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Personal Taste: Episode 15
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You know how there are a zillion and one romantic comedies out there, and some of the better offerings have started to get pretty creative with the meet-cute scenarios? The old standbys have gotten stale (for example, a pratfall lands one directly into the arms of the other, or a man and a woman crash into each other and pick up the other person’s cell phone, or they have a one-night stand only to realize one is the other’s new boss), but there are still ways writers have managed to wring more mileage out of the plot device. Like a guy hearing a girl sobbing in the bathroom after she is dumped… only to tell her to get out of the men’s room. Or the girl trips and falls on top of him… then vomits in his mouth. And so on.

Anyway, point being: I really wish writers would expend as much energy being as creative with the inevitable breakup scenes. Because this episode is pretty much one big pile of Predictable. The acting is good and the reasoning actually holds up in context of our story — it’s just that we don’t get a single twist or curveball here, which makes for an episode that is necessary but really just makes you want to get on to the next one, already. (Arg! Am pre-emptively jealous of girlfriday.)


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Titled “Trying to Erase You,” Episode 15 kicks off as Jin-ho walks in just as Kae-in is having a major meltdown over her recovered memories. Jin-ho introduces himself to her father, but it doesn’t really mean much to Professor Park, who has bigger worries. Namely Kae-in, whose legs give out as she says brokenly, “I… remember everything.”

Dad kneels and assures her that it was just a nightmare. But it’s too late, and the memory is back in full force. Now Dad sees the framed photo, which Jin-ho had so thoughtfully gotten reframed, and asks where that came from. The truth dawns on him, and he asks if the basement has been opened with a horror that seems more appropriate if he’d been hiding dead bodies down there like something out of a trashy gothic horror novel.

(Speaking of which, this whole “Let’s convince my daughter that her traumatic past never happened” totally reminds me of this V.C. Andrews novel I sneak-read at the library in junior high, not that I’m proud of it, but we all have our lapses in good taste so don’t judge me, okay? Anyway, it was creepy in My Sweet Audrina and it is ever so slightly hinting at creepy here.)

I don’t mean that Professor Park is a creepy person, and it’s like he’s trying to make himself forget the past, which I can understand on a human level — it’s just twisted to continue in that line of thinking when your self-delusion requires you to actually alter the memories of your child. Even if you argue the “it’s for your own good” defense, which is sort of a cop-out since it’s just as much for Park as it is for Kae-in’s benefit.

Jin-ho confirms that Pandora’s box the basement has been opened, and can sense that this is an upsetting answer though he doesn’t know why. Sure enough, Dad blows up at him for being so presumptuous and orders Jin-ho out of the house immediately.

Dad looks around the underground workshop, which Jin-ho has so carefully cleaned out and restored. How sad that this should be the way his efforts are received.

At her mother’s gravesite, Kae-in tells Jin-ho that her mother died trying to save her. She’d wondered all along why her father hated her, but now she understands. She doesn’t blame him, because she wouldn’t have wanted to see a daughter like her, either. Aw, somebody give the poor girl a hug!

Thankfully Jin-ho’s there to do just that.

I’m thinkin’ Sang-jun must’ve taken girlfriday’s breakup pretty hard, ’cause he’s left the fan-friendly zone of being the sassy fake-gay best friend and charged headlong into self-destructive territory by pissing us all off with some plot-dictated idiocy.

Namely: The worker who is suing their company is demanding 200 million won, and this adds pressure to their already precarious situation. So Sang-jun makes a copy of the blueprints he found in Jin-ho’s office (calling them his “spade ace hidden card,” hurrah for mangled English malapropisms), and feels that this is their only hope for survival.

Sang-jun is clearly wearing his bad idea pants today, as he takes the blueprints to Do-bin’s office (uh-oh…), presenting them as the plans that his office has been working on (oh crap…). He asks for Do-bin’s opinion on the plans, saying that if they had his input they might have a better chance of succeeding. He knows this is breaking the rules, but they really could use the help. Do-bin is skeptical, knowing Jin-ho’s strictly principled attitude, and asks if he knows about this. Sang-jun assures him that Jin-ho does (threat level orange…).

Do-bin hands back the documents, but Sang-jun begs, as their office is facing a lot of difficulty. Please help!

When Jin-ho drops Kae-in off at home, he tells her that he doesn’t know what to say, but asks her to remember that he’ll always be with her. He concedes that his words must not be much comfort to her, but Kae-in tells him that “it’s everything to me.”

Dad sighs in disappointment that Kae-in has been living with Jin-ho, because he di’n’t raise no ho. (Well, that last part is implied.) He tells her that they’ll “talk about it later” — words that always made my stomach drop whenever a parent said them to me — and says that he has blocked off the basement, because covering over a problem always fixes it, don’tcha know? Kae-in says as much, answering that you can’t make something un-happen, and breaks down once she’s alone in the safety of her room.

Level Orange gets bumped up to Red Alert the next day when Professor Park meets with Do-bin, who thanks him for agreeing to judge the project. In fact, Do-bin has a particular set of blueprints he’d like to show him, and hands them over. (Yeeaaargh… all hands on deck!) Naturally, the professor recognizes the work as his own, but he doesn’t get a chance to ask about them until a little later, after Kae-in enters, invited by Do-bin to join the two men for lunch.

Do-bin has done this to play up Jin-ho’s talents (so sweet, yet so very unhelpful, as this is just going to backfire massively on him), and talks very positively about him, but none of this makes any difference because the instant Park hears the name, he knows what’s going on.

At this very moment, Sang-jun tells Jin-ho that he showed the blueprints to Do-bin for advice, and to cut him some slack, he thought they were Jin-ho’s designs. (Thus he wasn’t trying to plagiarize designs; he was just asking for advice.) Jin-ho races to the museum immediately to retrieve the documents.

Ah, but timing is not on his side and he’s too late. When he steps inside Do-bin’s office, Park glares at him and demands to know if these are his copies. Jin-ho can’t do anything but hang his head in shame while Park says that these are his designs for a Dahm museum project from thirty years ago. Did he move in to the Sanggojae with the intention of stealing them? Was it fun playing with his daughter’s heart too?

Kae-in watches in confusion as Jin-ho says that he didn’t mean to steal them, but that his feelings for Kae-in are genuine. Park scoffs at the idea of this thief asking him to trust him, and storms out.

Jin-ho follows him out and calls him “Father” — which, ouch, majorly bad call there, buddy. On the other hand, it does show how seriously he thinks of Kae-in because the sane thing to do is remain his respectful distance, so aligning himself as Kae-in’s man demonstrates where his priority is. For now, at least, before the Guilt Monster eats up his common sense.

Jin-ho asks Professor Park for a moment to explain, but now the man turns his anger to Kae-in, saying she’s a fool for trusting anyone. She protests (a little uncertainly) that his accusation’s not true, still wanting to think the best of this situation, and looks to Jin-ho for confirmation.

After a few stoic moments, Jin-ho answers, “Yes, you’re right.” When he first moved in, he did consider that he might be able to learn something, because he’d heard that Sanggojae was the concept for the Dahm project. However, he gave up those thoughts when he fell for Kae-in.

Dad’s not having it, and leaves in a huff. Now Kae-in asks haltingly if Jin-ho really moved in because of the project.

Jin-ho apologizes, and starts to say he was going to explain it to her, but she cuts him off: “When? After you won the project? Using blueprints you stole from my father?”

He tries to defend his motives, saying that she’s got the wrong idea, but she feels betrayed and isn’t in the mood to give him the benefit of the doubt. That means he decided from the very start to use her, doesn’t it?

Sang-jun runs to the museum to right his wrong, wanting to explain that he had really thought they were Jin-ho’s blueprints — he wasn’t trying to take credit for someone else’s work. But after being kicked to the curb by Kae-in, Jin-ho is defeated and tells him no. This was all his wrongdoing to begin with.

And why is In-hee there? Because the actress needs screentime despite an increasingly irrelevant character? Because In-hee has a built-in chip that tracks down people in pain and came to feed off their misery?

In-hee never met a story of someone’s anguish that she didn’t thrive off of, so she calls Chang-ryul to congratulate him. It’s like they don’t even have to be her own victories anymore in order for her to gloat. Just a person being in pain is enough for her to get a kick out of it. It’s like she’s somehow mentally attuned to all the badness in the world, like some kind of… all-powerful… Devil-Robot. Beep boop muahaha.

In-hee says that Jin-ho will now lose Do-bin’s trust, and Professor Park is spitting mad at him. Chang-ryul is incredulous, not expecting this of Jin-ho.

