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Ryu Seung-beom’s W Korea shoot
by | May 21, 2010 | 15 Comments

Ryu Seung-beom‘s newest movie, Bang-ja Chronicles, is pretty racy stuff (it’s marketed as an “erotic sageuk” along the lines of Portrait of a Beauty and Frozen Flower), so I suppose it’s fitting that he bares some skin in his W Korea photo shoot, which will be in the magazine’s June issue.

In the movie, which is a twist on the classic story of young lovers Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong, who overcame social barriers in Joseon Korea to be together, Ryu Seung-beom plays young nobleman Mong-ryong. However, the movie plays with the idea that Chun-hyang was actually in love with his servant Bang-ja, played by Kim Joo-hyuk, just as The Story of Hyang-dan had Mong-ryong falling for her servant Hyang-dan. But while Hyang-dan was a comic reinterpretation, Bang-ja Chronicles — which was marketed at Cannes this year under the title The Servant — bears a 19+ age restriction at home for its sexual content.

Bang-ja Chronicles releases on June 3.

I just want to ask in the photo above, whatchoo lookin’ at? Scandalous!

In case you’re wondering how much of those abs are Photoshopped on, it seems not much. Ryu posted the candid shots below on his mini-homepage last week, and he’s rockin’ the choco abs. (Although I guess that doesn’t preclude them having been drawn on.)

Via BNT News, Star News


15 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Om

    The third pic is awkward.

  2. v

    Thanks for the post… but really, all i can say is


  3. djinni

    im a makeup artist and i can tell you from looking at the last two pics that there has definatly been some “enhancement”. you can see, especially in the 2nd to last pics, that a lighter color was used to make his ads more pronounced and a darker shade to define them. but that is done alllll the time. and i still love him anyway.

  4. snoopyvkd

    I’ve always found quite curious the fact that in Korea, male stars are often showing a lot of their bodies. As contrary to Occidental culture, where you are used to see more “naked” women than men. I’d think “poor guy, he’s used as an object”. Especially the pretty boys of idol groups. Like in an episode of Oh My Lady, when Min Woo finished singing on stage for a fan event, he had to strip open his shirt so all the girls go mad. I mean, what’s the point? It makes me think of the French Cancan, the dancers finish by showing their butts. I find this rather a hilarious concept.

  5. aX

    Uhhh…. was he saying ‘down boy’ in that third picture? hahaha It’s almost too risque! hahah

  6. paula253

    @5 aX, you “beat” me to it. honestly, it looks like his left hand is outside his underwear (what Koreans call innerwear) and his right hand is, uh, holding on inside.

    h.o.t. (not the ex-group) pics. can’t wait for the movie! We ICOMYM members are only too grateful that Korean men are objectified. ^^

  7. dit

    Gong Hyojin, lucky lucky lady.

  8. anna

    Man, lucky Gong Hyojin. She’d be underneath and on top of that every chance she gets.

  9. haberdasher

    oh sweet, sweet objectification.

    why are all these gorgeous-beautiful, highly molest-able men on the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET?


    can’t quite tell what i’m supposed to be seeing/feeling in Glorious McStudley’s third shot there; kinda looks like we’re interrupting something.

    either way, GOOD JOB, w korea.

    thanksmuch for the eye candy, jb. ^_^

  10. 10 asarako

    the third looks funny because it seem like his masturbating…… ohhh hell what im talkin about…… his deliriously HOT!!!! 😛

  11. 11 oh! tht! chick!

    racy racy! miss GHJ is one lucky lady! and with tht my image of korea being a conservative society goes to bits !!!! might i suggest some other worth candidates such as LMH, gong yoo to sail into these uncharted territories!

  12. 12 Carinne

    Plenty of body make-up. Some bodies are designed to reveal LESS IS MORE. 0 , o

  13. 13 byondahae

    I rather see RSB with artwork on his body than seeing all these pop idols with makeup and eyeliner. Rain with those faked eyelashes was a turnoff.

  14. 14 Endroine

    I love the second one x-x

  15. 15 pohonphee

    Same with all: what is he looking at (third pict)?? @__@

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