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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 11
by | May 9, 2010 | 81 Comments

So. Cool.

What’s wrong with today’s episode? My heart was left in a million pieces after watching it. That can’t be a good thing, right? It means “Hello, audience, prepare yourselves for nuclear disaster levels of angst. Thanks for your attention”. Why don’t I care, and what’s more, I love it? Because this drama is great at awakening empathy. Every single character here deserves our deepest sympathy for their individual tragedies and not only that, they make us wish a happy ending for all of them. Moreover, this is achieved without overusing or misplacing the melodramatic stuff like over pouting, over shouting, over eyebrow raising, over suffocating environments, etc. The natural flow of events and the coherence of both personalities and reactions, are what keep me hooked and right in front of the screen for one straight hour twice a week.

If you’re taller than the hypo’s mark, come with me and ride this marvelous vengeance-prosecutorial-dead-wife’s-mourning rollercoaster!


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Episode 11

What the frack’s face given by Ma Hye-ri opens this episode. Ma Sang-tae happens to be Go Man-chul’s sunbae from their hometown, but he can’t continue his story about the change from a childhood friend to manipulative businessman, because of Hye-ri’s shock, which makes her exit the room. Is her father involved in a shoddy construction? Last time she checked, he was a nice, career chooser man, with no shady wrongdoings. Since she’s talking to herself, deciding whether reporting her father or not at her Se-joon bonding’s room, the man himself appears. What is she doing? Uhm… Discovering that Sang-tae is a despicable man? Wanna join the party?! She refuses to give him the details of her current state, excusing herself for being there instead of interrogating the defendant.

Hye-ri returns to Man-chul, who was anxiously waiting for her, only to ask if they can continue the following day. Why is that? What’s wrong? Obviously, she can’t tell the truth, she needs to get out of there, suffocation is killing her nerves.

While going to his cell, the defendant expresses surprise at how easily she made him talk. The manipulation tips given by the master of Mind Playing worked as expected! Something is odd, though. Well, you don’t have to be too smart to realize that if she has the same last name as Sang-tae and acts weirdly afterwards, surely there must be a connection. He’s a bit scared for having such a big, talkative mouth, and shouts for the guards…

Jenny mentions that Go Man-chul is like a tamed guinea pig, he moves exactly as planned. This is the moment in which I hope that the huge chain of In-woo’s contacts was showed, because they have a detailed report just as stuff happens. They even know that Hye-ri was surprised and left the interrogation, but In-woo affirms that this is just a momentary stage of shock.

Disconcerted by this sudden turn of events, Hye-ri runs to her father’s office. He offers her something to drink to calm her down (I found this scene important, it kind off represents her father’s love for her. Why wouldn’t she care for him? If he was a classic kdrama villain, he would’ve kicked her out or mistreated her, but this wasn’t the case). Hye-ri gets to the point – does he know a man called Go Man-chul? Oops. The loose end talked. Predictably, he admits knowing him tangentially and tells her to go back. Hye-ri is not satisfied – why did that man say that he lent his name? San-tae acts surprised and tells a nice story about a hometown bro relationship, in which he even gave Go Man-chul some money for his business. Then, does he know anything about Young Jin Constructions? He admits that not everything in his life is shiny and happy rabbits filled, however, he’s not a bad man! Hye-ri is in so much need for him to be innocent, that she happily accepts his words. Girrrlll! Use your prosecutorial sixth sense!! Please! Poppa Ma wonders if he will be interrogated by her. Of course not, daddy! I’m a childish woman who would believe every word you’d tell me, so I can’t be involved in a case that stars you! What remains unmoved is the fact that, because of Man-chul’s confession, he’ll be investigated.

Back to her house, In-woo is displaying all of his gorgeous self wearing a yellow sweater at the entrance. Hye-ri notices him (who wouldn’t?) and goes for some In-woo fun, but he’s not interested. Trying to get his attention, she fails miserably, tripping and almost falling, when…! He grabs her arm not to let her fall! He even remains holding her hand! Pervert! (?) Hye-ri notices that this is the first time they’re holding hands and is beyond delighted. She asks him where he was going – they could go together, right? Okay, together to the convenience store it is!

[Extremely long flashback about their stalker training]

What Hye-ri does afterwards shows two things: one, she trusts In-woo too much and two, she has zero working ethics. Neither of them is good. How can she tell a complete outsider the details about Go Man-chul’s case? ANYWAY. She tells him that while doing exactly as he told her to, Go Man-chul mentioned Ma Sang-tae’s name. Wuuuttt? – says In-woo. Naughty boy, as if you didn’t know.

Sang-tae is now talking to Director Min. They seem worried, and Director Min suggests disclosing Director Song, who handled Young Jin but also is conveniently dead. The fact that Hye-ri has already gone to interrogate her father makes Director Min much more stronger in his suggestion: blame it all on Director Song. But, is his family trustworthy? The one who trusts Sang-tae up to the point of faking his death, is Song Ki-joon, his wife and children probably won’t keep their mouths shut. Mr. Ma should take responsibility for Nam Woo complex and compensate them; since the damage is not that much of a deal, it should be a good strategy for killing two birds with one shot. Mr. Ma is mortified because of that horrible coincidence which made his daughter the prosecutor for this case (coincidence? HA!).

