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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 2
by | April 10, 2010 | 62 Comments

Hello all! I’m baaaaaaack – along with aberdeen_angus – to write up the recaps for Prosecutor Princess. With the first two series of the Wednesday-Thursday line up are already being recapped, we couldn’t let the third one be left behind!!

I initially watched this for my love of Kim So Yeon – but after watching the first two episodes, it’s not just her that impresses me anymore. It’s the entire cast. I feel that they casted right for the roles, as each actor brings something to their characters that makes them that much more three-dimensional.

Last episode ended with Hye Ri making a fool of herself in front of Se Joon and In Woo – so just how far does she go?!

Song of the Day

This song is a little better than Fly High. 😉 I also think it’s role in the drama is similar to that of Dash Girl from My Fair Lady, where it plays whenever Yoon Eun Hye/Kim So Yeon are shopping and such.

Prosecutor Princess OST: Give Me by Nine Muses with Seo In Young [download]

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Episode 2

Hye Ri screams at the sight of In Woo and despite Se Joon’s protestations, she drags In Woo out of the office to confront him. Nice move in trying to keep her personal life separate from business – not so nice when it turns out he’s a lawyer there to represent a guy she just put in jail. Lesson 1 for Ma Hye Ri: Prosecutors don’t just go by the facts, they also consider the circumstances surrounding the crime.

Hye Ri hides outside a pillar waiting for In Woo, and he appears sneakily behind her instead to insist she pay him back. She quickly brings up her defenses and says she will pay him back immediately – but he rips right into her and says, “Are you a loan shark? Or are you a money man? Do you always carry tens of thousands of dollars around? Or do you want to pay by credit card? I don’t have a card terminal with me.”

(I love how he just completely talks right over and won’t give her a chance to speak – he’s definitely not like the stiff Se Joon, and would be easily likable…if only he weren’t so mysterious!)

He tells her he wants it in cash, and she promises to give it to him the next day at lunch.

In the office, Se Joon’s assistant tells the assistant lady (and us viewers) that In Woo is a top lawyer who wins most of his cases, but he chooses only the cases he’s interested in regardless of money. When Hye Ri returns from her spat, Se Joon hands her a new case file about arguing ajummas and tells her to reconsider her decision on the robbery case.

And then we have SHINee telling us to Flyyyy Hiiiiigh! as In Woo returns to his fancy glass office. We meet Jenny Ahn, who turns out to be a lawyer along with In Woo. Rather than wondering about how well he convinced Se Joon to retract the decision, she asks how his meeting went with Hye Ri.

Jenny: How do you feel after meeting her for real?
In Woo: I met the person I was supposed to meet.
Jenny: Then things are going to start now. Do well.

Hye Ri being Hye Ri, at exactly 6 0’clock she packs away the police reports and says her goodbyes. Se Joon asks if she ever plans on staying overtime, and Hye Ri says no – why should she if she is only a public servant who won’t get paid overtime? Se Joon, with his sense of justice, comments, “Do you think the other prosecutors end up working overtime because they can’t say that? Or they don’t think that?” Hye Ri says to each his own – the other prosecutors choose to stay overtime, and if it’s because the number of cases are too much, then the government should hire more prosecutors.

Hye Ri shows that she has very good logical sense – not common sense, but really good logical sense. It’s what makes her a good lawyer, technically. She can definitely weasel her way out of a speeding ticket.

While Hye Ri vents to her best friend Yoon Ah at a yoga session, Se Joon and Jung Sun are staying overtime eating take-out jjajangmyun (and my stomach growls YUM). They ask what to do about Hye Ri – complaints are coming in regarding her performance. After the chief leaves, Jung Sun practically begs Se Joon to talk to Hye Ri and just give it to her. But Se Joon wisely notes that Hye Ri is not going to change just like that. He even agreed with her arguments earlier, even if he doesn’t believe in them. It’s just too bad that she has no sense of moral justice… yet.

The next day, Hye Ri rushes out to meet In Woo at the arranged restaurant and time with a large apple box full of cash. She hands him a receipt – a grand total of US$8,015 – and the box, filled with 1000 Won Korean bills (or basically, $1 singles). She wants him to count it in front of her – and he agrees.

Voila! He produces a cash counting machine and starts stacking the bills through the counter. Foiled again! Hye Ri won’t have the satisfaction of watching him laboriously count the bills. She asks how he knew – did he follow her? Of course, Creepy In Woo did no such thing! He just explains it as, if he had been her he would have done the same thing – except bring it all in dimes.

