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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 7
by | April 27, 2010 | 69 Comments

Prepare yourselves for episodes 7 and 8, which are a new beginning in this drama’s dynamics, giving not only more clues about In-woo’s doings, but also the so needed Prosecutor Yoon’s backstory. Remember this time, when everything was smooth, because we’re not coming back to this quiet phase of the story. No more talking, it’s episode 7’s recap, and there are many things to be said about it!


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Episode 7

We get started with In-woo’s surprised face. What should we do? Believe him or not? My choice is not to, since he’s very capable of doing this kind of crazy things, but I have to admit that he seemed genuinely surprised. Why can’t he be more straightforward and trustworthy? This is so frustrating!

Hye-ri has her good share of doubts about this sudden encounter of the third kind. So, they meet in a common area to have a chat about, well, the actual fact that they live one next to the other. In-woo keeps on playing his innocent boy part, saying that he has no reason to move right after her, and that he hadn’t the chance to tell her that he was moving. What’s more, she never told him where she was going to, could it be that… She was following him?

He wouldn’t such a crazy thing as following her (Ha!) not even considering that he used to like her. Hye-ri’s face is priceless, why doesn’t he like her anymore, destroying her feminine pride in the process? The cause of this is simple: he wouldn’t fall for a girl who goes shamelessly after some man she met at work. Was this new neighbor situation a mere coincidence? No, no, no. Evil destiny? Even worse! We have to call it in a more… specific, lovely way. In-woo names it fate.

Hye-ri’s mum calls her, wondering if she’s scared. No, not because of crazy stalker boys who move right after you, but of living alone. She answers that she is clearly not, and her father insists on installing a CCTV system, allowing them to control her day to day life. Now we know why Hye-ri doesn’t find In-woo’s attitudes strange: she is used to that behavior, her father is a stalker too.

Meanwhile, we get to see that smexy dude is unpacking. Should we still wonder if this was all just fate?

It’s the following day, and In-woo is the nice guy next door who wakes you up in order to tell you that your platonic love is leaving, so you might be interested in bothering him with your annoying presence. That’s not exactly what he said, but we all know that Hye-ri in between Jung-sun and Prosecutor Yoon’s in the latter’s car, was super duper upsetting. You know, I usually try to be forgiving with this clutzy girl, but this was too much for me. She didn’t even pretend that this was some kind of coincidence! In-woo, teach her how to be a pro!

Obviously, the air is so tense that I assume they could barely breathe. Jung-sun tries to have some conversation (why is she so cute?), and Hye-ri gives her explanation regarding why she is there. After that, she just compliments Jung-sun for her wonderful skin and eyes, telling her that she should take off her glasses. That carpooling situation was like some Inquisition’s torture for both Jung-sun and Se-joon, but Hye-ri doesn’t see it that way, and is happy as a kid with a new toy.

At her office, it’s interrogation’s time. A woman has rented a place in a rural region at a low cost, she used it as a collateral to take out a loan, and now failed to pay it back. Even the money for the rent was borrowed, which puts the woman into “Fraudulent Ahjumma” territory. But there’s a catch. Bang unni, who we still don’t know and is missing in action, promised her that she would take care of everything and made her sign the contract for money.

Hye-ri lets the ahjumma go. Her assistant asks why she is being so bland with this person, and she answers that she can’t tell if she’s been genuinely wronged or not. What if she makes a character’s misreading again? She can’t continue rambling about this situation for much longer, her Chief asks her to go to his office and he tells the bubbly princess with Sleeping Beauty’s pen that she’ll have to attend an autopsy examination. Eeeewww. Jung-sun will go with her, and I can’t imagine Prosecutor Jin’s happiness! Autopsy Examination + Hye-ri = Highway to hell (we could replace “Autopsy Examination” for almost anything, and the result would be the same).

The victim is a 26 years old female, soon to be wed and with a history of hypotension called Min Jung Hee. At first, the only thing that Hye-ri wants to do inside the examination room is to get out of there, but after Jung-sun’s scolding, she accepts to touch the ribs zone. As a result, our lady prosecutors find out that they’re completely shattered.

It’s lunch time, and the girls can chat about yummy topics: dead bodies and Prosecutor Yoon. Jung-sun starts the conversation being really nice, teaching Hye-ri the fundamentals on talking with the dead, professionally speaking. Prosecutor Ma can’t help it, and has to alter the course of the conversation by accusing Prosecutor Jin of understanding better the dead than the living.

Jung-sun: What do you mean?

Hye-ri: You know I like Prosecutor Yoon sunbae. How can you carpool with him everyday, especially going from home to work?

Jung-sun: What?

Hye-ri: Why else would I have moved?

Jung-sun: You moved because of Prosecutor Yoon sunbae, right?

Hye-ri: Working overtime had some influence… So, sunbae please help me. At least, when going home from work.

Jung-sun: You’re more dim-witted than I am! I like Prosecutor Yoon too!


We knew it already, but Hye-ri obviously not, so it was a pretty powerful H-bomb. Instead of bitch-fighting, Jung-sun admits that it’s a one sided love and now they share each other’s secrets of love towards Prosecutor Yoon.


Hye-ri can’t give him up just because Prosecutor Jin saw him first. She despises that hateful race of girls called “the boyfriend thieves” but, however, it’s too late, and now her feelings are really strong. What follows is so ridiculously ridiculous! Hye-ri says that she won’t intrude Jung-sun carpooling privileges and tells her “Fighting!”. Ha-ha-ha. Right, Hye-ri is awesome.

