Dramabeans Podcast #1
by | May 15, 2010 | 223 Comments

New toy! I’ve been wanting to try a podcast for ages, but lacked the technical wherewithal (and time) to fiddle around with it till now. But I’ve brushed up my techie skills and persuaded girlfriday to join me in this venture, and together we took a stab at our very first Dramabeans podcast.

I apologize in advance for moments when I get too close to the mic — I don’t think it’s TOO bad, or at least I hope it’s not, but I will definitely keep this in mind if/when we try the next one. Also, if you’ve got questions or suggestions for future editions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

You can listen through the player below, or if you’d like to put it on your mp3 players or take it elsewhere, you can download the sucker: [ Part 1 ] and [ Part 2 ]

We hope you enjoy what we have to say!

Part 1: Wherein javabeans and girlfriday discuss old-school dramas, Feelings, Lee Jung-jae, recapping, cliches and tropes, the dreaded wrist-grab, women and repressed sexuality, Pasta, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, Kim Bum, Boys Before Flowers, relationships, and Personal Taste:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(Note: It may take a moment to load. You can adjust volume up and down with the bars on the left of the audio player.)

Part 2: Wherein javabeans and girlfriday discuss Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister (through Episode 12, although with very few if any spoilers for later episodes), and Sandglass very briefly:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Insomnia” by Humming Urban Stereo
“질투” (Jealousy) from the Jealousy OST
“Cranes” from the Sandglass OST
“느낌” (Feelings) from the Feelings OST
“너의 뒤에서” (Behind You) by Park Jin-young from the Feelings OST
“아마그건” from the Feelings OST
“Lucky Day” by Every Single Day from the Pasta OST
“Beautiful Girl” by Byul from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry OST
“The Woman Who Cut My Guitar String” by Kim Bum from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry OST
“꽃다운 서른넷” (Flower-like 34) from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry OST
“야릇한 느낌” (Peculiar feeling) from the Personal Taste OST
“오늘의 날씨” (Today’s weather) by Lovely from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry OST
“말도 안돼” (It can’t be) by Younha from the Personal Taste OST
“Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov from the Personal Taste OST
“Summer People” by Sub from the Triple OST
“Paradise” by T-Max from the Boys Before Flowers OST
“너 아니면 안돼” (It has to be you) by Yesung from the Cinderella’s Sister OST
“뒷동산” (Back hill) from the Cinderella’s Sister OST
“Smile Again” by Lee Yoon-jong from the Cinderella’s Sister OST
“Main Title” from the Sandglass OST
“그대라는 날개” (Wings like you) by Kim Tae-woo from the Personal Taste OST

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223 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. :)

    this is so cool!

  2. Angela

    This is awesome! Great idea. You’re both so interesting, and it’s great being able to put voices to the names… I love your voices! ^_^

    • 2.1 ckdarkraven23

      ditto!! love your voices 😀

      • 2.1.1 omo_omo

        ditto! love your voices :)

  3. strawberryfieldsforever

    congrats on your new “baby” :)

  4. annieee

    omg, im so excited to get to hear our awesome recappers’ real-life voices!!

    thank you, jb, for keeping this wonderful, wonderful blog alive and strong!

  5. Marteki

    awww this is soo cool!…I’m glad to hear some voices :)

    have fun ppl!

  6. R

    This is prob a stupid question but is Javabeans Korean?

    Cause when she does recaps, she translates the dialogues as well…..just curious.


  7. langdon813


    I listened to like the first 5 minutes but decided it would be much more fun to have an adult beverage (or 3) while I listen so I can feel like I’m there too! Sounds like the perfect end to the girl’s night out I already have planned for tonight!

    Great idea JB! 😀

  8. Free

    This is a big surprise! This is great!
    Love it, love it, love it !!!
    And you two have lovely voices.

    How did you two do it? Were you two together in the same room or ….?

  9. Elfie


    This so very awesome!

    Greatly appreciate this.

  10. 10 mimi

    Nice! Reminds me The View and the type of coffee talk — minus Joy Behar though, whom I can’t stand.