They have a civil lunch, and In Woo asks why she didn’t go to her workshop after graduation. Hye Ri is shocked that he found out and begs him to keep it a secret. The workshop is a bigger deal than it sounds – every newly graduated prosecutor must attend it to understand the basics of the job and the regulations they must follow. Hye Ri offers him money to keep quiet, and In Woo just laughs (he likes to laugh a lot at her…)

After lunch, In Woo does some shameless flirting with her and says that he knows they’ll see each other again. But Hye Ri doesn’t buy it, calling him corny, and she drives off. (Ooh she’s gonna regret that – he’s offering friendship and you just throw it back in his face!)

When Hye Ri returns to the office, Se Joon is gone to teach a lecture. She finds the file she was working on on his desk, and also finds a file that is about a famous celebrity suing another celebrity for assault, and there’s a juicy love triangle that started it all… Yes – of course Hye Ri gets sucked into it. She takes the file to read, but in comes her ajummas.

The ajummas have differing stories about who struck who, but Hye Ri works solely off the evidence rather than their testimonials. It’s clear that the victim is a liar (who gets a full-on red handprint on their cheek after being slapped ONCE!? it’s make-up I tell ya, MAKE-UP!), but Hye Ri says the slap is evidence and awards victory to the supposed “victim”.

The “attacker ajumma” refuses to give up, so Hye Ri pretends to use the bathroom in order to read up on the salacious case of the celebrities. She overhears three other co-workers making fun of her outfit, her supposed boob job, and her wide face. Hye Ri puts the bathroom-read aside and confronts the three ladies. They shouldn’t trash talk just because they’re jealous that she is just honestly prettier and more womanly than they are!

Se Joon returns, and he can’t find the file on the celebrity case. Hye Ri freaks – it’s not in the bathroom anymore – and it leads to a massive search inside the office as they all overturns shelves and drawers looking for the papers. The other prosecutors crowd the front door, watching amusedly as Hye Ri makes her first MAJOR MAJOR mistake. Good thing Jung Sun passes by the elevator and sees “victim ajumma” reading something that looks suspiciously like a case file…

Outside, Se Joon reprimands Hye Ri privately. Did she not get any security lessons during the workshop? (Uh no – she wasn’t there.) He tells her to be careful – she may not be sympathetic to the people or enjoy bonding with the senior prosecutors, or even staying overtime, but she has to be careful with her actions because her decisions can ruin or save a person’s life. Hye Ri says that she thinks she acted responsibly based on her standards. Heh – how low are her standards? Se Joon realizes he can’t get through to her and leaves.

Se Joon drives Jung Sun home, and we see Jung Sun’s family for the first time. Her mother reprimands her for always coming in during that crucial time in a drama (which I can totally relate to) and a young girl, Bin, tells Jung Sun to start taking care of herself or else she’ll never get married. Wise words coming from such a young girl…

Jung Sun’s mother comes into her room that night and says Bin has a point – Jung Sun isn’t getting any younger and the offers for blind dates have ceased. It doesn’t help that people think Bin really is Jung Sun’s daughter (wait – she’s not!?!?) Either make Bin a real granddaughter, or give the mother a real granddaughter. Too bad Jung Sun has someone she likes – he just don’t know it yet!!!

And then we see Se Joon’s awesome muscles – thank you Chuno – as he stares into the picture of his dead wife by his bedside. We find out why he’s so fixated with Hye Ri – because she looks so much like his dead wife it’s as though the same actress played both roles! I’m not even kidding. It’s an old photo of Kim So Yeon when she still had long hair.

Despite what Se Joon said, Hye Ri still clocks out at 6 on the dot and goes shopping or to spas while the rest of the prosecutors are killing themselves over the work that’s piling up. They need to do something about Hye Ri, and Se Joon requests that they find another training prosecutor for her. An assistant sends a mass email to Jung Sun and Prosecutors Lee Min Suk and Chae Ji Won – they understandably dread this and refuse to take her on.

What’s worse, Hye Ri decides to take them all out to lunch at a reaaaaaaaally expensive buffet restaurant. No one can afford this luxury – they’re just government workers. Hye Ri thinks it’s an excellent idea – they can come here twice a week! It’ll just cost an additional $200-$300 a month for lunch money. They all balk, and so Hye Ri has enough sense to offer to pay this meal.

Jung Sun has a talk with Hye Ri – how could she suggest something so expensive? When Jung Sun did lunch duties, she never spent over $10 for the total cost of food. Hye Ri doesn’t agree – she doesn’t have the same taste as everyone else, and it would be unfair for her to subject herself to such (low-class) food. Jung Sun says the lunch ritual is so everyone can get to know each other better and ask for advice – it’s not about the food. But Hye Ri clearly doesn’t understand what “bonding” means, so Jung Sun takes over lunch duties. Yay for Hye Ri – she can now eat lunch with whomever she wants.

