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Cinderella’s Sister: Episode 16
by | May 26, 2010 | 58 Comments

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a prize. Perhaps a bobblehead Eun-jo doll, or a Ki-hoon weeble wobble, perfect for punching. What we get in this episode, along with the last one, are finally some major revelations and confrontations, ones that we desperately needed perhaps last century, but hey—when you’re dying of thirst in the desert, you don’t turn down a drop of water.

In this episode, Hyo-sun seeks out a skeleton in Mom’s closet, Eun-jo and Mom get lessons in feeling feelings, Ki-hoon gets emotionally pistol-whipped, and Jung-woo stands around with very little to do but get squarely ignored by Eun-jo.


Eun-jo trudges down the halls of the house, and even seeks out Hyo-sun, looking for anyone to help her deal with this crippling news. Sadly, Hyo-sun isn’t there to take advantage of the opportunity for sisterly bonding over Ki-hoon’s betrayal. She goes to Dae-sung’s office, asking his picture to give her some explanation of what’s going on right now. I always knew this girl who was so hard-hearted would end up being more hopeful and more hurt over Ki-hoon than she would ever admit to herself.

Ki-hoon speed dials 1, calling Eun-jo, but she can’t bring herself to answer. Better not to hear the truth, huh? That’s called denial, sweetie. He texts her, but when she goes to check it, Hyo-sun calls, and Eun-jo answers quickly, desperate for the interruption. Upon hearing that she’s on her way to meet Dong-soo, Eun-jo hangs up with her and calls Dong-soo to have him keep his trap shut about Ki-hoon and Hong Ju. What’s with all the don’t-tell-X-what-you-know-that-I-know-because-he/she-can’t-know? Dong-soo complies easily, and asks Eun-jo to come by too.

Eun-jo leaves, trying to drive by Ki-hoon so quickly that she almost hits him. This is way too many angsty almost-accidents for you, young lady. She drives off without explanation as Ki-hoon tries to call her.

She isn’t going to Dong-soo’s though…she’s meeting Ki-jung. Awesome. These two would be pretty steamy if she was, you know, so hell bent on revenge to go that far. But she’s not here for smooching. Aw, too bad. She wants to know if Ki-jung has a brother. He throws Ki-tae out as a decoy, but she wants to know about the Other Brother. Oh, that guy. The one From Another Mother? She asks about Ki-hoon, and Ki-jung tells her that while Ki-tae is his brother, Ki-hoon is not; he is the illegitimate bastard child. Well, I guess we don’t have to ask if you guys shared bunk beds and talked about girls all night.

Eun-jo assumes that the whole Hong clan is in collusion to take over Dae-sung Co, but Ki-jung stops her before she can get too far. He doesn’t have anything to do with Ki-hoon and his father’s dealings, and he assures her that when she finds out what they’re up to, she’ll be back to see him, ready for a partnership. Now this is a development in the makgulli wars I can get behind. Finally, some movement! Eun-jo gets up to leave, and Ki-jung informs her that no one gets up before him. Okay, princess. She’s like yeah? Here’s a girl who does. See ya.

She lets it all sink in, as she flashes back to all the cryptic things Ki-hoon had said about why they couldn’t be together, why it was too late, why he could never repay his debt to Dae-sung. Her hand shakes so much she spills her coffee, and she looks so small and frail all of a sudden, shaking in the hotel lobby. Ki-jung sees the effect it has on her as he walks out. She falls out of her seat, so he has his secretary help her. Ha, even your gallant stuff is done via secretary? You really are a princess. He watches as she falls again on her way to the car, so he sends the secretary to drive her home.

