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More laughs and antics, but now we start peeling back some of the surface layers to get at the backstory. This episode felt really short to me, which I interpret as a good thing since it zipped right by.

What gives me hope for this series, on top of the laughs in every episode, is that Coffee House has been doing a good job of subverting cliches so far. It definitely employs a lot of them — but then it’ll twist one at the end so that the situation ends up being not what you expected it to be. (Such as the bus scene in a previous episode.) I always dig when a drama does that.


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Eun-young looks out of her office window, surprised to find Ji-won glaring at her from his side. After figuring out that she and Jin-soo have been playing him for a fool, he is none too pleased to have been so thoroughly punk’d, and he jerks his blinds closed in a huff. Eun-young’s actually miffed that he closed the blinds first, since surely she has more reason to be upset with him than he with her.

In the writer’s studio, Seung-yeon hesitantly tries to get Jin-soo to stop with his domino-building. Like a teenager trying to sneak in a few more minutes’ sleep time before school, Jin-soo extends his deadline again and again — he’d promised to quit with the dominoes by noon, and it’s past that now — and Seung-yeon reminds him that the pro-like thing to do would be to keep his promise. But Jin-soo isn’t having any of that and says that his only promise is his contract with the publisher.

Eun-young calls Seung-yeon and guesses that Jin-soo is back at his dominoes. Assuring her that she will take full responsibility for the ramifications, she urges Seung-yeon to step on the dominoes, and against her better judgment, Seung-yeon does.

This earns her a fierce scowl from Jin-soo, who refuses to take Eun-young’s call and tosses the phone away. Downstairs, manager Dong-wook has heard Eun-young’s end of the exchange and worries about what this will mean for Seung-yeon — won’t Jin-soo be really mad at her? To his surprise, Eun-young says that he should be upset — Seung-yeon ought to have shown more loyalty to her direct boss than to her.

That’s exactly Jin-soo’s charge against Seung-yeon, and he yells at her for not realizing which side she should take. Holding up a fistful of darts, he says that if any one of them hits the black on the board, she’s fired.

Not expecting such a swift and severe punishment, Seung-yeon watches in horror as he throws four darts in quick succession. White — white — white — the line! He holds up the last dart and asks who she’ll listen to, him or Eun-young. She promises to listen to him, but he says, “It’s too late. You should’ve known that from the start” and throws the last dart. Black!

She’s stunned speechless. He supposes she’s hoping this is all a joke, but makes clear that he’s serious: “Pack your things.”

Eun-young arrives to urge Jin-soo to turn his attention to his manuscript, and is surprised to hear that he has just fired his secretary. Now she feels bad for her part in the scenario, and prods him to reconsider. He replies that if she feels so bad, then she can give her a job.

Seeing that Jin-soo isn’t going to change his mind, Seung-yeon glumly packs her things and gives a subdued goodbye. Jin-soo reacts so disinterestedly to her departure that she leaves fighting tears.

However, Eun-young knows him well and figures that he’s just being his typical mean self (“You’re 10% meaner than me!”) by teaching her a lesson in an overly harsh way. Jin-soo replies that Seung-yeon is so dense that he has to make his point really clear for her to realize she’d better not do this again.

Now that the threat of real firing is gone, Eun-young wonders why Jin-soo doesn’t actually fire Seung-yeon, since she’s not very useful. He answers that it’s still better having her around than not.

That answer elicits a little “Hmph”-like reaction from Eun-young, which I don’t interpret to be outright romantic jealousy but an indication that she’s a little bummed about his liking for Seung-yeon. Eun-young likes her too, as a person, but this is one area in which she and Jin-soo don’t see eye to eye — and we’ve seen how they are so similar in everything else; they’re almost always on the same wavelength. While there may be a little bit of romantic longing mixed up in there (which I think is supported by the rest of the episode), her reaction points to that disappointment you feel when it seems like you’re losing a close friend to another relationship.

To highlight Jin-soo’s point about preferring to have Seung-yeon around, he looks at his pencil in amazement. He’d assumed it was his own pencil all along, but this is one that Seung-yeon sharpened. This is what he means — she has a habit of pulling one solid thing out when you don’t expect it.

Jin-soo had been planning to let her stew for a few days, but now he reaches for the phone before pulling back. He’ll wait 24 hours to ensure that his lesson really sinks in. (His excitement over the pencil shows that no matter how hard he may be on her, he’s fully willing to give credit when it’s due. He may be an erratic jerk sometimes, but there IS a consistency to his madness. Even if it’s a consistency only he understands.)

As Seung-yeon trudges along, Ji-won pulls up to her in his car. Upon hearing that she’s been fired, Ji-won promises to help her by talking to Jin-soo about it, and thus they end up on his doorstep together. (Ji-won’s actually taking advantage of this moment to get to Jin-soo, since he knows he’s less likely to get to him on his own.)

I love that Jin-soo opens the door with a smile, expecting only to see Seung-yeon, before Ji-won yanks open the door and makes his presence known, to put it mildly.

He grabs Jin-soo by the shirt and curses at him for all the trickery. Not content to solve this with anything less than violence, he challenges Jin-soo to a boxing match.

Jin-soo is not looking forward to this at all, as he is fully aware of Ji-won’s reputation for amateur boxing back in the day. He mutters to Seung-yeon that this must be her revenge for firing her. She protests that Ji-won promised to talk things over with Jin-soo on her behalf. He retorts that he was very clear that he didn’t consider Ji-won a friend; again she has taken someone else’s word above his.

Ji-won warms up in a fervor, eager to get his pound of flesh (and I mean that only half-metaphorically!) Jin-soo drags his feet, knowing he’s about to get his ass handed to him on a platter, and reluctantly joins him in the ring. Ji-won warns him that he’d better not worry about winning so much as preserving his life.

Jin-soo does his best to hold his own, and although he successfully dodges some punches, he ends up taking a lot more. Overcome with panic, Seung-yeon hurriedly calls Eun-young to beg her to put a stop to this.

After pummeling Jin-soo with a flurry of smaller blows, Ji-won lands a mighty punch, which sends Jin-soo flying up in the air and falling to the mat with a heavy thud. Ji-won isn’t done yet and has a lot more aggression to take out, but Jin-soo remains sprawled on the mat, out cold, so Ji-won leaves the ring with a warning that he’d better not mess with him and Eun-young anymore.

Seung-yeon dashes to his side, overcome with worry, and tries to rouse him, making an inept attempt at reviving him with some thumps on the chest. When that doesn’t work, she swoops in to deliver that cliche-ridden gesture, the CPR kiss, blowing into his mouth.

