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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 10
by | May 4, 2010 | 82 Comments

I wasn’t completely psyched watching this – even though a lot of the mystery gets elucidated and the love square/pentagon is at full force. This is not a particularly happy episode (nor was it a particularly happy week for PP) but Park Shi Hoo OWNS this episode! His acting and his pain saved it for me, because I wanted to know what he’d do next. Out of all the characters, he’s the wild card no matter how he is feeling because you can’t tell what exactly he’ll do next, or how exactly he’ll treat someone.

Song of the Day

I’m breaking away from the usual with a song from Gummy. I feel like her entire Loveless album could be applied to this series – but I’ll stick to one. I call this particular song Seo In Woo’s Anthem, because he refuses to accept that thing called loooooooooooooove. =D

Loveless – Gummy – “There Is No Love” [download]

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Episode 10

In Woo admits to Jenny that he wants absolutely nothing to do with Hye Ri. He doesn’t want to love her, and he doesn’t want to hurt her – he just wants to disappear from her life. (Gosh, such melodramatic words fueled by drunkeness…no wonder Jenny gets annoyed)

Jenny tells him to snap out of it – she’s just the air headed daughter of his enemy. She’s stupid enough to just listen to what he tells her to do. But In Woo says she’s not, and she’s not Ma Sang Tae’s daughter – in the sense that she’s not manipulative like he is. So what, should they just stop everything they’ve done so far? He would never have met her if it wasn’t for Ma Sang Tae anyways. In Woo looks at her mournfully, and she closes her eyes as though she wish she never saw this side of him.

Meanwhile, Hye Ri is having difficulty sleeping after staying up all night – and it’s something to note that the alarm clock is now by her bedside rather than by the coffee table. Her mother calls her, and immediately asks if she’s with In Woo. (HA! Where does her mother’s mind go at this late hour..!?) The reason she called is because she wants to say goodbye.

In an incredibly pathetic, over-acting, attention-seeking manner, her mother says, “I wanted to say my goodbye to you” because she’s going “to the other world.” Say whaaat?! She apologizes to Hye Ri for being born to her, which only increases Hye Ri’s concern. Turns out – she never got to tell Hye Ri (because of the In Woo Distraction) that her father’s company is in a bad state, but she doesn’t know what’s wrong. She just wants Hye Ri to come home and settle it. Hye Ri says she’ll come by as soon as her homicide case is over, and at that moment, Mr. Ma enters the room. The mother immediately hangs up and comes up with a feeble excuse for talking to Hye Ri, but Mr. Ma doesn’t care – he just wants her to draw him a bath.

Feeling lonely, Hye Ri calls up In Woo, afraid that she might have put him in an awkward situation with the meeting with her mom. But he doesn’t answer – he’s passed out in the bar, and Jenny doesn’t answer the phone, nor does she wake him up. Usually I’d hate the girl who does this, but she’s fully justified in hating on Hye Ri right now.

Outside on the terrace, Hye Ri wonders why In Woo isn’t home – but she gets a call from none other than Se Joon!

He’s waiting for her by a bench, and Hye Ri comes running over (not in heels!). He asks her if she had been up all night looking at the CCTV videos, and that’s why she went home in the morning/afternoon? Awkwardly, he then says that she must be stiff and sore – and that’s why he called. He wants to teach her some stretching techniques to relax her body.


Prosecutor Yoon’s Personal Workout commences! He starts stretching his arms and tells her how to do it. Hye Ri looks around worriedly, hoping no one is around to see this… (I’m just laughing and laughing and feeling so embarrassed for them – I don’t know why – I wonder how they did this with such a straight face)

Eventually Se Joon stops stretching with Hye Ri, and she says that they have to do it together so that it looks more like a date. (I didn’t even know that this was considered a date!) But Se Joon says ok, and they start stretching by lifting the other on the back. Hye Ri looks like a doll on his back and she shrieks awkwardly as she freaks over being lifted. BUT THEN – it’s her turn! She bends down to lift Se Joon over her back; while Se Joon goes, “Ahhhh…” Hye Ri goes, “Unghhhhhh!” in pain.

She even cries out “OMMAAAAA!” in pain as she lifts him over her back, and topples over – causing Se Joon to grab her wrist to prevent her from falling. And they smile and laugh awkwardly at the touch – finally realizing that what they just did was beyond ridiculous.

In Woo finally wakes up and Jenny tells him to just sleep over at her place. But he refuses – he needs to go home to protect the little girl Hye Ri who is afraid of being alone at night. In Woo smiles to himself as he remembers that she wouldn’t let him move out because of it, and Jenny has a moment of thinking, “What a fool he is for this girl…”

She walks him up to his apartment, but he tells her to go – just as Se Joon walks Hye Ri to her stairwell. They just miss each other, but Hye Ri sees In Woo walking drunkenly across the promenade. He nearly falls over, and she grabs him, but he brushes her away. She holds on to him again, afraid that he won’t make it to his apartment, and he grabs her wrist. This time, the grab is not too kind – and he gives her a heartbreaking stare that screams, “LEAVE ME BE!… but I don’t really want you to…”

In Woo falls into bed, and begins to dream of all the moments he had with Hye Ri, from the ski resort to the airport, when he told her not to leave.

Hye Ri returns to watch all the CCTV DVDs, pausing to wonder about In Woo’s wellbeing before continuing with her work all the way into the early morning. Finally! She sees the car that Woo Sung Mi had driven pass by a storefront, and there’s a shadow that looks suspiciously like the husband in the passenger seat. She is completely ecstatic – and to celebrate she calls In Woo first!

In Woo wakes to see that she’s calling, but he decides to ignore it. This is his first step in trying to remove her from his life – or vice versa. He gets up and is about to pull of his shirt to take a shower (show us those choco abs!) when Hye Ri rings the doorbell (aw maaaan!).

He answers the door, proving that he’s alive to her, and she enthusiastically asks if he’s ok. He avoids looking at her, and keeps his sentences short with her. His attitude makes her forget why she’s there in the first place – but she invites him to a celebratory brunch for finding the evidence. Though In Woo wants to reject her, he can’t help but be somewhat impressed with her.

And then the staple shower scene that shows off the male character’s angst AND body at once.

He meets her at the promenade – freshly dressed but wearing sunglasses (how can a guy look so good…? Ok I’ll stop gushing now). Hye Ri, though, seems to notice that he’s particularly handsome in a scruffy way, and looks away, fluttered at first. She tells him they’ll go to another brunch restaurant, because her regular place does not serve soup – and In Woo was drunk last night so he needs soup. In Woo looks a little uncomfortable and surprised that she was so concerned for him.

