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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 6
by | April 23, 2010 | 59 Comments

Let me preface this post by saying that this episode is RIDICULOUS, and I mean it in both good and bad ways.

1) The Bad Way: the writing is starting to stretch believability in some parts already. I want to be convinced. Not say: “Yeah, right!”

2) The Good Way: Many more developments in characters, and the chemistry between Hye Ri and In Woo are helping to carry this episode through all the unbelievable parts.

Song of the Day

Prosecutor Princess OST – “Lost” by AB Avenue
There are a bunch of other songs in their OST, but I don’t hear it that often in the episodes. Such a shame…

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Episode 6

“Hye Ri = fat?! NO WAY!” That’s the thought running through everyone’s minds in the office as Min Suk spams everyone’s mailboxes with the image. Hye Ri naturally runs to the bathroom for a bit of moping and crying, and she overhears two gossip girls talking about how she has no right to look down on them now. She thinks back to a similar situation years ago, when she was in high school. But Hye Ri didn’t mind the comments then – if she studied hard, her mother would put her on a diet to skinny down, and her father would buy the entire department store for her as long as she got into law school.

Hye Ri has half a mind to burst out of the stall and tell those gossipy coworkers off, but she doesn’t. Instead, she calls In Woo – who’s moping about the unfortunate encounter the night before – for an eating session. He thinks it’s because her little romance isn’t going so well, but she just wants to eat – even though she knows she’ll vomit later. Anorexic much?

When Hye Ri returns home, her mother smells the oil from Chinese cooking in her hair and clothes. (Uh – I don’t think Chinese oil smells THAT bad… unless I’ve become immune to it… *sniff*) Her mother naturally freaks and pulls out a photo of the fatter Hye Ri. Hye Ri shies away from it as if it were a garland of garlic. She weighs herself, and finds herself a shocking 48.2 kg (equivalent to about 106 lbs). She takes off all her jewelry and accessories until she reaches a satisfactory 48.0 kg (105 lbs).

At the office the next day, the other prosecutors note Hye Ri’s subdued attitude, and Se Joon remembers back to what she said to him that night: that she finds her confidence in her body and finds it precious. As she passes by all her coworkers whispering about her, she rushes into an elevator to hide in a corner behind all her sunbaes. Min Suk feels guilty enough and apologizes for the email. He asserts that he didn’t mean to send it to everyone (yeah, right!) but Hye Ri accepts it in stride.

Suddenly she receives an unexpected visitor – it’s In Woo, and he’s brought the witness for the Shin Dong Han case. It’s all nice and wonderful, but Hye Ri says he should have warned her ahead of time that he was going to find her. In Woo says he has no reason to do so – he’s merely doing what is required as a defense attorney, and he is not going to keep this evidence quiet. Hye Ri is saddened by his brusque manner, which simply adds to her problems (although In Woo doesn’t know it).

The Chief tells Hye Ri that she could have consulted him about the time extension that In Woo requested, but what’s past is past – and no one really thought he could find the victim or any evidence anyways. The victim doesn’t want to press charges either on the alleged rapist, and so there is no real case, but Hye Ri needs to do something that addresses this new piece of evidence.

After the meeting, Hye Ri gets a call from Ji Min. She’s invited over to their home, and Ji Min’s mother presents a large bowl of Ji Min’s favorite ddukbokki (and my stomach goes *GROWL*). The purpose of Ji Min’s call is so she can properly thank Hye Ri for doing so well with her case. Even without a verdict, they feel like they’ve won. Ji Min hands Hye Ri a gift – they’re handmade coupons, one for running an errand, one for a play date, and one for a violin performance – any of which are redeemable any time with her.

Hye Ri is truly touched by the gesture. Ji Min’s mother expresses her worry that her daughter might become psychologically scarred, but since Hye Ri had essentially won the case, Ji Min might be able to live the rest of her life not feeling as if she were wronged. Hye Ri enthusiastically agrees that Ji Min will one day forget about it and starts blubbering about a proverb where Ji Min will forget her scars when she falls in love. It’s earnest and cute, and the mother appreciates this reassurance.

Heading back to the office, Hye Ri realizes the magnitude of her power. Shin Dong Han, the “attacking ajumma” and Ji Min were all wronged – and Hye Ri has the power to restore their innocence. Se Joon’s rebuke earlier in the series comes back to haunt her… and we all see another small change in Hye Ri’s attitude towards her work. First off – she tells the Chief that Shin Dong Han’s case will be written as a self-defense case and the lawsuit will be dropped. The Chief smiles to himself for “always” having known Hye Ri was a smart little cookie.

Outside of prison, In Woo and Mr. Shin the florist wait for Shin Dong Han to come out. A touching reunion – and In Woo looks as if he wished he had moments like that with his father. Mr. Shin thanks In Woo and Jenny, saying that he may not have been able to continue living if his son really were sent to jail. He asks how he can repay In Woo for this.

In Woo: There may be a time when I will need your help.
Mr. Shin: A person like Mr. Lawyer – why would you need my help?
In Woo: If there is… would you be willing to help?
Mr. Shin: I promise you, in front of my son. Please ask for anything.

And In Woo has snagged his first unwitting witness for his mysterious case. Jenny gives In Woo a backhanded compliment about his judgment of Hye Ri. In Woo confidently states that he knew Hye Ri would drop the case no matter what. “If I had known this, I should have said something,” she replies. “There was one thing that happened to Hye Ri, but because you seemed kind of busy…”

In Woo goes spastic and demands his Daily Stalker update from Jenny.

It’s lunch time, and everyone goes out to eat, leaving Hye Ri alone with her melons (an upgrade? downgrade? from the tomatoes because she’s still somewhat scarred by the tomato-bucket incident). The Chief tells the prosecutors to go get her.

