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And the hilarity continues! I’m really loving how things are going so far, and I really, really hope the drama keeps its vibrant pace going. This episode had me cracking up several times, and the love triangle also gets going in earnest. I had thought that I wouldn’t like the triangle, because up to Episode 3 I was skeptical of its persuasiveness. However, I think it actually works well, thanks to some really nicely acted subtle moments by Kang Ji-hwan, who by the way has been singled out for being particularly deft with the ad-lib. (I’d heard this before of him on movie sets, so I’m not surprised — he seems to be the type with a zillion ideas of how to play a scene or twist a moment for laughs.)


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While reading a book on UFOs and their teleporting abilities (haha!), Ji-won receives an unmarked package at his office, which contains his wallet and cell phone. His immediate relief soon gives way to suspicion — how did the thief know where to send his wallet? And where are his car keys?

Jin-soo has them, of course. Without explaining the purpose, he instructs Seung-yeon to take the keys and drive the car whose door it opens to a specific location. By now used to Jin-soo’s oddball demands, she drives the car to a construction site, parks it as instructed, then goes on to Part 2 of the errand.

We don’t quite know what Part 2 entails, but it has something to do with ice. However, when she gets back to the office and starts to report on the ice matter, he furtively shushes her, as Ji-won is here to vent about his curious predicament.

Ji-won has deduced that this isn’t the work of an alien, and therefore must be the work of a person. It’s hilarious that this means he was seriously entertaining thoughts of the UFO in the first place. Sure, that idea was planted by Jin-soo, but a seed needs fertile soil in which to sprout…

Jin-soo acts like this is all a confounding mystery and brainstorms to narrow down the list of possible culprits. An idea comes to him: Could it be Eun-young’s stalker? This is all hypothetical, but Jin-soo spins a plausible-sounding tale — what if Eun-young had a stalker who had been watching over her for years and felt threatened by the reappearance of Ji-won? This recent incident could be him “warning” Ji-won to stay away. After all, Jin-soo has studied crazy people for a story, so he knows that being driven insane by love is fairly common. Supposedly.

Jin-soo ain’t a bestselling author for nothing, and he sells the idea reasonably well — although the story is absurd to our ears, Ji-won eats it up. He has to rush away when he gets a phone call from an angry construction worker — his car is parked at their site, and it’s blocking their trucks!

After Ji-won leaves to deal with this mess, Jin-soo bursts into a laughing fit. Seung-yeon hadn’t realized what was going on until the call about the car, and she looks at Jin-soo with some disapproval.

He guesses what she’s thinking: “That guy has crossed the line into crazy. It wasn’t enough to torment me so now he’s using me to torment other people? Why the hell do I have to be his secretary? I should have just played along when Dad told me to quit.” This makes Seung-yeon a little unnerved at how well he can read her thoughts, since that’s pretty much what she was thinking.

But then, he points out that she’s also probably thinking (and this is the part where he plants the idea) that this kind of harassment takes a lot of time and effort. It’s easy to get mad at someone you hate, like her ex-boyfriend. But to make him fall on his own using her brain? Now, that’s a skill, and maybe Mr. Crazy Writer will teach her that skill. If that wasn’t part of her original train of thought, it sure is NOW — Jin-soo really is pretty persuasive when he wants to be.

At the construction site, Ji-won tries to deal with a mob of angry construction workers, unable to do anything about the car because he doesn’t have the keys. Just as the crowd is getting unruly, a delivery man drives up with a box for him, which turns out to be an ice block — into which the car key has been frozen.

Lulz! By turns chipping at, hammering, and torching the ice block, Ji-won and the workers eventually dig the key out, and he drives away sheepishly.

When Ji-won reaches for the sunglass compartment in his car, a red note flutters down from the perpetrator that warns him to stop pursuing Eun-young. Jin-soo suggests that he ought to maintain a low profile to stay off the stalker’s radar; therefore he’d better stay away from Eun-young for the time being.

Watching all this unfold is Seung-yeon, who finds some relief in not being Jin-soo’s only patsy — this proves that she wasn’t dumb for falling for his lies. He’s just really good at lying. (But what about Door Number Three? It could just be that she and Ji-won are both incredibly gullible…)

Again I suppose you could argue that Jin-soo’s antics are mean — while they’re childish pranks, if anyone ever did this to me I’m sure I’d be spitting mad at the waste of time and therefore money the joke wrought — but I can’t feel entirely sorry for Ji-won, because he’s the absurdly dense one who forces his presence upon people who don’t want him. It’s not like Eun-young and Jin-soo are pretending to like him to his face — they’ve both made it pretty clear that they’re uncomfortable with him around, but Ji-won overrides their protests.

Furthermore, this is all for Eun-young’s benefit, and she certainly appreciates it. It occurs to her that she hasn’t heard from Ji-won all day — for once he’s not pestering her with calls and text messages. A gleeful smile spreads over her face as she wonders if this means Jin-soo has been successful, and she affectionately affixes stickers on his author poster, then gives his head a pat. It’s too cute.

Okay, now for one of my favorite scenes in this episodes — but not for the obvious reason. Seung-yeon spots Dong-wook boarding a bus and follows him on, hesitantly interrupting his music-listening to apologize for assuming he was mute. He lets it go, but now the air fills with awkwardness so she makes a stiff attempt at getting a conversation going, asking where he’s from and so forth. His reticence and their lack of common ground make the exchange pretty clumsy.

Seeing him clutching his earbud, Seung-yeon feels bad for taking him away from his music and tells him to go ahead. He politely declines, but she says it’s okay since she can listen to music as well. With that, she reaches into her bag to retrieve her mp3 player, but Dong-wook puts the earbud into her ear and they listen in silence, not quite knowing how to handle the situation. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for both and it is TOO CUTE.

And then to undercut the moment, Seung-yeon thinks to herself how he misinterpreted her comment — she wasn’t suggesting they listen together! She can’t refuse and the longer they sit here, the more weird it gets. Meanwhile, Dong-wook is all politeness on the outside but inwardly, he’s also thinking (grumbling) that she’s pretty bold to invite herself to listen in, when he’d rather listen on his own!

