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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 13
by | May 16, 2010 | 120 Comments

Dear Diary, I went to hell and all I got is this lousy alarm clock

Just two things about this episode: intensity and long ranting / personal comments ahead. You’ve been warned!


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Episode 13

After reading the documents stating In-woo’s relation to the case, Hye-ri, in shock, can’t stand still and trips. He approaches her just in time to grab her wrist (his trademark move ¬¬). She tells him that his hand feels warm, and he nods “That’s right, that’s me”. She asks what is right, that he knew her from the first time they met? Once again, he nods, it was no coincidence, no fate, no nothing but a previously thought plan.

Hye-ri: You used me?

In-woo: Probably… Definitely.


In-woo coldly argues that she’s a person who often forgets to take a careful look around her, once she’s focused on something. Mr. Flashback shows us how not only her wallet was robbed on purpose by the guy who checked that she didn’t leave Korea (airport episode), but also the paper with his number was taken away from her while entering the elevator (I didn’t see this coming!). The apartment and everything else were bricks in his revenge wall. Hye-ri is beyond devastated seeing how her little, cozy world is falling apart and crouches while crying. In-woo helps her to sit on a bench, standing by her side until she decides to go. Seeing her pitiful state, he drives her home.

That day, Hye-ri doesn’t go to work, so her boss is pretty angry at her, affirming that it’s because of her princess-like education that she isn’t responsible for anything. All of the prosecutors try to calm him down, excusing her – maybe she’s sick or… very sick? Both Se-joon and Jung-sun try to contact her, with no luck. The girl is hiding under a rock.

Meanwhile, Hye-ri is crying at home, remembering Se-joon’s warning “What do you know about Lawyer Seo?” She even ignores her dad’s call, pitying herself for being so dumb and blind.

Back at In-woo’s house, Jenny is receiving fresh news about the titan’s confrontation via phone. He reassures that he won’t go to work and hangs up. Jenny wonders – he’s not going or he can’t go?

Obviously, he can’t go, he’s too remorseful to face daylight. Don’t worry; she’s coming to wake you up, stupid jerk. Gathering all her remaining strength together, Hye-ri, barefooted (!), goes to his apartment and, not letting him utter even a word, slaps him in the face (cliiiiiick). She can’t keep her strong woman charade for long, though, and she stumbles while going away. “Get hold of yourself! Brace yourself…” he shouts. Because that’s so easy, huh? She smiles bitterly, as in saying you have no right to pretend to be worried about me. After all, he’s the one who put her in this miserable situation.

At Mr. Ma’s home, Ae-ja and Sang-tae are discussing about Hye-ri. Where is she? Is she somewhere calls are restricted? Ae-ja covers her daughter, saying that didn’t call because of Hye-ri’s restriction to do so.

Ae-ja: She doesn’t like her dad, and she doesn’t like the person who made you her dad.

I love how Ae-ja has finally dared to withstand her husband, making him upset with her constant ramblings. She isn’t afraid of him or of him divorcing her; her only goal, the one that gives her the nerve to answer him back, is to see her daughter happy.

Moving onto Jung-sun’s home, her mum has asked her and Prosecutor Yoon to hold a meeting with a pretty lame excuse (everyone knows that she’s trying to put those lovebirds together). She says that a friend of hers wants to introduce Se-joon to an acquaintance – is that okay with him? He doesn’t want to do it, so she sends Jung-sun to see that person in a nearby spa. Whatthehell expression from Jung-sun, who refuses to do it. Pushy Jung-sun’s mum now asks Se-joon if he knows her daughter’s boyfriend… Se-joon is completely loving this moment of prosecutorial-puffed-out-cheeks embarrassment, teasing Jung-sun about her imaginary boyfriend. After going out to get some fresh air, they decide (it was mostly “Se-joon decides”) to pay a visit to Hye-ri, who’s missing in action.

It’s night already, and Jung-sun calls Hye-ri to offer their help. Without anything else to be done for her, they sit on a bench to talk. She’s still misunderstanding the situation and feels a tad uncomfortable being there with Hye-ri’s supposedly boyfriend, leaving her in a “third-wheel” position.

Se-joon: Seeing Ma Hye-ri was uncomfortable but fascinating as well. Her physical appearance was so similar to my wife but her personality was so different. If Bin’s mum’s personality was like Prosecutor Ma’s, she wouldn’t have gotten cancer [?]. Eun-ji became a mother at that age and was no able to enjoy her youth. For many reasons, it made me think a lot.

Jung-sun understands his feelings, how his guilt prevented him from approaching another people – that’s not an easy task. He finally admits that what he felt towards Hye-ri was just due to her similarity to his wife – he thought that his dead wife had sent someone for him to cling to. In the end, it was through this fantasy that he could have the real picture. He looks at her with his killer smile, come on Jung-sun, hug him, he’s already informed you that his relationship with Hye-ri is just a friendship! No hug and frustration levels suddenly skyrocket.

Hye-ri continues her investigation going to Go Man-chul’s house to show him those photos (the ones that proved that her father’s alibi was fake). SNAP! “How did this girl get this kind of evidence?” might be thinking Man-chul. That’s why they say that there’s nothing more harmful than a disgusted woman. ANYWAY. He claims not to know anything about them, but… Damn! While talking to her nonsensically about calling him to court and stuff, he uses his telephone inconspicuously to warn someone (Ma Sang-tae?) about this sudden picture discovery.