She screams out, “What the hell are you people doing? So let me get this straight…you people gathered your strength, and killed a man. I thought I was the one who did it. But you’re telling me that I’m not the only one…who crushed my Dad? All those people, including that person…including that person…all those people killed one man? Is that what you’re telling me?” Ki-jung steps closer, asking her if she’s okay since she’s turned pale. Eun-jo just keeps going, “What are you going to do now? You people are in big trouble now…” And she looks up slowly, leveling her most hardcore death glare at him. “I’m not going to let you get away with it…what are you going to do now? Huh?” Ooh, I like the challenge to Ki-jung.

Eun-jo goes to meet Hyo-sun at Dong-soo’s restaurant, and insists they have lunch together. Hyo-sun knows something is up, since she’s being too nice and caring, even for the new and improved Eun-jo. She wonders if Mom said something, but no…this is about something else…

She asks Hyo-sun how she’s feeling, about the rejection. She makes sure to add that she’s not asking because she wants to move in on Ki-hoon. Hyo-sun asks hesitantly if Eun-jo really wants to know. Eun-jo answers, “I really do. I promised to be closer to you. You might not believe me, but as your sister…or if not that, then as a friend your age whose face you see every day…it’s something I could ask.” Hyo-sun: “Are you really curious? It hurts. To be rejected officially…hurts.”

Eun-jo asks what kind of person he is, and how he came to be at the house. Hyo-sun says that Dad brought him home one day, saying that he was a friend’s son who needed a part-time job to pay his tuition. Eun-jo asks if Hyo-sun’s heart is still with Ki-hoon. Hyo-sun: “What do you think?” Eun-jo: “I’m asking because I don’t know.” Heh, she doesn’t know about FEELINGS. What are those?

Hyo-sun answers, “Yes. Even if oppa goes to another woman. Even if he has nothing to do with me…forever and ever…” She thanks Eun-jo for asking. I know you’re unfamiliar with feelings, but were you expecting her to be over him already? And are you going to keep your trap shut forever? ‘Cause that’s how long she’s going to harbor those feelings, unless you drop some nefarious truth on her.

Ki-hoon gets a call from Ki-jung, and big brother tells him that Eun-jo knows his family background, and assumes that they’re both in cahoots with Daddy Hong. Ki-hoon just asks how Eun-jo took the news, if she cried…Ki-jung pretends not to remember, saying she was shaking. He tells Ki-hoon to manage her so that she doesn’t end up going to the press about their family. But Ki-hoon isn’t listening. He wonders where she could have gone, shaking like that. He screams at his brother: “How could you have sent her alone when she was shaking like that? You should have called me!” He slumps down in his seat, and the camera reveals Jung-woo in the doorway.

Both the boys go to Dong-soo’s, where Hyo-sun is participating in a makgulli-blind taste test. She for some reason can’t figure out which is her father’s, which we know is very uncharacteristic of her. Ki-hoon asks Eun-jo to go talk, as Hyo-sun looks on, pained. Jung-woo waves at her sweetly.

Eun-jo tries to run away, but Ki-hoon catches up to her. He tries to explain, saying that he wanted to tell her so many times. She covers her ears and lets out a piercing scream, not wanting to hear any of it. He tries to make her hear, and she slaps him across the face. Awesome! I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks! He drags her, by the dreaded wrist, and puts her in the passenger seat.

And then…he drives her to the middle of the woods. What are you, going to kill her and dump the body if she doesn’t forgive you? She reacts violently, screaming and hitting him, trying to get him to let go. Eun-jo: “What kind of excuse are you going to give? I can’t hear anything right now. If I hear it now, I feel like my whole body’s going to burst into pieces! Rotten bastard. Son of a bitch. You’re the lowest of the low. I don’t even want to step on you. It’s unbearable!”

He grabs her as she struggles to get free. Dude, when a girls says NO let go…it means NO let go. Ki-hoon: “Let’s end it now!” She tries to bite his hand off, then slumps down to the ground.

