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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 4
by | April 15, 2010 | 48 Comments

General Choi saves the day!!!!! Or more like, Prosecutor Yoon Se Joon!!!! Poor Park Shi Hoo – he looks completely helpless and lame on the sidelines… Ditto to that Heartbreak x 1000…

I think episodes 3 and 4 were the transition episodes for Hye Ri’s character. It’s hitting home now that she really needs to change her ways. She won’t do it right away of course, but she knows she’ll have to – and recognizing the problem is the first step in resolving it!

Song Of The Day:

Prosecutor Princess OST: Goodbye My Princess by Monday Kiz [download]

As aberdeen_angus had mentioned, this song plays frequently throughout these two episodes. I love it though and am not sick of it at all!

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Episode 4

Thank goodness one of the evil men starts to take out a knife. In Woo takes an alcohol bottle and lights it up. As the evil man gets ready to stab Se Joon, In Woo throws the flamethrower right into the electricity hub. That catches Se Joon’s attention and he manages to fight the man, but gets slashed in the process. The electricity inside the factory goes off, causing chaos within as all the ajummas and gambling lords try to grab as much money as possible.

As one of the evil men takes a large boulder to throw over Se Joon, Hye Ri thinks quickly and throws her shoe (noooo! Grace!!!) right at the guy’s head and he drops the boulder. Se Joon knocks out the men and drags Hye Ri along. She wants to get her shoe first, but he picks her up princess-style and starts running.

The cops come soon enough, and Hye Ri awkwardly tells him to put her down. She sees the blood on his arm and starts freaking out, but Se Joon starts reprimanding her for her foolishness – she could have gotten hurt, and how would she have been able to deal with this situation then? Is this her idea of trying to prove she’s a great prosecutor?

Ma Hye Ri responds, “I did it so I could live!” She wants to prove to the people around her that she can do something and isn’t as stupid as others think. She takes his handkerchief and wraps it around the wound, and tells him stubbornly, “Sunbae, I showed you – I succeeded.”

Se Joon asks where she got the tip from about the illegal gambling houses, but Hye Ri had promised In Woo she wouldn’t tell anyone about his help. She delays answering by asking Se Joon to take out the tape recorder from her back – putting him in the REALLY uncomfortable position of feeling up a strange girl… He refuses and she takes it out herself, only to find out that the tape is broken, and the evidence all destroyed.

It’s too bad because now the police can’t do anything about the illegal gambling house – there’s no real evidence that it happened since most escaped with the money. She mourns about her failed attempt – and her broken nails – as In Woo watches from afar.

Se Joon drives Hye Ri home, even though she insists on taking him to a hospital first. He asks if her parents will be worried about her returning home all beaten up, but she says, “That’s why I have to go home in this condition.” The police might be able to do something about the illegal gamblers, but Hye Ri might have to resign for making a mistake this big.

Of course – her parents are shocked to see her condition, most especially her mother. Her father asks if she succeeded and she honestly says that she almost did. He doesn’t say anything further.

He’s not disappointed in her failure, but he’s not exactly proud that she tried to be a good prosecutor either. It’s like, he sees the situation as a bump in the road that Hye Ri has to overcome, but just because she came back alive does not mean he will shower her with praise right away. Hye Ri still has more, bigger bumps to overcome – and until she wins over them without stumbling, she will have her father’s approval.

As her mother tends to her wounds, Hye Ri mourns the fact that she won’t be free of her father until she marries. She begins to dream about Se Joon and how he heroically saved the day…

At the same time, Se Joon is thinking about the fight in the fields as a nurse tends to his wound in the hospital…

And in the privacy of his home, Jenny applies some ointment onto In Woo’s bruises. Jenny tells him that things aren’t going his way so far, and that he should get out of the game. But In Woo is preoccupied with the fact that Hye Ri got hurt, and he feels that it is his fault he didn’t take her safety into consideration.

The next morning, the Ma household is awakened by the shrill screams of Hye Ri – her closet has been chained and locked! Hye Ri’s mother rushes in, but tells her that it’s typical of her father to act before he speaks. Hye Ri’s father wants her to file the case, and to go to work. Her mother asks her to endure it – “I’m really sorry for being a mom like this but – my life is in your hands as well.” (HA!)

At the office, the Chief lectures Se Joon about how irresponsible Hye Ri is for dispatching a lot of police cars and investigating a case before reporting it. Se Joon defends her, saying that she did manage to gather strong evidence, and that he had investigated without reporting before. The Chief is surprised at Se Joon taking her side, but he says, “I feel responsible being her mentor prosecutor.”

Hye Ri arrives at work – wearing flats (oh the pain of having flat feet on the floor!), a long dress (Omo! The legs! Where are the legs!?), a long raincoat, and a hunched posture. She turns around and sees her sunbaes – all of whom can’t believe the outfit she’s wearing. When Hye Ri apologizes to the Chief for being late, the Chief brushes it off. But when Hye Ri apologizes for getting Se Joon hurt, that’s news to the Chief. Se Joon tries to downplay it, but Hye Ri says even more – it was a knife wound. The Chief blows his top at Se Joon – he got stabbed!? Why didn’t he say so!? Did he not mention it because Hye Ri might get fired for it?!

