

  44. 44 suz

    from what i’ve heard, grand prix filming was completed, no? and he would just not be able to be in faith. idk, i may be wrong.

  45. 45 Luna

    @Sonam : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … *suddenly expecting pictures of him in the army :D*

  46. 46 Freehee

    @25 Anya: Thanks Anya, I’ll go make some Korean friends now, lol. And are you kidding me, by 2012, it’ll be easier to count my age backwards (Okay I’ll be 22 but I’ll be in my last year of uni, and anyone who makes it past the third year has OLD written all over their faces (as a standard produced by my 8-year old brother))! And heck, the world is ending so really now, LJK, you HAD to choose 2010!

  47. 47 addthuel

    lee jun ki Iโ€™m sooo sad! itโ€™s unbelievable! he would be great in โ€œFaithโ€,historical character so fits him. Jun Ki oppa,good luck! iโ€™ll wait u! iโ€™ll miss u! God bless u! Take care! Be strong and healthy! Oppa fighting!!!ohh my god !! when i first watched โ€œmy girlโ€ i fell madly in love with both lee jun ki et lee dong wook !! and my love got deeper when i wathed their dramas !! i just CANโ€™T believe that they both left for army duty !! ahhhhh iโ€™ll just have to wait for their come back !!! iโ€™ll really miss them !!

  48. 48 addthuel

    lee joon ki I love you,, when sa ya can meet with you …. I hope my dream it u become a reality and hopefully it happens soon ….^_^ ^_^

  49. 49 Lany

    I will miss u….

  50. 50 caroline

    cant wait to see him i love junki oppa

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