Dad barks at Kae-in to get Jin-ho’s room cleared out, threatening to do it if she doesn’t. She agrees to do it herself, but tells her father that if she weren’t his daughter, she wouldn’t have had any right to receive love from anyone. Which… is a really sad sentiment, and not one I’m all that pleased about, because it makes it seem like she has such low self-esteem that she believes Jin-ho would never have fallen in love with her if she hadn’t been Professor Park’s daughter.

The non-cynical interpretation of this is that Jin-ho did love her for real, but would never have gotten to that point had he not been motivated to move in because of the Dahm project. The cynical-er way to read it is that both he and Chang-ryul used her, but she wouldn’t have even had that much if not for her parentage. The reason I don’t feel happy to hear this is that Kae-in has made such big strides over the course of this drama in viewing herself with self-worth that I hate seeing her retreat to this sort of thinking. Kae-in! You are a beautiful person! You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

Kae-in calls Jin-ho, who sees the call but doesn’t answer it because he figures there’s nothing he could say.

To his credit, Sang-jun takes responsibility for the mess, saying that it was all because of him that Jin-ho moved into the Sanggojae and dragged on the gay lie. Jin-ho says that no matter what Sang-jun did, he still caused all this, and making excuses now doesn’t erase what he did. Why is it guys always take responsibility for crap when it’s too late to make a difference? How ’bout you actually take a risk by doing the right thing when you still have something to lose, and not just because you’ve hit rock bottom, yeah?

Even so, Sang-jun urges Jin-ho to at least clear his name of the accusations for which he is not guilty.

Scarface makes another unannounced visit to Sanggojae, and really, I don’t think we needed some faulty window-floor to tell us that this design is severely flawed when there is no such thing as a lock on the door. For a dude who has been terribly secretive about this house for the last 30 years, you’d think he’d have implemented some security measures.

Chang-ryul talks to Kae-in, sighing about Jin-ho, “And I warned him to stop seeing you.” This strikes Kae-in as odd — so does this mean Chang-ryul knew about Jin-ho’s reasons for moving in? He answers that he didn’t want her to get hurt and reminds her of Jin-ho’s transgressions to urge her away from trusting him again. But Kae-in retorts that he’s the same — he started dating her again on his father’s orders because of the Dahm project. Chang-ryul feels wrongfully accused (and I think we can safely establish that he did care for her genuinely), but she tells him bitterly, “You’re all the same.”

Scarface pretty much has no shame, foisting himself upon the professor like this, acting like they’re great friends when in fact the latter’s first words were “Who… are you?” Scarface wastes no time badmouthing Jin-ho, describing him as a man with a grudge who went after Kae-in knowing that she and Chang-ryul were seeing each other.

Dad asks what her relationship with Chang-ryul is, and gets Chang-ryul’s answer that although they had been dating, he screwed up and they ended up breaking up. It’s a pretty mature response, but Scarface can’t leave that alone and tries to spin it in their favor, saying that even after being dumped, his Dear Son continued to ask her to come back and even bought a bunch of her furniture, and… uh… oh…

Kae-in hadn’t known this, having believed she sold that furniture order on her own merit. Chang-ryul tells her not to get upset, as though his gesture didn’t suggest that he basically didn’t have faith in her ability and had to help her out like she’s some sort of charity case.

Jin-ho sits in his car outside the house, and of COURSE he must see the Hans leaving the house just as he’s contemplating trying to clear his name of the false charges. He hears Professor Park asking Chang-ryul if he’s sincere about his daughter. Chang-ryul answers yes — he has hurt her a lot so she isn’t ready to accept him, but he can wait.

Park likes his respectful address and shakes his hand, while Chang-ryul promises to do his best. Jin-ho drives away.

Dad likes Chang-ryul, especially compared to the guy who stole his designs. Kae-in doesn’t want to talk about him and sticks to her faith that there must have been some misunderstanding about Jin-ho’s deception. Plus, Dad doesn’t know how badly Chang-ryul hurt her, or how Jin-ho helped her through it.

However, Dad argues that if she’s right, Jin-ho should have come by to argue his case. Yes, perhaps if the bad timing fairy weren’t working overtime today.

Kae-in says sadly, “You asked for a talk, but in the end you don’t listen to me at all. And you don’t trust me.” She then sits and waits for Jin-ho to call, expecting and hoping for an explanation. Instead it’s Young-sun who calls, having heard everything from Sang-jun. Jin-ho hadn’t stolen the blueprints, and Sang-jun made merely a mistake and took them to Do-bin. Kae-in counters that it’s still true he came to live with her under false pretenses.

Jin-ho goes to his father’s burial vault, where he confesses that he must really be pathetic, and his father must want to scold him: “But Father, there’s nothing I can do for her. I shamed her in front of her father when her only wish was to receive recognition from him.”

Kae-in leaves a voicemail message with Jin-ho, saying she’ll wait for him at the cafe. She’s there all night, diligently waiting while Jin-ho sits in his car watching her. Finally she sees him, relieved that he showed up after all.

Her tone is vastly different from the last time they’d seen each other; she tells him that she had been so angry she’d decided not to see him anymore, but she can’t really do that. She’s decided not to believe anything until he explains. Yet Jin-ho remains stubbornly silent — why won’t you speak? Unless you’re thinking you’re not fit to wipe the floor she walks on (which, okay, is true), you’d better start speaking!

Kae-in gives him an easy out, wanting him to tell her that this was all Sang-jun’s doing. Jin-ho is in full self-loathing mode and tells her, “I did it all.” That’s why he moved in, pretended to be gay, and took her father’s blueprints. Agh, now he’s doing that stupidly noble thing by making himself the bad guy… to spare her the indignity… of liking a guy so unworthy… or something? I’m sure it makes sense TO HIM.

Being purposely harsh, Jin-ho tells her that she’s foolish for having faith in him after he used her: “Do you think I’d like a woman that ridiculous?”

Kae-in doesn’t believe him and counters, “But you love me. That’s why you looked at me like that, and felt so pained because of me, and held me.” He returns, “I acted like I was in love, to succeed no matter what.” The only reason he’s telling her the “truth” now is because while she was easy to fool, her father is not quite so stupid.

Note that he’s finally talking to her (full-on, not switching back and forth) in the informal banmal speech — and while banmal is used between people who are close, it’s also used to be insulting. So he finally uses it with her, only it’s not to be close to her but to hurt her. (Granted, he’s doing it “for her own good” in the long run, but still, hurting is hurting.)

Kae-in knows he’s being mean on purpose and pleads with him to ask for her forgiveness, but he says he’s not sorry for anything, “So don’t show up in front of me ever again.”

Oh, you stupid stubborn idiot with your stupid stubborn fixation with self-sacrifice. Korean dramas, you do kill me so.

Jin-ho drives away vowing, “I won’t love Park Kae-in. I don’t love her.”

Jin-ho moves back home and tells his mother that he broke up with Kae-in, and she’s relieved. Kae-in goes home to tell her father the same, then cries in her room.

Do-bin can sense Kae-in’s mood and sees that she’s faking her chipper attitude over lunch. He invites her to confide in him about Jin-ho, to which she answers that Jin-ho copped to everything, and said he never loved her.

Do-bin doesn’t believe this, and points out that he gave up the gay act when it would have been better for him to keep faking it. But when he rejected Do-bin, he had explained that it was because he loved Kae-in. Therefore, can’t she tell how he really feels from the look in his eyes rather than from his words?

Sang-jun’s shocked that Jin-ho broke things off, but Jin-ho puts on his professional front and gets right back to work. He’s not giving up on the Dahm project, and gets busy designing.

Finally, the day arrives when applications open for participants, and Jin-ho files theirs. Do-bin sees their form in the in-box and sends In-hee to bring Jin-ho in for a talk.

Basically, everybody knows that Jin-ho is lying about not loving Kae-in, and in this conversation, he doesn’t even go out of his way to assert that it’s true. He just says that this is as much as he could do in this situation. What difference do his feelings make now?

Do-bin has decided to trust Jin-ho one more time, but it’s like Jin-ho hates himself so much he can’t stand to have others cutting him a break, and he answers that he’d mis-buttoned the first button at the start, which is why it should be no surprise that the bottom ones are all messed up. Essentially he’s in this “what else do I deserve” shame spiral, and he may as well just accept all the bad rather than trying to earn forgiveness that he doesn’t feel he deserves. Do-bin, however, points out wisely that he could just fix the wrong button. Smart, smart man. Listen to him!

Even Young-sun says that Kae-in should forgive Jin-ho now because it’s so obvious that he loves her, but Kae-in says everything is over.