Jung-sun, as she takes a cab in a state of confusion generated by Hye-ri’s motto, tells Hye-ri about a prosecutor’s legend: if you go home before noon on your first autopsy exam, a ghost will follow you. Not only that, if you show your house to this ghost, it’ll live with you forever. Prosecutor Jin, you are so mischievous taking advantage of your rival’s gullibility! Love it.

Hye-ri gives a lot of credit to Jung-sun words, and tries to go to her parents’ home for the night, but her mother hangs up – it will become an habit, learn to live alone! Which are her options now? Her first option is Prosecutor Yoon, but she remembers about her motivational talk with Prosecutor Jin, so she doesn’t call him.

At Mysterious Lady’s house (Ha Jung-nan), In-woo is hearing from the outside, that a big fight is taking place. We get to see what’s happening on the inside, and apparently, a man is trying to get her back and she’s furiously refusing, even giving him some cash to leave her alone once and for all. Right as he’s taking it all and going away, In-woo enters and comforts her, saying that she’s better off without him.

Hye-ri’s second option at trying to confuse the ghost is to go to Yoo-na’s work, inviting her to go to a spa for the night. Generic friend can’t do it, she has a 100th day anniversary with her boyfriend and is really sorry she can’t get on her Ghostbuster’s mobile. Hye-ri comes up with a fantastic (?) plan to waste some time before arriving home, so she can get rid of that prosecutor’s legend; and she’ll need Yoo-na’s sneakers to do it.

In-woo is driving and looking at a spherical clock that seems like a gas bomb, when… Surprise! Hye-ri is footing in the middle of the night with a miniskirt and sneakers. He is about to stop and have a talk or something, but he thinks better of it, he is wearing his trench-coat and glasses, it would be suspicious (also, that’s not cool at all; he has an image to take care of). He goes away, and returns a little bit later, appearing from nowhere, pretending to be exercising, too (thus giving us a laughing out loud moment in which he moves really funnily).

It’s midnight, and Hye-ri is happy with the legend’s time out, until In-woo tells her that being a ghost is an all night business. He even says that it followed her! Why can’t you forget about your revenge, In-woo? You’re just amazing when you let yourself be.

Ok, fangirling over In-woo aside, Hye-ri can’t sleep, even with the lights on, so she calls In-woo, making up an excuse for him to come to her house (she needs water). But he doesn’t! Instead, he uses a fishing rod with a cute empty flowerpot as a stuff transportation device. The things he comes up with!

So, the first attempt fails, and Hye-ri now feels scared and disappointed. Second attempt involves antacid, but her enemy the fishing rod appears on stage again. Annoyed and despaired, Hye-ri takes a third and final resolution; she goes and shouts at her Romeo’s balcony. Unexpectedly, he asks if she’s hammered nails in her house. That’s it! In a few minutes he is there, with her and the ghost, but without the nails… Is In-woo planning something? Oh, dear, In-woo? Never!

As a result of all of these legends, fishing rods, nonexistent nails and ghosts, In-woo and Hye-ri spend their second night together. While Hye-ri is asleep, he is thinking, probably about his scheme and how it will affect her in the future, when everything is discovered.

Next morning is introduced to Hye-ri by one of the most amazing gadgets in the world. That gas bomb thingy was an alarm clock, in which you can record a personalized message to wake you up (I guess that In-woo made up the hammer situation in order to be able to leave that intrusive clock in there).

In-woo (recorded): Wake up, Ma Hye-ri! Ma Hye-ri, you need to carpool! Ma Hye-ri! You need to meet Prosecutor Yoon! What are you looking at it for? Go wash up!

Imagine you had a time machine. Imagine that you travelled thousands of years in the past. Imagine that you take a computer with you, and that you put it in front of a caveman’s face. Now, that’s the same face Hye-ri has when she looks at the clock, completely puzzled.

Lawyer Seo visits an apartment building that after only six years of being sold, is full of cracks and tells Jenny that it’s within the statute of limitation, so there’s no problem with their plans. They have no time to waste, but Hye-ri still is an issue – will she be able to do it? (Whaaaaaatttt?). In-woo will make sure she will.

Mr. Ma meets a person who tells him, with a strange smile, that making her daughter become a prosecutor, is a decision befitting him. It seems that this man was once close to Mr. Ma, since he helped him, but hasn’t contacted him in a long time. They give each other some indirect accusations, until Mr. Ma says that thanks to this man’s help, he could provide of the money for the campaign. So, what we can get from this brief encounter, is that Mr. Ma probably had some dirty help from this guy, who, in return, got the money to become an important figure in the political scene.

While looking at a new case which involves a celebrity versus netizens, Hye-ri gets a call from her dad, who is visiting her house with her mum, so she has to get out from work. Her mum brings her healthy, non caloric food, and her dad asks if she’s scared or having tough times. He also forbids the presence of men into the house, leading to a nervous smirk from naughty Hye-ri “A man? Hahaha, I would never let them in!”. They go out to the balcony, where Hye-ri pretends not to know her neighbor (“Oh, yeah, dad, Lawyer Seo is living there, the person who is constantly stalking me and who came to sleep last night. Lovely, isn’t him?”). What they are not aware of, is that her neighbor is the very person who will make them face their doom, and he’s currently watching and listening.

In-woo is in a dark mood, as if Mr. Ma’s presence would have triggered really bad thoughts and memories. He goes inside and looks at a pair of soccer shoes with a rather depressing air. Who was the original owner of them? Which is the story behind them? This show keeps on giving us lots of unanswered questions.