Jung-woo drives Hyo-sun home, and she asks where Eun-jo and Ki-hoon went off to. They relocated to the picturesque woods for some nighttime angst. I know it sounds fun, but you don’t want any part of it; trust me. Jung-woo lies that there’s something factory-related they have to discuss, but he doesn’t know. Hyo-sun asks what his relationship with Eun-jo is, and he tells her about living in the same house as kids. Uh-oh…

Hyo-sun puts the pieces together, realizing that Jung-woo knows Jang-ajusshi. He lies badly that it’s not him, but Hyo-sun goes one step further, realizing from his reluctance to let her meet the guy, that Jang is actually his father. She wonders how all of them ended up at her house, assuming the worst that they’re all in cahoots. It’s the episode of Misunderstanding! And Cahoots! Jung-woo tries to explain, but Hyo-sun tells him to shut up, her eyes glowing fierce. Damn.

We catch up with Eun-jo and Ki-hoon, after he’s brought her up to speed. Thank you for skipping the unnecessary exposition. Eun-jo, crying, tells him that he could’ve acted differently, no matter what his father had said or done. How could he do that to the man who had taken him in, to Hyo-sun, to her…Ki-hoon says that he went crazy when he found out that Ki-jung had caused his mother’s death. Yeah, that’s still not an excuse for what you did to Dae-sung, buddy.

He continues to plead temporary insanity in the name of vengeance. But Eun-jo’s not buying it. She asks how he could stand by and watch Dae-sung, Hyo-sun, and her…being fooled, trusting him so completely…

Eun-jo: “How was it, watching Hyo-sun who liked you? And me, who like an idiot couldn’t forget you!? Was it fun?!”
Ki-hoon: “Do you want to die? Do you want to die? Really, do you want to die? I already let you, and ajusshi slip through my fingers. I let you go. I can see you right where I let you go, but I can’t pick you back up. Was it fun? Me, who committed a deadly sin, and all I can think about is how can I still have you…how was it for me?! Even if I died and went to hell, you…”
Eun-jo: “Shut up.”
Ki-hoon: “Rotten girl.”

Eun-jo doesn’t let him off the hook, not that we ever expected her to. She says that he may want to run away, but his lot in life is to keep up his oppa role to Hyo-sun. She tells him never to breathe a word of this to her, to go on and finish his work and then leave, just like he’s going to the army (nice callback to the way he left her), and to tell her that he’ll be there for her whenever she calls, which he will continue to do until the day he dies. Is everyone’s form of torture on this show for people to “play normal” and harbor secrets, forever unable to air out their consciences? Remind me never to mess with this family. So now Eun-jo’s got puppet Ki-hoon, and Hyo-sun’s got puppet Mom, all the while when these girls just actually wanted to be loved by these people.

Eun-jo: “That’s how, without killing you right here, without doing anything else, it’s the only way for me to let you be.” And then she gets in the car and drives away without him. He watches her go, then decides to run after her. She tearfully looks at him in the rearview mirror, then steps on the gas. Ki-hoon falls and rolls onto the ground, literally the roadkill that Eun-jo leaves in her wake.

She comes home, where Jung-woo is waiting for her. He tries to tell her about Hyo-sun, but she doesn’t even let him start, saying that she can’t hear anything right now. Gah, I really wish people would let others speak when they want to. It would save us a lot of grief, not to mention time circling around the same plot points.

Eun-jo goes to her room, digging around for all the objects that remind her of Ki-hoon, the things she used to hold so precious. She tries to break the pen in half while still in its case, which is just silly, and ends up throwing it under her bed. She takes out his drawing of Ushuaia and rips it apart angrily. Jun-su comes into her room and tells her meekly that Mom and Hyo-sun have gone. He leans on Eun-jo, who is barely holding it together.

She comes out and speed dials 1—Mom, who doesn’t answer. It’s ’cause she’s busy getting her ass handed to her. She dials 2—Hyo-sun, who also doesn’t answer. It’s ’cause she’s busy being the Punisher. If you had just let Jung-woo speak, you wouldn’t be sitting there calling people who aren’t going to answer. But it’s all about you, isn’t it?