They go to the restaurant, and In Woo doesn’t touch his food. Instead, he just watches Hye Ri eat, which makes her self-conscious. And we get our InHye conversation that hearkens back to old times…

Hye Ri: Are you looking at me now?
In Woo: I’m watching.
Hye Ri: Why? Because I eat so deliciously?
In Woo: Because you look like a rabbit eating meat for the first time, and wondering, “There’s such a taste in this world?!”
Hye Ri: (pointing at the sunglasses) Can you take those off?
In Woo: Don’t mind me, and continue eating.
Hye Ri: Why did you cry yesterday?
In Woo: *looks down*
Hye Ri: I saw it all, so what’s the point of covering your eyes today? You cried, right?
In Woo: What about Yoon Se Joon? Shouldn’t you come here with Prosecutor Yoon on a day like today? On a day when you achieved something, when something good happens, on a happy day and on a sad day – don’t people usually meet the people they like?

He’s purposely irking her, and trying to push her away, but Hye Ri responds innocently that it’s the weekend and Se Joon needs to spend time with his daughter.

Hye Ri: Today is a very happy Sunday. On a nice day like today, with someone you feel comfortable with, to be sitting like this while eating delicious food – it’s a great feeling. Don’t you think so?

And she goes back to eating happily. In Woo looks slightly abashed, and he rips off his sunglasses in frustration. He just can’t get through to her the fact that he’s a bad guy!

By the way, Hye Ri’s in jeans!

The next day at work, she has the tape get analyzed so that she can get clearer photos of the video. It’s clear that they were together, and so she just needs to take them in for questioning. However, Park Yoo Chul is packing to leave the country and leaving his children behind. At the same time, Woo Sung Mi requested for vacation days from her job. She asks the Chief if she can go with the police at the arrest, and Se Joon supports her. He knows how it felt like when he was in her place long ago and wanted to make his first arrest. The Chief tells him he hates taking sides, but he asks Hye Ri how she feels. Hye Ri says she can only imagine their faces when she arrests them, especially since Park Yoo Chul dared her to find evidence. And the Chief yells, “I HAVE THE EVIDENCE HERE, YOU S.O.B.! That’s what you want to say, right?”

Hye Ri says, “S.O.B.? What if I get caught by the disciplinary committee?”

Yeah – she’s ready. 🙂

Hye Ri, accompanied by Investigator Cha and Se Joon’s assistant, goes off to arrest Park Yoo Chul outside his home. She starts reading him his rights, but then sees his two young children peeking out from the door, crying. They beg that she not take him away, and it’s clear he was going to abandon them. She lowers her voice and finishes reading the rights.

The police bring in both Park Yoo Chul and Woo Sung Mi to her office and she shows them the evidence from the CCTV cameras. Hye Ri won’t reduce their sentence, but she wants to know the truth as to how Choi In Sook died. Woo admits that she injected a lethal drug into Choi one morning. Every morning, Choi drank a cup of water as soon as she woke up, and so Park had put in a sleeping pill in it. After she was drugged, Woo came to inject her with two doses of the drug that killed her. They snuck her dead body out and went to the road where Woo struck her with the car.

Hye Ri can’t believe that there are actually people who would kill a dead person twice, and what’s more, Park Yoo Chul has the gall to say, “I didn’t commit the murder directly. She’s the one who gave her the injection.” Lady – what the hell did you see in this guy?!

Hye Ri escapes to the bathroom and starts crying. Jung Sun tells her to get out – she needs to poop. That gets Hye Ri moving. Jung Sun tells her to leave – she has no head for law, because prosecutors will always have to deal with people like this. “If you cry at all these moments,” Jung Sun says, “your double eyelids will unfold!”

Hye Ri can’t raise the kids herself, and she’s not expected to. As a prosecutor they can only help as much as they can within their capacity, but not expected to do more.

Se Joon is faced with his own problems: it looks like Go Man Chul has run away because they can’t reach his cell phone anymore, so he requests for a warrant.

At the meeting, the Chief reviews all the cases, and ends the meeting very abruptly. Jung Sun gives Min Suk the weird eye, and he says on cue, “But I heard Prosecutor Ma won another case.” The Chief over exaggerates his reaction, and Prosecutor Chae immediately looks at her expectantly for a free lunch. Everyone laughs at how hesitantly he says it, and Hye Ri says it’s not a problem. Everyone immediately says they want to be treated today, and they want to go to her home so that it can be a housewarming party as well. Hye Ri can pick the food.

Jung Sun notes that it is sort of short notice, but Prosecutor Chae outs her as the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Se Joon says that catching a criminal on her first year can be quite shocking, so she should be with plenty of people on that day – hence the party idea.

Hye Ri is touched that they were actually all thinking about her – and the prosecutors are finally bonding!

Meanwhile – In Woo drives Jenny over to his place. He thanks her for being patient with him and not asking too many questions. Jenny notes that she’s not his wife – and therefore shouldn’t be nagging. HOWEVER – if he cares to know – she was pretty anxious and pissed that all their plans might just go to waste.

Hye Ri welcomes them to her home, and she’s set up a wine party outside on the terrace. She even changes into a red party dress for the occasion! What’s doubly hilarious is she practically scripts the entire party, telling them that they’ll drink wine first, and then stand by the edge of the balcony to chit chat. And all her coworkers were expecting were some jjajangmyun and soju.

The Chief raises a toast to her, and it spurs her to ask about what he did for his wife. Jung Sun frantically tries to signal to her to shut up, but it’s too late. The Chief says he never got married – Why? – Because he couldn’t. She’s shocked that such a thing could happen. Prosecutor Chae is even snarky enough to say that everyone could get married – he himself did! And Min Suk makes an equally snarky comment that someone is trying to do it twice (ahem*Se Joon*ahem)

AWKWARD TURTLE!!! Made even more awkward when Jung Sun downs her entire glass of wine at once.

Hye Ri’s coworkers are unused to having European food, and the Chief just wants some simple kimchi. She decides that she could ask In Woo for some.

She goes up to his apartment – and who should open the door but… Jenny! Hye Ri’s surprised, but she asks if In Woo is around – she wants to borrow something from him. Jenny says that he’s in the shower, but she could go and ask him if she wants. Hye Ri stops her and says it’s not a big deal before running off. She is a mite jealous that Jenny’s in his apartment while he’s showering though. Hee!

But – Jenny lied! He had gone out to get some American food for her instead. While waiting for him, she thinks back to her first impression of Hye Ri, when Hye Ri had gone to In Woo’s office and said she would sue him for revealing that she had gone to an auction instead of the orientation. It’s clear she doesn’t like Hye Ri, and she doesn’t like that In Woo is falling for her even though he denies it.

When In Woo returns with the food, we find out more about Jenny’s upbringing. She was adopted and raised by an American mother who fed her westernized food. That is why she’s not used to Korean food.

Hye Ri tells her coworkers that she couldn’t get any kimchi, so Prosecutor Chae offers to go to a store and get some along with soju. The Chief follows him out, and that’s when Hye Ri and Se Joon both look up to see In Woo on his terrace. In Woo looks down but refuses to acknowledge them with a kind eye. Jung Sun, seeing that the two of them are so in sync, leaves the table, and Min Suk – not wanting to be a third wheel – leaves too.

