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Coffee House: Page 6
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The plot thickens! With Episode — er, Page — 6, we have our first heart-tugging episode, and a deeper understanding of the emotions buried in these characters’ histories.

One thing I really like about these SBS Monday-Tuesday 9pm shows is that they’re slightly shorter than the average prime-time episode. The dramas in the 10pm hour average about 1 hour and 5 minutes, give or take a few minutes. These 9 o’clock SBS shows are clocking in at 55 to 57 minutes, so while they’re all approximately 1 hour long, dropping 8 to 10 minutes makes a world of difference in how they FEEL. I think that’s why I’ve been hooked into watching three of them (out of four total so far — the only one I haven’t watched fully is Angel’s Temptation).


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Eun-young awakens from her dream of the accident that killed Jin-soo’s wife with tears on her face. Jin-soo enters the room to see them, and although she waves them off as nothing, he doesn’t buy that, although he doesn’t press for an explanation.

The assistants (Hyun-joo and Dong-min) joke about the situation, imagining how funny it must have been for Jin-soo to have come upon Eun-young in the altogether. With anyone else this would have been fodder for a romance story, but with these two they’re more likely to end up in court.

Seung-yeon asks about their history, and learns that Eun-young was friends with Jin-soo’s wife, who has since died. This is shocking, since she was told they divorced. Hyun-joo clarifies that the woman died in an accident not long after the divorce, to which Dong-min wonders, “Wasn’t it suicide?”

(Theory! If Eun-young and Jin-soo got together after the divorce, leading to the death of the ex-wife, that adds a heckuva lot more guilt, which would prevent them from pursuing a relationship. Ooh. Interesting.)

Jin-soo can tell that Eun-young is feeling blue, and asks what the matter is. She provides plenty of legitimate reasons for feeling depressed — she’s injured, she had to cancel meetings, he saw her naked — but again, Jin-soo senses there’s more to it.

To cheer her up, Jin-soo tells her that she was right: she does have an awesome figure. Eun-young scoffs that he didn’t even see her, but he replies, “Men can see everything worth seeing in one second.” He even offers to draw her a picture. Lol.

Getting serious for a moment, Jin-soo tells her that it depresses him to see her depressed, “So cheer up.” Eun-young brushes this aside, telling him to knock off the nice act. Jin-soo tells her, “You know I’m not acting.”

What I like about these two is that they obviously care for each other, but they’ve developed this dynamic where they communicate through arguing, joking, and irony. Heartfelt emotions make them uncomfortable, so even when they’re sharing a moment, they laugh their way out of the earnestness. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, the one who laughs first is the one feeling more vulnerable in the moment, and in this case, that’s Eun-young.

Anyway, Jin-soo’s got lots of research to conduct, and he’s off to work with his “Kyak-kyak” secretary — that’s the sound she makes when she’s enjoying herself, which he demonstrates for Eun-young.

I just about died when Jin-soo produces Seung-yeon’s “Kyak!” squeal and mimics her hand-clasping gesture, because that is pretty darned close to her real expression, as she demonstrates when she oohs over his horse Andromeda. At least that’s the name he gives her; she finds out from the stable hand that the horse is actually named Bok-soon. One of these days Seung-yeon will learn to discern joke from truth, but today is not that day.

Seung-yeon marvels at the lovely surroundings and how cool Jin-soo looks, but her own day is not to have that kind of grandeur. Pretty much the exact opposite, in fact: Jin-soo puts her to work taking photographs of horse poop. Not just one kind, but all varieties, from all different types of horses.

When she finally finishes taking said photos, she’s finally able to pull out the tissue she’s stuffed up her nose and talks to Jin-soo with a tinge of an attitude. (I love that she’s finally starting to snark back at him, although she drops the snippy tone as soon as Jin-soo calls her out on it.)

When he hands her his synopsis, she loses her grasp on the papers, which get carried off in a gust of wind and land in the manure pile. Jin-soo sighs that she wouldn’t be her without a snafu like this, and asks pointedly, “Don’t you know what you have to do?” Back in go the noseplugs.

With dismay, Seung-yeon starts picking the papers out of the dung, trying to keep as far away as possible. Which means that when she reaches for a paper on the far end, she stumbles… and falls… right onto the pile. Ewwww.

Jin-soo, ever the thoughtful employer, can’t have his secretary covered in horse poop and offers to help her clean off. With a grin, he holds up a garden hose, making Seung-yeon shake her head wildly in a mix of dread and anticipation. She asks, “W-why? What are you going to do?”

Jin-soo lets her have it, spraying her with water and enjoying every minute. When she runs out of range of the hose, he grabs a bowl of water and douses her with that. Seung-yeon retaliates with the hose. Jin-soo gets back at her by dumping the entire bucket on her. So she grabs a handful of dung — hey, she’s dirty anyway, right? — and chases him with it. I’d say that means she wins this round.

In her condition, Eun-young is forced to put up with Ji-won’s attentions when he comes to see her. She tries to pull her hand away, but his grip is strong and her mobility is limited, so she grimaces throughout his speech and tries to hurry his departure.

For example, when he tells her he was saddened enough that she took Jin-soo’s side at the boxing gym to consider letting her go, she bursts out, “Then let go!” He ignores that and kisses her hand, which makes her try again to wrench her hand free, resulting in neck pain. Ji-won enjoys having the advantage for once, and exults that she can’t run away or kick him. I’m sure she’s doing both mentally, though.