This is such a pet peeve of mine — people attempting CPR who obviously have no idea what they’re doing — but again this drama manages to twist the cliche, because Jin-soo is actually faking his knock-out and therefore her gesture is unnecessary. Despite his intent to fake unconsciousness, Jin-soo pushes her off and starts sputtering in disgust — what does she think she’s doing?

From the corridor, on his way out, Ji-won hears Jin-soo’s shouting and realizes he’s been fooled again. Even angrier now, he storms back to resume the fight. Jin-soo’s attempt to escape before Ji-won corners him in the ring is pretty hilarious, as he has no scruples about running away, if only he could manage it. Alas he can’t, so without a choice he engages for Round 2, which goes just as badly for him as Round 1.

Eun-young rushes in and yells for them to stop (as Seung-yeon is making an ineffectual grab for Ji-won’s leg, which is kind of adorable and ridiculous). She grabs a rope and uses it to yank Ji-won off Jin-soo, and shouts at both men to cut it out.

She faces Ji-won angrily, telling him he’s being immature — he ought to talk this out with her, not fight with Jin-soo.

As they walk home, Jin-soo grumbles at Seung-yeon’s inability to distinguish between a real knock-out and a faked one. In her defense, Seung-yeon argues that it never occurred to her that he’d fake this kind of situation. Don’t men usually throw themselves full-on into fights with the intention of winning? Yet he didn’t even try to win, and toward the end of the fight was mostly just shielding himself from Ji-won’s blows.

Jin-soo replies that she’s got the wrong idea (once again) about what it takes to be a “pro.” A pro doesn’t necessarily put his utmost effort into everything — being a pro means you focus your energies where they’re most needed. If you try at everything willy-nilly, what can you accomplish? And also, he grumbles, what was with the CPR? Does she think that’s just something you bust out in any emergency situation? Clearly she has been watching too many dramas.

Recalling that he left his sweater back at the gym, Jin-soo sends Seung-yeon back to retrieve it, where she inadvertently overhears an argument between Eun-young and Ji-won. She’s spitting mad at Ji-won for picking the fight, because even if they did play tricks on him, Ji-won doesn’t have the right to be this upset, given his past transgressions. She entreats him to move on with his life.

However, Ji-won senses something more to the situation and asks about her relationship to Jin-soo — what’s going on, and what happened in the time he has been gone to make them band together? Why would Jin-soo help her?

Eun-young doesn’t have a thought-out answer for that, and shrugs that he probably just felt sorry for her situation. But Ji-won is either very suspicious or very sharp (perhaps a bit of both, for once), and isn’t buying that simple explanation. He’s convinced that Jin-soo must have feelings for her — and then looks closely at her reaction and asks if she has feelings for Jin-soo too. His next words are cryptic and hint at more to the backstory, as he warns that a relationship between those two can’t happen, and she should know that.

When Eun-young leaves the room, she sees Seung-yeon standing in the corridor, and walks off embarrassed to have had a witness to this conversation.

Seung-yeon returns to the office with the sweater, and asks why he chose to mess with Ji-won in the first place. It doesn’t seem that he did all that purely because he doesn’t like him, but Jin-soo answers shortly that that’s all there is to it.

He requests an ice pack, and it isn’t until she’s busily preparing it that she realizes that she was fired today. In all the hustle and bustle, they’ve fallen right back into their boss-employee routine, but now she remembers the truth. Tentatively, she reminds Jin-soo of this, and with a disappointed air, she starts to leave.

Jin-soo halts her exit with a simple question: How did she sharpen his pencil? This brings a smile of excitement to her face — then she has been successful? She’s thrilled at this news, and tells him that she had used a microscope to examine them, since he had told her it wasn’t something she could try to do randomly. He looks impressed — it never occurred to him that anyone would use a microscope.

Eun-young swings by to apologize to Jin-soo — she must have acted her part poorly and given away their prank to Jin-soo. She assures him that she’ll take care of Ji-won, then asks if Ji-won said “anything” to him. She’s probing to see whether Ji-won shared his theory about them having feelings for each other, which supports the possibility that he’s right about Eun-young’s secretly harboring some. Seeing that Jin-soo doesn’t know what she means, she waves it aside, saying that Ji-won was spouting lots of nonsense. She tells him to ignore whatever Ji-won says.

Later that night, Seung-yeon reads up on CPR, and is surprised to see that it’s actually not suitable for all emergencies. Good thing she figured that out now before anyone else feel unconscious, eh?

Eun-young calls to request a favor, which Seung-yeon immediately declines, thinking that she will be asked to go against Jin-soo’s wishes again. She’s definitely learned THAT lesson. But Eun-young’s request is merely that she pretend she never heard the conversation between her and Ji-won, because she doesn’t want gossip to spread among the employees. (I’d think that making a request like that is bound to raise more suspicions than settle them.) It’s a good thing Seung-yeon is not exactly quick on the uptake, since she doesn’t think too much of it and assures her that she had no intention of spreading gossip.

And now, for more Cute! Well, there are a lot of other cute moments in this drama, but the ones with Dong-wook are especially so, and these two always put a smile on my face with their awkward, bumbling, not-quite-romantic interactions.

Dong-wook enters Seung-yeon’s father’s cafe that night, and his unexpected presence catches her off-guard — especially when Seung-yeon takes in the way he’s dressed. In stark contrast to his smooth, dreamy appearance at the book cafe, now he’s dressed in a silly tee, hoodie, and flip-flops. Basically, he looks like her. She even notes the resemblance, pointing out the similarities in their outfits.

He says that he was “just in the neighborhood,” which right away tells us that that’s not really his motivation. (I mean, who ever drops by because they were “just in the neighborhood”? Nobody, or at least not in the history of television.) It’s more likely that he has been worried about her after the morning firing incident, and has come by to see that she’s doing okay. But Seung-yeon accepts his response (like I said, girl isn’t really quick to perceive hidden meanings) and takes his drink order.

She’s nervous to present her coffee to a real specialist, but Dong-wook gamely takes a sip and covers up the grimace and assures her that it’s actually good. (Aw!) When she comments on how differently he looks now, he explains that at the cafe, he feels obligated to uphold a certain image. That’s also why he doesn’t speak much — he’s self-conscious of his saturi accent, which is considered unfashionable, so instead he cultivates the silent image. Seung-yeon laughs at this discovery, saying that he’s actually quite talkative!