Yellow sweater is still talking with Hye-ri, playing the perfect neighbor part as he has always done (up until now, sigh), wondering why Hye-ri is sad. If her father said he was innocent, shouldn’t everything be ok? Well, the fact that poppa has to go to the prosecutor’s office is not one nice thing to see, smart guy. He also asks about Go Man-chul’s asset story. And then, that conflictive question pops up: doesn’t she hate her father? Not really, he’s her father, how could she? (Oh, that’s too bad, thinks In-woo, we could join forces to kick his ass). Hye-ri asks if he has hated his father, to which he answers negatively, too: moreover, he hasn’t ever resented him, because he was good at keeping promises. Why the past tense, In-woo? First over emotional moment of this episode, leaves us feeling his sadness and understanding a bit more the reason why he’ll have to let go off his personal feelings and take his revenge path at least for some time. We shared an honest, touching bench scene that sets out how indebted he feels towards his father, a fact that has taken over his entire life.

They seem like a real couple there, making me go aaawwww

“Bla, bla, bla. Have you finished?”

Now, Ae-ja tells Sang-tae that Hye-ri has a man she likes. No, even better, a man that she loves. What’s more, they love each other. She makes a quick introduction: Seo In-woo, lawyer, smart, funny, good looking and warm (stalker, Sang-tae hater, and apocalypse horseman); with that profile, Hye-ri doesn’t really need to go to that appointed date, Lawyer Seo is enough. I’m not impressed, Ae-ja! Mom puts together all of her anger, frustration and loveless life, to have the courage to give her husband the divorce papers. Sang-tae, once again, is not impressed, answering a cold, devoid of interest “Fine”. He’s not a bad man, but Ae-ja is too weak to continue her threat of divorce; it takes him a simple, grudging “Of course I won’t give up on you” to make her step down her previous indignant confrontation.

Ae-ja is genuinely excited; not only she’s not divorcing, but also defended her daughter’s love life. Jackpot! She wants Hye-ri to be married as soon as it’s possible, to what Hye-ri answers that she’s not in that kind of relationship with yellow sweater (you wish you were).

Sweeeeeet, sweeeeeeeet, squealing alert! Our Hye-ri is taking off her jewelry, when she finds that lucky crown brooch In-woo gave her before taking care of the gambling case (which nearly ended with her death. LUCKY, HUH?). He’s done so much for her, the mobile phone, the gas bomb clock, he cooked for her… Oh, l’amour!

Next stop: Prosecutor’s Office. Main problem: Hye-ri’s dad being involved in the case. Chief informs that her father will have to be interrogated, and Hye-ri seems confident in him, so, no problemo here, Boss. Boo at the Chief for including Se-joon in the case again. Shortly after their meeting, Hye-ri sends him a huge pile of paper, which turns out to be the records for Man-chul’s case. I know, it’s logical for him to take this case, but I want Prosecutor Yoon nowhere near Ma-Hye-Ri!

Se-joon questions Man-chul, who takes back his accusation: Sang-tae didn’t borrow his name, it was dead Director Song who did it. Then, why did you say it was Mr. Ma, rascal? He explains that he wanted to take revenge upon him for making him feel shameful for asking money in the past. This was a golden chance, since his daughter was the prosecutor for the case. Ok, everything is shiny and lovely, but why is he changing his statement now? He-he-he, well, embarrassment? In experienced Se-joon’s mind, this doesn’t make sense, he pointed out at someone but took it back thinking that his lie would be discovered… Why didn’t he think about it earlier? Man-chul’s answer is not satisfactory: he has anger management problems and Song Ki-joon is dead, he would’ve spit on someone’s grave. YEAH, SURE. This guy truly sucks at lying. When the prosecutor asks about Director Song’s death, he nervously says that it was one year ago, he even went to his funeral! Suspicion levels: mind-blowing.

Right after the fake confessions session, Se-joon informs the boss about the defendant’s sudden change in his statements.

I just can’t feel Ma Sang-tae’s evilness, but Man-chul’s reaction as he bumps into him while walking through the prosecutor office’s corridor is quite revealing. Nevertheless, I’m in for gangsta and out for cold blooded murderer. Interrogation goes smoothly, twister Ma responding coolly, denying a connection between him and Director Song remained after the latter went independent. He even asks for a thoroughly investigation. It has to be one of these: either he is too confident in his scary factor or maybe he’s really not guilty of anything more serious than corruption. Evidence says that his relation to Man-chul and Director Song is, as of now, inexistent.

Relieved, Ma Hye-ri goes shopping. It’s been really a long time since she last displayed her shopaholic tendencies, but something has changed. She’s looking for In-woo related items!!! First thing she grabs, is a pair of shades. Apparently, she’s noticed how yummy he’s while wearing them. Yoo-na is puzzled, isn’t her boyfriend somewhat stiff and serious for shades? She doesn’t explain, her mind fixed on looking for something nice for stalkie. Finally, she decides for a bracelet.

“And you’re supposed to be sharp and smart? Duh.”

Meanwhile, Se-joon receives via mail those cute mysteriously taken photos featuring Jung-sun (come on, what’s with the angle? Wasn’t she alone? In one of them, she’s holding the camera in her hand). Bin sent them – wasn’t him with her? Uhm, no? This frustrates Bin to the core – doesn’t he know she likes him? Is this how you handle your cases, without any common sense? He couldn’t see that before…

What’s with In-woo’s fashion sense? Puh-leeeeeez!

Anyway, while running like every sexy leading man in k-drama history must do, In-woo receives Hye-ri’s call. Cute overloaaaaad! She’s put her present in a bucket and now is giving it to him using a fishing rod. He tries to be cold hearted and refuse her, but it’s such an extremely lovely gesture, that he curiously grabs it.

Hye-ri: My mom says that I shouldn’t be greatly indebted to others. When I thought about it, I’ve been greatly indebted to you.