Hyo-sun and Mom get off the train, and Mom asks if they really have to do it this way. Hyo-sun tells it from her point of view: she fell in love with Mom at first sight, Dad trusted and loved her, and even though Hyo-sun knew that Mom’s love for her wasn’t genuine, she was thankful for her, for eight years…but now her gratitude, her father’s love…they’ve all been dirtied. Kang-sook tells her all that talk is unnecessary; she just wants to know what Hyo-sun wants out of all this. Uh, I’m pretty sure she wants you to suffer egregious psychological pain.

Then Hyo-sun, idealistic girl that she is, no matter how jaded by Mom’s betrayal, tries to teach Mom a lesson about human beings. “That’s not how you deal with people’s feelings. Not pigs, not cows, not dogs, but people! You treated my father and me like pigs, like dogs! How can you not know that?” Again, you’re assuming it’s possible for her to see people as entities separate from what they can or cannot give her. Kang-sook screams that she doesn’t understand why they have to go through all this when Dae-sung is dead anyway, and she’s already cut ties with Jang, which Hyo-sun doesn’t believe.

Kang-sook: “Don’t say that Eun-jo is harsh. You are a hundred, a thousand times worse than her, you rotten bitch!” Jang-ajusshi listens to all this from outside the train station. Then he and Hyo-sun sit down at a restaurant, while Mom waits alone. Bad idea, to leave her alone where she can make a getaway. She starts to plan as much, but then gets recognized by a woman.

Meanwhile, Hyo-sun shows Jang a picture of her father, saying that he was a really good man. She tells him that even Eun-jo loved and respected him very much; if Eun-jo hadn’t loved her father so much, she would’ve kicked her out ages ago. “Because she loves my father…I’m letting her be.” Ooh, scary. I really wish we had seen this side of Hyo-sun, or the transformation into this, earlier in the series, as javabeans mentioned in the last episode. We got glimpses of it early on with her outbursts at Eun-jo, and then she became so weepy and sad and toothless. She’s far more interesting when she’s scary and off-kilter like she is now.

She tells Jang that her father loved Mom so much that he never let on that he knew about their affair, for fear she’d leave him. Hyo-sun tells him that she can tell now, after meeting him, that he won’t see her mother anymore. But she’s not here for that. What she wants is an apology, not to her, but to Dae-sung…because she can’t sleep, because she feels so sad for her father. She tells him that Mom was wrong too, but she’s being punished right now, and she sincerely regrets it. Fascinating that she still has that amount of trust in her, even after all that. She really is her father’s daughter.

She insists that Jang-ajusshi needs to apologize to her father, if he’s a human being. He says nothing and reaches for another drink. Hyo-sun asks for a bottle of Dae-sung makgulli. She holds it close, tears falling, saying that it’s her father’s. Jang finally looks up at her and says that he’s a beast, and to think of what he did as the actions of an animal, not a person. “If you will listen to the words of an animal, then I will speak. I was wrong. Tell your father in my place, that I was wrong. I mean it.” He pays, and leaves. Hyo-sun cries, the words finally lifting a weight off of her. She holds the picture of Dad and the bottle of his makgulli as she sobs.

Dae-sung makgulli 2.0 is now out for distribution, and it’s what Koreans call “daebak,” or a total hit. Jung-woo takes a second to try and call Eun-jo, but she greets his call with, “Is there anything wrong at the winery? No? Okay then. You can tell me later.” Geez, seriously?

She and Ki-hoon are at Dong-soo’s restaurant, putting up new Dae-sung makgulli signs. Dong-soo asks Eun-jo to talk, so they relocate, leaving Ki-hoon alone. No jealous pouty face? C’mon. It’s that jerkface Dong-soo!