The warned person takes fast measures, and just as Hye-ri arrives at Ha Jung-nan’s store, two guys riding a motorbike steal her handbag.

Pictureless, Hye-ri enters Jung-nan’s store almost in tears. She tells him about the fake alibi and the mismatching timelines without letting Jung-nan say a word. Eventually, Jung-nan demands for proof.

Hye-ri: Actually, the proof is you, Ha Jung-nan.

There’s a catch, my friends! Not everything is lost when what was stolen is something that’s vital for In-woo. A second motorbike rider steals the handbag from the first thieves and returns it to Hye-ri (I was wishing for In-woo to be the mysterious rider, but heck no, it was some guy he hired). Now that In-woo’s true self has been discovered, Hye-ri positively knows (or at least, suspects) that this “handbag return” has “In-woo did it” written all over reality’s face. She asks Jung-nan about “writer Seo” – what kind of person is he?

Right after Hye-ri leaves, Jung-nan invites In-woo to the store (he was patrolling outside, hidden in his oh-so-remarkable-car-that-is-never-noticed-by-Hye-ri). Time of revelations has arrived – In-woo admits being a lawyer and to be lying to her all along; he’s sorry, but he had to do it.

The unsuccessful thief reports his failure to Ma Sang-tae, who dismisses him in an unworried way (yes, this bugged me. Not even shouting at him or telling him that he’s good for nothing?). This might be related to the fact that his criminal-soon-to-be-discovered sixth sense has been awakened. Who is helping Hye-ri with this case, sending this second thief?

What follows is one of many face to face moments of this episode, this one takes place at Yoo-na’s store. Every each of them has delightful, witty, heart wrenching and scary lines. Moreover, their particular order is crucial to undertand the logic behind this episode’s ending. So, enjoy with me!

1st Face to face of the night: Hye-ri vs. Jenny Ahn

On one side of the ring, we have Hye-ri, the manipulated Prosecutor who’s looking for the truth even when it might destroy her life. On the other, Jenny Ahn, the cool friend and accomplice of Hye-ri’s love interest. There was a small confrontation before the proper fight. How does Yoo-na know her rival? Okay, okay, now the referee clarifies: “She’s the VIP who told me about Gioberni’s audition and the hotel”. DANG! Drink some water, coaches out… It’s time for the first round!

Jenny tells him that this is no gang fight, there are no sides to be taken. Hye-ri answers back – “you helped him from the beginning and made a fool out of me”. Is she mad now? Obviously, bitch! Does she want an apology? She doesn’t need apologies from people like them.

Well said, girl!

It’s just a pity that Jenny has advantage over you: she’s not broken inside at the moment, so her feelings won’t diminish her wittiness. Jenny was not planning to apologize even if she asked to, everything in Hye-ri’s expensive, luxurious life was bought with In-woo’s suffering; she took everything from him. Just as she was ending her statement she asks Hye-ri to put herself in his shoes, to look from his perspective, one that was built after 15 years of patient waiting.

It’s clear that this was a straight knock out for Hye-ri. I’m sorry for you, my girl, but Jenny has some valid points of view. It’s understandable that the daughter is not guilty for her father sins (in fact, it’s not understandable, it’s a fact); but it’s undeniable that he might be resented after having such a miserable life while Ma’s family was having a wonderful one.

Back to real life, Hye-ri may be still all wounded and full of bruises, but she can fight back. She returns home, goes to her balcony and forces In-woo to drink a cup of tea together, as a thank you gesture for returning her bag. How many times have I said that she’s awesome? I won’t stop. She is.

They hold their meeting at his balcony, and we get the second face to face. This time is the lover’s turn to talk about the past, the motives and the means.

2nd Face to face of the night: Hye-ri and In-woo

Everything starts with Hye-ri asking how he accomplished to gain her affection. Did he use a lot of money? Nod. Did he make the previous apartment owner to move? Nod. Did he study how to manipulate minds? Nod. He did everything in order to make her move emotionally; he cooked, piggybacked, listened to her, and stayed with her while she was scared… Summarizing, he played the perfect guy just to use her. Pretending to like someone he hated, must’ve been really hard.

Hye-ri: What do you want from me?

In-woo: Proving the innocence of my father.

Hye-ri: What?

In-woo: Not a murderer, but my father who died with the accusation of being a murderer, my father’s clothes that portray him as a murderer… I want to rid him of that.

It’s In-woo’s turn to talk and he uses his time to tell her his childhood tragedy.

So now, imagine that we’re many years back in time, enjoying a great family bonding moment with Mr. Seo, In-woo and his mum. They seem to get along pretty well, playing soccer (are In-woo’s soccer shoes, the ones that he always looks at, his father’s?), eating together and doing those happy things that happy families do. UNTIL. Director Yoo (the soon to be dead person) calls Mr. Seo telling him that he’ll meet president Ma, thus making a suddenly nervous In-woo’s dad rush to the construction site. Surprisingly, he finds Director Yoo dead with lots of money strewn on the floor and in shock, touches his head, getting his hands stained with blood (that’s the precise instant in which the guard / Mr. Shin / Flower shop guy arrives). Mr. Seo tries to make a call, but the phone’s wires are cut…

Eventually, he’s imprisoned and teenager In-woo goes to visit him. At first, he can’t look at his father’s face, not because he hates him, he’s just afraid of crying. Oh, the heartbreak! In-woo knows that his father is not a criminal, he’ll prove his innocence, sealing this promise with a pinky swear.

