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News bites: Recent casting calls
by | May 1, 2010 | 26 Comments

Han Yeo-woon, Song Joong-ki, Park Hyo-joo

Haven’t done one of these in ages! Here’s a collection of some of the recent casting tidbits making the rounds…

  • Han Yeo-woon, the angel-faced actress of last year’s Story of a Man, stars in a 2-episode special drama called Love’s Miracle. Sounds like a weepie: The main characters are a man who loses his hearing in an accident and a woman burdened with debt who has heart disease. They “save each other” as they help each other pull their lives together. It airs on SBS on May 7. (Spoiler alert! Somebody dies.) [Newsen]
  • Park Hyo-joo played a plucky intelligence agent in 2007’s Air City (and was just about one of the only bright, fun things about it) and now plays a secret agent in KBS’s My Country Calls. Her character works on the same team as hero Kim Sang-kyung. [Sports Seoul]
  • Despite rumors of Sandara Park and Shin Se-kyung being top contenders for the female lead in the Hong sisters’ My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, producers are insisting that they have yet to cast the role. Some reports even say that neither actress will take the role, but rumors are running wild anyway. [BNT News]


Daniel Choi, Gu Hye-sun, Park Young-seo, Kang Byul

  • Two names are being bandied about as contenders for a new drama called The Musical: actress-director Gu Hye-sun and High Kick‘s Daniel Choi. The drama is about actors who dream of being musical stars and doesn’t yet have a broadcast station. (Sounds like a mix of Mae-ri vs. Daegu Battle and What’s Up, no?) Of course, as soon as reports began circulating, producers and managers hastened to say that nothing has been decided yet. [Now News]
  • Is the Queen of Housewives sequel going to bring back its star Kim Nam-joo? QOH 2 is slated for a September airing on MBC, and Kim had stated early that she was looking favorably into the possibility. But decisions about casting have not yet been made, according to producers this week, who are currently trying to secure Kim’s return. They’re looking to finalize casting by mid-May, and begin filming in late August or September. It’ll follow Dong Yi on Mondays and Tuesdays, which is the timeslot that allowed the original series so much success last year. [Newsen]
  • The thriller movie ํ•ด๊ฒฐ์‚ฌ (The Fixer / Problem Solver) has added Queen Seon-deok actor Park Young-seo, who had played one of Yushin’s followers in that drama. The movie follows an ex-cop private eye who becomes suspected of being a serial killer and stars Sol Kyung-gu as the accused, and Lee Jung-jin as the villain. [E Daily]
  • Song Joong-ki as a “Joseon-era playboy”? Yes, please! He has been added to the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, an adaptation of a bestselling novel that DBSK member Micky Yoochun is headlining. Song plays one of a gang of four young Confucian scholars (despite his disinterest in scoring a government job — he’s more into being cool and having fun) and is the one who attracts all the ladies. Commence the “Joseon F4” comments! The drama will be produced prior to airing. [Hankyung]
  • Rising actress Kang Byul has been cast as one of the leads of MBC’s historical 3D extravaganza Kim Suro. She joins Ji Sung and Seo Ji-hye in the 20 billion won project. You may recognize her as Eugene’s li’l sis in the weekend drama Creating Destiny; she was also in the cable drama Harvest Villa. [Star News]
26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lals

    Ooh, thanks for the tidbits! Song Joong-ki is such a cutie.

    Btw, what does “Sungkyunkwan” mean? Was it a place in the Joseon era or maybe the name of something?

  2. xiahkixiri

    thanks jb, as always, for keeping us updated on drama-world!

    i’m realllllly curious about the female lead for gumiho; stop being such teases!

    sungkyunkwan scandal omg khfdjss chunface plus song joongki jdjdh *incoherency* honestly, how hot can a choseon f4 get. and for some reason, some odd reason, reading that gave me a mental image of harry potter’s marauders.

    sorry for being OT here but did you guys see the mv starring so ji sub and park han byul? so much pretty but dear God, why can’t they let so ji sub be happy? why can’t HE do happy things? i want him to star in a romcom where he plays a spoilt, loser-ish immature prettyboy with forced proximity and a hot other guy he’s really jealous of. oh, so ji sub.

  3. kaedejun

    gosh – i hope neither sandara or se kyoung become the ‘gumiho’!!! i’d really rather watch a fresh actress who hasn’t been so hyped up for this drama

    and hahah – your last one was in may 2009? is this going to be an annual thing now? =D

  4. BellaMafia

    “Joseon F4” … lols..I can’t stop smiling. It’s cute though, I’ll watch anything that has “F4” flavor in it.
    Btw, I finished QSD two weeks ago, but I can’t remember which one is Park Young-Seo (one of Yushin’s followers). Even his picture doesn’t help me a bit. Which one is he?
    Hold on……. is he the shortest one among Yushin’s followers? I mean… there is Jukbang, Godo, the other taller guy, and the shortest one. Is he that guy?

  5. kreAsian

    Thanks for the update!
    Gu Hye Sun in a new drama!!!! :DD Hope the show gets a station as soon as possible.

  6. Sere

    Oh I love this kind of posts! :)))) Thanks JB!

    YaY for Sungkyunkwan Scandal! Sounds like I’d be watching it ^^

    I second that. Why can’t he take a role with a happy ending for a change?

  7. jm126

    I read somewhere that Lee Min-jung is a contender for the The Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I would LOVE for her to get the part! She has great chemistry with whatever co-star she gets paired up with!

  8. uhmm

    I wouldn’t mind a Nonstop 5 reunion with GHS as the female lead for My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.

