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Personal Taste: Episode 14
by | May 16, 2010 | 103 Comments

This episode entitled “Taming My Woman”…Oh No You Di’n’t, Show. I almost turned you off after the title sequence. But given that this is a topic of discussion and debate between the characters rather than a straight-up account of events, I won’t launch into a diatribe. Unless provoked.

All of our roads converge in this episode, and at the center of the crossroads stands our heroine. If she were the same Kae-in of Episode 1, I’d be scared she’s going to end up roadkill, but I’m certain the Kae-in we know now isn’t about to buckle, even if what she comes to bear is the weight of the world.

Initially I was skeptical of the lie-reveal-angst pacing of this drama, because it’s weighted much more heavily on the lie part of the trio, and because there is a redundancy factor when dragging on a lie for too long, especially a second lie at that. But so far it’s (mostly) had the result of being sufficiently tense, dramatically, while handily dispensing with the angst faster than you can say “Sang-go-jae,” which is a nice change of pace, even if I would trade a little of The Cute for some more angst. I think in the end the only thing worth beans in this kind of drama is the romantic chemistry, and I don’t know about you guys, but I could watch these two be in love for a hundred more episodes. (Wait. That wasn’t a nod of approval for an extension, MBC. It was just a hyperbole. Don’t you go adding on any episodes, Show! I will curse you and all your rom-com spawn!)


After a day of shopping at the mart (which if you’ve never been, is the Korean equivalent of Target on steroids, complete with be-gloved attendees every five feet), Kae-in and Jin-ho return home with all of their couple-centric purchases: matching cups, dishes, and most importantly, toothbrushes. We’ve all been there…the moment when you get to put your very own toothbrush in your significant other’s bathroom. It’s like material evidence that you have a place in their world. While this is hardly Jin-ho’s first toothbrush in Sang-go-jae, it’s still a significant moment for them as a couple.

Jin-ho comes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and Kae-in gets unnecessarily squeamish about him walking right into the bathroom while she’s in there. But the doors and windows are all open! What, are you popping a squat for everyone in the living room to see? He says (informally) it saves time if they get ready together, and Kae-in scoffs that they might as well take showers together then! Hell-o.

Jin-ho doesn’t bat an eyelash as he starts unbuttoning his sweater, like all right, let’s go! Kae-in flees the bathroom, as Jin-ho muses to himself that he’s become very brave, and then he showers…alone. What were YOU expecting? This is television, people! Get a grip!

They eat breakfast and Kae-in tries to sneak off, but Jin-ho stops her…and makes her do the dishes. Listen, I’m all for sharing the chores, and if someone makes me dinner, I’ll be the first to offer dishes in return. But Jeon Jin-ho, if you say one word about her needing to learn how to keep a house because she’s a woman, I will reach right in there and smack you to high heaven.

Young-sun calls, and Kae-in whines that Jin-ho has changed. He’s sneaking banmal (informal speech) in here and there, and today he made her do the dishes. Young-sun tells her to keep her wits about her…this is classic taming-my-woman territory. Kae-in bolts up—what new nefarious plotting is this? Young-sun tells her to be careful because once you give in, you spend the rest of your life boxed in. Kae-in nods, wheels turning in her head. She gets it now—it’s a game. The hilarious thing is that now she’s good at games because Jin-ho taught her so well.

Jin-ho wants to wash their linens next (which he at least wants to do together instead of supervising, like he did with the dishes), but Kae-in tries to resist giving in. He knows her weakness though, and taunts her with a delicious lunch (or lack thereof) to reel her in. Withholding food! Devilish. She caves, of course.

They basically shoot a detergent CF, doing their laundry in a park (?) and lounging for a while as their sheets dry in the sun. Who does their laundry in a…okay, whatever. Shutting off my brain.