  11. 11 tokki86

    I absolutely love it!!!!
    I enjoy reading the recaps and now the podcasts, you are doing a great job.
    My sojou every evening…dramabeans…
    Looking forward to more!
    감사합니다 !!!

  12. 12 ilovebinderclips

    whoaa, cool! i only heard the first 10 seconds or so because of time constraints, but it was really interesting to hear your voices and compare those to what i had imagined while reading your recaps. keep it up!

  13. 13 lovenyc52

    oh this is AWESOME!!!

    wait wait, let me grab my adult beverage as well…

    lovin this :) keep it up!!!

  14. 14 pabo ceo reom


    Just the thing to spice up the site…..interactive content takes sites to the next level right? Who knows? Maybe you'll even publish VLOGs or videos in the future… :)

  15. 15 raye

    wow! thanks for the podcast!
    both of you have such lovely voices~~!

    i enjoyed the discussions!
    thank you very much!

  16. 16 lili

    Neat! I don’t know if this was on purpose, but when I played the podcast on my desktop JB comes through one speaker, while girlfriday comes through the other speaker – so it actually feels like the you two are sitting on opposite sides of me!

  17. 17 alert

    hahaha. I found myself verbally responding and agreeing. And adding up my own part. LOL.

    This is totally great! Finally being able to match the voices and the recaps. And I could totally see them coming from the same people. Great job you two! Love this so much. I first listen to them online, but now I’m sooo downloading them, so that I would always be part of the conversation as well. Hehe.

  18. 18 Protocol Snow

    Great idea! Hope this podcast will have a regular schedule.

  19. 19 looveygood

    woah I love it, you’re good!!!
    Keep it good! Javabeans and Girlfriday rocks!!

    But who’s is the first speaker?? Javabeans??

  20. 20 wizwidz

    thanks a lot for the podcast. really enjoy your talk. hope to hear more from you guys soon.

  21. 21 odynia

    wow!! great idea :))
    in some parts i noticed that i am nodding ^^

    i am also curious if javabeans is korean or not..

  22. 22 kate

    great idea!! I absolutely LOVE it!

  23. 23 charlie

    Wow! This is so exciting! I’ve downloaded the podcasts to listen to later (boo studying for school!) and I can’t wait to hear both of your thoughts! :)

  24. 24 looveygood

    Sorry, I only heard part 2 hehehe…
    But after I listened 1st part, I know the 1st speaker was Javabeans ^_^

  25. 25 zirenjo

    nice!….loved your recaps more and more together with girlfriday…guess i have to get something to drink as i listen to this…

  26. 26 estelle

    This is so cool! Now we get to hear their real voices!

  27. 27 jusash

    AWESOME! Hope to ‘hear’ more from both of you soon. Keep ’em coming.

    Way to go, this is so cool! Almost like having girlfriends in the room.

  28. 28 Mona

    Omo… I love your podcast, JB. I want to join and gush about my love of K-drama with you and Girlfriday. Jealous!

    The beginning about food and alcohol… Absolutely true and one of the most awesome part of K-dramas.

    Thank you! You and Girlfriday are both amazing.

  29. 29 Tendoclan

    I just love it……….it is like “The View”……what fun for me to listen about dramas…please keep it up………WOW

  30. 30 theedie

    hi, just a suggestion: could you either turn down the volume of the background music or not have it at all next time? At times I had a hard time hearing what you were saying because the music was a little loud. Otherwise it was interesting hearing your voices for the first time.

  31. 31 Kender

    I like this! Definitely an interesting new dimension to the site.. I’ll be keeping my eye open for more in the future.

    And kinda off-topic, but I totally didn’t expect you to sound like that, JB. For some reason I thought your voice would be deeper. XD

  32. 32 marissa

    Javabeans, I’ve always imagined you with an “ajumma” voice, lol. You totally sound agassi-like, haha. It’s not about age; I’ve always being told I’m an ajumma in young body. Your voices are lovely, both of you.

  33. 33 pabo ceo reom

    I just finished listening to the whole thing and I felt like I was right there in the convo with you guys!

    (Though I do look quite crazy talking to myself……)

    Anyhow, keep it up! I’m really looking forward to seeing (err…listening to) more of this!