They both sigh (to themselves, but at the same time): “Ah, this is awkward. So, so awkward!”

HAHAHA. I LOVE that they did this. It totally messed with our expectations by taking a moment that could have — and would have, in any other conventional rom-com — been a sweet, cutesy couple bit. Instead, we get one of those cringingly stilted scenarios that we’ve all suffered through that has NONE of the grace of those magical movie moments.

It has now been a month into Seung-yeon’s tenure as secretary, and on top of that Jin-soo has given her a few days off, saying that there’s nothing for her to do because he’s having trouble writing. The next time she arrives at Jin-soo’s place, she’s greeted by an unfamiliar sight. It’s dark and the door is ajar, and she accidentally triggers the domino setup inside the living room. And when we arrive at the end of the blocks, we find a haggard-looking Jin-soo, unshaven and disheveled-looking. Because he’s still setting up dominoes — she set it off early — he shouts in frustration and glares, then gives her today off, too.

The next morning, she shows up to find Jin-soo at work on a reconstructed domino fortress, and he mutters that she can have today off as well.

Seung-yeon makes him coffee and sharpens pencils anyway. He takes a sip and looks over her pencils, then lays his head down wearily, asking if she hasn’t grown tired of it by now. He does the math to figure out just how many pencils she’s sharpened in vain and suggests that it’s time to take the hint. Does she still think she can meet his demanding specifications?

Seung-yeon hesitantly says that with more time, she could. Jin-soo scoffs and tells her to head home — the only thing she can do for him right now is to sharpen pencils and make him coffee, but since she sucks at both, “There’s absolutely no reason for you to be here.”

With hope, she reminds him that her job is to help relieve his stress, but he replies tiredly that that requires time and effort, neither of which he can spare right now.

Therefore, when Eun-young calls her to check up on Jin-soo’s progress, she’s at home. Hearing about Jin-soo’s change in behavior, Eun-young immediately knows something’s wrong, and asks if he’s been doing his thing with the dominoes again. At that confirmation, she sighs, because this means his manuscript will be late.

Eun-young is particularly uneasy because she happens to be in Busan for a seminar, and therefore can’t come by to get Jin-soo out of his funk. Seung-yeon offers to go back and check up on him, but Eun-young vetoes this idea because she wouldn’t be able to do anything. When he gets this way, Eun-young is the only one who can talk him back to himself.

There IS one thing Seung-yeon can do, though, and that is to search the place when Jin-soo is out — he’s bound to have sleeping pills somewhere.

And then, a horrible sight: Jiwon, walking through the hotel lobby. Eun-young ducks out to avoid being seen, but she’s too late and he spots her. He’s thrilled to run into her here, as he had been purposely staying away because of stalker-related concerns. He therefore remains alert to signs of possible stalkers in the vicinity, eyeing one man in particular who wears a medical mask.

A bit later, he comes by to Eun-young’s room to suggest a drink, to her great dismay. She would dearly love to get rid of him, and figures that she’ll be more effective tricking him than trying to persuade him with sense (since we know that sense is in short supply with Ji-won). She makes a quick phone call, then invites him inside for some wine. He takes this as a positive sign and exults at making progress, or so he thinks.

Just as Eun-young suggests ordering a cheese plate from room service, there’s a knock at the door. It’s room service, with a cheese plate. How eerily prescient. While Eun-young looks puzzled, Ji-won jumps to conclusions and decides that this must be the work of the stalker. Don’t eat that!

Rushing out, he sees a figure running away and chases, leaving Eun-young sighing to herself that he’s an idiot. He’s unable to track the supposed stalker (since he doesn’t exist), but he (finally?) uses his brain to go about this logically, heading down to room service to ask about the person who placed the order. To his surprise, he gets back the answer that a woman made the order — in fact, the very woman who was in the room with him. Whaaaa?

Seung-yeon can’t sleep that night, kept awake with worries of Jin-soo. She imagines unsettling what-if scenarios of Jin-soo turning to his pills to help him sleep and overdosing.

She resents having to worry about such outrageous possibilities, but what can she do? She’s the only one who can look after him in this situation. She sneaks out of the house, at which point she pauses — what if he gets upset with her for bothering him at this hour? She’s just about to talk herself out of it when she gets a call. To her surprise, when she arrives at Jin-soo’s door, he looks remarkably normal.

He apologizes for calling her in the middle of the night, but she assures him that it’s okay because she couldn’t sleep anyway. He asks why, but she can’t bring herself to admit honestly what she thinks to herself (“Because I felt uneasy”) and just glosses over her answer cheerfully.

Now to the point of the call: He lays down on his bed and pats the space next to her, instructing her to lie down next to him. Er, what now? Seung-yeon is understandably weirded out by this, but he clarifies that he can’t sleep because of a particular noise and wants her to listen to it. It’s been keeping him up the past few nights, and he really needs his sleep tonight.

Seung-yeon’s actually a little disappointed, which he picks up on — did she think he called her to help him with ideas? She admits that she was hoping she could help (in a real, tangible way, other than as a human stress ball).

A little uncomfortably, Seung-yeon gets on the bed, and he instructs her to listen closely for the noise. First up is the strains of a guitar, but there’s an additional sound that also keeps him up. This one she’ll have to put her ear to the bed to hear.

Obediently, she turns to press her ear on the bed, which brings her face to face with Jin-soo. He doesn’t notice because his eyes are closed, but the close proximity has a curious effect on her and she quickly turns the other way. Thus we get our first sign of awareness — and possible attraction — between them, or at least on her end.

But she turns back to the task, and now she can pick out the second sound, which is a running noise. No, more specifically, a person jumping rope.

But they’re not done yet, as Jin-soo has a third offender — the most annoying one — and they listen closely for another moment to isolate it. And when she does, it makes her laugh in amusement — it’s the sound of porn.

Then he instructs, “Now find them.”