Se Joon comes into her office and sees her about to submit to temptation and put a cookie biscuit in her mouth. He grabs her along and she leaves her cell phone and lunch behind.

The entire department go to a tofu restaurant for lunch – it’s all low in calories and perfect for Hye Ri. She’s embarrassed that they’d go to such lengths for her and that everyone is being hyper aware of her past. Prosecutor Chae grabs her bowl of rice and says he’ll help her eat half of it, and Min Suk takes some of her soup too. Nice, Pigs.

They tell her that they were going to go to a seafood restaurant but went to the tofu house for her sake. Hye Ri says they should have gone instead – she’s allergic to soft tofu. She quickly runs out of the restaurant, and no one really believes her (except maybe Prosecutor Chae).

In Woo arrives at Hye Ri’s office with a bag of food, only to see that her door is locked and she’s not answering her phone. He dejectedly walks out of the building, and realizes that the reason Hye Ri asked him out to eat was because she was depressed over the pictures. Being the Master of Muttering to Self, he says, “I still haven’t become your friend yet.”

Sitting outside in a park, Hye Ri mopes over how the rest of the prosecutors were being indirectly mean to her. And who should find her first but… Se Joon! He hands her a wrap and says that the food is low calorie and won’t help her gain weight. She thinks he’s making fun of her too, but he tells her that he doesn’t think it’s funny. In fact, no one thinks it is and no one cares! It’s just because she thinks everything is about her that she begins to mope and become more introverted. Is she embarrassed for being fat then? Or is she embarrassed for being caught about being fat?

Hye Ri says she’s embarrassed for both reasons… aaaaaand cue flashback!

In her university days at a law school, Hye Ri still hasn’t gone on the diet her mother spoke about. At the library she encounters a cute senior who helps her with a book. He even knows her name, and immediately she thinks that he’s interested in her.

While studying, Hye Ri catches the senior – Jin Dong Wook – watching her from across the floor. She pokes her friend and they giggle together. Outside, Dong Wook takes a picture of Hye Ri and her friend. Hye Ri wants Dong Wook in the picture too, and the three of them pose together. However, Dong Wook puts his arm around the friend’s waist, and we all groan because we know where this is going….

On Dong Wook’s birthday, Hye Ri gives him a cake and a watch as a gift. Dong Wook is clearly uncomfortable with the gifts, and luckily the friend shows. She tells Dong Wook to leave (thus saving this jackass’ skin) and informs Hye Ri that they were dating this whole time. Hye Ri asks why they never told her, and her friend said she had hoped Hye Ri would just be able to figure it out herself. Besides, did Hye Ri really believe that a guy as hot as Dong Wook would fall for a girl like her? (It’s ok dear, In Woo is hotter anyways…)

CUE THUNDERSTORM! (*rolls eyes*)

Hye Ri returns home and cheers herself up with a plate full of muffins, cakes, and cookies. She eats until she falls asleep, and her mother catches her in this state. It’s time to take drastic action.

When Hye Ri awakes, she finds herself in a spartan cell surrounded by “Get Fit Now!” posters and exercising equipment. If she loses 40 kg, her mother will buy her anything she wants and she can give up law school. Hye Ri can’t believe what’s happening at first, but when she sees her mother at the other side of the door, shutting her in permanently, it all sinks in. Three personal trainers come in and start putting Hye Ri back in shape. Treadmill, weights, leg exercises – and only salad for dinner.

Hye Ri starts crying for her mom and for some REAL food, but her mother doesn’t give in.

Hye Ri’s mother: In the world, there’s only two types of girls. A skinny girl and a fat girl. A woman who has skills and a woman without skills. A girl who receives love from her husband, and a girl who is looked down upon. Which one do you want to be? You can be someone with all three if you slim down. Don’t live like your mom and be reborn, Hye Ri.

Hearing the despair from her mother, Hye Ri vows to take control of her life and begins to diligently work out. Soon she goes from walking to running on the treadmill. (Cue 200 Pounds Beauty) Finally, she sheds the weight and puts on a small dress for the first time. Still using her long hair to hide her dorky glasses, Hye Ri ventures out into civilization. No one is staring at her or looking down at her – in fact, the guys are simply staring at one smokin’ hot woman. Bolstered with confidence, Hye Ri decides then and there that she will never be looked down upon for her body.

Se Joon, listening the whole time, admires her diligence. He tells her that she should take her own advice and not listen to what others say. “When you let go of the past, that’s when your future begins,” and with those parting words, Se Joon leaves.

But she is not alone in the park – the entire time, In Woo has been lurking on the side, listening and watching! He sees Hye Ri open up the wrap that Se Joon gave her, and he starts running in – “STOP STOP STOP!”

In Woo: Ah…really! I could’ve been late! Put that down and let’s eat this. Sushi.
Hye Ri: *dumbfounded look*
In Woo: You quit that food. (Grabs for her wrap)
Hye Ri: Ah! No way! No! What are you doing now, Lawyer Seo?
In Woo: I knew this would happen. I just knew that you would still be pissed. That’s because of work. Haven’t I brought food for you to eat?
Hye Ri: Bring me food? Don’t bother. From now on I will just treat you as Lawyer Seo. Please take this and leave.
In Woo: Hey… how can you disregard a person who packed food all the way here?
Hye Ri: You bought it! You didn’t pack it!
In Woo: (pointing at the wrap) That’s also bought. Who bought it for you?
Hye Ri: *instead of answering, brings the wrap up to her lips*
In Woo: (grabbing for her hand) NOOO! (showing her the sushi) Eat THIS! Didn’t I win the bet? If I won, shouldn’t you listen to my wish?

In Woo’s 5-year old tantrum is in vain, because Hye Ri still eats the wrap that Se Joon gave her. He tries to tempt her but she won’t take it. She calls him a weird person instead and the way he treats her is kind of burdensome. In Woo tells her not to worry – he will be a more comfortable person for her instead, a friend that she can talk to instead of anything more.