[Brief present days chat. Grown up In-woo tells Hye-ri that his father went to the construction site because of the Yoo – Ma meeting. After hearing that Sang-tae denied going there, he knew that her father was the real culprit. In-woo’s words make her remember Sang-tae’s statement (the one she read at the documents room), claiming not to have gone to the location and sending Director Seo instead. He lied (Mr. Seo went after Yoo’s call).]

Despaired, In-woo goes to Ma Sang-tae’s home, begging for help. He insists that his father is not a murderer, that he’s innocent, but Sang-tae gets rid of him and slams the door in his face. Infant Hye-ri is looking from a balcony, this is the pre-muffin story.

Just as he was looking for justice, his father was dying of a heart attack. Quick cut to see grown In-woo asking rhetorically why his father didn’t wait for him to be a lawyer, and we return to the past to find out what the lake was supposed to mean – it’s where Dong-seun’s ashes were spread. That place is where he promised himself that he would prove his father’s innocence no matter what.

After all the deceit, tragedy and unfairness Korea gave to this family, In-woo’s mum decided that they had to go to America in order not to die of suffocation. Even when they went hoping for a brighter future, they had harsh times trying to adapt to both her job and their neighborhood. Feeling lonely and afraid, In-woo went out and hid in a dirty, full of thugs alley (why would he do that???). While looking for him, In-woo’s mum crossed the street without looking and a car ran her over. Flashback ends with In-woo crying by his dead mum’s side.

Hye-ri is touched by all of this, but the question remains unanswered… Why did he use her to get revenge? He says that it wasn’t strictly revenge; he just wants his father to be clean of charges. She wonders why he used her and still thinks it’s not revenge.

In-woo: I thought it would be fun. As soon as I got back to Korea and passed the bar exam, I started investigating the murder of Yoo Myung-woo. I found Ma Sang-tae and found those involved as well. While the investigation was going smoothly, Ma’s daughter passed the bar exam and was planning on becoming a prosecutor. It was quite funny. I looked into what kind of person she was, naive and curious, but doesn’t hold suspicions. If there weren’t any incidents, then she would be the best choice.

This is the hate him / love him moment of truth. If you can take this kind of harsh revelation and remain empathetic, there’s almost nothing that will move you away from his character. It’s hard to do it, I admit having my serious doubts, (his means and ways of thinking were completely twisted and spiteful), but I can feel what he’s feeling right now, so I won’t burn my ships and leave. I want more.

She feels outraged by his words – did he think that she’d continue with it, when no one else but her father is involved? Yes, he thinks so, she’s a prosecutor, her work is to fight for truth. Making her dig her father’s past, isn’t it revenge? No, he keeps on saying that she’s a prosecutor; it should be the right thing to do, helping the wronged person. Then, what about being sorry for all the things he did? For using her, for faking a lovely relationship, isn’t he sorry about that?

In-woo: A person that starts off knowing that will feel sorry, doesn’t feel apologetic.

Hye-ri: Not even once?

In-woo: A person who would be sorry, doesn’t do something like that.

Smack #2!

More or less, everything has been settled with this statement, huh? In tears, Hye-ri affirms that she will believe her father, unless clear evidence is found. He goes all cynical, making me hate him with my entire empathetic soul, telling her that “Oh, right, because what you’ve found is not clear enough”. I would clearly beat him with that stupid gas bomb clock thing till death.

What follows next is SO random, that I’ll summarize it quickly. Hye-ri runs out crying, In-woo sees her from his balcony, and follows her from a short distance. Yeah… So what…? One hour ago he was telling her in a few words that she was dumb and easy to manipulate, and now goes all melancholic following her with exactly which purpose? If they wanted to show us that he still cares about her, make him sing a forgiveness serenade OR SOMETHING, this is not enough! Rant over, but c’mon!

Second face to face ends just as third and fourth ones start arising. Ma Sang-tae finds the truth behind her daughter’s only friend: he’s the son of Seo Dong-geun. On the other side, Ha Jung-nan wants to confess the truth to Hye-ri.

3rd Face to face of the night: Ha Jung-nan and Hye-ri

It seems like in the picture Hye-ri showed, the one of her and Go Man-chul going out of the hotel, displayed true events. They left at 10:30 pm because of Ma Sang-tae’s call to Man-chul. The store was closed that day, but she opened for Ma Sang-tae to come in with Go Man-chul, near 11 pm. Go Man-chul was the one who told her to lie and say that they had been drinking since 9 pm.

The reason why she’s confessing is that it was what In-woo asked her to do. She understood his motives for doing what he’d done, and felt pity for him, so she had to say what she knew about that night. Hye-ri can’t get why she feels that way, leading Jung-nan to explain that regardless of his first intentions, he’s helped her a lot for two years, with a kind sincerity.

Hye-ri: Then you believe Seo In-woo?

Jung-nan: Even if it’s only sincerity at the moment… Sincerity is sincerity.

Hye-ri looks puzzled. Is this what she should believe in too?

4th Face to face of the night: In-woo vs. Ma Sang-tae

Ma Sang-tae experiments a little with a kind approach, but In-woo obviously cuts him short. For a person who has taken away his father’s life, Ma Sang-tae is daring to go and ask how he’s grown up? In-woo won’t allow that, neither will accept Sang-tae’s reprimands for digging in that old case or using his daughter for his personal interest.