Young-sun tries to ease into the topic, but Kae-in’s not having it — she doesn’t want to discuss him anymore, because it’s too painful to talk about. With that, she falls asleep at the table, having been knocked out cold from what appears to be a half-pint of beer. C’mon, this is the girl who knocked back two bottles of soju! I am disappointed in you, Park Kae-in.

Jin-ho finds himself back at the Sanggojae, watching the front door. He’s rescued from being (even more of) a creepy stalker by Young-sun, who calls him to let him know that Kae-in is passed out at the bar. He declines to come get her, but Young-sun says she’s got to leave, so if he wants to leave her unconscious here, it’s his call.

Of course this brings him to the bar, where he watches her sleeping for a moment. When she starts to lean off the table, he grabs her to keep her from falling, and this wakes her up.

Registering Jin-ho’s presence, Kae-in decides she’d rather not see him right now, and gets up unsteadily to leave. He follows her out and tries to stop her, whereupon she shakes off his arm angrily. Why is he even here? They’re over now!

Jin-ho doesn’t know why he came — he only knows that when Young-sun called, he found himself coming straight over. Kneeling in front of her, he tells her to climb on his back so he can carry her home. Kae-in is still hurting from his rejection and asks if he thinks she’s that easy, to come at his beck and call. “You’re really the worst. I should never have met a guy like you. But I met you and everything became ruined.”

She refuses to get on his back but he kneels a second time, more insistent. When she doesn’t, Jin-ho grabs her onto his back and starts walking anyway, and let’s just say that’s ONE way to flout the piggyback-as-romantic convention!

By the time they get to her neighborhood, they’re both quiet, his steps slow and steady. Kae-in narrates:

Kae-in: “After our separation, the once-clear skies have filled with torrents of rain. The tornado I see in my heart has made a mess of everything. But still, his back is quite warm. Now I won’t have a reason to be carried on this back anymore, will I?”

It’s a nice contrast to the first time Jin-ho carried her on his back, when she was the one who insisted and he only complied grudgingly. She’d been singing and happy then, the attraction just budding.

When he brings her inside, Professor Park waits like an angry dad two hours past curfew on prom night. Immediately, Kae-in jumps off Jin-ho’s back and to her feet.

When he asks if they were drinking together all night, Kae-in says no, but Dad scolds her anyway, taking her to task for being so foolish and trusting. Jin-ho doesn’t like seeing Kae-in treated like this and his face hardens, but Kae-in keeps her head bowed penitently and apologizes.

Finally, Jin-ho has to speak up and defends Kae-in — she did nothing wrong. Why must she apologize when it was Jin-ho who wronged them? Although he has done nothing worth bragging about, Kae-in did nothing but to trust and love him. Does Professor Park even know how hard she has worked to gain his approval?

Not surprisingly, Dad is not impressed with this display of gallantry and is offended to have this stranger butting in. Jin-ho agrees that this isn’t his place, “But I’m so angry I can’t help it.” He tells Park how Kae-in was so hurt after realizing the truth about her mother that she’d acted like she was a criminal, saying that her father would hate her for killing her mother. Jin-ho asks, “She’s your daughter. Why do you make her feel like a criminal?”

Professor Park has had enough of the upstart lecturing him and yells, “What do you know?!” Jin-ho answers, “As I see it, it appears that you have turned your own guilt back onto your daughter.”

Park slaps Jin-ho and calls him arrogant. How dare he! Go!

But Jin-ho isn’t done: “The reason you rejected the Dahm Museum project was because the Sanggojae was a failed project, wasn’t it?”

That actually makes Professor Park turn back, startled. And Jin-ho presses, “Isn’t that true?”


I find the title more interesting than usual — the other titles haven’t struck me as that significant, but it’s ironic that this one should be called “Trying to Erase You” when Kae-in has just come into possession of an erased memory. And we saw how much good that repression did her (as in, none). Clearly this is not a winning strategy, which would be evident even if we weren’t one episode from the end.

Like I said, the acting’s pretty good in this episode, with Sohn Ye-jin brilliantly capturing Kae-in’s broken, angry uncertainty and Lee Min-ho repressing Jin-ho’s love with his overwhelming guilt. Kae-in wants to acquit Jin-ho, and she’s all set to do so if only he’d say the word — but how can you acquit someone who refuses to defend himself? This is the eternal problem of dramas like Cinderella’s Sister where the characters are so goddamned NOBLE that nothing ever moves forward. It’s like they think that making a noble sacrifice of themselves will help everyone else, but in fact it just makes everything worse by obscuring the truth. Just be honest and let the chips fall where they may!

But then we’d have no drama, right? It’s just that kdramas have this habit of trotting out the noble martyr in the late episodes, and nothing kills romance faster than a misplaced sense of sacrifice. Well, that and the In-hee Bot. We couldn’t respect Jin-ho if he were a coward, so he must follow this character arc even though lesser mortals like Chang-ryul can beg shamelessly for forgiveness, and sometimes even be granted it. I just wish that there were cleverer ways to deal with this stage of all rom-coms with more narratively interesting plot turns, because we all know the drill, right? The parent puts up fierce resistance until s/he sees his/her child suffering such grave mental anguish at being separated from his/her love that said parent then experiences a change of heart in the eleventh hour, paving the way for sunshine and roses and a happy final 10 minutes in Episode 16, right? We’ve only seen it in, like, every trendy drama ever.


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    I find it a bit eerie how there’s visible niche mausoleum (aka burial vault). I can understand how if I pay top dollars for a fancy urn I may have a desire to show it off like a displayed commodity, however some customs just have that displayed in privacy of your own home not at a public sharing facility. Creeps me out a bit, yet I’m strongly intrigued by its rarity and will like to visit such a place to get a real experience.

    Winding down to the final episode… it’s a decent show but I wouldn’t watch it over again. Ehh, not even for the HOT spicy kiss scene betwn JinHo and KaeIn.

  17. 17 moon's

    great recap JB…really gonna miss ur fun-upbeat PT recaps after this….

    ommo…pity LMH got slapped n throwed papers right at the face…
    i noticed u didn’t mention the part Do Bin tried to suprises Kae-in but got stumbled instead….it was sooo funny, i watch it twice!

  18. 18 lala25

    Thank you for your recap. Did watch the raws and was struck by the growth that LMH has made as an actor. I truly believe that it is due to the strength of SYJ. Enjoyable series and as usual a pleasant read

  19. 19 cingdoc

    It’s highly possible that I’m just shallow, with very LOW expectations. I started this drama/journey with Jin Ho and Gae In, just observing them grow emotionally ,individually and toward each other . This drama has given me lots of laugh( I think SJ and YS should receive an award for Best screen “couple”,hehe), angst, tender(cute) loving moments(esp from Dir. Choi),and I guessed that all I wanted from a rom/com . This drama is by far not perfect, but (with all the yucks that I’m facing in real life), I’m grateful for the escape.
    And of course, JB and girlfriday,a big “Thank You” for your hard work and great recaps(always) 😉

  20. 20 strawberryfieldsforever

    this episode is a big cliche…BUT…i still love it! i love the acting! i am particularly pleased with lee min ho when he was just sitting in his room with almost-tears in his eyes..that’s a really good scene! and i am happy that this sad episode of their lives won’t drag for too long. in some kdramas, the dragging scenes would usually start at episode 8 and continues until episode 15 or sometimes until 16 and then show the characters a happy ending for, right, 10 minutes. granting that the happy ending would only be 10 minutes, i still love the idea that jinho and kaein have more happy memories than sad ones. from episode 2(i guess..) until episode 14, the couple were happy. there were misunderstandings, a bad bitch and a stupid jerk along the way but they managed to pull through. this episode might be a summary of all the break-ups in kdramas, but i’m fine with it. this one sad episode can never compensate for the 14 happy episodes of the couple :)

    thanks JB for the recap! :)

  21. 21 momosa

    I read it and I don’t think I can bring myself to watch this episode. Too much unnecessary sacrifices, too heavy! Aargh!

  22. 22 Fafa

    thanks for the recap/

  23. 23 butterfly

    I am so sad, one more episode and it’s finish. No matter what the weaknesses I really, really love this drama.

  24. 24 Ace

    My sentiments exactly. The acting was really great but the plot and developments were so blah, I don’t feel connected and excited like I was with the previous episodes. I really like PT mainly because of SYJ & LMH, then along came Do-bin, Sang-jun, and Young-sun which made it more fun. But there should be more that would leave the audience satisfied, not frustrated. I was watching this raw yesterday and I was pulling my hair, stomping my feet, and pounding the computer table, and cursing the show all the while. I really wanted this to be one of the dramas worth watching again from start to finish. Oh well, there’s always the skip and fast forward buttons… I’ve watched episode 16 raw and I’m not that excited to watch it with subs. Still, kudos to LMH & SYJ!