Though this takes her aback — all alone? at this hour? (it’s somewhere in the vicinity of 4:30 am) — Seung-yeon plucks up the spirit and goes out, intent on finding and silencing the three offenders. Keeping her ears alert, she travels up and down the streets of the neighborhood, pinpointing the noises one by one, quieting them in turn.

Jin-soo knows when each of the three noises stops, and when the last one is turned off — the porn guy returns to his videos wearing headphones — Jin-soo smiles in sleep, finally able to rest easy.

Seung-yeon returns all flush with excitement, proud of her achievement. She sees him conked out in a deep sleep, and despite her disappointment at not being able to demand some praise for once, she smiles at the sight. She removes the glasses that sit askew on his face, then turns out the lights as she tiptoes out.

This gives her the perfect opportunity to search for sleeping pills, and she finds a bottle in his desk drawer. This also brings to her attention the manuscript pages that he has completed, and she picks up the top sheet to read.

The story starts out with the description of a woman hula-hooping in the night. A phone rings, and she struggles to wriggle her way over to answer it while keeping up the hula hoop’s momentum. The more Seung-yeon reads, the more pleased she grows — so he WAS making her hula-hoop for a reason! She’s mighty gratified to know that all her labor wasn’t in fact wasted on nothing.

Seung-yeon replaces his pills with some vitamins and throws the sleeping tablets into the trash, then unplugs the phone to allow him a good night’s rest. She leaves quietly, feeling proud of her work tonight.

However, in her effort to tiptoe away, she trips and falls down the stairs, landing hard and scraping her nose badly in the process. A cleaning lady hurries over to her in worry, gasping at all the blood. Seung-yeon is so fixated on remaining quiet — they can’t wake Jin-soo! — that she doesn’t even notice the blood until it’s pointed out.

Despite her assurances that she’s okay, the cleaning lady rings Jin-soo’s doorbell, waking him up to worry about Seung-yeon’s condition. She says that the girl fell down the stairs and was hurt pretty badly, and even though she promised she would head to an emergency room right away, the cleaning lady can’t help but feel uneasy.

This wakes Jin-soo up fully, and he tears around the apartment looking for his phone. However, since he isn’t the one who threw it away this time, he can’t find it anywhere, and resorts to the neighborhood pay phone.

Jin-soo starts calling every hospital in the neighborhood to ask about Seung-yeon, but makes no headway. He is so intent on tracking her down that he’s still there when the sun rises. When Eun-young gets back to check in on him, she finds him anxiously looking for his own phone again. He goes through the apartment in frustration until finally he finds it in the washing machine.

Eun-young watches perplexed as he plugs in the phone and checks that it’s working, but doesn’t make a call. Instead, he sits by it, all wound up with nerves, waiting for a call to come in. (Awww. Whose heart melted at this?)

It turns out that Seung-yeon’s phone broke in the fall, and her brother has gotten it fixed for her. She turns it on to see the whole call log filled with a strange number. Her eyes widen in shock when she checks her messages and hears Jin-soo’s angry-worried voice demanding to know where she is. Checking the time, she sees that he called at 5:30 am, and it’s now 5 pm.

Too anxious to wait for Seung-yeon to call, Jin-soo and Eun-young wonder if perhaps she hasn’t called because she’s been in the hospital all day. They drive out to her neighborhood to check on her in person, and therefore see her rushing out to grab a taxi, on her way to Jin-soo’s place.

Intercepting her, the three of them start to drive back to his place, and Seung-yeon apologizes for cutting into his sleep, thinking he woke up at the sound of her fall. She had only wanted to keep from waking him, and that’s why she hid his phone.

Now that his initial knee-jerk reaction has calmed, Jin-soo asks Eun-young to pull over so Seung-yeon can get out and go back home. She insists that she’s ready to work, but he says he’s just going to sleep all day tomorrow so she need not come.

She gets out and Jin-soo’s about to let her go with a cool dismissal, but then decides against it at the last minute. He gets out of the car and hands her his notebook, asking for her home phone number — after being unable to reach her cell phone all day, he realized he had no way to get in touch with her.

And then, to satisfy his curiosity, he asks what the porno guy looked like. Seung-yeon answers that he was in his forties, seemed really nice, and very embarrassed. Jin-soo smiles in amusement — it’s as much as he figured.

Contrary to his earlier instruction, as Jin-soo turns to get back in the car, he tells Seung-yeon to come in to work tomorrow after all: “Without anybody at all around, it felt… a little uncomfortable.”

That’s as close to validation as she’s going to get. Her mood lifting even higher, Seung-yeon waves them off cheerily.

She’s so good-natured that Eun-young marvels at her attitude. Jin-soo points out that she’s foolish, just like he said she was. Thinking practically, Eun-young says that he needs an assistant who’s actually helpful, and offers to introduce him to someone else.

But Jin-soo counters that for the first time in a month, Seung-yeon did something really worthwhile for him — “It was just for thirty minutes, but I was finally able to get some real sleep.”

There’s something peculiar in the way he says that — and that odd smile playing on his lips — that strikes Eun-young as odd and unfamiliar.

Meanwhile, Ji-won puts together the odd-fitting pieces of his mystery puzzle, and deduces that he’s been scammed. But this isn’t like Eun-young, and she can’t have done this on her own. Who would help her?

And then he realizes that there IS a guy who knows him well — not some stalker but a sly voice in his ear that has been stringing him along this whole time like some prankster Iago. Finally understanding, Ji-won bursts into a maniacal fit of laughter, then slams his foot down in a rage, then shrieks with laughter again. In this state of alternating rage and hilarity, he declares, “Lee Jin-soo, you punk!”

That night, Seung-yeon decides to get some pencil-sharpening practice in, buoyed by today’s uplifting events. She replays Jin-soo’s comment over and over in her mind, finding it encouraging. She even rationalizes omitting a few of the qualifiers from his original statement to produce a more definitive declaration of her value. And that’s how, out of this original sentence:

“Without anyone at all around, it felt… a little uncomfortable.”

she pares it down to the more declarative

“Without anyone here, it felt uncomfortable.”