Why do I feel as if something was breaking inside me? They’re so pitiful people, Hye-ri for living in this bubble created especially for her, which is about to be blown up; In-woo because, regardless of what many people may say, his need for a cold revenge is cracking so violently, that it must be a huge load for his conscience (yes, he has one!), both because of his sentiment for his father and Hye-ri.

In-woo opens the little box, which contains the bracelet and a card.

Hye-ri’s card: Lawyer Seo, whom I’m always grateful to, I like you. But this is definitely not a declaration of love!

For further appreciation of this episode, let’s assume that she’s 15 and go on.

I’m so touched at her reassurance “this is not a declaration of love”. In-woo is honestly moved by her gift, being fully aware of his importance in her life, and what’s more, he’s becoming aware of hers. He can’t even utter a word; instead, he takes the bracelet out of its box and grabs it tightly between his hands.

In her apartment, Hye-ri is anxiously waiting for his call. Why is he taking so much time? In the end, he doesn’t call at all, so next day Hye-ri waits for his hot shaded up appearance at the elevator without luck. At first.

Then! Ta-da! In-woo appears, as if nothing had happened, greeting her with a cool “Good morning”. She looks for the bracelet, but he seems not to be wearing it. He looks subtly at her disappointment, and closes his hidden-behind-the-shades eyes, trying not to feel guilty for this silent-deception treatment. Before leaving, she confronts him.

Hye-ri: Didn’t you like it? A person should say whether they like it or not, I can change it if you don’t like it.

In-woo: What?

What? What? IN-WOO DON’T DO THIS. You’re joking, right?

Hye-ri: The bracelet!

In-woo: Ah, that. Sorry, I didn’t look at it carefully.

Okay, no joking.

Bad move, bro. This is gonna cost you half of your well earned points from the past; while I understand you want to draw a line, this is excessive. So, I’m officially mad at you. Boo.

Life isn’t easy at Prosecutor Yoon’s love life, either. Alongside Hye-ri they should open a Broken Hearts Club. Just saying. Then, he passes by Jung-sun’s house, and after noting that her car is still there, her mum informs that Jung-sun is dropping off Bin at her school. Therefore, he drives there, where he finds Jung-sun piggybackriding Bin, mother-style. He’s shaken by both last night’s Bin’s revelation and this sight – is she the woman who should be by his side? (yesss!)

While talking to her boss about some of her assigned murder cases, the chief says this phrase: “A human determining the fate of another human’s life, that’s quite a burden” (is he talking about In-woo or what?), which makes a click in her. Hye-ri goes to ask for Jung-sun’s help in the unfair situation created for the minors involved in the husband-lover-killers case (she didn’t forget about them! 10 points for empathy!) – she wants to register them for psychological treatment. After confirming that she would do it, Jung-sun is informed that our old friend Stalker #2 is waiting for her interrogation. He is with her mum, who offers some money for the fine. Jung-sun rejects it, he can do social work. What’s truly important about his presence there, is that, when Hye-ri greets him, he asks about her boyfriend. It wasn’t awkward. At all.

Jung-sun takes Hye-ri outside, she can’t understand her relationship to either of her current interests (don’t worry, dear, we’re in the same situation here). Since Hye-ri can’t quite explain what’s up, she warns her: don’t play with Se-joon’s heart, don’t make him cry, otherwise, she won’t stand still. Hye-ri isn’t taken aback by Jung-sun’s words, and wonders why she can’t tell him how much she likes him…? For Prosecutor Jin, love’s like that, not talking about feelings to avoid making the other person uncomfortable and to protect herself from being rejected. She thought that Prosecutor Yoon wasn’t ready yet, so she waited for him; she didn’t expect another girl to come and take him away from her radar.

[Random guys meeting at that multipurpose room, where the prosecutors discuss about Hye-ri and Jung-sun’s dynamics. The only one who appears not to know what’s going on between them, is the Chief. The only thing he positively knows, is that he wants to get married.]

After a depressing afternoon, a depressing night arrives. Hye-ri is hungry, and not in the mood for tasteless veggie food. So, she grabs a ramen package and starts cooking just as In-woo told her to, imagining him by her side. Sigh. Feeling that it’s not the same without his company, she calls him and tells him that she has no food at home, as in “Pleasepleasepleasepleaseinvitemeyeeesss?”.

While In-woo is cooking for her, Hye-ri takes a look around his house, as if she had never been there. Oh, no, you weren’t there, sweetie, at least not as a girl in love… However, they start eating and they’re on completely opposite channels: Hye-ri can’t-keep-her-mouth-shut asking about his relationship with Jenny but he’s so quiet that it’s scary. What is jealousy doing to our little girl?

Knock, knock. Who is it? Hi, I’m FRIGGING BAD TIMING. Come in, please.

Jenny calls at the most inconvenient time, giving In-woo the chance to get rid of Hye-ri, who shows disregard for her presence and invites his accomplice to have dinner. Hye-ri leaves after obviously understanding his indirect message.

Hye-ri can’t quite get why she’s crying because of what happened (she hasn’t consciously accepted how much she likes him), but when she arrives home, she finishes her previously cooked bowl of ramen. Meanwhile, In-woo is devastated and eats the remains of her portion, with her chopsticks. Normally, I’d say “Ew, disgusting”, but it was so perfect that it left me speechless.

Why am I feeling terribly suffocated here? For an irrelevant. Bowl. Of. Ramen. I don’t know, I just am. Ill-fated love stories and angsty eating of ramen work every single time they’re used. On top of that, Park Shi-hoo and Kim So-yeon made their unrequited love’s angst (one because he finds it weird to continue developing a relationship with the girl he’s supposed to betray and the other because she thinks has arrived late to his heart) go beyond the limits of those classic stifling scenes; forcing us to shed tears for their unlucky situation. They’re both saying good-bye to each other while crying over their noodles.

