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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 14
by | May 19, 2010 | 135 Comments

Okay, I’m starting to sound like a broken record, I know. But while this episode is chock full of events, one of which, pictured above, is something we’ve been waiting seven thousand years for, none of them actually results in anything changing. At least not in the episode itself. Maybe things that happen here will show their effect down the road…but here’s the thing…there’s not THAT much road left to go. If we’re still taking one step forward, two steps back, I don’t know what on earth we’ve spent fourteen episodes establishing, if we could have just ended where we began. Needless to say, this is the episode that shattered what was left of my sanity, as you will witness below…


Ki-hoon stands at his father’s bedside, and thankfully, he isn’t responsible for yet another father’s death, as Daddy Hong is alive and well. Darn it; the evil ones never die. With Ki-hoon, I’m starting to think that guilt might actually be a character trait rather than an emotion: What’s his deal? Oh, that dude? Yeah…he’s kind, emotionally stunted, and REALLY guilt-ridden. Like schooled-by-nuns kind of guilt.

He asks his father if he couldn’t just give it all up—the war, the family feud. He supposes that if Daddy Hong collapsed at Ki-hoon’s words, then maybe somewhere deep down, he wants a real relationship with his son, much like an Earth father might. I wouldn’t hold my breath; I’m pretty sure the man’s heart shriveled up sometime in the 80s. Ki-hoon says heartbreakingly, that if his father wanted, he could leave it all behind, and live in a tiny house where the two of them could go fishing. And if there’s a chance she’ll forgive him, he’d bring a certain stubborn skinny girl to be his daughter-in-law, so he could raise their child. Aw! Sadly, this is not that drama. Perhaps you are on the wrong channel?

In a move surprising to no one, Daddy Hong turns him down. He’ll keep his miserable millions, thanks. Curses! Nice try though, Ki-hoon. You get points for verbalizing your dream to marry Eun-jo and make babies, even if you’re constantly voicing these things TO THE WRONG person…but whatever. Daddy Hong agrees to be hands-off, but warns him that Ki-jung will not let him go so easily, and there’ll come a day when Ki-hoon will need his father’s help. Allegiance is a poor substitute for love; doubly so when it comes with such a giant string attached.

Kang-sook puts away Dae-sung’s diaries, lovingly caressing the last one that revealed his bottomless love for her. Hyo-sun comes into the room, wanting to lean on her mother for comfort. Kang-sook lets her, for just a second, and Hyo-sun tells her that she got rejected today. She seeks comfort, but Kang-sook gives her none, lost in her own reverie. Can we just stop to marvel at how good Lee Mi-sook looks in this scene?

Jang ajusshi has called Jung-woo out to fetch Eun-jo, after her fake/not-fake/maybe-unintentionally-not-fake-by-accident suicide attempt. Jang, hopefully scared straight for the last time, leaves, and Jung-woo sweetly hands him the money in his pockets, telling him to eat something. In case there’s some confusion about the money thing, my understanding is that the previous episode’s money was solicited by and paid to the thugs, who heard Jang loudmouth about Kang-sook’s money. He was just the kidnapped pawn, and therefore the truest sadsack, since his pathetic ass had to be ransomed by Eun-jo, the girl who hates him most in the world.

Eun-jo is shivering and nearly catatonic in the backseat, and Jung-woo dutifully takes her home. She shrugs off his help, wandering into the house on her own like a zombie, looking in on Mom with her trademark I’m-two-steps-from-crazy look on her face. But Mom’s still sitting in that same place, like a statue, frozen in her own emotional haze.

Eun-jo’s reaction after the suicide attempt makes me think that even if she did plan it as a scare tactic, something inside her stirred and broke in the moment. Because even though I think she had planned to play the role of her mother’s daughter, that very thing is also what she has feared most her whole life. And her agony at not being able to end her pain, even if she didn’t intend to die—that seemed real. What actually moved me more than anything else in that scene was her confession of wanting to kill Jang in his sleep. I could totally picture this drama veering into a horror/revenge plot that would be nine kinds of awesome and far more exciting than what we’re getting now.

Eun-jo goes to her room, where Hyo-sun is waiting; she asks if Eun-jo won’t play with her. Spoken like a true little sister. Eun-jo’s got the typical big sister look on her face, like you want me to what, after the day I’ve had? But Hyo-sun starts to tell her that she got rejected today by the guy she likes. Hm…who could that be? She tries to smile through the tears, but says that her heart feels like it’s tearing apart. Eun-jo lets out a big sigh, tears forming in her eyes. Is that…empathy? Sympathy? Joy? Perhaps all of the above is the complicated answer.

She calls out to Jung-woo from outside his room and Ki-hoon hears her from around the corner. He frowns, hearing her call for Jung-woo, but it turns out she’s calling Jung-woo to send out his roommate. Ha, the refusal to ever call Ki-hoon directly, let alone by name, is such an interesting quirk of hers.

They end up together…alone…in the woods! Omo! They are speaking words! To each other! If this ends up being a dream sequence I will hurl my beverage at you, Show.