While Seung-yeon is walking Dong-wook out, her father answers her ringing cell phone, which turns out to be a call from Jin-soo. Dad has been drinking so his mood swings from one extreme to another at the drop of a hat; at first he’s friendly and cheerful, but that soon turns teary as he starts going on about how he worries for his poor girl, who was all broken up after the death of her mother. We can see that Jin-soo feels some sympathy as he listens, though he doesn’t say anything.

When Seung-yeon comes back, she finds a message waiting for her. Jin-soo has given instructions to come to the airport wearing respectable clothing, and she’s only got an hour and half to make it in time for the flight.

When she finds him at the airport, Jin-soo looks at her outfit in disapproval — didn’t she get the message that she was supposed to dress up? She answers that this is the most appropriate outfit she had — until he clarifies that they’re headed to a funeral. Lol. (He’d relayed that detail over the phone, but it had been left out of the memo.)

They fly to the location in Jeju Island, but as Seung-yeon’s bright pink suit would probably be considered disrespectful, so she can’t go in with him. Unfortunately, she has forgotten her cell phone in her hurry, but he says that he should only be a half hour and he instructs her to wait outside for him.

This is a professional obligation for Jin-soo, also attended by the members of the publishing house. Eun-young informs him that there are a few publishing bigwigs who are waiting to talk to him and leads him around to make the appropriate greetings. He accuses her of lining up a bunch of meetings to entrap him; she replies that she had to take advantage of the occasion, because he can hardly skip out of a funeral like he might in another situation.

The networking takes longer than expected, and one of their contacts suggests that they relocate to a quieter location to continue their conversation. The man is flying to Japan in the morning, so he’d like to take this opportunity while he can.

So they end up driving to the man’s vacation home to spend the night, and it isn’t until they’re in the car that Jin-soo recalls that he has forgotten his secretary. Oops! He asks the driver (one of Eun-young’s employees) to turn back to get her, but Eun-young insists that they can’t keep the man waiting. The driver promises that he’ll go right back to get her after dropping them off.

When they arrive at the house (and presumably after the business conversation), Jin-soo sits by the phone to wait for the driver’s call as soon as he has picked up Seung-yeon — it’s around 2 am by now, and he’s anxious about leaving her behind. As well he should.

Eun-young is not as worried, and jokes around that Seung-yeon is turning out to be quite a source of inconvenience. Till now Eun-young has treated Seung-yeon with friendliness, but this is the first time I think she’s being unfair, and while she’s not being outright malicious, her joking has a mean girl tinge to it. She calls Seung-yeon a damsel in distress — you know, the kind of girl who sits back and whines for someone to rescue her, when others try so hard to be self-sufficient.

Jin-soo picks up on that unfair vibe too, and asks if that damsel in distress did something to her for her to talk like that. Eun-young merely says that it’s a pain, and heads up to her room for the night.

But ain’t karma a bitch? After undressing, she walks barefoot to the bathroom — and slips on the wet tile to crash down hard on the ground. The impact immobilizes her and sends pain shooting through her body, particularly her neck.

Thankfully she has her cell phone with her, but in her embarrassing position she’s not exactly eager to cry for help. She calls her employee, Hyun-joo, since it’s not as embarrassing to ask another woman for assistance.

However, Hyun-joo is still in the car with the driver, on their way to pick up Seung-yeon. They’re torn between their two tasks, but decide that an injured person supersedes a waiting person, and figure they ought to head back to the house. But then they recall that Jin-soo’s there, so Hyun-joo calls him to ask him to check on Eun-young, who may need medical help.

When he opens the door, he and Eun-young are both stricken with embarrassment. Reddening, he immediately steps out and talks through the door. Meanwhile, Eun-young is mid-conversation with her doctor friend and urgently asks what tack she should take in dealing with this — act embarrassed? Cool? Laugh it off?

Her friend tells her to act cool, so when Jin-soo comes in with a towel, she forces herself to tease his reaction, tossing around comments like how her great figure must have him embarrassed. Jin-soo tells her she chose the wrong “concept” — she should have gone for embarrassed — and laughs at her. Heh.

She doesn’t want to go to the hospital in a towel, so she asks him to retrieve a dress from her luggage, and cringes in shame as he fumbles through layers of leopard-print lingerie before finding the garment. It just gets worse from there, because she has trouble working the dress down over her body. Jin-soo finally dives in and drags the material over her body as quickly as possible, which is humiliating and awkward for them both. And hilarious for us.

This whoops-I-slipped-and-fell-while-naked bit may seem like just another overused cliche, but again I like that the drama twists it at the end. Jin-soo asks, using her earlier words and twisting them, who’s the damsel in distress now? You know, the type of woman who talks a big game but then has an injury requiring the man to swoop in to carry her to safety? Touché!

The mood takes a serious turn when Jin-soo watches Eun-young being loaded into the ambulance, which brings back other, less pleasant memories. His vision blurs at the flashing emergency lights, and he sits by Eun-young’s stretcher in a subdued mood. When Eun-young comments on it, he reminds her that ambulances hardly have good memories for them.

As they drive toward the hospital — which is where the funeral hall is located — Jin-soo spots a familiar figure out the ambulance window, dressed in pink. It’s Seung-yeon, still standing out on the sidewalk, waiting for him. When he checks the time, it’s 5:30 am.

Seung-yeon is hurt and angry, and demands to know how he could just leave her here for six hours. Jin-soo feels so bad that his anger at himself comes out in his question directed at her, as he chides her for just standing there all this time without figuring out a backup plan. Couldn’t she have thought of some way to handle the situation other than this?

Seung-yeon shoots back that she tried to think of alternatives, but she was afraid of missing his return — she didn’t even go to the bathroom once because she didn’t want to be gone if/when he came by. And what if he got mad at her again? She’s getting pretty tired of always being scolded by him.

In a calmer tone, Jin-soo tells her that he’s sorry, and that he knows he put her through a lot today. Those little words are enough to take her aback, because he’s never said sorry to her before. That’s also enough to melt her hurt, and she smiles back at him happily.

Jin-soo says that now that he’s apologized, it’s time to scold her for her mistakes — how can a secretary leave her phone at home, and dress like that to a funeral? — but those words have no ill effects on her mood, because she’s too busy smiling.

He sends her off for a bathroom break, and while he waits, the sound of an ambulance brings back his painful memory:

In a flashback, we see the bloody site of an accident. A woman is loaded into an ambulance with blood pouring from head wounds. A younger Eun-young and Jin-soo sit by the unconscious woman’s side, while Jin-soo is wracked with sobs.

This is the same memory that comes to Eun-young in her sleep, and she wakes up in the hospital crying.