Dong-soo asks what on earth is going on, since he doesn’t get why Ki-hoon’s still around, if he’s a Hong. Eun-jo tells him he needn’t concern himself with it. Dong-soo notes that she hasn’t changed one bit. Keh, are you reviving your high school crush? That would be hilarious and adorable, since it will surely pave the way for the return of Pouty Ki-hoon. Alas, no…Dong-soo’s getting married. He gives Eun-jo invites for her, Hyo-sun, and Ki-hoon. He wonders if Ki-hoon will come since he’s never really liked him (heh), but Eun-jo says she’ll give them the invitations.

And then? We get the real plot reason why Dong-soo’s called her over. He worries that there’s something seriously wrong with Hyo-sun. The fact that she can’t taste anything…it’s not normal for her, or anybody. He tells her that everything tastes the same to her, and that she should be taken to the hospital. Oh, crap. Cancer, is that you?

Eun-jo FINALLY takes the call from Jung-woo, learning that Hyo-sun knows about Jang-ajusshi. She and Ki-hoon stop, and Eun-jo frets over her sister, knowing now why she was sick and hurting. She cries, sincerely, for Hyo-sun. Leaps and bounds, this episode, for the sisterly love.

Ki-hoon goes over to her, reaching out his hand above her. But he hovers and hesitates, finally retreating. It’s the same infuriating almost-gesture that Eun-jo made to Hyo-sun, and now Ki-hoon is unable to comfort her. Yeah, karma’s a bitch.

Hyo-sun returns to the train station, and Mom is gone. She waits, and waits, to no avail. She calls home, and Jun-su confirms that Mom isn’t home. Hyo-sun continues to wait, till the trains stop running. She sits alone in the dark, seething: “So it’s like this, is it? Mom, is this how it’s going to be?” She runs out, but everything is closed and she’s all alone. She starts to cry, reverting to a little girl separated from her mother. She cries out, “Mom…Mom… MOM…MOM! Don’t go! Mom, don’t leave me!”

I sort of feel the same way that Eun-jo does when it comes to Hyo-sun. Her inner child/goodness/hopefulness astounds me. It’s sort of alien. It’s also just as dysfunctional, in its own way, enabling a scary level of denial in order to gain some superficial semblance of love and affection. Hyo-sun herself has such a large emotional void that she has to cling to others who may not even want to be there, only causing her more heartache in the end. Even her punishment for Mom is a way to hold onto her forever, and ensure that she never leaves. Except you miscalculated just how transient she is. Even Eun-jo learned to put down some roots, through Dae-sung; but Mom is fully formed and unable to make that kind of fundamental change.

We finally got the confrontation that we’ve been waiting for between Eun-jo and Ki-hoon. Problem is, when you make people wait too long for something that we KNOW is coming, no incarnation of it will ever satisfy completely. So the only way to win is to subvert our expectations, either with timing or a twist. Neither is on the side of this drama, so it has to rely on acting. While I’m still amazed by all these actors, it’s not enough for me to regain that wow factor that I would totally concede if either of the above were going on.

I did like that Ki-hoon yelled back and defended himself, because I was expecting him to just be pathetic the whole time, but he ended up flattened anyway, and agreeing to Eun-jo’s ridiculous demands. I feel like every week we’re moving towards closing that door forever, which just infuriates me. If Jung-woo were being offered as a viable second, with some romantic tension that was there just a few weeks ago…but it seems to have dissipated for some unknown reason…

Overall, this episode was a marked improvement from the last few weeks, what with significant conversations between Hyo-sun and Eun-jo, Eun-jo and Ki-hoon, Eun-jo and Ki-jung, Hyo-sun and Mom, and even Hyo-sun and Jang-ajussshi. I may even call it eventful, for this drama’s standards. But can I help it if I miss the whimsy, the dark humor, and the FIRE? Maybe, just maybe, Mom’s escape and Hyo-sun’s possible illness could be momentum towards an upswing for the last two weeks? Should a girl dare to hope?