And this is why Se Joon thinks Hye Ri is an idiot and should have just shut her trap…

The Chief reports the matter to the president of the department and says that Hye Ri’s actions, however rash, proved that she really wants to be a prosecutor and that they should give her another chance. (He can’t even believe he’s defending Hye Ri.) Hye Ri is let off with a warning and she has to write an apology letter. Se Joon helped her this time and even procured a warrant for her, so she better not mess it up.

The Chief: If you are unable to repay your debt, then Se Joon will have to pay in your stead.
Hye Ri: What kind of prosecutor does that? A case is not even money. So how would Prosecutor Yoon repay it if I don’t resolve the case?
The Chief: We would transfer him to Dokdo or somewhere! (Dokdo is the disputed group of islets that are mostly of volcanic rocks)
Hye Ri: A prosecution office is being made in Dokdo?
The Chief’s expression: O_O
The Chief: Yeah! Because the Japanese people keep insisting it’s their land, we’re trying to make one! Do you want to go to Dokdo too?!

(I love how freakin’ gullible she is)

Hye Ri bumps into Se Joon, and she’s now officially enthralled with him. He gives her a child abuse case and tells her to do well. She thanks him profusely and then asks about his wound. He tells her he’s fine, but she insists on looking at it herself – even trying to unbutton his shirt to check it out! (The gall of that woman…) He tries to brush her off, and Jung Sun comes in at that very moment.

Thankfully, there’s a guest for Hye Ri so she leaves the awkward triangle. Jung Sun immediately sits down and asks why Se Joon is doing so much for Hye Ri – even getting hurt for her. Se Joon denies that he’s helping Hye Ri because of her resemblance to his wife. They’re completely different in personalities, and Se Joon says that his wife, Eun Ji, was far prettier. (I agree – Hye Ri’s hair is atrocious.) Jung Sun is somewhat relieved, but still uneasy.

Hye Ri runs outside to a park bench to meet In Woo – her secret guest – and he’s immediately impressed by her dowdy clothing: “Did you stop wearing heels? You’re quite short.” Hye Ri notices that he’s wearing sunglasses too and pulls them off to reveal the cut under his eye. She asks if he got into a fight, but he throws it right back and pulls off her glasses to reveal her bruises.

They switch gears and Hye Ri shares excitedly that she got a case. He unceremoniously dumps her Grace shoes on her lap and her bag and clothing that she left behind. (You’re supposed to present the shoes to her like Prince Charming did for Cinderella!!!! Or wait – wrong drama…?)

She sees the Grace shoes and realizes that In Woo was at the illegal gambling house the day before. She asks how he knew the location changed, and he says, “If I knew that, would I come one step late?” Acting cool, he says that he realized he didn’t want to be caught in that sort of situation – so he was never really there in the fight. She asks about his bruises, and he deflects by making a call.

Inside Hye Ri’s bag, a box starts ringing. She opens it and finds a new cellphone – which of course he’s gifting to her because that’s what all proper love interests do. Hye Ri is genuinely touched, but she tells him frankly that she doesn’t like to lead people on – she doesn’t want him to like her. She is jumping the gun a bit, and he tells her he can’t do that. Besides, does Se Joon even like her back?

Hye Ri is shocked – how could he know that!? He says that he has “powers” but really we all know that she’s just plain easy to read. Not to mention, watching Se Joon save her from afar kind of made it easier to guess. In Woo tells her that if they meet, they’ll meet. Besides – she owes him for his legal services.

In Woo tells her that they’ll just keep their relationship as it was, and he hands her a present to get rid of the bruise on her face – a hard boiled egg. He coolly walks off, but says to himself, “Yoon Se Joon – you’re better than me.”

Hye Ri is hard at work with the case that Se Joon gave her (much to the surprise of Hyung Soo and Jung Hee). She rushes into Se Joon’s office to ask a few questions, but he directs her to Jung Sun – she knows how to deal with child abuse cases better. Thankfully, Hye Ri doesn’t pout or put up airs with Jung Sun, but she actually takes lots of notes and writes down all of Jung Sun’s advice.

The case is as follows: the mother brings her 7-year old daughter Ji Min to have music lessons with a famous instructor. One day the mother’s store flooded from broken plumbing and couldn’t pick up her daughter in time after the lesson. The instructor said it would be ok to take care of Ji Min, and he played with her in his office. He touched her, and then closed the door (thus suggesting rape). When Ji Min’s mother arrived, her daughter was fast asleep. The following week, Ji Min refused to go to her music lessons because she felt sick, and the next day the mother found out about the situation when she gave her daughter a bath.

Hye Ri interrupts the mother’s testimony – did she not give her daughter a bath for one full week? Even if a child protests, don’t mothers usually give their kids a bath anyways? The mother says that when she’s tired from working sometimes she wouldn’t give her daughter a bath, but the look on her face shows that she knows it’s a flimsy excuse.