As she leaves, In Woo mutters to himself, “Being one step late really sucks.” TRUE DAT MY FRIEND!

Back at the office, Se Joon is still mulling over the Kim Dong Suk case. He tries to figure out a way to contact his female accomplice, Lee Mun Ae, when Hye Ri comes in to ask him a question. He brushes her off to Jung Sun, but she notices the photo and immediately recognizes her as the lady she borrowed the cellphone from during the ski resort auction. If they go through Hye Ri’s home phone records, they can trace it back to Lee’s number. Hye Ri knows she was brilliant and helped him break the case, and so she wants to get involved on the case too.

Se Joon won’t let her, but asks to use Investigator Cha to help him with the case. She agrees – but under one condition. He has to agree to a Superman coupon – he will come to her once, wherever, whenever. It’s cute – and Se Joon can’t believe he’s got to put his fingerprint on it.

Happy that she’s getting closer to him, Hye Ri begins to assist them in random ways by getting coffee for the group and such – but Jung Sun has already beat them to it. She tries to socialize with Se Joon, but he’s always with Jung Sun and eating something so greasily good that Hye Ri can’t participate. She even starts working overtime to leave the same time as Se Joon so that he can give her a ride… but Jung Sun is always there by his side.

Stuck with going home alone exhausted, Hye Ri suddenly comes upon the solution for her “romance problem.” She wants to move out. Her parents refuse – how can a single girl live alone so far away from her family? But Hye Ri argues that she always drives home tired and has developed panda eyes (not good for blind dates, you see); she could get into an accident any day now.

Unable to convince her parents, she calls up her secret weapon: In Woo. Since it’s the weekend, her call makes it sound like she wants a date, and so In Woo is eager to meet. But instead Hye Ri asks for his help to achieve her dream of living independently. He thinks she wants money, but she just wants him to come up with a way to convince her father.

Hye Ri reveals that she wants to move into Se Joon and Jung Sun’s neighborhood so that she can join their car pool every day. In Woo, becoming increasingly jealous, asks what she sees in Se Joon. Is it because he’s cool?

Nope – it’s merely because he’s like a big, protective, shady tree. (I haven’t heard a tree metaphor since…Autumn In My Heart…)

So on to Operation Bumper Cars. In Woo, sitting in his huge SUV, guides Hye Ri’s actions so that she can do a fender bender against his car. My goodness – a guy is already risking the condition of his beloved car for you – just date him already!! Hye Ri freaks out at the last minute, and In Woo tells her to get out of the car. He fastens the seat belt…revs up the car… and he crashes Hye Ri’s car into his. My GOODNESS – the guy is risking his life for you! – just marry him already!!!

Hye Ri calls up her father and explains that she got into an accident; the person she hit is in the hospital. Her father buys the story and realizes that Hye Ri really should find an apartment closer to the office. The mom suggests that they move out and live in an apartment with her, but he refuses. They worked hard to get their property and it has great feng shui and all that.

She relays her success to In Woo, and he offers to go apartment hunting with her. She quickly rejects him – what if Se Joon sees them together looking for homes? He would totally misunderstand!

She finds a beautiful apartment building and moves in right away. Basking out on the terrace, she begins to dream of Se Joon and her standing together with a wine glass each in their hands… looking out over the city…

Of course – rude awakening comes in the form of a phone call – from In Woo no less. He asks if she’s met Prosecutor Yoon yet, and she tells him to stop making fun of her. But it’s weird – his voice sounds like he’s really close by too…

In Woo says he’s just out on a terrace by himself, and Hye Ri spins around and catches sight of him – standing on the terrace just a floor above her! She is so flabbergasted that she doesn’t reply until he finally looks down…

She asks what he’s doing up there, and he says that it’s his home. In Woo smiles… and how can you resist that cheeky little devil?


Ok – so hands up: Who thinks/thought In Woo moved in to the apartment above hers to continue stalking her?


I vote that it’s mere coincidence. I mean – you can’t fake surprise like that. (Well, technically you could – because who knows how many times Park Shi Hoo had to do that shot… but anyways – that’s besides the point). I’m going to say that this was the most surprising moment for me for this episode and made me squeal this high fangirly squeal. Also – if this is not a coincidence, (to borrow the words of girlfriday) “you and I will have words, Show.” Serious. words.

I completely skipped over Jung Sun’s little side story because it just involved her mother hassling her to get married. If Jung Sun doesn’t move fast enough, Hye Ri will get Se Joon. Jung Sun laughed it off as a silly one-sided love, but her mother reminds her that Hye Ri is not the only one with one-sided love. Jung Sun’s story is still kind of blah for me. Her family scenes were da bomb in episode 2, but it’s as though she’s not really being given any material just yet to work with. Mostly it’s just her looking awestruck with Hye Ri or her having a “work face.”

On a very technical note – I really noticed the framing in these episodes. It was really nice to see the levels of depth that tell so much about her relationship to others and herself. For example, the scene when Hye Ri’s friend breaks the news about her dating Dong Wook. They’re separated by the bench swings’ posts; they have barriers between them that indicates they can never be close friends. Then we have the framing of the father and the mother discussing about the house: it’s bordered by two black bars/columns that makes the scene that much more mysterious (and perhaps emphasizing its later importance?!). Then we have the shot where Hye Ri looks up at In Woo’s terrace and we see the levels between who has the power and who doesn’t in their relationship. And finally we also have the shot from within her closet as we watch her eat all that junk food after being dumped, and her red dress is off to the side; this shot is just immensely sad, but we see her goal is simply within reach if she tries to go for it.