  9. v

    about sandara park and my gf is a gumiho… i’ve read on allkpop that she was never considered for the role :
    yeah, lee min jung was mentioned in the article i’ve posted above
    i don’t mind either dara or shin se kyung as a gf but i would prefer a new actress… i mean LSG alone is enough star power.. plus hong sisters.

    on another matter, love song joong ki (what a cutie) and kang byul.. anticipating both their projects!
    thanks for the news bites! it has been a long time and i missed them.

  10. 10 bippa

    loved YEO-WOON in sam-soon & golden bride…I’ve been meaning to catch up on her other work. Thanks for the reminder

    and I’d be excited anyhting KANG BYUL is in. Loved her in CD

  11. 11 yamahama

    hoooooly …. SEO JI HYE , JI SUNG , &&& KANG BYUL all in the same drama???

    *screams a loud, obnoxious fan-girly scream*

  12. 12 asianromance

    @3 kaedejun

    I agree- Now that they’ve been so hyped for this role, I really want the Hong Sisters to bring someone I don’t expect.

    Anyways, thanks, javabeans, for all the info! Sungkyunkwan Scandal sounds fun!

  13. 13 Hanjae

    Ooh, the return of news bites! I love these posts.

    LOVE the idea of Song Joong Ki as a Joseon-era playboy (and bonus Yoochun, who may not be able to act but is at least eyecandy), but hope they don’t play up the “F4” link too much and make it too teenyboppy.

  14. 14 pabo ceo reom

    First thought was I haven’t seen News bites in forever!

    But I told you how much I like this format…quick and easy. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 15 Rovi

    OMG…Song Joong-ki as ๆœ้ฎฎ ๋ฐ”๋žŒ๋™์ด… *melts* I would’ve succumbed to his charms readily just seeing him…
    (I think the looks *์•„์ด ๊ท€์—ฌ์•„์™€~~~* are the reason of the “playboy factor” than the wiles & charms itself…)

    (Hmmm…if the modern-style Song Joong-ki is this adorable…
    …what would he be like in Joseon-era garb…*further meltdown, followed by swoons & screams)

    Seonggyungwan Scandal IS the Joseon-era BOF…If that was so, Song Joong-ki would be more of a Yi-jeong///slash///Woo-bin type…

    (actually, as I was watching the Hana Yori Dango anime & also thinking of BOF, I was already visualizing what would the Joseon-era counterpart would be like.)

    @1 lals
    Seonggyeungwan (ๆˆๅ‡้คจ ์„ฑ๊ท ๊ด€) (aka Taehak (ๅคชๅญธ ํƒœํ•™)) was the foremost educational institution in Korea during the late Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties. (somewhat like the National University of the Kingdom)

    It was derived from the earlier Gukjagam of the Goryeo Dynasty, which was renamed “Seonggyungwan” in June 1304, and then relocated to the old site of Seongmungwan in 1367 during the reign of Gongmin (the King in “Sindon”) near the end of the Goryeo Dynasty.

    After the founding of the Joseon Dynasty in 1392, Taejo relocated Seonggyungwan to Hanseong (now Seoul), and also founded 360 Hyanggyos (government-run provincial schools) nationwide in July of 1398, establishing a national education system.

    Seonggyungwan was destroyed by fire in 1400 and rebuilt in 1407, but was again destroyed during the Imjin Waeran and rebuilt again in 1601.

    During the Japanese occupation (between 1910 – 1945), the royal Seonggyungwan was demoted to a private institution and renamed to Gyunghakwon. Korean education was prohibited and Japanese education was forced nationwide.

    After Korea gained independence in 1945, Gyeonghakwon was renamed back to Seonggyungwan and, with the funding from Yurim (confucians) nationwide, the present Sungkyunkwan University was established.

  16. 16 maria

    omo! song joong ki in a jeoseon era f4 would be 11 kinds of YES PLEASE!!!! ;p

  17. 17 bee

    wow!so many good dramas to anticipate this year!YAY to that!=D

    JB,can you do a recap for the Sungkyunkwan Scandal novel just like u did with Personal Taste before??Im really really curious about this so-called Joseon F4 as I believe many of us here are!!
    Pleaaaaaaseeee =D

  18. 18 Marie

    Gu Hye Sun for the leading lady of Lee Seung GI for “My GF is Gumiho” : )

  19. 19 Minch

    No Sandara Park please for Gumiho. There are much better actresses out there.

    Lee Seung Ki say something!

  20. 20 supah

    Totally looking forward to Sungkyunkwan Scandal!
    Song Joong-ki! ‘Nuff said!
    He did the arrogant, cheating boyfriend character so well in OBGYN, I know he can pull if off again.

  21. 21 vis

    Han Yeo-woon!!! I’ve been waiting to see her on screen again XD I hope someone will pick up that special drama as a fansubbing project <3

    Song Joong-ki is such a cutie~ I might just have to give "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" a chance then ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. 22 goso

    This casting recap is good. I know you’e super busy with all the recaps, but do this more often. Thanks.

  23. 23 kim bun

    they should consider yoona for gumiho. she is the best actress in korea.

  24. 24 soysauce


  25. 25 peanut butter

    oh yes please!! i will watch joongki just for his charm!!

    as for hong sister’s newest project extravaganza, i would say that a new, fresh face would be nice. however, if they just choose someone who can act i would be happy. no more less than stellar idol stars, please. though i admit some idol stars do have some acting talent.

  26. 26 isabelh

    I’m glad to see Park Hyo-joo will be in a new drama, and it is on the possible future projects for WithS2, so I can look forward to enjoying it. I really liked her in Air City, and couldn’t find anything else subbed that she had appeared in.

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