Reasoning that “anyone” refers her, that brings us to:

“Without Kang Seung-yeon, it felt uncomfortable.”

which can be flipped upside-down to mean:

“Kang Seung-yeon must be here!”

So she gets out her microscope to study the pencil shavings in close detail and carve her pencil accordingly. At his own office, Jin-soo finds himself down to his last pencil and gets out his own knife to do the same.


This drama has so many cute scenes:

One of the things I really dug in the previous episode was the shopping trip to the department store — not because it was a great scene on its own, but because it plays with a cliche in so many kdramas, then flips it around. Rather than buying her nice clothes to give the frumpy heroine a makeover or make the hero realize how beautiful she is underneath her outdated clothing, this drama gives us that exchange purely to give Jin-soo her measurements… so he can figure out whether her body, hacked up into pieces, would fit inside a suitcase as dictated by the plot of his mystery novel.

And in this episode, it was the scene with Dong-wook that had a similar effect — it’s built up to be that typical sweet bonding moment… only not so much. In fact, if anything it argues against a Dong-wook romance for Seung-yeon, because they had all the makings of a gooey rom-com scene, but not the chemistry. The fact that the show approached this scene with such a sense of humor means that I’m not even too disappointed to have that hope dimmed.

I still won’t rule out a Dong-wook romance entirely, just because it would seem odd to cast Park Jae-jung for such a minor role, but I’m done trying to figure out what the OTP is and who is going to end up with who and what is “supposed to be” the real pairing. I’m just going to enjoy what they give us, as long as it continues to be as zany and fun as it’s been.


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    wow datz fast! So far am loving dis drama…itz moving really fast in a very weird funny way….too good!

  31. 31 leadingcharacter

    i am developing a fondness for all the characters in the show, yes, even jiwon and seungyeon. jiwon is so hopelessly lost in his own world that he doesn’t even realize nobody around him likes him. and the fact that we can all see that makes it extremely hilarious. seungyeon is just another typical k-drama heroine which i have enough of in other dramas but oh well, a k-drama must have such people.
    the point is, from the main lead to the minor ones, including dongwook, the characters are all so different, so zany and so quirky in their own right, it makes the entire drama so fascinating to watch. too bad, it’s just a 16 episode drama and not 100+ episode drama. i wouldn’t mind watching it religiously every day… it just feels so close to life despite some exaggerations of certain characters. plus it’s so wacky that i cannot control my laughter every few minutes or so and makes me feel very happy for the entire day.
    the awkward moment between seungyeon and dongwook in the bus is the ultimate! it’s such a refreshing change from the usual romantic scene we have in a moving vehicle ie. virgin snow starring lee junki and miyazaki aoi. i cannot stop laughing at their thoughts as they sat there listening to the music. do guys really interpret statements that way? think that the girls want to share the earphones with them in order to listen to the music?
    the buildup to the scene where jiwon finally figures out the truth behind the pranks isn’t lacking in terms of hilarity either. seeing jisoo’s face repeatedly close up on the screen just cracks me up. for once, i am glad the writer hasn’t constantly resorted to recycled jokes, bad cliches or gags to induce infectious laughter amongst its audience. for once, writers take their audience’s intelligence into consideration and for that, i am grateful.

  32. 32 E

    Definitely agreeing with you here ~ the show isn’t entirely based on romance which I like. And I have always been wondering why PJJ is in such a minor role ~ so I feel like he’ll play a bigger one soon but can’t wait to see more happen between SY + JS!

  33. 33 bjharm

    I think the point of the girl is she really about what you could call the only normal person in the show [if anyone is really normal] and even if she, ‘seungyeon is just another typical k-drama heroine’ as said by leadingcharachter , the way the drama is played out, that actually makes her stand out. I still say the two friends are too much alike to make a couple. While The lady boss is feeling a little funny at the way her best friend/enemy is suddenly acting and treating seungyeon I think it more to do with ownership and the special relationship they have, not so much a romantic jealousy.

  34. 34 pabo ceo reom

    Those drama excites and pains me all at the same time. I love how it portrays the romantic pairings as completely ambiguous but I also hate not knowing the OTP to cheer for!

  35. 35 avidDBfan

    Since yesterday (ep 3), there were a lot of comments about the ultimate pairing. For me, it really doesn’t matter who is with who, so as long as the drama stimulates non-stop pleasure like this one – I’m all for it.

    Totally agree that 2010 is a good year for kdrama. It has been so long since we get good drama after drama. Yay for all the good show and thanks JB to be with us all this while!!!

  36. 36 tuyettu

    Thank you very much for your fast recapping. I’m really deadly in love with this drama already. It’s funny, lovely. And all the main actors are soooooo good. 😀

    But what make me crazy is the fact that no one notice it in Vietnam. If you may know, in Vietnam people are crazy for Korean dramas. And there’re some very effective sub teams that can work with 1 ep/day speed. Personal Taste, Oh my lady,… were finished just 2 days after the final airing.

    But… why no one want to sub Coffee House? I’m ok with reading your recaps but my sister’s English is not as good. And I really wish that she can also watch the show with me. :(

  37. 37 yen_nguyen

    @ 20: I do believe JS will end up with EY! so feel at ease for your exam, we will pray for that situation to happen.

  38. 38 tisay

    wow! by far the best episode of this series…

    so sorry I can’t take it any longer…but I have to say this squeeeeee for cute scenes of JS&SY. Love the 2 them and I will be broken down into pieces (i mean literally) if they changed the partners to JS&EY and DW&SY. I can’t connect to JS&EY at all. EY always says that he knows him well but when you see it she doesn’t really know him at all (sorry dont hate me). SY is a sweet and lovely girl who will make JS happy. SY will never give up on JS and will try all her best to make him happy.

    I love, love this two! As far as seeing this episode, everybody SY to end with DW but I don’t see the connection at all. Maybe he likes her but to change the story for them to be the pairing sounds cliche for me, just to give JS&EY the main story. If this will happen… tsk tsk… I will so sad

    Ooops long post…Btw thanks for recap. Love it!

  39. 39 ahem...