Back at the prosecutor’s office, Prosecutor Yoon, knowing the copycat’s current location, is pulling a big operative to catch him once and for all (he has his two girls waiting for him: Hye-ri at the office and Jung-sun at her house, while looking after his daughter). The cavalry arrives and a messy fight ensues, including all of the workers, assistants and investigators.

Prosecutor Yoon, though, won’t be bothered by the pawns, his mind is fixed in the king of the counterfeiters, he wants a straight check mate. If we call In-woo a stalkerish cutie, Se-joon is our Hulk: when he’s angry and concentrated on an objective, he is a crazy beast. In conclusion, Prosecutor Yoon follows Don-suk and gives us a taste of his fighting skills, which save the day and assure this man’s arrest.

At the office, Hye-ri has fallen asleep and spent all night waiting for her knight to return. When he finally does, is received by an improvised parade, his satisfied boss and… Hye-ri (duh), who congratulates him as if she was a 5 year old and offers a ride home. His face says “What an annoying girl” and afterwards, he accepts, but he will drive.

At last, Se-joon breaks his strong front and takes it all outside.

Se-joon: Three years ago, my wife passed away from cancer. Because I liked being a prosecutor so much, because it was so much fun, rotating within the Special Investigation Unit, I lived with excitement. I went to every arrest scene. During that time, my wife’s stomach cancer progressed to the last stages. She went through cancer on her own; she went through the last stages on her own. I didn’t know anything; I didn’t see my wife’s passing. Because I was out in the field, trying to catch Kim Dong-suk. I was a crazy man, I thought that if I wasn’t there, my wife wouldn’t leave. But… She left. And I… couldn’t say goodbye.

He is honestly opening his heart and talking with his soul, bringing tears to their eyes. Thanks to this explanation, we can see why he was so fixated in this guy, he’s taking care of his unfinished business and putting an end to his grief and guilt. His conclusion is that she can’t do well with him and he finds her uncomfortable because in his mind, he’s still with his wife. Three years have gone by, but he never saw her leaving, and while thinking about Dong-suk, he could pretend that she was still with him, waiting, with the time frozen. Now, he’ll have to face reality, she won’t be there, and it must be heart-rending.

Hye-ri feels genuinely touched by his eternal love confession towards his wife, and arrives home crying, where In-woo approaches her, asking why she is in that miserable state. She tells him that Prosecutor Yoon was so cool, not forgetting his wife after three years. In-woo doesn’t find this amusing at all, but Hye-ri explains that a man who doesn’t forget his wife for three years, is really cool. This response is pretty ironic, since the man who is standing in front of her, has thought about her since he was a kid.

Later in the morning, In-woo can’t see Hye-ri sunbathing while thinking about Se-joon or whatever she’s might be thinking about, without actually knowing for sure what’s on her thoughts. He would love to have a mind reader machine but he doesn’t, so he needs her to talk to him like crazy. Therefore, he grabs his fishing rod and passes some unasked for refreshments to her, catching her attention. He succeeds at making her talk, and after a brief discussion, she affirms to be in a bad mood to drink alone. Magic words! Abracadabra and you have In-woo drinking by your side!

In-woo asks what she would do with Se-joon, in case he likes her too. She has changed her previous resolution, the one that stated that she wouldn’t love a widower with a child; now, she’s embracing her ambiguous feelings, with no particular reason. If she’s serious about her intentions and is willing to take responsibility for the package that includes both Se-joon and his scars from the past; he’ll help her to catch his heart.

That night is a particularly difficult one for Hye-ri: she must decide whether she’ll fight for Se-joon or if she’ll give up.

The next day, Hye-ri finds it awkward to look at Se-joon’s eyes, partly because of his confession, and partly because she’s trying to find out the real answer in her heart regarding In-woo’s proposal.

(Just a random cute parenthesis)

(Okay, In-woo, you know I love you, but that mirror gym class is frightening as hell)

When the time for the celebrity’s online defamation case arrives, Hye-ri must interrogate the defendants from it: a minor who was wasting her time on the web, a woman who was having fun reposting news and an ahjumma who found a resemblance between the actress and her husband’s lover. She recites the diverse accusations they’ve made, and tells them that those kind of rumors can provoke a suicide – are they aware of that? After making them think about their actions, she asks them to write letters about their thoughts and reflections (and the mum of the minor must promise that she’ll guide her daughter). Prosecutor Ma will read all of these to arrive to her final conclusion. Before dismissing them, she tells the ahjumma that she needs to let go of the past, for the future to come. She’s quoting Se-joon’s words, and at the same time, finally deciding which path she’ll take.

Since Hye-ri is completely dependent on In-woo, she accepts his help, calling him from her balcony and showing the Superman coupon. So, she delivers personally an envelope with her coupon and afterwards goes to In-woo’s house to receive cooking lessons from her almighty neighbor, but they’re not free.

Hye-ri: I think I’m very thankful.

In-woo: Not “think”, but “I’m very thankful”.

Hye-ri: I’m very thankful.

In-woo: How are you going to pay back this gratitude?

Hye-ri: How can I pay you back?

In-woo: Write me one, too.

Hye-ri: What?

In-woo: A Wonder Woman coupon.

Hye-ri: Wonder Woman coupon?

In-woo: Since Prosecutor Ma is a woman, let’s use Wonder Woman. When Seo In-woo needs her… You have to come no matter what.

Uh-oh. I would never sign anything when In-woo is involved.