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    I haven’t been watching this drama, but every photo
    in this recap shows someone crying or upset……….
    Doesn’t this make for rather “heavy” TV?
    Will this series ever make it to a happy ending? 🙁


  2. Rainalai

    Yes, do dare to hope! I think we all put so much expectation on this drama since the first episodes, almost hoping it would conform to the pacing of normal Korean dramas, but I love how it’s unique in its own storytelling. Never has a Korean drama made me so scared that the two leads won’t end up together, and if you take a step back, that’s a pretty darn amazing feat, isn’t it! The fact that we’re frustrated plot devices haven’t been happening faster is because we’ve all watched enough dramas in the last decade to know that they are coming, and when they do, it’s half-relief and half-why-not-sooner?!

    But honestly, the focus on so many little relationships: HS with mom, EJ with stepfather, KH and his struggles – those are what sets this drama apart from others. Granted, there are weaknesses, like how little they’re putting JW to use, but as a whole, I think you can call Cinderella’s Sister a different species of Korean Drama altogether, one where the romance isn’t the central focus, but family ties and growing up and being human is shown again and again through the little moments. I love it, and I’m waiting with baited breath to see how EJ and KH pan out. If we can get this much development in last week’s two episodes, I can’t wait to see how the writers deal with this week’s progression. This fangirl is staying right where she is and happily being swept along.

  3. asianromance

    thank you for the recap! definitely an episode to move the story forward. I hope Hyo-sun’s “illness” was just her depression and not a real illness. But as we still have 4 more episodes–who knows! and no wonder the actors/actresses are getting tired- all the angst and crying! and imagine them taking like 10 takes of it. anyways, i love the way these two girls glare. you can really feel it.

    “Gah, I really wish people would let others speak when they want to. It would save us a lot of grief, not to mention time circling around the same plot points.” —- i agree! i always wonder why in most dramas when such a situation occurs– someone wants to say something but the other person says “no, later”– the first person would stop. I would just talk OVER the person’s objections. I guess scriptwriters don’t think in terms of two sets of lines happening at once.

  4. aigoo

    nooooo…Hyo sun shouldn’t be sick! it can’t be! she deserves a happy ending, that girl. she’s Dae sung’s nature and people like them ought to be in peace at the end. i hope its just a tongue malfunction 🙁

  5. Hope

    ohhh…DAMN !!! 4 more episodes…..and still no sight of the clip from the trailer….oh well…wondering about how the remaining 4 episodes will be……..

  6. Lahlita

    Hyo-sun is breaking my heart. That poor child. She had better not die of cancer or inflamed taste buds or something. First she found out that her mother was a two-timer, but trusted her sister not to know anything about it or to be part of it. Eun-jo isn’t really part of it, but never confessed the truth, so Hyo-sun feels betrayed to learn it from someone else. Now no matter what Eun-jo says, Hyo-sun may not completely believe her, because the confession comes after the truth is out. This is a theme in this drama. So much time and heartache could be saved if people just told the truth upfront!

    The Eun-jo/Ki-jung interactions have been the best part of the last two episodes for me, so much so that I ended my CU hiatus just to watch those scenes, but only those scenes. While I agree with Girlfriday that those two together would be Too Hot For Cable, I’m glad they’re not in a romantic storyline because that would ruin the integrity of Eun-jo’s character. Still, I can’t deny the chemistry. Those two play incredibly well off of each other, and I really wish this storyline had been written in earlier to provide overarching conflict to the Makgulli Wars between the two families by having the two scions clash and circle each other. I would have been glued to my seat. I pretty much think that only Ki-jung is Eun-jo’s equal in this drama, at least when it comes to smarts, ambition, position and sheer force of will. They spark like mad and most importantly, Ki-jung brings out the Eun-jo I’ve been missing; the fierce, confident woman who knows she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Eun-jo had lost her way there for a while, devolving into a weepy, drunken, guilt-ridden mess, but now she’s got her mojo back in a huge way. The HBIC is back! No matter what happens with Ki-hoon, Eun-jo knows what she has to do with regards to Ki-jung. She’s going to fight him, and she’s going to win.

