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Prosecutor Princess: Episode 9
by | May 3, 2010 | 63 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re introducing a new friend. “New” is a matter of speaking, since you’ve known it from other kdramas. Without further ado, here it is: Angst.


Yes, my friends, it was busy with other projects but we managed to bring it here. It won’t take over the whole story, though; it’ll just appear now and then, for intensity purposes.


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Episode 9

Who was expecting a straightforward answer for Hye-ri’s confrontation?


No one.

This episode takes off with In-woo saying that investigating doesn’t suit Hye-ri. But she has evidence. In your face, Stalkie! She shows the photo, expecting some kind of nervous response or an actual excuse, and is deceived. As she lists all the strange coincidences that have put them together in the past – the ski resort, the airport – he doesn’t really listen, instead his mind is busy figuring out what he’ll say to justify himself. At last, when she finishes her monologue, he not only says that he won’t explain anything, but also encourages her to find out what she is curious about, if she is that interested. Hye-ri can’t believe how this guy has the nerve to talk to her like that and is left speechless.

Contrary to that fierce countenance showed in front of Hye-ri, In-woo is in fact worried for being so careless, and when he arrives home, he remembers himself staring at those photos. How could he let this happen? Is Hye-ri making him dumber? He is not liking this; he’s put a hell lot of effort planning this revenge or call for justice, and can’t afford sloppy delays in its achievement.

Meanwhile, Hye-ri is on the phone, talking with Yoo-na and putting all the stuff In-woo bought for her in a box. She sounds super outraged and angry, asking rhetorical questions like who he is and why he is acting this way. Doesn’t he want to explain? That’s unbelievable! She opens the door with her foot (I know, useless detail, but it was so funny!), and goes straightly to In-woo’s apartment with the box.


There’s someone watching her! What we know for sure, is that it’s a man. Another creepy man in her life? What is she? A creepy men magnet? Give that girl a break!

Hye-ri rudely throws the box into In-woo’s arms, while shouting like crazy. In-woo is not there, spiritually (?) talking, y’know; he looks at her, still stunned because of the photogate. She says big words about her being a prosecutor and willing to investigate him. Just wait for it, jerk!

Hye-ri returns home, and as she is with her creams and muttering to herself, cameraman shows us a small thingy (keys?) left there. All the mystery cracks me up, she should leave Korea as soon as possible; lots of people are entering her house as if it was a public shelter or something.

Next morning, Hye-ri realizes that she has forgotten to return the gas-bomb-recorder-clock, so In-woo’s voice wakes her up. Why didn’t she return it?

Right at In-woo’s apartment, Jenny inquires about the photogate, being a bit disappointed at his sudden stumbling tendency, which could ruin their case. He tells her not to worry, but she shushes him, saying that he came up with this plan, he should take responsibility for it.

Hye-ri goes and meets Yoo-na, who tells her the story behind the photo (which is different from the one that In-woo had… Uh, editing mistake or did Hye-ri purposely take that pic to confirm the date it was taken?): it was at the café they’re now. Exactly as my partner in crime kaedejun has pointed out, Yoo-na is the audience’s voice, excitingly concluding that it was a Grace’s blessing that those love birds met! Seo In-woo must be in love with Hye-ri, but it’s a one sided love or so she thinks. Hye-ri keeps telling that lots of weird things happened that were related to him, and Yoo-na defends him remembering that she couldn’t make it to the resort, it wasn’t his fault or intention (now we can laugh together, my friends, and imagine the moment in which she’ll recognize Jenny as the wealthy client who made her stay at her job the very same day all of this started). Anyway, Hye-ri won’t admit that she has a fan out there who she called when she was in distress, and blabbers about the airport, the move and the weird clothing. Yoo-na, previously I accused you of being generic and uninteresting, but you’re great at saying what we all think: if Se-joon was so cool for not forgetting about his wife, well, In-woo is really really really cool for being so in love with Hye-ri. What? She doesn’t know the whole story? LALALA I can’t hear you.

At this same moment, Mrs. Ha and his ex are fighting, he wants her to withdraw the accusation but she won’t give up. It appears that the money he gave her to buy the house has a illegal or shady origin, and if the prosecutor finds out, it could be a disaster! Even more, if he goes to jail, does she think that “that man” will let her go? This last threat leaves her troubled and us too… Who is “that man”? She knows that, but we don’t.

Se-joon is now handling a case that involves a former CEO of Brothers Construction Corporation, from the time they started building Nam Woo condominium complex. The man says that they were just subcontractors, so they’re not responsible for any bad construction. Then, who gave them the contract? Former CEO can’t remember, TaeJin or something? With this name, Se-joon investigates all the subcontractors and the winning company which built the Nam Woo complex (could it be Hye-ri’s father be involved? Jenny mentioned Nam Woo condominium while talking to In-woo).

Good news arrives at Hye-ri’s office regarding the car accident. Woo Sung-mi had bought three private insurances for drivers four months before the accident. One would be normal, but three? That’s absolutely strange. Hye-ri does her math: 3 insurances by $ 30.000 each, equals to $ 90.000! Yes! The amount used for the settlement. At first sight, she gains nothing from this; the only winner with the accident was Choi In-sook’s husband, who received $ 1,1 million. The problem is, In-sook’s life insurances were bought 3 and 5 years before, so there’s no abnormality there. Hye-ri asks for the cell phone record and the circumstances in which Sung-mi’s insurances were bought.

Writer In-woo is at his noona’s house, and asking why she withdrew the accusation. She makes up an excuse and implies that there’re hidden motives she can’t share; but he is pushy and will find a good lawyer for her case.

Just as she’s arriving home, Hye-ri sees a man who uses the same shampoo as her. He obviously is the Stalker #2, did he take a shower at her place? Eww. TALKING ABOUT CREEPY. I can handle In-woo because of his unhealthy cuteness, but not another one, who on top of that, belongs to the “sick stalker” category.

In-woo is not in the mood of being cool this night, so when Hye-ri asks him to meet her, he goes with his writer disguise. He is quite serious and hermetic while approaching her. Hye-ri, out of nowhere, wants to know how long he has been liking her secretly, and the reason why he helped her with Se-joon; to which he answers that he did it because she told him not to like her, to be just friends, so she doesn’t have to feel guilty.

Hye-ri: I said those things when I didn’t know anything. I understand how you feel, but this is too harsh and I can’t take it. So, I want to completely clean this mess up.

In-woo: How?

Hye-ri: Move away from here. Although you deny it, I know that you followed me here when I moved, so… Go back.

In-woo: Okay.

Wait… What?

This sudden comply, although it was what she was asking for, leaves her speechless for the second time in the episode. He has that effect on people. She tries to get to her senses, talking about the photo all over again; but he does what he usually does: whatever he wants. Henceforth, he doesn’t explain a thing, and instead, tells her that the famous photo should be his farewell gift, since it’s rightfully his. I love when his motives don’t make sense.

Hye-ri: How is it that it’s yours?

In-woo: You didn’t even know about that picture. So, how could it be yours? Give it to me.

Honestly, that would leave me speechless too. And not in a good way.

Let’s admit that she is disappointed, and while telling to herself that she pities him, she’s denying the fact that she actually doesn’t want him to go.