That night, Hye Ri and her mother show off a picture to her father that names her head prosecutor on a case file. Now can he unlock the closet for her? Just because she got a case doesn’t make her a prosecutor, but Hye Ri argues that if the case doesn’t go into prosecution, her guidance prosecutor will be sent to the rural regions. Hye Ri’s father hands her the keys to her closet, but withholds the car keys and credit cards until she wins said case.

The next day, Kim Min Shik – the music teacher – comes in for questioning. Hye Ri is markedly stricter with him, and asks if he ever touched Ji Min. He folds his hands in his lap and says that he has only patted her butt in praise of her. He brought her into his soundproofed office to play games with her, and when his 5 o’clock student arrived early, he told that student to wait because she was early – not because he was making Ji Min promise not to say a word.

Hye Ri says that Ji Min had accused him, but Kim Min Shik argues that the mother needs money, and that’s why she’s making a case. Min Shik had already given the mother a discount on the lesson fees because the mother had complained about not having the finances to support her daughter after the divorce. That is news to Hye Ri, and her strong facade begins to crumble.

Hmm… the day after she gets her closet back all the bruises on her face are gone too… were all her makeup really in that closet!?

Hye Ri assaults Se Joon just as he comes out of the bathroom to seek his advice. He tells her that with such a strong statement from the defendant, she is going to have to get Ji Min’s testimony and needs a children’s advisor with her when she gets it. Hye Ri says that Kim Min Shik’s background is clean – no past criminal charges, and his wife is pretty. He has no real motive to rape a child, but that does not excuse him. Similarly, the child wouldn’t lie about such a thing…would she? And the mother isn’t producing any evidence… Hye Ri is confused and doesn’t know what or who is telling the truth.

Lesson #2 for Ma Hye Ri: It’s her job as a prosecutor to find the truth hidden within the case.

Hye Ri meets with Ji Min and her mom, with an advisor by her side. Despite Hye Ri’s friendliness, Ji Min hides behind her mother. Hye Ri opens up her day planner/diary and starts reading from a list of lines she can use (LOL!) – she starts out with “Ooh, you look exactly like your mother!”

No go.

So Hye Ri suggests they play with dolls. Pretending that the dolls are the music teacher and Ji Min, she tries to ask questions about what happened that day but Ji Min is unresponsive. Frustrated, Hye Ri suggests they play with puzzles again. This triggers fear within the girl – Ji Min had been playing puzzles with the music teacher that day. Ji Min begs to go home, and Hye Ri takes this inopportune time to ask Ji Min’s mother to step out. Ji Min begins to cry. Clearly, Hye Ri doesn’t realize her method of questioning is borderline traumatizing.

At the end of the questioning session, the children’s advisor tells Hye Ri that children are perceptive – if she wants to get the information, she is going to have to understand how the child thinks first, not put up pretenses.

Back in the office, Hye Ri paces back and forth – she has no idea how to relate to a 7-year old because she doesn’t know any, and when she was 7 all she liked to do was eat. Hyung Soo tells her that Se Joon has a daughter who’s exactly 7.

Bombshell #1: So he is married? No – Jung Hee says – he was married. Bombshell #2: His wife is dead. (I think she’s overreacting a little here, but Hye Ri being Hye Ri – overacting is better than underacting. Not to mention, this totally shatters her dream of a white knight who is purely and solely hers).

Se Joon is reviewing the case about the slapping-ajummas. He sees the photo with the slap-mark on the victim ajumma’s cheek and tells his assistant to call the victim ajumma in. He cross interrogates her – asking if the attacking ajumma hit her with a right hand. She says yes – that’s why there’s a print on her left cheek. Se Joon asks her to show him where the thumbprint is, and the ajumma puts up her own left hand up against the picture to show him how the slap mark looks like – the imprint matches completely with the shape of her hand.


On her way home, In Woo suddenly calls her, asking if she needs help on her tough case (that she hasn’t even told him about). He supposes she doesn’t need help, but before he hangs up, Hye Ri says she does need help.

In Woo suggests that she practice being friendly with kids on Se Joon’s daughter – she’ll need to get on the daughter’s good side anyways if she wants to marry Se Joon. Hye Ri is shocked – seems like the whole world except her knew that Se Joon was married. She reveals her old-fashioned thinking, saying that it doesn’t even make sense for her to fall in love with a single father. In Woo doesn’t see a problem with that though, but Hye Ri argues that love shouldn’t have to be like that.

The next day the police force hands off all the warrants that need to be processed by the prosecutor on night duty – which so happens to be Ma Hye Ri. The files just keep on coming and she stamps through all of them without paying attention. Turns out – one of those warrants happens to belong to a case In Woo had worked on, and the father of the client asks for In Woo’s help. (I can feel a clash coming soon…)

As she goes home, Se Joon joins her in the elevator. She awkwardly asks what he does on weekends, and he says he plays with his daughter. She doesn’t press any further, but at home she thinks about all the times Se Joon has been there for her when she was wearing the Grace shoes no less. She comes to the conclusion that he is her destiny, and happily bakes cookies with her mother. They reminisce about the times when they used to bake together several times a week, and Hye Ri tells her mother that it’s ok if she lets go a little – she’s already married and doesn’t really have to watch her figure.