Se Joon’s assistant finally figures out what’s been bugging him about Hye Ri – he sees her necklace and remembers that she’s the one who prevented Se Joon from capturing the long-sought criminal Kim Dong Suk. He whispers this in the other assistant’s ear, and the word spreads like wildfire. Soon everyone catches on that Hye Ri was at a fashion auction instead of at the workshop after her graduation. Word finally reaches the Chief, and he totally blows his top.

Solution: Hye Ri is getting her own office and her own cases. Hye Ri cheers at the promotion, while Jung Sun and Min Suk’s assistants (Sang Hyung Soo and Lee Jung Hee, respectively) look like they’d rather go to hell than Hye Ri’s office. When Hye Ri tells her family, her father exults at his daughter’s success (is he really blind to all her flippancy?) and the mother says that if she marries her politically-connected blind date, then they would become a “financially, socially, and politically perfect family.” What a dream. But the mother goes back on her words when she privately tells Hye Ri that she should experience a passionate love first. Hye Ri says that real love doesn’t exist – all a person can do is love him/herself. (I feel like that’s gonna bite her in the ass…)

Hye Ri moves into her new office – bringing all things flower-y and frilly with her. Jenny informs In Woo that Hye Ri’s gone independent, and the look of shock on his face can only mean that he can’t believe it (this is going way too ahead of his plan!!!) While all the other prosecutors are getting truckloads of cases, Hye Ri only gets a couple, and they’re all minor ones. It’s clear they don’t believe in her ability, but Hye Ri innocently thinks they’re trying to ease her into the job. In general – her office is usually doing nothing.

In Woo visits her by bringing flowers to congratulate her. He asks if she’s been a good prosecutor, and she wonders if he’s interested in her. He says yes – but not in that way. He just thinks she’ll be needing him REAL soon.

Thankfully, Hye Ri isn’t too dumb, and she realizes that it’s odd her office is left with nothing to do. She hides out in the bathroom to listen to the local gossip – and she finds out that everyone knows about her skipping on the workshop – and everyone can’t believe that Hye Ri is too blind to see that the chief and all the seniors gave up on her.

Hye Ri takes the flower basket and rushes into In Woo’s office – how dare he tell everyone about her skipping the workshop! He insists he never told a single person, but she doesn’t believe him. She says she’s going to sue him for defamation. She storms out, but he chases after her. It’s not his fault at all – and he tells her to fix her flippant attitude first. Hye Ri says that if he ruins her status she will come back and kill him. (And I go, WTH!? Status!? How about your own dignity!?)

Hye Ri goes to the chief and asks to be assigned proper cases. She is sorry for her mistake in missing the workshop, but that’s only one. That sets the Chief off (and everyone can hear his yelling) – how can she not be aware that she made more mistakes than that? She has no sense of responsibility and was rejected by all departments. Yeah! Finally – someone REALLY giving it to her! Hye Ri leaves the office shaken, and pretends that the Chief has gone mad, but her audience of prosecutors all know better.

She goes to the club that night – and ends up dancing with two young boys (both members of ZE:A). She and Yoon Ah party it up with the boys – until undercover cops come in and catch the boys. They say that Hye Ri is his girlfriend and brought him to a club – he’s just there to make money, like a young gigolo. WOOPS – that gets everyone’s butts in jail, and a reporter just manages to take a picture of Hye Ri…


I love how fun this drama is. It moves along fast, because even though Hye Ri’s antics are a little repetitive, they don’t dwell on it for long (thanks to quick edits). It also shows that she’s not that dumb either, which is really comforting to know. It gives me some hope that she can change a little sooner. Kim So Yeon is great at eliciting sympathy when Hye Ri needs the audience on her side, and at making her such a dim-witted selfish prosecutor at the same time.

What’s interesting is In Woo and Jung Sun’s characters. In Woo is downright mysterious – but he’s coming off more like a benevolent, omnipotent presence in her life. I can’t help but dread what he is going to do, but at the same time I really really want to like him! I thought he was going to be this stiff, cold guy but he’s actually quite charming. It’s interesting because the supposed “bad guy” seems to be nicer than the supposed “good guy” Se Joon. It’s put me in a state once again where I don’t know which love interest I should root for! (similar to Wish Upon a Star)

As for Jung Sun – it’s curious how and why she’s taken it upon herself to adopt this young girl. It makes me like her character even more, since she’s not the typical hateful second lead character (actually, no one seems to be taking on that role, unless Jenny Ahn all of a sudden goes downright evil on us and claims In Woo for herself…?) However, it’s clear Jung Sun is going to be the passive second female lead where she can’t even tell Se Joon that she’s madly in love with her and that’s going to be frustrating.