The following day, Sung-mi’s phone records have arrived, and after some analysis, Hye-ri discovers that there’s a number that was called very often. Who could it be? A lover is the most logical guess; but if they stopped talking four months ago, they must have broken up. Oh, the clues have not stopped coming, though. We learn that the insurance was sold to Sung-mi by an acquaintance of In-sook’s husband, whose number was the repeated one! Everything starts coming clear, and Hye-ri reports her new found data to Se-joon.

The final conclusion, according to Hye-ri, is that Sung-mi and Yoo-chul were lovers who conspired to kill the latter’s wife, and they played the first-time-met people when everyone saw them after the accident. While Se-joon acknowledges that she is pretty good, at the same time wonders where is the evidence. The conspiracy is solid and logical, but they must find the evidence – the phone calls are not enough, as it wouldn’t be an interrogation. She needs his help.

Just as she’s leaving, she has this wonderful idea: what about using the dinner coupon now? He’s startled at first, so she assumes that she’ll be rejected for the bazillionth time with a hysterical giggle. And then…

Se-joon: What would you like to eat?

Mission accomplished, Prosecutor Ma! I feel so happy for her. It was time that she had this date with her prosecutor crush; being treated coldly once more would’ve made her a downright pitiful person.

I’m torn between supporting and condemning what she does next. She goes to Jung-sun’s office and tells her about this change in his behavior, accepting (at last!) her insistent callings for attention. She thinks that she’s doing the right thing, though, being sincere and not hiding all of this from her rival. I understand her reasoning (what’s more, I like and value her honesty), but I don’t know, Jung-sun’s position is awkward, too; she should have handled this with a little more of tact. Sometimes I forget we’re talking about Hye-ri, after all.

After giving his excuses to Prosecutor Jin, Se-joon goes out with Hye-ri, who is SO HAPPY, that she seems like a kindergarten child on a fieldtrip to a candy store. Se-joon asks about where they’ll eat, and she tells him to just follow her. He misunderstands her intentions, thinking that they’ll go in separate cars. Separate cars? What kind of date is that? Well, to be fair, Se-joon wasn’t prepared for a date, it was more of an “unbelievable promise with a clingy girl who won’t stop until I do what she wants”. Before dinner, they have to go “somewhere”, she informs.

Oh-God. What is this? Reality TV? In-woo is given a real time report about this (he must have a huge amount of friends), but doesn’t want them to be followed. This chat with Jenny, who was by his side, is a bit chilling.

Jenny: Ma Hye-ri must be doing well with Prosecutor Yoon.

In-woo: Is there anything that Seo In-woo can’t do when he puts his mind to it?

His words don’t have a correlation with his face. He’s worried and hurt (jealous, anyone?), even more that he would admit to Jenny or to himself. Jenny can sense he’s hesitating and lying, and for the moment, she can’t do anything but to be concerned.

Back with our “happy” couple, Hye-ri and Se-joon are enjoying a beautiful afternoon out, under the trees. Se-joon seems a bit agoraphobic, so he just wants to get to the point – let’s go eating and end this madness of a date. Hye-ri is tough, though, not wanting to let him leave, and invites him into her dream: walking down a cherry blossom path while holding hands. She tells him that the holding hands part is optional, and a somewhat odd discussion takes place. Se-joon mentions that he had previously done this kind of walking with his wife, thus putting Hye-ri in a difficult situation. In the end, they just avoid her dream and go for some dinner (don’t worry, kiddo, piggybacking with In-woo under the cherry blossoms was far more sweet!).

They end up in a restaurant on a boat, and Se-joon doesn’t hide his discomfort. Hye-ri says that he can’t have gone there with his wife, since she was there when it opened not long ago. Talking about his wife is not the most convenient tactic, Hye-ri. She had mentioned previously that she had 33 things to do with an eventual boyfriend, so Se-joon asks if this is one of them. “No!” she says, she eats at this kind of restaurants so often that it’s kinda sickening now. The question is, why is she taking him to a sickening place? It was an ex-boyfriend’s favorite. She says that she had many boyfriends, lots of them, so he doesn’t have to feel burdened by her; she has experience in the dating field (yeah, sure). Is this her way of catching a man’s attention? Finally, Hye-ri re assures that her relationship with In-woo is not real, they’re just friends that sometimes, if they’re bored, kiss. It’s-so-disturbing. She’s not eating, she’s just swallowing, nervously talking too-friggin’-much.

Well, that nervousness of her, added to the fact that they’re in a boat, makes her feel seasick, so she rushes out to throw up. Prosecutor Yoon follows her and pats her back gently. Suddenly, he shows us that he knows how to be touched and lovely, and smiles at her for choosing a boat when she is so delicate with the sea movement. She defends herself saying that, back then with her ex, she wasn’t this weak.

Night has come! And they return to the cherry blossoms path, but this time he chose it for her sake. It was her dream to be there, and he’ll help her, so he grabs her hand and goes for it (perhaps he’s having a weird “She is my wife” delusion? I don’t know, I liked this change in his attitude, but I’m afraid that it could be for the wrong reasons).

After this romantic evening (even the vomit had its share of romanticism!), they return home. While at the car, Hye-ri confirms that he hasn’t have to pick her up next morning, to which he teasingly answers that it wasn’t his intention to do it so. Before leaving, Hye-ri updates him, saying that In-woo is not a bad person or using her, as he had implied, it’s just that he liked her. In-woo might not be a bad person, but an omnipotent neighbor sure is, since he’s watching from his balcony, patiently and in the shadows.

Next morning, Hye-ri’s about to have breakfast when she finds out that some vegetables are missing. Stalker #2 must have had a healthy breakfast, too!

At work, Prosecutor Jin is totally uncomfortable around Hye-ri and Se-joon, who behave as if they had done some illegal thing. They just went out, for God’s sake! However, Min-suk, being as cool as always, tells Hye-ri that if two prosecutors date, one must get transferred. They’re so gossipy!

Regarding the Nam Woo complex case, there is a bankrupted company involved, but there’s something more, so Se-joon keeps on investigating it. The first step is to interrogate the CEO of said company, Go Man-chul. He’s contacted by the prosecutor’s office and what he does next is calling the person at whom every path is heading: Mr. Ma. The meeting between Man-chul and Prosecutor Yoon is settled for Monday.

The lawyer that In-woo offered Ha Jung-ran, was Jenny, who cancelled the lawsuit. She says that the two cases must get combined, because otherwise, Hye-ri will settle it with a fine. What’s more important is that if Jung-ran’s case is resolved by Hye-ri, Man-chul’s case won’t end up in her hands. In-woo tells her to wait until Man-chul surfaces.

Now, we get to a nice moment sharing a bit of Prosecutor Jin’s life. The recent developments in Se-joon and Hye-ri’s thriving relationship destroyed her self-confidence; so she leaves work early to take a look at her wardrobe (she’s already transforming herself into Hye-ri!). Her clothing collection consists on lots of suits and… A white informal dress. She puts it on, changes her hairstyle, takes her glasses off and looks cuter than ever. That cherry blossom path is her next stop, showing the world that she can be feminine without betraying her essence! I liked her previous style, though, but I also have to admit that compared to Hye-ri, she was justabit unattractive and dull.

Suspense kills us at Hye-ri’s house. She enters and feels that something’s off. Things are out of their places, the TV channel has changed, and A CREEPY MAN IS INSIDE HER UNDER COUNTER CABINET. She does what every woman would do: call In-woo. He comes to her rescue, and finds the guy.