I don’t feel a burning need to get to the mystery of Jin-soo’s wife’s death — I’m mostly content to wait for the show to reveal it to us — but one quick speculation: There’s a particular reason that Eun-young cannot like Jin-soo, as articulated by Ji-won, and it seems pretty serious. That makes me think she has either hurt Jin-soo or has incurred some debt against him (emotionally, figuratively). Which brings me to the thought that maybe she feels responsible for his wife’s death, which would explain why she can’t pursue him now, and would also answer why these two never got together. Too much negative mojo in their history.

But that’s just a theory.

As for Dong-wook… I think there are two possible directions for where this is going: Either they’ll have a romantic development, or they’ll end up good friends, like Eun-young and Jin-soo.

On the couple front, I love how awkwardly adorable Dong-wook and Seung-yeon are together, and despite that botched romantic moment on the bus, we’re seeing that they actually have a lot in common. Perhaps he’s a lot more like Seung-yeon than anyone would have expected, and based on his concern for her feelings after she is fired, we see he’s developing feelings for her, even if we don’t yet know if those are romantic.

But I think there’s an argument for them ending up platonic buddies, especially if Seung-yeon is paired with Jin-soo. Just as Eun-young and Jin-soo are similar friends who have never gone romantic, perhaps Seung-yeon and Dong-wook will also go that way. However, if it turns out there was romantic interest in Eun-young and Jin-soo’s relationship, that sorta discounts this argument, doesn’t it?

Ah, either way, I’m game. Like I said in the last recap, I’m totally okay leaving the ‘shipping behind and sitting back, not worrying about who ends up with whom.


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    “On the couple front, I love how awkwardly adorable Dong-wook and Seung-yeon are together, and despite that botched romantic moment on the bus, we’re seeing that they actually have a lot in common. Perhaps he’s a lot more like Seung-yeon than anyone would have expected, and based on his concern for her feelings after she is fired, we see he’s developing feelings for her, even if we don’t yet know if those are romantic.”

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    I didn’t care for Park Shi-yeon because in everything I had seen her she had been the sultry vixen with one-dimensional personality. Therefore, it is nice to see her in a light role, with no overt sexuality. Her limping distracts me though! Did she have accident or something? That’s some serious limp…!

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    Eccentric Jin Soo has a serious side to him after all! I hope it’s Eun Young that can awaken this side of him again!
    I hope Jin Soo ends up with Eun Young! I hope it’ll be one of those dramas where the guy falls for the girl he isn’t supposed to love. That would make one sexy romance!
    JS & EY FTW!

  21. 21 LL

    I can’t help shipping… I am all for Eun-young and Jin-soo. I won’t throw a fit if it doesn’t happen, but I will be disappointed.

    I mean, I think that the Seung-yeon relationship will obviously be important; I hope she helps Jin-soo grow as a person… I just don’t want to see them end up together romantically.

    As for Dong-wook, it struck me as very sweet and a little sad that he is this somewhat goofy, talkative person underneath, but no one sees it because he’s hiding his accent. aw.

  22. 22 LL

    Also, I loved so much that Jin-soo did not turn into an action star in the boxing ring.. and that Eun-young was the one who saved him. (He got his moment to save her back later in the episode, though, of course.)

  23. 23 Pauline

    I don’t know man, there is something about PSY that is bothering me so much and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s getting in the way of me actually liking her to end up with KJH. I agree though, I don’t care who ends up with whom. Although I am leading towards the SY/JS relationship. And you were so right, this episode zipped by so quickly.

  24. 24 pabo ceo reom

    I actually don’t mind who ends up with whom either!

    I think that’s a first for me….

  25. 25 AT

    Thanks for the recaps. The development of the drama sounds good.

    Going to watch it!!!

  26. 26 etsy

    I’m so impressed with the writers. At this point, it really is hard to tell who ends up with whom. One would expect that since the series has been subverting cliches so far, it would not follow the guy-falls-for-bumbling-girl scenario. However, this show has presented the scenario in such a fresh way that this pairing is entirely plausible. It actually seems that avoiding the EY/JS pair would be the less expected way to go, but I trust the writers enough that they wouldn’t lead a story one way just for the sake of surprising the viewer. I would be okay with either pairing, since they’re both pretty developed. However, I would definitely prefer EY/JS; their familiar and laidback attitude towards each other is more appealing to me.

  27. 27 kay

    ooh i like that twin sister theory.

    gah i want SY to end up with JS and DW! both pairings are cute. i really liked EY at first, but now i’m hoping she doesn’t end up with JS

  28. 28 Simmy

    So, now I’m worried. I haven’t watched this ep yet, just looked at the recap pics, the i’ll watch, then return and read. However, I saw the CPR kiss, and that freaks me out because I can’t think of one K-drama i’ve seen where the couple who kisses, doesn’t end up together. It’s like, even if they hate each other, or you don’t think they’ll be a couple, once they kiss, they are fated! I want the two older leads to be a couple and the young girl with the “mute” (I know he isn’t, lol) guy, but now that they touched mouths…sigh, can they belong to anyone else? ( I don’t believe this, but i feel like Drama writers must).

    Does anyone else notice this “rule”? and can someone reassure me with some notable exceptions? I’ve seen dramas where the lead girl gets her 1st kiss ‘stolen’ from her, or touches lips with a guy on accident, and they ALWAYS end up together. She can go the entire drama liking someone else, but they will be interrupted when they try to kiss, or she will pull back because ‘something just isn’t right’. Javabeans, am i crazy? ( I just always thought this was a ‘law of dramas’ that no one ever mentioned)
    (after writing this long rant, I seem to remember that in Coffee Prince the lead girl may have gotten kissed by the 2nd lead. Did she pull away? and was she kissed (accidentally or CPR style or at all) by the 1st lead BEFORE this happened? damn, now I gotta check.

  29. 29 wHOOSH

    i think what i like about this drama most (for now) is how ambiguous it is about the love interests. we can’t be sure love will become a major issue between the characters, and if love does come into the picture, we don’t know who will end up with who. it REALLY floats away from the cliche of most kdramas where you know what couple will be produced by a great deal of troubles.

  30. 30 trixie

    I am so not liking the ahjusshi-youngster love D:

    I hate these sort of couples in dramas. The only pair I know that were able to pull this off in a drama was Go Ara and Yoon Kye Sang; but that’s probably because Go Ara is mature for her age, and Yoon Kye Sang looks really young.

    I have to admit that PSY is REALLY pretty in this drama. Of course, she’s also pretty in My Girl, but she didn’t really play the most likeable character in that series.

    I am REALLY trying to love Seungyeon, but I keep leaning towards EunYoung :(

  31. 31 ahem...