Now that Seung-yeon is sopping wet, Jin-soo suggests she buy some new clothes. They stop at a tourist shop, where she picks out a fairly normal-looking T-shirt and skirt, while Jin-soo tries to convince her to try on an ugly ensemble. She refuses, and goes to pay for her clothing, only to find that their credit card machine is broken. As she is out of cash, the elderly shopkeep asks her companion to lend her some.

Jin-soo generously offers to buy the outfit for her… but then he looks back at his joke outfit. Idea! He tells her to change outfits, refusing to pay for any new clothes unless he approves them first.

Into the ajumma-clown pants she goes. With Seung-yeon decked out in her garish new threads, Jin-soo jokes that he won’t lose her now. She asks what’s next on the schedule, which he declines to tell her — not because it’s a secret (she’ll find out soon enough) but because this is the answer that will annoy her. So when he looks at her to gauge her response, she refuses to give him the satisfaction. He asks why, and she retorts that that’s what will annoy HIM. Oh, little chickee is learning!

A ringing sound confuses both of them, as neither has brought a cell phone to Jeju Island. Tracking the noise to Jin-soo’s pocket, it turns out to be a phone Eun-young planted on him, to keep tabs while he’s on this working trip.

While he talks with Eun-young, Seung-yeon sees someone arriving — Ji-won! — and hurriedly warns Jin-soo. Whatever reason he has for being here, it can’t be good.

They duck around the corner to the souvenir shop, hiding in a fitting room while Ji-won looks around. Seung-yeon’s ice cream drips onto Jin-soo’s jacket, and he retaliates by smearing the spilled ice cream onto her face, which is so like him — he’s not one to let something slide when he could retaliate in kind, right?

Just as Ji-won turns to go, however, the planted cell phone rings, which draws Ji-won’s attention to the two pairs of feet in the fitting room. Jin-soo is able to silence the phone, but Ji-won assumes that a couple is getting busy behind the curtain and can’t resist peering into the room to check for himself (which is pretty pervy of him, really).

What he sees is even better than what he’s imagining, however, since (1) he’s caught Jin-soo in a compromising position, and (2) this gives him the idea that Jin-soo’s interested in his secretary, (3) which means he’s not going to be pursuing Eun-young. Win-win-win!

But on to the real reason for his visit. Seung-yeon watches from the car as Jin-soo and Ji-won talk a distance away. Worried that another fight will break out, she gathers rocks to arm herself should the need arise to defend Jin-soo. Say what you will about the character’s dumb tendencies (which are not inconsiderable), her loyalty really is touching.

Jin-soo supposes that Ji-won is here to pick another fight, so he’s shocked when Ji-won announces that he has decided to forgive him. Jin-soo’s reaction is quite telling, as he urges Ji-won to not forgive him, since he wronged him pretty severely. In fact, he’d understand if Ji-won never wanted to see him again.

Ji-won’s forgiveness comes with one condition — he tells Jin-soo to forget about any romantic interest in Eun-young, although perhaps this is unnecessary with Jin-soo directing his flirtations in a different direction. He explains his desire to let this go because the three of them — no, the four of them (including ex-wife) — have a lot of history together. Jin-soo is surprised at the suggestion of romantic feelings between him and Eun-young, but the mention of that foursome darkens his reaction.

(Based on the comments in previous episodes, it seems I may have been the only one who thought Jin-soo’s pranks were going too far, but I’ll still contend that they made me uncomfortable. If you pulled that kind of stuff in the States you’d be looking at criminal and civil charges for multiple offenses. I know this is a comedy and the prank was pulled for laughs, but I was a little uneasy about the extent of the joke. However, Jin-soo’s response here explains things, because he wasn’t looking to get off the hook. Underlying his jokester facade is a lot of anger at Ji-won, and he wanted to push Ji-won so far that he’d be deemed unforgivable. Thus he is now bummed to have that wish thwarted.)

Watching the exchange nervously, Seung-yeon almost unleashes her ammo at Ji-won, but is relieved when he walks back to the car without any sign of violence. Ji-won asks what she finds so appealing about Jin-soo, then figures that the young girls tend to like the crazies. He cautions her not to get too close, since she’ll end up hurt.

Seung-yeon has no idea what he’s insinuating and finds his comments perplexing, not to mention his trademark salute.

But her job is not yet done: Jin-soo has a message for Ji-won, which he directs her to deliver. When she hears what it is, she balks and tells Jin-soo to say it himself. He retorts that if he says it, Ji-won will kill him. Which is not exactly an encouraging thing to tell her. So with great apprehension, Seung-yeon knocks on Ji-won’s window and recites his words reluctantly:

Seung-yeon: “He told me to say it like this: Sunbae, I couldn’t tell you earlier, but don’t… act like… like… such a loser with Ms. Seo [Eun-young]. It’s really shameful to watch.”

That sure gets Ji-won’s attention, but that’s not all. Seung-yeon cringes as she carries out the last part of her instructions, and Ji-won’s eyes widen in rage to see the obscene gesture she’s making with her fist. (It’s the equivalent of flicking him off.)

At that, Ji-won tears out of his car to chase Jin-soo, who runs away.

Jin-soo laughs his head off as he relates the story to Eun-young, but she’s still subdued and doesn’t react with the same enjoyment. The source of this dismay appears to be different from before, however, because it seems like she’s jealous at how well Jin-soo is getting on with his secretary. Eun-young comments that it sounds like he came to Jeju to play around, to which he answers that even though that isn’t true, “it feels like I am, since my secretary keeps making me laugh.”