Se Joon asks why In Woo is still around when he thought he had already moved. Hye Ri says she stopped him – after all, In Woo did help her when the weird stalker lived in her apartment. Se Joon is slightly indignant that she did not call him first, but Hye Ri reasons that In Woo’s just closer and so it’s more convenient to ask him. (This time Se Joon – YOU are one step too late!)

The prosecutors all leave tipsy, and are driven away. Jung Sun says she’ll leave first and Se Joon can help Hye Ri with the clean up. Hye Ri doesn’t want Jung Sun to go off in the dark alone, but Jung Sun says that’s she knows hapkido and taekwondo – she’ll be fine. She runs off to avoid any further awkward interactions, and Hye Ri prods Se Joon to follow her. To Hye Ri’s credit, she actually looks happy and relieved knowing that the two of them will be safe at night.

It’s refreshing, actually, to see a similarly insecure second female lead who is not going to be catty over her man, but would just rather not see her man interacting with another girl. It’s a bit cowardly, but it’s a nice change from all those other second female leads (ahem*Yura*InHee*ahem). I would do the EXACT SAME THING. Anyways – Se Joon follows her out, calling “Prosecutor Jin! Prosecutor Jin!” and Jung Sun just keeps walking faster and faster. Finally Se Joon calls out, “Jung Sun ah!”

Jung Sun stops in her tracks and she wipes away a tear before turning to face him. She comes up with the excuse that she wanted to exercise because she ate so much, and Se Joon is relieved to find that she is not angry with him. She tells him that she could sense the feelings between Se Joon and Hye Ri, and he gives her a non-reassuring answer of, “A person’s feeling can’t be controlled as he wills.” Jung Sun tells him that as long as he likes it, then it’s good – and if he’s happy, she’s happy.

In Woo and Jenny discuss their plan of action, and he tells her to stay the night since she has a very important task to do early in the morning. She reminds him that she came to Korea with him for a year so that he could do what he had to. Once the year is up, she wants to return to America quickly, together. (Ugh – I have a bad feeling about the future episodes). Then, Jenny immediately claims the bed and suggests that he sleep on a mat because the sofa’s uncomfortable. There’s no further awkwardness – just complete familiarity between the two.

Hye Ri, on the other hand, can’t sleep. She goes out to the terrace and stretches – only to see Jenny standing on In Woo’s terrace in his shirt. BAM – that was not what Hye Ri wanted to see, and she hides when Jenny looks down at her. Jenny doesn’t pay her any further mind, but Hye Ri isn’t too thrilled to see that another woman has taken up In Woo’s attention.

The following morning, Hye Ri goes down to the parking lot, where In Woo had just sent off Jenny. He asks if she had fun yesterday with all the prosecutors, and she turns the question back on him by saying why he’s asking something so obvious. Hye Ri is talking too much too quickly, and so In Woo asks if she’s being defensive because she had a fight with Prosecutor Yoon. Annoyed, she tells him to stop calling Se Joon like that because it makes it sound like he’s mocking her hero. She walks away on him, but starts berating herself for talking too much.

Hee! She’s jealous!

Jung Sun is in her own car – and when Se Joon comes to pick her up, she explains that she doesn’t want to go carpool with him anymore. Her excuse is that she’s going to start exercising in the morning, and she wouldn’t be able to go to the office at the same time. This is step one in trying to let go of her crush – and it’s pretty brave of her.

Meanwhile, Go Man Chul is on the phone with Ma Sang Tae, and he’s ordered to leave Korea through Incheon Port. Mr. Ma wants him to disappear for a few months and then he can come back quietly. Go Man Chul drives off, and the car in front of him is being purposely slow. He tries to overtake the car, but it speeds up. However, there is a checkpoint up ahead and the car brakes immediately. Go is unable to brake in time and so slams into the car. The driver gets out, and it’s Jenny holding on to her neck.

The police at the checkpoint station come over towards Go’s car, and he makes the stupid, very stupid mistake of trying to run from the cops. Of course he is caught and hauled to jail – and Jenny only smiles.

Hye Ri finally gets the notice that Ha Jung Nan withdrew her lawsuit, and she gets called in by the Chief. He’s going to combine her Ha-Go lawsuit case with Se Joon’s Go Man Chul-construction case. Se Joon gives her the notes. As she goes over them, she realizes that Go has never held a stable job – and yet he is the CEO of a paper company. She suspects that he lent his name to someone else, who then made illegal dealings for him. However, when she questions him he refuses to open up to her and tell her who ran the company for him.

Ma Sang Tae is in the shock of his life when he hears that of all people, HIS Ma Hye Ri is the prosecutor handling his case! Meanwhile – In Woo tries to gather some energy and motivation by looking over his soccer shoes again.

Hye Ri is frustrated with Go Man Chul, but she remembers that he mentioned buying land with money that wasn’t even his 15 years ago. She goes to visit Ha Jung Nan, and explains the new case that Go Man Chul is involved in. Ha is surprised to hear that he was involved with a construction company – since he doesn’t even know how to hammer in a nail! So Hye Ri asks if anyone gave him compensation to use his name. That’s when Ha starts getting a tad bit uncomfortable. She claims no knowledge and says that she never wants to hear about him again.

Hye Ri dejectedly returns home, and she bumps into In Woo sitting outside. He hands her a bottle of juice because she looks tired, and she gratefully accepts. He asks if she worked overtime, since it doesn’t look like she’s coming home from a date. Hye Ri responds that he’s losing his touch – both hypotheses are wrong.

In Woo says that she should go in an rest, since she looks like she is sick of talking to people and therefore would not want to talk to him. DENG! Hye Ri says that he’s right – she is tired of people, but does he know any great ways of getting someone to talk when they refuse to?

In Woo SO knows where this is going, and he gives her the advice that will lead to a breakthrough beneficial to both (or more for him really). The next day, when she questions Go Man Chul, she asks if his responses will be the same: “Do by the law” or “I have nothing to say.” Go nods, and lets her continue her investigation – she can just pick one of the two responses.

Hye Ri: Young Jin Corporation is a phantom company. You were asked by someone and merely lent him your name, right? “I have nothing to say.” That person said that if you take the responsibility on his behalf he will compensate you. But if you reveal his name he won’t let you go. He threatened you, right? “Do by the law.” Correct?
Go: Yes. *looks mighty uncomfortable at the facts that are bordering truth*
Hye Ri: That person, when you told him that regarding the Nam Woo Apartment you got a call to be questioned by the prosecution. He told you, ‘Go into hiding now.’ When the warrant was executed he told you he’d help you leave the country. That reason is to use you to pass the statue of limitation of this case, he said.
Go: Uh – wait, what do you mean?
Hye Ri: If you didn’t get caught within the remaining statute of limitation, then he’s exempt from any criminal charges in regards to Young Jin Construction. You knew right? Even in a civil suit, thanks to you who have no assets under your name, he wouldn’t have to give a cent. You knew that as well, right?
Go: *his expression says No!*
Hye Ri: But that person, if he got all those benefits because of you, he should give you at least $2 million. How much did he promise to give you? Well.. how about $100,000?