In-woo and Hye-ri go with Stalker #2 to the police station, where he explains that he lived there while she was out, performing a weird redistribution of wealth by himself. He also states that it’s the 21st century’s way, to share the living space, leaving the love birds and us startled. I mean, what the hell? Please, writers, I don’t understand the need for this ridiculous sub-sub-sub-plot. Perhaps making it clear that Hye-ri still thinks of In-woo as her benefactor and caretaker? Or that when she’s in need, she forgets about Se-joon and wants her cute neighbor to help her?

Thanks to Stalker #2, Hye-ri and In-woo have a chat at the kiss spot. He urges her to leave that apartment, she doesn’t carpool or date, what’s the point? There’s a point, one that has proven to be a total success. Hye-ri dated Se-joon; and after hearing this report, In-woo plays the surprised non-omnipotent guy part and confirms that he’ll move, since she doesn’t need him anymore. He is about to leave but she stops him – maybe… he hired creepy guy??? It’s surprising how she’s becoming more and more aware of his real character, even if it’s just unconsciously. In-woo feels offended and storms out. Is he upset because of the distorted image she has of him? Or because he’s also stalking and using her and is becoming disgusted at the reflection the mirror is giving?

As long as the status quo is mantained (or “until In-woo’s real intentions come clear”), Hye-ri can’t bear being in bad terms with In-woo, he’s always been there for her and she’s starting to like him. So, she’s been thinking about her request, and bumps into In-woo to tell him that it is not so necessary for him to move – it’s enough liking someone, making him move is too harsh. He quickly takes this chance to abandon his cold position, stating that he won’t move. As she’s leaving, he looks at her, feeling guilty for betraying her trust in such a way.

Upon hearing this piece of news, Jenny is surprised at Hye-ri’s innocence, believing In-woo and letting him off. He’s really mastered his ability to read her mind, too. Why could it be that she’s so different from her father?

In-woo: All children are a different face of their parents. They only appear different. Ma Hye-ri is Ma Sang-tae’s father.

You broke my heart, In-woo, you broke my heart. Tell me you don’t mean what you’re saying, so I can forget that evil glance of yours while talking about Hye-ri.

Cut to Sang-tae’s home. He’s having a tense discussion with Ae-ja. They look worried as he explains that he wanted to marry their daughter earlier, so they could have strong family ties which could’ve helped them at hard times like these. Sang-tae knew that this crucial day would come, and didn’t prepare himself accordingly. He even tells her that she should take responsibility now, since they’ve raised an independent woman who is single. What’s happening here? Hye-ri’s mum reaction is scarier that her husband’s, since she seems really shaky.

Se-joon’s investigation has turned on every party involved’s yellow lights, and Man-chul is shown packing to run away.

While all these events are unfolding, Hye-ri is questioning In-sook’s husband. He affirms that the first time he met Sung-mi, was the day of the accident. PLOP! Lier! Hye-ri is burning with indignation as she throws the phone calls record on the table. He justifies himself saying that he covered that info up because it would sound too coincidental that his ex had an accident, killing his wife. What’s more, they broke up four months ago. Hye-ri starts guessing and her final conclusion is that he killed her wife at home and framed it as a car accident (If she was already dead, there wouldn’t be that much blood on the road, would it?). He keeps on denying it. She has to continue her investigation; her evidence is not enough.

It’s the turn for the evil ex to be questioned. It’s at least curious that she moved the injured person by herself, not calling an ambulance or the police, even when she claims that it was the fastest thing to do. She goes all cynical, laughing at the accusations being made, and Hye-ri takes this as a personal offense to her position. She pushes the suspect a bit more, but Sung-mi won’t talk. Once again, she needs stronger evidence than what her guts are suggesting.

After talking to this upsetting pair of criminals, Hye-ri meets Se-joon at that room where they always chat about cases. He’s smiling at her anger, as in “She’s growing up” (aaawww, really, his smile is charming here). Discussing the case, they share an eureka moment: although the accident occurred in a CCTV free zone, she can check the ones from the stores on that road, to confirm that they were together in the car. Oh, Se-joon, you’re so proud of her! So, she has to watch every single CD from those stores, and it’s not an easy task, but she’ll do it for the sake of justice!

The vast chain of contacts of In-woo informs him where Man-chul is hiding; consequently he orders Jenny a careful control over his movements, nothing more. While he was still on the phone, he notices a seemingly dizzy, swaying Hye-ri arriving home. He attempts to call her by her name, but remembers that Jenny’s still listening, so he hangs up and goes to her rescue. She’s sleeping at the entrance of the apartment building, so he wonders if she’s sick. She asks about the photo, saying that if he doesn’t explain, he should stop acting as if he knew her. In-woo offers no answer, just a question – should he move? She can’t stand on her feet so, after catching her when she nearly fell, he accompanies Hye-ri on her way to her apartment.

Surprise! Mum’s at home. At first, she tries to hide, but when she hears that In-woo calls Hye-ri “sweetheart”, she can’t help it and faces them. In-woo you’re meeting your in-laws! Too bad they’re the people you hate the most in the world…

Hye-ri tries to explain that they’re not a couple (this is becoming a habit, huh?). He absolutely loves her attempts at being serious and conflicted about this usual misunderstanding. Ae-ja has scheduled a date for her daughter, and the wedding is already settled too! What??? Hye-ri doesn’t want it, she has two gorgeous men flying around her! So, mommy changes her focus, interrogating In-woo, who is delightful and very polite, putting her in his pocket when he addresses her as “mother”. He sure knows how to manipulate a feminine opponent! She holds his hands, being truly sorry about his motherless life.

This misunderstanding has become a real situation in mommy’s mind.

Ae-ja: Why do you like Mr. Seo?

Hye-ri: Mom, he… Seems like a Superman.

That sentence added to his adorable face while waiting for her answer, are just delicious.

Seeing her mother’s confusion, she explains. He always appears and helps her, he’s there when she needs him… Her mum is so excited about their story! More, more! Okay, he’s entertaining and comfortable; he’s a great person (isn’t this a bit pitiful? Her future deception troubles me a lot).

In-woo’s guilt is disturbing him; Hye-ri tells him that she didn’t mention Se-joon because of what he’d told her about the responsibility of handling a man and his scares. Did she take his words that earnestly? He has that influence on her?

He can’t think in anything else, not even in his so much planned maneuvers. Jenny notices it when they’re at a bar, drinking, and urges him to delve deeper into their main object, Hye-ri. Manipulating too much? Jenny wonders why today he is so troubled, did something happen?

In-woo: Jenny, I want to stop.

Jenny: What?

In-woo: I don’t think I can do it anymore.

Jenny: Are you talking about Hye-ri?

In-woo: Ma Hye-ri is so… so bird brained. I can’t do it because she’s too easy.

Jenny: What are you talking about?

In-woo: I keep fooling her, yet she keeps on trusting me. She discerns the sincere words I’ve said at times amongst everything else. She keeps on picking out my sincerity. I’m going crazy, Jenny.

Jenny is blind with anger and beyond shocked. What is it that he wants to do with Hye-ri?

In-woo: I… want to do absolutely nothing.

Personal comments

I felt this as an intense episode for everyone but Hye-ri (which is not a bad thing per se). Hye-ri is still on her track, growing in her profession and love life, slowly developing a strong attachment to In-woo. But for me, this was the other lead’s time to shine.