Hye-ri is either a smart girl or has read the script for upcoming episodes, because she adds two restrictions to her contract: no requests that take advantage of the prosecutorial position and no requests after 2 AM. In-woo finds no problem with these clauses and is satisfied with his piece of paper signed with a lipstick fingerprint.

As Hye-ri’s leaving for her date with Prosecutor Yoon, In-woo cheers her up, but she mutters to herself that he’s a pitiful person… Ungrateful woman!

At Se-joon’s house, his daughter is checking the mailing while he’s cooking, and runs into Hye-ri’s letter, the one and only that contains a little nice map showing where they’re supposed to meet. But, alas! The girl doesn’t tell her father, unleashing with this minimum dishonest gesture, a crucial chain of events that no one can imagine nor control!

Just after Hye-ri leaves, In-woo meets with his accomplice, Jenny. I don’t know what her role in all this is, but she is truly intrigued about his relationship with Hye-ri – does he really want her to succeed with Se-joon? He says that he wants to be good to her, letting her have some great times while she can, and if Prosecutor Yoon means happiness to her, so be it. What the hell is happening here? Will he be the responsible for her destruction or something? Because if he had a pair of trumpets and horses, I’d think he is a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The picnic ends in a complete and utter failure, and Hye-ri’s words turn against her, since she’s the pitiful person now. Prosecutor Yoon’s daughter will confess her sin, but it’ll be too late: Hye-ri is feeling stood up and returning home, previously leaving her food basket at his house.

In-woo has anxiously been waiting for her, and when he sees her in her condition, they go out for a talk. She admits that now she knows how it feels to be “achingly waiting”, but he gets a bit angry and tells her that waiting for a man for four hours is not enough to say that she knows how it feels (hey, In-woo, not everyone must endure 20+ years like you to have that sensation!). He gets even angrier when she says what she’s done with the food, but then… Prosecutor Yoon is arriving, unseen by Hye-ri. Quickly, In-woo makes up a sudden plan.

In-woo: Starting now, I’m going to do something.

Hye-ri: Do what?

In-woo: First, I’m going to hug you.

In-woo: Then… This

Personal Comments

This episode wasn’t particularly strong or spectacular (the last 5 minutes don’t count!), it showed us that Se-joon has a soul and that a female second lead can be endearing without being annoying and clingy, but nothing else in the development field (just setting up the ground for Episode 8, which will be the real turning point).

Can I say that I’m getting pretty tired of all the clues and no solid ground? Before you throw grenades at me, I’ll accept that we’re in episode 7, so it’s very soon to be “tired”, but hell, there are so many speculations out there! The fact that lots of thingys and people are popping up every episode ain’t helping me, either. I can’t keep up with my inventory! We’ve got the woman who thinks that In-woo is a writer, the flower shop owner and his son, mysterious President Kang, the lake shore, Hye-ri’s house (including the muffin story), that deadline for their plans, the soccer shoes, the apartment building, the politician who knows about Mr. Ma’s shady deals… Am I missing something? I’m hoping all of this stuff wraps up in a proper way. Every chat between In-woo and Jenny, are like hieroglyphics that we must decipher word by word. I want my Rosetta Stone, now!

At this point of the recap, all of my words must have turned into only one repeated ad infinitum: kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

Confess! How many times have you seen the kiss?

I’ll have to say that many times, and to be fair, it was really mind-blowing in both good and bad ways. The pro is basically that In-woo rocks, and his smile before kissing Hye-ri was a total winner. +10 points for being an awesome kisser and making me hyperventilate and go all spastic in front of my computer, reaching a point in which, if this recap had been written in real time while watching the episode, it would’ve come out like an intelligible accumulation of letters without any sense. The cons are his wide eyes while looking at Se-joon. I get it, he was totally pwning his opponent and wanted to see his dirty face, but still, his glance killed the mood for me (it doesn’t take away his previously well earned points, though 😀 ). This is not the perfect and ridden by love kiss, because, let’s be completely honest here, and when I say honest, I mean brutal: he started the process to make Se-joon jealous and by chance, he found himself enjoying it a lot (look at his smirk for further evidence!). Why is he throwing Hye-ri right into Se-joon’s arms? Won’t this be a decision he’ll regret in the future?

Since I can’t make up my mind about this ending and can’t wait for kaedejun to explain me what the hell will happen next, the poll is out. Was it cool or not?


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  1. Kat

    Nice recap :). It’s somewhat embarassing how many times I watched that ending scene. Have to say, I love it for both the KISS! and the manipulativeness of it because I’m twisted like that.

  2. lambayyx

    i have to confess … i watched the kiss many times too D: ahaha. it was absolutely epic!

  3. LL

    Thanks for the recap! In-woo’s smile right before he kissed her just about killed me. It was amazing.

    (But I agree, I wish he hadn’t looked over at Prosecutor Yoon while he kissed her.)

    I like that In-woo’s creepy behavior is acknowledged by the characters, the script, and the directing. A lot of times, drama leads act pretty stalkerish but it’s passed off as romantic or cute. There is an element of that here, but In-woo’s actions do come across as creepy (perhaps because of his (very mysterious) ulterior motives), even if he is charming as hell.

    I also like the way he seems to be confusing his feelings and his secret agenda. He does so many sweet and funny things that we know are genuine, but then he also does a lot of manipulative things. The moments when he doesn’t seem to know if he’s following his head or his heart are some of the best.