They nap on a park bench, and Kae-in stares lovingly at sleeping Jin-ho’s face, wondering out loud why she’s nervous, when it’s a face she sees every day. The way she looks at him is so full of love and wonder. She can convey such an innocence and charm while not coming across as childish.

Jin-ho gets a call from In-hee, which she sees but doesn’t answer. Kae-in: “Jin-ho-sshi, you’re not going to go anywhere and leave me all alone, right?” And she leans down to kiss him on the forehead. Jin-ho smiles, ever so slightly, indicating that he’s been awake the whole time.

He carries her into her room (all the way from the park?), and tucks her into bed ever so sweetly. He works for a while on restoring the basement, and when Kae-in wakes up, she’s surprised to find him coming out from there. He lies that he heard a mouse, prompting a Defcon-1 freakout from Kae-in, where she literally jumps into his arms in fright. Okay, really? Even Jin-ho laughs at her, thinking she’s just using the mouse as an excuse to get all snuggly.

Kae-in doesn’t register the snark because she’s actually afraid, insisting on going to get a cat right away. Okay, how cute is it that when faced with a mouse, her first instinct is to go buy a cat? I love her. Jin-ho uses it as an excuse to keep her out of the basement, and says he’ll take care of the mouse tomorrow.

Chang-ryul and his team are hard at work on a Sang-go-jae concept for Dahm, and they’ve located a contractor from Sang-go-jae’s original build to answer questions about its design. Chang-ryul gets interrupted by a visit from In-hee, who I suspect is bored because she’s got no one else to mess with.

She slides him an envelope with the names of the judges who will decide the fate of the Dahm project, adding that there will be a special guest judge. Chang-ryul sits up, then thinks better of it and declines the offer. Both In-hee and I are impressed, and In-hee even goes so far as to wonder why he didn’t show this side of himself when they were together. She muses bitterly that love must have changed him. Yeah, it did, and while before I would’ve wished you two live unhappily undead lives ever after, now I’ve determined that he’s too good for you.

Jin-ho gets a drunk dial from Mom, so he leaves to go check on her, but she’s already asleep, so he gets a mouthful from Hye-mi instead. (Weren’t you packed and ready to go to Canada? Please go.) Kae-in worries, but decides she has to trust Jin-ho’s words that he will earn his mother’s acceptance properly.

Once he returns home, Kae-in calls him and they chat over the phone even though they could probably hear each other through the paper walls just fine. Kae-in offers to try and talk to Jin-ho’s mom, and keep trying, whether it takes one, two, ten, or twenty times. But Jin-ho wants to work this out without hurting either of them, and asks for her patience. She defers, which I think is the smart thing to do, since he’s the one stuck in the middle of this.

Jin-ho sings her a children’s song about a bear family to lift her spirits, which jars her memory for a second, but she doesn’t remember anything beyond the song. She requests more singing, and he dutifully sings to her until she falls asleep. Aw.

The next morning he complains that she didn’t tell him that she’d fallen asleep, leading to his singing himself hoarse all night. Heh. Kae-in’s like, duh, how could a sleeping person tell you she’s asleep?

On their way to work, Kae-in attaches a sticker picture of the two of them on Jin-ho’s phone, from the day she masqueraded as a man. She tells him never to take it off, and although he calls it childish, he agrees, smiling all the while. This is such a prime example of how in some ways, we all revert back to high school when we enter new relationships. It’s all about proving that you’re important to each other, with the little things.

While Jin-ho’s late to work from dropping Kae-in off, Sang-jun fields a visit from Jin-ho’s mom. She asks him about Kae-in making things difficult for Jin-ho, and decides to meet with her…until Sang-jun begs her to wait because Kae-in is so crucial to their current project. Without giving away why she’s the linchpin (which would take two hours and a flowchart to explain anyway), he asks her to let them handle it.

At work, Kae-in scrolls through pictures of sleeping Jin-ho’s face on her phone, just as In-hee walks in. For someone who’s supposedly so above it all, you sure do spend a lot of time orbiting your ex-friends. I suspect if you hadn’t traded your heart on the black market in exchange for fabulous shoes, you might be a lonely soul in desperate need of friends.