Eun-jo rails into him for “dumping” Hyo-sun at a time like this, when she’s barely hanging on by a thread. She reminds him that he promised to take care of her, to look after her in Eun-jo’s place. She reiterates what she told her mother—the unbelievable goodness of that girl, who would rather have a sister and mother who hate her than have no one at all. “She had only one person in the world. Did that one person have to do that to her?” Ki-hoon listens quietly to her rant, then hurls his pent-up frustration at her.

Ki-hoon: Are you finished? With your over-stepping words? Do I have to accept her? A kid who has never been a woman to me, likes me, so I have to accept her by default? Am I not supposed to have a heart, or a mind? Why? Because I owe a debt to ajusshi? Should I accept her to repay a debt? Is that how you repay YOUR debts, you punk? Enough. Stop it. Do you mean what you said? Hand to heart, is it sincerely what you mean? Is that really what you want to say to me? If I say to you: ‘I was wrong. I’ll accept Hyo-sun.’ Then what will you do? Is that what you want to hear? Honestly? Is that how you really feel?!

Oh my goodness. Who are you and what have you done with Stoic Ki-hoon? Nevermind. Don’t answer. Let us never speak of him again. I feel like…this is gross…but I feel like I’ve been constipated for weeks and weeks….and then finally…the sweet release. Aahhhh.

I think the look on Eun-jo’s face pretty much says it all. But she shouts back: “What are my true feelings?” Ki-hoon: “You know them.” Eun-jo, challenging him: “What?!” Ki-hoon: “You…me…” Oooh, is it MadLibs? Love! Hate! Desire! Tears and Recriminations!

And then? He steps closer. KISS HER! Kiss her!

…And he grabs her wrist. Of course. He pulls her close, saying, “You just try and say those words to me again. If you say those words one more time…I’m up to my neck with the desire to give it all up. ‘Let’s just forget it all. Ajusshi’s grace, my debt, I’ll just throw it all away! All I need is you. If I just had you, I could brazenly forget all my debts…and live.” Ack! Do it! Run away! God, angry Ki-hoon is way hotter than martyr Ki-hoon. He asks her if she really wants him to be with Hyo-sun, tears streaming down his face. Eun-jo finally breaks her barrier and lets a tear fall. It’s tiny, but it’s enough. He grabs her in an embrace. My god, it feels like a century since they’ve had any physical contact.

He holds her tight, both of them crying. He says: “We can’t, Eun-jo ya. It’s already too late. We can’t. I know you don’t understand, but we can’t. I resent it like crazy, but we can’t.” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Are you trying to kill me, Show? Because it would be much easier to just cut open a vein. You CAN’T? Why can’t you? You’re standing there holding her right now! Why is it too late? You’re here right now…with the feelings…and the hugging…and the tears! Gah. I may have just snapped. Ladies and gentlemen, your recapper has just snapped. Does not compute. Does not compute. I need a drink.

Okay, I’m back. I may be just the shell of a former recapper, but that’s what happens when the story actually moves backward. Sanity is fragile, people. This show might just be the death of me. Eun-jo breaks away from his embrace, asking him to reconsider Hyo-sun. Really? You too? Was I the only one present for the outpouring of feelings? She adds: “If she gets any sadder, I don’t think I could handle it.” (Meaning the having to take care of her, not like she’d die of empathy or anything.)

The next morning Eun-jo leaves for Japan to do research with the super-special yeast-testing machine. She’s even sweet to Hyo-sun, promising to play with her when she gets back. They watch her go, and when Hyo-sun turns around to look up at Ki-hoon, he’s staring off at Eun-jo. Eun-jo does her own staring off in the car, as she flashes back to the scene we saw not eight minutes ago. Really, Show? Do you think I have the same short-term memory as your characters?

In a moment of much-needed comedy, a gaggle of ajummas come running up to the house searching for Kang-sook. Uh-oh. Auntie Priestess is looking for a smackdown. Don’t underestimate the power of the ajumma gang. She tries to kick Kang-sook out, for her alleged affair (which Hyo-sun’s uncle overheard last episode and spilled to said gang). Kang-sook decides to go with “Prove it!” ha, leading to a hair-pulling, knock-down drag-out fight, complete with broken vases and bleeding lips.

Afterwards, Kang-sook goes straight to the phone to call the other town elders, crying at the top of her lungs about how she was wrong. Nothing if not crafty, this one. She then confronts Hyo-sun’s uncle, challenging him that no one, save her dead husband returning from the grave, can kick her out of this house. She uses Jun-su, sole male heir to Gu Dae-sung, as leverage. And then she kicks him out. Again.

The rice company owner comes by, surprising Hyo-sun and Ki-hoon. He’s come to make sure the delivery arrives, as he’s decided to honor their request. Ki-hoon smiles at Hyo-sun, praising her for single-handedly getting it done. She looks at him quizzically, then tells him to stop it. Finally!

Hyo-sun: Don’t talk so sweetly to me. I’m not very smart, so it really, really confuses me. If I think about it, from the day you came here, till the day you officially rejected me…while you were scolding me for being childish, telling me not to lean on you…you were exactly as sweet to me as you’ve always been. Even if the world crumbles, the feeling that if I held onto you everything would be okay…you did that. You pushed me off the edge of a cliff…and then you’re being sweet to me again—you can’t do that.