Eun-young prods Jin-soo about whether Ji-won said “anything weird” to her, and this time he knows what she means. However, neither wants to address the elephant in the room, so Jin-soo feigns ignorance, asking for clarification.

Eun-young sends Jin-soo away, saying that he needs the sleep and she doesn’t need him to stay with her. After he makes his exit, she sighs to herself, let down — it’s not like she was angling for him to stay, but rather that she wanted him to want to stay.

Proving that these two are once again in tune — or “on the same page,” har! (sorry, couldn’t resist) — Jin-soo comes right back into the room. He doesn’t make a big production of it, preferring to act like this is no big deal and not a sign of caring.

Eun-young admits that it’s nice having him looking after her, pointing out that he’s weak to two things: tears and illness. Half-jokingly, she suggests that she ought to have been sick earlier, since she’s never been the recipient of this side of him before. That’s about as close to an earnest statement as we’ll hear her make, and Jin-soo keeps his side of the conversation flippant, telling her that being sick on purpose would have gained her his attention but have lost her charm, which is her cool attitude.

Meanwhile, Seung-yeon chats with Hyun-joo, who comments that she’d like to find herself a star client like Jin-soo someday and set up her own publishing company. Seung-yeon takes her joke seriously about poaching Jin-soo as a client, so Hyun-joo assures her that Jin-soo and Eun-young will continue to work together. Not only that, but unless Eun-young cuts him loose first, Jin-soo would never betray Eun-young by leaving. The reason being:

Jin-soo has a history of running out of interviews, leaving for months without contact, and showing up unannounced as though nothing had happened. A flashback depicts one such scenario, and my, Kang Ji-hwan’s looking a lot like his swashbuckling Hong Gil Dong, isn’t he? Right down to the tinted glasses. (Given how Kang is said to pay excruciatingly close attention to the details of his characters, I’m sure this is no coincidence.)

Hyun-joo’s explanation makes sense, but as it turns out, there’s an even deeper reason for their bond, which I love. That night, Jin-soo sleeps on the couch in Eun-young’s room, while she looks at him pensively. His eye opens, indicating that this next flashback belongs to him, although it’s likely Eun-young is sharing the thought.

In the memory, Eun-young pounds on a door madly, knowing that Jin-soo is in trouble inside. A hotel employee opens the door for her, and she bursts inside, past the living room that is littered with alcohol bottles and scattered with pills (hence her apprehension about sleeping pills?). Inside the bedroom, she finds Jin-soo close to unconsciousness, sitting next to a glass of water and more scattered pills.

Eun-young pleads with Jin-soo to wake up, shaking him and slapping his face, trying to get some kind of response. His head lolls dully, and although his eyes are open, he’s so out of it that he doesn’t react.

Eun-young holds up a paper, telling him that this is a contract. She stamps his thumb to make it binding, and insists that he’s signed the contract now, which means he has a lot of work ahead of him. Sobbing, she slaps him again, urging him to find that will to keep writing and therefore keep living — and finally, he lifts his head up with some awareness, and a tear falls from his eye.

I LOVE this flashback, which not only gives us insight into their past but manages to make our hearts twist for their pain. It also makes Hyun-joo’s comment about Jin-soo never leaving Eun-young more meaningful, because he literally owes her his life. She forced him to come back to writing, which dragged him out of his emotional misery and allowed him to find the will to keep going. Therefore he’ll never leave her — as a writer indebted to his publisher, but also as a friend indebted to a friend.

Cute Dong-wook time! He knows that Seung-yeon’s away on a trip, but he heads over to her father’s cafe, curious to know if she’s back yet. It’s Sunday so the cafe is closed, as her brother Seung-chul informs him. Dong-wook lingers and asks hesitantly about whether something “has come,” which is unhelpfully vague. Fumbling for words, he asks about, you know, from Jeju Island… which Seung-chul interprets to mean juice. Or maybe tangerines? What else could come from Jeju?

It occurs to him belatedly that Dong-wook might be asking after his sister, and now he gives the guy the once-over with a knowing smile. He rushes home to report the news to an astonished Dad and Grandma: noona’s got a new prospective boyfriend!

Jin-soo and Seung-yeon are escorted back to Seoul by the employees, and Jin-soo is surprised to hear that Eun-young left in the morning without telling him. He asks Dong-min to call Eun-young, to which the employee uneasily fakes a call and reports that her line is busy at the moment. When the car pulls up to the back of the book cafe rather than the front, Dong-min makes a nervous excuse about construction.

All this tips Jin-soo off that something strange is going on, and he tries to figure out what. Unfortunately, he’s just about a split second too late, because it isn’t until he opens his front door that he realizes what’s going on, and it’s too late to escape. Eun-young has planned a television interview for him, and the filming crew is set up in his place. When he turns to leave, a crowd of apologetic company employees block his escape route.

Thus it’s too late to make a break for it. Eun-young introduces him to the director, and while Jin-soo shoots death glares her way, he has to put on an accommodating smile for the director, and exclaims politely, “Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing!”

Jin-soo changes his clothes in preparation for the interview, after which Eun-young approaches hesitantly, mindful of his anger but wanting to smooth things over. She promises that this is the very last thing she’ll force him to do, and that starting tomorrow he can do everything his way. This is an interview he’d refused before, but which she had reminded him was necessary and unavoidable.