  34. 34 pabo ceo reom

    Oh I forgot one thing (too spastic I see…)

    I second theedie’s comment about the background music. Very nice touch (I can’t even imagine how to do it technically XD) but lowering the volume would be great. It was JUST loud enough to be slightly distracting.

  35. 35 smiley263

    Such a GREAT idea!!! Love your voices…

  36. 36 Ri

    Haha this is so cool! Now it really feels like one big kdrama fans community. Haha! Great to put voices to names and you’re both really insightful. Lookin forward to more of your recaps! :))

  37. 37 Kfan

    I liked it but who is on which “side”? ^^

  38. 38 müge

    I’m not sure who is the one speking first but her voise is sooo lovely.
    also, as a faithful follower of JB, it’s really great to be able to hear ur voices.
    thanx so much JB ^_____^

  39. 39 aberdeen_angus

    I’ll just say: Great! I hope this’ll be a regular section of the site ^^

  40. 40 Starscream

    can you ladies post your pics? you sound kinda hawt :) I need a face to attach to the voices.

    And surprisingly, I actually enjoyed listening to this podcast (I didn’t think I could sit through a podcast about kdramas, but you guys did a good job).

    I still think this site needs a redblooded male perspective…there’s too much estrogen.

  41. 41 rach

    it’s so cool to finally place a voice on the person who rights so many awesome kdrama articles!

  42. 42 Molly


    Me too! One is from my left speaker and the other is from the right. I love it, and wonder if it was intentional.

    Now I’m trying to guess who’s who…”Evil scarface.” -tries to remember if this is a Javabeans quote or a girlfriday quote- Both of you have wonderful voices!

    Love the podcasts! I hope you’ll do more in the future. Do you two know each other in real life?

  43. 43 müge

    sorry! I’d written my comment only after listenning part 1 with a big excitement and wanted to share my own opinion about PT and CS, too.
    I don’t know excatly when it happened but for some time I’m getting bored while watching PT. maybe after seeing LMH and YEH together with their perfect match or after seeing JH-GI’s being real couple. really don’t know when it was but I absolutely disaggree the extension. I’m a bit dissappointed as I’ve waited to watch PT like a crazy.
    for CS, I really love MGY’s acting and her pure beauty and for me, the most amazing thing for CS is that even though we couldn’t see a real skinship or intimacy, I feel I’m dying whenever I see MGY and CJM together like mayn watchers. I think there is always a charm in unapproachable and hard love. to me, the only negative thing is SW. many people freak out my comment about her but I really dislike every way of her. both her fake face and also her character in the drama is unbearable for me.
    I can go on but I thin it’s been long enough.
    again, JB! I really admire ur site and unique recaps, comments. love, love, love…

  44. 44 Lucky

    I am a faithful follower of Dramabeans, although it is my first time posting a comment. This is so awesome! I always wondered what my fav recappers look/sound like – it’s great to be able to hear you. Love your voices and your laughs. And JB and girlfriday are insightful and witty as usual. Loved your remarks with the kdrama wrist-grab and allusion to Grey’s. You are both very good with words. Look forward to more recaps/podcasts from you guys!

  45. 45 Dahee Fanel

    AWESOOOOOME. 😀 Seriously, what a great idea (and execution)! I enjoyed every second of it. Please, keep them coming!

  46. 46 Sukispop

    What a neat surprise, JB and girlfriday! I listened to about 10 minutes of Part 1, then decided to download both parts so that I can listen to them tonight, with beverage in hand, without any interruptions or distractions.

    You both have really nice voices, and I agree with the other commenter who mentioned that it’d be really cool if you could post your pics. Then, we could connect your voices to two nice faces. =)

    I liked the background music, but agree that it was just a bit loud and it sometimes made it difficult to hear what you were saying.

    I think that the DB Podcasts are a wonderful addition to the already great DB experience! Thanks, JB! And thanks to you, too, girlfriday!

  47. 47 movall

    WOW, just WOWWWWW,
    It’s a big surprise :)

    LOVE YOUR VOICES JBs and Girlfriday. I feel so close to you guys now.
    Thanks so much. Keep them coming please!