The pacing seems to work well so far, and the writing can’t be written off as frivolous. The arguments that Hye Ri makes are completely legitimate and logical, and so it’s not like the writer decided to make a completely two-dimensional character. In fact, the arguments are well thought out. Since the writer also did Shining Inheritance I’m putting in more faith into this drama. The writer is doing a good job in rounding out the female characters. Now all I’m waiting for is some more dimension to In Woo and Se Joon.

Last comment of all: People definitely need to give this drama a chance!!


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  1. natureii

    Im with you, this drama rocks more people need to see it!

    thank you for the recap

  2. HeyCitrus

    “Last comment of all: People definitely need to give this drama a chance!!”

    Completely agree. I thought of watching this drama just as a time killer and was hoping for something upbeat to keep me upbeat. It’s *definitely* upbeat and addicting as well. KSY’s character is pretty unique compared to other female characters I’ve seen in kdramas. She’s not stupid…but she’s out of touch with the real world; she’s kindhearted and honest but oblivious to others’ concern. I think what most people are anticipating is her transformation…well…I know I am.
    The first two episodes were okay, but it definitely picks up by the fourth episode. : )

  3. marbleloaf

    thanks for capping…people are missing out on a great series if they’re not watching this!!

  4. lilsu

    nice recap, thank you^^

    have to agree with “heyCitrus”, it really picks up by the fourth epi ^^

    about the song “give me”…
    when i first heard it, it came in my mind:
    is it just me, or does this song remind someone else of britney spears too?

  5. marbleloaf

    oh and you’ll get plenty dimension in epis 3 and 4 =)

  6. cat.leafs

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

  7. Kryzenna

    Yup I agree that everyone should definitely give this drama a try!!!

    I really like In Woo. He’s like the guy that every girl dreams for. He’s there whenever she needs someone. And he has a sense of humor too! Definitely fun to watch!!

    I don’t know who Hye Ri’s gonna end up with but I’m really rooting for In Woo!!

  8. v

    Hey! Thanks so much for the recaps! I’m glad you’re doing this series… it needs more love!! too bad it has stiff competition.

    and yeah, for my part, i like In Woo but I’m really biased since I like PSH in Family Honor. lol

  9. trixicopper

    Of the new Wed/Thurs dramas this is the one I like the best. I think it’s worth a watch at the very least for the shoes! 🙂

  10. 10 mira

    Yes, thank you for recapping this series^^. I srsly hope more people will give this a try. Prosecutor Princess has the factor that makes me hook and wanting for more. It’s really addicting I can’t even wait for Wednesday to come sooner <3

    And I agree, I decided to watch this for KSY at the beginning but later I found out the drama itself is surprisingly enjoyable.

    I can't wait to see more of In Woo's past, and what are his motives.

  11. 11 starletbang

    Thanks for the recap! I’m up-to-date with all the episodes but I still love reading recaps because I feel like I always miss something and it helps me know what I’ve missed!
    I think people see this drama as giving off a silly and obvious story of a girl becoming successful sort of drama, but here’s the fact: IT’S TOTALLY NOT!
    I don’t think this drama is predictable at all! (well at least not yet but by the time dramas are halfway over, all dramas are predictable!)
    There are definitely serious sides to the characters and their families and relationships and whatnot and the lawsuit cases are also serious!
    This is my first time watching a drama with Park Shi Hoo and I love him! I think he’s fantastic and portrays the different sides to his character very well!
    Kim So Yeon has always been known for her talented acting and honestly, I like her bubbly and happy character here better than her cold IRIS character.
    Han Jung Soo was fantastic in Chuno (his body was fantastic too)

    I think the storyline of the drama is really strong and the actors all work really well together.
    I’m rooting for In Woo and Hye Ri and I’m hoping In Woo isn’t some psycho stalker that wants revenge on Hye Ri for any reason!

    I love this drama and I can’t wait till Wednesday (even if it means I have to go to school 🙁 )

  12. 12 who is

    I saw the first episode of this drama. It’s definitely fun, and upbeat…
    but I just find it quite difficult to believe Hye Ri to be … a good person. She hasn’t done anything to prove her high intelligence, but showed, on many occasions, her lack of better judgment. After the first episode, I think I found her pitiful. Entertaining, but pitiful.