The following day, Prosecutor Yoon discuses Go Man-chul’s case with The Chief. They’ve reached a dead-end, all the suspects seem to be clean and Song Ki-joon is dead, so asking him is impossible. Eventually, Go Man-chul is released.

Prosecutor Yoon is not behind the same leads that Hye-ri is following: apparently, Ma Sang-tae gave lands to Go Man-chul, spoiling his claims of honesty. She asks Mrs. Ha, but she denies not only having knowledge of what Hye-ri is talking about, but also having bought her apartment with the money received for some land sold by Go Man-chul.

We get further hints of In-woo’s displeasure in regards to his scheme while he talks to Jenny about it. She finds funny and exciting that it’s going, surprisingly, exactly as planned; but he scolds her, saying that for him it’s either fun or exciting. He is angry, he’s getting flustered and anxious; it’s not going as planned, Jenny, he didn’t expect to become emotionally attached to his enemy’s daughter.

Ma Hye-ri can’t stop digging into her father’s fishy past. Quick internet search reveals that 15 years ago, a murder occurred at a construction site and Mr. Seo (blink blink) was accused for it. She needs more information, though, so she heads to the record room, where Mr. Flashback tells us that In-woo did the exact same thing in the past. This is a pretty cool composition which compares and describes their moves, attitudes and feelings (I had to gif it, guys, it was that compelling for me). While In-woo was full of anger, Hye-ri is eager to discover what’s hidden in between lines. Hye-ri reads everyone’s statements, just as In-woo did; they’re both insanely looking for justice and nothing or no one will make them forget that goal.

Omnipotent In-woo is waiting outside for her to exit the building hidden behind some trees, noting that they’re finally in the last acts of his play. Sadly, he can’t accompany her in this hard moment, when her reality and real reality are abruptly colliding. He extends his hand, wearing the bracelet, pretending to touch her face (if you ask me, this was unnecessary and too melodramatic. What? You didn’t ask me?).

Okay, In-woo shippers, say goodbye to food bonding, fish roding, and incoherent bickering; he’s decided to return to his jerk path in order to fulfill his revenge. Hye-ri tries to contact him, she needs his advice and always present shoulder to express her deception and sadness. Her despair grows so amazingly fast, that she goes to his apartment, and upon receiving no answer (every “Lawyer Seo!” made a kitten die of regret), she rushes to his office. After facing a human answer machine called “Secretary”, an extremely contemptuous Jenny Ahn says, with a fake smile, that she can’t tell Lawyer Seo’s private matters to just anyone. Anyone, bitch? ANYONE? Enjoy this moment, Jenny. You’ve always looked down on Hye-ri, but in the future, Prosecutor Ma will show you and your stupid friend who she is. Just wait for it.

Hye-ri wants to believe that he’ll contact her as soon as he knows that she’s in need, but her rational thought tells her not to. As she exits his law firm’s building, in tears, she calls his name…

Hye-ri: Lawyer Seo… Lawyer Seo…


Tell us, kaedejun, why is Superman neglecting Lois Lane? Why is he turning into Lex Luthor, huh? HUH?

Personal comments

After this episode ended, I was left with this empty, depressing sensation. The members of the love triangle (which I think was never an actual triangle in the classic sense of the term, based on Se-joon’s reticence and indecision, In-woo’s obsession with revenge and Hye-ri’s denial of her feelings towards the second) have somewhat changed irreversibly. Let me explain with details.

First of all, we have Hye-ri. Slowly she’s discovering that she is completely seduced by In-woo’s charms, leaving behind her admiration for Se-joon. She has a sense of attachment for him, but it won’t be for long – just look at how awkward she felt while telling Jung-sun that she liked Se-joon.

Secondly, Se-joon’s tragedy. He never found out that Jung-sun was in love with him, until his wife’s lookalike appeared, and produced this emotional twister for both him and Jung-sun. He now knows that Prosecutor Jin likes him, but how will he handle this new situation? His daughter already loves her as a mother figure, but is that enough to erase Hye-ri’s wifey image from his mind?

Lastly, In-woo. Waters are divided: one side loves him, the other hates him. Are any of them wrong? Well, not completely. His story is indeed tragic. Was he a jerk? Yes, of course. Is he still a jerk? I can’t have a yes/no straight answer here. After starting to feel that his heart beats faster every time he looks at Hye-ri, he had to make a choice: either he forgot about his promise and his all life plan or he forgot about Hye-ri. Can I blame him for the path he’s taking? No, not at all. I understand his choice, while I don’t approve of his means. Is it easy to put aside the fact that her father was the responsible for his father’s fate? Is it easy to simply not care about what he’s been thinking all his life, since he was a kid? No, he’s lived fixated in one objective; it’s natural and predictable that he wouldn’t leave those thoughts easily. Like one wise man once said: “When one has been angry for a very long time, one gets used to it. And it becomes comfortable, like… like old leather. And finally… becomes so familiar that one can’t ever remember feeling any other way.”

This episode provided me with the answer I was looking for: In-woo’s honestly kind; he overacted a little to get Hye-ri’s attention, but he is not a despicable guy. He wanted to help Hye-ri a couple of times, he found her amusing at his apartment, he is even completely angry for having valued his promise to perform his revenge over living a life free from grudges.