  48. 48 La Fea

    You sound young and sweet, sorry but I imagined you a bit more scarier ha ha ha 😀

  49. 49 Molly

    I think Javabeans is on the left and girlfriday on the right. It’s so fun hearing your voices – prior to this, you were simply mysterious, incredibly articulate people…and now I’m picturing you as less mysterious, incredibly fascinating people who I’d love to know in real life. Lol. Hope that doesn’t sound creepy or stalker-ish.

    Omg! That reminds me of something someone posted on a Woman Who Wants to Marry recap about having a crush on girlfriday’s writing. Well, I have a crush on your voices! Ha. Hearing your insight into these dramas adds another layer to your written thoughts.

  50. 50 rubyred19

    It’s awesome to finally put an actual voice to your writing voice. Think you will move onto video cast next? Then we can put a face to the voice? It’ll definitely be one more step in being more closely connected to your audience. Also, as someone mentioned before me, I did not expect you guys to sound so young for some reason lol. Your blog is one of my addictions, keep up the great work!

  51. 51 javabeans

    Sorry about the music levels, people! And thanks for pointing it out. I went back and forth a lot about the volume and kept lowering it, but then you could barely hear any music at all so I’d raise it again. Everything sounded fine on my speakers but I’ll DEFINITELY keep that in mind for the future.

    Glad people are enjoying it! It was tons of fun to do. 😉

  52. 52 bippa

    cool idea

    I liked the stereo effect
    made it seem more like a conversation somehow

    also I’m an audio nerd so if you ever need help with the podcast, or have questions about recording digital audio feel free to ask

    thanks for the podcast!

  53. 53 Bluefire

    I loved listening to this. I definitely hope you do it again. Great idea!
    I didn’t really care about the levels…maybe because I turned it up and I was doing stuff in the kitchen while I was listening. 😀 Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  54. 54 Starscream

    yeah, just finished listening to the entire podcast

    good stuff…

    in the future you may want to have a little more structure…this one just seemed like you were both speaking extemporaneously, which nothings wrong with that. but if you’re gonna make the podcast a regular thing, having some structure will help you.

    also, I would hope you get a male perspective in the future podcasts. maybe samsooki would be a good guy to get.

    it would be very interesting to hear how different genders view kdramas and the roles….for example, most women hate the In Hee character on Personal Taste yet I love her…so it would be interesting angle to explore.

  55. 55 Kate

    OMG…Love it…

  56. 56 Lizzie

    LOVE your idea! You’re both great!! >.<

  57. 57 bippa

    “also, I would hope you get a male perspective in the future podcasts. maybe samsooki would be a good guy to get.

    it would be very interesting to hear how different genders view kdramas and the roles….for example, MOST women hate the IN-HEE character on Personal Taste yet I love her…so it would be interesting angle to explore.”

    DUDE your cracking me up right now


  58. 58 crzycpl

    *claps furiously* BRAVO! BRAVO! (I just finished re-watching Nodame Cantible :p)

    You girls sound just like me when I discuss kdramas with my gfs. heheheh we’re universally alike, although you have the advantage of being Korean and understanding the Korean culture whereas my gfs and I just speculate on what Korean culture is really like. Sometimes we watch kdramas without subtitles and just guess what the actors are saying from their expressions etc. hehehe it’s just as fun.

    Your voices sound fabulous in the podcast and the music is a great effect. I love it. Great idea and would love to hear more in the future.

  59. 59 v

    OMG…. was my first reaction
    LOVE IT!!! is my conclusion.
    not only do we get to hear ur opinions, we also get to hear ur voices!! yoohoo! reading ur recaps is great but listening to your voices is really cool!
    and it was really entertaining too!!! hope you’ll do it again soon!!
    and as an aside… JB, ur voice really surprised me… u feel so mysterious and mature in your recaps/comments that when i heard your voice, i was like OMG, sounds so… i don’t know.. like my friends rather than like my mom.. haha.
    this is FUN!!

  60. 60 rubyred19

    Maybe it was because I had my speakers up loud but I thought the music level was perfect when it was in the background. I thought any lower and it would’ve have been muffled.