    I’m not that familiar with the path to becoming a lawyer, but just based on my High School simple knowledge in America, (and I feel like it would be similar in most countries) that students would have to read up on previous cases for reference and case studies to know how a case and trial happens. Entire chain of events from start to finish. Shouldn’t they read and comprehend some cases would lessen the sentence taking into consideration of X, X, X? Or evidence X came out, and then it was proven something else. It takes a huge leap of faith for me to believe such a person can make it past college at all!

    But, the drama still makes me laugh, and I’m really anticipating Hye Ri’s change! Previous people have said that it picks up on episode 4… so I’m definitely going to continue to watch!

    Thanks for recapping!

  13. 13 supah

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank youuu!!

    OK, I’ll admit I’m biased ‘cos I really like my macho-man, General Choi!
    (See those muscles, In-woo shippers, and burn!)

    I absolutely adore the angry, red-faced, round and balding chief!
    And if one closes their eyes during one of his outburts, one wouldn’t be able to believe how similar he sounds to Kang-ha of WUAS; the voice, the exact same temperament and the gritted teeth speech.
    Hye-ri is pure evil to be giving this poor old ahjussi a heart condition so early on.

    I agree about the second lead, she’s quite likable, though I do feel a tad intimidated by those black-rimmed glasses. They give her an unapproachable air, even though she is refreshingly quite lovely.

  14. 14 flyingtohfoo

    i agree with you! 😀 THIS DRAMA NEEDS 2ND CHANCES CAUSE IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER IN LATER EPISODES. & you’ll be missing out so much if you don’t watch this 😀

    i watched this drama first because there weren’t subs for the other two dramas, and man am i glad i watched this first.
    this isn’t a typical drama, and this is probably the least predictable drama i’ve seen so far next to SFFTS.
    i like this drama over the other two, and i’m a bit dissapointed that the other two dramas are overshadowing this one because of the famous actor/actresses in the other ones. not only is this comical and romance, there is some mystery, and that’s what makes this drama so unpredictable.

    i will seriously cry if MHR doesn’t end up with Inwoo 😀

  15. 15 ~Autumn~

    the first 10 min of PP is really boring, but once that’s passed, it gets exciting. Kim so yeon’s portrayal of Hye ri is wonderful, intelligent yet ditzy, annoying, and painfully oblivious.

    i really hate Hye ri’s hair, i know they are trying to make her look girly and all, but it really bothers me. i hope she gets a new hair-do soon.

  16. 16 supah

    Oh hail, those ahjumma scenarios were so darn funny, as they’re relaying their own accounts of what ‘really’ lead to the mother of all slaps, resulting in that hand imprint. I LOLed.
    I hope we get to see more of these scenarios throughout the series.

  17. 17 ernie

    @14: Oh my gosh, me too. If Hye Ri doesn’t end up with In Woo, I’m going to tear my hair out. 😛

    Like I still don’t know for sure who’s the first lead. I’ve finished episode 4, and I still haven’t decided. I’ve tried to follow and retrace the usual kdrama cliches to figure it out, but I still have no clue. All I know is it better be In Woo. He’s def my kind of guy. 🙂

    Hye Ri really isn’t my kind of character- so far, she’s not acknowledged what she’s done wrong and merely dwells on the fact that her life is a pathetic piece of crap as a prosecutor. But the ride will be us seeing her change into someone more mature.. and I’m sure there will be plenty of lolworthy scenes to see the change happening. (:

    I mentioned in my last comment for episode 1 too.. Choi Song Hyun is an awful actor. I cannot stand to see her watch- and I’m thinking it’s cause everyone else acts so well and fits into their character just perfectly. Her acting is so hard to watch- it’s to the point where I think that I could act better than that.

    But ohhhh me In Woo. Me likey you lots. My ideal guy- funny and witty and smart. Sigh. I could just stare at the computer for ages looking at his smile.. oh dearie. (:

  18. 18 pegy

    thank u. it was great. i really enjoy it alot .
    i’ll stay tuned 4 the recaps.
    i really like inwoo’s character

  19. 19 tika

    I underestimated this drama!and this is so goooddd! better than personal taste… I might prefer this one to cinderella’s sister when CS become more depressing later.. I hope the rating will increase!!

  20. 20 icechocolate

    Yes, definitely it’s a good drama. I hope it turns to be great. And Shining Inheritance writer? I’m so IN! There’s is no wasting scene in SI. So I wish Prosecutor Princess will do the same.