Go Man Chul realizes that he was severely ripped off in this scheme. The police officer begins to take him back to his cell, but Go stops midway and decides to confess to Hye Ri. He really did just lend his name, and knew nothing about the way the company was run. Hye Ri asks who was the person who asked for his name, and Go Man Chul says:

“Ma Sang Tae. S.T. Construction’s President Ma Sang Tae.”


ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME we made some headway here with the case! I have to say, I’m starting to get used to Jen-Woo speak. They always sound so mysterious, but now that I kind of know where their objective lies, it’s easier to read exactly what it is they’re going to do. And not to mention, we’re getting faster pay offs; case in point: when Jenny says she has a “mysterious assignment” we find out five minutes later what it is, rather than wait another episode to see it come to fruition.

But on to the most important thing in this episode – IN WOO! Or more accurately PARK SHI HOO!! I never saw a man express so much while covering his eyes with shades. I could tell exactly what he was feeling even though I couldn’t see his eyes. During the entire conversation at the restaurant with Hye Ri, he covers his eyes as though trying to mask himself and keep his defenses up. He tries to push Hye Ri away towards Se Joon, and not just to get into her good graces, but to protect her and give her the emotional support she may not be able to find in him later. But when he takes off his glasses – it’s as though he’s unmasking himself because no matter how hard he tries to hide, Hye Ri won’t let him. She still sees the sincerity in his words and refuses to get pushed aside. She may not know the true In Woo, and In Woo may be trying to ward her off from finding out. But I think he also wants to believe in the good side that she sees in him and make that the “true In Woo.” Gosh – he makes the angst all worth it.

It’s arguable that Se Joon is now the ‘perfect man’ – he’s starting to enjoy her company and willing to look out for her. But similar to how Hye Ri admires him more than she likes him, it seems that he is simply looking at her in a new light and admires her too. He knows now that though she is unconventional, she is developing a good head on her shoulders. But I don’t think it’s love quite yet, on either end. Jealousy is always the best signal to determine whether one is in love or not, and when Hye Ri looked bummed at the sight of Jenny – that was totally a sign of love right there!

As for the whole going back to America thing – I have a bad feeling that when the case is over and Hye Ri is hating In Woo, he will go back to America with Jenny. And there will be an angsty moment of when they both think about whether they can live without the other. And Jenny will say, “There’s no point – she’s Ma Sang Tae’s daughter – you have to go.” And so he dejectedly follows Jenny to the airport, and is about to enter the security checkpoint when he pauses. And meanwhile Hye Ri is brooding over at Yoon Ah’s, and Yoon Ah tells her that she’s being stupid – they both really loved each other and the case is over with and there is nothing that should get in their way. Her dad’s a crook – too bad. And so Hye Ri run run runs! to the airport and she calls out to him, desperate because she can’t find him. And he shows up behind her and says, “Ma Hye Ri?” And she grabs him and says, “Seo In Woo, you’re not allowed to leave the country!” And they kiss!

WHEEEEEEEEE! (Whoa that was a lot of ‘ands’)

Until then, I must suffer since I think Angst will be here for the next couple of weeks, doing triple time in all three dramas… aberdeen_angus: lead forth and conquer Angst!!! I want my Happy InHye back! 😀

P.S. I keep seeing comments on who the lead of this drama is – isn’t it wonderful that no one can really tell with this drama?! I love this writer…

P.P.S. By the way – I wrote the above ‘delusion’ before reading any comments from soompi, viikii, or from amatea‘s comment!! 😛 Seems like there’s a similar ending floating around…


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  1. byulx3

    whoo. thanks!

  2. Amg1

    I am truly sorry for posting this entry twice, but I hope that I do not make my case for not liking In-woo’s character a redundant one. Many Apologies!

    Most People when they hear the words ‘Domestic Abuse’, the first thing that comes to mind is a Battered woman maybe a black eye or some visible bruises.
    But some of the most damaging way to abuse a person is by way of ‘Psychological Battery’.
    The way in which In-Woo relates to HR does show that indeed he has step over the line. I believe that in more than one occasion
    In-woo has ‘Defiled’ HR’s personhood, we all have been guilty at one point or another of hurting some one when our intention was otherwise, In-woos intentions from the beginning was and is to bring harm, I am not talking here about the ethics of pursing justice, the old adage remains true in this instance ‘Two wrongs do not make a Right’. So we know that In-woo is trying to find Justice for a wrong that was done unto him and maybe other people, but to lie, cheat, manipulate, speak in half truths, stalk, help others for personal gain, is in my humble opinion something that I can not condone in a fictitious drama or in real life, furthermore the most appalling behavior that In-woo has shown was to lay a hand in a violent manner when he was drunk, by grabbing HR by the wrist, the kiss is also a form of physical abuse who give him the right to touch HR’s Body? Did she ‘Consent’ to being man handle like a cheap piece of meat? Those have been the scenes that I have dislike the most about this drama, the other scene where he shows how much of a sociopath he is was when SJ drop HR at her house and he was in his car looking at them, the way he rev the engine in his car before he took of, when he said SJ ‘ Are you better than me’ he is displaying sings of a narcissistic personality. Last but not the least, the guy playing In-woo is doing such a fine work, he has embodied the true nature of a sociopath wrap in a likable, and handsome persona!!! God I still Hate this character with Passion!!!!!!

  3. supah

    Thank you for the recap kaedejun! I <3 U and a_angus, a lot!
    (But like SJ that wee bit more!)

    Amg1, WORD!

  4. fyoora

    Thanks for the recaps! LOL at the airport “predicted” scene…have the same thought with you, definitely will be an airport scene just like in other korean dramas, at least that will be a happy ending ☺

  5. Do-ra-ma

    I’m just going to say one thing: Night exercise scene! XD

    Seriously, that was THE scene for me this episode; I had to re-watch it by itself after finishing the episode.

  6. aberdeen_angus

    Can you imagine that ending? It would be so freakin’ awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    Now I expect for something different, for the sake of surprise!!

    Oh, I hate when I understand and (almost) support someone’s point of view, but I still remain in my position. I mean, it’s such a paradox. I agree that In-woo can be a bit abussive, but I think (obviously, just an opinion) that he’s being read as a much worse character than he truly is. He had this plan, and he had something to achieve. He had his target and his motives. Now, he’s starting to realize how wrong he was! Hey, guys, give the boy a chance to grow! It would be so boring if he was perfect from the beginning!