    @28… There is a drama called “9 End 2 Outs”, where in the first episode the 2nd male lead kissed the female lead. Yet, they didn’t end up together at the end.

  32. 32 pipit

    Hehehe…..sorry but I feel like laughing when I read what Simmy wrote. You’re so right Simmy! The kiss scene is the Holly Book of KDrama (they always end up together! Particularly if it’s the first kiss for the girl!). The waiting scene is also one of the telling patterns in KDrama (the girls who gets to wait the male lead in the earlier episodes always ends up with him latter). And not to mention the fact that Park Si Yeoun (Eun Young) always play the second woman lead in every other series, she’s never got chosen by the male lead.

    That’s why I’m terribly worry. I feel that I’m going to like this series but I really want it to be different from other KDrama as its story line gives it a potential to be different. I like the ambiguity as it also offers the chance to build deeper emotional connection between Jin Soo and Eun Young. And the most important thig is to break all the rules in KDrama which has been followed religiously by other series.

    I hopelessly and desperately want it to be different!

  33. 33 soulbee

    @ 28

    -in My Girl, Park Si Yeon and Lee Dong Wook kissed, but they didn’t end up together
    -in Over the Rainbow, Ji Hyun Woo an Kim Ok Bin kissed but they didn’t end up together. Kim Ok Bin and Hwanhee also kissed, but also didn’t end up together
    -in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, Nam Sang Mi and Seo Do Young kissed, but didn’t end up together. Cha Ye Ryun and Ji Hyun Woo kissed, but didnt end up together

    I’m sure there are others, but that’s all I can name from the top of my head. Hope this helps x)

  34. 34 marie

    I definitely want SY to end up with JS they are adorable together. I do not see EY with JS their time has expired they have been friends for 10 years and nothing happened their relationship is more platonic. I admit EY is pretty but i still find her cold. Whatever the series still Rocks i am enjoying the laughs.

  35. 35 müge

    it is a really really fast recap whic I’m so thankful.
    CH is really refreshing and I love it!
    from the beginning, I’m a shipper for SY/JS and I won’t give up. but also, I can’t ignore the possibility of adorable couple SY/DW. they look so cute together. for SY, both men are so hot and wonderful match but I don’t think I can bare to see JS/EY together.
    finger cross, today ep seems to be cuter especially for JS/SY ^_____^

  36. 36 gala

    i thought i could go on with this drama. while im liking the writing, and big fan of both PSY and KJH, the actress for Seungyeon is really distracting me. i hate that i’ve already developed such negative biasedness towards her. so, i’m really having a hard time warming up to her. it also spoils the mood for me that i was sooo excited that PSY will be paired with KJH but it’s not looking so bright for that coupling.

    i’m stopping watching the drama for now, but will surely keep tabs on your recaps dramabeans.

  37. 37 ant

    I wish Jin Soo would end up with Seung Yun they are refreshing, funny and entertaining together. I cannot watch JS and EY together there is something about that pairing that i do not like. (EY)

  38. 38 ieyzan

    did anyone realise that the poster of jin soo with the flowers is in his office??? how did it end up there??it is in the scene where jin soo is arranging the domino and the poster falls down and he stamps it back to the wall

  39. 39 gr4c3

    i’m all smiling reading this fab recap. Thanks Javabeans! ^^

  40. 40 avidDBfan

    Very entertainment….like u, I’m no shipper, just enjoying and savoring it. Oh, thank you for the super fast recap! Remind me of your recap of YAB.

  41. 41 tisay

    thanks for the recap!

    after reading your recap/review, I’m still a JS&SY shipper. Nothing can change that. I stil find JS&EY not good together (I can’t point why but I just don’t see romantic involvement between them because they are so like. Opposite atrracts!

  42. 42 hmmm

    What if SY is just a rebound girl for JS… Probably because she might remind him of his ex.

  43. 43 Mazzy*

    I think JS wife is very likely EY sister. In which case things are doomed for them. Specially now that they made her be slightly mean about SY. (which apparently can’t be done EVER! think JS has been meaner with actual actions)

    This episode clearly is angling for a JS-SY romance which is rather BLAH for me. It’s going down the usual route, they are just throwing a couple of curve balls but overall its the same thing.

    Its a good thing that they have such cute and quirky characters and funny/cute moments as that is the only thing holding my interest so far.

    :o) still watching…for now.

  44. 44 hmmm

    @43… how many secondary female leads in k-dramas, that are romantic comedies have a complex back story? If you think about it… so far in 5 episodes, despite SY having more screen time. EY seems to be a better developed character with an actual back story that seem to push the overall plot forward.

  45. 45 neliq

    Thanks, JB for the super fast recaps!!!

    I watched the episode w/out subs and although I only understand few words in Korean, I was able to pick up some of the story by their actions and laughed until my belly hurt watching the boxing match and the CPR scene. I am also enjoying the way the writer is twisting the common k-drama scenes and giving us a different ending to them.

    Dong-wook and Seung-yeon looked adorable together but is hard to tell, at this point, who is going to end up with whom. I am in for the ride and hope to continue enjoying the drama as much as I have up to now.

  46. 46 Angel

    Opposites may attract, but they’re not always logically ideal. I feel that JS and SY are just WAY too opposite to be together. Yeah, she’s great for his personal comic relief, but I think that he needs someone who’s more stable than SY.

    On and side note, DW and SY are very cute :)

  47. 47 Tammu

    I usually pick up a drama after reading half the recaps to make sure the drama’s not going to disappoint me with a sudden twist (You’re Beautiful being an exception). I think I might need to make another exception for Coffee House though…it looks really good and lighthearted, the sort of fluff that I need for the summer. Thanks for the speedy recaps!

  48. 48 maez

    I feel the exact same way. It’s a first for me to be able to ” leaving the ’shipping behind and sitting back, not worrying about who ends up with whom.”

    A FIRST.

  49. 49 Mazzy*

    @44 – yes thinking more clearly you are right, she has been given a lot of backstory so there is hope yet.. :o) – though trying not to ship now (its so hard because isn’t this meant to be a romantic comedy?)

    I guess even if they don’t end up together in the end its still nice to have the second lead (possibly?) as a proper developed character who you can still root for.

    Great show.

    Brilliant recaps.

  50. 50 len

    Great recaps JB. Really enjoying this series it’s a laugh JS is hilarious and SY is so cute. JS+SY FOREVER.