Prosecutor Jin is beginning to discover herself, not as Se-joon’s patient shadow, but as a strong, intelligent, independent and pretty woman. She has the brains, and lacked the common sense to realize that being responsible for her work, doesn’t necessarily mean that she must wear black suits every single minute of her life.

Se-joon is starting to fall for Hye-ri in a strange kind of way. His feelings remain to be questioned, because of the resemblance between his wife and Hye-ri, but he’s showing a growing warmth for her as an individual, a different one from his previous love. He is constantly smiling at her, and their weird date in conjunction to her progresses, must’ve been some sort of initial sparkle for him.

In-woo, well, he stopped being just the cute boy next door for me. His character is the most complex of all, since his multiple personas are colliding because of this sudden development of his feelings towards Hye-ri. One thing I want to be completely clear about, is that he’s not just seeking revenge, he’s calling for justice; there is a subtle but remarkable difference. He’s here to fix an unfair event from the past before it’s too late, taking the judicial road. His means are wrong (using Hye-ri is not something to be proud of), morally speaking, but he’s not some crazy weirdo who’s trying to destroy someone’s life just because he’s resented. While playing the cool guy, he came up against the fact that Hye-ri might represent a weakness in his plot (he didn’t expect to be so concerned about her well being), one whose influence could put in danger his whole life operation. In-woo won’t be able to continue using her for much longer, ignoring that tell-tale heart under the floor, beating louder and faster as days go by.

Like we’ve previously said, this drama has a new start in episodes 9 and 10. Hye-ri’s crystal bubble will be shattered violently – how will this manipulation affect her? She seems to be completely alone, the only honest person around her being Se-joon (is that the reason why In-woo is helping her with him?). Their bond is going beyond the “wife look-a-like” thing; he’s said in a previous episode that she’s completely different when talking about their personalities, so I’ll assume that his new affection is based on her particularities, not her looks. So far, he’s the safest bet.

We all know that we often don’t go for the safest bets, and I’m still on In-woo’s side, even when I don’t see how she could possibly end up with him. No one can be sure about how the real In-woo is, we have just witnessed his charade, and if he’s lived all his life thinking about this elaborate plan, he might not have a real In-woo (sometimes, when he’s with Hye-ri, he lets himself be, could it be his real self? Like when he lets his inner child out… He seems genuine in those brief moments). While In-woo is falling for the true Hye-ri, she’s falling for a fake image, made up with a not-so-clean purpose. When everything reaches the final stage, what will be his reaction? And, what about Hye-ri? How could she trust him after his continuous lies? What was real and what wasn’t? We could argue that wonderful moments like the airport catch, were ridden by his despair at the thought of losing his most precious object and final blow in his personal war against Ma Sang-tae; but on the other hand, they were mixed with his actual fondness for her. It’s the time for him to figure out which side will win, and what he’s ready to lose.

The only possible way for InHye to be together that I can think of (as of now, I love how this drama keeps on changing my perceptions), and so so strong in terms of believability, is that she was convinced that her father is a terrible person who harmed and turned In-woo into a twisted guy, thus making her understand and support his cause. After all, she is maturing into a responsible, sensitive prosecutor and is starting to feel empathy for her cases; hence, his role as a victim of a past act of injustice, could help him not to gain the eternal hate he’d deserve for taking advantage of her innocence and trust.

Anyway, this drama is getting more exciting! Please, kaedejun, stop our suffering and continue with the retelling of this story!


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    after reading your recap though, i’m kinda more freaked out by the mom. i don’t know why – she might remain being a 2D character who only cares about her daughter’s well being, but she gives off this vibe that she knows far more than she lets on…

    and your point about SJ possibly being attracted to her because she looks like the wife – YES! i thought that too! i tried to think that he was just charmed by her because she was trying so hard to act cool on the boat, and be all nonchalant about him and his wife, and yet she broke that image by throwing up. but… i can’t!

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    Ha, THAT sure made the front page look big, huh?

    And you’d think I wouldn’t be making mistakes like this at this point.

    Sorry! Carry on.

  8. Molly

    Great recap! In-woo is freaking me out though; as cute as he is, there’s just something about him that really bugs me.

    I noticed a minor error: “Ma Hye-ri is Ma Sang-tae’s father.”
    I think you mean it the other way around? 🙂

    Thanks for your great work!

  9. aberdeen_angus

    Hey! It was fun while it lasted!

    Not only it was full size on the fp, but also my recap turned up being really BIG 😀

    @kaedejun: At first yes, I thought that. But now, I think that SJ is starting to like Hye-ri as an individual (or at least that’s what I want to believe. Imagine that her two Romeos are following her, one because of revenge and the other because of his dead wife. It would be a little traumatic for her, huh? And we would need a third lead or something to love her honestly :P)

  10. 10 kaedejun


    OH GOD – if we make this into a love hexagram i’m going to KILL someone! i’m already giving jenny a tiny space because i think she loves IW – maybe in a more platonic way?…i hope?

    it’s true – i do think SJ is seeing HR’s good points and is attracted to her – but sometimes i still wonder – is he nice to her because he’s being overprotective of someone who’s like his wife? or is he nice to her because he wants to protect her like a lover? i get muddled at times – but i’ll just accept that he’s falling for her – you’re right, it might get WAAAAAY to complicated!

    jung sun – step up to the plate girl!!!!! i want more pretty jung sun moments!!!

  11. 11 Do-ra-ma

    Thanks for the recap. I’ve seen the episode twice, but it’s nice to get a fresher perspective on things.

    I’m really glad Se-joon and Hye-ri finally had honest-to-goodness alone time to bond and get closer. I truly believe SJ is developing genuine feelings for her. Her personality and quirky traits have become endearing to him and that’s clearly evident in their date (him laughing and smiling around her is proof). Things are still awkward, yes; both parties fumbled through that first walk in the park and dinner horribly, but, both enjoyed themselves by the end of the night.

    And, oh, how the plot thickens. Methinks the next few episodes are not going to go very well for a lot of the parties involved. Angst has definitely arrived and it’s preparing to go to mach 1. I’m glad we’re finally getting answers on just what the hell is up with In-woo. Poor HR, though… Poor, poor HR.

    I look forward to the next recap!

  12. 12 onemorepls

    *crickets* No one

    lol …that was too hilarious. Thanks for laugh.

  13. 13 Amg1

    My OH MY, How the Mighty have fallen! In-woo’s intentions was never to fall in Love with Hye-ri Jenny told him to remember his promise to her, that when the case was done they were going to go back to America together. Like I mention before the ” Muffin Incident” does not show that they had a romantic relationship as kids, so unless Hye-ri’s father was involve in In-woos mom’s death, the mystery remains. I hope that the writers gives us a plausible reason why In-woo is doing what he’s doing, , I do not agree with the premise that In-woos behavior has to do with anything about ‘Justice’ he still a ‘sociopath’ in search for justice!!!!!
    Hye-ri and Se-joon’s holding hands amidst the cherry blossoms
    * Priceless* Team HR/SJ FTW 100% way better than In-woos intrusive and uncalled for kiss!!!!!!

  14. 14 sam

    Did anybody else think that HR’s friend Yoo Na is actually working with In Woo? In Woo has lots of friend working for him. He helped lots of people and lots of people helped him back. Yoo Na, I suspected is one of those.

