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Baker King premieres in top spot
by | June 9, 2010 | 33 Comments

I haven’t watched the premiere yet, but the numbers are in and it’s a pretty solid first outing for KBS’s new drama Baker King Kim Tak-gu, which replaced Cinderella’s Sister. According to TNS Media, Episode 1 pulled in a 15.7%, though SBS’s Bad Guy wasn’t too far behind with a 14.2%. In third place was the last installment of the four-episode special drama Living Without Incident, which ended quietly with a 6.1% (AGB numbers; TNS unavailable).

The first episode took place in the ’60s and ’70s, when the two main rivals, Tak-gu and Ma-joon (Yoon Shi-yoon and Joo-won), are born — in a time when bread was scarce and therefore much valued. The kids grow up to pursue dreams of becoming pastry chefs.

It’ll be interesting to see if and how things shift around later, because frankly KBS isn’t dealing with much competition — the upcoming World Cup puts SBS on hold and MBC is airing a few short specials in the time before its largely hyped Road No. 1 begins in two weeks. This gives Baker King the advantage, which could help it gain ground in these early segments.

I hadn’t been that interested initially, but I’m warming up to the idea of this drama. However, the biggest block for me remains the 30-episode length, which is a bit more than I’m willing to commit to a Wednesday-Thursday series…

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. feny

    may i know who will be yoon shi yoon’s love interest? eugene or lee young ah? and why lee young ah’s name listed first than eugene? please answer my question

  2. goreng

    can someone answer my question who will be yoon shi yoon’s love interest? eugene or lee young ah? and why lee young ah’s name listed first than eugene? make me confused..

  3. cingdoc

    Is it me or post #1 and #2 are (near) identical from 2(different) people?? o_O

  4. lals

    I think the messages are from the same person (who apparently thought that asking the same questions under a different name would make them more likely to be answered).

    I’m glad to hear that Baker King is doing well in its first episode. It’s not exactly my cuppa tea, but it looked okay from the previews. I don’t think I’ll be following it as it comes out, but maybe at the end of this summer =]

  5. Jae In

    Yeah. That great although they not made promotion like Cinderella sister so it good for me. Not big promotion but get good rating must be a good thing. I did not watch it yet. Have to wait English subs. Must be great episode with childhood storyline first.

  6. jons

    i skipped around the first episode. it was not what i expected. i predict it will do pretty well. but i was expecting bad guy to be at the top spot after CS ended. but Baker King seems intresting, i think i’m going to wait around for episode 7 (when they are adults) to begin watching the actual show. until then, i’ll follow the recaps 🙂

  7. Brittany

    I’m glad this drama is doing well. The last two dramas Eugene was in didn’t do so well in the ratings. So I really hope, as a fan of hers, that Baker King Kim Tak-gu does well.

  8. bluebunny

    wow, i’m a bit surprised by the rating because i rarely saw any news/promotions on the drama. hmm, but 30 epi’s are pretty long.

  9. saranga

    didn’t realize this was 30 eps… i caught the premiere and i don’t think it is for me. PLUS it’s all about bread, which i loveeee and i do not need the temptation as of the moment. the food porn in life is beautiful does enough tempting haha

  10. 10 mimi

    What’s with the Dorothy Hamil do’s in Korean dramas these days? (ex. this and Coffee House)

  11. 11 RunLolaRun

    Even though KBS has been dominating the Wed-Thur slot since last year with Iris this news is still surprising.

    Congrats to them.

  12. 12 jons

    goodness, i just read somewhere. it’s actually 36 episodes? wow….

  13. 13 ZinG

    they both are his love interest. eugene first, then later lee young ah.

    its only 30 episodes. unless they extend it later on.

  14. 14 pabo ceo reom

    30 seems too long for me too……but knowing me I might dive in midway. 😛

  15. 15 D

    i accidentally caught the first ep last night on LiveStation- i did came back here to check what i was actually watching.

  16. 16 ZinG

    yeah…30 is a little long but, if a drama gets me really into it and i keep up with it till the end, it’ll seem like it was 10 episode only.

  17. 17 marylnn

    I am really glad that the first episode gets a good start as the rating is quite high. I am sure it is an interesting drama. It is not only about romance but dream and bread too. In later episodes, there will be a bread competiton between Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Young Ah. I am sure that it is interesting to watch.

