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Main character posters out for Kim Suro
by | May 18, 2010 | 58 Comments

The character posters are out for the 7 main characters of MBC’s upcoming historical drama Kim Suro, who are played by the following: Ji Sung as the title character Kim Suro, Bae Jong-ok as his mother, Yoo Oh-sung as Suro’s ambitious rival, Seo Ji-hye as Suro’s queen, Go Joo-won as another rival, Kang Byul as Suro’s first love, and Lee Pil-mo as a former friend and later opponent.

Kim Suro premieres on May 27 and airs on the weekend.

The photo at the top is Ji Sung as Kim Suro, and it took me a few hard looks to wrap my head around that, since I couldn’t believe it was him.

Below is Yoo Oh-sung:

And Go Joo-won:

Bae Jong-ok:

Seo Ji-hye:

Lee Pil-mo:

And Kang Byul:

Via Star News


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. animedork101

    I like the selection for the first love…. But maybe it’s because I thought she was funny in Creating Destiny/Making Fate…

  2. Sissy

    Wow! Their costumes/clothes look a different here.

  3. julie

    Dear JB, Kim Suro will premiere on May 29, replace A Man Called God, not on 27

  4. lb_tmi

    wat? huh? that first pic is Ji Sung? really? i’m not doubting you, JB. i’m doubting myself.. my new eyes. i just don’t see Ji Sung.. at.all.

    even tho i don’t see Ji Sung in Kim Suro, Kim Suro is totally HOT. so different from the first promo stills that were intially released. i am SO eating my previous words. JS totally looks the role now.. whatta transformation!

    my interest has just skyrocketed.

  5. kaedejun


    i know right!? seo ji hye’s looks like she’s wearing Indian costumes…

    oh – just looked it up. according to legend she came from India.. =P

  6. exupery

    gosh … the stylist for this drama is darn bad at men’s fringes. lol ….. especially go joo-won’s hair … yucks~

    not feeling seo ji-hye’s costume either … it’s a bad imitation of Indian costumes if that’s what its suppose to be.

    ji sung does look unrecognizable … and i don’t mean that in a bad way either.

  7. hulay

    I think the queen should be played by an indian actress because seo ji hye is no where looking indian-ish. And indian costumes are so beautiful and delicate- the saris and everything. Surely they could do better than that cheap looking cloth?

  8. Kender

    Is Seo Ji-hye wearing a Koreanified sari? How..confusing. Looks good though.

  9. annae

    …shes looks fine……if they have an indian actress play the queen…how is she going to speck korean? they either have to use a lot subtitles or dub the voice… which is annoying..

  10. 10 Kender

    Oh, wait. She’s supposed to be from India or something, right?

    Then just ignore my fail. XD

  11. 11 Sumee

    Don’t you think Seo Ji-hye attire looks like Indian Saree ..

  12. 12 Sissy

    @Hulay … That would have been very interesting if they did have an Indian actress play as the queen.

  13. 13 anna

    WOW. And not a very good wow. The men’s hair is just terrible. So awkwardly fake looking.

  14. 14 zero2303

    Was the queen supposed to be an Indian lady? Then maybe the northen indian
    , they are usually very delicate and fair. LOL

  15. 15 v

    OMG for ji sung’s pix… o_O
    i’m trying to look really hard and still don’t see him. lol.
    but i love seo ji hye costume.. XD

    thanks for the news! not sure if i’m looking forward to this but will try the first few episodes.

  16. 16 leodicean

    Well..As an Indian myself, I’d have to say they could have made a better choice for an Indian princess..Well she looks okay in other pictures, but in this one she just looks like a Korean trying to dress up as an Indian.. without knowing anything about their culture. I really really hope that costume was NOT meant to be a sari. Really. If you’re going to play an Indian character, shouldn’t you at least do some research on how to tie a sari? Or at least a better color choice? It’s not exactly nuclear science. And just FYI, a sari is not a piece of cloth wrapped around a T-shirt. And her headpiece looks more Egyptian then Indian.

    The rest of the cast look awesome. Excluding the men’s fringes of course. Still trying recover from Ji Sung/Joo Won/Pil-Mo hotness..

  17. 17 thistle12

    @16 leodicean Would you really expect her to dress like a modern Indian woman? I don’t know enough to defend this costume at all, but I’d guess saris have changed a lot over time, too.