    In Woo helped all the people involve in HR’s dad case in trying to build up a case against him. Not asking for false evidence but for them to leak out the truth of what happened in the past. For example that person he called ‘sis’. He appears to her in a different skin (an author) to push her to leak out the truth about her ex. He just need people to start talking and then get HR’s dad.

    I think that what happened in the past hurt not just In Woo but lots of other people too. For example Jenni. She also wants revenge. Most of these people get together to exact revenge on HR’s father. But In Woo is the mastermind. On paper the ultimate revenge is when your own child pass the guilty verdict on you. He never thought that he will fall in love with HR. He thought HR is the same as her father. Shallow (only go shopping, spending money, nothing else), thoughtless (he’s surprised she noticed his feet’s hurt) etc. As we all know HR is more than that. That is what he get also from his interactions with HR.

    I think HR’s current family home is In Woo’s family home previously. That is why he is in front of the home when HR offer him the muffin when they were small.

    That’s my 2 cents. 🙂

    And I also think that HR is more than half way in love with In Woo. If I was her mother, I would think that. Hear the way she talks about In Woo. Her face gives her away. HR doesn’t know it yet, but she is more than halfway there.

  15. 15 amatea

    i have post the last episode synopsis in episode 8 recap.
    May be I’ve to repost again :

    I don’t know is this story true or not
    Here’s the story

    Episode 16 Ending Scene: AIRPORT

    Lawyer walks dejectedly to departure gate. He looks up and sighs deeply. He strengthens his shoulders and continues on his lonely walk.

    Suddenly, a hand reaches out and grabs his arm. He looks up, startled.

    It is Hye Rin. She has tears in her eyes.

    “Don’t go,” she whispers.

    “I..I have to,” he says, anguish in his eyes. ” I put your father in jail. Your mums all broken. Your reputations in shreds. Its my fault. I did all that to you…I have to go…”

    But she flings her arms around him and holds him tight.

    “I don’t care abut all that.. all I want is you. That dratted gloomy grumpy prosecutor Yoon can go date himself from now on. I wasted all that precious time on him..that oaf!! It was you that I love all this time. I was so blind. Don’t go…don’t leave me,” she sobs,”I’m nothing without you.”

    They fall into each other’s arms, weeping.

    Goodbye My Princess swells to a crescendo…camera pans away from the two figures locked in each others arms….. THE END

  16. 16 amatea

    I’ve get many synopsis. Actualy PSJ likes Hye Ri because he feels sorry of his wife 🙁
    And from what I got, whe PSJ in drunk he said that Prosecutor Jun will be an ideal partner for him…

    I hope the ending doesn’t like that. Although they’re together but I hope In Woo who will try to get closer to Hye Ri again, not Hye Ri 🙁

  17. 17 aberdeen_angus

    @ sam: idk if Yoo-na is consciously working for him. I’ve read the character descrption for her, and it says that since Jenny is one of her clients, she gives her information without knowing about the justice plot and deception. What I’d want to know, is who’s the contact at HR’s work. Could it be one of the prosecutors? Her boss? One of the investigators?

    @ amatea: hahaha, that’s great, although I was going for a IW catches HR scenery ^^ When at last he realizes how much he loves her hehehe.

    @Amg1: yeah, he’s a sociopath. What? Sociopaths can’t fall in love? Just kidding. What I think is that he has to _redeem_ himself in order to have a happy ending.


  18. 18 sam

    @ 17 Tq for the reply. For now, I guess, we just have to wait and see. All is just mere speculation at this point.

  19. 19 Hana

    Awesome review! And the questions you asked at the end are exactly the questions I want answered! I especially like your whole analysis of this ep.:)

    I think the one thing that would redeem IW in the eyes of the audience is the fact that he’s got a conscience, and quite a lot of it… after all, if he was as cold and calculating as his plan is, he wouldn’t be feeling any angst…(ooh but i looooove Angst with a capital A!)… it kind of makes you want to believe that the real IW is really the nice, thoughtful boy/man that we sometimes get a glimpse of when he’s with HR…at least that’s the line I’m going to believe!:)

    I find Prosecutor Yoon’s change of attitude a bit abrupt really… maybe he came off too standoffish in the first couple of episodes so the audience couldn’t really connect with him? So they’re suddenly turning him into this big softie so that he can fight with IW in the popularity polls.

    What i am loving about this show is that the lines are never clearly drawn. What is real? What is false? What is right and what is wrong… can actions be justified based on intent? I find myself unable to take sides really….although one thing is for sure…Ma Sang Tae just gives me bad vibes…he’s probably the least likeable character in the show for me.

    Keep the awesome reviews coming!:)

  20. 20 supah

    OMG! So happy! Thanks for the recap, love it!

    – Agreed. ”Oh my! How the mighty have fallen”. High five. bro!

    Squee! How adorable was that HR & SJ lift scene as they’re making their way to their ‘date’? After acting like an excited 3yr old, as soon as he noticed it, she quickly straightened up and used his own signature words against him; ”you, follow me”.

    The intruder part was hilarious! I’m surprised they didn’t make him hang from the ceiling and things a la 3-Iron (movie).
    His ‘I lost 3 kilos in 3 days’ claim, after living off HR’s rabbit food, then the big slap upside the head when he admitted he’d been using her used towels – parts were just so outrageously funny!
    I don’t doubt for one second this guy was contracted by either:
    Mr Ma – to spy on his daughter – see if she’s got any boyfriends.
    IW – to freak her out so she’ll allow IW to stay – ‘cos hey, he’s handy like that.

    Hilarity aside, I was seething watching this episode! I wanted to punch IW’s face in!

    At first I saw the kiss in ep. 9 as a kiss, albeit forced, and even gave him the benefit of the doubt when he said he’d kissed her for HER benefit. Tch!!
    BUT then 2 episodes later, calling her ”EASY”!?!? WTF?

    No matter what context he meant it in, no matter how much of it he actually meant — he called a girl ”EASY”!!
    Let’s not even go into the stalking, his legion of shadows who follow her every move, his deception, him being with her all the time, as a ‘friend’! *shudder*
    And the kiss? It’s no longer a kiss, it’s sexual assault.

    I knew he had a ‘machiavellian jerk’ (credit: a_angus) side to him, we’d seen it in small glimmers and we understood where things are most likely headed – but now that it’s finally out: damn it! He’s worse than I’d imagined.

    What stung just as bad was how HR was belittling herself in front of SJ:
    HR: You feel burdened by me, don’t you?
    SJ: Yes, you do make me feel uncomfortable (ouch!)
    HR: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean – don’t feel burdened by me? I’ve had plenty of boyfriends…I’m so experienced! (And then she goes off in that vein of things, while holding in her growing seasickness.)

    It kind of stung in a way, we know how much she’s head over heels with SJ, yet she’s trying to put up a brave front to make him feel less uncomfortable. What boyfriends? I didn’t think her draconian parents allowed her to date. And judging by the epic fail that was her college romance, and her relationships with IW and SJ – I don’t think she has much luck with men, AT ALL!

    And quite contrary to the recap, I think the way in which SJ distanced himself from her from the very start – in spite of her being quite ridiculous at the start – I think a huge part of it was because he was struggling to digest how similar she looked to his wife. He’s had 9 epsiodes to get used to her and be able to see the difference between both women. If he’s beginning to warm up to her now, it’s because he must genuinely feel for her. He is perceptive, so I can bet he could see right through her brave front at dinner, and was touched by her efforts.