    I have watch Cinderella sister and Personal Taste. I agree that both are awesome drama. But Prosecutor Princess is awesome too. And surprisingly I decide to pick PP than others.

    I hope PP’s rating keeps rising up.

  21. 21 korsarzman

    hey thanks for recapping this for us!! I really appreciate 🙂
    I’ve read all the comments! and I’m agree that your recap is excellent!
    Actually I ‘m rooting for my General Choi, even though MHR will end up with the lawyer! awww!! I didn’t watch the Family Honor (spells like it?), so I don’t know about the guy…
    Actually Han Juns Soo is lacking smth, in here… I know it. But I really hope his acting will improve…
    In contrast, InWoo’s acting was little stalkerish… a little scary… He’s too perfect for me… He s nice, has a humour sense, cool, confident, rich :p
    to me, Se Joon is perfect as prosecutor, but he has wounded from wife’s death, now he’s become passive preson, I think!!
    I really want more Se JOon & Hye Ri!! but all posters says us that MHR will end up with lawyer!! too bad.

  22. 22 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

  23. 23 kit09

    Thanks for the recap of EP02
    I love all the casts
    especially the lady prosecutor and the lawyer
    all sparkles when they meet

  24. 24 sukispop

    Kaedejun and Aberdeen_angus,

    Thank you both for recapping Prosecutor Princess.

    I’m enjoying this drama quite a bit. I think that Kim So-yeon and the rest of the cast are ideal in their roles. I’m impressed with KSY’s portrayal of Hye Ri. In the hands of a lesser actor, Hye Ri would have likely come off as a caricature. KSY is excellent and convincing as the beautiful and smart fashionista prosecutor, whose priorities are skewed(at least, for now) and way of thinking is blinding her from the big picture of things and life. She’s not a bad person, but up to now she’s been pretty self-centered and has not concerned herself with anything beyond her own wants and needs. She’s in drastic need of some key lessons about life and what it means to be caring and responsible to the people that you live and work with.

    I think KSY is going to be a lot of fun to watch, as her character matures and develops into the person and prosecutor that she is capable of being.

    I hope that people will read these recaps and really give this drama a fair chance. It’s refreshingly good, and much better than its premise seems to suggest.

  25. 25 byulx3

    It sucks that so many people underestimate this drama and don’t see how awesome it is.

    I fully support In-woo+Hye-ri, especially after episodes 3 and 4.

    Hm. I get that In-woo seems a bit mysterious, but, for me, I don’t see him as a creepy stalker. His “mysterious-ness” is actually what makes him appealing and alluring. (and maybe a bit of Shi-hoo bias added)

    Currently, Prosecutor Princess is the drama (out of the 3) that i look forward to the most and anticipate.

  26. 26 icechocolate

    I just visit wiki, and the director are from Shining Inheritance too. Wow!! What a great pair for Prosecutor Princess.

    And for casting, first I don’t like Park Shi Hoo. Well, I dont know him, I never see him in any drama, but now.. I really like In Woo. He is so cool! And Kim So Yeon is so good actress. I hesitate to watch this drama, part of it because of her role in All about Eve. She is so evil, and I still could not get rid of her image when I watched her in Sunshine. And I don’t see Iris. But here, she is so different. She is just so clueless.

    Okay, I stop my rambling now..

  27. 27 jossy

    thanks for the recap!

    yeah i totally agree with those that say it gets better and they should totally give it a try.. for me I look forward to it the most for the Holy Wed-Thurs dramas.. but thats just me.. The story is always progressing which is great, so we can get to the juicy parts faster! 😀

  28. 28 da4ti

    I think this drama started to gain its popularity. Hope that more people love its.
    I am also the one that hope that Hye ri will end up with the lead prosecutor but it looks like that she will end up with the lawyers….:P
    I cant wait to see how her character develop and change into a capable prosecutor.
    thanks for the recaps….:)

  29. 29 Jewels

    I have finally started to get into this drama – Episode #3 was the turning point for me. I will say that it does get 100% better. The first 2 episodes was difficult for me because she is so educated and smart, but acted so dumb. The fashion, shoes and jewelry were not impressing me.

    What did impress me though was the cast. I think they are doing a very good job, and if it was not for them, I may have given up. I think I was in to Episode 2 when I realized that the lead actress played the N. Korean actress in IRIS; whom I thought should have taken the lead in that drama.

    Anyway, I am glad that I did not give up on this show and that I am on board with you GF. Thanks for recapping Episode 1 and 2, if not I would have not have reaped the benefits of enjoying this drama. THANKS!!!

