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Jang Dong-gun “carefully considers” a drama comeback
by | June 22, 2010 | 82 Comments

Superstar Jang Dong-gun is said to be eyeing a return to television acting, which would be his first time in ten years. And that would be AWESOME.

The names and parties have mostly been masked, but here are the details: Jang recently received an offer from Production Company A to star in Blockbuster Drama B. Jang had initially declined the offer, but now has gone back to “reconsider the project favorably.” He recently met with the CEO of the production company to discuss the project closely. A source stated, “Because he has a busy schedule, he is currently reviewing the possibility of taking the project.”

Jang, who recently married actress Go So-young, is currently waiting to film his upcoming movie My Way with director Kang Je-kyu, which is scheduled for October. He will also need to be available for promotions for his Hollywood film The Warrior’s Way, which was supposed to release in April but still doesn’t have a U.S. premiere date.

(Here’s the trailer for The Warrior’s Way, which I can’t decide looks fantastic or cheesy. Maybe a little of both.)


Oh, this would be such great news — a Jang Dong-gun drama comeback is long overdue! His last drama role was in an early Hallyu hit, 2000’s All About Eve (which, by the way, is getting a Chinese remake starring Korean actor Jang Hyuk).

Jang is one of Korea’s top stars — the cream of the A-list crop — so it blows my mind that there’s a fairly large contingent of Korean entertainment fans who shrug, “Who’s he?” It’s just that he’s focused on his film career (Good Morning President, Typhoon, Taegukgi) and doesn’t publicize his personal life, so many fans don’t see him on television programs and figure he’s not a big deal. But he IS a big deal, and he’s also almost universally loved as a gentle, kind person. Bring Jang Dong-gun back to TV, please!

Via Star News


82 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 David Chen

    Although he is an awesome actor butthat was 10 years ago and now with his recent marriage JDG hands are full.. When the baby comes experiencing fatherhood for the first time will be his priority then as an A list actor so it is not all about eve at the moment !.

  2. 52 abcdefg

    oh i love him!love him so much! the most gorgeous actor ever!! his sculptured face is just unbeatable in my book. and if you are his fans, you will get to know just how sweet this guy really is and you’ll fall so hard for him! Lucky Go So Young! erh, she will always be my ‘enemy’ for stealing him away from me…hikhik..

  3. 53 wits

    WOW! all these gushing has me… intrigued. Yeah, for all of us (e.g., Ashley, et.al.) new to korean dramas and movies… shame, shame, I don’t know him either. OK, bear with us, we’re willing to learn.. so first up… All about Eve, then, the President’s Men, I heard a lot about too. line them up! Ashley and I… We’ll get there.

  4. 54 belleza

    So . . . the line on Vegas is that, when Jang Dong Gun (aka K-drama Jesus) finally does a drama, the ratings will start at 40.0. All

    And, you know, if K-drama Jesus can somehow convince his buddy WON FRIGGING BIN to pony up, well you know . ..

    Cold, cold Belleza may just cry like Choi Ji Woo.

  5. 55 Selina

    The above movie looks like a cowboy version of ninja assassin.

  6. 56 Porcelain

    It’s been a while, if he does comeback, man I think this will make some history…
    My very first Korean oppa crush, maybe coz All About Eve is some of the first Korean drama I’ve watched…

    Yeah, I agree I freak out to, when younger Korean entertainment fans do not know who Jang Dong Gun is and I am like “are you kidding?!”

    But with fatherhood and Laundry Warrior to promote, am curious if he will take up the drama…

  7. 57 belleza

    “when younger Korean entertainment fans do not know who Jang Dong Gun is and I am like β€œare you kidding?!”

    Yeah, it’s like talking about 2Pac to somebody who thinks Soulja Boi is the greatest rapper alive.

  8. 58 Porcelain

    @belleza… can’t agree more..