    Bring it on!

  7. lalala

    I stopped at ep 12. stil I think I deserve a ki hoon wobble doll. lol
    when i started watching I was happy that this drama was going to be 20 eps but now I think it should just be 16. thank you for continuing with the recaps 🙂 you ladies deserve to be applauded.

  8. Atsirk

    I really liked this episode, and Episode 17 is so much better 🙂

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday. I do agree. There’s nothing much left (only three episodes to go…) when you drag on the confession for way too long.

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  9. Madita

    Thank you for the recap 🙂 Good insights again.

    @ Lahlita, ragarding your comment of Ki-Jung and Eun-jo, I agree totally with you.

    I was amazed about their chemistry onscreen. So I just can hope thos 2 actors will pair up in the future in another drama. I am 1000% sure that they would be a great Mr. & Mrs.Smith like love-war.

    But back to CS I loved this episode very very much, because it was so intense.
    SW did a great job again. God how do I pitty this poor little girl who is so hungry for honest love and affection. She would do everything to keep this strange family together, just for not be left alone in this world. Watching her is amazing, this little woman on the edge of naivitiy and being an adult. I wish she had more of EJ harshness.

    MGY is on top again. The meeting with KJ was great , I watched it 4x. I like how MGY plays the role of EJ, ice-cold outside, but a heart warm like summer-sun.
    Both sisters, love this family and would sacrifice everything for it, even Ki-Hoon.

    Well 4 more Eps left, I hope HS will not have a terminall illness. Thats to much clichee (But I have the feeling that HS can end-up in a mad-house because of this to much emotianal stress)
    Mom Kang-Sook will come back, and I have the bad feeling, that when she comes back it will be to late. Something sad will happen to one of the girls….:(

    I suppose I should not be so negative today 😛

  10. 10 jandoe

    girlfriday, yes dare to hope! 🙂 (although i totally agree the mess/progress/in-between that is this episode)

  11. 11 nixxochick

    @Atsirk i totally agree, ep.17 was better for me as well.

    thanks for your recaps..we might not share the same insight on this drama but i still enjoying reading what you have to say about it.

    …and im totally sad there only 3 more episodes 🙁

  12. 12 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks girlfriday for the awesome recap. After 16 episodes…I can honestly say, I can cry with no tears no more. I spent it all in the past episodes..lol. Kidding aside, before I watch CS, it seemed like I am mentally bracing myself for more angst. Now that my lighter dramas were over (PT and PP), I have to find something to make me feel better after I watch CS. Probably will watched Coffee Prince or My Girl clips.
    Four more episodes and I still have no idea what will happen and what will the character end up doing at the finale.

    Thanks again girlfriday…

  13. 13 YouKnowIt

    Thanks for the recap.
    More Ki-Jung please…………….He is perfectly matched with Eun -joo

  14. 14 KC

    LOL Ki Jung and Eun Joo fanfiction HAHAHAHAHAHAH 😀

  15. 15 Judy

    Thanks for the recap.

  16. 16 djinni

    i pray that the last 4 eps will be as in your face as this one, otherwise i will have to cut a bitch.

  17. 17 Choufy

    God I stopped CS at episode 14 I was just so empty after that… I couldn’t bring myself to watch episode 15…

    So I read it here thanks to Javabeans’s recap 🙂 and I put episode 16 at the background while I was cleaning my home lol

    So my last piece of advice for you Show :

    – Eun-Jo : forget about Ki-Hoon and run away with his older brother, much more chemistry and I mean HOT chemistry between you guys.

    – Hyo-Seon : just marry Jung-Woo, because HE knows what is important and he can COOK.