In-hee calls her childish, and Kae-in just sighs, “To someone who calculates love like you do, I’m sure it looks childish.” I love that the more confidence Kae-in has, the more petulant In-hee appears. The mean girl does kind of get de-fanged if nobody cares what she says anymore.

In-hee slyly asks if Jin-ho’s mom likes her, and Kae-in lies that she does, because dude, how is that any of your beeswax? In-hee tries to plant some seeds of doubt, asking why Kae-in hasn’t considered that Jin-ho is using her. Kae-in doesn’t see why he would (thinking that there’s nothing to be gained by it), and then says it doesn’t matter even if he did.

She smiles sadly, saying: “I used to be really envious of my friend Kim In-hee, the girl who was always brave and knew how to love herself first. But now, the woman who doesn’t think twice about hurting other people with her actions…I feel sorry for her.” In-hee takes it as a threat, replying pointedly that she’ll come to eat her words. But Kae-in looks at her with pained eyes: “It’s not a threat. It’s my last…sincere wish for you. If you go on like this, in the end no one will be beside you.”

While their friendship (or the memory of it) has always seemed one-sided to me, in this conversation it starts to feel for the first time like they’ve both lost something in the fallout. I can picture how at one point in their lives they could have complemented each other, albeit in an unhealthy, codependent kind of way. And the sad truth is that In-hee lost the only person who would ever love her for who she is by trolloping all over her best friend’s boyfriend. Poor you, indeed. If you hadn’t sold your human decency for a distractingly large pair of earrings, I’d probably care a little more.

Sang-jun walks into Jin-ho’s office, unnecessarily adding pressure for him to come up with a design concept. Without giving away his meeting with Mom, he adds that Jin-ho will have to teach Kae-in some basic cooking and cleaning, if he’s going to gain Mom’s approval. What in the what, now? Where do I even begin with that statement? You want Jin-ho to teach her how to be a proper woman, by way of COOKING and CLEANING?! Sang-jun, it was nice while it lasted, but I’m totally breaking up with you. Don’t bother speaking for the rest of the episode. I won’t be recapping your scenes. And don’t call me unni. Don’t even try to win me back!

Everyone converges at the gallery, where registration for the design competition is underway. Scarface drops Professor Park’s name in front of Do-bin, angling for some favor, but Do-bin makes excuses to get away as fast as he can. Pinky and the Brain have a quick pow-wow, where In-hee informs Chang-ryul that the special guest judge? Is none other than Professor Park. How would he feel if he found out that Jin-ho used his own daughter to get inside Sang-go-jae and win the competition?

Kae-in walks Jin-ho out to his car, hand-in-hand. He tells her to take a good look at his face, since he won’t be home for a while. He informs her that the project will be taking up all his time, so they won’t be seeing much of each other until it’s over. Kae-in’s like, not even to see ME?

He sweetly caresses her face, then breaks the moment by mussing up her hair. He walks away, and then turns back to shout: “Ya (hey) Park Kae-in!” She looks up in shock at his first informal calling of her name (at least while she’s conscious). Jin-ho: “If you stray because I’m not around, you’re dead!” Haha. Yay! The informality has begun!

Jin-ho returns to his office, only to find that they’re being kicked out of the building just when they need to spend night and day working. Chang-ryul starts a meeting in a massive boardroom, confidence surging that the real work is just beginning, but the fight is theirs to win. Across town, Jin-ho and team move into their new digs, a tiny low-rent office that puts the boys in a funk. But Jin-ho chides them for being down, since they started with even less than this, and will work to see better days. I like that they’re even more of an underdog team than before; it’ll make their success all the more delicious when it’s won. Hey, Red Pants! How’d you get in there? I’m still ignoring you! Move along.