  25. 25 butterfly

    Count me in I think I’m shallow also because I really, really love this drama from episode 3 till the end

  26. 26 Princess61

    @19 and @25–I’m with you guys. Despite its flaws, I was entertained, loved the characters and was especially impressed with LMH’s acting. SYJ has always been one of my favorite actresses and her pairing with LMH was a match made in heaven! Thanks JB for your brilliant recap. Am sad that it’s coming to an end but I am looking forward to seeing more of LMH in future dramas. I hope that Do-Bin finally finds love in the final episode. I so love his character, as well as Sang-Jun and Young-Sun! Fighting! :)

  27. 27 Sara

    count me in too….love this drama and the progress of Jin Ho and Kae In’s relationship from episode 5 till the satisfying end with all the lovable sidekicks Sang Jun and Youngsun , even the robot In Hee

    want to do a rewatch

  28. 28 mmmaggie

    I totally agree with what you say, javabeans, about the predictability of the eventual kdrama breakup. What killed me in this ep was the last scene with Kae-in’s dad. When he yelled “Ga!” (Go!) to Jin-ho, his voice was so high and shrill that I couldn’t help but laugh. Well, nothing spruces up a trite, dramatic moment like a little unintentional comedy. 😀

  29. 29 GomenApple

    Sangjuuuunn…GRRRRRRRRRRRRR… baka baka baka baka baka baka Sangjun…. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. !!!@@##@@!@##$$$##@@……. can’t you identify your own Jin-ho’s drawing… the texture of the d*mn smelly drawings… for the love of God… it’s 30 years old…. baakkkaaaa…
    OK.. I didn’t see that coming… but can’t help to be a little bit dissapointed neeeee.. Even though it was meant to complicate things, I feel that it’s a lil bit too uncomplicated straightforward twist. gomen I don’t know how to say it…
    Just by looking at your images I know that the acting was for real…well still looking forward to it.. haven’t watched 14 yet.. sad sad…BUT can’t wait for Girlfriday’s last recap… Ganbarimas!
    *bows* thanks again for this recap, lucky I have just a lil bit more ointment with me, cause I bump my elbow just a lil bit too hard because of that bakaaa Sangjun 😀

  30. 30 brown girl

    hi jb!

    thanks for the awesome recap! ive been living this drama mostly through the recaps that you & girlfriday do, because most of the subs are not yet available thru WITHS2 (no hurry though!). im the kind of person who’s fine knowing what will happen first before watching the drama/episode itself. so sad that we only have one epi left. i love both LMH & SYJ together, they’re just so cute!

    again, thanks for the wonderful recaps! looking forward to ep 16!

  31. 31 minhogirl

    ‘though this episode’s so sad coz of the break-up but in ep-16 preview seems e’thing get better and finally making love..LOL…Thanx JB…Can’t wait for ep.16 recap..

  32. 32 balladish510

    This is a decent series with a decent cast. It has some nice and enjoyable moments but that’s about it. I find no break through or anything of the outstanding quality. I agree with anyone who says that this will be not the drama I rewatch over and over again.
    Thank you for the recaps, your work is much appreciated!

  33. 33 ivyrose

    “This is the eternal problem of dramas like Cinderella’s Sister where the characters are so goddamned NOBLE that nothing ever moves forward. It’s like they think that making a noble sacrifice of themselves will help everyone else, but in fact it just makes everything worse by obscuring the truth.”

    – definitely not only in KDrama. It’s worse here in the Philippines, our drama runs for months! and it’s a Monday – Friday show too. Our protagonist are always miss-goody-two-shoes while the antagonist wins and gets away several times before he/she finally loses.. it’s infuriating!

    Thanks for the recap though, can’t wait for girlfriday to post the next one.

  34. 34 Minah

    “Like a guy hearing a girl sobbing in the bathroom after she is dumped… only to tell her to get out of the men’s room.”

    I understood the YAB reference but what about this one? Which drama are you talking about? 😛 This scene sounds vaguely familiar though…

  35. 35 badtanline

    @Minah, it’s a reference to My Name Is Kim Samsoon.

    Just watched ep15 — phew, it’s not as dreary as I feared, particularly towards the end. As javabeans pointed out, it’s all true to their respective character arcs, isn’t it?

    Fave bits:
    1. DB’s failed attempt to surprise KI
    2. KI’s reaction to what DB was told by JH when he revealed he wasn’t of the gay
    3. JH’s reaction to KI telling him to ignore even news of her death

  36. 36 JOYCE

    love LOVE love LOVE your site <3
    cant wait to watch 😀
    Thank youuuuuuuuu

  37. 37 bjharm

    Indeed I never quite understood how cutting the heart out of someone you love, is doing them any good, but yes it pretty much a given in any K-Drama.
    I decided the dad is just a weak arrogant little man, I had given him the benefit of the doubt and saying he hide the basement and all photo of his wife so not the traumatise his young daughter, but now it seems it was only done for his own self, and to make matter worse he has totally screwed up her life by dumping on her for years..poor father weak man.

  38. 38 maybode

    This episode was not as impressive as it should have been, mostly because it was filled with predictable cliches. I was already losing interest in the show after the main characters got together. Too many sweet moments and skinship ( too too predictable), which though add to the fans’ excitement, do nothing to move along the drama plot. Initially, I was so excited at the refreshing pairing and the “architectural” theme to the show but now… this is one show I wouldn’t watch again if it comes out in DVD. If it were not for Son Ye-jin, I would not have continued staying on board this drama.

  39. 39 maria

    ^ i think it’s kim sam soon. :)

  40. 40 AT

    Great recap, thanks javabeans.

    I agree with you on the predictability of this episode. Thank goodness for the great chemistry between the leads and also the strong supporting cast. Otherwise, it would be yet another typical k drama.

  41. 41 belleza

    This episode plays to one of Son Yeh Jin’s considerable strengths as an actor: using cognitive dissonance to build a character from the beginning of the story, slowly cracking when the inevitable “crisis scene” happens. When she unravels, it is a tragic. asunder thing to behold. She invests the ironic fissures — the “but you said . . .” — of a moment or dialogue with more intensity than almost any other actor in their 20s. And I mean, really nails down the uncomfortable parts of everything well. The story doesn’t so much underline it, but Kae In is a person in arrested development. Living in not only the shadow of the father’s legacy, but in the father’s house, Kae In is kind of a “welcome to the dollhouse” only able to assert her own identity, not through love, but willfully enjoying her eccentric vortices while her father is away. If you rewatch the show, SYJ consistently interprets Kae-in that way; no matter how “Nodame” Kae-in gets, there belies a fear that when Dad comes home, all her joy gets sucked out,

    I’m bringing this up because this episode largely succeeds due to the little things each actor brings to the situation. Son Yeh Jin hasn’t really played a conventional romantic heroine since Summer Scent, and in a way this role really is a kind of throwback to the days when she was a melodrama queen. She hits the bitter notes of the part with precision. And in doing so, Moreover, Lee Min Ho does a really nice job of playing up Jin Ho’s fear. The story does a nice job through the previous 4-6 episodes that Jin Ho was in way over his head, and LMH nicely underlined his character’s cool exterior with a salty, anxious sensitivity. LMH plays him as a guy who wants to run away from the crime scene. Even when he’s working K-drama breakupgirl convention,

    Kim Ji-suk does a really nice job playing off both characters. Chang Ryul is not so much a character anymore — his characterization seems to bend to whatever wind the main couple blows — as he’s basically moral risk management between the main characters.

  42. 42 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    By finagling around, I’ve managed to find and see both
    Episodes #15 and #16, but without English sub-titles……..

    Dad’s got a lot of nerve to show up out of nowhere
    and throw a fit at what’s happened during his absence.
    He’s lucky that his daughter didn’t find the mystery blueprints
    down in the basement, and have them printed up for t-shirts
    at twenty dollars a pop. And to sell them after the guided tour
    of the house, at the cost of another twenty dollars per tourist.

    Big shot architect / professor abandons his only child ~
    emotionally, physically, and financially……what?….he couldn’t
    even hire a housekeeper / cook / companion for his daughter?
    You may be “the elder” but I don’t think you deserve any respect.