Sang-tae: Using my daughter is investigating?

In-woo: Do you have evidence that I’m using her? Well, I guess that not having evidence that I’ve used her, doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it.

In-woo senses that Sang-tae is nervous about all of this investigation stuff, and plays with words in order to make him angrier. Sang-tae wants to seem confident, but he won’t tell his daughter about this encounter, which tangentially means that he’s the real murderer.

All these faces to faces are driving me insane! Why is this episode this full of them??? Sang-tae has to run away from his meeting because of Hye-ri’s call demanding to see him, so here it goes…

5th Face to face of the night: Hye-ri vs. Ma Sang-tae

Ha Jung-nan’s confession has put Sang-tae in the spotlight. If he’s not the culprit, well, he must be hiding some REALLY big secret. And he’s hiding it REALLY well. Now, he claims to be saying the truth, he couldn’t admit where he was that night, but he’s innocent. He tells her to look at that shoddy construction case, what he said was the truth, even when it’ll destroy his reputation. Why would he lie here? Then, if he’s innocent, why doesn’t he tell her what happened that night? He can’t and he won’t.

Sang-tae: If you’re going to persist upon being stubborn and go around doing that, forget about being a prosecutor and come back home!

Ha! You created this monster, bro!

Hye-ri: Don’t try to scare me. Even if you drag me back home… Even if you burn all of my clothes, shoes and handbags… I’m not the Ma Hye-ri that obeys all of her father’s commands due to fear.

Aaaaannnndddd… This is THE momento. Hye-ri as a grown up human being. Hye-ri as a honest person. Hye-ri as a responsible professional. Look out, world, here she comes!

After all of these exhausting face to face situations, Hye-ri is wanting to go back to her In-woo, but the the forgiveness part is still an issue. Why isn’t he at least a bit sorry? Why can’t he admit that?

While weeping by the gas bomb clock, listening to his recorded voice and talking to it as if it was Lawyer Seo himself, Hye-ri comes up with this awesooommeeeee idea (yeah, it’s awesome because of what it’ll lead to! I love you, fate!). Tired of listening to his voice over and over again, she wonders if the message can be deleted, and dismantles the bomb! Only to find a bigger one inside… Lawyer’s Seo hidden message.

In-woo (hidden bomb inside the bomb): Miss Ma Hye-ri. How old are you now? Where are you living now? No… Where are you residing now? Right now, I followed you and moved. I am currently at the home with the terrace that I moved to, following you. It is so nice here. In a place as nice as this, I’m preparing for your troubled times. Being with you, will make me feel both happy yet unsettled, not knowing that there’d be a turn of events in my plan, blaming my arrogant self for choosing you, knowing that you’ll be hurt… I’m still going to hurt you. I will end up not being able to stop. So, the words “I’m sorry”, I can’t say them. Hye-ri, don’t eat only grass and live long in good health. Find a person that loves you very much, meet a person who will erase the wounds I gave you and… Be happy. So I can be less sorry towards you. When you hear this, I wish that you’re 77. Like in Titanic, your loving daughter or granddaughter, telling them how when you were young, innocent, immature and beautiful, there was one who made your life a living hell… Such a jerk existed but, despite what he did, I lived well while laughing. When you can freely talk badly about me, I hope it would be then. I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

What the…? Oh, God, I could barely go through his entire message without crying. And I don’t cry over dramas or movies, but this was so heartfelt, so intensely said, that I could feel as if I was Hye-ri, remembering every instance in which In-woo cared about her. She can’t help it, she has to go and give me my exasperating 6th face to face moment. Thank God it’s the best out of the six!

6th Face to face of the night: Hye-ri vs. / and In-woo

When he sees her standing out of his house, he asks himself the same thing I did before: why didn’t she throw that stupid clock away? You’ll thank fate for this beautiful event later, In-woo.

Okay, then. Hye-ri commands him to delete his message (the carpooling one), with her full strength back on! He tells her to get lost, but she insists. She wants it deleted. Now. She dares to go into his house, preventing him from slamming the door in her face with her hand (not foot!). He doesn’t want her to step into his apartment – what, are you afraid she’ll attack ya?

Hye-ri starts a long almost monologue inside his house. She asks if he knows how much she looked for him when he disappeared, where and why she did it. He doesn’t express excitement, he seems more frustrated and annoyed (hey, boy, if you truly don’t want to be near her, you should move. If not, then don’t be this annoying, okay?).

In-woo: I didn’t think about it.

Hye-ri: Liar.

He tries to escape from her words, but she follows him, she needs to wake him up, to show him the light at the end of the tunnel. Why is he so scared of her?

Hye-ri: It’s because you’re sorry, right?

Jackpot! That’s why he disappeared – he was afraid of facing her and, despite feeling so apologetic towards her, he couldn’t say that he was truly sorry. He returned because he was worried about her. In-woo is on the verge of crying, but… must… resist… the… temptation. He tells that it’s all nonsense.

Disclaimer: I couldn’t paraphrase this conversation. To do so would be a crime, so here it is.

Hye-ri: You were the one I thought of when I was having the most difficult time. When I couldn’t say anything to anyone, but had to keep it to myself. When I felt like I was going to die, because it was so hard for me, I wanted to tell you. I had to tell you. You disappeared. The one person, who I came to trust the most in the world, suddenly disappeared.

In-woo: Stop this. What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? I don’t like you, it’s over! I told you to get a hold of yourself. Do you really want to tell me those kind of things right now?