  18. 18 confused1

    I’ve seen indian historical dramas/movies. They don’t show any skin and they usually wear veils, but the outfits are usually well adorned especially if your a queen. I think her headpiece doesn’t look indian to be honest, ive never seen any of that in any of the historical dramas . However, i realize the focus is not indian clothes so it doesn’t matter anyways, she looks really pretty still with what they threw on her. 🙂 Yoo Oh-sung’s outfit is intriguing.

  19. 19 Mana

    Wow Lee Pil-mo may be old (if yu compair it with my age) and i still like him. He look good in that pic ^^

  20. 20 Nsheldon

    Ah, Lee Pilmo and Go Joo Won on the same drama. Two of my favs…

  21. 21 VANDANA

    my gosh……..are they showing some indo-korean fusion ????………lol its kinda funny ..how tht queen has wrapped the dress .” SAREE”…around her waist ……..thts really pathetic to see…! ;-p
    ….y dont u come here ?…me myself an Indian……..

    i can teach u much bettr way to wear tht ..SAREE !!!

  22. 22 Ana

    LOL at the sari.:-) Reminds of Go Mi-nam trying to be an Indian ‘prince’ in You’re Beautiful. They should have done better research on the costumes.
    Me thinks an Indian princess would prob look more like this.

  23. 23 viola

    It is surprising how little the sari has changed over the years. The sari is almost always a 12 foot cloth that is about 2.5 feet wide, with an embroidered border that follows lengthwise. The last few feet of the sari is called the pallu. It falls over the shoulder and is embroidered/ printed more heavily than the rest of the sari.

    There are two essential pieces of garments needed to wear the sari, an under slip and a blouse. The sari wraps around the waist once, then is folded in pleats and the pleats are tucked into the slip. Then the last few feet comes around the shoulder and the pallu drapes from the shoulder. Tying it varies from region to region in minor ways, as in which shoulder the pallu falls over and such.

    Althoug the sari haven’t changed the blouse has. The blouse was always midrift baring but older or more conservative women wore it long to cover their waist. Now it is fashionable to show more skin, so the hem of the blouse have become shorter and sometimes sleeveless with spaghetti straps or halters.

    I can not vouch for the fashion that far back in history, but I know from personal experience that the sari has remained unchanged for at least 3 genarations.

  24. 24 VANDANA

    well thts what we saw
    ..utter mockery in d drama….hahaha………
    neither she looks 1 % lik an indian princess ……
    …nd d other 99% ???
    …m very sure they r playing som ‘ saree-saree’ game …. ;-p

  25. 25 viola

    This reminds me, yesterday I saw an MV of the hindi movie kuch kuch hota hai, with the song Un Myung from Full house as background. It worked together very well in my opinion. I love that song to pieces so the fusion of two of my favorite things made me incredibly happy! 🙂

  26. 26 theedie

    seo ji-hye’s outfit looks like it came from an andre kim show -_-;;;

  27. 27 Sumee

    Oh no Don’t tell me Seo Ji-hye: is playing Indian Princess..This is such a bad version of Saree .Esp if you are a princess ..Even if they say it is mordern version of a Saree this is what it looks like
    She is no where looking like Indian princess ..sorry to say that though …

  28. 28 Anya

    Wow guys… too much criticism… I think Seo Ji hye’s costume is lovely, and I like the Indo-Korean fusion. I’m of Indian descent myself and while I’ve only worn the sari once in my life (haha), I like this version too. As a reminder, there are all sorts and types of saris in India.

  29. 29 song4u2

    I’m looking forward to this….*giddy*

  30. 30 absothe

    About the sari…
    There are no actual recordings of indian clothing so far back in the historie, so no one will know for certain how it should be. But it is clear that those of us who are used to wearing sari’s and know how it should look like, will see allot more fault in what Seo Ji-hye is wearing.

    I mean who am I kidding it hurts my eyes! Seriously this is what they come up with when they think of Indian princess? Really they have no internet where they can google SARI?GRAHH! *Frustrated*

    But I am going to watch it, even if it is just to see how they wil portray an “Indian Princess”.

  31. 31 sandy

    dont they watch indian movies in korea how silly

  32. 32 javabeans

    I’m not sure if this alleviates any of the disgruntled comments out there, but: (1) Kim Suro is a figure who is sort of steeped in legend, as in not complete factual basis but with mythic undertones. Heck, his official reign is listed as spanning 150 years. (2) It takes place in the 1st century A.D.

  33. 33 Jimmy

    The lovely Seo Ji Hye is finally back in the drama scene and only thing people can comment on are her clothes… :/

    Anyways, I cannot wait to watch this, SJH is one talented actress!