  4. cille

    aberdeen_angus – thank you for the beautifully written recap!!

    i LOL’ed @ “10 points for being an awesome kisser and making me hyperventilate and go all spastic in front of my computer”

    i’m loving the dynamic between in woo and hye ri, especially in this episode – but you’re right that i also can’t help feeling like this (+ ep8) will be the calm before the storm…

  5. estel

    Oh, his little smile/smirk was SO KILLER. ~squees~ I must have seen it at least ten times. At least. 😀

    I’m hoping that things will start to get a little clearer and the varied plotlines will start converging soon — I wanna know why In-woo needs Hye-ri and what’s going on!

  6. byulx3

    Lets just say that I have watched the last scene many many times. (and by many i do mean MANY)

    In-woo + Hye-ri.

    I hate it/love it when I have no idea what is happening & what is going to happen in the drama.

  7. janna

    There’s an episode of How I Met Your Mother titled and based around the idea that “Nothing good ever happens after 2am”. Hye-Ri is sharp when she wants to be.

    The alarm clock is ugly because In-Woo had a hard time jamming a two way radio in there. He should have packaged it with a bedazzler so Hye-ri could modify it to her unique style.

  8. kaedejun

    i must repeat what others said – this was excellent!!! i loved how you analyzed the entire scene between sejoon and hye ri in regards to his dead wife (and how he could not let her go), i loved how you summarized all the mysteries we have on our plates (because i honestly forgot some, like the politician fiasco), i love how you explained the father-politician fiasco too, and i loved that you called the alarm clock a gas bomb!!!! hahahah!!!

    yes – i’m glad they didn’t make the second lead a weak character, but i’m glad that they didn’t make either female leads bitchy too. i may have mentioned this before, but i loved how they incorporated hye ri’s experiences at love in college into this situation – because she was betrayed by her friend in college, she won’t do that to jung sun – whom she probably sees as a female comrade. she’s not going to steal someone slyly from another girl because she knows what that’s like (unlike certain OTHER girls in OTHER dramas… cough*CS*cough*PT*cough)


    and perfect song choice! gosh – where the heck do you find these awesome artists!?

  9. giddygirl108

    Thanks for the recaps 🙂 You’re doing a wonderful job ^_^ I do agree with you: how the heck are they going to tie up all of those crazy ambiguities? We will see..

    And as creepy as In-woo is, the shallow me says: meh..he’s hott. What else?

  10. 10 Amg1

    @ aberdeen_angus. Thank you for your great work.
    By now all you know how much I dislike In-Woo, when I saw the kiss at the end I was like What The [email protected] was that? That kiss was totally uncalled for because as far as Se-joon is concern he does not see In-woo as a romantic rival, but he knows that In-woo is not a man to trust from past experience , I agree with you, In-woo going after Hye-ri’s father should in the long run destroy their relationship, I just do not see how can Hye-ri fall for In-woo because up to this point she has not show any romantic interest in him!
    Gracias por tu gran trabajo!
    PP Fighting!!! : O }

  11. 11 millie

    As usual, a phenomenal recap. How do you do it? I keep thinking you must be some kind of genius with words. Tell me. Are you?

  12. 12 balladish510

    I love PP so much, I even prefer it over CU and PT.
    The plot is very interesting but hey, I don’t find those clues to be all over the place. If you watch Lost you probably know there are far more unfolded secrets in the series that need to be decoded. I just love the suspension in this drama a lot <3
    And about the kiss
    just put it simply that it is indeed AMAZING
    PSH is one hell of a kisser and his attitude, so full of it, is sooo mesmerizing!
    His smirk shows his very confidence, sweetness and charm

    I am very curious to find out how everything get revealed… so excited for ep.9 tomorrow!

  13. 13 v

    Yay!!! finally the kiss! I won’t have to add the sign spoiler anymore. Yeah, i confess readily… I’ve re-winded the kiss too many times extra. best smirkiss ever!! kya!!!

    Okay, now that i’ve calmed down a little (can’t believe the kiss still has that effect on me after a whole week. btw, ep 9 is today!!), thanks so much for this recap!
    I loved how you analyze the subtle feelings of each person!
    I think the deal with In woo is that he wants to act as a good friend to Hye Ri and genuinely help her before whatever will happen in the future but that in the process of doing so, he is falling for her, smth that is not expected nor wanted. Also, instead of feeling tired of all the mysteries, I feel frustration, added with a headache every time I read the billions different speculations about In woo.
    and I love both female prosecutors.. Some find Hye Ri annyoing because she is too clueless and obtuse but I rather enjoy it. It has a comedic effect, without being exaggerated for me. And being clueless has nothing to do with IQ in my opinion. You can be intelligent but lack of interaction with people can make you bad at interpreting relationships. My brother for example is crazy smart and can solve math problems that are seriously international-level challenging… However, he SUCKS with his interaction with people.

    anyways, lovely recaps! looking forward to your next and to kadejun’s.

    Ep 9 please come faster!

  14. 14 v

    oh…. I forgot to add. . I’m still team In woo despite everything he does cuz, one, he’s HOT.. and two, se joon may also be hot in his own way but his relationship with Hye Ri is… um… how to say this… dull? or flat?

    and PP rocks all the way! and is so underrated!

  15. 15 Icarusfalls

    Now we know why Hye-ri doesn’t find In-woo’s attitudes strange: she is used to that behavior, her father is a stalker too.

    LOL.. And they do say you marry a person who is like your father!! *shudders*

  16. 16 WOW

    Me too. I was watching the ending almost 10 times right after that.

    PP is my No. 1 drama currently. Love both the leads & just hope that there will be a good ending.

    Any extension? 🙂

  17. 17 anonymous

    SQUEE!! KISS!!