    @38 tisay… all I have to say about SY is this. Real life is not like manga.

  40. 40 Marie

    Thank you for the recap JB you always do such a great job.
    I am enjoying the series soooooo much it’s a relief from Cinderella Sister which is actually giving me ulcers.

    I love the comic scenes in CH and JS’s laugh, he is so mischievous but what i love the most is JS with SY they are so cute together you can see that SY has feelings for him and caters to his needs. JS is also starting to have feelings for SY as seen in episode 4. KJH facial expressions are to die for, Love, Love him. It’s going to be a very enjoyable series.

  41. 41 marinai

    Thanks for recapping, my PP withdrawal is still hard on me but this show is really entertaining and fun to watch- :)

    “A gleeful smile spreads over her face as she wonders if this means Jin-soo has been successful, and she affectionately affixes stickers on his author poster, then gives his head a pat. It’s too cute. ”

    LOL at this scene I found PSY was looking like a plainly dumb teenager, I laughed hard….She’s supposed to be mature LMAO !!!

  42. 42 lals

    Whoa…did anyone else get a Soulmate reminder with the sharing of the earbud in the bus scene?? Though the scenes had absolutely nothing else in common and the situation couldn’t have been more different and less sweet than the Soulmate version lol. Still hilarious =]

    I’m definitely enjoying this drama! Thanks for recapping! =]

  43. 43 marinai

    @Ahem I agree with you but it’s a drama so “mangas life” is more likely to happen than real life

  44. 44 nitnotzz

    I ♥ this drama a lot!! so many ROFL moments…. =)) Can hardly wait for the next episodes to come!! but why is the ratings so low???? :((

  45. 45 oh! tht! chick!

    hahahaaa…..these writers are gonna keep us guessing till the end methinks!! boo writers boo!! loved the bus scene…i was all like awwwww and then LOL….almost bought off the kdrama cliche and then rolled around laughing…so yay writers yay!

    u know psy’s expression in the car almost reminded me of her my girl days…u know when she knows she is loosing the guy?? hmmm i hope her character does not become all mellow towards the end…act i want none of the characters to become mellow they are fine the way they are quirky and relate-able!

  46. 46 ieyzan

    I am about to say the same thing. Why is the ratings so low???? Every drama that i think was very funny and interesting eg PP and YAB both had low ratings. I hope the low ratings wont affect the actors esp kang ji hwan, He worked so hard for this. I hope that this drama has a large fan base in Korea. Please ratings, do move up for next week

  47. 47 Dara

    I’m not sure what is the outline of the story , after roughly went through ep1-4, I guess the drama explores the life of Jin Soo as a writer thru SY eyes? I sorry but I still see JS-SY as uncle-niece, but I will check it out properly when I have time. Meanwhile, I ‘ll try to stay open-minded and keep an eye on your recap and comments.

    It is fun and all but there were some uneasy feelings when I watched the pair (JS-SY), don’t know why. Still not hooked, but will be around.
    Thanks for your recap.

  48. 48 song4u2

    I was thinking of watching this one, but it appears to be headed to the “typical’ Kdrama road were the frumpy, energetic heroine gets the man….*yawns* If they do, I give the writer props for a clever disguise initially.

  49. 49 lovely_recap

    aside from the title, the similarity of Full House and this drama is that on of the main characters is a writer. hah, i’m getting interested in this. so cute :)

  50. 50 charles

    Thank you kindly for the re-cap,Javabeans:)

    With regard to who ends up with who?The real giveaway tends to be the opening credits in most Kdramas.That is,whatever the sequence of pair-ups during the opening credits,normally indicates who ends up together romantically.Well,9 times out of 10,anyways :)

  51. 51 supah

    Thanks for the recap javabeans!

    @43 lals — I definitely thought of Soulmate too, except now that I think back to Soulmate it’s kinda funny too, like she’s bawling her eyes out, crying loudly – and he’s like ”put a plug in it” and he does it literally.

    Anyway random Soulmate plug aside, this was another fun epi, I realise Ji Won and Jin-soo are absolutely electric here. I love their every scene together.
    The cutest scene for me had to be when EY puts flowers stickers over JS’s face on the poster and exclaims ”yeppo daah!” (”oh pretty!”) Hahahah!

    It’s not that I don’t like SY, it’s just the actress has a kind of vacant look in her eyes, though it does look like she’s trying to do a good job, so I appreciate her efforts.
    Oh and I loved the mission impossible theme as she’s trying to silence the neighbourhood.

    I really shouldn’t do the whole OTP shipping thing, I really wouldn’t want to be disappointed and many us did that while watching PP (because for a long time it wasn’t clear whether the lead was Park Shi-hoo’s or Han Jung-soo’s character) and it unleashed all kinds of messy girlfights. Hahaha! Never again.

    *whispers*… But please? EY-JS? Hee hee!

  52. 52 saranga

    fertile soil puahahahaa

  53. 53 who is

    yea, I’ve been trying to figure out the pairing for the past couple of episodes. I really like Seung-yeon but I don’t know why… but I want to see more of Park Si Yeon as Eun-young, and therefore, become Jin-soo’s love interest. She has changed so much since her My Girl days with her bubbly hilarious acting, but this latter half of the episode really reminded me of her in My Girl. That kind of looking off into space, thinking something was weird, but cannot quite pin point it, and decides to ignore it for the moment.
    And also, the setting feels so much like Full House, it’s weird. But… I guess that was their original idea? Coffee House? We’ll see…. I love Jin-soo’s craziness enough to continue watching.

  54. 54 Lahlita

    Ugh. This is what I get for living on the East Coast. I’m asleep before the recap comes out, and by the time I read it the next morning, I come in at the tail-end of all the hilarious commentary and conversation.