Later that night over the phone, Kae-in offers to come by the office tomorrow with lunch for Jin-ho and the crew, which she claims is because she wants to cheer them on, and has nothing whatsoever to do with seeing his face. Nope. Not at all. Jin-ho tells her that not coming by would be more helpful: “If I see your face, I don’t think I’ll be able to work. If I see your face I’ll want to be with you. And if I’m with you, I won’t want to let you go.” Gah! Why so cute?

Later Jin-ho pores over Professor Park’s blueprints of the imagined Sang-go-jae, which honestly seems strange to me in design. It’s a fusion of han-ok and modern architecture, to be sure, and perhaps the drawing doesn’t do the concept justice, but that concept materialized as an actual structure would just look odd to me. Perhaps I am architecturally unenlightened. Either way, I hope that Jin-ho garners nothing more than inspiration from the blueprints, because narratively, as far as heroes go, it would ring false if he won based on a concept not entirely his.

Do-bin comes by for a chat and finds Kae-in sighing from the lack of Jin-ho in her life. She sweetly chides Do-bin for being the bad guy, keeping Jin-ho so busy on the Dahm project that he has no time to see her. Do-bin apologizes for the grave sin of making them star-crossed, offering to call Jin-ho with a fakeout emergency that she got hurt at work. Dude, already been there. Any other ideas?

Kae-in laughs heartily at the gesture of friendship, and Do-bin encourages her to smile. She tells him that at times he feels safe and supportive, like a father. He asks about her father, and why he’s decided to return to Korea. Kae-in: “My father has never once explained a reason for anything to me…whether he’s coming or going.” It’s so sad that she’s got such a massive hole in her heart because of her dad, but has never been angry enough to confront the issue with him. The look on Do-bin’s face is that of understanding and empathy—he’s well versed in estranged-daddy issues himself, as we all know. Kae-in laughs it off, but he can see that they share a deep-seated heartache in the family arena.

Jin-ho takes a break from his all-consuming work to finish up the basement for Kae-in. He has a new glass ceiling/floor installed (bad idea, bad idea…) and calls Kae-in to come see him at home for a surprise. By accident, he drops the one surviving picture of Kae-in and her mom, shattering the glass inside the frame. Symbolism! Meet Portent!

Professor Park finally makes an appearance (at least his eyes, mouth, and back…I’m hoping that the parts add up to a whole man), shrouded in mystery as ever. Scarface and Chang-ryul arrive at the airport to try and intercept him, but can’t manage to locate the man, for lack of up-to-date photos. Who IS this guy, the freakin Unabomber? What kind of college professor lives in such secrecy?

He makes a call to Do-bin, and then one to Sang-go-jae, but no one picks up…

Kae-in comes home to an empty house, wondering where Jin-ho went. He’s on his way back to the house, after getting the picture re-framed. He-who-shall-not-be-named calls to ask about some old blueprints from the office, and while digging around, discovers Jin-ho’s hidden Sang-go-jae blueprints.

Kae-in finds the living room rearranged, and discovers the glass floor underneath the rug. She begins to remember something, and decides to go down into the basement. She gets flashes of being above her mother while she worked, and runs back up in fear.

Just then, Jin-ho’s mom shows up to the house, after having heard from Hye-mi that Jin-ho had to move offices. This is the worst timing ever. Jin-ho’s mom asks to talk, and while she says all the typical mom things you’d expect, Kae-in hears none of it because the memories are starting to flood back. It’s clever because it’s as jarring and tense for us as it is for her, hearing this woman speak but not registering any of it.

Kae-in starts to go numb as she remembers knocking on the glass to get her mother’s attention, and then when that didn’t work…

She grabbed a small free weight to tap on the glass…

…shattering it directly above her. Kae-in goes practically catatonic from the shock, which Jin-ho’s mom thinks is a reaction to her request for her to stop seeing Jin-ho, and leaves. Professor Park walks in as Jin-ho’s mom leaves, and comes upon Kae-in trembling and utterly broken.