    And here’s why javabeans will never ask me to review a kdrama ~
    Episode #16 is supposed to be an hour long. But all I can remember
    is about five minutes. A lot of other stuff happened, but I forget what.
    When you see #16, you’ll know which five minutes I mean. ( Lovely! )

    I do remember that there was a replay of that funny scene:
    Jin-ho: “Don’t you have any pride at all?”
    Kae-in: “How’s my pride now?”
    Jin-ho: “It’s awesome. Now put that chainsaw down.”
    How can you not love a rom-com where a chainsaw plays such
    an important part in the romance? :)

    “Personal Taste” quite simply, was a class act.
    Beautiful romance, beautifully acted.

    Could have used 187 more episodes though…….. :)


  43. 43 Stephanie

    These kind of dramas make me think. Even though Dal Ja’s spring and Coffee Prince is so old, I would watch them over new dramas any day. Especially Dal Ja’s spring cus every ep has a message and the lead doesn’t have to be bloody noble or “a superwoman” unless it has to do with the message of the day. That is why I feel I couldn’t get enough of Dal Ja’s spring even though it was 22 eps. Cus the scriptwriter had something to say every episode and I wanted to hear more of it yet he/she could nicely bring the drama to a close.
    In coffee prince, even though eun chan doesn’t admit that she is a girl in fear of losing her job or hurting him, she acknowledges in the end that the noble excuse was she just being selfish. So being “noble” doesn’t drag the plot unecessarily. Plus there are bits and pieces of other characters’ development and funny moments that beef up the episodes.
    HOWEVER, I Personal Taste was fun other than 2 eps so okay, very watchable…..

  44. 44 badtanline

    wow, i really love your dissection. there seems to be a bit of text missing in the 2nd to last paragraph, though …? The delicate consistencies of both the acting and the plot really appeal to me. i think KI shows us the sacrifice, foolishness and wonder of an other-centred, rather than self-centred love — the kind we fall into by default.

    @grace, TOFJUSA
    you know, after watching the last ep, i must say that the show would have benefited greatly from an extension of even just 1 ep! it was a helter-skelter rush to the finish line! :/

  45. 45 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    #44 ~ badtanline~
    With all of the commotion about product placement ads,
    you would think that some wedding gown / tuxedo company
    could supply the clothing for a wedding scene. Would it have
    killed somebody to give us that much? And I was really hoping
    for a scene of Kae-in showing her children’s gallery area to a
    gang of happy kids, thereby showing….us……the complete work
    of her designs. The few glimpses that we got were charming.

    And an extra episode of Kae-in and Jin-ho JUST LOOKING AT
    EACH OTHER wouldn’t have been too shabby none, either. :)


  46. 46 j-star

    its ‘My name is Kim Sam soon’

    I hope they don’t rush the ending :( but the outlook of things looks as though that it is the most possible outcome TT_TT
    i so agree with “The parent puts up fierce resistance until s/he sees his/her child suffering such grave mental anguish at being separated from his/her love that said parent then experiences a change of heart in the eleventh hour, paving the way for sunshine and roses and a happy final 10 minutes in Episode 16, right? We’ve only seen it in, like, every trendy drama ever. ” haha but i think my name is kim sam soon is the only trendy drama that had the two mains end up together despite hyun bin’s mother’s disapproval :) Love MNIKSS!!

  47. 47 question

    I’ve got a question. Do you know the title of of the episodes? I’d be grateful if you could write them all :)

  48. 48 birdscout

    Ahhh, V.C. Andrews…brings back bad memories:) For me, it was “Flowers in the Attic”.

    Now, off to read the recap properly!

  49. 49 Chriser

    Just to comment on the beer. I have seen people who can drink fifths of liquor and have nothing happen to them but as soon as they drink beer it is a totally different experience. I am like that also. The grain in most liquor is different from the grain in beer so the way a body reacts to it, depend on the person’s body. I have also seen people who drink cases and cases of beer and be fine but hard liquor floors them. That part is not as uncommon.

    Thank you for the recap. You bring sanity back for those of us who are stuck waiting the insane wait.

  50. 50 diadda

    And this breakup is way too forced. After everything they had been through and proving how well he understands her personality. I was having a hard time believing he would sacrifice his feelings when she needed him the most. It seemed almost cowardly and self destructive, more than a backing out for her good.

    @42 Grace

    totally agree about the 5 minutes of episode 16. I really do not recall much else. I saw it 5-6 times without the subs and yeah…nice, very nice. PT was serious fun and I will miss it

  51. 51 t!nt!n

    just want to say i so much enjoyed ur insights as much as the recaps!
    many thanks!!!

  52. 52 Cyclic

    I think I’m in the minority when i say the last 2 eps is a disappointment. Too rushed. Ep15..is simply a filler episode.

  53. 53 Julie

    i love reading your reviews but im going to have to disagree with your comment about this self-sacrificial noble angst going on. although i have to agree that for some (ok many) dramas, this angst can be dragged on and on and used to the same extent as beating a dead horse 1. the self-sacrificial part is in line with his character… he spent all his life and gave up all his free time to work hard to get his family’s house back and to reclaim his father’s pride and 2. yeah this is a classic rom-com plot device because girls love it. pleaseeeeeeee… what girl here can honestly tell me they would not be monumentally touched if a guy decided to do the “right thing” for her and endure all the pain to spare her of it. please dont hate on this plot device when inside you know you’d love it too.

    although i do have to agree that so many rom-coms are based on misunderstandings and all this noble crap i know that tons of girls (and i will attest to being one of them) only dream of meeting some guy who is willing to do all that noble crap just for them. proof? the fact that at the end of the episode youre either moaning at the fact that the next epi hasnt been uploaded yet or youre furiously hitting the refresh button.

    i loveee personal preference and thought it was an excellent balance of fluff and angst. although personal preference didn’t get the main actor and actress it originally casted, LMH and SYJ were each excellent actors and a wonderfully pleasant pairing. of course, they were also both pretty easy on the eyes 😀

    just my two cents 😉

  54. 54 lilysu

    I agree with @ 52 Cyclic, the last 2 episode is quite disappointment. It feel that after hitting the climax from episode 10 – 14, suddenly the story become uninteresting. Especially the way the couple resolve their broke up. Must have other people to help them? Not just 1, but 4 (Director Choi, Kae In’s friend, Sang-Joon & even In-Hee).
    Jin-Ho is almost doing nothing to save their relationship and willingly to give up so easily even with the reason of self-sacrifice & guilty feeling, and It’s not what I’m expected from the drama that already have good story line to settle this problem.
    Anyway, it’s just my thoughts & I’m happy to become part of this discussion cause it’s like I’m not watching alone. I never miss reading the review in this website while I watch PT. Thanks to Javabeans & Girlfriday :)

  55. 55 Jay

    Jin-ho comes off as such an ass to me in this episode. I don’t see his noble martyr act as courageous, but cowardly — it’s just another way for him to escape facing his mistakes. It takes a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness from someone you love when you have genuinely done them wrong, and Jin-ho doesn’t have that courage — he’d rather hurt Kae-in MORE than face up to what a creep, frankly, he was at the beginning of this whole thing. He was using her and lying to her, but now he can console himself that he’s sacrificing everything for her sake. What bull. Honesty regarding his feelings is the very least he owes her in this situation, but he’d still rather play the Big Man making all the decisions. And now the narrative shifts to how Kae-in is supposed to “see” that he loves her even though he’s insulting and hurting her and won’t even ask her for forgiveness or apologize, or make any effort to actually repair their relationship. No matter how cute Lee Min-ho is, Jin-ho’s actions are not loving ones at this point, and Kae-in really doesn’t have any self-esteem if she takes him back. At least the other guy was willing to admit how terribly he acted!

  56. 56 Keren

    To Jay (55): you are forgetting something very important! Jin-ho never hurt or caused harm to Kae-in unlike the other guy who abandoned her in the most cruel way and cheated her with her “best” friend. He even didn’t let her know he is getting married. That was pure cowardliness.

    Jin-ho only had intentions of using her, but he didn’t hurt her at all.
    On the contrary, he always supported her and stood by her in her most difficult times. As of the break up and saying those awful things to her her, I guess he lost confidence after all the things her father said to him, and he wanted to hurt her so she would forget him as soon as possible.

  57. 57 eclipse

    Seeing how the story develop, i`m glad they didn`t do extension. I also lost interest to watch it again. The drama is saved by its casts. But i really disappointed on the writers for making Sang Jun bad. I think they did it on purpose to prep him for the plot in the final eps. Arrgghhh!!!