This might have been a comparatively slow episode as we got Hye Ri’s backstory, but it was needed. I especially felt bad over her mother’s monologue – it’s so clear that she’s transferring her personal worries to her daughter. Hye Ri must be painfully aware that her mother does not have the ideal marriage, and that’s why she was more motivated to lose weight. It’s not just that she’s vain, but her mother is a living example of being on the losing end of the spectrum.

Now the nuggets are set in place for more ridiculous scenarios between Se Joon, In Woo, and Hye Ri. aberdeen_angus, it’s all you!! 😀


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mary

    Thanks for the recap. I am absolutely charmed by this drama. I think once they let us know she was once overweight, she became smarter, less ditzy. I don’t know who I like more for her. I think In Woo’s really a writer/lawyer. The actor playing In Woo brings a lot of charm to the character. I’d like the prosecutor guy to be more open. He needs a breath of fresh air, which Hye Ri is. Each episode gets better and better.

  2. Do-ra-ma

    He totally moved in next door to continue stalking. This guy is all about calculated moves.

    Also, this is the first episode where he really comes off as – don’t hate me for saying this – pathetically desperate (the scene where he tells her to stop eating the food that Yoon gave to her in the park). He might be “endearing” to some, but that was too much for me. I kept thinking, “Dude, stop being ridiculously desperate! Girls don’t like that! If you want the girl, you’ve gotta tone that down!” during the scene.

  3. yoora

    Wow….thanks for the recaps ^^ somehow I like PP more than PT…maybe bcoz I like mistery and IN WOOOOOOOO…!!!!!.☺

  4. estel

    I totally squealed, too, at the end of the episode. Poor In-woo looked so happy! Seriously, I know in real life he would be creepy, but he’s just too cute for words, even if he possibly does (ok, most likely does) have some ulterior motive involving Hye-ri. I love their chemistry together, and I can’t wait for their relationship to start evening out — right now, as you said, In-woo has all the power and he knows what’s going on, but slowly Hye-ri is becoming more and more savvy.

    I find myself actually liking the love-rangles in this show. I like that Se-joon didn’t immediately fall for Hye-ri, and that we’re six episodes in and he still hasn’t fallen for her, and I’m not convinced he ever will. And the absence of overly clingy second-leads is always refreshing (*cough Full House cough*) I originally thought this show would be kind of silly, honestly, and had decided not to watch it, but I’m glad I did — I think I like it better than Personal Taste, which is what I was the most excited for at the outset. I even want to watch the new episodes of PP before CU, which I love.

  5. Dafné

    I really like this show…and in fact, (I’ve seen ep 7 but i will vote as if I hadn’t) I though that In Woo moved next to her appart to stalk her…
    well, he was suprised, and he seemed genually really surprised, but he could have been acting… come on, does coincidence like that happens in real life? ok ok, I know, we’re NOT in real life, but this drama was plausible until now…well, compared to other dramas..)
    And he did have someone following her at the airport and probably other places…also, he has a bigger agenda for her, even if he cares for her…

    the end of ep 7 was awesome, can’t wait to see the 8!! (I really like In Woo better than See Joon, despite his other plans for her, that if like I think involve her dad will hurt her..)

  6. iidrama

    thanks so much for writing the recap. I love reading your recap, can not wait to read them all.

  7. v

    hey! as always, thanks for the review!
    Could you clarify what parts you feel unbelievable? (except for the FINGERS part.. seriously… who’s the costume/design/makeup artist for this?)

    And I don’t know… coincidence or not? even with chap 7-8, i’m still not sure altho *SPOILER* IW does tell Jenny that it was a coincidence. anyways, coincidence or not, PSH smile was totally worth it! everytime that guy smiles, I melt.
    and to answer you in OpenThread… 15 takes was worth it! best smirkiss ever!
    and can’t wait to read your recap about the PIGGYBACKING! and the ramyun eating!

    And i swear, if HR does not end up with IW, I’ll have to, i don’t know, strangle sme.

    and I do get where HR is coming from with the fat photo thing. If my whole class got an email with an ugly picture of me with messed up hair from the morning in my PJs, I would be embarrassed to death too, so her coworker seeing her with an extra 50 pounds can be REALLY embarrassing. but I’m glad she’s over it now.

    and am I the only one who thinks she looks like han Hyo Joo in the screencaps of her on the balcony smiling by herself??

  8. yue

    with all the ridiculous things in this episode..what annoyed me the most was the fat-suit she had to wear. more precisely what they have done to her hands. it looked just so incredible fake that it took the fun out for me to watch it -.-

  9. kaedejun

    @ v

    the parts that i found were unbelievable were mostly during the flashback. while i thought it was handled well and less melodramatic and sad as it could have been (i mean, she was locked in a cell!), it was still somewhat unbelievable because:

    1) there was a thunderstorm when she found out about her friend and dong wook.

    2) there was a scene of her crying on the steps in the rain (i didn’t include that in the recap)

    3) the whole deal about being locked in a cell and there were three trainers who came in.

    4) in woo and hye ri in the same apartment building – though i think it’s coincidence, when i first saw it (without watching episode 7) i was dreading the explanation. if he really did stalk her, then i would’ve been like, “ok writers, you’re stretching it here because i’d rather it be coincidence in the innocent k-drama-verse rather than accept that’s he’s such an uber-stalker”. in k-drama-verse it’s perfectly normal for a coincidence like that to exist. (in reality, no) in woo’s been a step of her in all the other stuff already, and to see him another step ahead on this point would have been much.

    i hoped to believe him when he said it was coincidence. however in ep 7, that night he was also moving in his stuff and unpacking, as though he had JUST moved in along with her. so i really don’t know what to think !!

    *end spoiler*

  10. 10 anna

    This drama brings out the shallowness in me. If my stalker was that cute, I wouldn’t mind. LOL It’s so sad.

    I’m going say it’s a total coincidence. I haven’t seen episode 7 yet. After this, I’m going over to soompi and check out the spoiler. Please, please, let me be right. He can’t get any creepier. Just can’t.

    if it’s not a coincidence, then it’s one step forward for k-drama. even if it’s stalking. one less cliche.