Bitterly, he deduces that she was planning this while he was sitting by her bedside at the hospital. This is why she insisted on staying in the Jeju hospital until the day of the interview, matching her release date to the schedule to make sure he didn’t leave early. (I don’t think he’s accusing her of faking her accident, but of maneuvering everything to direct him here according to her plans.)

She had prepared herself for his reaction, but she feels his sense of betrayal keenly. She tries to defend herself by saying she didn’t enjoy this, and then asks if they ought to end their contract after this book. She fears what will happen to them if they keep this up, which may even land them in court. He says caustically that she need not worry, since she’d win and he’d end up bankrupt.

That’s rather harsh, and Eun-young tells him that she’s not somebody who would just be excited to win in court. He asks, clearly not believing her, “Really?” She says, “Really.” He asks pointedly again, “Really?”

Eun-young starts to give in, saying, “If you really hate it so much…” But the arrival of the makeup team and support staff interrupts, and they start to work on him.

Seung-yeon also joins them, and Jin-soo makes his last attempt to take control of the situation. He sends Seung-yeon a look — not just any look, but a meaningful look, like he’s willing her to read his brain and catch on to his unspoken message.

He introduces Seung-yeon to the others, and gives her a coded message that sounds innocuous to the casual listener but emphasizes his meaning. What he says is, “You’ve worked for me for three months now, haven’t you? That means you should be able to guess what I mean by now.” But combined with his eye gymnastics and emphasis on certain words, he’s making sure that she knows he’s sending her a message. Like saying, “You should KNOW what I want you TO DO.”

Ah! After mulling over his words in her mind, Seung-yeon catches on and gets to work. She wanders around the office area casually, so as not to attract undue attention, while she grabs some of his supplies. A look out the window maps out her exit route, and she saunters over to the bookshelf blocking the back door, moving it just enough for someone to fit behind. She opens the door and leaves it ajar.

Thus when Jin-soo comes out to do the interview, he sees that she has set up his escape and casually makes his way over to the bookshelf. Her preparations give him a few seconds’ advantage and he races down the stairs and out the back way, where Seung-yeon is waiting with a taxi.

The employees chase him out of the apartment and into the street, and just barely miss him as the taxi speeds away.

In addition to her frustration with Jin-soo’s exit, Eun-young confirms that Seung-yeon was with Jin-soo — looks like Eun-young’s lesson sank in, and the secretary has solidified her allegiance to Jin-soo over her.

In the car, Seung-yeon is proud of herself for understanding Jin-soo’s message and managing this getaway successfully. On top of that, she’d managed to pack all his materials and supplies.

Seung-yeon explains that she worried about misinterpreting his intent or him taking the other route, but stops midsentence as Jin-soo reaches over to ruffle her hair enthusiastically, thrilled at this turn of events.


I totally take back what I said in the first recap about liking this drama just as much without Kang Ji-hwan. Inititally the refreshing, wacky story was enough to get me onboard without the added draw of Kang Ji-hwan, but by this point he is bringing such added depth to the character — and some truly awesome comic acting — that I can’t see anyone topping his portrayal of Jin-soo. How is it that this supremely oddball, often rude and inconsiderate character is so endearing? On top of that, Kang has that ability to tap into his character’s veiled inner emotions, so that we’re given occasional glimpses into his vulnerable “real” side, but not full access. He controls how much we get to see, and he’s a master at that.

I like that we’re being fed little clues into the backstory without seeing it all at once. It’s enough to keep us intrigued and curious, but not so scant that we grow frustrated or too much that the mystery dissipates prematurely. I’m really digging how we’re peeling back the layers in Eun-young and Jin-soo’s friendship with each flashback.

We’ve still got plenty of room for an alternate pairing, because while the last sequence in this episode sets us up for a Jin-soo/Seung-yeon relationship, the flashbacks (and a few fleeting comments in present-day conversations) indicate that his relationship with Eun-young has deeper roots than first indicated. If they can heal those wounds, maybe they can get their second chance. Yet while I still think they’d be great together, I can see where the ending scene argues more strongly for Seung-yeon, because she stuck with Jin-soo while Eun-young “betrayed” him with the trick. Seung-yeon’s actions are purely motivated by wanting what Jin-soo wants; Eun-young’s actions are largely motivated by her own desires. I don’t think it’s wrong of her, because she’s a professional with a business to run, so I don’t hold it against Eun-young. It just differentiates the two women from each other. One could argue that this is hardly the first time Eun-young and Jin-soo have found themselves in this situation (her tricking him, him running away), but from Jin-soo’s reaction it appears that there’s something different this time around; that she was going too far. Maybe it’s because, as he pointed out, she was planning this when he was sitting by her bedside and being earnest with her, for once, instead of glib.

Last but not least, I’m enjoying the way this drama is directed with the different flashback styles. The comedic sequences are framed in that comic-book-like grid style, titled on its axis for a slightly skewed effect. Just like the humor it contains. Whereas the serious flashbacks are done in stark black and white, all hint of jokiness gone. The black-and-white flashback in this episode was one of my favorite scenes of the drama, and not only had great acting but was finished with the perfect musical and directorial touches.