  61. 61 April

    LOVED your podcasts! It was so weird to hear your voice javabeans, I’ve followed your blog for a while now and its always fun to get someone else’s opinion on a drama. Do you have the link for girlfriday’s blog, I’d really like to start following hers as well.

  62. 62 neliq

    OMG!! It’s so good to hear both of you, javabeans and girlfriday. Right off the start you got me laughing so much. I am not a drinker but since I started watching K-dramas I always wanted to try Soju. I got my first bottle and drank Soju for the first time while watching a K-drama and boy-oh-boy, I’m hooked. I don’t even like it so much but there is something about drinking a shot of Soju when your favorite characters are “supposedly” drinking it too.

    I love your podcast and hope you continue entertaining us with your insights and great reviews. Thanks! Fighting!

  63. 63 Dafné

    I love it I love it I love it !!! XD
    It’s so funny how voices (that are both very nice by the way) can make a difference… I don’t know for other but after hearing you my perception of you totally changed 😀
    I didn’t know that you were Korean living in America? or so I guess, I’m french so maybe I didn’t understood right… (you MUST be, if not your awsome accent in english would be too unfair lol)
    So funny hearing you talking about non-korean watching kdrama and wanting to eat “kdarma'” food instead of good korean food for exemple because it’s so true ! And actually I did think that Korea was quite conservative… and not only because women are prude in drama, but as a whole… but don’t worry, I do believe viewers are quite aware that life isn’t a kdrama, and is not as pretty.. ;D And it’s funny to watch korean life from a jdrama point of view, and vice versa, the impression is quite different..
    Also as others I was surprised to discover that you’re quite young, I guess we could be the same age, but sometimes, reading some recaps, I somehow imagined you were older that you seems to be (well, voice can’t be an exact indicator, but you do seem quite young)
    Well anyway, I totally love this and if you fix the little problem with the music level, it will be perfect !!

    (Also I was curious about something, maybe stupid, but well, who doesn’t ask doesn’t get an answer; the fact that you recorded it both of you javabeans and girlfriday, does that mean you know each other in “real” life?
    If so you’re so lucky to have found someone to talk of kdrama and even better to analyse them !!! I wish someone would watch as much kdrama (or even jdrama!) as I do ! =D

  64. 64 Neverletgo

    Wow, I feel like a wall has been broken down! It’s so strange (in a good way!) to hear your voice, javabeans! I’ve been reading your blog devotedly for quite a while now, but of course the voice in my head narrating your writing is quite different from your actual voice. 😉 Your voice is lovely; I hope you continue to post these podcasts!

  65. 65 Bluefire

    You know speaking of the dumb music and cues in Kdramas, I was thinking about being a music director/whatever in productions there. I’ll be graduating with a BS in Music soon and all. Haha! That would be fun. Just a random thought 😉

  66. 66 dannaluk

    wow..i finally get to hear your voices…i havent even heard it completely….but this is awsome!…..i wanna hear more of this…i agree with the ppl who mentioned abt getting more male perspectives as well…bt this is wonderful as it is…i get to hear my 2 fav kdrama bloggers!!

  67. 67 moomincandylalala

    How fun! Now I can get my double dose of kdrama crack via both auditory and visual channels… you guys are true to your blog personalities- loving your insightful conversations with the perfect balance of humor, honesty, cynicism and healthy fan-girling… keep it coming :)

  68. 68 Amg1

    This is Beyond Cool!!!!! Keep it coming, Lots of Love to you two!!!!!

  69. 69 ockoala

    Thanks so much for a delicious afternoon treat for the mind and ears, JB and girlfriday.

    I loved listening to your podcast and playing with the baby, she was very curious why I was talking back to the voices coming from the computer. 😀

    Like langdon, I, too, need to listen to that (again) with a tall cold beer.