Why do I still believe in In-woo? We can see his struggle, and we should take advantage of that fact to make a deeper analysis of his character. He’s not some weirdo who’s lying and manipulating just because he was bored at home and said “Hey! What about some mind games with this girl?”. He is completely conscious of what he’s doing, and now, he’s realizing that it’s wrong, too, so he’s trying to erase his positive image from Hye-ri’s mind. This minimum gesture is the first step towards redemption. Going from the “I don’t care” bubble to the “I don’t want to do it, but I have to” one is so significant that I can’t help but imagining when he’ll move to the “I don’t have to do this, this is wrong, I’m sorry” final one. I hope for this, I hope for his soul to be repaired at last, and for his mind to both leave behind his resentment and embrace his future. In the end, this drama is about growth. Why wouldn’t I expect him to find his way towards a sincere happiness?

On a side note, kudos to Kim So-yeon for her outstanding acting. She’s made her bratty poppa girl so relatable, that I can feel her pain as it was mine. She grew constantly from episode one, without losing her innocent, childish ways that make her so unique as a kdrama heroine: instead of being tiring or dim, she won my heart with her adorable clumsmartiness. Standing ovation.


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  1. micheal

    i like your personal commets pretty much. it’s actually what i feel too.

  2. supah

    Thank you SO much AA! You’re the best, and this had to be the most heaviest and emotionally complex of all the episodes. Hats off to you for recapping such a toughie!

  3. jj

    Excellent recap! This is my favorite out of the Wed/Thurs line-up, and the one I most enjoy reading on.

    I completely agree with you about the ramen and the “visually touching her face” scenes. I was actually really confused about if he was eating out of her bowl- I thought so but it seemed a bit over the top (but very fitting for the scene).

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  4. estel

    Thanks, aberdeen_angus! I especially liked your thoughts on In-woo. I agree with you. I’ve said this before, but one of the reasons I really enjoy kdramas (other than for the eye candy ;)) is because most times the two leads grow up and mature or change in some positive way because of each other. (Okay, maybe not in melo-weepies, but I don’t watch those.) I really love seeing that happen, because I think it’s part of what real relationships are about. It can get corny (read: Boys Over Flowers), but I love how naturally and sensitively the writer has handled the growth and maturation of all of our lead characters, not just Hye-ri and In-woo. I hope to see it continue!

    Oh, and I totally thought the face-stroking thing was a leetle over the top, too. But the ramyeon-eating scene and the one in the records room made up for it, they were lovely. 🙂

  5. balladish510

    PP deserves more love. Enough said
    After this episode I found this might become one of the best Kdramas I’ve ever watched.
    Thank you for the wonderful recaps!

  6. balladish510

    I think the touching her face scene endearing haha…well cliche’ yes but kinda left a longing sentiment

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    thank you for recapping this ep!!! don’t know if it’s my fav ep, but definitely the one with the most impact.
    i was going to sleep and then saw ur recap and couldnt resist staying up a little more! haha

  8. simi

    He extends his hand, wearing the bracelet, pretending to touch her face (if you ask me, this was unnecessary and too melodramatic. What? You didn’t ask me?)……YES it was unnecessary and too melodramatic….tand he sap that I am fell for it …sniffling the whole time…..

  9. bloo

    i wasn’t able to understand anything in this episode.

    could someone clear up the whole murder mystery thing?

  10. 10 bluelime

    thanks for the recap!! =)

    i felt really empty and heartbroken after watching this episode. i hope all the angst gets resolved nicely and the loose ends tied up properly. i’m still rooting for in-woo.

    kim so-yeon and park shi-hoo are both excellent in this drama. =)

    i am really hoping prosecutor princess’s ending will a good one and a satisfying one. because i would dread to see it end like the way temptation of an angel did.

  11. 11 moochi2000

    I thought the scene that you briefly summarized was very sad… the one about the guy who sneaked into Hye Ri’s condo…and he wanted to just live there without harming the owner. He came in with his mom and his mom suddenly took out a handful of cash and I thought that scene WAS VERY VERY SAD.

    I know it was pretty insignificant, but I think it’s the drama’s way to say that every case is important and not all crime do-ers are evil.

  12. 12 tinysunbl

    Thank you very much for this detailed recap and analysis. It helps quell my PP crave…if only Wed came sooner!

    One qucik suggestion. I’m a bit confused reading this sentence:

    “Jenny calls at the most inconvenient time, giving In-woo the chance to get rid of Hye-ri, who shows disregard for her presence and invites his accomplice to have dinner. Hye-ri leaves after obviously understanding his indirect message.”

    Shouldn’t it be:
    “Jenny calls at the most inconvenient time, giving In-woo the chance to get rid of Hye-ri by showing disregard for her presence and inviting his accomplice to have dinner. Hye-ri leaves after obviously understanding his indirect message.”

  13. 13 v

    did i tell u i love u? No? well, perhaps not, but i LOVE ur recaps!! and especially this one, with all the captions and aside comments. lol. this is so well and wittily insightfully written! love the gif btw! and i agree, ksy is amazing! i felt for her and her pain, especially in the 2nd part.
    i don’t hate jenny (too much). i really wonder what’s the deal with song joonki? is the guy alive?
    and SJ should totally end up with JS… i still don’t get who took her pics.. maybe she asked someone?
    as for IW, i dont mind that the writers decided to make him act like a jerk, but that doesnt change the fact that he is acting like one, altho that’s for HR’s sake. and i agree with you, the hand-reaching scene was way melodramatic. i did like the step he took towards HR though in that same scene. they should just have stopped there.

    thanks for the excellent recaps and can’t wait til wednesday!

  14. 14 dblue

    Agrees with you on the ramen. I felt like I was eating noodles myself and choking on it . . . why won’t this food get down to my throat?!? That feeling.

  15. 15 Flygirl

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’ve never seen a such a well written angst kdrama episode until now. Usually, you get crazy tears, screaming, etc.. but the feeling for this episode was just right. Just enough to make us feel for them.