  18. 18 sandy

    kind of surprising maybe the CS fans just tuned in to see how it is cause the first ep was all about the kids and it was pretty boring

  19. 19 jinjoo

    i can’t wait to see this but i just hope i can watch it not thru viikii videos where they always want u to install plug ins, not everybody can have it worked anyway!

    going back to this series, i also wldn’t mind if it’s 30 epis long if i get hooked into the story or series. I think she’s the leading lady in Baby & Me? Oh i luv Korean bakeshop when we were visiting Korea, they’re really good – i felt like i was either in Paris or Italy coz even the decorations on their cakes are out of this world! I miss Korea! (:

  20. 20 Tyme

    It seems slightly dark for a food drama, but maybe once things pick up and they start to focus on the bread the mood will lighten.

  21. 21 starletbang

    yoon shi yoon is seriously the cutest thing ever.
    however, im quite surprised that this drama which seems light to be on top of bad guy! maybe its cuz the cinderella’s sister viewers are watching this

  22. 22 yen_nguyen

    @1,2: Engene was his first love, her character is ambitious and she tries hard to marry the man who inherits the baking company (one of the two male lead) –>evil women–> the second female lead (I think)
    LYA is the first female lead.
    That’s what I read on viikii.net

  23. 23 Maryam(Rainbow)

    Hello my Rain

    Why why Rain.Please please will tell me that this is false.
    Be careful yourself

  24. 24 kaka

    Just so you know, this drama is based on true story with some drama added to it. Famous Korean bake shops are basically all created by the main character. If you had visited Korea. you’ll know which ones I’m talking about. They are really good. 🙂

  25. 25 yummyyumyum

    I think Korea’s drama industry has suffered from the curse of “the coffee prince”. The “coffee prince” was so GOOD that there is this obsession with food….pasta, coffee house, baker, gourmet, and I probably missed some. It is too much.

  26. 26 sandra

    I don’t think Baker King’s staffs had coffee house in their mind. Food dramas were always popular from 80’s. Maybe GookHee from 90’s is similar to Baker King b.c Gookhee was also about bread and cookies. It had over 50% ratings in Korea. I’m sure that Coffee House got it’s idea from Coffee Prince but others you’ve mentioned.. I really don’t think they are influenced by Coffee Prince.

  27. 27 imbestigador

    Without strong Promotion,This series has Managed to Get 15% Ratings.

    Isn’t it Amazing? MBC and SBS should learn from KBS:lol:

  28. 28 claire

    for those who does not watch baker king yet, for me it is good! I love the drama. I agree that the first to second episodes were not that great and to tell you the truth i almost gave up on the first episode because i thought it was kind of boring and not good but i still tried to watch it and as i watched (till the current episode), i can totally say i was hooked in that drama! it was not the typical story about competitions of baking and the storyline was great! it was not only the character but the whole story so i still believe it deserve the number one rating…

    for other dramas, i still have not watched them except Coffee House and Baker King…^_^

  29. 29 glacierkn

    I was curious about this drama cuz of the high ratings, Lee Young Ah (liked her in Iljimae), and how indescribably cute Yoon Shi Yoon is! So far I watched the first two episodes and am totally hooked! The story is a little over-melodramatic, but it’s still super intriguing and suspensful. But the downside is waiting 7 episodes to see the older cast. It satisfies a kdrama addiction anyway:)

  30. 30 Lillian

    wow i am reaallly late on this news. i just saw it on a website lolz
    anyway, i hope this drama won’t die out like CS did. the first episode of CS was so promising, and then around the 15th or 16th episodes they got so boring and dragged on too much.
    i’m gonna start watching ^^

  31. 31 paula

    This drama has turned out pretty well, especially since I don’t usually watch drama’s about food cause it just seems like a boring topic. Glad to say I was suprised by how good this one is and I’m still hooked at episode 28. I’m disappointed that there will only be 30 episodes since to me the real fight between the kids only just started when Majoon convince Eugene to be his woman. And on top of that they haven’t spent enough time on building a more couple like feeling between Takgu and Misun (love this pairing). Now I feel like the ending is being rushed. If they were going to end this with 30 ep they should have started turning Takgu’s feelings toward Misun sooner because now it just looks like he is settling for Misun which I think is unfair to Misun since she is a likeable person on this drama to me atleast her love for Takgu is pure.

  32. 32 kyle

    this is the best drama for me in this year!… because it is related to real life and all the actors and actresses are very professional in all scenes of this drama film. Kim Tak Gu your the best… your bread is nice and your story give me a hope for a better living… ham-ni-da tak gu! hiy hiy hiy!

  33. 33 dychu

    oh, , baker king is such a wonderful story, i really like it so much… every night i watch it in home. . .tak go is such a good and hansom person and also eula shin his childhood friend she is really beautiful, she is simple. . and id like 2 congratulates the cast and the staff and writers of bakeer king .,,,.,great…..!!!!!!

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