    New fans might wanna check this out… JDG did really did quite a bit of movies…
    The good – Friends,Taegukgi
    The offbeat – Holiday in Seoul, The Coastguard
    The weird (or should I say hot mess) – The Promise…

    But regardless, he is an actor that makes his roles work for him, well except for The Promise, but then the whole movie is a lost cause…

  9. 59 joicy

    JDG used to say he would not come back to small screen and only focus on movie business, I think very early, after All about Eve. So this is a BIG NEWS,
    Though he’s not on TV, he’s the most popular actor in Korea and wins many polls in what-ever it’s about.
    He’s coming back? May the the television will be heated to explosion (jk) and half of the population will be in front of it. ;))

  10. 60 Nina

    OMG i love that guy its been a while since i’ve seen him in a drama gosh i miss him alot
    he is sooo SEXY

  11. 61 orangemania

    the trailer reminds me of Kung Fu Hustle.. it looks good

  12. 62 mookie

    the one thing that I cant compute is how these megastars can dabble in work once in a yr or 2, or 3, or 10. What are they doing rest of the time?!?!??!
    there really arent that many Playboy matches to past time?

    And I mean even though he’s a newlywed w/ a baby along the way, that should not be any hindrance fr work, right? I mean 99% of new dads r working thro it all, even w/ paternal leaves, they r no way getting enough sleep to function….

  13. 63 epyc

    What a lucky year we are in? Great to see JDC back in a drama, only if it can come sooner.

  14. 64 abcdefg


    JDG involves in a lot of CFs (HERA, Hankook, SKT, Posco, Woori Bank, etc)….i mean, A LOT! He makes money through all these CF. A pay for 1 CF is almost as much as a pay for a movie.

  15. 65 mookie

    ^ IS it sth to boost around as an actor that he’s doing A LOT OF CFs AND GETTING MORE PAY IN 1 CF THAN A MOVIE?! I find it sad and kinda insulting really.

    I’m not singling out JDG. I’m just wondering out loud how these Alister can keep their A list status without acting for years in btn. of coz I’m not worried about their pocketbooks. I know he makes a lot of CF, but do u consider doing CFs part of the day’s work for a serious actor/actress esp in the honing of skills department? CFs do not earn the credentials, critical recognitions in the biz in other countries, we seldom have CFs outnumbering acting roles in movies/dramas etc by MILES and as prevalent, I hope u get my drift. I just thought that is sth odd/unique for the K showbiz.

  16. 66 Qwenli

    #65 – just to share something about korean tv. There are no advertisements in between dramas. the advertisements are screened before and after and hence they have to be very engaging to capture the audience.

    Unless the advert is very creative, otherwise they usually the easy and safe bet out by using a celebrity, hence the $$ making opportunities by korean stars – alist or not.

    I dun think choosing to do a lot of cf is not being serious about your craft. An actor can go for multiple audition and still not land a role so sometimes it is not their fault. Unless they choose to work for free or take a paycut but then who would want to do that? So sometimes it is really not the star’s fault.

    JDG did alot of movies in these 10 years, so for that matter, he didnot stop acting.

  17. 67 mookie

    ^JDG did not do a movie or any drama fr 2005- 2009, it is one thing if he did a lot of CF on the side, but if an actor has 4 years of solely CF work in the place of roles and characters in production is it really a choice or reflecting a sadder state of the industry? That’s my point.

    If you are trying to tell me he has to do a lot of audition and not getting roles, I have to be delusional to believe it. Again, I’m pointing out sth regularly seen, A lister not being in a production at years’ end. I’m just wondering a regularly seen phenom of A lister NOT doing anything substantial for years. and no, I wont count CF acting, they are bringing their star power and selling a product with their sheer charisma, a couple days’ work is no comparison of a good immersion into a character.

    Again, no need to wile up, I’m a fan of a few of his work and he’s my top choice if I have to pick an adonis. However, that is not stopping me from wondering what was going on w/ him in 2005-2009 professionally, that’s all.

  18. 68 Ri

    I loved Jang Dong-gun in All About Eve! He was the “other guy” who actually got the girl! He was so perfect that I couldn’t stand Chae Rim’s character at some points because she was so mean to him! Haha but All About Eve was great because of JDG’s charming, almost PERFECT character and Kim So-yeon’s amazing acting.

    /end fangirl mode

    haha it would be really great to see JDG in a drama again and I hope it’s a reeeeeaaally good one too! πŸ™‚

  19. 69 mika

    trying not to raise my hopes too high in case he changes his mind but will continue to hold my breath!

    i am a relatively new hallyu fan but i have watched a number of jdg’s works and though some are not very memorable, others are superb. how can one not notice that sexy and handsome dude!