    It can’t be compared to domestic abuse. You can’t forget about the context and hidden motives behind what he’s doing. He’s not just a sociopath. He endured a really hard experience and it’s natural to be resented and hateful! I would be, too. What I’m saying is that he’s not coming from nowhere, if my life was destroyed, my mother killed and all of that tragedy, I suppose I would love to annihilate the s.o.b who did that! I’ve stated previously that his means are wrong, I agree with that, but he has to discover that life is not as simple as hating those who destroyed your life; it’s something more complex.

    Also, personally, I don’t think (even for a minute) that he treated her as a cheap piece of meat.

    @supah: hey! I loved your Se-joon and his gym classes (the biggest laughs since I started watching kdramas). It was so… ridiculous. In a good-ish way?

  7. beanice

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  8. v

    usually, i comment after reading the post but i have to say this
    hihi!!! 2 recaps in one day? you guys are spoiling us!!

    thanks so much kaedejun for this recap!! and btw, love the gummy choice!! love her new album.. love her period.

  9. janna

    Boo to airport scenes, they are lazy writing!

    Adding Gummys song to my In-woo mixtape along with Radiohead-Creep and BoA-I did it for love. Feel free to add to the mix everyone. ;D

  10. 10 v

    great review… i didn’t know or forgot that this ep was so funny until I read your recap… so many laugh out loud moments for me from reading your aside comments. and yeah.. ANGST
    about your ending… LOL.. XD
    and i feel like you are going to get some protests from team SJ about their “admiration” rather than “love” theory..
    but I, being part of team IW, totally agree with you…
    What, are you calling us delusional? can’t hear you…
    Jealousy=love my friends… has HR ever been jealous for SJ? No.
    I have this bad feeling about future episodes too! thank god it’s tomorrow though.
    and If they do not give us a happy IW-HR ending… GRRR! that will be DISAPPOINTMENT in full capital letters with font size 72 for me.
    and no, i don’t hate Jenny… really, i don’t hate anyone in this drama so far… well, except for the criminals, and i dislike the father but i don’t hate him… YET
    what has he done huh?
    and JS is so adorable… poor girl… her tears broke my heart. SJ, she’s meant for you… go get her and leave HR to IW!!
    and you’re right… PSH rocks! altho i found his drunk scene a bit TOO emo for me.. however, his acting is awesome. and SJ was actually cute here too
    as for HR, what a love she is… the housewarming party.. LOL.. the exercise… double lol… the crying in the bathroom… AWW… the call to IW and brunch with IW… double AW.. and the Jealousy.. .KYA!! love this

    makes me sad to know dark times are coming for all those characters… altho, we’re talking about PP here so i’m hoping for some fun, cute moments too…

  11. 11 zaha

    I would really love to see the out-takes for the “exercise date”

  12. 12 ernie


    I cracked up, right there. So predictable and typical the ending might be if it turned out like that. Honestly, this drama was scaring me- I thought they were going to give Hye Ri away to Se Joon, but this episode put my heart in its right place. I used to be frustrated, but I don’t think I am anymore as finally, the plot is picking up and things are happening and Hye Ri is not being a complete fool about In Woo.

    I’ve always loved In Woo’s character in this.. and I was definitely loving the shower scene. 🙂 Kdramas just ALWAYS have to incorporate a naked shower scene to dazzle us with the male character’s abs. I was glad with how curt and short In Woo was acting with her, seeing as how he had always been the nicer one (although not for the right reasons) and she’d been the one who had been short and curt with small things.

    FINALLY, this drama is picking up. 🙂

  13. 13 heejung

    awkward turtle!!!! LOL!! and i totally loved your fantasized ending. you should become a drama scriptwriter!! 😀

  14. 14 Amg1

    @ aberdeen_angus. My humble apologies.
    I feel that one of the main reasons why we have a hard time seeing In-woo as a true to heart ‘Sociopath’ is because he does not fit the bill.
    1- He is a very handsome man.
    2- Career wise he is a very successful lawyer and business man.
    3- He is extremely charming.
    4- He goes out of his way when he is helping others.
    5- He showers the people he likes with expensive gifts.
    6- He is always around the corner ready to save the ‘Damsel in Distress’
    7- He has a grand sense of Justice.
    8- He is always the perfect gentle man around woman.

    An old man told me once;
    ‘Son you can be sincere, but you can also be sincerely wrong’.
    In-woo is sincere in he’s pursue of Justice, the way he is going about achieving that goal, in my opinion is beyond being ethically wrong, the main reason being that he will not only destroy HR father but in the process he will destroy HR, the only
    ‘Real Innocent’ bystander person in this whole fiasco, and that, I find it to be the most logical tragedy of In-woo’s behavior!

  15. 15 splgt001

    Thank you kaedejun. (thanks aberdeen_angus and JB!!)

    It was an awesome recap. I truly enjoyed In Woo… Ah the Angst…

    I agree with you about the whole jealousy issue. She was totally bummed out by seeing Jenny out on the balcony and the way she talks too much the next morning. hehehe. I dont think she was jealous when it came to Jung Sun and Se Joon (in my opinion anyway).

    thanks again !!

    Come on Wednesday… woo hooo

  16. 16 kaedejun

    first off:

    @aberdeen_angus: well said – couldn’t have done it better myself!


    @amg1: in your list, i think you forgot one more thing as to why he doesn’t fit the bill of being a ‘sociopath’ – or another reason why we don’t see him as one:

    9- he knows that in pursuit of justice he’s going to destroy HR – and he does not want to do that!

    while episodes 9-10 didn’t show him backing away from the case, it’s the episodes that show the “waffling period” – and we always need a waffling period before we get to the “decision period”. he may have said that he wants to continue with the case (and who wouldn’t? after all that effort, who wants to let it go to waste in a snap?) in episode 10, as indicative of his cold behavior to HR. However, there are still plenty of cracks in that cool demeanor, and he can’t quite shake off the fact that he’s hurting HR.

    and that’s a redeeming quality in him.

  17. 17 moochi2000

    LOL can’t believe you even predicted the ending

    hopefully it’s not THAT predictable, and I’m hoping that he doesn’t win the case because ma hye ri might be smart enough to OUTSMART HIM hmmmmmmm lol

    anyways ANOTHER DAY, can’t wait!

  18. 18 aberdeen_angus

    @Amg1: Remembering old phrases, once someone told me (while discussing about really bad people):

    “You know what? You have to kill ’em all. From the eldest to the youngest. The evil seed is in every single one of them. You have to leave the earth completely clean of those kind of people”

    It was suuuch an exaggeration, I know. But that’s how I think In-woo has thought all of his life. You can see this when In-woo and Jenny talk about her non-similarity with her father: they believed that being his daughter, she had to be naughty and wicked, so using her would just some weird kind of deserved punishment, for having lived a luxurious life while his was destroyed. And… Surprise! She’s not! Now, he has to review his all life beliefs, and that’s a pretty hard thing to do (hence the “waffling period”).