    Anyway, YAY! I cannot tell you all how thrilled I am to know that there are other people — including Javabeans herself! — who are just rolling with the flow ship-wise, at least for now. I hope more people join us, there’s room for everybody! The pairings will become obvious soon enough, so why not just let go and enjoy this awesome ride in the meantime? We can forgo our pair vs. pair issues and unite in appreciate of Dong-wook’s gorgeousness. 😀

    Can I just talk about how hilarious that bus scene was? I was DYING. I had to pause the computer so I could laugh to my heart’s content. And also, Ji-won…oh my goodness, he is not right! When he burst out into that Crazy Laugh after deducing that Jin-soo was the culprit, I was so startled that I choked on my water and spat it out all over the carpet. This drama is so good that it is actually going to kill me. I love it!

    Judging from the trailer, I think we’re about to have some excellent back-story and character development. Man, I am so on track to marry this show!

  55. 55 cathy

    i love HJH and PSY , very cute , charming in acting .

  56. 56 marres

    Since i probably won’t be able to watch this drama for a while i’ll be reading the re-caps which is just as good in my book! I just read the first four episode re-caps and i love this drama already! Its so much fun, so wacky and i actually really like all the characters/actors!
    The bus scene! Too funny with the ear plugs people. Like some of the others have commented above, i too thought of the soulmate earplug scene which was one of my favourites in that drama also.! But I loved the way they flipped it on this episode…. i am still going to root for a SY and DW paring and a JS and EY paring though.
    How cute is a sleeping KJH!
    Lovin’ it! Coffee House…aja!

  57. 57 Snikki

    Fine! I have resigned to the fact that there is a huge possibility that SY and JS will end up together, but I wouldn’t stop rooting for a EY-JS pairing. Don’t get me wrong, I love SY, too, I just love EY more. :)

    And more DW screen time, please!

  58. 58 tooizzy

    Love the mystery of the pairings. Round and round we go! Who will the real pair be? Nobody knows!!! hahahah

  59. 59 Maddy

    I’m definitely musing at the potential growth in all the characters, especially SY and JS.

    SY has plenty of room to grow/mature, where as JS and EY have have that final push to realize where their relationship lies. I feel as though JS/EY’s relationship bounces between deep friendship and severe sexual tension… does anyone else get this vibe?

  60. 60 lili

    I remember a brief mention in episode 1 when SY interviewed with JS and he looking at her resume that she was a chemistry major. I thought that was a rather random tidbit until she pulled out her microscope to study the angle of the shavings! The way the last scene was done is so neat – they both pulled up their pants and squatted to shave the pencils.

    Agree with JB on all the other laugh out loud and cute moments in this episode. I haven’t laughed so much and so hard at a kdrama for a long while. Thank you for a fun recap!

  61. 61 Kristal

    I’m so glad the first set of subs for this has been released. Can’t wait to watch it this weekend!

  62. 62 Kristal

    Kang Ji Hwan looks adorable in glasses by the way.

  63. 63 Sukispop

    Thanks, again, JB, for the great recap and insight!

    This drama is so much fun! I love the main characters and their quirks.

    That last scene where they show us how both JS and SY pull up their pants and sit in squatting positions to work on their pencils…in exactly the same way…is this foreshadowing of how their relationship might develop?

    I can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes!

  64. 64 coco

    I’m just loving this drama. It makes a nice change to not know who’s going to end up with who by the end of episode one. I feel a little confused as I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be routing for. Time to quit trying to figure it out and sit back and enjoy the ride! All will become clear by the end. Or will it?

  65. 65 Precious

    I’ve already seen the episode but I read your recaps all the same. I absolutely adore this drama, I hope it keeps the momentum going because my stomach seriously hurts from all the laughing. I love the fact that we the audience can’t figure out who’s suppose to be paired with whom at this point. In most other dramas, we know who the heroine and the chic who can’t get a clue if you slap her in the face with it (*ahem Inhee*) is almost immediately. It’s so refreshing watching this play out without having a plot in your own head. I hope I don’t jinx it, but I think this drama has the potential to be epic. Thank you for the recaps, you make my drama watching experience that much more enjoyable.

  66. 66 sophie

    Loved the bus scene.

    Still don’t like much Kang Ji Hwan’s big bursts of laughter — they seem slightly fake.

  67. 67 firsttimenewbie

    Well, after this episode, I’m definitely rooting for SY. I don’t think I was before so much as hoping JS/EY wouldn’t get romantic.

    As much as overused SY being the lead is, I think the idea that two longtime friends, who are very close, know each other well and are very similar–that they HAVE to turn romantic, I think that idea itself is also cliched.

    I adore watching JS/EY. But like I said before, the charm in their relationship come from the fact that they have their own dynamic and is not romantic. I think the charm will be lost (for me at least) once it becomes outright romantic.

    And outright romantic doesn’t mean jealousy or being uncomfortable. Best friends become jealous and uncomfortable. In this case, those feelings might lead the character to ask if there is something more. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there is.

    It would make perfect sense for EY to be a bit jealous. Doesn’t it has to end up them being romantic with each other and giving each other longing looks or whatever.

    SY is now in a similar place as EY in that JS doesn’t bother with his fake smile and nice guy with EY either. He pretty much stopped as soon as the second episode, but it really comes through in the fourth episode. It showed in the second as well, but the fourth sort of drives it home.

    The way he told her that she is so gullible and can be conned again and again, their exchanges and conversations overall.

    The fact that he just let our a screen and the way he just walked out of the room, clearly annoyed, tired and cramped.

    Anyway, yeah I am so rooting for JS/SY. I think I thought in my head during the scenes with him disheveled that I am down with this couple. He looked damn fine, and she is shared those scenes with him.

    And it was confirmed with the bed scenes. I think it has way more to do with the actor, but still. Just the whole atmosphere was just so tangible.

    I don’t think SY turning around necessarily means attraction. Well, yeah it does. But I think it is a natural thing to do with almost anyone. A good looking guy across from you like that, even if you are generally attracted to him, you most likely would immediately turn around. Plus he was just so deep in his thoughts, with his eyes closed. The other time she turned around and talked to him, it was more of an actual convo–which makes it less awkward and tension-less.

    But I’m not so sure he doesn’t realize she turned and turned to the other side. He would have heard it. But it’s not something he would really dwell on, or care about or even think about.

  68. 68 firsttimenewbie

    And I’m loving the Ji Won character, too.