    Does anyone else think PSH looks a little like Kang Ji Hwan at the kiss screencaps?

    Anyways, I wonder when they’ll kiss for real (as for true wuv >O<)!!

  18. 18 kay

    he may be a creepy stalker but he is so darn cute that i wouldn’t mind it all. thank you aberdeen_angus once again for the wonderfully entertaining recaps!

  19. 19 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

    i’m still on team in-woo,lol. i hope the ending will be a satisfying one that actually ties up all the loose ends nicely. i hoping for a solid hye-ri and in-woo pairing. <3

    is park shi-hoo the main lead of this drama? or is han jung-soo the main lead of this drama instead?

  20. 20 v

    @ bluelime “is park shi-hhoo the main lead of this drama? or is han jung soo the main lead of this drama instead?”
    haha.. and THAT is the question.. that drives everyone crazy.. personally, i would bet on in woo but i might be biased on that.. my basis is that their chemistry is more dynamic, in woo has more screentime, and is in the poster with hye ri, and he is HOTTER (sorry, i just had to add that. altho i conced that prosecutor yoon is yummy too).
    but the writers might also go for an open ending where hye ri realizes her feelings for in woo (or yoon) but does not end up with either… and I will Hate them if they do that.

  21. 21 engl

    omg the smirk before the kiss was just…. well, let’s say i’ve fallen head over heels for this guy because of that… i’ve seen lots of kisses but that has got to be one of the best…because of the smirk, and i personally liked the wide eyed glaring that was happening from in woo to seh joon…and the force..and the manipulative reasoning behind all of it…

    but i’m a little disappointed with this drama at this point. its not that i dont love it, i totally do, but i agree when you say there are too many loose ends.. i keep forgetting all of these side conversations which i think are put there for a reason but because i dont know what that is, they seem so insignificant and i keep mixing them all up or losing track of them! i’ve watched episode 8 and let me tell you, i just got a hell of a lot more confused ..sigh… i’m holding out for episode 9…..

  22. 22 Annie

    I LOVE this ep!!!!!!!!!!!! the running part was so funny, shaking the body
    AND then the kiss!!!<<33333333
    the smirk before the kiss was just ~~~~~~ *girl crazy*
    I melted

    I think park shi sho is the lead, the director/writer are just trying to change the typical drama of the good guy always not having the girl.

    And actually, there isnt a lot of mystery left, the puzzle is coming together…….revenge

  23. 23 cinnamona

    Ok, I usually don’t watch the drama’s kiss scene again, a kiss stays a kiss how cute can be the actors. But here…. at least 5 or 6 times!!! I think it my favorite kiss scene!
    His smirk is the best ever!!!!
    Thanks a lot for the recap you’ve done, this one, and all the one you’ll do!!

  24. 24 deannadsc

    …i love everything about PP…most especially Seo In WOO!!! the mysteriousness his character evokes, only makes PSH more appealing & HOTTER than summer here in Manila!!!
    …watched “the kiss” a dozen times already…can’t get enough of PSH…so I watched his previous drama,”how to be a perfect neighbor”…am off to watch “Iljimae” next!!!

  25. 25 strawhatz

    Confess! How many times have you seen the kiss?

    at least 8x lol mostly to watch his smirk which is amazing *died after seeing*

    hope IW and HR get together in the end

  26. 26 Mon

    I loved the kiss…but I have the feeling this is all going to turn real ugly very soon. And to be honest it should….even if I am rooting for Hye-ri and In-woo.

  27. 27 Minho!!!

    I just started to love this drama after ep 8!
    Wow, absolutely agree with you–NEW DYNAMIC!!!

  28. 28 D

    excellent recap… thank you!!!!

  29. 29 bluelime

    @ v

    it’s good to know that people have been wondering about that question too. i hope the writers will do better than an open-ended ending. and i have to say, park shi-hoo totally won me over with his portrayal as seo in-woo, so i am definitely hoping for a solid pairing between in-woo and hye-ri.

  30. 30 anna

    ^ what the heck? why does it look like he’s sucking out her soul? i hope it’s better from another angle.

  31. 31 Sumee

    HAHAHA..Love your words (the last 5 minutes don’t count!)!!!!! i fell off from my bean bag after reading this !!!!!!!

  32. 32 v


    If you like PSH, I suggest you should go watch Family Honor (of Glory of a family).. It might be long but it’s super cute.. go on Youtube and try out some of the Family Honor’s MVs to see if you like it.. his role in it is a bit similar to his role in PP.
    altho in Iljimae, you get to see plenty of his abs. lol

  33. 33 fancia

    ahh, that kiss and that smirk was definetely makes me swoon. It makes me giggling like a crazy fangirl. I don’t find his glance killing my mood instead I found it as a turning point where IW actually realised his feeling towards HR.

    I admit it, if I have a stalker this hot, cute and sexy like PSH and being treated like MHR (As long as he doesn’t start being too obsessive like killing everyone who is deemed close enough to their object obsession), I don’t mind being stalked at all, hehehe.

  34. 34 supah

    Thanks for such a brilliant and hilarious recap aberdeen_angus!
    Love how you’ve picked up on all the little things I failed to notice since I was too consumed by… other things.

    Whew! I’m too embarrassed to reveal how many times I watched the ”This”.
    Seriously, IW has game!
    He did it really well, I’m sure many other actors would’ve hammed it up, how he managed to balance the sardonic, the smexy and cuteness is beyond me.