    PSH character is such an intrigue! Every episode makes me try and guess what he will do and still he leaves me hanging in my thoughts.

    That ramyun scene T_T nearly broke my heart. I’m amazed by how well this scene was acted out. I can feel both their pain. Kudos to PSH and KSY.

  16. 16 crabapple

    I loved you recap ! I too was a bit weepy during this episode. In my opinion this show is better than personal taste. Such great acting from the 2 leads, its like I feel the pain that they’re feeling.

  17. 17 anna

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    The story had begun to unfold darkly in this episode, but there was a lot of development for the characters in this episode. Not a lot of laughs anymore, because of the murder case that is gradually being revealed in this episode and the upcoming one.

    I find the murder case quite complicated. Does anyone here finds it too? i couldn’t get understand the whole story completely at first. After the second watch and the review now, i’m a little more clearer. But frankly speaking i’m more concerned about the hye ri- in woo pairing though. hahaha.

    The romance of hye ri and in woo is the other way round now. Its hye ri now bugging in woo and her thoughts are now occupied about in woo. its so cute when she was cooking ramen for herself and after that when she call in woo for a bowl of ramen! But alas it was so heartbreaking after that.

    I’m really curious how the ending will turn out. Until now everything is still a question mark! Its amazing how in woo this character is still receiving lots of love even although he approaches hye ri for revenge initially. i can’t bear myself to hate him either as he has his reasons – to seek justice for his father who was wronged.

    Now to come think of it, i had this question in mind, there was a scene where the small hye ri was handling muffins and milk to the small in woo. does that scene have any significance? Initially i thought young in woo had liked young hye ri from the start. But that seems to be not the case now? It could be when young in woo had known it was Ma Sang Tae’s doing that caused his father’s death, he had already planned for revenge and had went to Ma’s house but then the young hye ri probably just gave him some food when she saw him.

  19. 19 cookie

    I felt the hopelessness of this romance. Hye-ri finally falls in love with In-woo but it’s also at this time, he decides it’s time to let go of her as he can’t handle the emotions anymore. I wondered what was his intention of getting near her? Make her love him and then dump her? But yet it didn’t come across like that from the start. He was too genuine as a friend who cared about her as compared to “faking concern” (if you know what I mean). When did he fall in love with her? It was rather vague initially though there were some tell tale signs – when he touched her face when she felt asleep in his car, a few agonized/sad looks when she was asleep or not looking but yet I was not that sure because he appeared so cool in front of Jenny when he updated her on the developments. Is Jenny in love with In-woo? thought so… she is so pretty. some ice beauty. I really hope this murder thingie is a misunderstanding or there is some twist (eg. Hye-ri is not his real daughter like in 1 episode her parents seem to imply so). otherwise, I can forsee that this drama will have a sad ending. when she finally knew how he initially wanted to make use of her by getting close to her, she will probably feel betrayed and turn away from him even if the murder thingie is a misunderstanding.If the muder thingie is real, she will understand how hard it is for In-woo to accept her despite his feelings for her. sob! please…. please have a good ending! I hate cry-y shows! oh ya, the ambush kissing scene was romantic. talking about Se-joon. he started off as a “cool” leader, cold and confident. somehow his image changed when he realised he fell in love with her, so flustered and unconfident. I thought the character can be more consistent like keeping his self confidence, etc. anyway… I didn’t understand why Hye-ri was so ga-ga over him, he is not as attractive as In-woo. although i felt In-woo can develop a bit more depth to his character, some of his agonizing scenes look a bit superficial. Nevertheless, I still enjoy this show and am eager to know the ending.

  20. 20 charisnova

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  21. 21 Maria Bean

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    Lawyer Seon plotted & schemed, seems like a perfect plan but he didn’t plan to fall for his enemy’s daughter & will he succumb? This is getting exciting.

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    Please let it have a happy ending. At this point I just don’t know. But Please I Pray.

  23. 23 Angel

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    I’m hoping Jung-sun ends up with Se-Joon 🙂

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    Well, I don’t mind I guess. I think this story needs a little of that to develop. Thanks for the recap! I didn’t watch ep 11 since I was so impatient and jumped to ep 12. This made me understand the story … a little bit better. lol

  25. 25 jollieee

    I think I’m going to try this drama. (; It looks cute!
    Annddd ooooh Park Jung Ah is in here too <333

    And @ charisnova:

    Hi!!! Yay, I didnt know you went on this website !!!
    I'm a fan of your fanvids x)

  26. 26 dramacafe

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps!

    Loved the gif you made for the investigation. It also had that same impact to me! The way the past and present scenes were merged was way to cool and awesome!

    This episode truly has many heartbreaking yet absolutely beautiful scenes. Props to PSH and KSY for being such wonderful actors that you really feel every emotion they’re feeling. OMG! I can’t even eat a bowl or ramen now without wistfully having to remember that ramen scene.

    The last scene were HY was looking hopelessly for IW, it’s like I’m in HY’s shoes and I can’t breathe!

  27. 27 pabo ceo reom

    I think this drama works for me not on a plot level, which is interesting but nothing ground breaking, but more so because of the acting. In the hands of another actress, the character Ma Hye-ri would come off bratty, irritating, and a totally clueless ditz. That would of course drive me insane and all the In-woo’s in the world wouldn’t be able to save it. Kim So-yeon does a great job of making the character relatable and vulnerable, or at least understandable without wanting to stab your eyes out.

  28. 28 cinnamona

    thanks for the recap!!
    huhuuuu I hope that the weather forecast foresees more sun for our couple! Soon!