  70. 70 FasirisFay

    so cool but also very weird (in the best way possible!)
    just never imagined you guys to sound like that (don’t know what I imagined you two to sound like) lol but its so cool to put a voice to the stellar writing
    (I love writing and love reading your recaps, just for the great way you describe what just happened in the show, but so that you can definitely hear your ‘voice’)

    Look forward to more of these! 😉

  71. 71 moana

    so . . . will we start sending in questions for you to answer soon? ’cause that would be fun!~

  72. 72 yay

    This podcast is great, thanks so much and hope you continue to make them!

  73. 73 djinni

    i really enjoyed the podcast, girls! look forward to more in the future!

  74. 74 kaedejun

    heee! i must say that i love finally being hearing your voices!!!

    this is pretty cool =P

    next up – podcasts on itunes?!?!?!=P

  75. 75 xiahkixiri

    that was awesome fun to listen to, guys. concur on the music; maybe you could be like radio newscasters and have a short clip proper separating each topic you discuss? although i had to admit i squealed with glee when almost paradise came on, that was an awesome blast of nostalgia. almost paaaaaaaaaaaradiiiiiiiise!!!!!! <3 still gold, baby!

    i also agree with those saying you sound younger and less ~scary~ isn't really the right word, but… hum. the giggles were cute and unexpectedly young and girly, and then when you talked your voices were young but what you were saying was more mature, and it was really.. idk, personable? like what you guys were talking about with woman who still wants to marry, and your girlfriends. when you move beyond teenage years and are still young at heart and sound, but begin to talk about more grown-up things, and from a more adult perspective. it was really nice. <3 definitely keep them coming, guys, although maybe not TOO often, but as a semi-rare treat. the surprise factor was definitely part of the pleasure; i'd enjoy it if they were sprung on us again.

  76. 76 yumi-chan

    I really like this.
    I love hearing your insights about dramas and you guys are just so funny.
    One small request though- what are the songs you guys used throughout the podcast?

  77. 77 Penn

    This is great! Keep it coming. Oh, can I request to have Samsooki on your next podcast.

  78. 78 MEL

    JB AND GIRLFRIDAY…wow it would have been great to hear your voices recapping the just ended OH! MY LADY.!!!…. The withdrawal symptoms are still quite present, I’m trying to find ways to lessen them. Do you think you’ll do pod casts of older dramas as well as just recently ended ones? (HINT! HINT!) I’m on this bandwagon, your talking in English would really be great for one who is heavily addicted to Kdramas. I work the night shift and one way of avoiding sleepiness is listening to my ipod… and still continue working. Your podcasts would be such a treat…..Yey!!! Great to know there are other ways to get your recaps!!! Yahoo!!! and here’s a toast to your new venture!!! Good Luck!

  79. 79 juliannanow

    It’s very nice to Hear your opinions. I like it a lot.

    I was wondering if you two could pick some dramas where one loves it a lot and the other just hates it.

    I would love to see some point and counter point discussions.

  80. 80 kaedejun

    hehehee – all these requests for samsooki crack me up!

    I just have a question – can you control whether your voice is recorded only on the left or right, or is it out of your control and based on your mic? Because when i listen with only one earbud i can only hear girlfriday’s voice for example, and it’s weird just hearing silence and then a random “uh huh” 😛

    if you can control it, maybe you can record it where the audio tracks are mixed, so that we can hear both your voices from both earbuds, instead of separately!? just asking… =D

  81. 81 peanut butter

    that was a great podacst!! it was definitely fun to listen to you two have a conversation! oh drama stimulation =]

  82. 82 pandachime

    You ladies were A-MAZING! I’m looking forward to more! i always enjoy reading your recaps. Now i have more reasons to come on this site during work hours:) Quick Question: Whats the song in the beginning of part 1? Its UBER adorable!.