    About her mother, if episode 6 is anything to go by, I’d be wary around her. She’s not as cute and cuddly as she seems. And another thing – forced marriage?

    Yes, HR, the people around you suck. But you will always have SJ! Yes, he can be abrupt but he’s honest and well done putting chinks into his armour, well done!

    HR x SJ 4evah!

  21. 21 supah

    — Ooh, just read the comments section properly, yes, SJ is thinking of HR way beyond the wife look-a-like issue. Them two are meant to be! Yee hah!!

    And the walk under the cherry blossoms? Now when they were holding hands – did you hear that sound? That was the sound of mutual feelings, not one, but TWO hearts a-fluttering.
    The piggyback ride? Whatever, team IW! Lest we forget, the cherry blossoms are only important if you walk under them with the man you LIKE. Hah!

  22. 22 aberdeen_angus

    @supah: oh, you won’t believe me, but the first time I was writing the recap for ep7, I thought about saying that the kiss was sexual assault!!! Then, i said to myself: “ok, that’s a bit too harsh, girl”. So, I continued with my appreciation 🙂

    When he catalogues her as “easy”, I don’t think that he’s being despective. We all know that she’s easy to be conviced of almost anything. She always decides to believe what others say, and just now is developing a bit her sixth sense regarding “bad people” and “lies”…

    Yes, SJ is finding _her_ attractive, and I tried to explain it in my final comments. The cherry blossoms part was confussing, because he was there with his wife previously. But the way he looks at her (like when she was exposing her indignation for the accident’s case) seems to be directed at her growth and perseverance. That’s why I think he’s the safest bet: he is honest and feels a genuine fondness for her.

    @Amg1: I forgot to mention that your previous analysis about In-woo’s sociopathy have been a constant inspiration for my final comments (there’re not a lot of people who dislike IW as much as you do!). While I was trying to understand In-woo, I remembered how you said that he was performing a horrible violence towards Hye-ri. And that’s how I started thinking about all the kdrama land’s guys. It’s suprising how lots of the male leads are somewhat ambiguos when talking about personality and manners (I admit that In-woo’s stalkery is kinda new), but this fact needs a lot of thought and perhaps a more serious analysis than the one I can write here 😛 (since it includes a sociological view). What we can say is that they usually tend to review their previous attitudes within the last episodes, leading to a redemption of their flaws (usually thanks to the female lead), and that’s a process I like watching (how they discover that they’re wrong and start straightening their paths).

    I hope In-woo can go through his purgatory and give us a satisfactory ending.

    (Even though I wouldn’t mind if HR ended with SJ).


  23. 23 janna

    Thanks for another great recap!~

    Se-Joon is being nice to Hye-Ri because she is Hye-Ri; not his wife. I might have questioned this scene if it was like…episode 3, but as of now Se-Joon likes Hye-Ri for Hye-Ri. She earned that hand holding. I find it endearing, you all can’t think his character is only a tough guy all the time.. right? I don’t think it’s softening his image at all, more like we’re getting a layer of Se-Joon we haven’t seen before.

    While Hye-Ri is getting to see more of what Se-Joon is like, In-woo is being more and more reclusive to her. In-Woo was digging a hole since the begining and finally just stopped to look around.. he can’t see anything but darkness. His feelings might predate this episode, but that never stopped him from going on with his little plan. I didn’t see Jenny do any threatening on him to trudge along. Instead of taking it out on himself for being a jerk, he’d rather call Hye-Ri a bird brain/idiot for trusting him. Are we supposed to be suspicious about everyone we meet, all the time? I really have no mercy for him. All the tears you’re about to cause for not being an upfront and honest person…. go drown in them In-Woo. (In-Woo likers, please don’t burn me at the stake haha! ;D)

  24. 24 Maria Bean

    Hello Aberdeen Angus. Thank you so much for a great recap.

    Yes, I agree with SIW is such a complex character. But I love how that seemingly “easy to fool” MHR is stripping his facade (maybe, unknowingly & innocently) & letting us see d “angst” in him.

    At d moment, other thn stalking & stealing a kiss from her, did he do anythng tht is detrimental to MHR’S well being?, did he manage 2 get any special privileges frm her in her capacity as a prosecutor? He did request from MHR 4 an xtension of time 2 gathr evidence 4 d flower shop guy’s son- which she refuses,there4 until now, thr’s still no sign of him “using” MHR. So, why is it so important 2 him 2 b frens with his enemy’s daughter?

    Surely, what really happen that drives him to great length devising this plan. Is it revenge or is it justice that he want?

    There seems to be just a thin line between wanting REVENGE & JUSTICE. Thr’s d saying “don’t take d laws into yr own hands” Let d authorities do their job- but our SIW is just doing tht, he let d authorities do it, only tht he’s d one instigating it… I hate revenge because I know that it’ll get out of control & d sad part is we’r going to have many casualties- not just her dad but our princess MHR & her mum I’l hate it if MHR loses her innocence, sweetness, gullible & her trust on ppl as ths huge BREACH OF TRUST, tht will leave a big scar –someone that she luv – But SIW seems to be prepping MHR 4 wat is 2 come-to let her be strong, become a brilliant prosecutor& let her be with d person that he thinks that she’s in love with =Prosecutor Yoon before tht disaster (mess tht he had created) strikes .

    Despite all this, I still hope for a MHR-SIW ending as he still have this conscience & it all depends on whether his plan is justifiable, understandable & acceptable by MHR.

  25. 25 estel

    @ supah –> The word that gets translated as “easy” doesn’t have, as far as I know, the same connotations as “easy” in English, although I guess sometimes it might. According to my dictionary, it means : “soft; tender; supple; yielding; easily managed; easy to deal with; easy to win over; negligible; slight; trivial”. I think the definition In-woo is using is one of the ones in the middle — Hye-ri is too trusting and very easily convinced and won over. Not that she’s promiscuous. Hence why he feels the way he does at the end of the episode. An unfortunate translation, though.

    Yeah, In-woo has some issues. I don’t know about full-blown sociopath~ness, because I think he’s got an end that’s informing all his actions toward Hye-ri, but he’s clearly not in it just because he likes her. Part of the appeal kdramas have for me is that usually the main leads have to grow and progress and learn in order to be together, and they usually do so through or because of each other. The relationship of Hye-ri and In-woo definitely falls into that category: Hye-ri really does need to grow up and learn how to be a caring, productive, responsible adult with her priorities straight, and In-woo needs to needs to move past whatever is haunting him from his past.

  26. 26 supah

    That ”continued with the appreciation” part made me laugh. I’m with you there, he did the ..um, assault so expertly, I’m ashamed to say I also swooned. But now that we know his feelings for certain (Horse’s. Mouth. Yo!) – it casts a whole new light on their previous interactions.
    I may not like IW the character but Park Shi-hoo is doing such an impressive job playing him, chinchayo.

    I think with ”easy”, it’s just as much a stinger as a guy calling a lady a ‘bitch’, it’s just not done. We girls can call each other such things all the time and it’s no biggie, but a guy saying it to a girl – death by asphyxiation!
    It’s not only the ‘easy’, everything he said in his drunken convo was so wrong, and yet we hear more eye-opening things in its continued version in ep.10. That’s it IW, no more muffin lovin’ for you. And again, easy? HR’s gonna show you just how easy she is. *rubs hands together in glee*

    This show has been entertaining right from the get-go but now it’s even more exciting.