    I really like the actor too. I’ve only seen him in Last Scandal, but from those two different roles alone, I am appreciating his talents as an actor.

    The only scene in Last Scandal that really touched me and brought tears to my eyes was a scene with him. When he tells his son, Hoon, that no matter what Hoon will always be the most important to him.

  69. 69 soysauce

    Viikii doesn’t work on my computer, so does anyone know where else to watch this online with english subs? download even?

    Thank you JB for the recap. Totally enjoying this drama.

  70. 70 Net-chan

    I love this drama!!! Just started watching it today and I couldn’t stop! I still have my exams next week but nevermind :p…
    All the characters bring something to the drama, and THAT is what I was looking for! They’re all so different! Seung Yeon is cute (but I don’t want her to end up with Jin Soo), Eun Young is funny (I love her laugh!!!), Jin Soo… well… Kang Ji Hwan is just the perfect actor (I am not objective, am I? :p)! Jin Woo is a very special character, I’ve never seen someone like him in the other K-dramas I have watched.
    As you said, javabeans, this drama is different in so far as it breaks with the clichés!

    But I still want Jin Soo to end up with Eun Young! But with this episode, it seems that there is a lot of chance for him to be with SY :(…

    Thanks JB for the recap :)!
    Looking forward to watching the next episodes!!!

  71. 71 Laica

    This episode was the best one so far. The humour wasn’t as far-fetched as in previous episodes (not that I didn’t enjoy SY being stuck in a suitcase) which made it even funnier. JS is the best prankster ever.

    I also loved the earbud scene. And another one I loved was when SY knocks on the door of the porn-watcher, and tells him “My baby keeps waking up, so could you turn it down?” That killed me. Because he is at times like a child, making her fulfill all these weird demands, “because I said so”. Just another way in which the dialogue in this drama is SO smart. I love it.

    I’m not about to board any ships, although I have a pretty strong feeling that SY is going to end up with JS, if only because she’s set up as the main character, she’s the only one whose family members are characters in the drama, and she has the most screen time. Unless the writers are messing with our heads once again. 😉 I almost don’t want the serious romance to start, because I’m dreading the onset of the gloom and irrationality, the tears and the dragginess that comes with it most of the time, and it seems to antithetical to the wacky charm of this drama. And I’m usually all excited for the romance to start! But there’s something special about this one.

  72. 72 Sarranghae

    SY reminds me so much of Go Mi-Nam cause honestly both character are foolish, gullible type..love it!

  73. 73 sophie

    @72 Sarranghae
    I had the same thought too !

  74. 74 Thu

    I had a feeling you would enjoy that bus scene of awkwardness because I really enjoyed it as well. When I saw the previews I didn’t expect it to go that way because, I mean, it is a drama. I loved how it turned out.

    Park Shi Yeon is really refreshing and I love her here.

  75. 75 haezi

    I loved this episode! it was the episode that got me hooked. the part that really made me go “awww” was when he asked for SY’s phone number…this from the guy who always throws away his own phones!!! all the characters are hilarious~

  76. 76 xylophonic

    I am watching as my hope for a JS/EY pairing flies out the window. And it’s raining out. ><

    Sighh. I don't really like Seung-yeon. Unlike other characters, she doesn't really have anything to offer as a character that sets her apart from other heroines. I suppose in the context it works, but I think it's my jadedness with kdrama heroines that are plucky and determined and happy no matter what that's causing this disdain. I don't want Jinsoo to end up with her, because I feel like if he does, he might lose a bit of his wonderful quirkiness (affected by the clicheness of it all, if you will xD).

    Actually, I've decided now that I don't want anyone to end up with each other. xD Just keep everyone exactly as they are! That's why we love them! Because haven't you ever watched a show with a pair of people who knew they liked each other but hadn't revealed it to the other and there are a bunch of these wonderful and funny moments that ensues? I find I don't like it sometimes when they finally get together because then most of the excitement and suspense kind of saps out. I'm afraid that's what's going to happen here.

    Anyway I loved the bus scene just like anyone else. Dong-wook made me laugh with his totally unpredictable reaction and I was completely won over with the way the two said "So awkward!" for completely different reasons. HAH.

    At the same time though I feel like this drama is jerking us around. Oh well, it's nice to be jerked around from time to time 😛

    Thankee for the excellent recap! Wonderful, as usual.

  77. 77 lili

    I am re-watching episode 1 with English subtitles. Could someone who can read Korean tell me the title of the book JS wrote? Here’s the screencap:


  78. 78 lili

    @69 soysauce – Haru2subS is subbing this show, their website also have links to places to download raws.


  79. 79 yap

    i’m rooting SY & JS they’r so uberly cute..
    well this drama is a big transformation for psy!! i kinda like her in this drama!i like her fashion sense in this drama~~

  80. 80 Sora

    Thanks Javabeans. I’m loving this drama so far.

    May I ask you a question? As I was going through your rotating headers I realized that not all of them are listed in the old and/or new sections. They are all really really pretty and I wanted to go through them for the name of the actors/actresses used. Thanks for your time.

  81. 81 sASha

    I really love this show, it kind of remind me the early episodes of Prosecutor princess where we didn’t know who ma hy rie will end up with. And it’s really refreshing and new, out of traditional scheme, we have strong lead character and a angst love couple ! Love it hope it won’t fall down after… :(

  82. 82 Khamh

    I am very glad whatching it.

  83. 83 Zotung Khamh Bawi Lian

    I lvoe this show very much. Love is very important in life. Especially between two couple.

    I also love actresses and actor.. in this show..

    I also congratulation to director

  84. 84 firsttimenewbie

    I think I have to @76 and a few others before who said that they don’t want the romance.

    I know I said I’m rooting for SY, but that is in that I would prefer her and keep the JS/EY dynamic non romantic. And because JS/SY were so great in episode 4.

    But in reality I’m not looking forward to any crazy romance in this show. I just like it as it is. Even JS/SY I just want their scenes and her becoming a pro, without them being outright romantic. But it’s not realistic for there to be no romance.