    ^ lol i left this comment without reading the comments. should have because the spoiler was right above me.

  11. 11 Leona

    I just marathoned last night PP and still didn’t get me as Personal taste did, but PSH is THE WALKING SEX of the spring kdramas and IW is the most interesting /misterious male char (sorry Lee Min Ho fans PSH is a man LMH is still a kid )
    the actress I loved her to bits in Iris instead of Kim Tae Hee, but here I can’t fall for her
    They made her fat look like she was 110 kilos not 99 at 167 cm … believe me I know what I’m talking about
    SYJ’s dork char is more real to me than HR… when you tell about someone that has the IQ 168 I expect some proves, she seems to know a thing or two about dating but really she is more clueless about that than Gae In from PT

    IW is desperate, but she is twice as desperate as IW is . and c’mon being fat doesn’t stop you dating… you do that only if you are stupid…. Cleopatra wasn’t beautiful and still she conquered Cesar and the handsome Marc Anthony.. and I’m speaking from my experience…. after 18 I was never under 57kg and with a lil brain you can have any man you want

    at ep 6 I was ready to vow that he was stalking her with the flat too, we already knew that he follows all her moves
    I don’t think that smexy IW loves her enough, he just want that HR to like him a LOT

  12. 12 taffy

    I vote stalking! he’s got the means and the heart for it!

    I must agree w/ Do-Ra-Ma above, who said the scene where he was insisting on eating his sushi was not endearing, and reminded me of what happened last night. this guy called and asked me to go out over the weekend, i told him very firmly that i had finals coming up and must study. however, he kept on insisting and trying to persuade me. after 10 min I thought I’d put the issue firmly down, but he called 2 more times and texted 3 more times trying to get me to go. I actually missed the texts bc I was watching PP haha but jeebus! WTH! initially I had thought the sushi tantrum was super cute, but after this incident I think HyeRi’s reaction is completely realistic, coinciding w/ mine, which was a big “wth…what a weirdo..o_O”

    but still love this show…its getting really good!! So is Personal Taste…and CS too! haha guess wont be getting much studying done afterall…

  13. 13 momosan

    Dear Show, this is your Nonna speaking. What are you telling the girls in Korea? That they have to be bulimic to be successful? That 105lbs even on a small 5’5″ frame is a GOOD weight?

    As a good Italian Nonna, my natural instinct is to feed people – and for the last year, the stars of some these k-dramas (and virtually all the pop groups) have gotten to the point where I want to go to Korea and feed the poor things! By all we hold holy, would you STOP with the ultra thin-ness before you get the epidemic of anorexia and bulimia that swept through the western world?

    For the love of pete! The average jockey weighs about 105lbs on a small frame and they not only are incredibly fit, but are generally shorter than 5’5″.

    Show, remember, respect your elders and listen to your Nonna. Stop it. Stop it NOW!

    • 13.1 nomaden

      I have to say, I love your comment. What is this show trying to teach the already-obsessed-judge-by-the-cover-country, with suicide rate 3x that of America? I mean I’m so upset at how everybody thinks they have something to judge about a person who was once fat and now thin? It’s just SICK!

  14. 14 Leona

    anna I had stalkers cutier than PSH and believe me it isn’t fun at all, I just went to date with the smart not so smexy guy(eventually a badass so I can ask a punch or two against the stalker)
    it doesn’t matter how good or fat/bad looking is someone if the two have incompatible personalities the thinkgs will never work out

    about piggybacking …I saw it in all kdramas I’ve wached (about 20 and 4 were sageuks)…I got bored by it… it wasn’t missing in one at least….and the face of HR didn’t looked good to me in that scene
    momosan I think its about kilos not lbs…. but well if americans see 100 on a scale they presume that those are lbs not kilograms

  15. 15 Fatemeh

    Maybe IW was the one who helped her find that house, indirectly of course. She has been to his house once before, after the tomatoe attack. if he has changed his, it is tii corny. if it is the same house, why can’t she HR remember? can it be that she had been so stressed that she hadn’t understood where she had been?
    But any ways, I love IW. so CUTE.

  16. 16 Leona

    @taffy dump that guy and find another one (an obedient but interesting and cuter one)
    @fatemeh she realized that is another place and told him… but well he does a lot of things with the underworld and a sudden move to another flat isn’t something to talk that much
    when he asked the florist dad to do something in the future he resembled with Mr Chapel from ‘Vengence Unlimited’… who would offer to help them get justice in exchange for either One million dollars, or, somewhere down the line, a single favour. Of course, none of the victims could afford that, so this left a very good trail of people in varying positions and authority to help right other people’s wrongs later in the show.

  17. 17 sim

    if uv watched ep 8..in woos stalkerish ways start bcumin a bit clear..still luv in woo eventho he’s technically a ‘bad guy’!!

  18. 18 supah

    OMO! Another PP recap! How much do I love ya both for this? *spreads out arms* THIIIIIIIIIIS much!

    This happens to be one of my favourite episodes, it was delicious, and this is going to be one longass comment as I sit and dissect what exactly I loved about this episode. Nothing too deep but this episode BOUND me by spirit to this show, dammit!

    I almost copped out of this show around episode 2, as much as I enjoyed it, I just didn’t want episode 2 to be an indicator for what the rest of the series was going to be like, I’m glad I watched episode 3 and Yoon’s almighty flying kick — I knew then that this show was The One.