    – Ki-Hoon : just loose your damn shirt and come with me to the makgulli cellar *hip*

    Oh, crap. Cancer, is that you?
    I just LOVE that line XD (yes I know, when I’m tired, I’m cruel)

  18. 18 Barbara

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    YESSS!!!! From the beginning, I’ve been waiting for a hint of this pairing, even just a smile or some accidental bump of the shoulders. Jung-woo/Hyo-sun FTW!!!!

    PS. I agree with the Ki-jung/Eun-jo HAWTNESS!

    ; )

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    let’s hang in there! just 2 more episodes (each.hehe) to go! 🙂

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    also, OT, but—- is it true that N.korea has started the war pitch on S.korea?! coz erm….—and not to belittle the obvious obvious horrendous consequences of war, but, on that note, actually—- lee dong wook’s in the army. :'( :'( holy canonballs, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    tinatot says:
    SORRY, he has to promote WITHOUT U with 2pm. haha.

  25. 25 Lahlita

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    “Does anyone else have the hotts for Ki-Jung?”
    LOL. Barbara, EVERYONE* has the hots for Ki-Jung. Heck, even Girlfriday thinks that he and Eun-jo would bring the steamy FIYAH, and you don’t get a better endorsement than that. Some people want Eun-jo with Ki-hoon (weakling), other people want Eun-jo with Ki-jung (bastard). I want Eun-jo to destroy them both, but that won’t happen because EJ/KH is endgame. Still, regardless of whom one ships or doesn’t ship, hates or doesn’t hate, we hold this one truth to be self-evident; That Hong Ki-Jung? Is HOT.

    * “Everyone” is used figuratively.

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    i wouldn’t be surprised if ki jung ends up falling for eun jo ( probably not given that only few episodes are left)..she’s so proud and strong yet so vulnerable..anyways..can’t wait for the next episodes!!

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    It took me a while to watch the last few episodes. I felt the lull, but still embraced the acting. I’m curious on how the next 4 will play out. They need to do it well or I will be irritated like I was with “Will It Snow For Christmas.”

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    There’s no extension thankfully!

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    Also, Ki hoon has become an anoying character for me, with his “i’m guilty but i want to be forgiven” act and his constipated face i just don’t stand him. come on man! get your b***s back and do something right, all your plans had gone bad every single time =S.
    Poor Hyo Sun, she can’t feel worse at this time, it’s really sad!
    i would like both girls to get their respective happy endings, and obviously i expect that ki hoon is not involved in none of them – i hope HE’s the one who gets cancer, hahahaha.
    can’twait for episode 17!!!!
    ps: i love ViiKii! ^o^!

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    As per appearance, I don’t thing TC or KJ can surpass KH’s charm! hehehhe! Sorry guys, but he has no bad camera angle…. Don’t kill be because of this,,, ehheheh!

  43. 43 Barbara

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  44. 44 Hipployta

    I watched this earlier in the week and though EJ and HS dealt well with the cards that were handed to them…

    I think the Mom went off with the person that recognized her but that when EJ comes to find her she will go back willingly. HS will probably snap though since “Mom” would have effectively abandoned all of them including Jung-Soo.

    The most disappointing part of the episode for me was that EJ DIDN’T RUN OVER JH. She should have mowed him down for being stupid enough to step in front of a car.

    I’m going to need them to NOT go for the cancer cliche.

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    Maybe I’m one of the odd ones … but I do enjoy this drama a lot. 🙂

  47. 47 mimi

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  48. 48 Ayame-chan

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    All along what I had said about the mom hit the nail on the mouth ! no mercy mom !!
    What come next cinderell , Hye son ?.
    I hope not cancer or mouth ulcer again !, in kdrama.

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    but after the sisters get along together..i started to like her more

    but then every episodes turn around her attitudes..and i’m afraid that she’d become like before…but no…she did it to mom instead

    just hope that she’s going to be ok til the end…really want to see kind of real family in the end though

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