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  12. 12 htly6f

    I so hope that we do get a SY/JS pairing cause I love the pair. I love how she could understand the meaning behind his message (per the escape the interview) when EY did not get that message of his (in ep. 2 regarding JW in the car)..and I believe starting with episode 7 and onward, SY is going to be a threat for EY as EY is already uncomfortable with her..JS worries for SY in episode 4 surprise EY as well as knowing that he called SY (during his writer block-domino issues when it seem like in the past, it was EY that come to him…I think she had come to him w/o him call while it is different compare to SY in that he reach out to SY to solve his dilemna), him not firing SY and bring SY with him to Jeju Island irrirate her as she find SY a nuisance but I think deep down, she was jealous of JS growing attachment to SY, and episode 6 shows her annoyance of SY .. her expression when SY enter the hospital w/ JS to visit her and when JS tell her about their event (his and SY) with JW, it clearly show she was annoyed .. it seem like being with SY makes JS happy and I am sure that makes her very uncomfortable as JS is slowly changing bit by bit through SY… plus SY is starting to understand JS more when before it is only EY who understand him and it makes her uncomfortable in that JS let SY enter his life messing up w/ their pace as I consider it..

    And with javabean saying about JS being bind to EY through the contract because he is indebt to her for his life, I wonder if JS will be bind to SY in the long run later as well as she had bet with him that “she’ll be a pro so good that he’ll beg her to stay” which could be a prediction true to come if JS and EY are to get together … since EY is uncomfortable with SY and unless that insecurity is gone, it’ll be trouble for the 3 of them if she and JS are in a relationship since JS is growing attach to SY (which is why he hasn’t fire her even when EY suggest it at several time) … I so can’t wait for episode 7…

  13. 13 Sm

    I think only kang ji hwan can pull off an awsome acting with so many emotion and indeep layers for the character. Now I know why the production team insisted on getting him for the leading role even he currently has problem with his agency:)
    love him.
    I have to say this drama is refreshing and the acting is convincing . I was surprised to see park shi yeon can act with such a character, it seems more like her… Her acting is definitely improving 🙂

  14. 14 JiHwan

    I just finished episode – page- 6 and you’re right about these episodes flying by. I guess its both a good and bad thing. It’s good because the drama isn’t lagging and slow but also bad because I want more!!! It really doesn’t bother me who the lead actress is anymore. Personally, I’ve come to accept that both of them are equally lead. Let’s just enjoy KJH’s goofy antics and stop fussing about the pairing.

  15. 15 Sarranghae

    @ ambs –> I don’t know how JS/SY relationship is giving off a “HUGELY platonic brother/sister uncle/niece vibe” I mean character-wise she is 25 and he is like in his 30s so they’re about 5-6 years apart..I don’t think it gives that kind of vibes if their real age are not compare or overlook…

    And personally I think both side pairing will be cliche, just one is more cliche than the other but they’re both cliche overall – best friend end up together, arrogant guy meet naive girl .. the best thing to do is give 2 ending…satisfy both shipper!

  16. 16 nikki

    owh u sure fast! thanks for wonderful recaps.. im thnkful that ive got gripped with this drama when it was first aired. its a fresh comedy drama with so much of hidden records that need to be revealed.. for now, i stick with my OTP(EY&JS).. i want to know more about them! ive always liked PSY eventhgh she’s always been offered the minor dull role. but in this drama, im very much impressed with her comedic acting.. i hope later part of this drama EY will open up more to JS.. 🙂

  17. 17 it's funny...

    @15… I’m hoping they do what they did in Wayne’s World. haha.

  18. 18 Dara

    Love you. Thanks for your super fast recap.
    KJH is totally amazing and brilliant. His comic timing is perfect. Really love him here. About the last part ,where EY arranged the interviews, I felt like she ‘s trying to get back at him about something or there ‘s a reason for it. And I do agree with you that :

    ‘The black-and-white flashback in this episode was one of my favorite scenes of the drama, and not only had great acting but were finished with the perfect musical and directorial touches.’

    Awesome drama. Please don’t break our heart by making EY become a villain later on. I’m not hoping for direct love relationships at the end but a really nice friendships of the foursome would be great.

    Thanks JB, your screen capture of JS’s eyes gymnastics makes my day. Lol.

  19. 19 maxis

    they are definitely friends, but I wouldn’t say they’re completely BFF, because EY didnt understand him enuff to get his messages.

    I don’t think their pairing would be cliché, because they have quite a messy past. It would be a dark, dangerous love, if they got together.

    LOL, but SY and JS does give out the uncle/niece vibe; even tho their age is close in the drama. Like, mentally. SY is like a kid and JS is a … xD ?

  20. 20 etsy

    The flashback was one of my favorite scenes, too. When EY searched through the hotel room frantically for JS and let a tear fall, it also showed the pain that both of them shared. JS had just lost his ex-wife, but EY had just lost her best friend as well. When she tried to rouse JS out of his stupor, she was not only desperate to not lose another friend, but she also did not want to lose that friend a pain she knew so well.

    The more I watch this series, the more I want the JS/EY pairing. Yes, it’s adorable how SY is a loyal companion to JS, but their relationship hardly scratches the surface. Right now, the viewer can see all the flaws and problems in JS and EY’s relationship, even as friends. However, I am interested in seeing how they deal with those problems. On the other hand, SY and JS have no problems right now besides the minor stuff, but they also haven’t developed a deep enough relationship to start having problems. Every relationship has issues that need to be resolved, so I find the JS/EY pairing to be more realistic. I would feel cheated if the writers pair SY and JS together. It seems like it would just be an easy way out; of course SY and JS are all happy-go-lucky right now, because it’s just the beginning of their relationship.