Cut to the father playing golf with a pretty, skinny, young thing and we all know the mother definitely has something to worry about.

That weekend, Se Joon plays in the park with Bin and Jung Sun, and he tells Bin to keep playing on the jump rope until she can do 10 straight. Already they act like a cute family. Suddenly, Hye Ri calls and asks if she can visit him; she’s already in front of his house.

Se Joon is put in an awkward spot, and he rushes over to his house. He tells her to never come near his home ever again, and Hye Ri apologizes, then says with refreshing straightforwardness:

There are no kids in my vicinity. Your daughter is 7 years old and Ji Min is 7 years old, so I was wondering what girls at that age liked. I was going to ask you…but what I’m saying right now is an excuse. My excuse is I wanted to see you. I was curious about what kind of house you lived it. It is possible to like a person…right?

Se Joon is shocked, and Hye Ri plows right on: “I like you. Can’t I say that?” Se Joon says she can’t. She should just concentrate on work and, he can’t like a girl who brings harm to him. Despite his harsh words, he doesn’t look like he really believes in them. Hye Ri leaves just as Jung Sun and Bin return. Bin doesn’t see Hye Ri, but does spot the gift basket Hye Ri brought and pulls out a cookie bearing her name.

Hye Ri visits Ji Min’s mother at the shop and brings up the subject about the discount for the music lesson fees. The mother looks completely unsettled by the fact, and Hye Ri finds out later from the Chief that the mother wants to change prosecutors. Hye Ri doesn’t understand why the mother would do that, and calls In Woo for help.

As she disappointedly walks out of the building, she is met with the “attacker ajumma.” The ajumma snidely comments that Hye Ri must like tomatoes because she’s so thin, and in front of all the other prosecutors, dumps a pail of crushed tomatoes. (Jung Sun is even sympathetic and shocked at the sight.) She’s angry that Hye Ri didn’t even bother listening to her in the first place, even though she was finally cleared of all charges. A crowd forms and people take pictures. In Woo arrives at the same time to see the commotion.

Attacker Ajumma leaves, and Se Joon goes down the steps to be at Hye Ri’s side… but just then In Woo sweeps right in, wraps his suit jacket around her and swiftly brings her to his car. Prosecutors Chae and Lee wonder if that’s Hye Ri’s lover right there, and of course, Jung Sun does not miss Se Joon’s chivalric attempt.

In the car, In Woo hands her a packet of tissues to clean herself, and she tries to suppress her tears. In Woo tells her to just cry it all out, and she begins to sob. He brings her to his apartment and lets her clean herself up in the bathroom, leaving his clothes for her to borrow by the door. When she comes out wearing his suit, it’s completely loose, and he says, “Wow… you should gain some weight.” (I love how they’ve been infusing a lot of weight comments in these two episodes – she even hesitates over a cup of hot chocolate! Not just because it’s from a guy who shouldn’t like her, but it’s CHOCOLATE!)

Just then, Yoon Ah calls and asks if Hye Ri wore her clothes today. Turns out – the video of her being attacked got leaked onto the internet. If she weren’t embarrassed already, the person who posted it up made sure she is by now. Hye Ri bursts out and starts crying, venting out her anger on why they always pick on her. In Woo is shocked, but he lets her cry it out before he brings her home later that night.

Hye Ri can’t sleep, and early before dawn, she hires a taxi and leaves for the airport with her luggages. She leaves a card for her mother, apologizing that she can’t make it as a prosecutor – no matter what she does it’s not working out. She is going to hide for 3 months and doesn’t want her father to know – or better yet, mom can tell dad that she went somewhere to die instead. After buying her ticket, she heads to the departure gate – but In Woo grabs her arm and says she’s not allowed to go anywhere at all.


She has to end up with In Woo. He’s already completed the Three Cardinal Rules of getting the girl:

Rule #1: The guy who wins her heart is the first to see her naked.
Rule #2: He saves the day, and if he doesn’t save her the first time, he’ll save her the second time, and the third time, and the fourth, until it’s many more times than the other lead. (He’s already done that City Hall-move of wrapping his coat around her after she’s been attacked with tomatoes. Thankfully it doesn’t rip the scene completely since it happens much more swiftly and the effect is completely different.)
Rule #3: He has to stop her at the airport.

Ok there are many more rules and many more exceptions – but it generally goes like that.

I can see the dimensions being drawn in on In Woo already with these last two episodes. Se Joon still seems stiff to me, but perhaps that’s part of his appeal – as time goes on, Hye Ri will make cracks in his armor. However, In Woo is growing on me. It’s a little annoying how he is so omniscient and just knows when Hye Ri will do something and what she will do; it’s like, for every two points he gets from me for being so good to Hye Ri, I must subtract one point because of his uncanny ability to just know what she’s going to do next. The writing has been solid so far – and the dialogue quite hilarious – but this is stretching believability. Even if they knew each other from their childhood, I can’t believe that a guy would be so obsessive over her. It’s so very stalker-ish, and yet at least Park Shi Hoo deftly pulls it off so that he’s not so creepy.