  58. 58 peachyraiz

    haven’t watched the ep yet, but read ur recap JB. i think that JJH doesn’t understand that he has to explain to KI what REALLY took place. i mean, the gay lie was more of an assumption from KI and YS, he told them both quite a few times that he wasn’t but kind of just let it be coz at first, he was just really interested only in getting the sang go jae’s secret. he didn’t expect that he would fall for KI, but we all know that it backfired on him because he fell in love with KI.

    but i also feel that the reason why JJH is keeping quiet and staying away from her is that he feels that he doesn’t have the face to ask her to take him back, beg for forgiveness when he destroyed her trust. i think he wants to give her time. the difference bet him and CR is that although they both lied to KI at some point, JJH accepted her for who she is and even helped her to change for the better. CR isn’t much of a jerk right now but i feel that if in hee bot didn’t leave him and stayed married, CR wouldn’t be chasing KI at all and be with the in hee bot. i don’t like the fact that CR acts all high and mighty against JJH when his own methods are of question. that’s why i liked when KI said they’re just the same, they both used her… which was a JJH effect wherein he taught KI to stand up for herself and don’t get fooled… it does kill me however bec JJH could have just explained the truth and let KI make the final decision about everything that took place *but then again we won’t have the finale if that happens*

    i was excited at the ending though, bec i think JJH got Prof. Park’s where it hurts. I do believe that it was his design mistake that caused the accident… hmmm. =) but other than that, i will miss PT =( LMH and SYJ’s acting were great, esp LMH because he showed a lot of dimensions in his acting after his BOF stint. SYJ is already an accomplished actress so i knew she’s gonna be good. thanks again JB and GF… as always you guys are fabulous!

  59. 59 Show2007

    Thanks for the recap. I agreed with most of you that the LMH and SYJ and the rest esp. Do Bin did an excellent job. However, the plot, the story was a little ….. I wish they can build a stronger storyline well I have to say they did a pretty decent job from ep 3 – 10… but the rest is kind of preditable and “slow”… Still, I enjoy this very much and looking forward to see LMH and SYJ in their future projects.

  60. 60 peachyraiz

    finished watching this ep and the finale… just waiting for the recap from GF… this ep was filled with the much needed angst and heartbreak… and there were quite a few times where i wanna smack JJH especially on the part of him being so hurtful to KI =) but the finale will settle it all… i’m not gonna post spoilers up here =) but if you guys want to watch the finale, its up on viikii.net [if u have an account, sign in and go to personal taste* since it’s not up on mysoju just yet… enjoy!

  61. 61 Purpleclouds

    Drama does reflect real life, saying the truth is not always easy as many a times, i can’t seem to say the words while my heart is screaming it out. As i watch dramas, this recurrent problem I can sympathize.

    Was just wonder why most dramas have that piggy-back ride moment. It must be a guy’s preference because there’s alot of body contact and he’s in total control and she’s relying on him, holding on for safety.

    I’m all for respecting the elderly but when they hit you or yell at you, I’d say, block the hit, say excuse me and walk out of there. I think being old and mean is a bad result of decades of wasted living. So if we yield/condone this type of craziness, we are indulging in the ugliness of it.

    Can’t wait for ep 16 recap.

  62. 62 mems

    Haven’t watched this ep yet, but your reference to My Sweet Audrina brought back memories of lots of DISTURBING reading. I think the only reason I picked up that book was because there was nothing better to read.

  63. 63 movall

    This comment has nothing to do with PT, “I’m sorry” ^^ but I really like the song today. Thanks so much for sharing this song JBs, nice ballad.

  64. 64 Reina Magaly

    saludos los admiro mecesito traducción al español,gracias y hasta luego

  65. 65 SeeYah

    Like the minority here, I lost my interest in this story after episode 14. 15 and 16 felt like they were filler episodes. Okay that’s a lie, I started to lose interest after episode 10 due to the one fact that it’s very predictable.

    I was really impressed by LMH in BoF. He did a superurb job, but I just don’t feel like he lived up or exceeded his BoF acting skills in PT. His acting seemed forced and wasn’t convincing. In BoF his eyes and his actions spoke, but in PT, his eyes were like deer looking at headlights. What happened to you MinHo? Maybe my expectations are too high because of BoF, but as an actor shouldn’t your skills increase with every work?

    In no way am I an anti so please do label me as one, but I am a very disappointed fan. I had hopes… high hopes that LMH would blow me away again, but it didn’t happen. I really wanted to support PT till the end, but when I realized that i didn’t get excited to watch it on Weds and Thurs… that I would rather watch Prosecutor Princess n Cinderella’s Sister and leave PT on the back burner… there was something wrong.

    I’ve tried to stay positive about this drama, but there are too many K Drama cliches and the predictability of the scenes make it hard to watch. The bike riding scene, the scene in JeJu island valentines day event where they win that watch, and many others reminded me of repeat scenes from BoF. Give us something new writer… be creative.

    I think the book was a lot better than the drama, but then aren’t books usually better?

    I can’t say that I enjoyed watching PT, but can’t say I didn’t because I did like eps 5 through 10. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a three. It was bearable because Son YeJin’s acting was believable. her character was annoying, but believable.

  66. 66 brigitte

    The majority comments seem to dislike the 15-16 episodes, but I really enjoyed this drama a lot, though there were flaws (and lots of them -believe me) but overall the acting is genuine and natural. Probably one of those kdramas where couple are acting like a real couple and cannot be denied that SYJ is not a robot in a romantic scenes. Most of these korean lead actress in a dramas are like a robots & stiff when they hug or kiss the lead guy, and it really gets into my nerve.

    I might be bias coz I really love LMH (can’t get enough of his handsome face) but this is the first time I’ve seen SYJ and she’s really good, cannot be denied. LMH is lucky indeed to be part of SYJ’s drama. Thank you JB & GF for your witty insights which made us follow PT till the end.

  67. 67 Dara

    Thanks for your fast recap. I’m thinking of Girlfriday right now, everybody is waiting for her last ep recap. Oh! pressure.

    I’ve watched the 15-16ep already. My first thought that comes to my mind is that,
    what if Jin-ho, who’s totally all for Kae-in, loses Kae-in the same way her dad loss her mom, will Jin-ho be doing the same things KI’s dad was doing?
    I would think so, since both men are so passionate with their love ones. Sometime in real life, no matter how you try, you just can’t get over the loss of lives you hold dear. It’s not that you don’t want to, you just can’t. So, I understand that KI’s dad is trying to protect her and himself from the pain.I like KI’s dad, he delivered the lines precisely and we understand right away what kind of a man he is.

    What I do love about JH’s character is his straightness. He’s all sure of himself, doesn’t know how to bend a little, talk a little to smooth things out ,but he’s soft and caring.I do love the way he stands his position and bravely confronts KI’s dad in his possible ways.

    I wouldn’t say everything is predictable in this ep. I didn’t think JH would be revealed of his wrong doings in front of everyone like that. That scene alone,my heart dropped to the floor. At that moment of truth , I believe not everyone could come up with proper explanations. Poor JH.

    I did scratch my head about JH’s logic of breaking up. He wants to stop his pain so he cuts all the ties thinking he can go back to the way he was. I guess he cannot accept that he’s not a perfect man after all.

    Looking forward to GF 16 ep recap. Since the drama has come to its finale, hoping to see your(JB) opinions on the drama as well. Thanks.

  68. 68 Andie


  69. 69 Sisy

    Just finished watching ep 16. The bed scene is certainly a fan-service, which is nice. Overall, the drama is not bad, but not great either. Without LMH and SYJ, the drama would have been a flop, in my opinion. The chemistry and acting were awesome, but that’s all to it. The plot is kinda too simple and I wish they would have explored the other sub-plots better. For example, the secret of Song Go Jae could have been grander. Jin Ho’s mom suddenly accepted Gae In after swearing over her dead body?? the same with Gae In’s dad?? so the whole agony over parental blessing for 1 or 2 episodes is for nothing? Do Bin plays such a key role in Gae In and Jin Ho’s relationship and yet his character doesn’t get a happiness or some kind of closure. I find so many flaws in the storyline. Yes, Lee Min Ho is super HOT, yes..the kisses are super yummy, and yes the bed scene made me scream..but that’s all it to Personal Taste.

  70. 70 Sisy

    Nowadays, I see more and more K-dramas with real kissing and the heroine responds with the same passion as the hero. To name a few, Worlds Within, City Hall, A Star’s Lover, etc..

  71. 71 koreandramalover

    Dear Javabeans

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. Appreciate your take on the episode. Although I agree with certain things you said – especially about the predictability part – I have to say that the predictability part notwithstanding, I could still gleen some gems from this episode (and from episode 16, although Girlfriday has yet to recap it) and from this drama on the whole.

    2 things stood out for me in this episode and from the whole drama :

    1. The emotional upheaval/turmoil as a result of something as traumatic and tragic as a death in the family, esp a person as dear as a wife and mother, as in PT.