Thank you! I might be starting to gain some shred of sanity back. I’ve been waiting forever for someone to stop this boy from confusing her; the fact that it came straight out of the horse’s mouth? Topped my expectations. She really is growing up nicely, and I’m glad that even if his rejection of her didn’t move Ki-hoon and Eun-jo forward (grumble, grumble), at least it’s moving Hyo-sun towards growth and change.

She sends Big Sis a text, and at the same time, she receives an email from Eun-jo. Both sisters have sent word to the other that they have succeeded. Could it be possible we’re moving towards a sister-wavelength? That would be fun to see. She’s sending the results to the lab, and she’s named the yeast “Dae-sung Ssakaro Myesis.” I have no idea what the last two words mean. I’m assuming they’re scientific words, which I’ve just transliterated. But the important part is that she named it after Dae-sung.

She runs into the house, looking for Mom, but then ends up in front of her father’s picture, telling him the good news. She tells him that “unni did it,” and that she named it, not after herself, but after Dad. She cries tears of joy, finally able to say that they accomplished something in her father’s name.

She meets with Dong-soo, chattering away about the news as he types, hardly betraying any interest. She asks if it’s okay that he’s doing yet another piece on Dae-sung Co. for his magazine. Dong-soo replies that it’s not for the magazine; it’s for his blog. He tells her (rather defensively) not to underestimate netizens and the power of the internet. Oh, you don’t have to tell us, Dong-soo.

He brags that his site has more readers than the magazine, throwing his numbers around…Dramabeans tromps all over his little site, but I’m not being petty, really. He sort of talks through her, instead of to her, which Hyo-sun totally notices. This guy is becoming increasingly strange…in a funny way. He was always kind of weird; I guess he’s just getting more screen time. Hyo-sun comes home to witness the power of the internet for herself, as she is greeted with her own little fanclub (ha) complete with bubbles to replicate her commercial.

The machine to recreate the yeast has been sent from Japan, so once Eun-jo comes back they can start manufacturing new makgulli with the new Dae-sung yeast. Meanwhile, Ki-jung is maneuvering to underbid Dae-sung Co. on its Japan deal, to try and win back the buyer that was stolen from Hong Ju.

Jung-woo asks Ki-hoon: “What if I just stabbed you, right now?” Ki-hoon doesn’t seem to care much, asking why he hasn’t yet taken one of many opportunities to do so. “It’s because of Eun-jo, right? Someone’s chubby little kid dongseng (little brother), Han Jung-woo.” Uh, I’d be careful or you might end up with a baseball bat to the head. That might be true for Eun-jo, but it’s not how Jung-woo sees things. Ki-hoon says that it’s the same for him (Isn’t Eun-jo the reason for everything, with these two?), and that once the winery gets over this hump, it doesn’t matter what happens to him. He adds with a smile that if Jung-woo will let him live until then, that’d be nice.

Hyo-sun checks in on Mom, who’s been drinking alone tonight. She sees her vulnerable, for the first time ever, opening up about her sadness and loneliness in the face of Dae-sung’s death. For Hyo-sun to see someone else in her family finally mourning the death of her father—something Eun-jo refused to let her see—it shatters a wall between them.

Mom quotes Dad’s journal entry about her, saying that she read it over and over until she was bleary-eyed. Hyo-sun bravely goes in for the hug. Mom asks wistfully, “Are you that man’s daughter? That stupid man’s daughter? If he was so afraid of life without me, why did he leave me to go on without him?” Hyo-sun reaches for Mom’s hand and puts it on her head, asking her through tears to please call her “my baby” just once. Mom caresses her hair, tears falling, as she complies, giving Hyo-sun the affection she so desperately needs.

Eun-jo returns from Japan, looking much worse for wear, but doesn’t listen to Jung-woo’s protests that they go to the hospital. They arrive at the winery just in time to hear the bad news. Ki-hoon’s just received a call from the Japanese buyer that they’re canceling the machine rental and the makgulli order. And in this drama, as javabeans so aptly noted, when Ki-hoon is on the phone, somebody always collapses. Who will it be this time? Is there anyone left? Eun-jo it is!

Ki-hoon picks her up, pushing Jung-woo out of the way to drive her to the hospital himself. She gets up and tries to argue that she’s fine, eliciting Shouty Ki-hoon to make an appearance. Meanwhile, Hyo-sun calls the Japanese buyer to find out the real story, and goes directly to the competitor who swooped up the deal from under her nose…Hong Ki-jung.

They meet, and Hyo-sun doesn’t get a word in edgewise before Ki-jung cuts her down to size, making her feel young, inexperienced, and naïve. Which, to be fair, are all true of her. He announces that he’s not interested in talking about fair play; he made a bid and won, and that’s that. He was hoping that the older sister would make an appearance—the one researching yeast—because he has something to say to her. But upon discovering that Hyo-sun is the younger sister, he dismisses her soundly.