Hye-ri: Yeah, I do. This isn’t the only thing I want to say. I have a lot of things I want to say to you.

In-woo: Ma Hye-ri, what’s wrong with you?

Hye-ri: The person who put me through hell and back… I love you, you bastard.

(pause for fangirly squeal)

Hye-ri: Didn’t you understand? Do you want me to say it again?

In-woo: Don’t… Don’t.

Hye-ri: I love you, you bastard. That’s why even if you have to hurt me in the future, just tell me that you’re sorry. Tell me right now. I know, I won’t be able to live until I’m 77. I feel like I’m going to die of cancer because of all the stress you’ve caused me So, how do you expect me to live until 77? I’ll never be able to find another man who loves me. The pain you’ve caused me is so great, that the remaining scar will be so ugly, that no one is ever going to be able to love me. That’s why… That’s why I want you to tell me that you’re sorry. Then I’ll be able to live again, when you do. If it hurts, I’m going to be hurt anyway, don’t say that everything as fake, okay? Lawyer Seo, say you’re sorry, tell me you’re sorry.

At this point, they’re both crying. He wipes away her tears, still not being able to tell her the magic forgiveness spell. Instead of that, he agrees to her words grabbing her round the waist…

Not forced kissssssss, yeaaahhh!

Can love conquer it all, kaedejun?

Personal comments

(For crime understanding purposes, a chart was made with all the involved parties and the facts up until this episode. You can find it here. Enjoy!)

If you’ve read my previous comments about forgiveness, I was hoping for a somewhat longer period of “I still hate you”. Instead of that, here I am, recapping a kiss and an “I love you” in the same episode that featured Hye-ri’s post-deception state of mind. Talking about fast pace.

No matter what, I found the progression from love to hate to love natural and well explained. Of all the intensity (and face to face ¬¬) around this episode there are two moments that are the core of it. I think that they’re the same you’re thinking about: the bomb inside the bomb and the last monologue by Hye-ri. The contrast between his secrets (which are eating him up) and her hyeristical openess (that has been helping her all along the drama), is both hard to avoid and delightful to watch and analyze.

We’ve already talked like A MILLION TIMES about In-woo’s character, so I’ll just take what this particular scene tells us. After explaining Hye-ri about his plan and past life, he leaves us with an unsettling feeling when he refuses to say that he’s sorry. How could it be, right? He’s done a bunch of bad things to her, the person who, after all, is a victim just as he is. But the catch here is really subtle, what’s said behind the words is what counts.

In-woo IS sorry, I’d dare to say that he’s completely burdened by what he’s doing, but he can’t go back. He’s so into his promise to his father, that he can’t simply forget that and leave with Hye-ri for some butterfly catching. He’s made her an important part of the plan; if he told her the truth, all his efforts would be lost. That’s why this episode is well constructed as a whole: we get the full story behind his revenge plan before the I’m sorry part (we could reflect on sincerity with Jung-nan’s confession, too). Who would be able to forget about a promise made to that kind of unfairly imprisoned father? I know I wouldn’t. And then, when everything seemed lost (I was starting to hate the guy!), we found out that the fact that he can’t say it face to face (thank God! Not a seventh face to face!), doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel it (from the very beginning!). How hard must that be, huh? To be conscious about your wrongdoings and not being able to go back because of another greater purpose. He let his plan and his true feelings get entangled, that’s why he had to push her away from him being harsh, cold, uncaring and a complete jerk. I find it heartbreaking, he’s not enjoying what he’s doing anymore, he doesn’t find it funny as before, he’s fulfilling his filial duty which he is convinced will bring him down in the sentimental area (choosing between his love life and his father is a tough one).

Then, we have Hye-ri’s confession. Wow, that’s what is was thinking while watching and WOW while typing it for the recap. How can a couple of words be so deep?

There are so many things to be said about this final part which lead to that kisssssssss. When I used to fight about In-woo’s character, I said that he had to redeem himself, remember? Well, I was wrong. He’s not redeeming himself (at least, until now, who knows what will happen next…), she is trying to redeem him, being the light at the end of the dark tunnel he was walking through. She’s saying:

Hye-ri (superliminal-like monologue): I know that this process will hurt me as it’s been doing up until this point, because, who am I kidding? I’m prosecutoring my dad, what the heck?! The law would even allow me to leave the case, right? I don’t care because I want to find the truth, I want to help you. I’ve become a better professional and a better person thanks to you, your advice and constant help. You came to me as a manipulative idiot and the fact that you honestly cared for me took you by surprise. I’ll be there for you just as you were for me before, because I love you and I know you’re sorry, even when you can’t still confess it openly. If you tell me that you’re sorry for involving me in this damn case in the first place, I’ll be there for you. If you tell me that you’re sorry for asking me to do something that’ll hurt me, I’ll be there for you. Just don’t go away, so when we finish with all this mess, we can sort out our differences and probably start a not-so-sick relationship.

(Obviously, the writer’s words were more delicate, I know, that’s why one is a drama writer and the other a proletariat recapper 😛 )

Oh, this is LONG. So I’ll wrap it up confessing that the ending of this drama is still a mystery for me. There are lots of things to be resolved, the crime is not even close to be explained, the leading relationship could go anywhere, the Wonder Woman coupon (future plot device to get them together?)… And there are only three episodes left! What I’m sure about is one thing: I’ll miss Prosecutor Princess. A lot.