  27. 27 Lily

    Thanks for recapping this episode!

    I still hope to see Hye ri and In woo as a couple at the end even though that seems….unlikely if the drama’s going to be realistic about it.
    I really really hope they end up together though because recently the guys I root for in dramas rarely ever end up with the female lead….so I end up being disappointed at the end/near the end

    I see Se Joon to be paired up with Prosecutor Jin more than with Hye ri, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe Hye ri can get Se Joon to move forward from his wife’s death and start looking at forming a future with someone else.

  28. 28 splgt001

    Thank you for the review !

    @27 Lily – you know what I was just thinking that Se Joon always said he never got to say good bye to his wife and he couldn’t move forward. But now that Hye Ri is in the picture she might be the one to say to Se Joon to go after prosecutor Jin. (it may be like his wife telling him to move on in a very creepy absurd way)…

    Hye Ri + In Woo all the way !!!


  29. 29 sam

    @ supah.

    I’m with estel in the usage of the word “easy”. It means… in In Woo’s eyes she’s gullible NOT ‘easy’ lay. He respected her! He slept 2 times already in her apartment without laying his hands on her. I’m sure he don’t think of her as an ‘easy’ lay.

    You were so pissed off by the words ‘EASY’ and putting meaning into it that is not in the context of the story. Ever wonder why?

  30. 30 aberdeen_angus

    @supah: like entel and sam said, “Easy” is not used as something as derogatory as you’re implying (and definitely not “bitch”). I mean, he’s even saying as something good, something that took him by surprise (like when Jenny said that her innocence was astounding) and that doesn’t allow him to continue without feeling disgusted and guilty. She’s an “easy target” for being so gullible (he wanted to hate her and use her without remorse; but reality dictates that she’s a good girl), not an “easy woman”. I know that you hate him, but please, don’t be so harsh! hahaha!!

    @janna: don’t worry. We, the members of the “In-woo Appreciation Society” are peaceful people 😀

    I think that the catch with In-woo is whether his future repentance is believable or not.

  31. 31 Bashful82

    Thanks for another great recap!

    In respect of Prosecutor SJ…I think MR’s role is to make him open up and go past the death of his wife. I would love him to, if not get into a full on relationship with Prosecutor Jin, at least start on that road.

    As for IS…ohhh not sure what to think. I have developed a big crush on him I have to say but I can see the somewhat socipathic sentiments oozing out of his pores. But at this time, I really cannot see how he can end up with MR.

    Still. Fighting!

  32. 32 v

    GRRRR… i wrote a really long comment with all my analysis on the deception, love triangles, sociology and all that and …. my computer crashed. TT
    i’m too lazy to rewrite everything so here’s the gist of it.
    THANKS aberdeen_angus for the review! great, hilarious, witty and full of insights.
    I think SJ likes HR as her own person but her resemblance to his wife probably adds a factor. glad to have cute SJxHR moments in this ep. HR in the elevator=LOVE.
    I’m still on team IW. “easy” is more as in too pure, gullible, innocent to merit his manipulation. He is deceptive and manipulative. yes. what he does towards HR is not entirely right. but really, he hasn’t made anyone lie.. all he did is to guide the pple to do what they OUGHT to do in the first place… like confessing their crime, acting as a witness, making HR do what she should as a prosecutor etc. etc.
    I still hope for a IWxHR ending…
    Prosecutor Jin is adorable and merits to have her love be returned.
    the stalker #2 plot was totally random and totally hilarious. and i dont think he was sent by anybody. and i dont think yoona works for jenny. and i dont think jenny wants revenge. she just wants to help IW according to soompi description of characters.

    lol.. that was reallly shortened so don’t know if i make sense…
    and forgot one thing.. PP=love! can’t wait for wednesday.

  33. 33 Sumee

    @ aberdeen_angus thanks for the super recap again & I cant wait for ep 11….one more day SIgh…!!!!

  34. 34 julieng

    I luv PP, something about lawyers and cases that attracted me to this drama. HR is acting very well but I wish her make up more natural, so I can see her expression instead like an icing on the cake and PSH totally like him but some of his acted similar to Family Honor so I don’t know is good or bad, but I still watch PP just for his suave smiling face.

  35. 35 supah

    @aberdeen_angus, estel and sam
    sorry guys, I was super-rushing at work and didn’t really address estel’s comment properly.
    Of course I’m aware IW doesn’t see HR as THAT kind of easy (a term seen as derogatory in the west), more like easy, complaisant, pliable kind. And it’s exactly that that made me angry, calling HR easy, especially the way in which he was seeing her as pitiful is still an insult.

    And yes, I had fun getting mileage out of this insult of his.

    His mindset is even more unsettling given the deception and that he’s really close with her, leaving her open and vulnerable.

    Valid point gf!

    @28 splgt001
    Hahaha! Ever heard of the term ‘clutching at thin straws’?
    (SJ FTW!)

  36. 36 marinai

    HR is soooo in love with IW already, l can’t wait to watch episode 11 !!!
    Thank you for your wonderful insight and thought in this recap ^^ I love your theory about IW, l felt disapointed too when he says ” She’s Ma ST daughter” with the evil look 🙁 ppl on soompi told me they thought he was actually convincing himself !!!
    I was on the fence , what’s right ? What’s wrong? But l think about HR when she will learn the truth and i can’t convince myself we will get an happy end , lW definetely likes/loves her but l don’t think she’ll be able to BELIEVE this after the whole plot she was involved in….. SJ belongs with Jin geomsa; she’s already a mom for Bin, without the daughter , l would have thought there might have a chance for HR/SJ , but Bin is too much involved with Prosecutor Jin and her family!!!! HR may end up alone at the end of the show, it could be a good thing but she is so into IW, it will be painful to watch !!! About Kim So Yeon she’s really a beauty, the make up thing is all about HR personality and l think it will fade away as she ‘ll loose her” gullible, naive” ways after learning the betrayal, her bubble is about to pop!!!

  37. 37 aberdeen_angus

    @ marinai: if HR ends up alone, I’m gonna pretend this drama never existed and burn all my memories of it 😀 😛

  38. 38 balladish510

    With SJ, it’s more like crush/infatuation/ affection. She saw SJ rescued her and fell for that heroic acts. It’s more like us teenagers draw picture perfect kind for certain ideal person we met and were convinced it’s love. She never really acted spontaneously in front of SJ and always checked the image she ought to portray to impress him. She wants his approval since he is someone she looks up to very much.
    why with IW, I think it’s more like love. HR is very comfortable with IW and trusts him 100%. Girl is so in denial, especially the conversation between her and her mom, we can see through her soul. It clearly shows that she talks about IW in a very endearing and fond way. I like their bond together, and most of all, HR is able to “fix” IW, to help him realize the best in him. She helps him for the first time to be wavered in front of all the calculative incentives that haunted him those past 20? years. She heals him with her good-hearted nature. While it’s arguably within IW’s intentions to help her but the fact is because of him, she learns to be more independent and confident is indeniable. He helps her out a lot too, and mind you, he is the one who never ever abandons her. SJ did, but IW never does. The first episodes SJ expressed all sorts of doubt toward HR, asking her to quit and he is the one who remained silent when all the colleagues bad-mouthed her (in the sushi restaurant). I remeber there is one line “Prosecutor Joon is the first one who fails her”.
    I too agree that IW needs to find a way to redeem himself. But still believe he is the better choice for HR.