That night Hyo-sun tells Ki-hoon that it was Hong Ju who snaked their deal. He freaks out and makes a slip: “How did you…find that out?” She asks if he knew too, not suspecting anything. She declares war on Ki-jung and swears to destroy him, prompting an even bigger freakout from Ki-hoon that she went to go meet the Big Bad Wolf himself.

Hyo-sun cleans up in Mom’s room while looking after Jun-su, and discovers Dad’s journals, happy to recognize his writing. Eun-jo and Mom return from the hospital, and Mom asks what Eun-jo thinks if they get kicked out of the house tomorrow. Eun-jo says the deal is more important, and if it fails, they’ll have to pack up anyway. Kang-sook surprisingly doesn’t freak out at this news.

Mom goes into her room to find Hyo-sun surrounded by all of Dad’s journals. Kang-sook looks at her in surprise, as Hyo-sun shakes with resolve, raising her eyes slowly up at her mother. Ooh, scary.

So, let me get this straight, Show. You FINALLY brought Eun-jo and Ki-hoon to an emotionally honest and vulnerable place, and then they decide to stay apart for reasons that make no sense to anyone anymore. And then you FINALLY give Hyo-sun the connection to her mother that she’s been craving for eight friggin years, and then you yank it away with Dad’s words? They were supposed to be words of forgiveness and understanding! So…now we’ve ended the episode exactly where we started. Gah!

Perhaps I am being unnecessarily critical, or particularly plot-mongery this week. But I think I’m just…(borrowing Ki-hoon’s phrase) up to my neck with the swirling circles of going-nowhere-ness. I see shiny moments of what could be…and then they get yanked away, so cruelly.

I really, really hope that Hyo-sun’s Eun-jo-inspired death glare means some significant CHANGE in the episodes to come. And that Ki-jung will start getting involved to really muck things up for our crew. Or dare I say it? I might even welcome CANCER. Seriously. Cancer. Don’t make me wish Cancer on you, Show.


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  1. Melissa

    thx for this! i basically just read the recaps for this show without watching the episodes. viikii doesn’t work for me.

  2. minhogirl

    yeah..me too…I’d rather read the recap and watch the episode in raw version to understand the story, coz the sub version is difficult to watch..Thanx for such a great recap…I enjoyed it very much..<3

  3. riceballer

    i watch with chinese subs, so its not all that clear to me

  4. ernie

    Truth is, I like it this way.

    Ever since the last episodes.. I have been so sick of Ki Hoon, you can forget about me shipping for the EJ/KH pair. At this point, I’m not even sure if I want her to be with JW because even if he’s the cutest thing ever.. that’s just it. He’s cute. Like a little animation or something.

    Even now.. I just greet EJ’s scenes with sort of mundane feelings, like what now? The only scenes I really appreciate now are the ones with Kang Sook and Hyo Sun. I’ve always found Kang Sook’s character so interesting.. she portrays a villain but yet, she really isn’t. And I didn’t really like HS’s character before, but now, I feel she’s gotten a lot more interesting.

    I don’t mind feeling bored about EJ, because even if I do, she’s still EJ.. and that fixes things. In an odd way. xD But Ki Hoon.. I wouldn’t even care if the show killed him off. 😛

  5. Kay

    I completely agree – I really don’t understand what the point of these past 14 episodes have been….nothing has really progress in terms of character development…they’re all still moping around, crying….I feel like every episode is exactly the same; nothing significant or dramatic happens – gah! I’m so frustrated!!

  6. skyyy

    While I sympathize with you on the horrible path this show is going down on, this may have been the single most HILARIOUS recap thus far. Well done.

  7. justafan


  8. wenlin

    same thoughts, exactly. even cancer is a welcome change. most of the time watching this drama i’m either clinging on to my seat hoping for some spark and then banging the table when it gets cruelly taken away

  9. justafan


  10. 10 nuttycracker

    I am really getting frustrated with this show. Seriously, there’s only 4 episodes left but I feel like we are not even half way there. Gah!

  11. 11 anonymous

    Thank you! I’m glad the recap was up, because I misunderstood the part with Ki Hoon saying “it’s too late”. I’d thought he meant it was too late for them to turn things around since they’ve already fallen in love and pretense doesn’t work anymore. That misinterpretation made his subsequent actions all the more confusing.

  12. 12 trish

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! (I actually stopped watching this episode after the EJ/KH-in-the-woods scene. To say that it was frustrating would be an understatement!!!)

    What I’m excited about right now is what Ki Jung’s role will be in the next few episodes… he’s a complicated character as well.

    Btw, you’re right… Ssakaro Myesis = Saccharomyces, the scientific name of yeasts used for brewing 🙂

  13. 13 Debbie

    Yeah, I’ve gotten as frustrated with this show as I’m sure many of the viewers have. I used to watch this show with chinese sub the second it comes out along with Personal Taste. Now I just don’t really care; I’ll catch it when I have time. Instead I watch Personal Taste as soon as it is out with chinese sub.

    CS desperately needs progress in its storyline… seriously, how can a story go forward and at the same time take 10 steps back?! And to think that this show had sooo much potential to be a really great series… All the actors are great at what they do but for goodness sakes, GET MOVING WITH THE STORYLINE!! UGH!