I’m curious how they will deal with her profession – will there be a new case every episode? Every week? I don’t mind if there are always new cases, as long as they are substantive and well-plotted out. Small cases like the Slapping Ajummas case are fine as filler because they help with character growth, but this child abuse case is a meaty one. It’s actually quite exciting for me because I want to know who is the liar in this case. (I think it’s the mom – anyone? anyone?)

Also – Hye Ri’s opinions on love are so skewed. She supposedly represents the present generation of young prosecutors who have no passion for the law and protecting the citizens, and enjoys frivolities such as shopping and spas. But she is very old-fashioned and somewhat materialistic in regards to love. I think she is overreacting when she learns that Se Joon has a kid, and her dream to be with a man with a “clean fresh slate” so to speak – who can devote all his attention to her materially and emotionally – just makes Hye Ri that much more of a selfish character. And amazingly, I don’t hate her just yet, because I can completely relate.

Perhaps her parents’ marriage has brought upon this weird view of love.


48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. estel

    Yeah, I have to agree that if In-woo was a real guy, he would definitely be crossing the line into stalker territory. Still, it’s slightly less creepy in a drama, thank goodness, otherwise I’d have a hard time rooting for the guy, no matter how much he likes her or how nice she was to him as a child.

  2. v

    As always, thanks for the recap.. and I just have to say this.. this drama is SO UNDERRATED it makes me mad! ok, it’s not the best drama out there.. but still underrated. not that i don’t like PS and CS and OML.
    anyways, In woo is downright creepy sometimes but I think that’s also the reason why he knows so much about her. He is basically behind most of what she’s doing and if he’s not, he is having her followed to know what she’s doing. But still, if she does not end up with him, I’m going to pull my hair out!
    they are really cute together.

  3. missbee

    I’m still a little confused about In Woo’s profession. Is he a lawyer or a writer?! If he’s really a lawyer, what is going on in those scenes with the mysterious woman who says she can’t wait to read his book? (or am i reading the subtitles wrong?… lol)

    anyway, great recap! 🙂 i really liked the last two episodes, can’t wait till new ones!

  4. v

    well in my opinion, he IS a lawyer.. I mean there’s a limit to pretending. Him pretending to be a writer (for whatever unknown reason) is way more easy and effortless to pull off. I mean, he has an office, a reputation of taking cases that only interest him, knows all the things and cases that happen in Hye Ri’s office, and has already defended the son of the man who sells flowers. i mean you can’t fake all that.
    What I am curious about is what is the deal with him and his obsessive or rather intense interest for Hye Ri??? I believe it’s more that just a childhood story deal.. There’s definitely more going on here from the little scenes that they show us. I just hope it’s not something completely random and out there.

  5. Mei

    PP is awesome! Though I still prefer Cinderella’s Sister, it comes a close second on my must-watch list of the week.

    When In Woo came swooping in to rescue HR from the crazy tomato-ajumma like that….ahhhh *SWOOOOOOOOOOONNNN*

  6. supah

    Excellent recap!
    Once again, General Choi. Chinks in armour – yes please!
    Don’t care how slick Seo In-woo is – he’s still a stalker and so darn unreadable! Is he so obsessed with her because he has romantic inclinations or because he’s slowly leading her towards her grisly end? I really can’t tell. He should be re-christened The Riddler, for all the ?s he leaves in his wake.

    Don’t know how they’ll be spacing out the cases but the slapping ahjummas case was hilarious! Loved the conflicting scenarios and like that this scenarios theme seems to have been repeated in episode 5, so I hope they stick with these with each case she gets.
    I agree, Ji Min’s case, it’s great and just the kick in backside that Hye-ri needs right now. Case well assigned, Yoon.

    Can’t believe the part where Yoon (Se-joon) asks her to never come anywhere near his house again! Gah! I wanted to slap that silly boy silly!
    He probably just didn’t want his daughter to see her late mother’s lookalike (who happens to be such a weirdo) which will dig up a whole new set of complexities. Understood, but yo Prosecutor Yoon! A little tact and diplomacy? Sheesh!

  7. aberdeen_angus

    Great recap, kaede! 😀 Loved your three rules, they’re the basic steps to a happy ending!!

    I like to think about Hye-ri’s inner self being that guy from “Blast from the past”. So clueless and straight forward; so naive and nice. It’s as if she hasn’t had a life, or friends or anything, and that’s because she centered all her atention in clothes and fashion, because she needed something to care about, but had no one to share her moments of happiness or sadness. At the end of the day, she’s always insecure and vulnerable. She has an idealized view of love, and that might be the reason why she wanted a clean-past Prosecutor Yoon: no problems, no real situations, just love with violins and bunnies.

    @ester: totally agree. I love In-woo because this is a drama. If a guy like that was real, I would be worried, truly worried. Is it wrong if I love the way he plays with her head? It’s sweet 😛 When they meet in the park, she’s so nice, and he’s so cool, pretending not to care, that I could see all the chemistry I can’t see with Prosecutor Yoon.

    I want to know the real story behind In-woooooo!!! ARGH!