  39. 39 sweetkiss

    Ok, must reply 🙂

    I thought it was really interesting that you brought up that IW is looking for justice, not just revenge. Yes he is looking for justice for whatever wrongdoing was bestowed on his family; however, his means are not necessarily just. He is using all these people, especially HR even knowing that it will hurt her. Like SJ said he doesn’t necessarily use morally correct methods, even resorting to bribing witnesses (…?) and being super stalkerish.

    Yes he helps HR, but he’s only helping her so that he can achieve his goals. Like SJ said he is someone that will do anything to get his ends met. With that said, I’m totally a InHye shipper and love IW and am trying to figure out a way that they can end up together O.O

  40. 40 marinai

    @aberdeen_angus , I understand you because the real excitment for me is their Wonderful and witty interactions !!! The show is really well written, but for me they are the highlight ^^
    Don’t worry too much because of me aberdeen_angus , we’re in drama-land ^^
    They will get together aat the end ,my guess it’s that will take a while : like two years after , he will come back from the U.S.A and ask her to fullfill his Wonderwoman coupon for a date ^^ that would be super sweet !! 🙂

  41. 41 Fafa

    thanks. nice recap.

    the moment IW’s clasped hands fell open, my heart stopped beating for a moment.

  42. 42 Anonymous

    I like In-woo but I’ve always liked Se-joon just a bit more and in the past couple of episodes, In-woo had slowly been winning me over until this past episode with the Se-ri date scene. Was that tentative smile amazing or not?! lol In-woo who? Although she’ll probably end up with In-woo, I just can’t wait for more Se-ri interactions…!

  43. 43 Brandi

    “She does what every woman would do: call In-woo.” This was so random; it had me laughing!

  44. 44 supah

    Se-Ri – how awesome!!
    In-Hye – eat your heart out! xp

  45. 45 janna

    @aberdeen_angus: If we get a patzzi ending I will not be able to stop laughing.

    @balladish510: “I like their bond together, and most of all, HR is able to “fix” IW, to help him realize the best in him.”

    Funny thing you say that, because you could swap IW for SJ and it’d still ring true… 😀

  46. 46 Amg1

    Most People when they hear the words ‘Domestic Abuse’, the first thing that comes to mind is a Battered woman maybe a black eye or some visible bruises.
    But some of the most damaging way to abuse a person is by way of ‘Psychological Battery’.
    The way in which In-Woo relates to HR does show that indeed he has step over the line. I believe that in more than one occasion
    In-woo has ‘Defiled’ HR’s personhood, we all have been guilty at one point or another of hurting some one when our intention was otherwise, In-woos intentions from the beginning was and is to bring harm, I am not talking here about the ethics of pursing justice, the old adage remains true in this instance ‘Two wrongs do not make a Right’. So we know that In-woo is trying to find Justice for a wrong that was done unto him and maybe other people, but to lie, cheat, manipulate, speak in half truths, stalk, help others for personal gain, is in my humble opinion something that I can not condone in a fictitious drama or in real life, furthermore the most appalling behavior that In-woo has shown was to lay a hand in a violent manner when he was drunk, by grabbing HR by the wrist, the kiss is also a form of physical abuse who give him the right to touch HR’s Body? Did she ‘Consent’ to being man handle like a cheap piece of meat? Those have been the scenes that I have dislike the most about this drama, the other scene where he shows how much of a sociopath he is was when SJ drop HR at her house and he was in his car looking at them, the way he rev the engine in his car before he took of, when he said SJ ‘ Are you better than me’ he is displaying sings of a narcissistic personality. Last but least, the guy playing In-woo is doing such a fine work, he has embodied the true nature of a sociopath wrap in a likable, and handsome persona!!! God I still Hate this character with Passion!!!!!!

  47. 47 varms

    I loved the sub-sub-sub plot!!! It was hilarious, I was like oh no at first, there’s a creep at her hse but then this buffoon emerges instead. Made me laugh lots when he said he’s ‘considerate’ enough to his ‘roommate’ to use the same towel as she does…. Puahahahahahaha!!!!

    Bring on the angst! Love PP!

  48. 48 imel

    Thanks for the recap…
    All you gals…really make lots of funny and strange comments…..
    esp…about the part where HyeRi opens the door with her foot..hahaha…
    I wonder if that is really written in script…or it’s KSY idea to make that scene…
    No matter what happen…I still root for HyeRi-InWoo couple…
    Gosh…this is more than halfway already…but I still can not see the time when HyeRi will realize her love for InWoo…
    Everytime….I feel like I want to scream and shout in front of my monitor…because of HyeRi un-awareness of her own feelings….It’s so frustrating…Hahaha…
    Moreover……ah..remember when you said..you won’t do something…but in the end you end up doing it….Hahaha….this happens to HyeRi and InWoo…. They are thinking that they won’t fall for each other….but in the end…hahaha..who can control heart…..a matter of heart can not be controlled by any kind of forces….
    I really wish that their love is strong enough to overcome any kind of obstacles that may come in the next 6 episodes…..
    Come on…Hye Ri…when are you going to realize that you are meant for In Woo….
    Besides that…HyeRi is still not mature enough to be a mother of 7 years old girl…a.k.a. SeJoon’s daughter. JungSun does her best with her anyway….and I think she deserves the best…….she’s just a bit stiff, but overall I think she’s an okay woman though…..She just needs to be polished.

  49. 49 Maria Bean

    I now know why PP is so addictive for me as all the characters are awesome x just d main leads.

    I’m sure MHR’s mom is unhappy with her marriage. I remember in earlier episodes she telling MHR that she needs to find a man who’ll continue to love her even after marriage. Could it be that MHR’S dad use to love her? MHR’s mom is truly Hye Ri’s best friend, & goes to d extend of lying to d dad & pretending that she had a stroke so that MHR’s able to skip d Prosecutor’s workshop, supporting MHR to drop law school & change to fashion design.

    I re-watch again d part when d dad wanted MHR’s mom to have MHR’S married to help him out later & yes, I tend to agree with you that her reaction is somewhat “scary & shaky”- is she going to betray her husband. She doesn’t want Hye Ri to end up like her – lonely, unloved & miserable. She’s also d one who’s responsible for Hye Ri being “skinny “, “with skill” & now, a woman “who receives love from her husband” & “not looked down upon”?

    I tend to agree with u for d InHye to be together (& believable) is to make Ma Sang Tae’s character to be so ghastly & twisted that MHR’s understand IW’s mission.

    Oh, when will Wednesday come?

  50. 50 Maria Bean

    @Amg1 : SIW a psychopath? sociopath? Yes, he’s been living with it (d feeling of being wronged) for how long, 15 years? He enters law school in d US & later succeeded in his Korean Bar Exam so that he’ll be able to execute his plan. To do this he need to be close to his nemesis daughter , MHR & also those involved (d flower shop guy, d coffee shop ahjuma & her ex-hubby).

    Manipulative, yes, but to say that he has a personality disorder with highly antisocial thought, violent,aggresive behavior & a lack of remorse or empathy is too severe a description. SIW did show a lot of remorse at d end of episode 9 whn Mr. Angsty came knocking at his door…

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