  14. 14 soos

    “I feel like…this is gross…but I feel like I’ve been constipated for weeks and weeks….and then finally…the sweet release. Aahhhh.”

    Gross, but disturbingly accurate. Thanks for the hilarious recap, and the actual name of the yeast is “saccharomyces” 🙂

  15. 15 Chriser

    I love your recap. I got more laughs from your side comments then the actual show. I hope you do not get too bogged down with the show because I love forward to ya’s recants. =hugs=

  16. 16 dblue

    Daesung Saccharomyces is the scientific name for the yeast EJ discovered 🙂

    God these people . . . It’s so obvious that EJ and KH are crazily in love with each other, but why aren’t they doing anything?! The past few episodes doesn’t feel like an hour with so little happening.

    I just think “There’s just 5 episodes left” so I could still hope that something great would happen in the next ep.

  17. 17 maria

    preach, sister– give us plot or DEATH!!!!!!!! (plot-mongery coming to an impatient boil) O_o

    i feel like i guuueesss it makes sense? they spent a lot of time building up the complexities of each individual character and it wouldn’t be truly satisfying if we didn’t peel back all the layers before the happy ending, eh? STILL– WOW GAAAH HEAVY I DIEEEEEEE!! i don’t know what i’m reccommending here.. less character depth? LOL.) coz it all makes sense, yeah, BUT it all results in, as you say, always ending up where we began in the first place. it’s hard to see the subtle layers being pulled back, the SLIIIIGHT glimpses of improvement in the characters’ psyche, because plot-wise, we’re going NOWHERE. and it is HEAVYBEANS, MAN. HEA. VY.

    brb *shaking and crying*

  18. 18 WW

    “Like schooled-by-nuns kind of guilt.” Girlfriday, you just made my day! 😀

    I agree that the glaring lack of character growth is a huge problem. Unfortunately for me, I can’t stop watching dramas after I’ve started, and the wonderful acting isn’t helping much …

    I think that Eun-jo needs a huge, huge event to break her out of her wall and her inability to face up to her emotions; but that event had better come soon!

    And thanks, as ever, for the recap 🙂

  19. 19 maria

    i can’t get over it– sorry. WE NEED A REPRIEVE!!! a PAUSE!! we need a little lightness!!

    can someone, like, have a birthday party or something, please? ….jun soo? dong soo? kang sook? girlfriday? …anyone??? PAR! TY! PAR! TY!!

  20. 20 morfhin05

    Oh…. God…. This drama is so freaking heavy in story, characters and emotion it is jam packed in one drama! Every episodes is good, and the acting is superb! Thumbs up and a round of applause for the actresses, actors, director and crew. Because even though I really not watch this drama, because I just read it like this and only sees pictures cut, I really feel the emotions in their acting.

    And by the way THANK YOU for the recap.. Another good recap for Cinderella Sister… ^_^

  21. 21 Snikki

    I just want the fairy godmother to show up already!!! Aarrgh! SO FRUSTRATED!

  22. 22 moana

    i love re-living the episode thru your recap, GF. they help me see that i’m not crazy for gnashing my teeth at these characters AND both EJ and KH will have tragic ends. how can they not? there will be no redemption for characters who will not grant it to themselves. and i can’t even imagine what EJ would be like happy. yes, that would be too weird to let her smile more than half a second.

  23. 23 J

    I actually have a different interpretation from yours of the part where KH said “We can’t, it’s too late (blah blah blah…)”. With my little knowledge of Korean and with the help of chinese subs, what I understood was that KH was actually saying “I can’t” and what I think he meant was that it was too late and he could no longer change his heart to love somebody else besides EJ, and that he was crazily frustrated with the fact that EJ and/or circumstances kept pushing him towards HS.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap!

  24. 24 Biscuit

    Decent episode – great recap as always.

    I’m so frustrated with this drama! It lost the charm that pulled me in: the fairlytale-ish feel; balance of melo and comedy; and half of it’s charm.

    This is still a pretty good drama and I have hope things will pick up. It WILL, right? RIGHT!?

    I also understand that this drama is more about other “stuff” than the “romance”. It seems to center around family and growing as an individual, then romance. It’s the human emotion of affection that affects the outcome of their decisions. But so far, I’m quite tired. It ain’t even cute – I feel like strangling teddy bears, pillows, etc (as in: everything in reach) because this is going too far. And if things don’t pick up and drama wants to go Shakespeare, I don’t even want to think about what I’ll do!

    Goodness, it’s all about guilt now. Grrrrrrrr. Geez, why don’t we all find a simple solution:


    Dr. Phil, anyone?

  25. 25 Julie

    Thanks for another round of fabulous recap as always! The plot is frustrating and I know I would have dropped it if it weren’t for the actors who are oh so amazing! I also interpreted it as KH saying to EJ that he can’t hold back his feelings (and the no turning back) vs they can’t be together….But I guess I must have misunderstood his feelings…I was super upset when he didn’t just kiss her! Like seriously?!?!