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    I was going to go all the way out and pin point all the times in which you have agree with me in a roundabout way!!! BUT I WONT!!!!
    The fact of the matter remains the same ” WHAT IN-WOO DID WAS AND IS DESPICABLY WRONG”
    and the fact that he refuses to admit and say “I am Sorry” is because “HE IS NOT” How do I know that for certain? Because if he was “TRULY SORRY” he would have stop what he was doing, but he did not and that is the”Main Reason” why YOUR heart was so unsettle, because she is the one trying to play his “REDEEMER” while in his mind he is not asking to be redeem, and that my friends is one of the traits of a “SOCIOPATH”, maybe he will change in the future but as for right now he remains the same!!!!!!!!!

    • 5.1 Megumi

      Your logic is irrational, overly emotional and skewed. What’s so wrong about a man wanting justice for his father? Good gracious. Sociopathy? Do you even know what a sociopath is?? A sociopath would have committed MURDER. A sociopath would’ve killed Ma Sang-tae to avenge his father. Instead, In Woo used his brains to become a lawyer; instead, he used the law and the legal system to shed light on the case of a wrongly accused man. He just wants to clear his father’s name in the eyes of the law. At the end of the day, Ma Sang-tae’s probably going to jail, but In Woo’s father is still dead. His mother is still dead and In Woo’s still alone.

      You’ve been harping “sociopath, sociopath” for the past 15 million episodes with no solid evidence of sociopathy. So, pardon my French, but puh-lease, save it sister! I’m not condoning In Woo’s deceptive, manipulative character but I can’t stand to watch a man who’s had the world and beyond violently ripped away from him get called a sociopath. He’s using the law to get justice for his father; if he was a sociopath he’d have seduced Ma Hye Ri, gotten married to her and then killed all three members of the Ma family in front of each other.

      THAT’S what sociopaths do.

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    As PT and PP are approaching their final lap(OML has concluded on a very pleasant note. And little Ye-eun is absolutely adorable.), I think for me the tables are turning, and PP has taken the lead. I’m really stoked about how everything is going to play out in PP, and am looking forward to the upcoming episodes even more so than I am with PT. Kim So-yeon has been amazing.

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    I LOVED the random walking-after-Hye-Ri part to the music of Goodbye My Princess, which ended rather abruptly to my mind. In Woo’s actions are always contrary to what he says. Don’t believe him when he utters a mean thing to you, Hye Ri!!!.

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    And I’m going to have to say that amg1 really needs to read your entire comment and also to argue things in context to see that in woo is not a sociopath – particularly since I beg to ask: when have you ever seen a sociopath so apologetic and sorry?

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    haha… loved how u called IW a jerk all the way through the ep… i thought that too but i knew he wasn’t one really… it’s so funny how his actions and real sentiments are totally opposite to how he acts. he cares about her (thus the random goodbye my princess stalker scene… lol.) and feels sorry and what does he do? he pushes her away by being super duper mean, tells her all of it, concern, love and everything was fake and that he’s not sorry. XD IW, must u torture urself, HR and us like that?
    but then, if u didn’t, we wouldnt have one of the best scenes in this drama.. haha

    and LOVED how u pointed out the face to face’s. didn’t noticed how the ep was structured until i read ur recaps.. and didn’t make the connection with the soccer shoes too. totally forgot that.. haha. and the chart is just amazing… can’t believe how detailed it is. love the slap gif too. actually, loved that scene.. i expected her to slap him only after he said something jerky to her… instead, she went right away with it!! U go girl!! and thanks for the gif with the NOT FORCED kiss scene. i don’t know why it’s still called sexual assault.. -_-”

    and love ur analysis of everything… it’s so right!! u hit it right on the nose! hihi.. the “translation” of HR’s confession is pretty epic too.
    the lines in this episode are so well written i’m going crazy rewatching the scenes again and again.
    even, with ep 14 ending, i still DON’T KNOW if MST is the murderer.. this is driving me nuts!

    about why little IW was hiding… i’m just speculating but when he heard the police sirens, that was when he hid… so i’m assuming that he wasn’t supposed to live in that miserable place. maybe either because he is an illegal immigrant or maybe it wasnt legal to live there or something.
    btw, i’m repeating myself but does anyone think the kid is like a mini g.o.d. Son Ho Young?

    and i don’t care what other people say, HR is NOT weak… she’s strong and brave and i love her.

    and JS and SJ should get together already!

    and this show is SO underrated and wish more pple could like it.. hope the ratings will go up for next week as well. ^^ I CAN”T BELIEVE IT’S ENDING!!! i am going to miss it so bad..

    like in OT, agree with u about AAE similarity. i actually went back and watched that scene right after u mentioned it in OT and gosh, KSY’s acting in it was so good!! and ur right, it’s similar.

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    but i <333 siw hehe even though he did have a lot of omfg did he really say that moments in this eppy. and the last 2 scenes really killedd meee~ psh & ksy have amazing chemistry keke LOVED the kiss heheh

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    and HRxIW of PP gets first place with 69% (7301 votes )yoohoo!!! that’s 49% more than what the 2nd place is getting, PT with 20%
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    and u can vote here: http://joynews.inews24.com/joynews/index.php
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    for those who can’t read kr, PP’s the last one (VOTE!! i am SO biased.. lol) and 1st one is my country calls, second one is dong yi, third one is giant, fourth one is CS followed by PT and the PP’s last! didn’t write the couple names cuz i’m lazy and assume u know it.