  34. 34 rway

    is that really ji sung? O_O ok, he was so cute in save the last dance for me.. and there, he looks so…….different. but surely handsome, but.. but.. i still cant believe thats him!

  35. 35 BellaMafia

    Cool costumes! Glad to see something different than usual. Btw… Ji Sung on the first pic?? no kidding…… 🙂

  36. 36 Polycolor

    Haha, the Kaya Kims are my ancestors. How strange.

  37. 37 dannaluk

    well the sari is really old …but def not 1st century ad…i guess there was some predecessor of the most commonly worn present day form…bt what seo ji hye is wearing is more present day than anything especially the fabric and all…if they were going for a more historical look with it they should have tried something a bit more heavier..maybe silk with gold..thats very traditional….i admit im disappointed in what they have done with it….especially the blouse…like someone said they should have done some research on this…bt then again i think they are trying to appeal to the more far easter sensibilities of the audience and matbe we should cut them some slack for this….bt i agree that headpeice is ludicrous…honestly i think that only ji sung and bae jong ok looks good here…and oh yoo sung…he looks really badass…the rest of the men and even han byul look meh

  38. 38 Freehee

    COOOOOLLLL~~~~! Totally on the watch list!

  39. 39 ari

    I luv dorama saeguk, I think Seo Ji-hye: nice costum ^^

  40. 40 erectus

    MBC is in the zone! Kim Suro and then a month later, Road No. 1.

    why is it that everytime i look at Lee Pil Mo, i dont take him seriously. haha… he’s a good actor but his annoyance from sol pharmacy is still ringing in my head.

    Ji Sung looked totally different.

    Yoo Oh-sung, looking fierce right there!

    Seo Ji Hye– i can watch the show even it it sucks. haha.. if there are some boring/dragging episodes, as long as seo ji hye is there, i can still go on watching it!

  41. 41 Kiara

    Kim Suro’s wife (queen) was an Indian Princess named Huh HwangOk. Seo Ji-hye is playing his queen then she is suppose to be Indian. Her look and costume is not what I expected…not even close :(.

    I love the history of the 3 Kingdom era and but I’m doubting this one :(. Good thing Dong Yi is around to satisfy my historical drama cravings.

  42. 42 Kay

    Her dress (referring to the “Sari”) reminds me more of the historical Thai dramas rather than “Indian Princess”

  43. 43 mina

    I think people are overacting much about the clothing, take note that this drama happened in the 1st century AD. The India that we now know is much different from ancient India. Much like Ancient Korea it also consisted of many different tribes and kingdoms with different cultures. Even Korea have 3 distinctive ancient kingdoms what more of India, a country so vast it’s 10 times larger than Korea. t’s been conquered by so many cultures that its diversity is as vast as the country itself.

  44. 44 Ariel

    Seo Ji Hye can be so Indian unless she has tan skin-toned, so she will look like Indian-Nepalian girl I guess. Which is I believe Ayodhya is most nothern part of India nearby to Nepal.

    About the saree…well it’s kind of lil akward cuz does’nt fit to traditional custom of India that I had seen from bollywood movie…there’s ancient yet traditional saree during the Rajashtan Empire period where India clashed with Mughal Empire…Please do ur research…hahaha

  45. 45 Norme

    Annyeong JB,

    I can’t believe its Ji Sung..Oppa!!! awesome…you look great…Can’t wait…JB can’t wait for your recap. Kamsamida…27 or 29 either dates are fine actually…Wow…..

  46. 46 shin mi rae

    is kim suro related to kim yoo shin of queen seon dok???

    i think they are referring to the GAYA which is yoo shin’s origin right?

  47. 47 Majicatt

    Lee Pil Mo looks a bit like he borrowed Bae Yong Joon’s Damdeok wig from The Four Legends series. Definitely watching this one tho!

  48. 48 Kiara

    @ shin mi rae
    Yes. Kim Suro was the founder of Geumgwan Gaya. Kim Yushin’s great grandfather was the last king of Geumgwan Kaya. Kim Yushin’s mother was a Silla Princess though.

  49. 49 Kiara

    BTW Kim Yushin’s mother was Queen Seon Deok’s aunt.

  50. 50 Rovi

    Seeing thru comments, it seems that netizens are a hard to please bunch.

    Come one! Do you think anyone else knows what Indian princesses wear in 1st cen. AD?!

    Anyhow, love SJH’s version of an Indian princess…and also the other studio pic when she was already Suro’s queen.

    • 50.1 Gautam

      Indian princesses wear Sari, Sari is oldest Indian cloth for Woman.

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