    One funny thing: where they live, they seem to be a lot of apartments, but, except each other, they don’t know (and we never see) any other neighbors ><'

    what I like with Ma Hye ri is that, even if the events seem serious and bad, with her personality, we don't know exactly how she's going to react, so everything is in her hands and she may forgive SIW in a very surprising way 🙂
    that's what I tell myself to survive until next episode… XD

  29. 29 Sumee

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  30. 30 kay

    come back sweet and charming lawyer seo!!! i don’t like the new meanie he’s become(or his new haircut as much) this is my favorite of the 3 dramas!

  31. 31 aberdeen_angus

    To all of those still confused about the crime thing, I didn’t explain too much because I felt it was more of episode 12’s (and onwards) main plot development. Episode 11 was the strong melodramatic one, giving more importance to IW’s struggle and choice to leave HR and HR’s need to find out why her father lied. Basically, what we know until now, is that in a construction site, there was a murder of which Lawyer Seo’s dad was accused of. Also, MST’s complany buildings tend to be shody, suggesting corruption may be involved. Curiously, Man-chul received money at that time, from MST (a fact that everyone denied). IW thinks that MST was directly responsible (or even the murderer? idk), so he wants to avenge his father’s death.

    But, until now, HR hasn’t connected In-woo with the case yet.

    Ok, I have to go to college, every PP lover out there, feel free to give more details!

    Thanks for everyone’s comments!


  32. 32 yuri

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    how many episode of this drama??? tq

  33. 33 supah

    @a_angus – I’m sure you’re sick of all the girlfights in OT (hahaha!) but I do <3 you (even if it is one-sided). Totally appreciate your recaps, and how you've captured this episode so well.

    Yes please! I want, want, want (!) the more than capable SJ on this case, SJ and HR need more time to be together. Great move Man-chul.
    Thing is, I found MC to be super-clever. He never knew for certain why HR acted the way she did when he name-dropped. When he later went to SJ, he said she's his daughter, was he prompting SJ into admitting she is Ma Sang Tae's daughter?

    MST may not be 'that' scary — mean and super-strict, yes! But he doesn't come across a 'cold-blooded murderer', but I agree, that part where Man-chul cowered as soon as he saw him — so scary. Indicating another facet of MST we've yet to be exposed to?

    HR's ''Seo Byeon'' at the end, was so upsetting. The way in which she felt too suffocated to even cry.
    How perfect was their acting? If they were meant to make us feel their pain, combined with a sense of impending DOOM, they did it!
    I don't think I'll be eating ramyun again anytime soon. (Ditto @26 – dramacafe)

    I appreciate the gif of the records room @a_angus, how you captured their mirrored moves and the cap of IW in the lift. This: http://s630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2010/pp1/pp1100119.jpg

    The part outside the records room where he's reaching over imagining he's touching her face, I wouldn't say it was unnecessary – a tad too melodramatic, maybe. I think it was to put a stamp of finality on the caring, affectionate IW, before turning into mean bastard IW, for good.

    As I've said earlier – 11 was the one where I could see IW's hurt and finally felt I could empathise with him. It was definitely a game-changer for me, I stopped hating him for one. Otherwise I'm still Team SJ.

    Yes, standing ovation for K! S! Y!. I seriously think she should atleast be nominated a Baeksang for her role here, at least for episode 11.

    @pabo ceo reom –
    Totally agree, I can't picture any other actress making HR as real and lovable as KSY has done. I'm glad I checked out this show — which initially was solely for her (after 3 it was for General Choi and her – wow! Just wow!).
    I honestly expected to like CU better than this, but episodes 5, 6 of both shows were the deciding factor for me, because KSY won me over heart and soul and I subsequently dropped CU to devote myself solely to this.

    @V –
    You were right, it was Song and not Seo. The Seo name was brought up much later. If the records say Song Ki-joon is dead and he's the missing key, I suspect he'll be alive and in exile somewhere, and it'll be SJ who finds him…?

    P.S. I like Jenny, Jenny is so cool! She could've been really cutting but she was only following orders, instead she was straight to the point.

  34. 34 supah

    @32 yuri –
    It’s a 16-episode series.
    It ends in a fortnight, but there’s recently been talks of it being extended four more episodes. So it MIGHT be extended.

  35. 35 nessa

    wow! great recap!
    I was one of those silent followers so far, but you, aberdeen_angus, made me write these words. I couldn’t stop myself giggling and saying ‘yess! exactly!’ when i read your comments. Also i agree with you about Jenny, she’s always looked down on Hye Ri and she deserves every single shock that will come from Hye Ri’ s prosecutorial improvements.why the hell does she think that she is better than Hye Ri? Her iceberg manner makes her smarter?? I don’t think so, mostly makes her seem FAKE.

    Just wait and see Jenny, and your stupid friend as well:) , Prosecutor Ma will surely make you regret for all your tiny hints!

  36. 36 ngy

    I’m officially fed-up with the review of this drama.

    This should recap what’s going on in the drama, but it seems like the person who review this drama is getting too hyped up over the guy character.

    It’s really puckish just to read a lot of bias gushing bout a guy (yes, I’m not talking bout the character, but the actor himself).

    Please go back to reviewing the drama, I really would like to know the content cos I cant listen bloody korean!

  37. 37 supah

    @ 36 ngy
    I think that was a really rude comment. The recapper has done a really commendable job and detail by detail told us what’s going on in this episode.

    If you’re expecting this one episode recap to further explain the entire Man-chul/MST/Song Ki-joon case, then you’ll have to wait until ep 12’s recap where we get to delve a bit deeper into the case. This episode was focused more on In-woo and Hye-ri and their strained relationship.

    And if you can’t understand Korean, try viikii where they have this episode up with English subtitles.