  21. 21 pipit

    My oh my, I’m getting addicted to this drama! (And that’s only from the recaps for I haven’t decided whether I’m going to watch it or not – as I’d rather collect its DVDs latter on).

    I found myself worrying too much about who ends up with who and how many viewers support Jin Soo and Eun Young pairing (as if that would change anything!) But I just can’t help it. This drama seems to be different. And that’s why it has to offer something different. Go to a different route.

    FYI I always like the role which now plays by SY (physically short, not pretty, rather stupid/funny, hardworking, eternaly kind – all the usual requirements for the lead girl) and I never like Park Si Yeoun (Eun Young) in all her previous roles as second lead girl, but not this time!

    It’s just a shame if this promising drama ends up like the others. It’s not easy to find KDrama which has almost equal number of its viewers rooting for both of its female leads. (We always know who ends up with who in the first episode). In this case Jin Soo and SY pairing (And I think unfortunately it will go that way …sigh)

    I’d prefer they develop Jin Soo and Eun Young relationship into something meaningful. For there’s enough doors to do that. Like for eg. they’ve been friends for years, but deep down inside besides their easy friendships there’s something more – deeper feelings – that neither dares to or could acknowledge, and that’s why they maintain the status quo. It takes too much energy and pains to cross the bridge. That’s why they stay in their respective comfort zones. They were destine for each other if only they brave enough to embrace that destiny but there’s something to stop them from admitting their feelings for each other. So he ended up marrying someone else, and she got enganged with someone else. And now there’s this new girl who comes along and seems able to catch his a piece of his heart. A girl who is easy to love. Will true love and courage finally able to bring the two of them together?

    That would be different wouldn’t it? That would be a first in KDrama where the accomplished male lead falls for the equally accomplished female lead.

    The story could tell of how these strong male and female leads manage to compromise, perhaps forget and forgive, by beeing honest about their true feelings in order to give their love a chance to blossom. Let’s not go to the cliche where the stupid girl sacrifice everything for the guy! How about the girl loving the guy without having to sacrifice all that makes her a remakable woman. This is 21st century after all! Jin Soo and Eun Young pairing will definitly have more to offer.

    I sincerely wish it would not go with the usual patterNs: the bright/rich/handsome/mean/bad tempered guys fall for the not so bright/not so pretty/poor girl or the beautiful/rich/spoiled girls fall for the poor good looking guy. This is the time to make a brilliant person go for another equally brillliant one.

    Yes, I’m going to have nighmares wondering whether the writters going to turn Eun Young into the usual second female lead stereotypes: mean and petty in order to make us accept Jin Soo and SY pairing. God forbid! That would be a waste of a promising drama! And a waste of my tiny hope!

    BTW: Thanks a lot JB…

  22. 22 coffee house fan

    I haven’t watched KJH’s dramas/movies in the past but I say he’s fantastic in this one. The way he brought out the humor and angst of the character is wonderful. His timing is spot-on throughout the episodes, the angst, the humor, even the non-reactions on his part seem to be telling a huge story of their own. I am so glad PSY can match him every step of the way when they are on screen together which can be really difficult if a lesser actor takes her place, especially when she has to play off an acting giant like KJH. I especially enjoy the conversation they had in the ward. So many words left unspoken, so many meanings lay hidden and they dealt with the scene so deftly that it doesn’t come as overdone either. In fact, I cannot imagine anyone as EY other than PSY or anyone as JS instead of KJH.

    I agree with ambs about the platonic feelings emitted from the relationship between SY/JS. SY seems to idolise him more than love him, more of a sort of puppy love since he’s the first professional and a famous one at that to hire her as his personal assistant. If they are to get together, I hope their relationship would evolve to a more mature level with both on an equal playing field as compared to their uneven relationship now ie you order and I follow; you do as I say even if I am making a fool out of you kind of relationship.

  23. 23 oh! tht! chick!

    gosh maaaaad maaaaaaad episode! though i dint fully get all the wacky moments ( maybe they are tryin to be wacky for the sake of wackiness? i enjoyed the wack of prev eps but this one felt a bit forced to me sometimes….) i did get my quotient of laughs! ji won <3 him he is toooo gooooood! the evil git actually enjoyed ey's momentary helplessness!

    im kinda digging the angst as well! loooooved the flash back! if this were a non wack angst ridden show i'd still watch it cos of KANG!JI!HWAN! oh my sooooo much history there….im thinking its gonna be uber difficult to mend those fences even in dramaland! so overall for this week yay writers yay!

  24. 24 LL

    I really don’t want to see another drama with a girl who exists to please her boss and then ends up with him. The female employee/male boss power dynamic has always made me uncomfortable, even though there are dramas that I adore that employ it. This drama would particularly bother me if it went down that road because of the age difference and, more importantly, the maturity difference.

    I thought the first car scene was telling. SY almost falls asleep on his shoulder and she realizes it with embarrassment and leans her head onto the window instead. JS, however, doesn’t even notice. Yet when he hears that it is EY on the phone, he perks up. At this point, I think SY’s developing feelings and awareness are largely one-sided. This scene was pre-betrayal though, and the relationship dynamics are certainly not set in stone.

  25. 25 coffee house fan


    I think he perked up at EY’s call, probably because he suspected something was up and wanted to confirm his suspicions or something. He seemed to be very in tuned with EY’s frequency. Whatever she’s doing never escaped his notice, though he might not understand at first glance what plot she’s hatching.