  51. 51 mmmaggie

    This drama is surprising to me because I never cared for Park Shi Yeon. I saw her in My Girl and couldn’t stand anything about her — her character, her obvious plastic surgery, etc etc. However, I absolutely ADORE her in this drama. I don’t know if it’s because she’s had corrective reconstructive surgery to make her face more natural, or because I’ve watched so many Korean dramas since My Girl that I’ve become anesthetized to it all, but her looks no longer take me away from her performance. And thus far in Coffee House, her performance as Eun Young has been absolutely winning.

    On the other hand, I find the character/actress who plays Seung Yeon to be very grating. This also surprises me because she reminds me a bit of Go Mi Nam from You’re Beautiful, and I loved Go Mi Nam. I found myself getting so annoyed at Seung Yeon for being so gullible and naive (again and again) in the beginning of the episode that I didn’t really enjoy her scenes with the irrepressible Jin Soo. I actually found myself nodding when Eun Young (admittedly) Mean Girl’d her and called her a damsel in distress. Then when Eun Young slipped in the bathroom and just laughed out loud at the irony/karmic retribution of the situation, her self awareness and ability to laugh at herself put me firmly in Team Eun Young-Jin Soo.

    Wow, I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever left on here, and on a drama that I claim to only somewhat like! Ha. See what you do to us, javabeans!! 😉

  52. 52 bebby67

    I am JS/SY shipper…. EY/JS are very similar. In reality, that would be boring. I agree with some posts here that opposites attract. I am starting to dislike EY. She starts to be annoying. Trying to act cute when she is somewhat not young.
    Obviously, she has feelings for JS.
    The fact that SY can make JS smile,that is enough for me. JS seems to be sad for a long time. In real life, a person that can make you smile is what is most important.

    Thanks for the recap…

  53. 53 grasya

    i’m still rooting for JS/EY! honestly, JS and EY fit each other perfectly. SY and DW are more suited with each other too.

    i have a hunch that the ultimate couple is JS and EY— the posters say it so, hehe.

  54. 54 chamber

    I really want JS and EY to end up together, they have so much more chemistry and history than with SY
    I also think Korean dramas hardly ever use the whole friend to lovers angle. Usually it boy girl meet they fall in love or fight each other then fall in love and then get married in a matter of months.

  55. 55 j-star

    SY-JS shipper FTW!! haha
    after seeing how snide EY is and the complications between the two I reall want JS to end up with SY cuz she will definitely brighten up his life :)
    i mean who doesn’t smile when she is so dorky ^^

  56. 56 haezi

    Wow, it seems almost 50-50. It’s cool that the drama isn’t so obvious about who will go with who (this was true for both highkick series, as well).
    I’m leaning more towardy SY/JS because there isn’t as much emotional baggage as there is with EY/JS, though they would make a cool couple. The scenes with SY/JS are just hilarious and I could totally see how he could continue to prank her even as a couple.

  57. 57 it's funny...

    I think the SY-JS shippers are waiting for EY to turn into a generic mean girl. Don’t complications normally get two people closer together? And you call yourselves dramas fans. Every couple in k-drama had some sort of complication that prevents from being a couple, before becoming a couple. What are the complications between JinSoo and SY? Oh right… there is none, since SY/JS relationship is seen as comic relief, so far.

  58. 58 reverie

    base on the speed of your recap, it clearly shows how much you like this. ^_^
    was torn between jin soo and dong wook…. both have cute moments with SY

  59. 59 cathy

    PSY is pretty , her acting is good in Story of a man . Honestly i don’t care the short hair actress , poor acting skill , trying so hard to be cute .,, i pass this one .
    It’s more compatible if KJH pairing with PSY , my opinion.

  60. 60 Dara

    You are fast! Thanks for your recap.

    At the end of this ep, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if EY is actually the real JS’s wife with back story to it? Wow, now that I would scream with joy.
    What ‘s with the ring on EY’s finger in the ambulance when she touched JS hand?

    At this point, there are possibilities that each of them ,JS /EY /SY ,will just go on with their life at the end too. Classic writer.

  61. 61 Simmy

    I’m back after watching! Thanks for the dramas (with 2nd lead kisses) I’ve never seen any of those, but they did give me a little hope. I know what pairing i’d like, but I agree with people who say they’ll just sit back ad enjoy no matter what happens. I will be annoyed if EY becomes overly mean or a liar/trickster (What do you mean she never gave you my letter?!). Loved this episode and can’t wait to see the next. This drama isn’t perfect, but for some reason, I always feel really excited to watch it. i think it’s the actors and the fact that all the cliches have a bit of a spin on them. thanks sooo much for the recaps ( I don’t have anyone to enjoy kdramas with, so these recaps and the comments section make me very happy!

  62. 62 pumpkinattack

    Thanks for the recap!

    Yes, this is definitely an interesting approach for a drama. I’m really enjoying the twist on conventions… it’s a crack up! As for who will end up with whom, I’m feeling about the same way. I’m just going to watch the story develop. It should be an interesting ride!

  63. 63 compatible

    I was very disappointed the moment EY “ridiculed” SY for behaving like a damsel in distress as I am expecting a more mature storyline, but luckily, the writer redeemed that scene by having karma prevailing on EY and JS making fun of EY for saying that.

    Does anyone realise that PSY wears very short pair of shorts for work sometimes?

    I am very glad PSY has found her niche. Rom-com!!! She should just do more of this!

  64. 64 Rachael

    Really hoping that wasn’t a hint at couple with the CPR kiss. Need a new change from that cliche at this rate. My only hope as a Jinsoo and Eunyoung fan is the writer pulls a Perfect Neighbor and keeps them together after huge fan-love. It’d be also another nice change.

  65. 65 Moshi

    PSY needs to act more……. NATURAL.

    I find her acting so force and not natural at all. Her tears at the end is not quite believable.

  66. 66 Revanche

    Thanks for the recap!

    Some mild speculation on my part: the flashback scene with Jin-Soo’s wife is clearly hint of why he and Eun-Young can’t be together. The fact that they’re still close after such a traumatic incident implies that the incident only brought them closer together, which was both unexpected and probably unwelcome. Conclusion: I think Jin-Soo’s wife was Eun-Young’s sister! What do you think?

  67. 67 sugarpunch

    AWESOME! thks for the recap! as an avid fan of Kang Ji Hwan, i always get surprised by the depth he can bring to the role… even if he’s acting ditzy, he still amazes me:D:D:D and FINALLY, i am seeing PSY in a likeable role which allows her to express her acting abilities as well. I always thought of her as a stone-faced actress. but i am more than happy to be proven wrong!! like it like it:) and i love JWI playing the irritating jiwon! so funny!