    I agree this episode was the calm before the storm that was ep. 8 (and possibly beyond).
    In spite of the ‘calm’ we still so a lot of plot movement, and so many winning moments (leaving out the last 5 mins ofc!).
    1) HRs ‘jogging’ — diiiied laughing!
    2) IW imitating HR’s ‘jogging’ — double-diiied!
    3) Yoonie all violent and ‘Hulk’-like (kapowww!)
    4) Yoonie’s cranky tiredness following the fighting allowing him to relax that armour and tearfully confide in HR. Ok, so he was essentially telling her to stop chasing him again, but dropping the previous meanness and instead being heartfelt and also respectful to her.
    5) The dialogue that follows:
    IW: (shouts out from balcony) Hey, how did it go?
    HR: (turns around, tear streaked face) he’s so cool, he’s so cool, he’s just so COOL!
    IW: Huh?
    HR: He hasn’t forgotten his wife after 3yrs, he’s just SO COOL!

    Hahaha! I just love how she reads Yoon so differently from how the rest of us read him. I’m telling you, HR and Yoon are meant to be.

    I knew there was something dodgy about IW suddenly relaxing about HR and ‘letting her go’ to SJ. My herat sank in a way because the competition between both guys is so fun, I wanted it to continue, and boy did it! IW just won’t let go, which is as good as it’s bad but at least it’s exciting.

  35. 35 ena

    Thank u aberdeen_angus!

    you know, i really like and want in woo to be with hye ri. but from my experience of watching kdrama over the years, it seems that in woo is the “second guy” so to speak and that either hye ri will end up with prosecutor yoon or ends up with no guys. Am i the only one that thinks that way? what do you think?

  36. 36 supah

    @35 ena
    I don’t think any of us can guess who she’ll end up with, in spite of he countless theories. It’s only halfway into the drama and it could tip either way.

  37. 37 kaedejun

    @ena and supah

    yeah – i think what’s great about this series is you really DON’T know who she could end up with. the camps are still both going strong! and episode 9 definitely gives some misleading clues.

    kdrama cliche dictates that she be with park shi hoo. but the ending can be completely open ended still. who knows when writers will decide to go for the non conventional ending, and who knows if it will be THESE writers? not to mention, by now (episode 9-10) the lead actress should already know who she’s in love with – but Hye Ri still doesn’t. or she thinks she does, but it’s not right.

  38. 38 aberdeen_angus

    @all: thanks for all your truly kind comments and funny confessions! They made my day! 🙂
    @anna: the kiss was kinda beasty, so yeah, it seems that way 😀

    re: who is the lead? – There are so many questions, and NOT EVEN ONE friggin’ answer! At least, I’d like to know who is the man who’ll end up with her, to have just one safe certainty. If you read the character descriptions, it should be In-woo, but you can’t be 100% sure and, since I’m liking Prosecutor Yoon a bit more, I’d be happy either way (i have to admit that if she ends with SJ it’d be awkward… She’d never be absolutely sure that he’s loving HER and not the image of his previous wife. After all, that’s the first thing that caught his attention…). HR+SJ have some cute chemistry, but I’m not sure if what she feels is love and not just one big admiration.

    BUT. If it’s an open ending, It would kinda suck, really.

    Episode 9 is so weird… But I don’t want to spoil it here 😛

    In-woo dude, start with your plan! Please, we’re dying here!

  39. 39 -

    I interpreted the final scene exchange as more of him being angry she didn’t value herself more – like In Woo was pissed off with Hye Ri NOT because her waiting four hours for a guy didn’t qualify as knowing how it felt to be ‘achingly waiting’, but because it demonstrated such an utter lack of pride and dignity on her part.

    He seemed to repeat her statement (about the waiting) in a mocking this-is-unbelievable way and got even angrier when he realised she left food for the guy who stood her up.

    And I LOVED the kiss but I thought he looked/glared up mid kiss not just to see his opponents pwned face but to check if Yoon saw them because that was the whole point right? To make the guy that stood Hye Ri up jealous and get a reaction from him

  40. 40 missSUNSHINE

    I rewatched the kiss scene like 10x yesterday!! haha..it was just sooooo….ahh..haha…his smirk was soo omg….my heart was actually fluttering…LOL..

  41. 41 marinai

    Ok I’m embarrassed too, I watched it a LOT of times !!!! Iwhat ould l do to be kissed like that LOOOOL!!!!
    I love your reviews, I always feel LMAO at this part , so witty girl !! This episode was not as interesting as the next one but I think a lot of hints were given for the next turn of events !!!! l am always asking myself about the eal sincerity of IW, HR will be pretty hurt after finding out !!!
    Thanks again , l love every comments you make cause l feel the same ^^

  42. 42 supah

    I agree about 9: WEIRD! But loved every second of it, the crazy little 3-Iron parody included. Just another day in the life of MHR! xD

    ”if she ends with SJ it’d be awkward… She’d never be absolutely sure that he’s loving HER and not the image of his previous wife.”
    Valid point, I totally hope it won’t turn out that way.
    I remember an earlier scene where he’s sat with JS drawing comparisons between his late wife and HR, I thought then he’ll defo be able to differentiate between the two, but you just never know.

    About Yoon Se-joon:
    This guy carries with him a lot of guilt which probably explains why his eyes always communicate feelings of remorse, now we finally understand why.
    His pairing with HR is probably more in sync than the IW/HR pairing (yes, balk away all you want, team IW) they have less moments together and barely get to speak to one another yet there’s a kind of balance between the two.