    It’s too bad that the writers aren’t able to focus well on the different plot lines all at once. They seem to pick certain lines to highlight in certain episode (early ones focused on romance, then the business, now it’s romance / mom). I love Lee mi sook! Usually in k dramas, I don’t have an emotional investment in the parental generation, but not CS! Her character is so interesting and I am really curious as to how she will turn out in the end (haha I saw episode 15 and it’s pretty awesome in terms of her story)

    PS being the biggest science nerd out there, it’s saccharomyces (and basically it’s the name of the microorganism that’s used to brew alcohol) haha

  26. 26 twinkie

    OH MY GOD MOVE FORWARD ALREADY!!!!!! I’m gonna bang my head against a freakin wall. They were hugging and I’m like just kiss already freakin-a! Thank the high heavens Hyo Sun found out what her step-mom has been up to all those years. I sense a lot of demonic fun to come out of Hyo Sun towards her step-mother. Hyo Sun is finally not as naggy and a little easier to put up with as a character. Eun Jo and Ki Hoon need to move forward A LOT. Stop freaking keeping your secrets inside and Eun Jo needs to stop telling Jung Woo her secrets and Ki Hoon also. If Jung Woo would just come out and spill all the beans we would probably be progressing so much nicer in this drama. I’m at wits end with this drama cause its same story different episode every time. I only really watch it now because of the actors that play Jung Woo and Eun Jo haha. Other then that I’m just ready to see the ending. 14 episodes wasted in my opinion started off strong now it just drags on and on and on…. Zzzzzzz -_-

  27. 27 FasirisFay

    Just watched the raw of episode 15, didn’t understand a word other than the usual stuff…but I agree, the show is making me frustrated.

    I totally agree with your acute summary of the show giving us tiny slivers of hope and then snatching them away in the next few minutes. While EJ was the one making me most frustrated previously, I would really like to beat Ki Hoon up…violently, like WTH buddy?! I was grateful for the hug in this episode (even when it came with The Wrist Grab) because at least someone was taking action, but honestly, her lips were right there!! How hard was it to kiss her?!

    Grrrrrrr, even one kiss will make me happy, even the drunk-at-night-don’t-remember (or pretend not to remember) in-the-morning-kiss will make my day.

    I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

  28. 28 shinhyesungluv

    What a waste of a show…. it started off with so much promise, but has lead to THIS?

  29. 29 mimi

    Love your funny recaps, girlfriday… even the constipation jokes. J

    The whole EunJo faints and Ki-Hoon rushes to get her to hospital scene was – how shall I put it — out of place and made me wonder what the heck the writers are up to. That was just THROWN in there and everything was back to their gloomy selves. If she’s going to end up staying at the hospital, use it, writers! Use that opportunity to have Ki-Hoon hold her hand while she’s laying there or confess something when he thinks she’s asleep, when she really isn’t, or WHATEVER!
    They wrote something in and didn’t take advantage of it. I bet at the very end, the writers will tell us EunJo has a terminal disease like Leukemia or something else Kdrama like, and will justify it with this little hospital scene (oh, and her previous nosebleed. My bad.)

  30. 30 mookiehyun

    thanks for the recap, girlfriday! To my ‘horror’ I did lol. I think I’m having a diagnosable mental disorder precipitated by this drama.

    I also interpret the ‘it’s too late’ as it’s too late for pretense or turning back since they’ve fallen this deep now. I dont find his subsequent actions bewildering much CONSIDERING OUR DEAR KH *sigh*, since w/ that pouring out of hearts EJ still slams the big bad HS excuse.

    As much as I love that forest scene (before that finale couple seconds) I’m getting beyond lethargic w/ CU. I can’t wait to see an end to my pathological existence. and I always get great enjoyment in looping just the scenes I love and CU will be trimmed down to sth short and sweet and to my liking.

  31. 31 mags

    loving all the recaps but especially loved this one!…this one was rather funny lol

    as always your recaps makes me understand this drama so much more. i always refer to the recaps when watching raw videos of the drama.

    oh the angst! i think this drama is the very first korean drama where i actually get affected by all the angst on the show…i totally can’t sleep right after an episode(watching it live stream at 3am) i need to watch “happy” stuff right after it airs before going to dreamland.

  32. 32 rl

    Thank you for the recaps I enjoy reading them! I still want to know how this drama ends but honestly, I gave up watching after episode 9. Don’t get me wrong, the actors are wonderful, it’s the pace of the drama … I couldn’t do it anymore, so thanks again for continuing to do the recaps.