  38. 38 janna

    @a_angus – You’ve got your priorities all wrong (pause for comedic effect) why are we talking about yellow sweaters when we should be worried to how many fabrics had to die to construct Hye-Ris ….blazer(?) in that scene. Come on!

    I’ve complained about Jung-suns pictures on the OT. She wore a dress! She stepped out of the house to be sassy! But the pictures taken look like they’re for the Sears catalog…..

  39. 39 aberdeen_angus

    It’s funny, because actually I don’t find Park Shi-hoo attractive at all… Sorry you didn’t like it, ngy, but you’ll have to wait for episode 12’s recap 😀 I’m not the one to blame if this episode was focused on IW and HR. Up until now, we’re as confused as you are in regards to the crime thing.

    @moochi2000: mmm, I don’t find Stalker #2′ storyline really compelling. Yes, the mum’s part was sad, I agree, but it was more of a plot device for me. He had to be there in order to generate JS/HR’s confrontation…

    @supah: Oh, I’m not tired of the girlfights, hahahaha! I <3 you too, silly 😉 We can continue here :)… But we were taking over the OT!! It must be exhausting for all the other commenters to read our constant ramblings!!

    Yeah, Jenny was following orders, but she was so happy while mistreating HR. If I had to analyse it further, we could say that she doesn't like HR because IW is her only connection and, since he (supposedly) has always hated Ma family, she's just reflecting his feelings.

    I don't know if I'd like an extension, but really, don't you feel that Se-joon has a painfully short time on screen? I think that's why we all love IW, because he's deeper and more developed that General Choi. Se-joon is always with his cases, remembering his wife or having brief chats with HR and JS; while IW is more complex, layered and touching (whether you like him or not).

    @janna: Oh, HR's clothes were all kinds of wrong in that bench scene. I just wanted to forget about them!!! 😛


  40. 40 Z289

    I like this episode because finally Hye ri realize that her feelings for Sejoon wasnt love.He just admired him because if his coolness.The very touching part is when shes searching for inwoo when she feel so lost and helpless after knowing that her father is related to the case…

  41. 41 marshmallow

    really really love your recap…
    thanks for share your point of view….

  42. 42 selina

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps!

  43. 43 deannadsc

    As always,I love your recaps, comments & analysis!!! That insert-GIF part also brought goosebumps, much like when I 1st watched it. And I teared up exactly 3 times in this episode…the ramen scene, the IW scene where his hand extended towards HR, as if saying goodbye & at the end, with HR feeling so lost when IW disappeared on her!!!…but episode 11’s angst is just the beginning!!! episode 12 had me crying every 5 minutes!!!
    What a beautifully written drama..Prosecutor Princess has turned out to be!!! Hope it doesn’t lose it’s momentum till the very end!!! Both leads are OUTSTANDING & I’ll forever be rooting for an INHYE-happy ending!!!

  44. 44 splgt

    Thank you aberdeen_angus.

    So much angst and so well done. The little instances such as her waiting for the elevator…….too many tears……….

    About the extension – I am always worried that it may ruin the momentum… hopefully we will have a wonderfully executed ending…

    You go girl to Ma Hye-Ri and fighting for InHye !!!!

    PS: I was watching this on viikii and someone commented about Jenny’s “can’t tell Lawyer Seo’s private matters to just anyone” and replied with something like “she is not anyone you fool(?), Hye-Ri is his future wife”…. hahahaha….

  45. 45 aberdeen_angus

    @splgt: That comment was-so-funny! “Hye-ri is his future wife” LOL LOL LOL!!!


  46. 46 kdlover

    My favorite out of the four drama I’m currently watching!! In the beginning I never thought Lawyer Seo was cute but his character definitely made me fall in love with him!! Ma Hye-Ri has turn out to be one of my favorites character!!! I am just in love with her!!! Wednesday cant come any sooner!!!

  47. 47 Annie

    oh, the bracelet is called endless, so maybe, endless love that MR have for IW that she doesnt know about it yet.
    OK, this episode is so depressing, i feel super bad for MR….arg Im hating a little for IW, why does he need to use her!!!she is so innocent and sweet.
    but there is so much good scene in this episode, the last part, the ramen part, the bracelet part,,,,,,,,,goes on……..
    i really dont know how this is going to end, please let it be a happy ending

    thanks for recapping

  48. 48 Fatemeh

    thanks for the recap.
    the imaginary touhcing scene you did not like, gave me teary eyes. maybe because i am not used to kdrama and this is one of my firsts.

    loved this episode.

  49. 49 supah

    YES, show! Give us more General Choi time! They can’t have had so much build up around him and then when crunch time came he just went into obscurity!? That can’t be right, can it?
    A friend in Korea thought HJS was the meant to be the main lead as she saw more character posters of him around when the show started — yeah, we wish! Maybe because of Chuno’s popularity they initially played up his role more.
    About Jung-sun, I honestly don’t think his feelings for her are above platonic and I also see some guilt and regret towards him not seeing her ‘as a woman’, so I hope he’s not forced to see her romantically or something. It’d be far more realistic (that if he can’t have HR) that he remains friends with JS.

    And yes, here’s the new home for our PP sparring.

    I officially loave Jenny.

    I have to hand it to you, you are steadfast in your SJ loving, I love him SO much too – I just dither sometimes…
    Actually I only ever dithered in ep11, I promise!

    Hear ye! HR is the future Mrs. Yoon!

  50. 50 supah

    @janna & aberdeen_angus
    I think HR’s ’embarrassingly, inappropriately dressed ahjumma’ taste in clothes adds to her charm, if she dressed perfectly – we’d probably hate her.

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