    Disclaimer: I don’t approve of his means, I want to understand his mentality (I don’t care so much about his looks or career, really. I like reading his physical language and subtle glances and words).

    “In-woo is sincere in he’s pursue of Justice, the way he is going about achieving that goal, in my opinion is beyond being ethically wrong […]”

    Yes! That’s the point! He’s ethically wrong, his motivations and backstory made him this way. And now HR is helping him (although unconsciously) to realize that perhaps he’s mistaken…

    I love this debate!

  19. 19 Amg1

    @ kaedejun, @aberdeen_angus,.
    Once again, I humbly request your graces upon my strong opinions.
    I will call a truce upon the premise that maybe at the end of the day In-woo can be redeem by way of not hurting HR, otherwise by hurting HR he will prove my point with out my help.
    Fair enough? I know that I am in the minority at this point, but I respect your point of view and the
    awesome job that you two Lady’s have done in recapping this series.
    Lots of Love!!!! : O }

  20. 20 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

    even with this angst-filled episode, i’m still on team in-woo and still hoping for in-woo/hye-ri pairing.

  21. 21 kaedejun


    truce?! psh – let’s fight on!!!! =DDDDDDDD like aberdeen_angus said, i enjoy the debate!! your points are very fair and valid – even if they came off strong – and that’s what makes this site so awesome – there’s space to debate and disagree.

    yes – we can’t figure out what will happen just yet since we’re basing everything off the past 10 episodes, and the two paths IW can go down (either ‘sociopathically evil’ or ‘redeemed broken-hero’) are really close right now – there isn’t a huge space between the two paths, and it’s sort of like he’s straddling both paths until he can’t make a gymnastic split anymore. hence our debates on what kind of person he is and his motivations.

    (similarly, the two Team Shippers are having a heated debate because HR looks like she can end up with any of them)

    besides – i’m in a minority with CS, so i always vote for underdogs! 😉

  22. 22 anna

    I think you have the tag wrong. It’s Park Shi-yeon instead of Park Shi Hoo.

  23. 23 javabeans

    Sorry, the tag is my bad. Curses to Ajax and its automatic inputs!

  24. 24 Maria Bean

    You know what? Am I d only one who’s really worried at the scene when she goes to IW’s house to inform him of her latest finding on d CCTV footage & therefore enable to nail those two lovers/murderers? In Woo’s reaction to d finding according to Kaedejun “somewhat impressed” with her but I find it rather disturbing.

    MHR being a prosecutor dealing with confidential matters & her discussing her cases with those outside her office, even with her best friend Yoona or her mom, is prohibited. I think that’s fundamental in this sought of profession, she’s subject to keep information gathered a secrecy & X divulge thm – she did it once in d earlier episode, remember, leaving d high profile case of d celebrity assault case in d toilet, remember?

    And to discuss with her SIW is so freaking worrisome, as I foresee that she’s going to do d same in d coming Goh Man Chu’s case & TO SIW’s gain…

  25. 25 aberdeen_angus

    @Amg1: Remembering old phrases, once someone told me (while discussing about really bad people):

    “You know what? You have to kill ’em all. From the eldest to the youngest. The evil seed is in every single one of them. You have to leave the earth completely clean of those kind of people”

    It was suuuch an exaggeration, I know. But that’s how I think In-woo has thought all of his life. You can see this when In-woo and Jenny talk about her non-similarity with her father: they believed that being his daughter, she had to be naughty and wicked, so using her would just some weird kind of deserved punishment, for having lived a luxurious life while his was destroyed. And… Surprise! She’s not! Now, he has to review his all life beliefs, and that’s a pretty hard thing to do (hence the “waffling period”).

    Disclaimer: I don’t approve of his means, I want to understand his mentality (I don’t care so much about his looks or career, really. I like reading his physical language and subtle glances and words).

    “In-woo is sincere in he’s pursue of Justice, the way he is going about achieving that goal, in my opinion is beyond being ethically wrong […]”

    Yes! That’s the point! He’s ethically wrong, his motivations and backstory made him this way. And now HR is helping him (although unconsciously) to realize that perhaps he’s mistaken…

    I love this debate!

  26. 26 Amg1

    @ kaedejun.
    I can honestly say the this is the first time that a K-drama character has inspire so much dislike in my mind. I still feel that it was never in In-woo’s mind to have any feelings towards HR since he haven’t seen her since he left for America, I feel that his goal was to inflict as much pain as possible while implementing his revenge, thankfully for HR he is being double minded, but in the event that he chooses to follow ‘Dart Vader’ he will be on the Dark Side Of The Moon.
    Team SJ/HR 100%

  27. 27 sunbae

    tq for the recap..

  28. 28 woot

    my my…in woo is heating up the screen *_*

  29. 29 yoto


    me too..
    team HR/ SJ!!!! yay..

  30. 30 kaedejun


    if i am understanding you correctly: you’re saying that in woo is “evil” because from his original position he wanted to inflict pain upon HR and her family. his way in going about that is to be completely manipulative, which can lead to psychological abuse upon hye ri.


    i think we’re not debating that point then – because i agree! his way of going about it is not right at all. his looks and charms ARE letting him get away with it.

    however i think we need to give greater credit to both HR and IW. first to IW because it’s clear he’s starting to rethink his principles and change. he is starting to hate himself because he is no longer the determined, merciless person he once was, and he is starting to hate himself because he is REALIZING he is a merciless asshole.

    second to HR: i think that revenge is two fold too. one can inflict the revenge, but it won’t work unless someone reacts to it. in it’s mildest form: if i hit a girl, and she spreads a nasty rumor about me for revenge and it’s supposed to get me ridiculously depressed and lose all my dignity – and yet i don’t react, then her revenge doesn’t work.

    we need to give HR some credit here because 1) she really isn’t like her father, who is flipping out instead of trying to maintain dignity and defend himself against the charges (flipping out = guiltyyyyy! staying cool = did he really do it?!). 2) she’s learned a lot from SJ and IW about how to deal with her own insecurities, so she’s a lot stronger than we think now. 3) she knows that there is always a possibility that IW’s manipulating her. she continues to trust him proves that she believes in his good side (and so is helping him realize is assholey-ness. i think aberdeen_angus said all this too..) THEREFORE – his revenge may not work, because who knows? someone said she just might defend her father and have IW lose his case!

    (in kdrama world that is SO unlikely – but we’ll pretend…)

    he may be trying to inflict pain upon her for revenge – but HR may not react. she may believe in her father and believe he’s innocent, and fight for him. and then IW won’t be turning her world upside down. or what’s worse is – HR had an inkling about all this – she knew about it (just like how Jun Ha knew Kang Ha was a half-brother in WUAS and that TOTALLY wiped off all those previous episodes of angst). if she knows about it then his revenge doesn’t really work the way he intends it to.

    i know the ending of ep10 makes it seem like she’s totally surprised that her father would be involved, but there are a number of other crimes that we need to deal with (i.e. IW’s mother’s death) and so HR might know about one of those…

    WHEEW that’s a long response… and i admit right here that everything i just said is PURE speculation and there’s a high possibility it will not turn out the way i said it might, because knowing kdramas – they usually go for the easy way out. (that includes the pathetic airport ending – which i sincerely hope is NOT going to happen!)