  33. 33 dannaluk

    i feel your frustration…even though i feel this sow has more shining and emotionally captivating moments than PT which is the only other show im watching right now…the pace of this drama is killing me…..whereas PT is doing an outstanding job with that….and i couldnt agree more on the fact that the plot and relationships have pretty much stagnated at this point..we have some really outstanding moments that make it look like a complete turn of events is due and then we come back to the same place again through some other event and there is no progress in the relationships or in the development in the characters

  34. 34 rosesarered

    thank you girlfriday! if not for your excellent recaps, i don’t know how i’ll manage to know what’s going on with CS. i’ve stopped watching the subbed versions several episodes back because it’s just too heavy to take in 🙁

  35. 35 Tha

    I absolutely still LOVE this show. The story, the pace, the characters, everything. Its suppose to be just the way it is and we’ll see the reveal when the time comes. And the thing is…I think why it is really good right now is that CS is emotionally involving viewers. Maybe that’s the intent. To keep viewers guessing, frustrating, angry even but to keep viewers emotionally attached to it. AND I AM!!! Because I still sit and wait weeks after weeks for Wednesday Night to come. Watch it raw, watch it again with subs(I’m not korean) to see how much of what I thought they said really came out to be what they said….NOT EVEN CLOSE. That’s why its such a good show to me. Because I’ve been able to predict most dramas from the past without subs. And I havent been able to on this one!!!

  36. 36 kdlover

    You are sooooo freakin funny GF!!! I love your recap!! As for this drama…UGHHHH…y cant he just kiss her in that scene!!! After watching PP this drama just even frustrate me even more!!!! All the actors are great but the storyline is just going nowhere for me now!!! Its sooo sad this drama started out sooo good so im very dissappointed!!

  37. 37 jandoe

    @6: agreeeeee!

    gf, i hate to break it to you, but i really think CS is just going downnnnn – sure feels like it anyway and this really, really sucks 🙁

  38. 38 Chuck

    great recap. GF’s writing style seems similar to JB with its biting humor, but even better!

  39. 39 who is

    hahaa… I completely agree we’re circling around nowhere. Feels like nothing has changed too drastically except for Hyo-sun and Eun-jo’s relationship.

    But I’m really really curious to know what is Hyo-sun’s glare of death that sent chills up my spine going to do. She has been very accepting (since she knows she likes to be in her bubble where everything is pink and fluffy) to Mama and Eun-jo’s personalities. Especially the Mama. Now, the words of Papa just burst that bubble… what is she going to do??

    ahhhh…Episode 15! I await thee!
    Only 6 more hours of goodness left of this series!!!

  40. 40 Lahlita

    Girlfriday, if you even THINK about going insane, I will drown myself in a jar of yeasty makgulli and curse you with constipation forever. As I have already mentioned, you and Javabeans are MY sanity. Don’t you DARE lose yours!

    So, is it wrong that I kind of want Ki-hoon to die in a fire in a lake? Unlike many other posters, I don’t want him anywhere near Eun-jo until the confession of his being a scion of the Hong dynasty and the cause of Dae-sung’s death comes to light. Yes, I know Dae-sung was sick and had other issues, but let’s not pretend that Ki-hoon’s “betrayal” wasn’t the final straw that killed the camel. I feel like any physical intimacies between Ki-hoon and Eun-jo like kissing would be an egregious and, quite frankly, disgusting offense until that truth outs. For a person who has suffered emotional betrayal like Eun-jo has, the most important thing isn’t love, it’s Trust. And I think it does a grave disservice to Eun-jo’s character when we clamor for EJ/KH skinship at all costs without acknowledging that Ki-hoon’s pursuing her while withholding some very important information is beyond inappropriate. It reduces Eun-jo to just being the object of Ki-hoon’s affection and strips her of her right to agency based on complete information regarding the man she loves.

    His lack of confession is also a betrayal to Hyo-sun (Have you forgotten her, Ki-hoon? Dae-sung’s DAUGHTER?). Much as I love Jung-woo, Ki-hoon needed to just throw that child aside and call Eun-jo and tell her everything immediately, then find Hyo-sun, confess again, and bow down in front of her 3000 times. The girls need to know everything, and then decide whether or not to forgive him (they eventually would), before he can even have the right to touch Eun-jo or be a part of the Dae-sung Cham Doga family.

    I’m sorry to harp on this point all the time, fellow posters, but it just rubs me raw. My Ki-hoon, oori Ki-hoon-ah, I understand that your intentions were good. You didn’t mean it. I know that. But I for one am fiercely against any more relationship progression until you three kids have a talk. A painful, heartbreaking talk, but a necessary one. Please tell them yourself before Dong-soo or Daddy Hong does (I’m not watching the drama; only following it on this site, so I’m guessing. If anything game-changing happened in episode 15, please don’t spoil me!).

    Hyo-sun, on the other hand, is making me adore her, which I never thought would happen. You go, girl! Look at her growing up and being generally excellent, although that last image of her leaves me concerned that the next episode is going to unleash her inner psycho. Oh, dear.

  41. 41 pabo ceo reom

    Haha I feel so bad that you and javabeans are having such a frustrated time with this drama, to the point where it doesn’t seem that enjoyable anymore.

    I guess I’m less critical (or maybe intelligent? ha!) so I don’t have major complaints about it. It does feel like there’s nothing going on but for some reason I don’t mind. I feel invested in each of the character and seeing their daily lives and their struggles still has me hooked.

    Maybe I’m just a plain weirdo. I can’t deny that!