  30. 30 mint

    Wow..thanx for the recap. It’s earlier than expected.

    I heard that the PD and the writer are those who made a megahit rama “Brilliant Legacy”. It seems that they improved a lot comparing to BL. Second lead characters have more complicated emotions and background, and first lead characters have more depth. I mean they’re not one-dimensional. The Ep 3&$ convinced me what I just said.

    Although I know MHR will end up with In-Woo (Park Si-Hoo) according to K-drama rules, I prefer Prosecutor Yoon. He can have Prosecutor Jin and Prosecutor Mah at the same..and even me!!! 🙂

    And I think the actress who portrays prosecutor Jin is doing well but underestimated by the public. Her delivery of dialogues is way better than the other two male actors, and her character is quite likeable. And I like her way of dressing and make-up etc , she doesn’t overact at all to make her seem prettier.

    I am sure PP will get more attention in the long run just because of the quality of drama, not of name value of the cast. It has just the power of the drama and characters.

  31. 31 indah

    wow. i interest with it so much.

    Hye-Ri is very unique and innocent character. It’s so different when looking at the real Kim So Yeon. I like In wo too. Misterious man with many surprise.

    Continue your recaps, I’ll wait it every day!

  32. 32 missthiri

    now. it is one of the two dramas that i seriously follow. 🙂 i m hooked… loved chemistry between all the characters. folks , if u r already not watching, u need to check this out.

  33. 33 anna hae

    this drama is so much better than what i expected..definitely underrated
    at first, i just watched this drama for the sake of KSY n to kill times..
    but, it got me hooked..and now i can’t wait next ep. already..
    though i have e xam next week..pheeshh

  34. 34 aberdeen_angus

    “Kim So Yeon is great at eliciting sympathy when Hye Ri needs the audience on her side, and at making her such a dim-witted selfish prosecutor at the same time.”

    Oh, this is so true. I absolutely love how well Kim So Yeon has studied her character.

    By the way, enjoyed your recap a lot, buddy! 🙂 Like many of the commenters have said, this drama deserves its chance, and hopefuly, will prove itself better than, at least, one of the other Wed-Thu ones (yes, I’m talking to you, Personal Taste).

  35. 35 lenrasoon

    Thanks for the recaps kaedejun!

    i felt so sorry for Hye Ri in this episode especially when her Chief screamed with her, i know she aggravates him but seriously? scream?
    i don’t agree with a lot of things Hye Ri did in this episode too but i always catch myself rooting for her, what can i do she’s likable.

    and what’s the deal with In Woo? i don’t know if i find him a creep or charming, but i agree with you, i want to like him so much.

    i’m loving this drama so far so i can’t wait to watch episode 3 and 4

  36. 36 marinai

    My favourite new drama, it’s addicting since the first episode !!!! you got to love MaHye Ri !!! l loooove PSH, he is my man, thanks for the recap^^

  37. 37 mira

    I want more IW/HR scenes! <33 lol

  38. 38 deannadsc

    I think the writers are trying out a new formula here, wherein the lead actor (In Woo, in this case) plays the ‘savior’ part…a role usually relegated to the 2nd lead ( or third wheel,like Shin Woo of YAB or Ji Hoo of BOF)…and eventually the female lead would fall for him in the end!!!
    Prosecutor Princess is my #one drama choice of the 3 dramas competing in the same time slot…then Personal Taste..then Cinderella Sister!!! I plan on watching ALL # to the end cuz they ALL have their own distinct charms & they’re ALL GOOD anway!!!

  39. 39 rainerust

    Good job on the recap, kaedejun, but personally I’m not sure that this drama will appeal to everyone. It’s missing that quick emotional connection that both Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste do so well; somehow Hye-ri’s self-centredness is incredibly frustrating to put with for so many episodes. I haven’t watched episodes 3 and 4, so I’m hoping they move on with her by then, because if she doesn’t start developing the way that the female lead did in Wish Upon A Star, then I might feel very tempted to really give her one, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case.

    In any event, I’m hanging on to this drama if only to find out WHO the heck is In Woo…or rather WHY that cryptic comment about him meeting Hye-Ri was made in the first place (and also because I really, really like Se Joon)! So, if nothing else, at least the drama’s got me hooked for the next couple of episodes, even if it is currently at the bottom of my watch list.

  40. 40 Annie

    i know!!! PP is like my favorite drama in this season, Im so addicted to it

  41. 41 kaedejun

    Thanks you all for your comments!! Its great to see so many along for this wonderful ride! I agree that in woo is quite the fellow – so disarmingly charming!