She stands, shaking from her core, as she finally confronts her father.

Kae-in: Was that why? Was that why you hated me so much? When I was young I was sad every single day, wondering why you disliked me, why you hated me so. If it were me I would have felt the same…because I’m the daughter who killed her own mother.

Dad, shocked, asks: “Kae-in ah, what are you talking about?!” She breaks down in tears, sobbing uncontrollably.

In walks Jin-ho: “Kae-in ah!”

Woo! The angst has finally arrived. That’s two weeks in a row where we’ve ended with Jin-ho calling out “Kae-in ah,” and I do so love how their relationship is progressing and the way it’s shown through those moments of heightened drama. I’m certain Jin-ho’s about to do something very heroic here too, and it’s going to be nothing more than simply being there for her in every way, which is the best kind of heroism.

We’ve spent a LOT of time in the cute and fun territory, so I’m chomping at the bit for some angst. Honestly, I could have used some revelations and ensuing drama in the last episode, so that it doesn’t have to be one giant truckload of beans spilled in the next one, but…

We’re poised for some great unraveling come next week, and I’m glad that the story has upped the ante instead of winding down. I love going into the last two with things unfurling so fast that you feel like you can’t keep it from falling apart. With the walls coming down around them, our couple still has a lot of storm to weather, but I wouldn’t have it any other way going into the final stretch.


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    Oh well, at least Jin Ho came home. It would have been horrendous for her if she was by herself…

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    I’m still really intrigued with the secret of the house. The house that Gae-in is living in looks like it’s just part of a grander and much bigger complex.

    LOVED all the cutesy, coupley moments in this drama. Can’t wait to see more and also some angst in the last remaining two episodes.

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    I think that Do-bin is going to play a big part in helping Kae-in get through the immense pain and sadness that the Big Lie Reveal will undoubtedly hit her with. I’m really looking forward to what Ryu Seung-ryong has in store for us, as well as Sohn Ye-jin.

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    i was definitely annoyed at all the domestication being hinted at in this episode, but lucky for us Kaein is too set in her ways to become little miss homebody. and she still has that chainsaw, lolz. another thing that annoyed me was the shaky camera during kaein’s flashback scene at the end. at first it was a great touch, but at a point it stopped being cool and became distracting. plus it was jarring – you use stationary cameras the entire series, and then all of a sudden throw in some handheld stuff? not feeling it.

    speaking of which, the comments about the filmmaking in the recaps (and podcasts!) on this site are really helpful, too! i’m going to try my hand at making a movie this summer, and you guys have great tips about what not to do, lol. this is why you’re all so awesome 🙂 thanks again!

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    I also remember him saying something along the lines of how the buildings (or the series of sang-go-jae related buildings or something, from the blueprint) are like built on a hill, and how there’s like a lot of levels, and by looking at it from a certain perspective, it would make it look like a castle, due to it’s height and stuff.

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    I also thought that the “park” was the backyard of the house. I figured we’d never seen it before because PT films on a soundstage, and the “backyard” was a location shoot. (A highly practical and unromantic explanation, but there it is.)

    As for the dishes, I assumed/hoped that Jin-ho had made the entire breakfast (and would be making the lunch later). Even so, the whole dish-washing scene was a little annoying.

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    as for the heroic thing JH will do … i’m inclined to think it’s stepping out of the competition altogether. but i fear red pants is going to do something mightily foolish with the blueprints …

    i really like how there are concentric circles of conflict, the most outer bit seeming the most important at the beginning (the Dahm Gallery project) and maybe the machinations of IH and JH’s mum’s protests in the middle, but all of them seeming like so much empty noise and fury when the central issue is KI’s tragic loss of Mum and Dad’s withdrawal from her (prolly due to what he perceives as his own design fault).