  42. 42 annieee

    thank u for the awesome recap, girlfriday! i feel the same way about this episode. got me really frustrated. the drama is progressing ever so slowly : ( will our pairing ever get together by the end of the show?
    girlfriday’s welcoming of as drastic a plot device as cancer into the drama reminded me of the mv they shot before the drama came out. i was just thinking, maybe in the next episode, hyo sun kicks eun jo and her mother out of the house, and eun jo is left to be homeless and chased by gangsters again (scenes from the mv)?? im not sure i’d like the change in direction, but at least we’d be going somewhere, right?

  43. 43 Pyjamagirl

    NO, you’re not being too critical, i have been hoping someone would point out everything you just did because whenever I see comments about how people actually loved CS even after watching the recent episodes i want knock their heads! I hate it when shows start loosing common sense, more so for this one which started off with high anticipations and a marvelous I don’t know… 5 episodes?

  44. 44 oh no.

    I am only able to watch and download CS eps with subs in a certain VEOH account… and that account was just DELETED! Does anyone know where I can download episodes with hardsubs? T_T

    and I love this recap, even if I wasn’t a fan of the episode itself.

    woo! go eun jo and ki hoon!

  45. 45 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recaps.I’m not even intending to watch the show.I’m more amused with your writing and frustrations.Great work….I’m loving your opinions…or not considering you sounded…so constipation?Or not now….lol.

  46. 46 Piggy

    -sexy, intense stares: check
    -comforting gestures: check
    -hand on shoulder move: check
    -sexy shouting matches : check

    Now where the heck is the passionate kissing scene? I don’t care if Moon Geun Young has never kissed in her life; I want my sexy kissing scene NOW! ):<

    This is what I was like for the last 5 episodes: 'If the pace doesn't pick up on the next episodes, then I'm saying goodbye to this show for good.' Then, the preview comes out and I'm hooked again.

    I never liked the second fiddles of dramas. In Princess Hours, Boys Over Flowers, and You're Beautiful, I hated them all. They were way too perfect and obssessive and got downright annoying.

    Jungwoo is completely different though. I admit that at first, by instinct, I wanted to kick his hindy for approaching our OTP. As the drama progressed, though, (and as Kihoon steadily grew more whimpy) I began to like Jungwoo more.
    I love that he's that strong, silent type. I watched a EunWoo scene in episode 15, and OMG *sobs* it was beautiful!

    Even though I like JungWoo more I'm still on the Kihoon-Eunjo bandwagon because I want Chun Jung Myung to get the girl for once! (: That sexy man deserves one.

    I wonder if anyone will be able to read my comment without thinking , "Daaang! This chick is bipolar!"

  47. 47 annieee

    oh and i completely agree with you, Lahlita. ki hoon needs to confess to eun jo, like right now. before other people do and completely ruin it for him. he is still hiding a really big secret from eun jo and she deserves every right to know it (and hyo sun too of course). i was soooo mad in episode 13 when ki hoon was so intent on finding eun jo to spill the beans, but was stopped by his brother. and all b/c his brother wanted ki hoon to hook him up with hyo sun.??? wtf#@%$&! i mean, yes eun jo will probably want to tear her heart out when she hears the truth, but at least ki hoon would have been honest with her. i still dont really get why ki hoon decided not to confess to her after all.

  48. 48 mei

    I’m giggling all day after reading you recapped girlfriday! thanks a lot! seriouly, why everyone always collapse when ki-hoon is on the phone???

  49. 49 Tin

    i agree with J.

    I think what kihoon meant when he said it was too late is that he can no longer control what he feels for EJ. That is why when Ej said please think of HS and left him, he just stayed there, probably frustrated because the girl he loves can’t even fight for their love. Why would he say “i can forget the guilt etc because you alone is enough” and then the next thing say “it’s too late”. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I know there is too much angst, and we all want to have a break. The writer of this show is really testing our patience. But maybe this show is more about the character of each individual and less of the love angle. It’s about how a person changes from evil to good and vice versa depending on the situation. This drama is well acted from MGY to even Taec, and that is why I am sticking with this drama. But honestly, there are times that I just want to shoot the writer because the show had a good beginning , but it went downhill when the writer decided that he can play with the viewers emotion by going against what the viewers expected to happen.. And that is why when the magical moment came – the forest scene – I was already drained . Can’t feel anything anymore.
    But I’ll continue watching till the end just to see how it goes.

  50. 50 always805

    gahhh! i wish there were “like” buttons (as in fb) next to each comment you make in your recaps…because some of them are freaking awesome. I couldn’t help but crack up when i read:

    “Yeah…he’s kind, emotionally stunted, and REALLY guilt-ridden. Like schooled-by-nuns kind of guilt. ”


    “Or dare I say it? I might even welcome CANCER. Seriously. Cancer. Don’t make me wish Cancer on you, Show. ”

    I was actually glad to see Hyosun’s evil glare at the end of this episode. It made me excited to see how Hyosun’s revenge on Kangsook will play out. I am pleasantly surprised with Seo Woo’s acting. I didn’t think much of her until this drama.

    AND my 2 cents about the EJ-KH situation is that… yes, it’s frustrating, but makes sense seeing that it fits very comfortably within the general angst of this drama. But like many people, I can’t wait til they get together. thanks for the recap.

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