  26. 26 LL

    @coffee house fan

    That’s a fair point. He knew that her leaving before him was off, so he would have been on the lookout for anything else different.

    At this point, I find Jin-soo’s feelings pretty inscrutable, whereas EY’s are a little more clear, and SY’s are completely obvious.

  27. 27 oh! tht! chick!

    oh psy is totally my next girl crush right after kate walsh! my jaw dropped off to the floor when i saw the short shorts…..really i wonder how any1 *cough* KJH *cough* got any work done when she was wearing those!

    plus boy crush Dong Wookieeeeee! soooo hot when he came looking for SY!!! i think he took spl care not to have the same street look after lasp ep’s incident! did any1 notice tht?

  28. 28 etsy

    Also, side note (I feel so bad for posting twice on one page), I don’t think there’s a deeper meaning to why JS and EY never got together in the past. Simply considering that EY and JS’s wife used to be close friends, it would be inappropriate for JS and EY to get together after the divorce. On top of that, it’s presumed (according to the side characters) that the ex-wife committed suicide BECAUSE of the divorce. It makes it that much more difficult for those two to get together.

  29. 29 strawberryfieldsforever

    yey! im particularly thrilled that i get to see an animated graphics (whatever it is called) again! the last time i saw that was in YB showing tae kyung’s face as he sucked a lime and mi nam when she found the clip on pig rabbit! i hope you’d make some more, JB! 🙂

    and why don’t we have more dong wook scenes? 🙁 i hope there’d be more interaction between seung yeon and dong wook. this episode is really nice to watch… 🙂

  30. 30 shizniz00

    yay! was waiting for review for this eps. thanks! love how sy finally got the mssg and helped planed jinsoo’s escaped.

  31. 31 danni

    I guess because I like the typical female lead character that SY is (or maybe because I’m so used to it) that I was rooting for JS/SY in the beginning, but after watching this episode, I like JS/EY because there’s seems to be a lot more to their relationship than I thought, even though we’ve gotten a couple of hints that they have a lot of history. Besides that EY is shaping up to be such an interesting character so I’d kind of hate for her to be tossed to the side. And I like watching the awkward relationship developing between SY and DW though it just seems to be friendly at the moment.

    Loved where Jin-soo imitated Seung-yeon, I couldn’t stop laughing. Next to the black-and-white flashbacks, that was my favorite scene in the episode.

  32. 32 b.m

    i love jin soo. he is so cool

  33. 33 M

    as always, thanks
    can’t wait to watch it myself 😀

  34. 34 ambs

    it just feels like they’re at different places maturity wise. it feels like SY still hasn’t grown up, she needs people to tell her what to do, follows people around, is helpless in situations. yeah she has jobs and upholds her family but even with this her character is still so helpless and simple minded. maybe i just dislike this type of character but personality wise the SY/JS pairing seems off for me.

  35. 35 müge

    I really can’t beleive ur soo quick recap and of course I’m very thankful. even it will seem a cliche, I’m still a strong shipper of JS/SY. but, if SY will be with DW in the it will be good, too. I really enjoy DW’s scenes.
    whatever happens, I don’t wan to see EY with JS.
    btw, KJS is so damn hot and also good actor…

  36. 36 ambs

    i was thinking about it and the more i watch this show the more i can’t stand SY and have to skip through the scenes she is in. i swear i have been trying to like her – i already enjoy all three of the other characters. but she is just way too predictable and gullible.. at first it was endearing but now it’s unbearable to watch. i couldn’t stop my blood pressure from rising in the boxing match scene where she just stands at the side yelling her head off.. there are so many other scenes to name but i can’t think of them atm. i wish they’d give her personality something more than just this is a simple minded, naive, gullible, clueless girl.. oh except she’s hardworking, now she’s interesting! … not.

  37. 37 it's funny...

    @35… Why don’t you want EY to be with JS??

  38. 38 maria

    awesome recap, javabeans! thank you! recaps of dramas that are more open to interpretation are always fun times here at dramabeans!

    soooo yeah– just on the ladies’ motivations– i think it’s all still a weak sort of argument for Seung-yeon, because while no one’s at fault and to blame for any of the actions carried out like you say, i find that it’s still easier to BE Seung-yeon in this situation, because what works for her is not dissonant from what works for Jin-soo. whereas with eun young, what works for them clash.
    this wouldn’t matter so much,as you pointed out, because both mean well and both their intentions come from places we understand , but this is ALL revolving around jinsoo’s favor now. BOTH ladies want it, as a friend, as an employee, and the thing is.. he himself seems keen on bestowing it upon both as well. ….this, with “friends” is proving to already be complicated— what more when the romantic tones get more intensified, more solid? just in MY humble opinion (because i come the school of kdrama where couples EARN each other), it’s just too easy for you, seung-yeon!
    i’m thiiiiink imma be rooting for Eun Young, just because i appreciate a concern that’s underscored by a deep history, when it’s there. the complications in their relationship compels me to see exactly HOW deep the history is, and maybe see in the process how much repressed emotions there actually are, how deep the affection actually is. ….and also because just in the sense i explained, i can see how she’s sort of the underdog here, the one with a disadvantage. TEAM EUN YOUNG-JIN SOO. 😀

  39. 39 diadda

    I am liking this drama and I don’t really have a preference as to which female lead is chosen. I like them both for different reasons. At this point in a drama I don’t think that has ever happened to me. Usually the first lip contact rule would apply. In about 95% of all the dramas I have seen the first girl with lip contact is the one the male lead chooses. Since the CPR seen has occurred I can only guess it will go the Seung-yeon way. However there is that wild 5%.