  8. Angel

    Hmm… I think I’m part of the minority, but I prefer her with Se Joon. In Woo is too stalkerish for my likes 🙁

  9. kaedejun

    “I’m still a little confused about In Woo’s profession. Is he a lawyer or a writer?! If he’s really a lawyer, what is going on in those scenes with the mysterious woman who says she can’t wait to read his book?”


    he is definitely a lawyer – but it seems that he is a writer in front of certain people to hide his true identity and gather cases from them.

  10. 10 aberdeen_angus

    I love thinking about Hye-ri as if she was that guy from “Blast from the past” (the one who had lived all his life in a bomb shelter). She’s so naive and straight forward; so nice and innocent, but also smart, which is a good addition to her combo. It’s as if she had never had a life, or friends or social relationships, no one to talk or share those little funny or sad moments of life. That might be the reason why she centered all her attention in clothes and fashion; she needed it to fill her life with something. Also, her view of love as I see it, is pure and simple; she doesn’t want problems, she wants bunnies, and rainbows and flowers. She doesn’t know how is it to live in a real world, and I hope her change is made gradually and in a believable way.

    @ester: totally agreeee! I love In-woo because he’s not real. If he was, and was following me, well, guys, I’d be deeply worried. Is it sick that I love how he plays a little with her mind? When they’re by the park, he’s so cool trying not to care 😛 I love their interactions, because they’re coherent with the characters; and I could see them as a real couple. I don’t know what will happen in the future, and If In-woo has hidden purposes, but when I watch a romance series I like to say “ok, they match, they could have a life together”. Here, it happens (by now).

    In-woo, come on, let us know your past and motivations, so we can judge you properly!!

  11. 11 anna

    I’m scared.. In-woo seems more like the “perfect oppa” type who never ends up with the girl. The stiff/cold/brat guy always get the girl in the end. In-woo is just way too likable to get the girl.

  12. 12 ripgal

    Thanx for the re-cap. Stalker IW is MUFFIN LOVE! <333

    Fortunately this is a drama, cos I'd surely be annoyed by somebody like HR in real life, or scared for my life if someone like IW's following everywhere. It's goes both ways. ^^

    Still, Park Shi Hoo deserves the love man! <333 YUM YUM No. 2!

  13. 13 rockpinkslip

    I love Monday Kiz and my question is more about the song & not the drama (since I haven’t watched it yet). I know that Kim Min Soo passed away and Lee Jin Sung is still singing, but who is the other voice in Monday Kiz for this song?

  14. 14 imel

    **”It’s as if she hasn’t had a life, or friends or anything, and that’s because she centered all her atention in clothes and fashion, because she needed something to care about, but had no one to share her moments of happiness or sadness.”**

    I definitely agree with you. But I think, her character is understandable. Because she is the one and only child in Ma family. And I can see how protective both of her parents. So, she lives like in a shelter for almost all of her life. What she needs is having real experiments, facing real world, real people.
    Yay….Go…Pros.Ma Hye Ri…
    But I really hope, in the end, she is still the fun, a “bit” naive and fashionable woman. I hope the ending will be…the responsible Prosecutor Ma Hye Ri is attending a big launching event….but actually she’s there for a case too. Huahaha…. it will be so fun to be able to do two things like that, her fashionista style plus her prosecutor job.
    Just wishful thinking.

  15. 15 pabo ceo reom

    The 3 cardinal rules muahahahah

    I would add a P.S. rule: “the guy would have to at least drag the girl by her wrist forcibly somewhere at least 18 times” 😛 (I do really hate it though…)

  16. 16 pinkpiggy

    And I thought that i had passed the age of swooning over a guy who obsessively likes a girl for no particular reason :”> (well, here there might be a reason, just we dont know yet), but PSH has made his character believable to me. HR and IW have great chemistry so far!

    @Anna: yeah im scared too. I want IW to end up with HR so badly. I think we have hope though, since HR seems to like SJ too early, soon she will realize its just puppy love (im praying (>__<) )

    Thanks kaedejun for a fun recap!

  17. 17 starletbang

    I agree! If any random person was like In Woo it would considered a super creepy stalker but because it’s Park Shi Hoo, I want to say stalk me please.
    I loved the scene in the park where they both wore sunglasses because Park Shi Hoo looked so fine.
    I love this drama but I want the love triangle to proceed a little bit faster!
    Gah! Can’t wait till next Wednesday!

  18. 18 marbleloaf

    im am a strong advocate of HR and IW but the whole “goodbye my princess” song worries me…hopefully he gets the girl in the end-it would just be so….unjust if he didn’t! =)

  19. 19 Annie

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  20. 20 nike

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    When did he see her naked?

  21. 21 bluelime

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  22. 22 v


    he saw her naked 1st ep when she was sleeping in his bathroom and almost drowned… well, there were bubbles but she WAS technically naked

  23. 23 Kryzenna

    He saw her naked when she stayed at his hotel room in I think the 1st or 2nd episode.