  31. 31 safira

    nice recap of episode 10.

  32. 32 Minho!!!

    Thanks for your recap! Ep 8 was the climax for me… now, it’s easier to see through the plots and the narrative is more likely to be from In woo’s perspective which is really sad since one day the girl will hate him…

  33. 33 Amg1

    @ kaedejun.
    Allowed me the share this thoughts for just a moment, my main charge that I have against In-woo as a character has to do with:
    1- The Infamous Kiss.
    I do believe that you can be intimate with another human being in the spree of moment, as long and Let Me Be Very Clear!
    As long as it is ‘Consensual’, I know that we do not used that word on a daily basis but it is the difference between a proper sexual encounter and rape according to the Law. So the question is this; will it be OK for a random guy just to come of the streets and kiss HR to make her potential love interest feel some level of Jealousy? My Answer is NO! So why would anybody feel that In-woo is entitle to such behavior, is really beyond my capacity to comprehend!
    2- In this episode we clearly see the difference between the way SJ and In-Woo grab a hold of HR, SJ does it out of genuine concern for her well being, on the other hand the way in which In-woo grabs a hold of her is because he is and Let Me Be Very Clear, he does it out of ‘ANGER’
    I cannot condone in Good Faith whether it is in a Drama or Real life for a man to behave towards a woman in such manner, I grew up in the Mexican Culture so Domestic Violence is not new to me, but for someone who has never experience it looks kinda banal from afar but I know is very real.
    I truly hope that you will not misunderstand what I been trying to convey all along.
    Thank you again for your patience!!!!!! : O }

  34. 34 balladish510

    ^amg1: I think you are overreacting. Lol this is a k-drama mindless entertainment at its best. So it’s not necessary to have such a detailed analysis on social subject like that :)).
    Plus, I think we should not judge IW too harshly. We did not even know YET what he had to suffer through all these years because of HR’s father. *SPOILER*: loosing your entire family isn’t exactly the nicest thing on earth. He has every right to be angry and demands justice. I know that an eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind but gosh, that’s what makes the plot interesting, that along the journey you learn to forgive and let the past sleep tight.

  35. 35 imel

    @ kaedejun, @aberdeen_angus: thanks for the two recaps…love them..

    When I read your first comment…the first sentence that comes to my mind is “Nobody’s perfect”. We all know that InWoo is capable of lying, cheating, manipulating, speaking in half truths, stalking, helping others for personal gain. But he also has another good points…..During the episodes…I can see that sometimes when he was around HyeRi….he took off his mask and he became just InWoo…without burden of his past. And it’s fun to see it.

    Besides that, I think it’s not totally InWoo’s fault if HyeRi get hurt. All he does is showing HyeRi what kind of father she has. The real hurt inflicted on HyeRi is by her own father. Since her father lets HyeRi using all-his-dirty-money to have fun and satisfy her fashion-sense. Personally speaking, I prefer myself to see the world as it is by my own eyes, rather than having other person to describe it for me. So, it’s time for HyeRi to walk out of her world that is created by her parents, and see the real-world as it is. She’s a grown up lady now, and I think she’s ready. The only thing that she doesn’t ready is that maybe in that real-world, she will have no InWoo besides him….and even just to think of it, makes me want to cry for her.

    I vote InWoo for the ‘redeemed broken-hero’, not the ’sociopathically evil’. Hahaha

    Btw, eventhough Jenny is wearing InWoo’s shirt….but it’s HyeRi the first girl who’s wearing InWoo’s complete attire, shirt and pants…Hahaha…so Go For HyeRi..
    I hope in the end, Jenny will not be one of obstacles for InWoo and HyeRi to be together. It will destroy her image in my perspective, as a capable, independent woman. Sigh…

  36. 36 balladish510

    and please if every k-drama follows exactly like you said, lawful/ legislative stuffs than it is not a k-drama to begin with. K-drama= stripping all the logical and rational reasons for the name of love. Girls love surprise. You think it’s sexual assault but girls read it as a chivalrous act aka stealing the first kiss of the female lead that makes her dazzled/ flabbergasted etc. If you constantly look for small mistakes then I suggest you stop watching k-drama or any soap operas (even U.S TV shows I see plenty of kisses that are not consensual from both parties). That serves the shock value and nothing more than that. It’s not like we are watching “the silence of the lambs” here. ^^”

  37. 37 Amg1

    @ balladish510.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Who would have thought that the underdog drama of W/T would create such ruckus!!! Thank you for reminding me about the ‘mindless entertainment at its best’ indeed it is!!!!!
    : O ]

  38. 38 sam

    @33 Amg1

    1. “The Infamous Kiss – As long as it is ‘Consensual’, I know that we do not used that word on a daily basis but it is the difference between a proper sexual encounter and rape according to the Law.”

    2.”In-woo grabs a hold of her is because he is and Let Me Be Very Clear, he does it out of ‘ANGER’”

    He gave her a warning b4 he kiss her. ” I am going to…” He didn’t have ample time for lengthy explanation because SJ is coming…fast. He did explained after he did it. He did get kicked 2 times by HR in his home after that. She did try to slap him.
    If just holding her wrist forcefully ONCE make you stamp “domestic abuse” on him, then HR is even worse. She kicked him hard. She charged at him. What? That is not “domestic abuse”? Because she’s a woman?
    HR can more than hold her on. She is not cowered by In woo. Even in his drunkard state, THAT (ONE harsh wrist grip) is the most harshest thing he is able to do.

  39. 39 balladish510

    I believe the traumatic life experiences that are so embedded in IW’s mind make him think and react the very way he is doing now. He has been nurtured motherless/ fatherless and loveless. All he could think of is imagining the day his enemies paying back for what they did. I believe he is a very flawed and erratic character but his upbringings explain away why he was like that. And the drama is supposed to teach us/ him that things do not go as planned. Despite everything so well thought and calculated, there will be something that derives him from his initial destination- revenge and that is the good nature of Ma Hye-Ri. He will change at the end of the drama I believe, for the better. And again he will have trust in his fella human. It’s like finding a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just like that for a seemingly unfixable person like IW.

  40. 40 Flygirl

    Thanks for the recap! The episode was a total shiner for Park Shi Hoo.

    Now, I’m totally going to jump in on this debate of whether In Woo is evil.
    I’m going to agree with kaedejun that him being manipulative and stalkerish doesn’t necessarily make him evil. Yes, it’s wrong but he’s not intentionally trying to hurt her and now he’s also regretting his decision in involving her in the case. I would assume that if he was that evil, he wouldn’t need to feel guilty about his actions.His sense of justice is a bit skewed by the fact that his family suffered wrongly and all this happen when he was still little, trying to make sense of what was happening.