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    @kaedejun. Indeed I have read the whole recap!!!
    I believe that what you and
    aberdeen_angus, have fail to notice is that since the very “beginning” of my critic of the “In-Woo Character” I have only used examples of his behavior and the “Text” of what comes out of his mouth, I do not “REINTERPRET” the facts or give them a “NEW” Meaning as in this example; “Hye-ri (superliminal-like monologue): I know that this process will hurt me as it’s been doing up until this point, because, who am I kidding? I’m prosecutoring my dad, what the heck?! The law would even allow me to leave the case, right? I don’t care because I want to find the truth, I want to help you. I’ve become a better professional and a better person thanks to you, your advice and constant help. You came to me as a manipulative idiot and the fact that you honestly cared for me took you by surprise. I’ll be there for you just as you were for me before, because I love you and I know you’re sorry, even when you can’t still confess it openly. If you tell me that you’re sorry for involving me in this damn case in the first place, I’ll be there for you. If you tell me that you’re sorry for asking me to do something that’ll hurt me, I’ll be there for you. Just don’t go away, so when we finish with all this mess, we can sort out our differences and probably start a not-so-sick relationship”.

    I do believe to the basic facts of his behavior, with out reinterpreting the facts to suit “your desire for Romance” prove my point very well, and if you guys stop given a new meaning to his behavior than I feel that you will see things my WAY!!!!
    [email protected] Could not used a better way to prove my Point “I’m already in too deep with In-woo. He could end up killing someone and I wouldn’t hate him. I find him spiteful, but he has his reasons.. he’s not just being mean because he can”. As you can see I am not reinterpreting her words I am just using her own words to prove my point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your kind words!!!!

  38. 38 bird

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    LOL… love how passionate u sound… btw, is Part 2 about PP coming?
    about what you said about reinterpreting things… it’s not reinterpreting, but interpreting period. and like pple say, u can’t take everything at face value.. most humans are complex and we can’t just assume to understand them and stamp a label on them merely on what they show… we need understand what they are TRULY thinking, their motives etc. etc. to be able to analyze a character correctly. and many many pple do things that do not reflect their thoughts. like i said before, it’s not because IW acts mean to HR that he doesn’t care about her… it’s not because he doesn’t say sorry that he’s not sorry. it’s much more complex than that and we need to delve deeper and analyze his words, expressions, actions to come to a correct conclusion instead of taking things at face value.
    if it was that simple to understand pple by just taking in all they say or do for fact, then we wouldnt need for psychology, and writing papers for English class would be much easier, DB recaps would be less fun to read and there would be no conflict in dramas, and no misunderstanding etc. etc.
    i say stuff i don’t truly mean all the time and the thing is WHY am i saying it..

  40. 40 splgt001

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    the crime chart is simply awesome, the notes, the shaded blocks… hahaha

  41. 41 Issiezen1

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    Kiss scene —-will be a memorable Kdrama kissing scene for me!

    Thank you so much aberdeen_angus for your hard work!

  42. 42 v

    for some reason, my post previous post got cut.
    “i say stuff i don’t truly mean all the time and the thing is WHY am i saying it.. WHY is IW being a jerk to HR and not apologizing… WHY is IW bent on doing anything to clear his father’s name… WHY, THAT is the question (credits to Shakespeare. lol)”

    Cheers. 🙂

    btw, r u a lawyer? or in law school? or in debate team? ur really good u would give one heck of a headache to others competing u. lol

  43. 43 Denali

    @ Kaedejun
    In your recap on episode 12, you wrote:
    “I really want to point out the significance of her shoes in this episode. I couldn’t help but notice it a lot in this episode. When In Woo wasn’t around, Hye Ri was wearing flats most of the time. My theory is that her flats represent the true Hye Ri – the little girl who is lost and wants to love and be loved. Hye Ri wears the flats when she’s also the most insecure (in this case, insecure about In Woo’s feelings for her and what place he holds in her life). She switches back to heels when In Woo returns and becomes the more confident version of herself”.
    Hye-Ri went to his place barefooted, slapped him and then went outside with her flat shoes. Would you say that she couldn’t wear any shoes to go meet him, because she was not confident in herself and in him anymore (heels) and that she had lost her landmarks (no flats because even her inner child was shaken)? Yet after slapping him, she put them on and leaves as a way to reconnect with herself?

    Witty analysis with the face-to-face and the chart!!

    “(pause for fangirly squeal)”
    That cracked me up.

    PP fans tend to focus on the Hye Ri – In Woo couple a lot, probably because they wish they could be in HR’s shoes (not litterally, though), although the character of Jung Sun is also quite interesting to analyse. Here is a woman who found the man of her dreams to be already married, to her best friend, and the father of their child. She admits her feelings before him only once, while drunk, and after her friend dies, she never once took advantage of the situation. She left him time and space, to recover from fhe pain and the guilt. She has been very patient, caring (for his daughter too), and maybe a bit scared, too.
    Describing the role that HR played ins his life to Jung Sun shows how Prosecutor Yoon has finally opened his eyes and heart around him. I am SO glad that these two are getting closer.
    So kuddos to you, aberdeen_angus, for pointing that out.