    Anyways yeah In Woo is the man!!!! I just love the last scene and I was squealing like an idiot when I saw that pull and hug!!!!! I really wish In Woo is my man. I’m so madly in love with him!! LOL XD

  24. 24 Laica

    Maybe I’m in the minority here but I really didn’t like this episode. I enjoyed episode three a lot, but I found myself annoyed by this one because:

    1. MHR completely overreacted to the news about SJ being a single dad.
    2. Her hysterics over every little thing. She was justified in her reaction to almost dying in the beginning of the ep., but after getting the tomatoes thrown at her.. I was like, give it a rest. She acts like a spoilt teenager.
    3. The overly dramatic music. The BGM during the scene in the bathroom when she’s looking at her tomatoed self in the mirror would be more appropriate to a scene where someone just died.
    4. MORE creepy In Woo antics.

    I guess I understand why she’s like that given the way she grew up, but she just annoys the heck out of me, and I can’t watch a drama if I don’t like the heroine. I guess I’m dropping this one. :/

  25. 25 avidDBfan

    You’re right. In Woo definitely get the girl..yay!!!!

  26. 26 byulx3

    Can i just say that i completely got on the In-woo boat with the “tomato” scene and the last scene in the airport. Am i the only one who squealed in delight with those two scenes?

    So cliche, yet so addicting and enjoyable to watch.

  27. 27 Jenna

    Nice recap as usual… looking forward to read your ep05 recap 🙂

    I dislike In woo has some “unspoken ” purpose on Hye ri..sometime it makes me sick .

  28. 28 shinhyesungluv

    Hye ri’s hair is awesome! Just not in this episode:(

  29. 29 surferbunny

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    i usually don’t post, but i do really enjoy the recaps on this homepage! by the way, does anyone of you know the title of the song, which hr and her mom was singing while baking those cookies?

    i heard it in the movie “baby and me” with jang geun seok, but never found out who was singing that song or what its title was, since i don’t speak korean. hope one of you guys can help me out. thanks a lot in advance

  30. 30 onemorepls

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  31. 31 anna hae

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    cheers to you..
    welcome to PP-fandom

  32. 32 kat

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    Thanks for the recap, quite enjoyable to read.

  33. 33 Rant and/or Rave

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    and ofc, park shi hoo <333333

  34. 34 mirae

    so many questions qo little time to think and tpe them in here , so i’ll just ask three or more things that bother me about this show and are kinda making it hard to watch .

    1 ; WHY OH WHY is that four eyed ( she’s so unintressting i kinda stop remembering her name . is it jung sun ?? jung in ?? min suk ??)sunbae taking care of seo-joons child ? and why does he visit her when he can’t or refuses to leave with her ? if ur gonna abadone the child do it and don’t mislead the viewers !!

    2 : HOW did hye ri pass the bar ?? i don’t what you call those prosecutor exams ? i can’t decide if she’s stupidly clever or cleverly stupid or the common just stupid .

    3 : what is up with in woo ?

    am so frustrated it’s phsycally painful to watch this show yet am hoping it will cross over from weird but okay to intertaining !

  35. 35 kaedejun


    i’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability:

    1) i’d say that the four-eyed girl (who’s jung sun by the way =D) is taking care of se joon’s kid as her way of getting closer to his heart. call it the Nice Girl syndrome. And he’s leaving the daughter with her because he’s too enveloped in his career and grief to properly take care of the daughter – call it the Almost Deadbeat Dad syndrome. He cares, but he can only visit her every so often… that’s what it looks like so far

    2) i think the show is trying to establish that hye ri has really good memory – sort of like a photographic memory type. she knows the answer logically and can do the proper procedures that matter (and are probably part of a bar exam) but her feeling to find justice is missing. you don’t need to have that feeling necessarily for an exam i guess, but in real life, the citizen would sure like some of that sympathy! (hence why she looks like she lacks common sense)

    3) in woo is TBD =D

  36. 36 xlolitadollx

    Ugh. The lead girl is hella annoying. She totally needs to not rely on the evidence and think about what really going on in these cases. She pisses me off.

  37. 37 anastassia

    Se-Joon is the man. He is just right for MHR. usually I love the lead to end up with the weird/odd/anti-hero ones, but I love the chemistry between the two of them.
    aberdeen_angus, I differ on you with this. But PHY has a great charm too but I just don’t feel it the way I should.

  38. 38 anastassia

    @ 37: xlolitadollx

    That’s the point. She is portrayed to annoy us, so that we know this kind is real and human. Of course there is a tad overacting but it is believable and brilliant. I dislike overacting acting from others but not KSY. She portrayed it with definite subtly. To understand her portrayal once should understand her character

    Usually we will ge a clumsy, annoying and stupid at attitude/character but has lovable side i.e caring. not selfish. hardworking, loving but not MHR. She is the exact opposite of the usual heroine. She is not loving, neither she is caring or attentive or others positive attitude. Whilst she is smart at mind but she has a poor attitude and personality. That is the centre of this role. A character development.

    How many people in real life we have encountered to behave like MHR. They are smart, intelligent but has poor judgment, can’t think wisely. That calls street smart. Not everyone has it even though they excel in exams. MHR has potential but she is lacking in human experiences and emotions. Thats called as being poor in character and attitude.