    I LOVED the flashback, and how it explained Hye-ri’s background.
    Our experiences all differ and I may not have ever been overweight – but I have been bullied at school, quite brutally (but I’m over that now), now it’s more about being isolated at work – I know that feeling too Hye-ri. Being fat isn’t the end of the world – but lack confidence in yourself and feeling quite intimidated whilst out in public IS the end of the world. And that is the vibe I got from her more. As a student she was timid and the part where she enters the lecture hall from the front and then feels embarrassed, walks back out and re-enters through the back entrance, that broke my heart, and I’ve been there, I look back and cringe at myself now and seeing her do that, a person like that is just asking to be walked all over. I’m glad I’m more assertive now though, finally at 27.

    But anyway, the thunderstorm was so fun!! It was like something out of a comic book, I adored it. And hey this show isn’t ONLY about the serious, it’s meant to be a nice blend of everything, so it can totally get away with a little of the unrealistic.
    The part where she was lying on the stairs in the rain crying was also quite a poetic shot, and with the passerby yelling out – ”hey, you’re blocking our path”. How humiliating.
    Now the mother’s sparta-like locking in cellar treatment could have gone either way. (”Mother, I’m starving”!) Instead Hye-ri got on that running machine and fought back, hard, in true warrior spirit! I’m so proud of our Hye-ri.
    The following part where she’s tentatively taking her first steps out in public, walking down the street, now skinny but all shy, wearing an ill-fitting dress and bad hair and glasses — with SHINee’s Fly High (hahaha!) — I was awestruck, forget everything else, but Kim! So! Yeon! What a beautiful creature!
    Now the fat vs skinny issue is debatable no doubt but this was a touching scene. It was touted as a rising triumphant scene but its underlying tinge of sadness, or maybe that was just Hye-ri’s shy expression, but it was a touching one, I tell thee.
    I’m so glad she confided in Yoon, all this. Yo, Yoon! NOW do you understand what she meant by ”I don’t care what you think, my body is precious to me” in the previous episode? Don’t be treating her like dirt again, pervertmindedman!

    Now I have another essay worth of thoughts on Yoon’s take on Hye-ri too (I can see those simultaneous yawns), but I’ll spare you all for now and save that for another day. Yes I will, muhahaha! *cracks knuckles*

    Yes, her thinking is flawed and this drama doesn’t make her out to be a perfect little plucky kdrama heroine, I love how clever this drama is shaping out to be, it’s taking on so many little issues (i.e. judging people based on appearance, self-esteem and more) and at the same time challenging the archetypal kdrama leads.
    Saying that, I also like Prosecutor Jin. She’s not your usual kdrama 2nd lead, she’s down-to-earth, boyishly charming, loves comic books, painfully shy around men and there’s not a bitchy bone in her body.
    But that’s the quandary I’m in now, I like all four characters but I don’t like Jin enough to want her to snatch Yoon away from Hye-ri! Or In-woo enough to win Hye-ri over — nooo! Oh cruel world, why can’t you ever let the two TRUE lovers be together, ever?!

    … Urgh! There was more but I’ve forgotten…
    I’ll post it as soon as I remember it.

    @kaedejun – Oh btw this Lost song is my fave from the OST. Loves it!
    No, I lied, my real fave is Fly High. Lulz!

  19. 19 supah

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about:
    How heartachingly wonderful were their smiles?

    I loved the scene under the Gazebo where she confides in Yoon after he drops off the wrap, and after meeting In-woo she skips off with the carrier bag Yoon had brought the food in. I’d totally treasure that bag too. Haha!

    The Superman fingerprint scene, aaaww!

    Yoon won this episode’s round, and I know I can’t be all spoilery here, but as much as I love Yoon-Hye-ri OTP — In-woo totally pwned out epis 7&8. Swoon!

  20. 20 aberdeen_angus

    kaedejun, your recap rocks!

    Hey, it’s obvious that it’s not coincidence. I mean, it’s not any person, it’s Academy Award for Stalkerish Behaviour In Woo. Nothing is a coincidence when he’s involved. I don’t know how to put it in words, but in spanish i would say: “La suma de casualidades es una causalidad” (as in “Too many coincidences are no coincidence at all!”). I think that moving is a big, huge, universal mistake from IW; it’s rush and desperate. How will he stop HR’s suspicion? If I was HR, I would move out immediately.


    “In Woo goes spastic and demands his Daily Stalker update from Jenny.”


    Is it wrong if I’m starting to dislike In woo? I used to love him so so so much, but now, his true colours are not cool anymore. I need his truth, stop beating around the bush!

    About the stalking, i don’t know, it’s just a drama. I mean, if we overanalyze every drama out there, they all have their hateful characters (in real life) who we love (in drama land). They eventually learn their lesson and start being a bit more normal. Regarding this issue, i let the drama be. But what I’m not liking is the way IW is handling his problems and using HR…

  21. 21 jyyjc

    What i found ridiculous was when people kept staring at her when she was fat. i mean like…have you never seen a fat person before? ok like maybe a just a quarter of a second glance to indicate “oh she’s fat moving onnnnn” but they were all starring at her like she was some terribly deformed weirdo.

  22. 22 LeMahMah

    To Quote Supah,
    “OMO! Another PP recap! How much do I love ya both for this? *spreads out arms* THIIIIIIIIIIS much!” =) !

    I LOVE this series! I also Love CU & PT but this one I truely LOVE! And man do I dig the Stalker!!! OMO…Can I have one Too!?!?!?!?

    Yes! I believe the stalker moved close to be with her. For reasons I cannot understand (due to lack of subtles<-Not Bitching just Stating). It seems that HR is vital to some plan he has…she seems to be the crucial element…beacuse didn't he set up the whole ski-trip- robbery-stay-in-the-same-hotelroom-with-me-thing? I REALLY REALLY hope its not like I've been reading that he plans for her to prosecute her own father…..because nothing says Kill The Love like having Me Put Daddy in Jail!!!! But my wicked side says BRing IT! Especially for some payback for the Queen Princess- her mom deserves much better treatment then the crap the father has been flinging her way!