  68. 68 jj

    I’m personally in support of SY/JS, which is surprising even to me. Normally I hate the gullible, cutesy but dumb main girl, but in SY’s case, there’s something endearing about the character that makes her appealing, especially in connection with JS. I think it has to do with her steadfast persistence- while she may not have the brains of EY, she has certainly shown her dedication to improving herself and to serve as a nice foil to JS’s personality. Added to the comic nature of their relationship, I think there’s great potential for an interesting romance.

    EY is amusing, but not really someone I can empathize with. Having her end up with JS would be too “like + like” to be appealing- the same could also be said for SY and DW. I think dramas that combine unlikely pairings make for the most intriguing stories, rather than bringing together two people who are so obviously “perfect matches” that they have to force in some dramatic controversy to make it into something more exciting.

  69. 69 strawberryfieldsforever

    i want more dong wook-seung yeon scenes…please? please? pretty please? they are awkward but then again they’re cute together :) i like this episode! thanks JB for the recap! your speed in recapping is a skill! :)

  70. 70 One word

    I only support SY and JS !!
    i like only this characters
    and EY – sorry but because the beauty spot she got in her face make little bit annoying if she a lead characters girl

    chinese said if a girl have a beauty spot in a face mean she a playgirl or something like that
    I like the actress but i’m positive to said it’s going to be SY and JS
    she appear more in the drama than EY


  71. 71 ernie

    ROAR. I want EY and JS. :) I actually havent watched the drama, but reading these recaps make me want EY and JS together.

  72. 72 Buki

    I loved the whole play on the damsel in distress stereotype. I’m not a huge fan of SY character types. I like her but i am tried of the bumbling girl who seems to not have a clue about anything and inadvertently causes trouble. Which was brilliantly played in the boxing sequence. I loved how EJ just came swooping in and stops the fight in 5 seconds instead of just looking panicked. EJ is confident, strong, but at the same time, still quirky and funny. Of course her words coming back to bite her, made the bathroom scene so funny. She still played it confidently instead of embarrassed like most k heroine do. For all these reasons I prefer EJ/JS paring, just because the bumbling girl always gets the guy. But i am enjoying this series. I’m most pleased with SY character.

  73. 73 Buki

    oops I might have mixed up the names…but you guys catch my drift :)

  74. 74 okdubu

    i hope i can actually finish this drama. recently i’ve started out LOVING all the new shows and waiting impatiently each week for the new episodes to come out…… and then eventually i lose interest and stop seeking to finish them :( i’m hoping that won’t happen this time!!

  75. 75 Lahlita

    Regarding pairings, I can see both sides, and I can see neither. Jin-soo and Eun-young are incredibly well matched, and they have a history. They’re bonded by friendship and tragedy and they understand each other. They could be really good together. They could also be bad for each other because familiarity doesn’t always mean smooth sailing, going through tragedy together doesn’t always make relationships stronger. Sometimes it weighs people down and suffocates them, draining everything from the relationship. This is where I can see Seung-yeon working with Jin-soo because at the end of the day, you need to be with the person who makes you smile and who makes you feel good. She’s innocence and light and she’s so kind, sweet and open-hearted, and Jin-soo already misses her when she’s not around. They both have a wacky not-in-this-world streak and are getting mighty comfortable with each other. Still, they’re not as well matched in personality, life experience or intelligence, not the way Jin-soo is with Eun-young. ‘Tis a conundrum.

    I will ignore the conundrum by keeping all the men in the show for myself. Yes, even Ji-won. I need a bodyguard.

    I still ship Dong-wook/Lahlita (Mr. Lahlita doesn’t like Dong-wook :-) ). But I gotta say, this episode Kang Ji-hwan was working that suit like nobody’s business. Damn, he’s sexy. He made me want to give him CPR, and then I wanted to slip on some wet bathroom tiles so he could give me some CPR back! Om nom lips nom nom!

  76. 76 Houstontwin

    I also noticed the flowered poster on JS’s wall. Maybe we will find out later how it got there. But…it definitely suggests that JS has feelings for EJ.

  77. 77 xylophonic

    I agree completely with @51. I’m trying to like Seung-yeon but holy crap. Every time she’s in the scene I cringe. I find her very one-dimensional, and super predictable. She’s naive, gullible, dim, YET she’s a hard worker, optimistic, and is perseverant to a fault (didn’t think that was possible. Seriously, who waits for six goddamn hours outside in the dark? Without going to the bathroom? Without even finding a bench to sit on? Hear the snorting? Yeah that’s me). She is basically every cliche in every Korean rom-com all jumbled up into one very annoying character who I’m disliking more and more with every episode.

    But that’s really my only issue with the show. I’m pretty much loving it right now, all (well, almost all) because of KJH. Never watched him in anything else before this, but I’d heard some pretty good things about him so I had expectations. (Ha, I remember thinking, sheesh, why’s everyone going on about his smile? What could be so great about his smile? Now I all but swoon everytime he flashes it. Yum.) He surpassed all of them, and I now love him. Loooove.

    I rather enjoyed that Eun-young made the damsel in distress comment, not only because she payed so dearly for it after, but also because it made me dislike her a little bit which in turn made me glad, because she’s not perfect. She may be smart, gorgeous and successful, but she has that petty side.

    Favourite part of the episode: when Jin-soo tells Eun-young that she’s got her concepts all wrong, and laughs in her face. HAHA.

    Favourite part of the recap (:P): the screencap you took of when Jin-soo was preparing to fight Ji-won is hilarious!! Ji-won’s face in the background: DX< HAHAHA. I totally only noticed that while reading your recap! It made my day.

    Thanks for capping off an excellent Tuesday, JB!

  78. 78 faye

    until now, all of the viewers of this story is so confused who the love team is. Jin soo is showing concern over Seung-yeon and it is cute and nice to see. He has past memories with Eun-young which bring the viewers into curiosity….

    i hope we can unravel the truth soon….

  79. 79 Sukispop

    Thanks for your recap and insight, JB!

    I am so pleased that we have this fun and quirky drama to sit back and enjoy, especially after the great ride that Prosecutor Princess gave us. There’s nothing like going from one fun ride, right to another one!

    After this episode(and the very brief preview of Page 6), I’m finding myself hoping that JS and SY end up together. Not that I’d terribly mind it if JS and EY, and DW and SY, ended up together…because these two couplings do seem cute together. But, as others have already mentioned, these cute couplings seem a bit too natural and predictable to fit into this quirky and unpredictable drama.