  20. 70 abcdefg


    i get your point now. At first i thought you were concerned about his source of paycheck.

    i think it’s up to the actor himself to choose whatever project he wants to do, be it CFs every month or a movie in four years. they don’t owe us any explaination. All we need to do is enjoy whatever they can offer us and move on with our own lives. Put yourself in their shoes, A: would you rather work like mad 20 hours per day for a few months to complete a single movie or B: would you rather work for 1 or 2 mere days for some simple advertisement shooting, just to be paid nearly equal sum for both situation? I’m sure any normal peeps would choose situation B.

    Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Dedicating your life solely to a career is not a form of enjoyment. If it is, the acronym TGIF wouldn’t exist.

    one more, JDG (and other A list star, whatever that is) has never asked to be labeled that way. you know, all those A list, B list, whatever. Just because they were given that label, it doesn’t mean that they have to dedicate their heart and soul to maintain that label.

    just giving my opinions, no hard feelings please… πŸ™‚

  21. 71 ditdut

    Haha, yeah, I was so surprised too when my kpop fans friends are like “Who’s that guy?” pointing to JDG’s picture in every single newspaper when he got married.

    Not that excited for another Kang Jegyu collab. Most likely yet another blockbuster cheese. Hopefully the drama is a go!

  22. 72 snail

    Oh this is a news for me YEYYY!!!! Thanks JB, this made my day haha… It’s been too long since All About Eve…

  23. 73 deannadsc

    what great news!!! JDG, please make a drama comeback!!!! we’ll support you all the way!!

  24. 74 ed

    @ mookie, oh he did get tied up in a few things ’05-09…laundry warrior whose release kept getting pushed back, good morning prez (sold on his star power but it’s really an ensemble dramedy), then you have the kang je-gyu reunion that keeps delaying production too (latest is august crank-in, odagiri instead of kimutaku for the japanese soldier.)

    my parents have been pushing “all about eve” on me for years, though i prefer him in 2-hr doses and there are still too many K-film to catch up on. blockbuster drama sounds like he’ll take on another dashing hero type, though to coincide with his freshly minted daddio…i wish he’d surprise us with something like a single dad raising his daughter alone, while chasing his dream to become a pro figure skater:PP

  25. 75 Kristal

    I’ve seen the guy in All About Eve and a few movies but I don’t get what all the fuss is about…

  26. 76 gilagorrila

    i guess with JDG, it’s about quality, not quantity… which is good. i mean, look at daniel day-lewis.

  27. 77 gilagorrila

    @kristal. i get what you mean. in AAE, KSY was the revelation but JDG also has sufficient star quality to make me wanna watch his next show.

  28. 78 Portugal_vs._Brazil

    not sure why people will always link him to only All about Eve when i think Models and Medical Brothers are way better. He was so superb (great acting skills at such young age) and crazy good looking in those dramas. All about Eve doesn’t require much from him and i believe he sleptwalk throughout the production. You can’t judge him just by watching All about Eve. It’s very hard to get your hands on these oldschool dramas (Models, Medical brothers), but if you have the chance, watch them! AWESOME! I tell you, korean dramas nowadays are nothing compared to those in 90s….nothing!!

  29. 79 smilingsky

    Huh? WHO are the ignorant so-called Kdrama-&-movie-fans/amateurs that don’t even know who Jang Dong-gun is?!!
    Yep, if they come to K-ent late &/or have only watched “All about Eve” or that senseless movie called “The Promise,” they might have overlook him πŸ™ Hope that “The Warrior’s Way” would fare better. HOWEVER, to be truthful, it doesn’t look that promising to me πŸ™
    I’d say, take Ur time & choose an EPIC of all epic dramas & “blast” those UNLUCKY flocks who haven’t got an inkling how wonderful an actor you are!! ^^

    @ ed: “…I wish he’d surprise us with something like a single dad raising his daughter alone, while chasing his dream to become a pro figure skater:PP” –> Sounds awesome!! Hahaha :))

  30. 80 shaily

    Jang dong Gun is the best of the best .. I can’t compare him to any actor in Korea, with his handsome face, gorgeous, good attitude, flawless acting, with a good voice … love this guy so much ..

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