    @38 deannadsc – you may be right! The writers may be straying from the usual second-lead trope! If so that would be quite fun to watch!

    @aberdeen-angus – yay thanks! And now I hand the baton to you!

    @rainerust – you’re right – hye ri needs to change. But I hope she doesn’t change too fast too soon. Usually we hate the main guy and wait for him to change to become worthy of the girl. But rarely do we see a lead girl so hateful and watch her change throughout the series – immediate is good, but the writers would be making a more thorough job if they had her grow throughout the series.

  42. 42 Samaya

    The lead actresses seriously grates on my nerves but there is something about this show that pulls me in. I’ll give this a couple of more episodes before I decide to drop this.

  43. 43 varms

    I can’t believe I got sucked into this series after reading your recaps!!! But I adored the two male leads (Park Shi Hoo & General Choi *swoon*) straight off the bat when I watched them onscreen and Hye Ri is bearable to me, I love watching her antics! I also like the 2nd lady a lot too and it’s a PLUS that there are a few Shining Inheritance cast members in this too.

    I loved Shining Inheritance and I’m glad the writer is doing this drama, there’s a little more substance here than say, Oh My Lady (whose only saving grace is Choi Si Won and cute kids).

    Cinderella Story isn’t really my thing and Personal Taste is a MUST but I have a feeling that Prosecutor Princess is going to be the one that will keep me watching till the end. Shining Inheritance kind of did that with me.

  44. 44 jun

    i second that “many people are underestimating this drama”

    when i look at the wed/thurs schedule i thought all three dramas is interesting, which is rare but the only reason for the buzz on this drama is that the female lead was in IRIS.. and when i watch the first ep, as a time-killer, it was much better than i expected and i could easily sat thought the first episode…
    plus as someone has said before i difinitely prefer this drama over personal taste!!


  45. 45 Bashful82

    *Swoon* The hawtness is killing me! *Swoon* Perhaps Korea should introduce multi-husbandry heh.

    LOVE the Chief – he reminds me of George in “Seinfeld”.

    Just watched eps 3 and 4 but won’t comment on them so not to spoil people but it does reaffirm that I love this show!

    kaedejun – great recap! Looking forward to the tag-team work!

  46. 46 Laica

    @39 rainerust

    I agree with you, Hye Ri does get a bit irritating by the end of the second episode, which is why I kind of lost interest for a while. But I haven’t watch eps 3 and 4 yet, and I hear the show improves… so we’ll have to see what happens. I didn’t know that the writer of Shining Inheritance wrote this too – that makes me a lot more optimistic about Hye Ri’s transformation. Because one of the best things about SI was Lee Seung Ki’s journey from a complete waste of space to a decent and lovable human being.

    @ kaedejun

    Great recap, thanks! And good point about how it’s usually the male lead who has to change into someone the female lead can love, and how it’s reversed here. Although if In Woo is the one we’re supposed to be rooting for, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by MHR’s personality. Unless he’s taken on the responsibility of “reforming” her into a better person (where have we seen that before?)

    At any rate, I was going to drop this, and you’ve convinced to give it another chance, so thanks for that. 🙂

  47. 47 thureese

    i like this drama! this is even more INTERESTING than PERSONAL TASTE! i thought personal taste was great BUT some scenes were just so boring and draggy… I couldnt even finish watching ep 4 of PT.. haha.. I am sooo looking forward to ep 5 of Prpsecutor Princess! =)

  48. 48 cille

    kaedaejun, thank you for recapping this drama too!! awesome writing (i might even say that it mirrors the pace of the drama) – keep it up!!

    i nth the motion that people should definitely give this drama a chance because it’s different from what’s out there now..

  49. 49 cecee

    Two cappers for this drama! I am super thankful and happy that you guys are doing this. It is much appreciated. This drama keeps getting better in my opinion. The dynamic of the cast flows well together. I hope HR and IW ends up together even though he has a creepy stalker side to him! lols.

  50. 50 imel

    I do agree with you. I feel that it’s not fair for all the good men out there. Hahaha… because personally speaking, as a girl, I would like to be in a relationship with a good man, not the bad boy type. Hahaha

    I really like Ma Hye Ri’s character, because she really reminds me of two people I know who are just like her. Smart and intelligent without even trying, but still put themselves in the center of the world and ignoring all traits like diligency, hard work. It’s so frustrating. Indeed, there are people like that, who are having lots of things without even trying, so in the end, it feels like they are taking those for granted. Hehehe….

    Nice recap kaedejun……
    Love it…
    ( ^ _ ^ ) V

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