    EVen in those crazy W-T-Heck moments this Dramady gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and I can't wait to see what Stalker is up to while hoping the two other lawyers shack up while HR gets her Stalker-Man while looking Fashionably FaBUlous!

    Have a good weekend all!

  23. 23 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

    park shi-hoo is soo cute when he smiles! <3

  24. 24 jb

    I don’t mean to be rude to the fans of this drama…for once I’m watching a few kdramas concurrently: Cinderella’s sister, Oh My Lady, Personal Taste, etc.. (All great especially Cinderella’s Sister, highyly recommended!) This kdrama grates on me the most.
    For most part, Hye Ri is trying so hard to act cutesy and fashionable but her hair!, her gaunt face, especially with her hair tied back, makes her look like an ahjumma, yet she’s decked out in pink and short skirts, arrgh! I expect more from Kim So Yeon, she’s really quite a strong actress….but in this drama, she looks too old for the role.
    AND In Woo, the way he is interested in Hye Ri is just down right creepy (it has been mentioned many times in the recaps)…I wish he is a more credible knight in shining armour, other than being filthy rich, popping up at the strangest time to rescue Hye Ri and…
    Oh…as a top notch lawyer, the show’s stylist dresses him funny. He is often seen in flappy trapeze tops with a jacket and pants tucked in high top boots…YUCKS! (It’s too girly for my kdrama leading men taste, even though I have put up pink, neck scarves and such on other kdrama leading men…In Woo’s dressing is not even metrosexual and I’m not much a fashion critic to start with!)
    The only reason and only person that is tempting me to check on this drama every now and then is SE JOON aka General Choi in CHUNO!
    Sigh…thanks for letting me rant….no offence to the fans ok….

  25. 25 bambinos

    haha I loved this recap.

    I’m on episode 7 right now but In Woo’s a interesting guy. He seems like he’s so freaking desperate but I really wonder, is he actually IN love with her or pretending to be in love with her for his own reasons? I hope it gets clear…

    lol I would be creeped out if I were Hye Ri though. Everything working out for me perfectly and him coming always at the right moments. But the fat part was unrealistic. With her height, 90kg wouldn’t look that heavy. I guess it’s S. Korea’s distorted body image. Hye Ri needs to start eating and respect her body more >_<. It pains me that she tries to only eat melons when she should be out enjoying food.

  26. 26 Melissa

    hahaha what a stalker >.<

  27. 27 Jane

    i just want to say, the hands are so fake that it is driving me nuts. But this ep was super good

  28. 28 tin

    lol she was called pink pig back then. so hye ri-ish ^^

  29. 29 soonie

    Totally made me laugh out loud with your comments today. It seems you were totally taken aback by episode 6. But honestly, I just took it as the writers having some fun. I mean, the ridiculously oversized hands!! And when it’s THAT ridiculous, I don’t think writers are asking to be taken seriously. So with that mindset, i found this episode hilarious and amusing. When kdramas are intentionally over the top, its quite entertaining. hah!

    Anyway, YES, INWOO MOVED THERE TO CONTINUE HIS STALKERISH WAYS. It’s only befitting, don’t you think?

    and regarding Inwoo’s mini tantrum during the lunch scene, I can understand how some of you guys thought it was too much and made him look pathetic….but I think that was kind of the point. I didn’t see a pathetic Inwoo, I saw Inwoo’s true feelings coming out…..but subconsciously. There’s a fine line between your pride being hurt or actually feeling hurt over not being chosen and I think Inwoo is starting to really feel hurt….and even over a small thing as a sandwich….it’s stirring those feelings inside to come out. He is really starting to fall for Hyeri…..

    @ jb,
    as a fan of the show, I’m not offended but It seems like you’ve gotten caught up on what the characters are wearing rather than the actual storyline itself. While its undertstandable that things like that CAN be distracting (most of your comments ‘m totally in agreement with. I’m SOOO hoping the writers will throw in a makeover moment with Hyeri….perhaps when she’s more “matured” as a prosecutor), if you try and get past it, it really is a great drama. It only kinda bothered me int he beginning, the the show won me over and now I hardly notice what anyone’s wearing really.

  30. 30 jb

    Tks for the feedback. I guess compared to Cinderella Sister or even Personal Taste’s storylines, this drama is the weakest for me. For me, if the storyline is weak, I hope there’s at least eye candy (Se Joon!) and nice sets. When its too cutesy and pink, it distracts more than entice. I will leave my negative thoughts behind and let you all enjoy the drama. Again, I will watch it now and then for….SJ. Heh.

  31. 31 ngocphuongaus

    I started watching Prosecutor so much later than Cinderellas sister and personal Taste but I glad I gave it a try and I’ve been hooked. The storyline is interesting and unpredictable too which attracts me.
    About the stalker In Woo, it is definitely not a coincidence that they are neighbors. Even from the beginning he met her at the Ski resort was all planned by him. He surely has someone is watching her and reporting it to him. Thats why whatever she does, he knows it well.
    Also, I can feel his love for her is true, initially he may be using her because there has to be sth for him to do that much for her. Then he started to fall for her as they get closer. My guess is he is planing a revenge to her Dad but the only person he cares that is gonna get hurt is Ma Hye Ri
    The kiss in episode 7 is the best kiss of the year. Even it is a forced kiss, but he is so manly there lol

  32. 32 ena

    Omo omo!!!! Inwoo and Hye Ri just one floor apart!!!! WOOHOO! 😀

  33. 33 ding_dong

    OMG, I love your recaps. Similar to others, I watched Cinderalla Sister and Personal Taste before I watched PP but this is definately coming out to win the race. I’m loving every aspect of this series + who can resist the charming smile of IW. HELLO, talk about cute! even in a stalkish way lol Expecially the smirk at the end of ep 7. *squeal* can’t wait for ep8

  34. 34 Beng-beng

    i like this kdrama more than the others. It tops my list. thanks for the recaps.