    And Hye-ri totally understands the real SJ. Like when he asked her to never come anywhere near his house again, she understood that what he really meant was: ”yes, of course, move right into my neighbourhood, babe, then me and you can have picnics under the cherry blossoms together – smoochsmooch”.

    In SJ’s understated acting, he kind of reminds me of Tony Leung in 2046 (Whatever, I’m not listening to your boos!).
    There are atleast 2 other kdramas who have covered the dead lover coming back in the guise of someone else, zzzz! But the way it’s done here, it’s not thrown in the audience’s face, it’s used as an understated little device (similar to 2046, it’s understated) which proved handy in bringing two completely different humans together, and I don’t mind it at all. In fact I wouldn’t even mind a flashback or two in future episodes.
    About 2046 – no Maggie Cheung doesn’t die it and I don’t think many have seen it, but it’s a decent portrayal of a man who’s lost ‘the greatest love of his life, ever’ and how he tries to start afresh without actually letting go of his past love, he looks for her attributes in new loves. Which totally isn’t as cruel as it sounds, it’s quite moving.
    In RL, if you’ve ever lost someone and you see someone new with that similarity, it kind of pleases you: ”like oh, she has her eyes, or he laughs like him” — it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the two identities mixed up, but it certainly means you’ll treat this person with a little more… regard? Whether in secret or openly.
    After episode 3, where he ran like a demon possessed to save her, there was a shift in his attitude, he softened up to her and began silently campaigning for her. I think it’s because he really wants to believe in her, not too similar way to how the chief ( <3 ) does, but it's quite touching. I hope his intentions are as decent as they seem.
    I think HR is a dimwit but she doesn't seem too bad a judge of character, I think her feelings for SJ go beyond that of a mere crush.

    OK, I've lost my train of thought and don't think I'm properly explaining what I mean…
    But HR x SJ 4evah!!

    Since I'm not an ee-vol who relishes in people winding up lonely – maybe the simple and sweet Jung-sun can hitch up with our fiery In-woo? I think they'll balance each other out in the same way SJ & HR do. She can be the ying to his yang.
    As much as I love how funny they are together, I just see IW and HR as too similar, his deception aside. He seems to encourage her dimwit behaviour and he is just as indulgent in material things like her, I mean, look at those clothes he wears… *wolf whistle*
    HR is the product of her parents upbringing and she's substituted many important things in life for material comforts, be it food or shoes. Fair enough material comforts are not the problem, it's the excessiveness of it.
    She can't live the rest of her life with her priorities all jumbled up that way, SJ is exactly what she was missing all her life. I adore him for how mature and honest he is.

    But of course the gameplan all changes if HR falls for IW, which also seems like a possibility. Damn you, drama! And to make it worse all four of them so lovable that you can't bear to see any of them getting hurt, but this drama's gonna do that to us, it'll make us all bawl.

    Whew! I think that was long enough!

    *rolls sleeves* Bring it on, team IW!

    (Oh and excuse any typos, I've been watching that darn kiss again… uh, *cough* for SJ! Ofc. Just look at that hurt look on his face!)

  43. 43 starletbang

    omg i love park shi hoo so much
    my heart was going to explode out of my chest when i saw the kiss
    i almost died

  44. 44 Sumee

    HA Ha ha…i still can’t stop laughing..!!! @ aberdeen_angus all of your comments are so cute ..!!!

  45. 45 mint


    Actually I am prosecutor Yoon-Jin shipper, but looking at his shocked face when seeing their kiss, I find myself shouting “Come on Yoon, go and get her!!!”.

    Anyway, I am glad that the writer doesn’t use her second leads in typical way like she did in Brilliant Legacy for the sake of god damn main lead’s love.
    I love both second leads over the main leads in this drama.

  46. 46 fancia

    you know, if HR ended up with SJ I’m ok with it even though I would much prefer HR x IW. Up until now, we just being showed that SJ begin warming up towards HR but we never know SJ feeling is love or just guilty for abandoning his wife and try to make it up to HR.

    one problem with SJ x HR pairing is that I pity prosecutor Jin. The one who was there for SJ when his daughter needed mother was prosecutor Jin. She gave up her youth for SJ. I find it really unfair for prosecutor Jin. SJ if you don’t love her, don’t give her false hope either. Besides I notice that SJ’s daughter actually wanted her father to marry prosecutor Jin.

    SJ x HR pairing will hurt IW and prosecutor Jin, so I really hope that HR start to realise her love to IW and SJ also start to realise his love to prosecutor Jin. That way both of them will have a happy ending and no one gets hurt, isn’t that all the matters? because there is no way for IW to fall for prosecutor Jin when they don’t even talk to each other in this drama.

  47. 47 Nadia

    Thank you for the recaps. I have stopped watching the show but the recaps help with my decision to watch it or not. Frankly speaking she went to school for fashion design, she dresses okay but her hair is never done, I can’t help but be bothered by this and also the fact that In-woo has not been revealed and it’s episode 7. I feel that they are going to rush the story line but we will see what happens.

  48. 48 que

    i agree with Fancia.
    yoon and hye ri made a hot couple but if they gonna end up together that will made a bit of sad ending,,,
    or hye ri not end-up with both of lead male…it good too..hehe(kidding)

  49. 49 cici

    ma hye ri is pretty and sweet…love her more…

    i dont mind she gonna end up with..
    both male are hot…
    hard to choose anyway..
    mr creepy and superman…
    cant decided lol!!

  50. 50 samatha

    i love this episode so far.
    especially the kissing scene between hye ri and in woo.
    they look good together.
    thank you for the recap.

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