    After watching the end of epi 14 and knowing the premise of the whole drama, I fully expected the Prof Park character to scream, shout, rant and basically blow his top off at KI and JH about the basement, the SGJ blueprints, JH’s deception, and (to him) at the futility of life itself – because he felt helpless in the face of the tragedy that befell him and his family.

    But, EXPECTING it to happen did not in any way lessen the HEARTBREAK i felt when it DID happen. I cringed physically and emotionally and literally felt myself backing off from the laptop screen while watching and listening to a father essentially using his voice to stamp his authority and superiority over his daughter. Each word that came out of mouth in extreme anger directed at his daughter was, to me, sharply and excruciatingly painful – must be how a knife being plunged into my heart would probably feel like.

    The sad thing about this is that it is too true to real life. So, so many parents intimidate their children in the same way and yet they say they LOVE their children, as Prof Park later confessed to KI in episode 16 – and how torn and tortured Prof Park felt having made his beloved daughter felt so hurt and burdened by his behaviour.

    Why, oh why, do parents do what they do and call it being LOVING to their children and yet later REGRET doing it in the first place?

    All children feel so tortured when parents rant and scream at us and the overwhelming feeling that comes over us when that happens is that we may have lost our parents’ love – which is everything to all children, other than our parents’ pride and approval of us – some of the things KI has been striving to achieve all her life.

    The scene that has been etched in mind pertaining to the estrangement between father and daughter in PT is the one in which the 5-year old KI was colouring and watching her father’s back with a forlorn look and her voiceover saying how watching her father’s back gave her the idea that a person’s back must feel cold…sob, sob…which she later emphasised when she expressed her surprise that JH’s back felt warm (when she was being piggybacked by JH) and that her father has never given her a piggyback ride for her to experience that warmth. Sob, sob…

    2. How easily we can feel that we are not deserving of love because we see ourselves as worthless.

    I believe I can understand why the writers wrote the script that required JH to act so cruelly towards KI after all the deception was revealed. I believe the underlying but overwhelming feeling that JH was supposed to feel was that he felt unworthy of KI’s love because of his deception. But, in spite of that feeling, he still could not ignore how deeply his love is for KI – which was why he just could not let KI leave him at the cabin.

    Ditto for KI when she said if not because she is Prof Park’s daughter, she would probably never be loved by anyone.

    The feelings of WORTHLESSNESS and UNDESERVING OF LOVE – I can fully understand it as I have felt it myself on numerous occasions and thus I could appreciate the way JH acted and what KI felt.

    I shed not a few tears watching episodes 15 and 16 because of the 2 points above. And thus, I agree with

    #42 ~ grace TOFJUSA ~

    that PT is a class act, MAINLY because of the actors’ remarkable talent – in turning a mediocre and pedestrian script and inept execution of the script – into a sparkling gem of a drama.

    Despite many flaws in this drama (not the actors’ but everyone else including the writing, editing, etc) I have found myself laughing, crying, sighing, venting and hyperventilating along with the characters – what I have NOT done much of watching other Kdramas.

    I am reserving further comments after Girlfriday’s recap of episode 16.

  72. 72 koreandramalover

    Just a clarification on my earlier comment.

    that PT is a class act, MAINLY because of the actors’ remarkable talent – in turning a mediocre and pedestrian script and inept execution of the script BY THE OTHERS, NOT THE ACTORS – into a sparkling gem of a drama.

    Also, I should add that the reason the writers made JH act and speak so cruelly towards KI was probably to make KI HATE him so much that it would be easier for her to forget him – something I have seen being repeated in almost every Kdrama I have watched for the past 2 years.

    The idea is this :

    “If I make you hate me, then you can forget me and move on with your life that much faster. And I will force myself to feel that I don’t deserve your love because I have been a liar and have hurt you so, and so I don’t deserve your forgiveness and definitely not your love. I have to suffer for my sins and one way is to deprive myself from feeling happy by not accepting your love.”

    It is a common thread in almost all Kdramas I have seen so far.

  73. 73 Mawar Merah

    oh javabeans how i love your little comments in every scene you reviewed. and this one is the best and most funny…. you entertainment me big time just like the drama. 😉

  74. 74 SeeYah

    koreandramalover – Yes the i’m going to say mean things to you to make you hate me is an overused tool in many Korean dramas. But in all honesty, this could have been overlooked if the writer used bigger issues and surprises like the secret behind the house. The word LAME flashed in my head. I mean seriously, how many cliches can you use in one drama?

    People read and watch dramas to escape reality; it’s our fantasy world. Why watch it when it’s predictable? Don’t we all like to be surprised?

    Like you I’ve watched many Korean dramas, from All About Eve to anything recent growing up. It’s not that I don’t like Minho or Son Ye Jin, but after watching the last episode, I was left scratching my head and wondering, why did I watch this?… not bc of the actors, but the writer.

    I’m sorry that I can’t write anything positive about this drama because well it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be and I think that some people could agree. I think that some just watched it because to support MinHo… that goes the same for me. I could care less about the other supporting cast.

    In my last comment I said that LMH’s acting wasn’t good, this is compared to BoF. In BoF he was 150% immersed in his character, but in this drama I just didn’t feel it. He did some good acting in PT, not superb acting. Hence javabeans… “pretty good” for Ep.15.

    Lastly, I think that the ratings didn’t properly reflect the quality of writing in this drama. This should have been in the 10% range and Prosecutor Princess should have gotten better ratings only because the writing was much better.

    MinHo I love you, but I don’t like the writer of PT.

  75. 75 dramafan

    I have to disagree with you. PT was not a class act. The acting of the casts did keep this drama afloat and prevent this from being a disaster.

  76. 76 soulgirl

    just wanna say hi and thanks for the commentary!
    i love ur summary!
    they are so funny (and deep at times!)!!
    and the last screencap! omg! my fav moment in this ep!
    how come min ho is so damn good in acting (and cute)??

  77. 77 koreandramalover

    #75 ~ dramafan ~

    Thank you for your comment but perhaps you have contradicted yourself?

    You said :
    I have to disagree with you. PT was not a class act. The acting of the casts did keep this drama afloat and prevent this from being a disaster.

    If you see what I said :
    that PT is a class act, MAINLY because of the actors’ remarkable talent – in turning a mediocre and pedestrian script and inept execution of the script BY THE OTHERS, NOT THE ACTORS – into a sparkling gem of a drama.

    then, you would agree that you have actually agreed, and not disagreed, with me. :)

    Perhaps I should have been more precise. In my humble opinion, PT was only worth watching and is SAVED by the actors’ (main and supporting) remarkable talent in portraying so ENGAGINGLY the stereotypical and pedestrian characters in the stereotypical and unimpressive plot lines of PT. The less than impressive handling of the directing, editing, sound and other divisions in the overall drama-making were able to be SAVED by the actors’ combined collaboration.

    Thanks also to the other commentators who have given their comment on my comment. I appreciate and respect your stand. To each his own. Fighting! (”,)

  78. 78 SeeYah

    koreandramalover – I second your comment. hehe. The actors made the show worth watching [even though MinHo’s acting was only GOOD, not excellent. I can’t change my mind about that. I loved his acting in BoF way too much.]

    I was rewatching some of the InHee scenes and I’ve found a love for her. In all seriousness, in the past Korean dramas, the antagonist females were annoying and sometimes it was more than obvious that they were given that role because either they were rookies or just not good enough. InHee played her role very well. I actually enjoyed watching her. LOL!

    As for the music. Don’t even get me started! Who was the music director?!?! It was either the wrong music or music at the wrong time.

    I think that it was javabeans or someone who said that if this drama is a success, Minho will walk away with lots of CF’s and something about Son ye Jin n then if this is a failure Minho will be in a new drama soon. Would you call this drama a success koreandramalover?… I can’t exactly say it was nor can I call it a failure because of the actors. I am utterly speechless and torn.

    But in all honesty, don’t beat me to death, but thinking about it… it’s a K Drama trend to cast a popular pop star in either a supporting role or leading role to gain attention… in this case… this drama survived because of Lee MinHo. I can’t deny that… can you? It was able to get those almost 20% [highest i think was 15%] because of his beautiful face.

  79. 79 koreandramalover

    #74 and #78 See Yah

    Oh, thank you ever so much for your comments because I agree totally with your comments esp the following :

    i. The word LAME flashed in my head. I mean seriously, how many cliches can you use in one drama?

    Yes, my sentiments exactly – which illustrated my point about the writing and plot lines being stereotypical.

    ii. People read and watch dramas to escape reality; it’s our fantasy world. Why watch it when it’s predictable? Don’t we all like to be surprised?