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    I felt ep 14 was a bit of overload too. While all the loving gazes, mushy goo and domestication were great, some of those scenes did come across as ‘contrived’.

    Eg The mouse one when she jumped into his arms. And the resulting: ‘let’s inspect your nails and get them cut’ order … coupled with the dishwashing supervision … overall, a tad too overbearingly much.

    That said, I LOVED the bathroom-toothbrush conversation one, and his brazen answer. Hahahaha!
    Looking forward to 15 and 16.

    @ 38 Gigi
    Yes, definitely second A Moment To Remember. Many of her movies were good … I had the initial early impression that she could only play the ‘damsel in distress’ roles (Summer Scent, The Classic) .. until AMTR came along.
    Also check out April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Alone in Love (drama). My Wife Got Married etc.

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    I totally went a goosebump moment when you describe the Kae-in conversation w her dad… “…the daughter who kills her mom”…OMG…

    Angst aside… ah Sang Jun, you silly man…why would you tame a woman w washing and cooking and what not and seriously Jin Ho is the last person to do that to do that to a woman, esp his Kae in…

    What can I say w OML ended Personal Taste and Cinderella Sister progressing… My… its a good season for dramas!!!

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    dear lee min ho,

    this is just a suggestion, but please feel free to seriously consider this: if you’re off to do something heroic, go ahead, tear that shirt off and reveal that big S emblem on your chest (as previously suggested)……….. but if you’re just naked after all that shirt-tearing-off action, i guuueeesss that’s fine with us too. skin. good. yes. world peace! *brain fart*

    girlfriday, truly truly truly entertaining recap! you breaking up with sang jun was the most epic thing ever, effectively rendering this recap a CLASSIC, and a bar-setting precedent for audience-character-break-uppy-threats-and-calls-for-more-responsible-dialogue. (….yeah, it made more sense in my head O_o *brain fart extended* blame shirtless lee min ho please)

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    i’ve finally reached a conclusion…that inhee must be a god,goddess or something. she sees everything, knows everything, comes up everywhere at anytime of the day, nit afraid of anyone or anything and she’s a master of deception and pure evil things. she’s omnipotent, need i say more? i wouldn’t dare wonder if she can explain the architectural design of sanggojae.

    i am so happy that prof. park finally showed up! and i am happy that if the jinho “deception” would hit kaein, that won’t last long because we only have two episodes left. i only have one wish to the writer, producer,director whatever of PT..don’t give inhee a happy ending! don’t make her and kaein reconcile, pretty please! thanks girlfriday for the recap (you seem to be on high emotions while doing this recap! hehe)

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    Aylovet! Thanks so much girlfriday!!! Your recaps totally make the story more

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    I’m so glad I found this blog and more than happy to read your recaps. PT is the first drama I have the pleasure of reading your recaps and I’m so glad since SYJ is one of my favourite actresses and watching the drama enriched by your recaps is like the most luxurious dessert after a satisfying meal.

    Just another note – some people have requested that you post your photos – I feel that you should maintain some mystic around you. Besides, you have your privacy to consider. You have already done so much to indulge us, I feel you need your personal space too. Just my 2 cents worth.

  48. 48 girlfriday

    @ 17 mellowyel: If Jin-ho uses my idea about Sang-go-jae, I will give him a lollipop and write a very long paragraph about the brilliance of his architectural mind. And then I will do a victory lap with the korean flag over my shoulders, and Eye of the Tiger playing in the background.

    @ 29 minijungle: Actually, I think two more eps will be perfect, since it’ll be a tight plotting of reveal-angst-cute, reveal-angst-cute…like a train at full steam, all the way to the end.

    @ 42 maria: You give MY hyphenated run-ons a run for their money! Ha.

    And thanks to everyone for the podcast love! Please do post questions for us to answer in the podcast comments, or here–it’ll be like one giant conversation with all of YOU!

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    Agree about the music – BAD BAD BAD. Aigo – what will I do when we reach Ep 16 though?


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