  83. 83 robotdollsheart

    I was sooo hoping you would do somthing like that !!! XD

    thanks soooooo much
    the part about the woman who still wants to marry is sooo true !! i love the drama and kim bum XD

  84. 84 okdubu

    just seconding that yeah music volume should be lower in upcoming (:D???) installments. I LOVE YOU GUYS HAHA. and JB i can totally tell you’re from cali LOL.

    please, yes to more podcasts!!! listening to this makes me wanna pick up personal taste again, since you guys mentioned it’s kind of picked up in recent episodes…

    off to watch cinderella sister 13 and 14~ since i’m officially done with my sophomore year in college! again, TY guys for doing this ’twas just lots and lots of fun 😀

  85. 85 namedx

    Way to go ladies! I’m glad you’ve found a new medium to channel your thoughts-it’s fun, exciting and ever so creative! Lol glad to ‘hear’ people talking serious Kdrama for a change! Hope you’ll continue with it, it gives us non-Korean speaking people more insight into into the real world of Kdrama and the reality of kdrama cliche!

    peace out

  86. 86 Molly

    Hmm, where has Samsooki been lately?

  87. 87 Nhu

    Wow. xD You guys sound so young….. I’m so shocked. O.o Not that you guys are old on the blog or anything, but…

    But I really do think that girlfriday is your drama soulmate, javabeans. I ADORE you together.

  88. 88 mookie

    O M G what a delightful wkend treat, ladies!! :)


    I’m truly grateful, not only we have this great blog to share our lives and thoughts on everything under the sun, most of all dramas, and now you both upped it by sharing bits of your personal selves and allow us to be your friends!

    Thank you! <3

  89. 89 Melissa

    you girls are so funny! i enjoyed it, thx 😀

  90. 90 supah

    This is was so FUN!
    It had a really magical ”things only devoted kdrama junkies can understand” kinda vibe about it. <3

    Although I don't watch PT, I had to laugh and nod at the background score musings (?) as PP's episode 12 had some pretty annoyingly intrusive soundtrack and b/g score placement.

    Can't wait to hear more from you two girls!

  91. 91 Lisa

    Reading recaps will never be the same again lol. JB, your voice is so much more ~girlish~ than I thought.

    You two should do another podcast again. Loved it!

  92. 92 loveyoumomo

    I’m still listening to the podcast as I’m writing this. Like everybody else, while reading both your recaps, i sort of had an image of how you both would sound/look like and hehe, this podcast just totally blew me away. I loved it. I love this blog and am thankful to have discovered it :3 It’s great to hear your perspectives on each episode ~~^^
    Love all the requests for samsooki to be on the podcast too. It would be really interesting to hear his voice & opinions too.

    Fighting ~~<333

  93. 93 CG

    LOVED IT ladies!! Keep em’ Comin! ;D

  94. 94 Sakura

    I enjoyed your podcast and I was equally crazy about The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (awkward title though!).
    For suggestions, I would love to hear you discuss Prosecutor Princess since I am a very huge fan (it’s my favourite current kdrama) and I’d love to hear your opinions on it. I don’t understand why the ratings aren’t very high since I don’t think it’s similar to Legally Blonde and Kim So Yeon has done an excellent job in portraying Ma Hye Ri’s growth as a character.

    Thank you!

  95. 95 sallynally

    Javabeans, what is the name of the first song playing during the first podcast? It sounds familiar, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance!

  96. 96 curiouscat

    i absolutely love you two! i love that you injected the music in, although the volume level could be tweaked a little more, plus the “unbalanced” of JB’s and girlfriday’s voice volume could also be tweaked with more. I kept on thinking that girlfriday was on the far side of the couch hehe. But overall love the podcast. Hope we get to hear from you girls when the dramas you’ve recapped end. It would be nice to hear all both your commentary on what happened. Thanks JB and girlfriday!

  97. 97 dimpleangel

    Somebody please help me? For some reasons, both the podcasts didn’t show up on my MF and IE browsers? they are both the latest versions.
    I’m dying to tune in DB and girlfriday’s chitchat huhu
    thanks in advance!!!!

  98. 98 amhrancas

    This was so much fun to listen to!! Thank you both for doing this (I’m sure it was just torture, really XD), and In can’t wait to hear the next one!!

  99. 99 mmmaggie

    This is awesome. I’m totally jealous b/c none of my friends watch k-dramas. I’m downloading “Feelings” now. I’d never heard of it before your podcast. I’ll watch it to fill the void left by Oh My Lady. :) Oh, and the volume was fine on my Mac.

  100. 100 jandoe

    both of you have suchhhh LOVELY voices! I’m so surprised! Keep this coming 😀

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