    Also I think I am the only one here who found that hotel flash back lack luster on park si yeon’s part. So far her acting has been ok if not surprisingly good, but this scene was just not there for me. The slaps seemed fake and so did she.

  40. 40 tisay

    thanks for the recaps!

    cute and dark episode at the same time. We see both the past (EY) and the future (SY) for JS. It’s all up to him who he chooses. As a positive person myself I like the JS&SY pairing much better. JS suffered a lot, may be trauma due to the accident and I think SY is doing a pretty good job making him happy 🙂 While some of you might be gross out because of the huge age difference, I find them cute relating to each other. Their moments seems so cliche but they gave out entertaining performances that I never felt what’s going to happen next.

    I’ve read at soompi one of the interviews they did and the director said “I’m someone who hopes people love in order to become happy. You love to be happy, not to fight” and I hope this show in the series. I think I may take a rest for while in watching the upcoming episode. It’s making crazy!!! Still JS&SY shipper. Hope it will end well with them

  41. 41 RJ%

    @36 agree with you i skip to maybe i watch to many drama got the same character as SY clueless naive and cute i want something different.

  42. 42 saranga

    this week’s episodes hooked me in. i don’t find eunjung annoying anymore, and actually find her downright charming! i rewatched the first two episodes and i still found her annoying in those, so i don’t think i was biased due to her t-ara background. haha she’s really doing quite nicely now, and i even forget that she’s a pop singer

    and kang ji hwan’s comic moments are precious. i love it when his voice goes high up when he’s nervous or particularly tickled. he was my favorite part of this drama from day 1. but man, i’m not really feeling park siyeon much. she’s cute, but replaceable?? maybe i just don’t find her that intriguing as an actress. same in story of man, i didn’t think she was irreplaceable. and i’m still frustrated as to why anybody doesn’t tell the ex to back off… just onceeee. lol

  43. 43 umm

    @40… I guess you just decided to ignore how that whole interview also only talked about the EY/JS romance.

  44. 44 Valentina

    thanks Javabeans for the recap, at least i know what they talking about ^^
    my favorite scene is when JS run away after SY prepared the way for him to escape

  45. 45 wHOOSH

    i loved this episode, but for some reason the black and white flashback scene was actually what i liked LEAST about this episode. park shi yeon dragged me out of the scene with her acting, and for a second i had almost began to believe the scene was a joke. park shi yeon is doing great in her acting throughout the parts where she is being sad, but this one scene where she is supposed to feel just dreadful simply felt forced to me.

  46. 46 deetdut

    I actually thought Jinsoo went too far this time. He should know that there is some unavoidable obligations attached to his job, and as Eunyoung indicated, this was one of them.

    I know I’m overreacting, but Jinsoo skipping out of an important interview grates my nerves because it is such a childish and selfish thing to do.

    Jung Woongin still rocks. Gawd, I love how crazy Jiwon is.

  47. 47 LL

    I’m curious about how much EY and her company suffer as a result of JS’s capriciousness. Perhaps she is not exaggerating at all and he is grossly underestimating how crucial his work is to the success of her company, and damaging it with his escapes and refusals.

  48. 48 avidDBfan

    Oh boy, the man really eccentric and I’m beginning to adore KJH for bringing JS role to perfection. Very very entertaining to see his facial expression.

    Oh man, I can’t belief who’s the lead female still hot in debate even after ep 6. This must be the show key attractiveness, keep us guessing and rooting. Both are…I guess. I suppose we already have our answer in the drama sypnosis, didn’t we? As long as they keep the light and dark comedy coming…I really don’t care much. I want to keep guessing!!! So much fun with this drama…..

  49. 49 mmmaggie

    Excuse this momentary rant: OF COURSE Seung Yeon helped Jin Soo escape. She’s HIS assistant. The fact that she could understand his hidden message doesn’t make her his soulmate — it makes her a worthwhile assistant! In the last episode, when Seung Yeon knocked over his dominoes per Eun Young’s orders, Jin Soo made clear that SY is HIS employee and if she were to take EY’s side again, she’d be fired for sure. Even a girl with a flimsy grip on papers in a windy, horse dung-filled field understands THAT. /rant

    I think I’m pulling so hard for Eun Young to end up with Jin Soo because this is one of the few times in the Kdramas I’ve seen that the independent, successful female isn’t depicted as evil, conniving, and wholly unlikeable. Additionally, there is actual affection between the male protagonist and the ISF (independent, successful female). This isn’t Wish Upon a Star where the ISF, Jae Young, is holding onto Won Kang Ha despite no indication from the latter that her feelings are returned or welcomed. (I’m not even going to bring up In Hee from Personal Taste.) I’m thinking back to some of my favorite American shows and imagining them in Kdrama terms — for example, a Lois and Clark where Clark/Superman chooses a somewhat plucky assistant/secretary over his equal, Lois???? Hell to the no. After watching (and thoroughly enjoying) dramas like Wish Upon a Star and Oh My Lady, it’s nice to see one where the female love interest is of equal stature, accomplishment, and personality as the male lead. Seriously, if Jin Soo chooses his assistant/lackey — someone he pays to be at his beck and call — I may have to take a moratorium on Kdramas.

  50. 50 Karen K

    I can’t wait for the DVD to be out!

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