    Sidenote: I must be the only PP fan who did not like the kiss. Why? Because it did not look natural as they were not physically comfortable with themselves and each other. Basically he is not standing on his two feet while she is all straight as a stick. Sorry, I’ll pass on that one. If I were to mention a passionate kiss, what would come to my mind are Lee Jeong Jae and Lee Min Sook (currently “Cinderella’s sister” ‘s mom) in the movie “An affair” [when she’s caring for him being sick] or Cha Seung Wong and Kim Suna in the drama “The City Hall” [in the car by the sea]. Just my cents.

    Nice work, as I too started watching PP because of the recaps on dramabeans. Not a day goes by without me checking this website for new ones (alas only a few remaining ones), hitting the F5 key numerous times.

  44. 44 bippa

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    the slap gif

    CLASSIC and he deserved it

  45. 45 Amg1

    @v. HA HA HA HA, Dude I am just having fun, this is just “FOR FUN” no harm intended!!!!!!!.
    Well the 2 part deals with how the latter part of the drama “Lost its Focus while trying to solve the murder case” it could easily been done in 1, 2 at the most episode since all along the the writers gave us most of the clues, as it stands now as aberdeen_angus pointed out we are done with episode 12/13 and the murder mystery remains not leaving room for a proper romantic climax between the leads.
    The 3 part deals with what I feel would have been the perfect ending starting at Chapter 13!!!!! MUAH HA hA ha HA!!!!!!!!

  46. 46 v

    here’s a link to viikii forum where miriamDream makes an analysis of the emotions that went through this ep… it’s really quite awesome to read! cheers. (currently, it’s the first comment that shows up but that might change)

    LOL…ditto. aren’t we all having fun?
    now that u wrote ur plan, i’m REALLY looking forward to part 3.. XD

  47. 47 supah

    Your recaps rock my world AA!
    I NEEDED to see that gif, you make all my dreams come true!

  48. 48 aberdeen_angus

    Thanks a lot for your kind comments!! ^^

    @Amg1: “that is the”Main Reason” why YOUR heart was so unsettle, because she is the one trying to play his “REDEEMER” while in his mind he is not asking to be redeem, and that my friends is one of the traits of a “SOCIOPATH””

    Actually, that’s not what I meant ^^ In fact, this recap was meant to show a progression alongside the face-to-faces and Hye-ri’s emotions. I tried to write it from her point of view, since, like most of you must know, she’s my favourite heroine and the only one I cheer for. At first (like v pointed out), I remarked that he was a TOTAL JERK (sorry for the constant use of the word, it’s just that other words were more insulting LOL), forgetting about his struggle in previous episodes (remember that HR doesn’t know about it, so I pretended not to know either), and then, after JA, HJN, IW and MST’s confrontations, the picture grew bigger. The final touch was the clock scene, in which he admits that he’s sorry but he cannot stop. He’s asking for a forgiveness he can’t ask for (ok, that was confussing), so HR goes and says “Ok, I know how you feel, I’ll help you”.

    His guilty state of mind, my friends, is one of the many clues that destroy the sociopath theory 😀 😛

    @dcdramafan: so glad you started watching!! It’s an awesome drama, isn’t it?

    @v: I voted! Hahahahaha, I feel like a 12 year old ¬¬

    @bippa: go get your PP dosis! I must warn you, though, episodes 1 and 2 are a bit crappy. After that, well, it’ll become an addiction!

    @Amg1 (part 2): What about the “Hit me but tell me you love me”??? Isn’t that reinterpreting what’s said?? I mean, every analysis of the drama is a reinterpretation in itself, yours saying that he’s a sociopath, our recaps, all the comments,etc. We’re not the writers, we’re just commoners who’re trying to dissect what’s said behind the lines… If we just watch without giving too much thought to it, we’d miss a lot, and would make every kind of art’s appreciation a bit boring, shallow and dreadful. The fun is to look for the hidden messages, that’s where the real joy is!

    “and if you guys stop given a new meaning to his behavior than I feel that you will see things my WAY!!!!”

    Uhm… no? Come on, pal! I love how this drama has given all of us a chance to discuss, debate, fight, throw bottles, rant, etc! That’s because we all have different opinions (really, when I first watched PP I didn’t think it would awaken this kind of debateesss! I <3 it!) and we're not looking for shallow romance, we're sharing diverse perspectives. I won't tell you that you should think like me, because I love our radical differences! Why? Because they force me to think more deeply. Just like you interpret every single step of IW as a socipath's behavior, well, we just don't, we look at him struggling (it's undeniable that he's doing so!!!) and interpret it as a real apologetic gesture. We're just having fun with a drama, for God's sake!

    @v: kudos to your last comment. That's exactly what I think.

    I guess I've written a lot, againnnn!!! Sorry ^^

    Cheers and HAVE FUUUNNN!!! Hahahahaha!

    PS: I'm SO going to miss our debates. I hope we can keep on doing it when another future controversial drama airs!

  49. 49 v

    lol…. i’m so obsessed with PP right now that when i saw girlfriday recap for PT 14, i saw PP 14 and i was like OMG, WTH, i’m in heaven… 2 recaps in one day… and then i went hurriedly under the cut without reading the intro to read all of the post in one go and I was like… wait a minute.. son ye jin, lee min ho? LOL… if i make a mind map for myself right now, it would be filled with PP stuff. don’t get me wrong, i like PT but it’s so being pushed to the backdoor right now..

  50. 50 aberdeen_angus

    @supah: I knew you’d love that gif!!! Hahahahahaaaa!!! I was made for you, IW haters!! 😉


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