  35. 35 kop


    @ngocphuongaus- at least give a warning.. ;'(

    SPOILER ALERT on ep 7 above

  36. 36 Rae

    He’s just the best~~ Hye-Ri is so awesome, not your usual female lead~ In Woo is so mysterious..
    Really like Hye Ri and In Woo!!
    AHAHAHA.. when you said marry him already~ That’s cute!! If a guy’s willing to risk their CAR and their Life 😉 for you, Hye Ri.. you should know he’s awesome!

  37. 37 Annie

    in love with inwoo, thanks for the review

  38. 38 yen_nguyen

    @ v: ”every time that guy smiles, I melt.”
    yeah, me too!
    *Spoiler* He’s gorgeous when he smiles before he kisses MHR in ep 7

  39. 39 pabo ceo reom

    In-woo moved in on purpose.

  40. 40 SaeByul

    I like the song.. but cant find the DOWNLOAD LINK.. help

  41. 41 deannadsc

    …to be honest….I’m only watching PP because of Park Si Hoo!!!

  42. 42 supah

    Forgot to say this earlier, but love this recap, it is absolutely hilarious!

    Totally 2nd you!
    This drama is clever, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, I’m enjoying the OTT parts — the hands were awesome! Especially when she falls asleep with an onion ring wedged in her fingers – wahahaha!

    As most of us know now, In-woo relaxed his niceguy facade in episode 5, and we were treated to his shady, angsty side. I wanted to see how his following encounter with Hye-ri was going to be – was he going to revert back to fake niceness again? Instead it was a fired up, competitive persona of his where he’s trying to shove the sushi down her throat. I’d expected it to be awkward, but it was quite funny.

  43. 43 kaedejun


    haha! thanks for telling me!! sorry about that

    Here’s the download link:


  44. 44 Laeah

    Um.. 100kg is like 220 lbs. I think they did about right.

  45. 45 dramacafe

    “So on to Operation Bumper Cars. In Woo, sitting in his huge SUV, guides Hye Ri’s actions so that she can do a fender bender against his car. My goodness – a guy is already risking the condition of his beloved car for you – just date him already!! Hye Ri freaks out at the last minute, and In Woo tells her to get out of the car. He fastens the seat belt…revs up the car… and he crashes Hye Ri’s car into his. My GOODNESS – the guy is risking his life for you! – just marry him already!!!”

    I like this part best in your recap!
    This situation was kinda funny ’cause HR is so desperate that she’s willing to do anything to be near to SJ.
    At the same time, it’s cutely crazy of IW to help her out in this way.
    How clever is that! Stalkerish guy is ready to risk his car and life for you!
    I’m loving the IW and HR moments! I’m sooo glad I watched this drama. 🙂

  46. 46 Jennifer

    I just finished the first two episodes of this drama and I think it’s really good!! Totally cute but Ma Hye Ri is kind of annoying. Anyways, I can’t wait to watch the other episodes!!

  47. 47 yukiyukiku

    thank you kaedejun for the recaps
    it’s awesome

    i agree with you i would not know IW moved next to HR was intentional
    I mean … PSH acted as IW who was a great in acting
    An actor acted as someone who’s great in acting .. huahahha …
    IW’s suprised look was priceless … i luv it …

    I felt bad for HR’s mom too 🙁
    even though i watched PP for ### times already, i cried when the mom shared about “2 kinds of women” …. she must be really in great pain and desparation for her daughter to have a better fate than her.

  48. 48 Misa

    Ok im ganna vote as purely coincidence. I hope it is cause if he purposely moved there it would be creepy not like his other moves weren’t (following her to the airport having his assistant give daily updates *were does she get them from anyway?) but i really like the story so far its getting less predictable

  49. 49 miss_procrastination

    There is a large difference between anorexia and bulimia. In this case, Hye Ri happens to suffer from both.

    This whole episode was rooted in self-imaging problems that I felt weren’t addressed in this recap. Yes, her mother may be reflecting her own expectations and experiences on her daughter, but that most certainly doesn’t make it right.

    I think the weight issues Hye Ri faces run deeper than the comments written here. The way the drama portrayed her past was disgusting. Everyone treated her with such contempt. And in the present, her co-workers thought they were doing her favors by bringing her to a tofu restaurant. They were not. They were just highlighting her insecurities.

    Everything was done in an exaggerated, tasteless fashion. Hye Ri in her fat suit was completely overdone. Locking her in a room to force her to lose the weight? Not only will that cause mental anguish but it’s downright unhealthy. How can you recap this episode without mentioning these weighted issues and how the drama handled them tactlessly?

    This drama gives the viewer a very one-sided look at Hye Ri’s weight problems and it’s just disturbing to see no one mention it.

    • 49.1 missjb

      I Agree with u!

      I think Both her parents is so strict towards hye ri. His father force her to become an indipendent career woman aka become prosecutor (it’s not false anyway). Her mother force her to loose weight.

      Lucky, she has relationship with In Woo. It’s In WOo who give her room in EVERYTHING! And not force her to something she can’t.

      Kaedejun, where are you? hehehe? I want to know your though… 🙂

    • 49.2 missjb

      I mean, I agree with u in terms for pointing out Weight issues in this episode.
      We Have different opinion about this issues, though.

  50. 50 sun

    well inwoo is mysterious in the viewer’s eyes (is it weird that i find it SO cute though? It’s not like he harms her, he totally protects her with all his pro-stalking abilities and it is a remarkably nice change from most main male leads who don’t give a crap about the girl until like 10 episodes after!!!)

    but in hyeri’s eyes, he’s just a friend whos always there for her, and shes taking it for granted cuz she’s pretty used to it now. After she loses it though (which i really have a feeling will come soon) she’ll realize that she needs and loves him!! wooohooo inwoo shipper!!!

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