    Others have mentioned HEJ’s questionable acting skills, and I agree that she isn’t quite in the same league as KJH. But I think she’s doing a pretty decent job in her portrayal of SY. I find her credible and the personality she’s injected into SY to be endearing and adorable. So far, she isn’t playing her character over the top, as we’ve seen done in many parallel roles. In several scenes she seems to be unsure and confused, but it seems in line with what her character is feeling in those moments. Her short hair style with the bangs that cover her eyebrows isn’t helping her any to convey her character’s emotions, because eyebrows frame a person’s facial expressions…so she doesn’t have it at her disposal.

    I enjoyed the scene where she’s walking with DW outside her dad’s coffee shop. It was both fun and heartwarming to watch these two characters growing more and more relaxed with each other’s company, and with their budding relationship(whatever kind it turns out to be).

  80. 80 Snikki

    What if jealousy played a role on JS’s wife’s death? She drove recklessly and lost control of the car, even if her jealousy had no real basis. Then due to this tragic event, JS and EY carry the burden of guilt, and therefore out of respect to JS’s wife they can’t be together romantically. I’m just saying…

    Anyway, I’m still a EY/JS shipper. :-)

  81. 81 Obsesive

    I want SY and JS together. :) and maye dW could be the guy who makes jS jealous? haha,

  82. 82 rainerust

    I can’t get on the SY ship. Bit tired of the bumbling girls who keep appearing in recent Kdramas – okay writers, just because Go Mi Nam was a hit doesn’t mean you can recycle personalities to fit into other dramas…Hence, the love for EY and the whole EY/JS pairing.

    Gotta admit, the mean remark from EY made me pause for about half a second, but personally, I’ve seen how such remarks work in real life (as in, trying to be funny, but containing that kernal of truth and bitterness in them that no one can bring themselves to actually laugh at it), so I think it’s pretty much in line with the drama so far. Not to mention the scene after cracked me up so badly, I would forgive anything.

    Also, all the scenes where DW appear in are fantastic! He’s really growing on me. Thanks for the quick awesome recap JB!

  83. 83 bippa

    havent watched this ep yet but in the screenshot I noticed DONG-WOOK is sporting a KAWS shirt

    which makes me subconsciously like his character even more…sorry graffiti nerd moment

  84. 84 soysauce

    Thank you SO MUCH for recapping. YOU ARE FAST!

  85. 85 mnstpdu08

    ditto what rainerust said about the cute and persistent, but dumb girl characters … it’s so tiring… i hate the fact these shows keep making these characters the “ideal” leading lady. c’mon people, she’s 25 years old (right?)! She needs to get her act together and act her age. cute can only get you so far … if you think about it, it’s rather demeaning to women to continuous promote these type of images … thus, my resistance to supporting characters like SY, unless she shows growth later on in the drama

  86. 86 chom chom

    woah! I read like every word in every single comment! and I haven’t done this since Coffee Prince and this is Coffee House…wut?

    Honestly, I love the writers! I had a total mindfuck watching up til ep. 5. (will read ep6 recap after I’m done hehehe) I don’t know whose gonna end up with whom! It’s utterly brilliant! I dun wanna guess either…like you, I’m just enjoying the show. I love how things are turning out. So many things have happened. I think this is the only drama which I’ve seen that has a pacing this fast! I totally forgot it’s only ep5. So much has happened yet I’m still guessing.

    I’ve no qualms in the acting department. I love every single one of them. PSY as EY is refreshing and KJW is always perfect in my eyes and HEJ is too cute that I might actually listen to one T-ara song for once in my life b/c of her.

    I like the theories I’m reading here. But I’m still keeping a balance in my head to not jump into conclusions or ship. Will just enjoy the ride.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap!

  87. 87 Pen


    I’m rooting for EunJung to do well with this drama..
    But it’s not working out so far..

    Episodes 1 & 2 were great…I liked it alot.
    But episodes 3, 4, 5 were too much of the same thing..
    Too much of Tom and Jerry show &
    Not much development to the story…

    For a 16 episode drama this has been basically about the characters..
    It’s about how can we make this show funny and make characters cute..
    It worked for ep 1 & 2 but it’s getting annoying now..
    We are already on episode 7, and there’s nothing major..
    The drama is still developing it’s characters and it’s all about being a Tom and Jerry show…Amazing..

    Some are questioning whether this drama was merely meant to target the the international market. Because if this story goes on as it is, it will fail in Korea BIG time…

    Episode 6, the ending shows promise for a better story in the future, however..I liked the last part..But I am disappointed where this story has gone so far..
    It’s trying to be too funny and it tries to over market the cuteness of the characters..Many journalists in Korea has criticized this drama of overselling cute photos and images, rather than developing a story. It may work for the foreign markets, but it sure won’t work in Korea.

    * Considering that I have read many of your previews reviews..
    It’s very surprising that you haven’t cut this drama up to pieces as other analysts has…very surprising…

  88. 88 Guest

    Some of the comments here are ridiculous. Who are you to judge someone. Just because she has a beauty mark on her face, she isn’t fits to be the female lead or she’s a player. That’s probably one of the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever read. Just because of that comment, I WISH PSY will end up with KJH. Just to prove you wrong. And you know who you are. I could care less who ends up with who. I’m just watching this drama for the entertainment that it supposes to offered for the viewers. And I’m enjoying every minutes of it so far. This drama is so refreshing, especially after you have finished watching the so melodramatic CS 😀

  89. 89 mskmouse

    Thanks Javabeans, for all the recaps. :)Finally caught up with the episodes/pages.
    I do agree that Coffee House is a breath of fresh air from the cliches. It’s one of my favourite dramas this year! Love the humour and the unexpected twists. I really LOL!!

    Who can resist Kang Ji Hwan? Such a charming and talented actor. :) He is definitely on my list of favourites. Haha!

    Hmm…will be great if he pairs up with Son Ye Jin for their next project. Both are excellent actors!

  90. 90 bleuelle

    hmmm…not a doctor or anythng, but shouldnt a person who might injured her neck not be moved until paramedic comes? i heard/read about a samaritan somewhere who get sued by the person he save/help who became paralysed because he was moved from his vehicle….

    • 90.1 staples

      you know, I think you’re right. But slipping and hurting your neck in that situation seems a bit off to me, too. I mean, really? I can understand hitting your head, or maybe your back, but I don’t see how she hurt her neck…

  91. 91 staples

    It’s also possible that there was some kind of misunderstanding btwn the wife and Eun-young. some kind of argument that ended in an accident?

    the secretary’s voice annoys me sometimes. I hate when the female lead is ridiculously naive to the point of stupidity. Thankfully, she’s only borderline.

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