    All I can hope for is that the show is still light and funny, without melodrama and pining and pondering and staring and crying and….etc tc.

  85. 85 nareusha

    i wish he ends up with EY. i really like SY but her as a character, not with JS though judging from this episode it’s 99% he will, + the preview where EY appears in just 1 scene whereas Sy appears in almost all… and ah always the same foolish, clumsy girl does stupid stuff then surprises the guy by doing something really nice -the sleep thing-. i like her with the manager though. the bus scene was adorable <3.
    Ouh and i adore EY. she is really not your typical female lead. *prays she will end with JS*.. ^^ great drama btw xD

  86. 86 ambs

    looks like they’re veering towers JS/SY which i really don’t want >< JS/EY fit together so well personality wise.

  87. 87 ambs

    Oo my last comment broke
    JS/SY have this huge brother sister feel. i’ll admit it could be because the difference in age is seen easily, but also i don’t see the chemistry between the two. and i admit i am a bit bias because i’m SO sick of the innocent clueless woebegone main girl. i absolutely LOVE EY’s personality. and her relationship with JS seems pretty up in the air questionable (friends for ten years but mysterious with their connection to her ex-fiance.. could he have liked her in the past =o), and i feel the chemistry =]

  88. 88 rainerust

    I’m shipping EY/JS so hard I’m bound for heartbreak if JS/SY end up together (which they most probably will). Loving EY – she cracks me up SO MUCH, whereas SY just makes me go kinda meh…another one of those kdrama heroines, without a significant distinctive feature (reminds of Shining Inheritance’s female lead, whom I ended up not feeling anything special for, while I secretly empathised with the second lead).

    Nonetheless, still riding the boat to see what the final destination will be like, and yes, I’d be happy if no romantic relationships evolve in the end (cos then I can still secretly ship EY/JS!). Hoping Dong-wook has more screen time though; the bus scene just KILLED ME (like, how many socially awkward scenes SIMILAR to this in vibe have we all just gone through, eh??).

    Thanks for the brilliant recap JB! Looking forward to the next one.

  89. 89 cathy

    I really dislike the young short hair actress , untalented , not charming in acting , she makes me hate her character so
    much which i have to fast forward quite a bit , it’s be a disaster if KJH ending up with her , POOR KJH .

  90. 90 chamber

    The series seems pretty cool so far not yet to episode 4 though.

    I still think the actress that plays Seung-yeon is a bit lacking. When i saw her in the promo i thought she would be a quirky character, but all the other characters seem to have more personality than her. Plus from all the screencaps she always has the same open mouth spacey expression.

  91. 91 ambs

    i have nothing against eunjung from t-ara but i don’t think she pulls off her character in a charming enough light.. that being said i think i’d hate that character no matter WHO played her. her personality just flops for me, it just bugs me. she’s just a doormat who is “persistent”. there’s nothing to her. like when she was taking off her clothes when JS told her i was like OH PLEASE she’s really that simple minded? it makes it even worse that she reminds me of go mi nam. if i ever hear go mi nam say “ship sho” or whatever i will have to break something. i couldn’t finish you’re beautiful out of sheer frustration with go mi nam who started acting like a martyr but also just being a FOOL. i don’t understand how people find that endearing. it disappointed me so much as in the beginning she was brave and determined, and stopped that bitchy little girl from playing games during church. she turned into a helpless quivering mess to prolong the plot. BLEH. enough complaining. honestly i’m loving coffee house and i doubt i’ll stop watching but they need to give SY some depth or i’ll just have to skip all her scenes and then cry in my corner when she hooks up with JS. i mean in real life would this pairing even work? OCD 4D guy with a clueless simple minded maidlike girlfriend. ugh.

  92. 92 vinny

    However, I think SY&JS to end up together.
    They have scene many time.

    i like ep.4 so many cute scenes

  93. 93 Fafa

    thanks for the recap.

    i liked the boss scene too. and my heart melted, though a little bit, at the phone booth scene.

  94. 94 mynameisloopy

    If CH keeps this up, it would end up being my favourite show EVER.

    I’m in love with everybody! Even the very weird Ji Won.

  95. 95 spoiled

    ironic ppl who ship js &ey always talk trash about sy…
    but ppl who ship js&ys just found both of them look adorable..bo talking trash or bashing others..

    do u really need ppl to side with your opinion by talk trash about ppl who differ from you?


  96. 96 Mazzy

    EY & JS have chemistry. Love/Hate relationships are always more fun.
    SY is cute and sweet but rather see her with the gorgeous manager.

    It looks like they will go for the usual route which will be rather boring. Same old same old.

    EY & JS need to banter more. :o)

    So far really enjoying this drama. hilarious and light. Maybe SY-JS pairing will win me over?? I’ll give it a chance.

  97. 97 Mazzy

    I might add that I find the writer (cant remember name of this actor! it is 2 am now here) is absolutely adorable and charming. Killer smile.. sexy

  98. 98 yap

    UP till now..i’m really enjoying this drama~~ it’s heap of fun to watch!!
    sure a surprising one to me.. i lov it.. when drama i least expected me to like.. turns out.. i’m loving it the MOST!! just like prosecutor princess

    really hope the ratings could rise alot more.. this drama deserve some good ratings!!
    loving all the characters~~

  99. 99 Haru

    hmmm… in my opinion… SY isnt the typical borin female… she is rather a smart one that is too much into her own world…I however am rooting for JS & SY…

    SY is the person to open up JS to make him realise some stuff going around…

    There are some pointers that EY is the main lead however.. i rewatched the episodes a few times and i also read the recaps… those two go way back together, at some point it shows that EY is gonna be the main lead..

    I think SY is the one who will be openin the path for these two while she herself either end up with DW or single…

    Allthou maybe its the other way around i donno but that is the feeling im gettin so far…

  100. 100 Haruka

    I agree at certain points with u Haru… allthou i must say… in all and i mean all the dramas i saw so far… the first girl to make the appearance is the main lead, same way with the guy… but maybe perhaps this is a different one?

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