    Compare his character to that of (Um Tae Woong) Suh Ha-Eun from Resurrection (Genius Kdrama by the way). They both have a strong sense of justice in trying to right a wrong. Um’s character also suffered great pains and went forth with his revenge and in the process it slowly eat him but I never sense regret or hesitation (But this drama was much darker) like Seo In Woo. Where as in In Woo’s case, he’s strongly is hurt just knowing that he will hurt Hye Ri. I mean with each episode we see a little of his character breaking down. When he said that he wanted to do absolutely nothing because of Hye Ri, that made was a window for me. It made me see that he isn’t heartless or cold blooded as everyone thought.

    Well, I guess now I’m also just confusing myself so I’ll stop. LOL.

  41. 41 Sumee

    @ kaedejun..thanks for the fantastic recap…..& aberdeen_angus Awww..I don’t want the typical Ending 🙂

  42. 42 Pssalltheway!!

    Didn’t SIW call someone father during one of the earlier episodes? Remember he talked to someone and said that things were going great in Korea…I think only lost his mother.

  43. 43 supah

    Thanks again for the recap, and loved the fantasy ending, there seem to be a couple of these endings around, crazy but hilarious.
    The love pentagon is so freakin’ funny. Since we don’t know who’s supposed to get the girl we’ve now got two additional girls lusting after both IW and SJ to confuse/frustrate us further.

    The stretching exercises – OMG! I was howling laughing, but did you see the part when SJ’s leaning on her back and his feet come off the ground at one point? She carried his entire weight on her back, HIS weight! I’m thinking whether he has some kind of way of balancing his body weight so that he didn’t squish the poor girl. They must’ve taken a lot of time practising. She may be Sun-hwa but she’s still human, balancing Gen. Choi’s full body weight on her back – is insane.
    Seriously hilarious, I suppose it was also a way of showing SJ breaking away from his usual overserious demeanour.

    Don’t do this to me man! I don’t think I can laugh any harder than I already am.

    I don’t know… I’m still riled up knowing IW’s backstabbing HR. And the fact that everything’s happening just as he’s orchestrated. And that as she was trudging up the stairs after a hard slog, he was expecting her there, with a bottle of juice. It’s all so bloody patronising!

    Alas, I wouldn’t say IW’s evil either, more ‘lost’ as someone else mentioned, knowing that he’s been living with this ‘revenge plan’ since he was only 13.
    But then doesn’t that make him worse?
    If he’s going to manipulate a girl – that’s evil, he may as well be consistently evil rather than mindscrewing everyone including himself with his tragic conflicting sympathetic vs. twisted sides.

    I have to seriously praise the writers for writing such non-definable characters though. How unique and complicated are these guys?

    It’s obvious there’s a connection between Mr Ma and IW’s mother’s death, and all these other cases relating to Mr Ma’s business are like breadcrumbs leading us towards the murder(?) which’ll be one Big. Fat. Clash.
    I don’t mind IW getting justice, but doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get the girl too, he doesn’t really deserve her after all that.
    And really if SJ’s not going to get her then JS better not get SJ either, I love her but she’s zzz… hardly stimulating company. She’ll be great as a friend and nothing beyond that, harsh but true, JS. (Plus, she’ll always have her close chum, Min Suk.)
    …Gah! Stupid love pentagon!

    Did anyone else think that shower scene with IW was a little bit x-rated? Those are some serious choco-abs there, omo! I couldn’t look away fast enough. xD

    Oh and IW’s father’s still alive. It was only his mother he lost. His dad has an accounting firm in US apparently so.

  44. 44 Angel Sakura

    1 i really liked this drama! tks

  45. 45 deannadsc

    This on-going debate about Seo In Woo’s character is somehow bordering on the hilarious!!! Never thought a particular drama could illicit such a heated exchange!!!
    …SIW may not be the perfect gentleman..but he surely is no pervert!!!
    …that shower scene is a PLUS..to all PSH fans & I must admit…it tickled the fangirl in me!!!
    …Can’t wait till tomorrow’s episode!! it’s the 1st time I’m watching a drama RAW..while waiting for the subs on Viikii!!! That’s how much I LOVE PP!!! & PSH!!!

  46. 46 Beng

    What a great recap. For us who doesn’t understand Korean language, recaps further explain the feelings of each characters, making us understand them more =)

    I don’t think In woo is evil, he just want justice to served to the guilty. HR’s father seems to be very guilty and knows his errors. But her mom seems to be guilty too, that’s the vibe i’m getting. Maybe it was her family’s business in the first place. The case is quite grave enough. It could be that it is the reason why Inwoo’s Mom died.

    Beside’s it’s not In woo’s fault that HR became a prosecutor, it’s her father who pushed her to become one eventhough she wants to become a fashion designer. In the end, my thinking is, after her father’s case, she might just get out of the law field and go to ther passion – fashion.

    I’m still voting for Inwoo and HR to be together in the end, whether it be an airport scene or wherever.

  47. 47 v

    reading all these comments about IW’s “evilness/non-evilness” is cracking me up!!
    everybody look pretty pumped up to defend their opinion huh?
    as for me, i’m on IW deserves HR and I’ll stand with that… after all, almost everything has already been said about/against that and i’m sure some more would still be said!
    can’t wait to see how the future recaps go for ep 11! from what i’ve watched live, looks like it’s going to be more debate.

  48. 48 Fafa

    u rock in writing the recaps. Thanks.

    i really sympathize with IW. i wish he would get his revenge and end up with the one he loves.

  49. 49 fancia

    I agree with Imel,

    the root of the all evil is MHR’s father, if MHR fells betrayed and hurt in the end, it’s all her father’s fault for being too greedy. It’s just the fruits that he picks and tastes from the evil seeds he planted a long time ago. And yes, even they want it or not, innocent or not, the next generation will also have to taste it even just a little. So NEVER engages in the evil deed coz it’ll effect the people around you too…

    I don’t blame SIW for what he’s done. You know, if MHR’s father didn’t do the wrong thing to IW’s family, SIW might be just a regular charming guy who will meet and fall in love with MHR in the different way. I might praise IW though, for still showing his leniency to MHR. If it’s happened to me, I can’t guarantee that I could act like IW, I might act worse I don’t know, so I can’t judge whether he’s right or wrong.

    PS: @Supah: IW real father died, he is adopted by his current father.
    IW real father commit suicide because HR’s father put all his wrongdoing to IW’s father who is an innocent. In other words, IW’s father is a scapegoat. There isn’t spoiler yet for IW’s mother.

  50. 50 supah

    What the….!!!
    The plot thickens, we NEED a four-episode extension that other snail-paced shows get handed so easily

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