    Yes, i agree that we need the dramas and films to allow us the freedom to fantasise and escape from the harsh realities of life, as well as, give us a sense of hope and wonder about the immense possibilities that life can offer BUT I guess because I am more a realistic and not a romantic person, I will not appreciate a drama/film with plot lines that are beyond logic or reasoning such that it is just a fantasy ride. I believe a balance between the two – fantasy and reality – would make a drama/film stand out because it will then allow us to identify and FEEL connected to the characters and the story, while enjoying a fantasy ride at the same time. After all, what good is a story in dramas/films if it does not TOUCH us in profound and lasting ways?

    To me, PT is a class act only in so far as the acting is concerned. The writing, editing, directing and everything else connected to the execution of the drama-making could have been so much better BUT I concede that PT has never been touted to be a serious melodrama – which was emphasised by Son Ye Jin herself in an interview on Arirang TV in which she said PT is not meant to be a serious melodrama but a light, breezy one, much like the feeling of spring.
    So, in that sense, in my opinon, PT has delivered – a light, fluffy and overall entertaining drama helmed exceptionally by the actors (main and minor).

    iii. I was rewatching some of the InHee scenes and I’ve found a love for her. In all seriousness, in the past Korean dramas, the antagonist females were annoying and sometimes it was more than obvious that they were given that role because either they were rookies or just not good enough. InHee played her role very well. I actually enjoyed watching her. LOL!

    Yes, See Yah! I am so happy you brought In Hee up. :)
    I concur whole-heartedly that the actress who played In Hee was successful in portraying a character that is, to me, largely one-dimensional (the devil incarnate?) and easy to be loathed, and thus do not challenge the actress to portray a character with subtle layers and nuances to show that IH is not just an evil person because I believe no human being is all bad or all good. Thus, IH was acted courageously by the actress because even though it was a character that did not stretch her acting skills, the actress managed to make the character impactful enough for so many viewers (including Javabeans and Girlfriday) to comment on her and express their love of hatred for her. That says a lot about how the actress was able to reach out to the viewers even in the face of the limitations and constraints inherent in the characterisation of IH in PT.

    In fact, IH provided the perfect foil to KI to illustrate to us how pure and innocent KI is, in contrast to how evil IH is. After all, without the presence of a really bad person, how do we identify and appreciate the really good ones?

    iv. As for the music. Don’t even get me started! Who was the music director?!?! It was either the wrong music or music at the wrong time.

    Oh, yes, don’t get me started on it either. Hehe…I was literally shrieking at the laptop screen whenever the jarring and utterly senseless use of the chosen piece of music came up in so many of the scenes in PT.

    BUT I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the songs in the PT OST on their own, because they are catchy and appeal to me on different emotional levels – happy, sad, excited, etc. Unfortunately, the music director (or whatever the title of the person responsible for the insertion of the musical accompaniment to the scenes is) was either tone-deaf or simply clueless as to how the outcome of his/her work has affected the feel of the whole drama. Utter exasperation! :)

    My final point : PT has many flaws and should not fall into the category of outstanding dramas but as in many other dramas, it has a beauty and an appeal all its own – MAINLY because the actors were PERFECT for their roles and IS the ONLY reason PT did not become a SHIPWRECK of a drama.

    Thus, I think perhaps the writers and directors and producers knew beforehand that PT is one drama that has a higher risk of becoming a shipwreck, that probably made them go all out to save it by choosing exceptional actors to helm it.

    In that sense, the directors, writers, producers and whoever else with the authority to make decisions in the drama, HAVE succeeded in what they set out to do – pick actors who are immensely talented and appealing (to the eyes and ears of viewers) to valiantly and heroically carry a drama with numerous shortcomings without allowing it to be swallowed up by the earth into obscurity. Hehe… :)

    Just my 2 cents’ worth…:)

  80. 80 Jersey Girl

    I am quite relieved this drama is over and hope to see Lee Min Ho in a drama more suited to his personality with a leading lady more of his age Hopefully he and Kim Hyo Joo ( Dong Yi /Shining Inheritance) will have a chance to work together . PT is no Boys Before Flowers.

  81. 81 malaysian noona

    i am ALL for personal taste.
    and also so so so bias of LMH and in my opinion he is the best ever.
    i ve seen ep 15, and shed tears especially when 2 of my lovely LMH and SYJ sob in their own private room. so sad.

    maybe the expectation was so high for you guys here.. because of LMH. but for me… am very very satisfied.

    what more can i ask… PT got everything.

  82. 82 hanjinrae

    hi. good job on the recaps of PT. very entertaining. i hope i don’t sound too demanding but i’ve been waiting for the recap of ep 16. hope to see it soon. thanks.

  83. 83 HT

    Thanks JB for your recap! You rock! The nonsensical break up is a must have in romcom dramas. True, the plot is kind of simple but this drama makes me LOL throughout the series. I am hoping you would do joint recap with girlfriday like what you did with Kimbum’s latest drama (sorry, forgot the title)

  84. 84 someone

    hey thanks for the wonderful recap! but where’s episode 16?

  85. 85 brown girl

    cant wait for the ep 16 recaps! i live vicariously through your blog recaps since most of the subs for the latest episodes aren’t out yet. but good job! keep it up! =D

  86. 86 fk

    I know I’m late for the show and probably everyone here has moved on to another drama,but I just wanted to share my thoughts. The recaps have been so great. I,too,stopped watching at episode 4 and then after reading the recaps here, picked it up again. LMH has his awkward moments,but all in all, he’s done a super job in this drama. Perhaps,thanks,to his co-star,SYJ. I’ve seen her in another drama, and frankly, I didn’t even recognize her here. Goes to show she is a good actress! However, I really didn’t ‘feel’ the chemistry between these two,as much as they tried. It’s like a + b, didn’t add up to C(hemistry)! But,strangely, this was the only reason to actually watch this drama,if that makes any damn sense! Ah, said what I had to say,may the last episode bring me peace and happiness. I doubt it since it’s a K-drama,afterall! Hahaha!

  87. 87 tytha Milik lee min hoo

    saranGheo lee min hoo,,,muacccchhhhhh,,,

  88. 88 Tee cee

    What a rotten way to meet daddy. Oh man. Jin-Ho loves that man’s daughter so much, but right off the bat he gets hit with major pissivity when all he was trying to do was help Gae-In. Man…

    For Daddy Park: How dare you try to call Jin-Ho out for being a hypocrite when YOU, sir, ARE THE MASTER OF DECEPTION? You deliberately altered your daughter’s memories for your own benefit, thus stunting any chance for her to have any proper emotional growth OR healing from her mother’s death. You sir, are a hypocrite of the highest order. Now back to Jin-Ho.

    Me no like’a mean Jin-Ho :(. Stop “sacrificing” yourself and um, be happy. It’s amazing how alike JH and KI both are–which is probably why they’re so compatible; they obviously know what true pain is. It’s just that KI externalizes her pain and JH internalizes his.

    As far as Sang-Jun…sigh. A large part of me wants to see him as a truly desperate man who took desperate measures that ended up going badly in the end. After all, if JH’s architecture business goes under, he goes under as well. People do strange things when they’re backed against a wall. I do so hope that it will somehow be written into the script that he is somehow the one who makes things right, though.

    Strangely, highlight of the episode for me: Do-Bin jumping out and trying to scare KI. God bless that man. Lord, I want good things for him in the end!

    I jumped when Daddy Park slapped the taste out of JH’s mouth. Man. Talk about bold. Truth hurts, dunnit?

  89. 89 arshi

    great summery ,, luv ya :)

  90. 90 Kendra

    I’ve been reading these after watching each episode and have found them all to be both majorly entertaining and helpful. (For example: the site I’ve been watching the episodes translated the “taming my woman” into “getting used to my woman” which confused the heck out of me until I read the deconstruction on that episode.)

    That being said, for the most part I’ve trusted you and girlfriday’s explanation for each confusing bit or weirdly worded translation until this episode. Whereas I still think yours is probably the more accurate version, I think I prefer the rough translation on this episode this time. 😛

    It’s the part where Kae-In and her father are talking about packing up Jin-ho’s room; instead of dejectly saying she wouldn’t have the right to recieve love from anyone, the translation I read said “if you don’t love me, how can I expect to recieve love from anyone else.” I took that mean that Kae-In is realizing that she clings so much in her relationships because she is looking for the love she never recieved from her father. It’s probably completely off, but it’s a nice thought, one that shows growth and understanding on her part.

    Anywho, off to watch the final episode and then read ya’ll take on it.

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