  39. 39 ena

    AHHH!!!! INWOO MUST GET TOGETHER WITH HYE RI !!! I really really hope for that. It’ll break my heart (and In Woo’s) if that’s not the case…

  40. 40 sol

    i’m trying to like this drama but its not working…
    thanks for the recaps its allowing me to skip unnecessary parts…
    how can the give a child sex abuse case to a junior prosecutor??????
    the mind boggles…

  41. 41 anonymous

    i think ur being really biased when you say hye ri’s hair is “atrocious”
    in my opinion i think her hair is adorable. keep your opinions to yourself.

  42. 42 kaedejun

    @42 anonymous

    i do not think i am being ‘biased’ according to its definition.

    i think it’s JUST great that you get to express YOUR opinion, rather than keeping it to yourself too.

  43. 43 anonymous

    @43 kaedejun ohhhhh you got me there!!!! alright i admit,, but i didn’t notice how hyprocritical i sounded O_o my baddddd
    well then : i like her hair
    : you don’t
    >o< problem solved?

  44. 44 yukiyukiku

    thank you kaedejun for the awesome recaps 🙂
    reading your detailed recaps & aberdeen_angus has made watching dramas so much more fun than i used to.

  45. 45 dumbassss

    i really dont like ma hye ri and its really ahrd to watch a good drama with a really annoying protagonist. lkike serioulsy i love all the other characters especially the female prosecuter and the male prosecuter but ma hye ris just really stupid and thoughtless.
    i really dont get where her personalitys getting to and if its developing at all. like serioously? how stupid can she get. she only thinks of herself

    they sh0ould have gotten someone else to play her because i really liked her from iris, and shes really getting on my nerves everytime i see her annoyingass face in the drama.

    sorry, just had to get that out.

  46. 46 orangelauren

    I’m really glad I’m reading these recaps, because if you guys hadn’t put it in perspective for me, I would give Hye Ri NO SYMPATHY AT ALL. That said, I think her utter cluelessness (lack of common sense?) and infantile reactions are necessary and keeping within her character. I LOL’d when she read that line from her planner and just sighed when she tried to question the girl using dolls–I would run away from the scary woman.

    For Hye Ri, it makes sense that she would cry after the tomato incident and the internet article. She’s probably never been treated this way and for a newbie prosecutor, albeit an incompetent one, it’s still pretty shocking.

    I’m all for her developing as soon as possible, but I want it to be believable, and I feel like this should be part of her growth. In order for Hye Ri to become a legit prosecutor (especially since she doesn’t seem to have the ideal train of thought as everyone else) with an actual sense of work ethic and justice, she’s going to have to go through tears and all sorts of crap–I don’t think anything else could effectively change her.

  47. 47 thoughtbubble

    I disagree with the idea that Hye-Ri’s beliefs on love and marriage are motivated by a pure and simple stance. I suppose it is one way of viewing it; however, I’m more inclined to think that her perspective is influenced by ideological values embedded in Korean society about what is proper and what is right. This is particularly manifested through her father, who represents “old world” values about social roles and responsibilities (as opposed to Hye-Ri being the old fashioned one). To marry someone who has already been married once, is now widowed, and has a child is more or less still stimatized in contemporary Korean society, and Hye-Ri is rather acutely aware of this. I think it’s safe to say that many aspects of Hye-Ri’s behaviour is a response to social codes and judgments, and her relationship to her father is no exception. When she talks to In-Woo about this on the rooftop, she brings up the fact that her father would kill her (metaphorically speaking) for wanting to be with such a man. And yet, she chooses to pursue her liking of Se-Joon anyway and outright confesses to him. If anything, I think this illustrates how infantalized Hye-Ri can be because she is often dictated by her father’s views on life. in this sense, I think she’s quite torn because wants to be her own person but is confined by her own fears of parental abandonment (emotionally), disappointment, and rejection. She is both submissive and repressive: submissive in the sense that she fears defying her father’s authority; yet repressive, because she finds herself wanting to do things her own way (such as pursuing Se-Joon). Interestingly enough, her relationship with In-Woo particularly foils her relationship with her father because In-Woo actually gives her room to show the more confident side of Hye-Ri, which we don’t see with her father. So while at the onset it may seem like Hye-Ri wants her love relationship to be pure and simple, the way she thinks seems more like something that has been passed down to her or rather, ingrained into her mind since she was young (also emphasized by her status as the only child of a wealthy and respected business man.)

    I also agree with most of the comments for this post that this episode was much harder to watch than the past three episodes. At times, it was because I felt like Hye-Ri was overdoing things, and at other times, I felt like the believability of her character was diluted by her sheer obliviousness to what most people would consider to be basic human empathy. I understand that this is probably intentional so as to give a lot of room for development, but it was so frustrating. It felt like I was watching Serena (aka Sailor Moon) over again. Serena is so often naive and a simpleton, which makes it hard for me to relate; yet I still manage to root for her because she proves herself to be loving and loyal when the right circumstances motivate her (and at the nick of time.) Frustrating but you learn to let it go. I don’t think that Hye-Ri will be staying this way for much longer, but I did think it was a little too dragged out during this epsidoe. I do commend Kim So-Yeon for her acting abilities though (and always have), particularly the way she nuances her voice. If it were any other actor playing Hye-Ri (especially in this episode), I think I would have stopped watching.

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